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Looking at wear and destruction for your excavator prompts visual inspection as well as several simple tools. However, XuGong KS places value on your Excavator Undercarriage Wear so you can have the best wear life for your excavator. For XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriage Wear to have a healthy machine, XuGong KS kept your Excavator Undercarriage Wear cleaned, well greased, and tensioned.  We strongly manufactured only high-performance Excavator Undercarriage Wear for your cost-effective and ideal low maintenance.


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Excavator Undercarriage Wear – The Definitive FAQ Guide


Excavator undercarriage wear is a key issue that you’ll eventually face at some point as you continue using your excavator. Your excavator undercarriage is one of the most hardworking and frequently abused components of the excavator.


You’ll need to take care of your excavator undercarriage so that it can serve you for long. Now, taking care of your excavator undercarriage is not hard, but it requires a keen eye as well as patience – which many excavator operators lack.


This guide is going to help you understand the following concepts:

  • The definition of excavator undercarriage wear
  • How to prevent premature excavator undercarriage wear
  • How to replace worn-out excavator undercarriages
  • Where to get the high-quality aftermarket excavator undercarriages.

Follow this guide to find out more.


1.  What is Excavator Undercarriage Wear?

Figure 1 - Excavator Undercarriage

As you’ve read earlier in this guide, your excavator undercarriage is one of the most hardworking and frequently abused components of your excavator. Therefore, it is ultimately bound to wear out. It can, however, still wear out prematurely if you fail to take care of it properly.


Here’s the deal:

Excavator undercarriage wear explains how damaged your excavator undercarriage wear is and subsequently, what needs to be repaired or replaced, depending on the level of damage.


2.  What Causes Excavator Undercarriage Wear?

Your excavator undercarriage is bound to wear out over time as your excavator works. However, other factors can hasten the wearing-out process. They’ll cause premature wear to your excavator’s undercarriage. Check them out:

Figure 2 - Factors Affecting Undercarriage Wear

  • Operation techniques – Your way of operating your excavator dictates a lot on how long your excavator undercarriage will last. You may choose to be aggressive with your excavator as you operate – it’ll save a lot of time but your undercarriage will pay the price.


Also, operating an excavator on slopes advances the wearing out process. Reversing your excavator for significantly long distances will also wear out your undercarriage.

  • Maintenance Practices – You need to maintain your excavator undercarriage for it to serve you for long. Proper excavator undercarriage practices include cleaning it after use, visually inspecting the undercarriage for anomalies, regular servicing, repairing and replacing components as recommended by your mechanic, etc. as you’ll find out later on in this guide.


  • Working Environment Condition– Your excavator working environment condition is yet another factor that has a great impact on your excavator undercarriage. Some environmental conditions are more aggressively abrasive than others.


A perfect example is when your excavator works in a mining site, versus when it works in a landscaping site. The mining site is most likely going to abrade the excavator undercarriage more than the landscaping site.

  • Other Underlying Issues – Your excavator may have other underlying issues that may negatively affect the general performance and lifespan of your excavator undercarriage. For example, if your sprockets are worn out, it will affect the excavator’s tracks, top, and bottom rollers, the front idler, etc.


  • Track Tensioning – Your excavator’s track tension directly affects the lifespan of your track chain as well as the rollers and idlers. Your excavator’s track tension should be set to the correct degree to prevent premature wearing out of the excavator’s tracks.


It is therefore important to maintain your excavator undercarriage. It is an expensive component of the excavator, and as such, you cannot afford to mess with it.


3.  How Do I Know If My Excavator Undercarriage is Worn Out?

Figure 3 - Worn Excavator Undercarriage

You can tell if your excavator undercarriage is worn out based on how your excavator behaves as you operate it. Consider the following:

  • Is the excavator’s movement as smooth as it was before?
  • Is there any visible leakage?
  • Are there any noticeable noises or vibrations coming from your excavator’s undercarriage?
  • Are there any missing pins on your excavator track chain?
  • Does any undercarriage component overheat?


If there are any of the above signs, have your excavator checked out by a certified professional for a proper diagnosis and recommendation.

Should you require replacement parts, KS is always ready to supply you with world-class aftermarket undercarriage parts. We manufacture these parts in-house, under strict OEM regulations.


Reach out to us today with your requirements and estimated budget. We’ll respond within 24 hours with a free quote that tries to meet both your requirements as well as your budget.


