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XuGong KS Excavator Gearbox Factory Overview

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In regards to quality, Xugong KS will provide you that. All our excavator gearboxes went through a standard modernized manufacturing process using high-quality materials for their reliability.

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Excavator Gearbox – The Complete FAQ Guide

The excavator gearbox FAQ Guide comprises a series of questions and answers that will help you get information on the Excavator gearbox.

This FAQ Guide provides you with a lot of information on excavator gearbox, working principle, swing excavator gearbox, final drive gearbox, gearbox components, specifications of excavator gearbox, cost of excavator gearbox, and much more.

This guide will help you through the thick and thin of the Excavator gearbox, whether you are a professional or beginner.

1.    What is the excavator gearbox?

The Excavator gearbox, also called Excavator transmission, is an important component of an excavator.


Figure 1._Excavator Gearbox
Figure 1._Excavator Gearbox

It is mainly used to transform from torque and rotation from the engine to other parts of the machine and adjust the power according to working conditions, including digging, pushing, transporting.

Especially in remote-controlled excavators, hydraulic cylinders, and tool changers, the output speed is directly linked with drive shaft rotation.

The excavator gearbox is the main power transmission device of various construction machines.

It is an important condition determining factor for the excavation depth, transportation capacity, and working efficiency and safety in construction machinery operation.


2.    How does the excavator gearbox work?

The working of an excavator gearbox is described below.

Excavator gearbox (excavator gearboxes) is a machine component that allows an electric motor to drive the machine’s output in rotation.

The drive motors aids in speed, torque, power.

The Excavator motor is connected to the transmission through the gearbox.

Excavator Gearboxes are used to speed up, slow down or reverse the direction of rotation of a machine, and they are usually powered by hydraulics.

This is performed utilizing a mesh of interlocking gears, the teeth of which are specially designed to allow different gear ratios, depending on how much torque is required at any given time.

This is how an excavator gearbox aids in transmission and helps you work effectively and efficiently.


3.    What is a swing excavator gearbox?

Swing excavator gearboxes are used for the drive transmission of the swing mechanism in an excavator.

The swing excavator gearbox is located just below the cabin of an excavator.

Its main function is to transfer engine power to the swing drive.

Figure 2._Swing Excavator Gearbox
Figure 2._Swing Excavator Gearbox

Excavator swing gearbox is used on stationary vehicles and machines, which enable them to rotate about their center.

Swing gearbox helps excavator in achieving exact working position by moving 360 degrees.

Swing gearboxes are hydraulic drive transmissions for excavators that are characteristically comprised of the main motor driving, through gears and hydraulic power-transmission fluid drive motors, the gear wheels that turn the swing, and digging, in turn, load-engaged elements.


4.    What is the material used in manufacturing the excavator gearbox?

The material used in manufacturing the excavator gearbox varies from model to model, depending upon the strength desired.

The most popular standard materials used in manufacturing the excavator gearbox include aluminum alloy, brass, polycarbonate, cast iron, and steel used for the main hydraulic parts.

Each material used in the manufacturing of the excavator gearbox has its features and special functions, as discussed below.

Material of excavator gearbox made of the most wear-resistant alloy steel as the main material.

The cover and oil seal is made of special material like polycarbonate with wear resistance and high-temperature capability.

These abrasion-resistance materials, including cast iron, aluminum alloy, also can effectively preserve heat and ensure normal operation, low noise, and longer service life.


5.    What are the components of an excavator gearbox?

The components of an excavator gearbox (mainly the performance and efficiency, as well as the maintenance requirements) are dependent on various factors, like:

Figure 3._Excavator Gearbox Components
Figure 3._Excavator Gearbox Components
  • The kind of application where the excavator is used;
  • The construction methods applied by the construction company;
  • The concerned authority regulations and legislation related to noise and emissions during operations.

It’s contained in the compact, compartmented housing located in the space below the cab and above the tracks.

The gearbox consists of complex gears, motor, speed reducer, reducer pinions, bearings, oil pumps, and control valves lubricated by an air-operated oil pump for lower noise levels and greater reliability.

A hydraulic control valve controls the movement of oil to different parts of the gearbox.


6.    What are the specifications of the excavator gearbox?

Most excavator gearbox specifications will include model, rotation speed, reduction ratio, lubrication type, number of teeth, motor engine power, stator size, and overload capacity.

