Excavator Engine Parts Supplier

Xugong KS helps provide the most important parts to excavator engines helping excavators be powered by strong hearts. We supply excavator piston, engine bearings, valve seat, cylinder block, gasket kit, fuel pump, injector, turbochargers, and other key parts to help engines carry out their intense functions. Our supply chain network enables us to receive only the most essential and high-quality excavator spare parts. Within a short timeframe, you can receive what you need thanks to our constant stock and excellent inventory management. Buy from us at wholesale prices for quick delivery.


Key parts for engines to be well-maintained are guaranteed by our supply chain and quality management.


Able to inject the right amount of fuel. Our injectors for various brands of excavator come at affordable prices.


Maximizes power in excavator engines. Tested by our workshops for durability and heat resistance.


Increases volumetric efficiency by adding more power to the engine. Compatible with any brand.

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