4.  How Does Measure Excavator Undercarriage Wear?

Figure 4 - Excavator Undercarriage Wear Measurement

Measuring your excavator undercarriage wear requires you to get your hands dirty. You’ll first need to clean your excavator undercarriage to get rid of any debris (mud, dirt, sand, etc.) that might be stuck on your excavator’s tracks.


Cleaning helps you have a better view of your undercarriage. You’ll then visually inspect the excavator undercarriage for any structural anomaly. You should check for loose or missing components.


There should be no missing or loose components. The tracks shouldn’t sag too much – it should be modest.


It’ll help you review your excavator’s track tension. It should be set to the correct level. You can check how tight your track tension should be from your excavator’s service and operation manual.


Proceed to check your excavator’s rollers for any physical damages and/or any flat parts. Remember to check for wetness too for both the rollers and front idlers. Wetness indicates leakage.


Check the condition of the pins and bushings – if their top halves seem worn out, turn them. Finally, check the condition of the sprockets. If by any chance you find out that they are worn-out too, consider checking all the other components keenly as they may need attention.


You’ll need to record the measurements of your top and bottom rollers. KS recommends using a caliper so that you can measure these rollers accurately. Consider doing the same for pins and bushings. Do not forget to record these measurements.


Proceed to measure your excavator track shoes using a tape measure. It would be best if you’d measure these tracks where they are level to get the most accurate results. Push the gauge down until it reaches the bottom of the tracks.


A depth gauge is also used to measure rail height. Place the gauge across the bottom of the rails and raise it until it touches the bottom of the shoe. Keep a record of these measurements.

To measure the idler, a smaller depth gauge is required. Place the gauge on the idler and move it until it reaches the outer flange, then record the measurement.


Each of these measurements indicates wear. You can see how worn (as a percentage) the components are by looking at the wear percentage chart.


Wear percentage charts are available in your machine’s technical manual or from a preferred undercarriage supplier, such as Pivot. Look for information on your machine’s rollers, bushings, track, and rails.


If your rollers are four inches in diameter when new, a four-inch roller is at 100 percent – 0% wear. However, the same roller worn down to three inches is not at 75 percent – 25% wear.


The wear percentage chart will show the values for every component at 0% wear and the percentage at which the component should be replaced. Place the values you documented for each element to calculate the percentage of wear. Then, for repair and/or replacement, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


5.  What Does 70% Excavator Undercarriage Mean?

It’s true that:

You can document the percentage of your excavator undercarriage health. For example, when you read 70% undercarriage, it means that your excavator undercarriage is 30% worn out. The health percentage of your excavator undercarriage is achieved by measuring each component of the excavator’s undercarriage.


6.  Which Parts of An Excavator Undercarriage Wear Out the Most?

Your excavator undercarriage bears the weight and the operation abuses of the excavator. It, therefore, wears out significantly, especially if you fail to take care of it. However, not all undercarriage components wear out at the same rate.

Figure 5 - Excavator Undercarriage Components

Some components wear out at a faster rate than others. These components include the excavator track shoes, track chain, sprockets, idlers, and top and bottom rollers. The rate of wear on your sprockets should alert you so that you can check the health of the other components.


Remember also to check the pins and bushings and replace them accordingly.

Kindly note that your excavator undercarriage can serve you for a long if you handle and maintain it accordingly.


7.  How Best Can I Protect My Excavator Undercarriage from Wearing Out?

Excavator undercarriage wear can be managed to last longer. It’ll save you money as well as prevent unnecessary downtime.


Here are some top tips on how you can protect your excavator undercarriage from wearing out:

  • Adhere strictly to basic operation practices – Your excavator’s undercarriage represents 50% of your excavator’s maintenance costs. It is, therefore, important to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended operation practices.

Figure 6 - Operating an Excavator Under Strict Basic Operation Principles

These basic operation practices include making wider turns as sharp turns accelerate wear and increase the risk of detracting. You should also try to reduce operations on slopes. If possible, avoid highly abrasive environments as well as unnecessary spinning as it makes the excavation process inefficient and increases wear.

  • Always clean your excavator undercarriage after use – After using your excavator, spare some time to clean its undercarriage. Cleaning is important as it gets rid of contaminants that accelerate the wearing-out process.

Figure 7 - Clean Excavator Undercarriage

Cleaning your excavator undercarriage also prevents buildups which significantly reduces the overall weight of the excavator.