These specifications vary from model to model. For example, small or medium class excavators have lower specifications as compare to the large class excavator.

Some of the specifications related to the excavator gearbox are listed below:

Sr. No. Product Output Torque


Gear ratio from or to Holding Torque (Nm)
1 Excavator Gearbox 250,000 210 1250
2 Excavator Gearbox 523,000 299.1 to 457.36 2500
3 Excavator Gearbox 792,000 342 2600
4 Excavator Gearbox 860,000 212.5 to 225.5 2 × 3200
5 Excavator Gearbox 1,900,000 367.3 3200

7.    What are the advantages of the excavator gearbox?

There are several advantages of the excavator gearbox. Some of the popular benefits are listed below:

  • Excavator gearbox improves the efficiency of your excavator
  • It reduces the overall noise by ultimately reducing the vibrations associated.
  • The reduction of gears in the excavator gearbox decreases the total number of teeth and increases overall speed.
  • If an excavator’s capacity is 150 t hm but is required to transport twice as much material or soil, the gearbox can ensure that it will achieve it without burnout.
  • With this excavator gearbox, you can operate your excavator worry-free for longer periods.
  • The excavator gearbox directly meshes the engine and drives the motor to achieve constant speed output.

8.    What is the issue of causing slow acceleration in the excavator gearbox?

There are several reasons why your excavator gearbox is running slow. Some of the issues are listed below:

Figure 4._Excavator Gearbox Running Slow
Figure 4._Excavator Gearbox Running Slow
  • The setting of the main reducer that does not correspond to the rated speed (the gear working range is narrow),
  • Inappropriate repair work (such as the repair of the high-speed motor),
  • Deflection bent etc.,
  • Affected gear grinding process,
  • Due to serious wear on gear teeth or even breaking.
  • The maintenance problem of the lubricating system;
  • The oil pump’s damage or superposition and abrasion;
  • The heat exchange condition of the engine;
  • Heat transmission conditions inside spiral bevel gear;
  • Foreign matters inside gearbox;
  • Wear particles scattering on the ring of friction due to smearing of epoxy resin grease.

9.    What is the maintenance required for the excavator gearbox?

When the earthmoving machinery is operated in the construction region, the excavator gearbox must meet the environmental and climatic conditions.

Because of different climate regions’ differences, the wear resistance of various parts will change.

To ensure the hydraulic machinery running proper, try to take some measures as follows:

  • You must use high-quality motor oil; the down grade is not allowed;
  • Add the subsequent amount of anti-rust agent as required;
  • Lubricating the gears and bearings most often.
  • Gearbox oil should be changed periodically to maintain oil purity.
  • Remove any type or kind of foreign particles if present in your excavator gearbox
  • Frequently assess the engine oil pressure and operating temperature.

10.  Where to buy an excavator gearbox?

There are a variety of places to buy excavator gearbox for different applications.

The only thing you need to do is research your part in finding the most reliable and affordable excavator gearbox supplier.

You can do this in the online method by reading various customer reviews to understand that particular supplier or manufacturer.

You can purchase your excavator gearbox either from online or offline sources.

Both online or offline excavator gearbox manufacturers provide you with a variety of gearboxes.

You can select any one depending on your need.

Although it is recommended to purchase from offline sources by visiting them and assessing the quality physically.

11.  What is the weight of the excavator gearbox?

Excavator gearbox weight varies in different construction machinery, according to the brand and type of excavator, quantity of material used in manufacturing.

The weight of the excavator gearbox also depends on:

  • Excavators (backhoe loaders)
  • Times (the number of the spool)
  • The motor powers
  • Conditions (which temperature and how much oil in the engine room)
  • The model of the gearbox
  • Drive motor
  • Swing motors
  • Speed and rotational speed of the gearbox
  • Controller
  • Braker
  • Vibration signals

Usually, the weight of your excavator gearbox lies in the range of 35 Kg to 60 Kg.

Measuring the weight of the excavator gearbox is extremely important when it comes to operating heavy machinery.

The weight of the excavator gearbox impacts its operation while doing jobs.

12.    What is the cost of the excavator gearbox?

Excavator gearbox price is based on the manufacturing process and model of the vehicle, type of gearbox, load rating, drive motor power, and materials used in making it.

