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Why Xugong KS is Your Major Vendor of Excavator Travel Motor?

Xugong KS is your major excavator travel motor vendor. At Xugong KS you will find the best and long-lasting travel motor. Different sizes, speeds, maximum torque, power, and capacity are build specified as per different excavators’ models.

Offering different types of excavator travel motor such as OEM, new, reman, and aftermarket travel motors. So whenever you need a travel motor, we can give you a solutions

With more than 12 years of industry experience, Xugong KS surely gives you the best quality excavator travel motor. Our team is 7/24 online, to help you to get your needed reliable and durable excavator travel motor. Call us now!


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XuGong KS Excavator Travel Motor Factory Overview

Where To Find The Best Available Excavator Travel Motor?

Excavator Travel motor is one of the key components in the hydraulic drive system. It interfaces with the final drive providing power and efficiency. The hydraulic motor excavators are widely used in industries including construction and mining. Finding the best available excavator travel motor is essential for your need.

At Xugong KS, all excavator travel motors are available. Offering new, OEM, Aftermarket or brand excavator travel motor. With a large stock, we can deliver it fast, or even same-day delivery for urgently orders. All KS travel motor was made according to the model of excavator, so the customer received it and fit on the excavator very well.

Xugong KS can also supply excavator travel motor parts, such as travel gearbox, gears, bearings, floating seals, shaft, and so on. When you do not want to buy a completely new final drive, we can also serve you with travel motor parts for repairing purposes.  Wide assessment of gear ratio, transmission, acceleration, and speed for your excavators. At Xugong KS all travel motor parts are made with high-quality materials assuring you of long-lasting service life.  Get a quote now!


Excavator Travel Motor – The Complete FAQ Guide


Excavator travel motors are vital components of your excavator. These excavator travel motors are so vital that the excavator cannot function without them. If the travel motor is faulty, your excavator will not perform optimally as you’d expect.


In this guide, you are going to learn:

  • What exactly is an excavator travel motor
  • How the excavator travel motor works
  • How to take care of your excavator travel motor
  • How to properly diagnose an excavator travel motor


Keep reading this guide to find out more.


1.  What Is An Excavator Travel Motor?


An excavator travel motor is a component of the excavator final drive that consists of a hydraulic motor. This hydraulic motor drives the planetary gearbox which then moves the sprockets mounted on it.


As you’ve read earlier on in this guide, if your travel motor breaks down, your excavator will be unable to perform most of its basic functionalities. Check out how the travel motor transmits the power in this conceptual figure below:

Figure 1. Excavator Travel Motor Conceptual Power Transmission

In the image above, the production of mechanical force begins from the power source. This power source is the excavator’s engine. The engine then transmits power to the hydraulic pump, which in turn transmits mechanical force to the travel motor.


Here’s the deal:


The travel motor and the final drive of an excavator are two different components in the strictest sense. You may find professionals who’ll mix up the two components.


In other words:


Your excavator travel motor refers to the hydraulic motor while the final drive is the planetary gear hub that converts fluid power to torque.

2.  What Are The Components Of An Excavator Travel Motor?

Your excavator travel motor is made up of the following parts:


  • Cylinder Block
  • Valve Plate
  • Piston
  • Retainer Plate
  • Ball Guide
  • Drive Shaft
  • Thrust Plate


Figure 2. Excavator Travel Motor Components

Your travel motor may develop some mechanical issues, without necessarily compromising the entire final drive. It’ll however affect the general performance of your excavator. It is therefore important for you to know where you can acquire high-quality excavator travel motor parts. These parts should serve you for long with minimal maintenance needs.


Here’s where you can find the best excavator travel motor parts:


These components can be sent to you by KS when you need them. We stock more than 10,000 pump travel motor components. We have no minimum order quantity as well – you can order in bulk or even a single component.


You just have to identify your excavator’s make and model. KS produces excavator travel motors for top pumping companies worldwide, such as CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU, KOBELCO, ISUZU, VOLVO, and other leading excavator models.


