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XuGong KS Excavator Final Drive Brand For

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Final Drive

Caterpiller E306 Excavator Final Drive Assembly

New CAT E306 Excavator Final Drive Assembly Replacement. Wholesale In Stocks For Immediate Delivery.

PC200 Excavator Final Drive GM35 Travel Motor Assy

Quality GM35 Excavator Final Drive For 10-25 Ton Excavators Maintenance. Affordable Price With Long Warranty.

KYB Hydraulic Travel Motor MAG85 Excavator Final Drive Assembly

MAG85 Final Drive Replacement, Original Motor With OEM Gearbox. Fit 11-15 Ton CAT Excavators

PC400-6 Excavator Final Drive 706-88-00151 Travel Motor Assy

PC400-6 Excavator Final Drive  Assembly, Part Number 706-88-00151. 1pc With Wholesale Price On Sale.

CAT Excavator Final Drive Motor Complete With Gearbox 1484736

Part Number 1484736 Excavator Final Drive Ready To Ship. Strong Wooden Case Packed. Safety Arrival.

Construction Machinery Parts ZAX120 Excavator Final Drive Assy

Hitachi Excavator Final Drive Assembly. Plenty Models For Choice. One-stop Purchasing To Save Your Time.

Hyundai R320-7 Hydraulic Excavator Final Drive Motor

Hyundai R320-7 Excavator Final Drive In Stocks & On Sales. Genuine, OEM, Aftermarket, Rebuilt Quality For Choice.

Quality TM09 Excavator Final Drive Travel Motor Assy In Stock

Excellent Quality TM09 Excavator Final Drive Assembly. Durable & Long-life With Reasonable Price On Sales.

Factory Wholesale ZTM06 Hydraulic Excavator Final Drive Assembly

High-Quality TM06 Excavator Final Drive Assembly Replacement. Save Your Cost Up to 100% Of The Original.

Why Xugong Can Be Your Trusted Excavator Final Drive Supplier?

Xugong KS supplies excavator final drives for more than 100 machine brands, 500’s models of excavator, and mini-excavator.  It is your leading supplier of excavator final drives in China. it can be a replacement for top brands such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat, Hyundai, Volvo, JCB, Sany, Zoomlion, Kayaba, and many more.

Xugong KS excavator final drives have gone through series of standard tests for their durability. 100% made according to OEM specifications. Worldwide shipping by sea, DHL, FedEx, TNT, and so on, you can get your final drive immediately. With more than 12 years of production experience, Xugong KS is your reliable excavator final drive supplier. Get a quote now!


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XuGong KS Excavator Final Drive Factory Overview

Are You Looking For A Quality Excavator Final Drive?


The excavator final drive plays a vital role in the power and efficiency of an excavator. So, fitting a final drive pays special attention as wrong fitting will result in immediate failure. Having the wrong excavator final drive will cost more downtime.

Xugong KS is here to provide a quality excavator final drive. With a modern factory facility, Xugong KS has manufactured a quality and reliable excavator final drive. Wide range of categories of excavator final drive base on your excavator model. Offering OEM, aftermarket, genuine, new, and many more excavator final drives are available for your choice.

Xugong KS can supply all excavator final drive parts such as travel motors, swing motors, gears, bearing, travel gearbox, and even mini final drive motors are also available here. Xugong KS will surely provide you the needed excavator final drive for your excavator.

Excavator Final Drive – The Definitive F.A.Q. Guide


Excavator final drive F.A.Q. The guide is a great way to help you better understand the questions most asked by excavator operators and mechanics who deal with excavator parts.

This guide intends to provide insights on the early warning signs of problems with your machine and how to maintain it properly.

This information can be used to ensure you have the best equipment working for your business.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions and helps you with the Excavator’s final drive for which you are striving.

1.    What is the excavator final drive?


A final drive is a part of an excavator that transmits power from the excavator’s engine to the other hydraulic components through the linkages and cranks.

The excavator final drive consists of the hydraulic oil pump, gear transmission, and drive motors.

excavator final drive

A final drive, or undercarriage, is found on various types of excavators. The purpose is to support and guide the boom and pin it in place by means of a boom arm.

It is housed in a metal or plastic box with a lid located near the track wheels. There will be more than one final drive on larger excavators, which are then combined into one unit.

The term Final drive is usually used in connection with extensive construction and mining machineries such as excavators, cranes, and some trucks, along with some bulldozers and wheel loaders.

