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  • ISO9001
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  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Track Tensioner

Wholesale Colored Paint Machinery Repair Shops Alloy Steel Excavator Track Adjust Tension Recoil Spring Assembly

This Excavator Track Tensioner is made up of alloy steel. The product has perfect design with excellent wear and strength properties.

Sumitomo Excavator Parts SH200-2-3 Track Adjuster Spring Tension Device

This Sumitomo Excavator Track Tensioner has undergone the process of forging and heat treatment. Product follows the OEM standard.

Track Adjust Tension Recoil Springs Cylinder Assembly for Excavator

This Excavator Track Tensioner is made up of high quality alloy steel. The product is designed for maximum performance and is 100% quality controlled.

PC75UU-3 PC200 PC300 PC400 excavator track adjuster tension assembly OEM high quality from Jining supplier

This Excavator Track Tensioner is made up of quality alloy steel. It features good durability, is flexible and is sold at low cost. Color is based on the customer’s choice.

PC100 excavator recoil tension device track adjuster

This product is built with high quality materials. Good in terms of strength and reliability. Built to be used in maximum performance. Product guarantees longevity of use.

High Quality Excavator Undercarriage Front Idlers and Track Tensioning Components with Spring

This product is manufactured to the highest standards from cast-steel, giving our sprockets durability and long-life, plus reliability in severe operating conditions.

Excavator Track Adjuster Tension Recoil Spring AssemblyExcavator Track Adjuster Tension Recoil Spring Assembly

This product provide a stable and reliable support for the track chain and also provide effective protection for the whole performance of the products.

320C Excavator Recoil Tension Spring track adjuster Front Idler roller 194-1229

This product is made up of high quality alloy steel materials. It is built for maximum performance ensuring the product’s longevity.

Dh220-5 Excavator Track Adjuster Recoil Spring Assy

This Excavator Track Tensioner with Front Idler is made up of high quality manganese steel. Ensuring good quality and reasonable price.

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Xugong KS Excavator Track Tensioner Manufacturing Process

XuGong KS wants you to be happy with your orders. To provide you quality products, we conduct forging on the excavator track tensioner during manufacturing process to shape the metals using localized compressive forces.
Casting processes involve the use of molten material, usually metal. This molten material is poured into a mold cavity. XuGong KS guarantees you to give the exact material of excavator track tensioner that you want!
KS-excavator-track-tensioner-heat treatment
Heat Treatment
At XuGong KS, the excavator track tensioner ensures excellent tensile strength, these excavator track tensioner are made of steels that have been heat-treated to get the needed tensile strength.
Excavator track tensioners are designed as a heavy-duty material known as one of the most important part of the excavator. XuGong KS provides you a well-packaged excavator track tensioner.

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Excavator Track Tensioner – The Definitive FAQ Guide


The excavator track tensioner guide offers you in-depth insights on excavator track tensioners. This guide contains information on excavator track tensioner, maintenance requirements, recoil spring, collar, bushing, and much more. Stick to this guide and read more to get familiar with this component.


1. What is an excavator track tensioner?


An excavator is used for digging or lifting materials, but the machine will not perform as expected if the tracks are loose. A track tensioner maintains tension on the track chain to make sure that it moves freely and correctly. Properly adjusted, the track will ‘roll’ smoothly along the ground, eliminating any potential binding or snagging problems.

This is necessary because of the varying stresses that occur while the Excavator is in operation. Excavator track tensioners work by absorbing variations in both vertical and horizontal forces that cause slack in excavator tracks, allowing them to conform to the terrain without bunching up or distorting. To keep the Excavator from malfunctioning while it’s at work, make sure the tracks have to be in good condition and properly tensioned.


2. What components are included in the excavator track tensioner?


The excavator track tensioner is the most vital equipment in the Excavator besides the cylinder, and it plays a crucial role in excavators. It’s located on the back of the bind and tracked Excavator and takes care of install and maintenance of track and track shoes. The main components of the excavator track tensioner include:

  • Excavator track tensioner seal
  • Excavator track tensioner bushing bronze
  • Excavator track tensioner collar
  • Excavator track tensioner lock pin
  • Excavator track tensioner plug
  • Excavator track tensioner idler shell
  • Excavator track tensioner coil spring
  • Excavator track tensioner O ring


These components play an essential role in the proper functioning of your Excavator. In case if any of the above features gets malfunctioned, you cannot perform the desired work with your Excavator.