You will pay a premium price for an excavator gearbox with a higher load rating in most cases.

The cost of a final drive excavator gearbox lies in the range of $6000 to $6,500 per piece.

The price of an excavator planetary gearbox varies from $1500 to $3000 per piece.

The cost of the low-quality excavator gearbox is generally lower. However, it has a lesser lifespan than the high-quality excavator gearbox, which is more durable and has a higher resistance to wear and tear.

13.    Can I get my excavator gearbox repaired?

Yes, you can get your excavator gearbox repaired.

If for any reason, there is a failure of any bearings or other part of the gearbox within the first year, you can get it repaired or replace it at no charge in case if the warranty exists.

You can get it repaired by a professional technician or from local manufacturers.

Depending on the extent of damage, it is possible that it cannot be repaired, and the only thing you need to do in that case gets it replaced.

Sometimes the repair cost is so large that it is almost equal to the new component. So, in this case, it is better to purchase a new one for you.

14.    How do I know my excavator gearbox is bad?

The excavator gearbox can be bad, and you can determine it depending upon several reasons. Some of the most popular reasons are listed below:

Excavator gearbox diagnosis is mainly based on vibration signal, which ultimately leads to noise.

Figure 5._Diagnosing Your Excavator Gearbox
Figure 5._Diagnosing Your Excavator Gearbox

The vibration signal mainly includes three frequency components:

High-frequency component, which results from the meshing between teeth and periodic motion of rods and damping;

The second frequency component, which results from elastic deformation of bearings and the non-linear meshing between teeth;

The Low-frequency component is caused by the play between the coupling member and connecting rod, crankcase-crankshaft axis displacement, etc.

Each section can be identified with a different diagnostic method.

15.    Is there any variety in the excavator gearbox?

Yes, there are varieties in the excavator gearbox.

Two types of gearboxes exist in your excavator. These types include the Final drive gearbox and swing drive gearbox.

The final drive gearbox is located on the wheels of your excavator and helps in the transportation of your excavator from one place to another.

A swing drive gearbox is present below the cabin of your excavator and above the wheels of your excavator.

The function of the swing drive gearbox helps in the 360-degree rotation of your excavator and provides ease in movement of your excavating equipment of your excavator.

Each variety of excavator gearbox has its importance and special functions, which is essential in the successful operation of your excavator.

16.  What type of oil goes into my excavator gearbox?

The correct oil to use in your excavator gearbox depends on a variety of factors, including the type of excavator, operating conditions, and working time, as well as the model and age of your gearbox.

The list of oil that is widely used in your excavator gearbox are listed below:

  • Excavator Gearbox oil ISO 32
  • Excavator Gearbox oil ISO 46
  • Excavator Gearbox 10W
  • Excavator Gearbox oil ISO 68
  • Excavator Gearbox oil 20W
  • Excavator Gearbox fat 10W/ 30
  • Excavator Gearbox oil 15w/ 40

If you are unsure about what type of oil to use in your gearbox, speak to your operator training officer, who will advise you.

17.      How to check excavator gearbox oil level?

Excavator gearbox oil level is very important to keep it in good condition.

If the gearbox oil level is not enough or too high, the gears will destroy each other.

And here are the instructions for checking gearbox oil level:

Figure 6._Checking Excavator Gearbox Oil Level
Figure 6._Checking Excavator Gearbox Oil Level

The gearbox oil check is a comprehensive technical check of the excavator under dynamic working conditions.

It should be checked at operating temperatures to ensure that the oil in the selected temperature range meets the permissible viscosity limits.

You should check slippage, the load-carrying capability of swing gear units and swing motor, dampers due to maintenance requirements, and pre-operation qualifications.

In addition, it is necessary to check if all hydraulic connections are fast and fluid recharge is required.

18.      What are the problems associated with the Excavator gearbox?

There are several issues associated with the excavator gearbox. Some of the problems are listed below:

The main cause of problems with the gearbox is overloading the power output capacity, resulting in overheating.

When the shaft is overloaded, lubrication will be insufficient. And excessive differential pressure strength, which can cause the opposite casing.

There are main loads on the gearbox: large inertia, output shaft working near its maximum velocity, high centrifugal force when rotating, sudden loading due to excavation buckets, and pipes coming off.

All these loads cause excessive vibration, bounce in the gearbox, overload, and damage shaft bearings from mechanical friction.