A final drive can also be referred to as a final drive assembly (F.D.A.), a final drive unit (F.D.U.), or a transmission.

2.    How do I remove the excavator final drive?


An excavator final drive can be removed in a number of ways, it depends on the model of Excavator you have. Some are more difficult than others.

Remove Excavator Final Drive

First, to remove the final drive from an excavator, use hydraulic or pneumatic jacks to lift the Excavator off the ground.

First, unplug and remove all of the hydraulic lines leading to the primary and auxiliary hydraulic pump, disconnecting them with a hydraulic fitting wrench.

The next step is to remove the main hydraulic line that runs from the accumulator to the power unit by loosening the bolt on top of the accumulator with a screwdriver tip.

Next, remove the pins out of either side of the pinhole in the final drive bearings on each side with an empty cylinder wrench, allowing you to slide off both of the final drives.

3.    What are the Excavator final drive problems?


Several issues can cause excavator final drive problems.

Excavator final drive problems include a slew of issues in the electric motor, hydraulic flow, or mechanical components.

The final drives themselves are located under the tracks on excavators and may be damaged by rocks thrown up from the surface being dug.

If the joints are not lubricated, the excavators may suffer final drive hydraulic leaks.

These issues are usually the result of an electric motor failure due to a lack of maintenance.

The tracks must be free from any dirt, mud, or other debris for the Excavator to operate appropriately.

Keeping on top of drive and accessory damage is vital to prolonging the life of your Excavator’s final drive.

4.    Is there any Excavator Final Drive for sale?


There are many types of industrial Excavator Final drives for sale, but you have to be careful when selecting one because you want to get a reliable machine that is not going to break down on you.

Ensure the excavator final drive you are going to get on sale must meet up your requirements, including the size of the Excavator on which you will install the final drive, parts included in the final drive, and power requirements.

Excavator Final Drive

It is better if your supplier is providing a sample test because in that case, it helps you in making decisions at ease. It will be better to choose a supplier who will not only provides a sample test but also provides a guarantee.

The life of the excavator final drive is a very important decision-making factor while purchasing an excavator final drive on sale.

5.    Where to buy the excavator final drive?

excavator travel gearbox

Two options exist while buying an excavator final drive.

The first is to find a local manufacturer near you who is selling the excavator final drive.

The second is to choose an online supplier. There are thousands of online suppliers exists who provide high-quality parts at the lowest price.

Among both options, it is best to choose a local manufacturer. If the final drive does not work correctly or fails, you can easily access your local supplier.

When you buy an excavator final drive from a local supplier, you can quickly get it repaired if a breakdown.

Choosing a local manufacturer also helps you save shipping and customs costs.

6.    How much excavator final drive costs?


Excavator final drive costs vary dramatically from one machine to another. It depends on the size, power, and usage.

For a single hydraulic excavator, it can cost between $500 and $1,000 while a tracked model goes up to $1,500 and more.

But in the majority of the cases, it is around $500 to $2000 for a small excavator machine. Some manufacturers require an extra sum of money for the final drive unit

If it costs little, it will not be long before they are repairs or need replacement. They can wear out due to loads and many other factors.

Typically, the units used in larger machines cost more. You can choose any one depending upon your requirements.

7.    Can I import the excavator final drive from China?

excavator final drive parts

Yes, you can import the excavator final drive from China.

Many companies manufacture excavator final drives, and you can select anyone who fulfills your needs.

The excavator final drive produced in china has high quality and the best price. You can contact any manufacturer and get a price list!

The price list and number of components embedded in the excavator final drive help you choose the manufacturer. You can find one affordable and reliable.

All Excavator final drive manufacturers from China deliver the product to your doorstep after placing your contact details.

They deliver within a few days after your checkout.

8.    What are the types of excavator final drives?


There are two main types of excavator final drive.

The first is a hydraulic motor and gearbox unit called a power pack.

The second is called a hydrostatic drive which uses hydraulic fluid circulated through a pump to drive a hydraulic motor and gearbox.

A common type of excavator final drive is the travel motor system, sometimes referred to as a crawler motor.

It consists of a hydraulic pump, a piston-cylinder group, and an electric motor that provides force to move the Excavator’s feet so it can move forward, backward, up, or down.

They are fitted around a tube known as a boom. This makes them suited for tight working spaces that traditional engines cannot fit into.

There are several different excavator final drive variations, each serving a different purpose and having unique specifications.