3. How would you define materials utilized in the construction of the excavator track tensioner?


Excavator track tensioner comprises multiple materials depending on their usage conditions and the model they are compatible with. Some of the materials that are widely used in making excavator track tensioners include:

  • Alloy steel
  • Cast iron
  • Rubber
  • PTFE
  • Polyurethane
  • Forged steel
  • Bronze
  • Cast steel


These materials ensure proper strength, which is needed to overcome difficulties or challenges during operation. The materials have their characteristics, including resistance towards abrasion, wear, and tear, etc. They have a significant role in making your excavation operation successful. If you select your excavator track tensioner made up of poor-quality materials, then it will not last long and reduce the efficiency of your Excavator.


4. Does the Excavator track tensioner lead to the generation of noise?


Excavator track tensioner does lead to the generation of noise. Excavator is a machine that produces a great deal of noise and vibrations, and these two factors may cause defects in the bearings and other essential parts of the device. A variety of harsh conditions also have the effect of causing extreme vibrations, which are transferred to the wheels and other parts of the Excavator, which generates noise.


If the Excavator is not balanced while running on uneven ground, the track adjuster will generate noise while operating. Excavator track tensioner noise stems from its work process itself, the idler wheels rotating, and track chain friction. Different sizes of excavators can generate different levels of noise with varying power.


5. Which kind of hydraulic oil to use in excavator track tensioner?


If you know the difference between gear and hydraulic oil, you will see that gear oil is proscribed for tracked vehicles. They contain very viscous oil to give sufficient lubrication. Hydraulic oil is a lighter, transmission-type fluid to provide a full range of movement. Gears and hydraulic cylinders operate at different pressures and temperature ranges, so they need different types of oil. It is best to use a mineral-based hydraulic oil in a hydraulic excavator, a sulfur-based hydraulic oil in a hydraulic excavator, and a silicone-based hydraulic oil in a hydraulic excavator.

The machine’s performance is greatly affected by the different types of oils used for the device. Because of their molecular structure, they have different surface tension. In addition, different types of oil have other chemical properties. Therefore, when selecting oils, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the machine and choose the right fit.


6. How long excavator track tensioner lasts?


The life of an excavator track tensioner varies and depends on several factors. Some of the major factors include:

  • Materials used in the making of your excavator track tensioner
  • Is the warranty associated with it?
  • What type of manufacturing technique involve in your excavator track tensioner.
  • Design method for your excavator track tensioner
  • Material capacity to withstand harsh environmental conditions


In general, the life of your excavator track tensioner lies in the range of 3 to 5 years. Life also has a significant impact on the working environment. If the working conditions are rough and tough, then your excavator track tensioner does not last long. On the other hand, if the excavator track tensioner frequency of usage is more, then it will also not last long. So, make sure to choose the right tool for your Excavator to increase its effectiveness.


7. How would you define excavator track tensioner issues?


There are several issues associated with your excavator track tensioner. Some of the main problems are as follows: Excavators depend on track tensioner position to ensure that the track remains in contact with the drive sprocket and the track chain remains under sufficient load.


If too much or too little slack exists in the chain, it will be squashed out of alignment and cause significant damage. The improper installation may result in the disassembly of your excavator track tensioner. Spring may pop out due to misalignment of your excavator track system. If the track tensioner is not in a good position, it can affect your excavator track rollers and sprockets.


8. How is Excavator track tensioner oil advantageous?


Excavator track tensioner oil serves a variety of functions. Back mount excavators create compressive forces that exert high-stress levels on the oil as it runs through track wheels. Track chains rub against each other, leading to premature wear and tear if friction is not kept in check by essential oils. Track tensioner oil not only prevents conflict between these moving elements but also reduces internal stress on individual components.


Excavator track tensioner oil is advantageous because it prevents the formation of moisture in the system, which can cause rusting to occur. The hydraulic oil is solid and efficient, and it can effectively cool down the tensioner components under high temperatures.


9. How would you define recoil spring in excavator track tensioner?


Excavator track tensioners maybe use a spring to provide a suitable mechanism to restore the excavator tracks. The spring in the excavator track tensioner governs the bending or stretching angle of the chain in the excavator tracks to ensure that they always remain adjusted to their optimum tension.