19.    How to install my excavator gearbox?

You can install your excavator gearbox with the help of a tool kit.

First, take out the damaged or malfunctioned excavator gearbox from your excavator.

For this, first, turn off your excavator.

In replacing the old excavator gearbox, first, unscrew the nut or bolts with which your excavator gearbox is attached.

Figure 7._Installation of Excavator Gearbox
Figure 7._Installation of Excavator Gearbox

Remove the casing from the housing of your excavator gearbox.

Please keep all the nuts and bolts together when you detach them in a fixed place to avoid any problem while installation or take images while replacing the old excavator gearbox to keep in mind the positions of the bolts.

Now take the new excavator gearbox and place it in the housing intact and place the covers. Now screw the nut and bolts and tighten them to specified torque to avoid looseness.

20.  What is the lifetime of the excavator gearbox?

The lifetime of the excavator gearbox depends strongly on the working conditions.

If an excavator is working in a highly polluted area or high temperatures, the lifetime will be shortened.

Other factors such as whether the excavator is being used in an excessively wet or cold environment will also impact the gears of this machine.

The components of excavators tend to have shorter lifespans than that of other machines.

Usually, the excavator gearbox life lies in the range of 3 to 5 years.

Although its life expectancy can be increased in the case when proper maintenance and preventive measures are adopted.

21.  What is a bucket-wheel excavator gearbox?

The bucket wheel excavator gearbox mainly consists of the transmission and the planet reduction gear, which transfers power from engine to motor.

The transmission is like a planetary gear train.

It transmits power from the engine to the swing motor shaft through the medium of the sun gear, planet carrier, roller pinion, and ring gear.

The bucket wheel excavator gearbox is the same as other excavators, but a brake device is installed.

The brake device can make the rotational speed of the rotor to be zero under certain conditions.

Of course, bucket wheel excavators are easier to operate than other forms of machinery.

22.    How excavator gearbox contributes to the efficiency of the excavator?

The excavator gearbox contributes to the efficiency of the excavator because it can change the rotational speed of the motor. Thereby the dynamic conditions of each excavator are standardized.

Furthermore, to achieve a higher rotational speed of the motor safely, you can adopt reduction gearboxes instead of changing the engine directly.

An excavator gearbox is used in construction machinery.

It makes the speed-changing of the load wheel, and the scoop wheel changes the direction of shoveling and dragging speed.

The continuous variation of gear ratio determines the maximum speed accelerating or reducing and determines how fast the machine moves on the working site; work steps’ overall velocity and efficiency are related.

23.    Why import excavator gearbox in China?

It is a good choice to import excavator gearbox from china.

The Chinese excavator gearbox manufacturers are reliable and affordable.

They provide you with a high-quality material excavator gearbox at a low price.

The option exists that you can custom made your excavator gearbox.

The word custom exhibit that you can change everything from material, size, specifications, load-bearing capacity, and much more depending on your specific requirements.

What is incredible about these manufacturers is that they provide you with the quantity as much as you want or need, thus putting no limit on the amount ordered.

After placing your contact details, you can easily receive your excavator gearbox directly at the provided address.

24.    What do you mean by troubleshooting the excavator gearbox?

The excavator gearbox’s troubleshooting is to find the problem of the excavator’s bad working conditions.

This may be caused by components, control systems, electric control systems, hydraulic systems, operation data, and human factors.

Excavators and their gearboxes are complicated machines.

A small change in the configuration of a machine or environmental conditions may lead to failure. However, it can be difficult to point out the exact cause of trouble.

You must follow frequent troubleshooting procedures to increase the longevity of your excavator gearbox.

Troubleshooting your excavator gearbox will also help you save an extra cost associated with repairing or replacing various components.

25.    What do you mean by excavator gearbox ratios?

Excavator gearbox ratios are the most important element in determining how much torque can be developed by the motor and how fast the output speed will be.

The gears in the gearbox reduce or increase the rotational speed of the large drive wheel relative to the motor, which in turn changes the torque applied to the load.

The excavator manufacturers produce it based on some factors like the project specifications, the size of the motor, and the unit’s power.

The ratio is calculated based on the type of material where and how it will be used.

Various other factors that are considered for calculating transmission ratios include the driving conditions, operating environments, equipment handling systems, and geographic areas.

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