9.      What are the specifications of the excavator final drive?


The essential specifications to be considered when purchasing a new final drive unit are listed below;

  • Engine brand,
  • Engine model
  • Cylinder output rpm
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Oil supply capacity: 0.125l-0.25l/min
  • Piston power: 1.8KW~ 3KW
  • Pressure sensor
  • Oil flow sensor
  • Wear detection system
  • Hydraulic oil temperature

The specifications of the excavator final drive are a crucial factor for the Excavator’s performance and productivity.

excavator final drive

Each type of Excavator has different types of final drives installed, and each has its specifications requirement.

Make sure to install the driver with exact specifications because, in another case, your Excavator will not perform its intended function.

10. What are the maintenance requirements for the excavator final drive?


These critical steps must be carried out to obtain the maximum usage time out of the Excavator final drive. Steps are given below:

  • Find out if there are any noise-making components and replace them
  • You should check the lubricant level for Excavator Final Drive and change the oil when it is too low to avoid damage.
  • You need to check whether the speed is appropriate.
  • Final drive pins and bushings play a vital role. Check out their seals regularly and, if needed, replace them.

Do follow these steps, and you will increase the life of your equipment and its dependability.

Excavator final drives are an essential part of the powerful heavy equipment machines.

For this system to continue functioning effectively over time, you must follow regular maintenance procedures.

11. How often do maintenance on the excavator final drive?


This maintenance refers to the checkup of the excavator final drive or travels motor’s engine and sturdiness.

Excavator final drive or travel motor needs to be repaired and maintained from time to time.

excavator final drive parts

There are several factors involving the frequency of each maintenance service.

Each situation will be unique to the application as some factors may vary for different machines, horsepower, hours of operation, hours in storage, and seasonality.

  • You can check the oil level, case pressure, and clean the third reed inlet valve’s flow passage once every 100h and every 1000h for cleaning out sand or other debris entering from the reed inlet valve.
  • Clean the drive unit by changing and filtering the gear oil after every 200 operational hours.
  • Replace all seals and O-rings every three years.
  • Replace the linear valves twice every five years.

12. How does the Excavator final drive work?


The excavator final drive is composed of 8 elements: engine, gearbox, reducer, chain drive, track rollers, suspension axles, idler axle, and finally, the wheel sprocket.

The complete construction is assembled with these elements to make it work as a perfect machine.

Excavator final drive works on the power transmission principle from the fuel engine through a motor to the wheels (or tracks) of an excavator.

The engine power is applied to the main drive shaft connected to an input gearbox containing several gears by a union joint.

The power is transmitted through chains that are wounded on gears and sprockets.

In an excavator gearbox, there are several components that allow the high temperatures generated by the engine to cool and also to protect the hydraulic pumps and motors.

13.      How to change excavator final drive bearings?


The bearings are typically located in the bottom of the gearbox either under the center housing (in most cases) or outboard of the sides at the bottom due to space restrictions or turtling of the main gear.

excavator final drive bearing

  • The first step is to loosen the rear cover of the unit and then remove it.
  • After removing the screws that secure the outer bearing housing assembly, remove it.
  • The oil seal on the outside of the input shaft should be removed by twisting it.
  • Then remove the gears and sprockets mounted on the circular shaft.
  • With the help of appropriate tools, take out bearings from inside the circular shaft and replace them.

In most cases, the bearings fail due to overheating and lack of lubrication.

Final drive bearings are an essential part of your Excavator.

A worn or damaged drive bearing can cause the motor to run roughly and the metal on metal grinding could potentially damage or destroy other parts of the machine.

14.        How to disassemble the excavator final drive?


To disassemble the excavator final drive, you need to follow step by step instructions given below:

  • I am using a track wrench or socket wrench to lose the sprocket bolts for track removal.
  • While removing a final drive from your Excavator, be sure to lose the sprocket bolts before removing the final drive.
  • Remove the cover plate that sits on the inside of the frame next to the track motor.
  • Take the weight, drop it, and move on.
  • When it comes to hoses, it’s essential to know the difference between them and later identification during assembling.
  • The most important thing to do is to remove the hoses from their fittings and put everything back in its proper place.
  • From inside the track frame, pull the final drive apart from the frame by removing bolts.

15.        What kind of oil goes in an excavator final drive?


If you are looking for the proper lubricant for your final excavator drive, you must pick the oil based on your excavator’s make and model.

Drive motors fall into two categories: electric and hydraulic. The oil should include a flush asset that gets rid of any existing oil in the equipment to avoid incompatibility issues.