This is generally a two-stage process, with recoil springs acting as a quick response system while a traction spring is used to maintain the correct level of tension held in extended working periods. It is designed for vehicles that use rubber-like recoil springs to keep the track tight; it lets the operator adjust the tension in the path by manually pulling out on the spring after placing the untensioning lever in its reset position.


10. What is the role of O rings in the excavator track tensioner?


O rings are necessary to prevent dust, soil, and water on the excavator track tensioner. Their surfaces are permanently fixed with their boundary on the excavator track tensioner to play an influential sealing role. If there are no O rings in the machine, the surface on the excavator track tensioner cannot be adequately fixed.

The oil may leak out of the country of seal, which will cause a more extended service period for the excavator machine. O rings are an essential part. They are sandwiched between pieces of the rubber to absorb dirt and fine mud on the contact surface. O rings can make Excavator tracks more durable, significantly reducing the damage caused by shocks.


11. How would you define bearing in an excavator track tensioner?


The bearing is responsible for holding the track rollers securely against the sprockets, which allows them to turn freely. The approach also helps protect the rollers and keep the moving parts free of corrosion. The bearing is used to absorb or redistribute the load on a rotating shaft or to support the moving part of a machine.


Excavator track tensioner with bearing is mainly responsible for the friction with the idler wheels during the Excavator working.  It can avoid the idler wheels slip on the axles. The better the quality of the bearing is, the more negligible friction with idler wheels. Thus, it can make the track system more stable.


It allows the track assembly to be maintained at the correct angle to the horizontal under load conditions. The importance of bearing in excavator track tensioner needs waterproof performance, high reliability, and stable quality.


12. How would you define the purpose of the lock pin in the excavator track tensioner?


The lock pin of the excavator track tensioner is mainly used to ensure that the precise distance between the excavator track chain and excavator wheel-end, whose wheel-end clearance is restricted by the size design, is larger than the wheel diameter without affecting the track clearance. An Excavator track tensioner lock pin is used to restrain the movement of the tensioner under the excavator tracks. The lock pin slides inside the tensioner rod that has holes across it.

When you slide an end of the lock plate into one of those holes, the track adjuster becomes restricted by the length of the hole and cannot be moved. Usually, this lock pin should be there to make sure your machine operates safely without falling apart.


13. Is friction associated with the excavator track tensioner?


Yes. Friction is the primary factor in excavator track tensioner failure, resulting in low track life, inefficient operation, and constant track repairs. Friction is mainly caused due to bushing pins on the excavator wheel getting worn out over time, resulting in pin movement.


The extent of the movement of pins causes the surface area contact area between the bushing pin and wheel to get reduced. With this reduced contact area, there is more friction on the pin bearings, resulting in the higher temperature of tracks, leading to the premature failure of bushing pins. Since reducing friction leads to longer tracks life, this leads to lower maintenance costs for Excavator.


14. How would you define floating seal in excavator track tensioner?


The floating seal adopts the theory of two process seals, which are used to float plunger and sliding ring to form the double seal effectively; at the same time, it has characteristics of a big sealing face, long life, high safety, and easy maintenance. A floating seal is a seal that floats on the oil inside the excavator track. It sits inside the system and floats on top of the hydraulic oil. The purpose of this is to create a more efficient fluid path and help prevent erosion of parts by adding some cushion.


The afloat seal is designed to be installed on the track tensioner, with the enlarged style floating on the rubber ring will rotate within the tank according to its unique structure. This type of seal is suitable for powerful shock impacts, strong acid-resistant, and alkali-resistant environments.


15. What do you mean by idler shaft in excavator track tensioner?


The idlers and driveshafts are designed to reduce vibration and stabilize the track frame under heavy loads. Many excavators use a counterweight attached to the rear of the main boom or stick to counteract side torque, allowing the track frame to be located on top of the idler wheels.

The idler wheels prevent the frame from twisting when in contact with the ground. The springs in the track tensioner control the tension in the track. The idler shaft is an auxiliary device on the track tensioner, and it can prevent horizontal movement of excavator tracks.


Its axle connects with track shoes and shaft nippers that use spring and rubber as flexible parts, and its function is to exert on that spring and rubber to follow the movement between excavator shoes and track frame.