Reach out to us today for more information on our excavator travel motor parts.


3.  How Does An Excavator Travel Motor Work?

The excavator travel motor works by moving the sprockets mounted on it by receiving oil under high pressure from the hydraulic pump. Your excavator’s hydraulic pump actuates the travel motor.


The travel motor then transmits hydraulic fluid power to the final drive which then converts the fluid power to torque. This torque is then transmitted to the sprockets which then move the excavator tracks.

4.  What Are The Common Excavator Travel Motor Problems?

Your excavator travel motor will eventually cease working as it will wear out in the course of its work. However, the travel motor could still face some preventable problems that KS has observed as parts manufacturers and suppliers.


The first common problem is when your excavator’s travel motor spins in the opposite direction. When you push your drive stick for the excavator to move forward, it reverses. Similarly, when you want to reverse the excavator, it moves forward.


This is a common problem that can easily be handled. You’ll only need to remove the two hydraulic pipes connected to the travel motor and flip them. Flipping them reverses the order of movement of your excavator travel motor.


The second common problem is a cracked cover plate. Cracked cover plates are a result of a clogged case drain. If your travel motor’s case drain is clogged, a lot of pressure will be built within the travel motor, which will in turn blow seals and crack your cover plate.


Figure 3. Excavator Travel Motor Cracked Cover Plate


You can handle this problem by regularly changing your hydraulic fluid and replacing it with the recommended type. It’ll help protect and lubricate the internal components.


Apart from using the right type of hydraulic fluid, you should also use the correct amount.


The third common problem is a weak travel motor. This issue is mostly caused by a lack of hydraulic pressure. Consider checking your excavator engine or the main hydraulic pump for issues. Also, refer to your operational manual for the amount of pressure that you should expect.


Another cause for a weak travel motor is a weak charge pump. Your charge pump may fail to produce the recommended amount of pressure. If it does so, your travel motor will not release, and it will be extremely difficult to use your excavator, similar to operating the excavator with the emergency brake engaged.


Bottom line:


It is important for you to continually check on the health status of your excavator travel motor.

5.  Why Is My Excavator Travel Motor Weak?


There are five frequent causes of a weak excavator travel motor. Check them out:

  • Low Pressure – Your excavator travel motor can become weak when it does not receive sufficient hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic pump. It is important to know how much pressure your travel motor should receive and generate in turn.


You can do so by referring to your user’s manual.


  • Friction – Friction is another frequent cause of a weak travel motor. The higher the friction the more the energy required to move your excavator. You’ll frequently find out that this friction is caused by poor track or roller condition which if not handled, will cause permanent damage to your travel motor.


  • Worn-out Parts – You’ll eventually have to replace every mechanical part of your excavator, including the engine, hydraulic pump, gear pump, final drive, etc. Wearing out of parts is a common issue that ultimately cannot be avoided.


  • Weak Charge Pump – as discussed earlier in this guide, a weak charge pump causes your travel motor not to release, therefore making your life difficult – similar to operating the excavator with its emergency brake fully engaged.


  • High-Speed Mode – You may be operating your excavator and it keeps steering to one side. The main reason why this happens is when your travel motor is stuck in high-speed mode. You can handle this issue by disengaging high-speed mode before sending over your final drive to us for examination and repairs.


6.  How Can I Disassemble My Excavator Travel Motor for Repair?


Before disassembling your excavator travel motor for repairs, it is important to note that all repairs should be done by a certified professional. Failure to do this may annul your warranty cover. Also, it’s important to follow the instructions laid out by your excavator’s manufacturer.


The final drive comprises both the travel motor (hydraulic motor) and the planetary gear hub. You’ll need to first dismount your excavator’s rubber tracks or the track chain. Then, loosen your sprocket screws at the side. Doing exactly this is important, as you will see later on.

Figure 4. Excavator Travel Motor Disassembly


Then disassemble the hydraulic engine-side frame guard. A useful practice at this stage is to mark hydraulic hoses with an identification mark of your choice to prevent additional identifying complications.