Oil goes into excavator final drive

An excavator travel motor requires more than just one type of oil, especially in its different subsystems.

The oil that goes in the final drive of an excavator is mineral-based, S.A.E. grade 80 with a pour point lower than -30°F (-34.4°C) and a viscosity index of 150 or greater.

A typical specification for an excavator may read. “The final drive gear lube shall have a pour point below -30°F (-34.4°C) AND 150 VI”.

Some lubricants will add seal swell protection and corrosion inhibitors as needed based on the Excavator, application, and operating environment location.

16. How to rent Excavator final drive?


You can rent your excavator final drive to anyone by taking in their special authentication requirements.

These requirements include:

  • A copy of their national identity card. This is because you then do not need to write down their address and name. This step makes authentication of your customer easy.
  • 50% rent upfront and 50% upon returning the final drive. This will add security to your final drive.
  • Take the phone number of your customer to call them in case of emergency or inquiry.

Excavator rental is a necessary part of any job in the industry.

Operators will need to rent an excavator final drive to complete tasks such as digging trenches, moving earth, and hauling.

Excavator rental can be found at equipment dealerships or construction companies.

17.        How to install the excavator final drive?


Mounting a final drive in your Excavator is a significant step that can lead to success. Many parameters must be considered in the mounting process, but in general, the size of the mounting hole must match that of the screw used to secure the drive to its mount.

The second step is to tighten the screws up to a specific amount of torque and specific threads so that they cannot be unscrewed on their own.

Install excavator final drive

The third is to install all the hydraulic hoses in their position.

After doing that conduct a low-speed test on your newly installed final drive and make sure everything is running smoothly.

In the end, check the gears’ oil level to avoid wear and tear due to excessive resistance between sprockets.

18.     What are the essential parts of the excavator final drive?


Excavator final drive is more or less the same in all the big brand excavator: its essential components are clutch, gears, motor, transmission case, bearings, and seal oil.

One of the essential components in the excavator final drive is the main pump.

This pump has the function of transferring hydraulic oil to other parts of the final drive.

Since this part handles such a high-pressure and hardworking task, it must have good quality and durable life.

19.      What are the reasons why Excavator final drive fails?


An excavator final drive fails to work in almost all cases because of a lack of maintenance and preventative measures.

The parts of the excavator final drive are made from metal and rubber, so much damage may occur during operation.

Some common failures include burnt-out oil seals or gaskets, broken gears, main shaft bent or cracked.

Failure of Bearings due to overheating. The bearings wear out much faster than average and are the weakest link in the chain.

When they start to fail, you will hear a loud screeching sound or bearing noise when you operate the Excavator.

Additional reasons: The final drive fails to include unprofessional repair, less budget, not using a genuine part, and failure.

20.      How to replace excavator final drive hydraulic lines?


Excavator final drive hydraulic lines must be replaced or rebuilt as soon as signs of leakage begin happening.

Leaking lines can lead to a host of other issues with the machine.

When hydraulic lines are moving and flexing, wear is inevitable, and they will wear out over time due to their constant motion in use.

The first step is to remove all the oil present in your final drive.

The second step is to unscrew all bolts that are holding hydraulic hoses in place.

After removing hydraulic hoses, take out hydraulic lines and examine the leakage point.

Replace the old one with a new one and fix them by screwing hydraulic hoses.

Fill the oil up to the desired level.

Start your final excavator drive and observe one final time.

21. How to change oil for the excavator final drive?


In case you are going to replace the oil, then do it when the temperature of the oil is more remarkable because the density is low, and the whole oil quickly gets drained at a higher temperature.

Lose the plugs and remove any dirt or contaminants around them.

First, remove the plugs located at the bottom and then take out the top position plugs.

Make sure that there is no metal present inside drained oil.

Add the new oil and mark it up until it reaches the required oil level.

Close the plugs and check if there is any leakage exists.

If not, then you are ready to operate your excavator final drive.

22.      How to check the gear oil level in the excavator final drive motor?


There is an easy way to check gear oil levels in the excavator final drive.

  • Remove the top cover.
  • Clean and dip your calibration scale inside the oil.
  • Keep it moving until it reaches the depth of the oil tank.
  • Remove the calibration scale and read it up to the oil mark.
  • If the present oil is low, then you can add the extra amount that is required.

The correct oil level on the excavator final drive motor is two bars on all sides. You can use the front hydraulic travel pump or rear running the pump to control the oil level’s accuracy.

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