16. How would you define the bushing in the excavator track tensioner?


Excavators are big mobile machines equipped with treads or tracks. The purpose of using tracks is to steer the Excavator, provide stability and travel speed during trenching, grading, excavating, etc. But sometimes, these tracks will be loose, so they do not work correctly. What can you do to fix this? You can remove the old track shoes or chains and re-tension them back into the Excavator.


The bushing in the track tensioner aims to keep the bearings stable and reduce friction between the upper and lower sprocket for a powerful working effect. Bushing has both static and dynamic roles. The stationary position of the bushing is to support load imposed upon the components, whereas the active part is to make machines flexible. Lubrication of the bushings is essential for the smooth functioning of different parts of the machine. Failure to lubricate or poorly lubricated factors would cause the collapse of the device.


17. How would you define a plug-in excavator track tensioner?


Plug in excavator track tensioners is lubrication devices designed to keep elevator excavators in good working order. They reduce wear and tear on the upper idler wheel tubes, so parts last longer. The tensioners initially release a small amount of grease, which helps fill in small holes or cracks. This allows the wheels to spin smoothly, meaning less resistance for the machine’s chain or rope attached to it.


As time goes by, more lubrication is released; the amount is based on how much tension exists on the machine due to movement. This prevents too much pressure from accumulating on any single part of the machine. Its structure is very complicated, which can ensure that the link of the track is equidistant and run smoothly to ensure the efficiency of the Excavator.


18. What do you mean by idler shell in excavator track tensioner?


The idler shell is a critical element of your excavator track tensioner. The idler shell is a frame that supports the structure of the excavator track tensioner. It is made up of alloy steel, and the design specifications vary from model to model.


It plays an essential role in tensioning your excavator track. If it cannot handle the tension of your route, you may experience the reduced efficiency of your Excavator on site. Without an idler shell, you cannot keep your tracks align and smooth operation. Ensure the material with which it is made and the design specifications are compatible with your excavator model.


19. How would you define collar in excavator track tensioner?


Collar plays an essential role in your excavator track tensioner. The collar of the excavator track tensioner is mainly used to clamp and connect the track shoe and rod. The more commonly used types of collars include split-ring type, hook type, and buckling type.


A collar is a round metal piece surrounding the bottom of the track that links around the idler wheel. Collars are essential for supporting and protecting the links from damage from potholes, rocks, and other obstacles. Collars also protect other essential parts of the tracks. A collar acts as a stopper for the tension discs on the track frame to prevent further loosening of the ways while moving forward or in reverse, especially while going up steep terrain.


20. What is the role of roller in excavator track tensioner?


The central role of the roller is to guide the track chain to adapt itself to the curve at different conditions, especially when moving up and down on a slope or a ditch. In addition, as the drive wheel forces the track forward, rollers can soften the impact from extreme action on the excavator tracks.


It has one or two main rollers under the tensioner frame, which are connected by the large spring on both sides of it. When one end of the Excavator travels up and down, the main roller keeps synchronization with the track pitch. The power source of these rollers is provided by drive springs on both sides of them.


21. What causes the failure of the excavator track tensioner?


The excavator track tensioner is a component of the excavator track system. Because it plays such an essential role in the whole system, if the excavator track tensioner fails, almost all other components or devices of the Excavator will be affected. The rubber bushings of the track shaft and the tracking link would be worn out and could not bring enough energy and movement to ensure the constant and regular operation of the machine.


The most significant cause for the failure of the excavator track tensioner is its wear and tear due to improper use and unprofessional maintenance. If the tensioner is not adjusted correctly, it will quickly lead to track failure, which will produce significant economic losses.


22. What are the benefits of an excavator track tensioner?


An Excavator track tensioner is used to ensure that the tracked machine can move on the ground. It’s crucial for lowering the wear of Excavator, improving working efficiency. In an excavator, the adjustable tensioner provides a route for the operator to adjust the degree of tightness of the rear sprocket, which determines how much elasticity will be transmitted from the sprocket to the four-track rollers.


Despite the considerable size of the Excavator, the track tensioner is also quite crucial on it. As for this machinery, one of its parts is the track adjuster. This part is situated between the portable machine and carrier frames. It can work with a machine to push more substantial power to make a powerful engine forward the working way.


Its function is to keep track of links on the sprocket wheels accurately. Some benefits include:

  • Saves time by eliminating the need to replace damaged or missing track elements;
  • Improves productivity due to less downtime;
  • Enhances safety when performing maintenance in the field;
  • Reduces the overall cost of ownership.



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