  • Inspect your excavator undercarriage regularly – A full inspection of your excavator undercarriage will help you identify anomalies and repair and/or replace any worn-out part. Inspection should be done regularly, preferably before operating the machine.


Figure 8 - Excavator Undercarriage Inspection

You should keenly inspect the following excavator undercarriage components:


  • Ensure your track tension is correctly set – Your excavator track tension should be correctly set. It should not be too tight, nor should it be too loose. Kindly refer to your excavator service and operation manuals for more information on your specific excavator make and model.

Figure 9 - Excavator Track Tension

  • Always acquire aftermarket parts from reputable companies – You’ll need to partner with reputable manufacturing and supplying companies, as unplanned maintenance results in downtime and high costs of aftermarket parts.


You’ll need to schedule regular excavator undercarriage maintenance with your favorite mechanic and get your aftermarket parts from a company with a proven track record. KS manufactures and sells world-class excavator undercarriage parts that are fully interchangeable with the original ones – at a friendly price that meets your requirements as well as your budget.


Following these top tips will help you reduce excavator downtime, meaning that its products will be increased. It’ll also prevent excessive use of money on repairs.


8.  When Should An Excavator Undercarriage Be Replaced?

Your excavator undercarriage components need to be replaced as they wear out. Doing this will increase the lifespan of your excavator in general as well as enhance its performance and efficiency.

Figure 10 - High Quality Excavator Undercarriage Replacement Parts

The only way to know when it is necessary to replace your excavator undercarriage components is by visually inspecting the undercarriage. Upon noticing any anomaly, you should reach out to your favorite mechanic for repairs and necessary replacements.


9.  How Should I Replace My Worn Out Excavator Undercarriage?

Your excavator undercarriage replacement process should be done by a certified mechanic. Failure to do so will render your excavator’s warranty void.


Now, replacements are necessary, but they are more costly than repairs. You’ll need to find out which undercarriage component is worn out. You’ll then need to determine whether a replacement is necessary or a simple repair will get the component up and running.


If you find out that replacement is necessary, kindly acquire your aftermarket parts from professional manufacturing and supplying the company with a proven sales record. KS will gladly supply you with these replacement parts as we have over 10,000 excavator parts in stock.


We manufacture excavator undercarriage aftermarket parts for leading excavator brands such as CAT, KOBELCO, HINI, ISUZU, DOOSAN, KOMATSU, HITACHI, etc.


You can be sure that your ordered excavator components will reach your desired destination safely. Over the ten years that we have been in business, we’ve managed to establish close working relationships with top logistics companies like DHL, FedEx, TNT, among others.


10. Where Can I Get the Best Excavator Undercarriage?

As you’ve read earlier on, your excavator will eventually require repairs and replacements. It is, therefore, imperative for you to acquire high-quality excavator undercarriage components that will serve you for long without frequent downtime.


Apart from acquiring high-quality excavator undercarriage components, you need to consider the cost of these components. They should not exceed your budget. However, it is important to understand that your excavator undercarriage repairs and replacements amount to 50% of the excavator’s maintenance costs.


Here’s the deal:

KS is the leading manufacturer and supplier in China and across the world. We manufacture our excavator undercarriage components under strict OEM standards so that they can serve you for long.


We are always ready to supply you with any excavator undercarriage component, regardless of your excavator make or model. All you’ll need to do is to reach out to us with your estimated budget as well as your requirements.


Our highly skilled service reps will reach out to you with the best offer that meets both your requirements as well as your budget. Once we get into an agreement, you’ll need to clear your payment so that we can ship your ordered parts.


You can pay us using the following platforms:

  • AliPay
  • Paypal
  • Western Union
  • T/T
  • LC

We have no minimum order quantity. You can order as many excavator undercarriage components as you wish. We recommend buying these parts in bulk as it will be generally cheaper for you. You can still order single parts as well.


Here’s the best part:

These parts come with a 90-day warranty cover from the date of purchase. Contact us right now to place your order.


11. How Much Does An Excavator Undercarriage Cost?

There are different excavator makes and models in today’s global market. All these excavator makes and models have different undercarriages that work in their unique way. It is therefore difficult to clearly state a standard price for the undercarriage.

However, you should know that the excavator undercarriage is 50% of the excavator’s overall maintenance costs. It is therefore expensive and it would be best if you’d take care of your excavator undercarriage to reduce unnecessary repair and replacement costs.


You can reach out for a free quote on your specific excavator’s make and model undercarriage cost.


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