Disassemble and secure hydraulic flaps as well as hydraulic engines against oil leaks and dirt penetration into the hydraulic system.


The next step is to unscrew the screws which join the final drive to the frame of the excavator and remove the whole unit. Note that the whole final drive is rather heavy and therefore needs special safety measures, contrary to how light it may look.


It is also important to note that this guide is not responsible for any damages that may be caused during the disassembly process. It is also not a guide for professional certification for excavator parts repairs.

7.  Why Is My Excavator Travel Motor Stuck In High-Speed Mode?


If your excavator travel motor is stuck in high-speed mode, this means that you’ll not have as much torque as you’d probably expect. Now, your excavator travel motor can be stuck in high-speed mode when it’s perfectly okay.


It is important to note that whenever you engage in high-speed mode, the amount of torque produced reduces. This means that speed and torque are inversely related. When your excavator is stuck in high-speed mode, it’ll seem rather weak when carrying out basic tasks.


In such situations, the problem is not with your excavator travel motor, but with your excavator’s speed control system.


However, if the problem is not within your excavator’s speed control system, you can try to correct the situation by temporarily disconnecting the two-speed lines. This move should alter the excavator’s performance.


If it does not, then, consider contacting reputable professional manufacturing and supplying company for more advice. The travel motor could be completely damaged. KS skilled service reps are always available to help you out.


Reach out to us today for more information on why your excavator travel motor is stuck in high-speed mode and how best you can correct that issue.

8.  Which Type Of Oil Should Go Into My Excavator Travel Motor?


It’s true that:


An excavator travel motor works hard to ensure that your excavator works just fine. It, therefore, requires high-quality oil to keep the travel’s motor internal components lubricated.


Before acquiring oil for your excavator travel motor, you should first consult your favorite mechanic on which oil to buy. Keep in mind that different parts of the world have different environmental temperatures throughout the year.


Buying the wrong type of oil will result in grievous consequences that can damage your travel motor completely.


Apart from consulting your mechanic, the oil should have the following characteristics:


  • The oil should be viscous to ensure that the travel motor’s internal components are properly lubricated.
  • Most oil companies produce oil that acts as a protective layer on the surfaces of your excavator travel motor internal components. They become corrosive-resistant.


Remember to change your excavator travel motor oil regularly (as advised by your excavator’s manufacturer. Apart from changing the oil in regular intervals, you should also check the level and quality of the oil after every 100 excavator operating hours.


Bottom line:


It is impossible to undermine the vitality of oil in your excavator travel motor. It can go as far as showing you your travel motor’s health status.

9.  What Should Be The Optimum Oil Level In My Excavator Travel Motor?


Here’s how you can check the level of oil inside your excavator travel motor:


  • First, look at the cover plate of your travel motor. It’ll have at least two plugs or even three, depending on different excavator makes and models.
  • Position the plugs in such a way that the one plug should be at 12 o’clock, and the other two at three and nine o’clock respectively.
  • You’ll need to clean any form of dirt or debris that might be on the surface of the plugs.
  • Your plugs should be tightly fitted to prevent the entry of contaminants. Strike them cautiously using a hammer to loosen them.
  • Remove the plugs from the travel motor.


The oil should be at the three o’clock (or 9 o’clock) level for it to be at its optimal level. If it’s not at that level, consider topping it up. As you top up, consider reasons why your travel motor’s oil could have caused it to drop.


Figure 5. Optimum Oil Level for Excavator Travel Motor

  • After topping up the oil, replace the upper plug.


10. Why Does My Excavator Travel Motor Overheat?


The first thing that you should consider checking is the level of oil inside the excavator travel motor. If the oil is not sufficient, your travel motor will overheat because of friction generated when mechanical parts are in contact.


You can temporarily solve this problem by topping up oil in your excavator travel motor. Also, check for leaks on your travel motor’s surface. It would be best if you’d handle the situation sooner and solve the problem permanently.


The second item that you can check if your travel motor’s oil is sufficient is your hydraulic fluid. Overheating in hydraulic systems is a common issue. The hydraulic fluid should not be hotter than 180°F.


If the temperature goes beyond 180°F, then there must be an issue with your excavator hydraulic system. Consider checking your hydraulic fluid cooler, or if possible, the entire hydraulic system.


The third item that you should check if the oil is sufficient and the hydraulic fluid temperature is not above 180°F is the brakes. The brakes should release properly to avoid the generation of exorbitant heat.


Check the operating pressure on the brake as well as the piston seals.


The final probable cause for your excavator travel motor’s overheating problem could be due to worn-out bearings. You’ll need to replace these bearings immediately as they could cause catastrophic failures in your travel motor.


Contact us today with your requirements and an estimated budget. We’ll respond as soon as possible with a quote that attempts to meet your needs considering your budget.


KS has been in the manufacturing and supplying business for over ten years now. We manufacture our parts in-house to ensure quality control is tight. Apart from that, we manufacture all our parts under the strictest OEM manufacturing standards.

11. Why Does My Excavator Travel Motor Leak Oil?


There are different types of excavator travel motor leaks. The only way to identify a leak together with its cause is by checking where the oil is coming from.


Check this out:


When your travel motor leaks on the side, it may be due to the thinning of your hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid can either come from a faulty hydraulic hose. Alternatively, there can be an issue with the hydraulics component in the travel motor.


Apart from hydraulic hoses, your excavator travel motor can have a clogged case drain filter. A clogged case drain filter causes extreme amounts of pressure inside your excavator travel motor.


Another cause of excavator travel motor oil leakage from the planetary gear hub side could be due to mechanical face seal failure. You’ll need to replace this seal immediately, as it could damage your whole final drive – it can allow entry of contaminants.


Bottom line:


Do not neglect any excavator motor leak. It could help you solve a major travel motor internal component.

12. How Can I Change The Oil In My Excavator Travel Motor?


Check out these steps that you can use to change the oil in your excavator travel motor:


  • First, you’ll need to ensure that you are on flat ground.
  • Your guard should have 2 to 3 plugs – Position the travel motor traveling person suite. You can have the travel motor’s plugs scream and think that it’s happiness.
  • Since the excavator travel motor is dirty, you can clean it more properly than anything else that you can do on your own.
  • Position the travel motor in such a way that one plug should be at six o’clock and then now and I think she’s also ending hers.
  • Loosen cautiously the plugs by hitting them using armor.
  • Remove the cover and inspect the oil for metal flakes before removing the old oil. Also, check the quality of the hub seal and mechanical face seal.
  • Finally, add your new oil using your 6 o’clock plug. The oil should fill up to 3 (and 9 o’clock) plugs.


High-quality oil goes a great way in maintaining your excavator travel motor. KS is always ready to help. Reach out to us today for more information on your excavator travel motor.

13.              How Can I Maintain My Excavator Travel Motor?


There are three primary ways through which you can maintain your excavator travel motor:


  • You should have a documented maintenance schedule of your different excavator parts. These documents notify you of how well your excavator is doing.
  • You should know when your excavator’s travel motor was last serviced and how it was serviced.
  • When you last checked the level of oil inside the travel motor as well as other excavator engine components.
  • Always using high-quality lubricants and spare parts for replacing damaged components.


Figure 6. Properly Maintained Excavator Travel Motor

You need to check the health status of your travel motor after at least 100 operating hours.

14. How Can I Rebuild My Excavator Travel Motor?


Rebuilding your excavator travel motor is not a simple process. You can choose to do it if you are a certified professional.


As experts, KS recommends sending over the travel motor to us for examination and repairs. We’ll offer you new quality parts as a replacement for the old damaged ones. Apart from that, these parts will have a 90-day warranty cover.


Here’s the deal:


You risk too much attempting to rebuild the excavator travel motor yourself, more so if you are not a certified professional. Your excavator travel motor is a vital component that must be handled with care. Remember, the excavator cannot function without it.

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