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  • Suitable for 1-7 tons’ mini excavator

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Xugong KS Top Running Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump

PC50MR-2 PC55MR-2 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump

Komatsu PC50MR-2 Main Pump PC55MR-2 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump, In Stocks For Wholesale

Kobelco SK135 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump

SK135 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump Kobelco Main Pump, Part Number YY10V00005F3

Komatsu PC56-7 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump

PC56-7 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump, Part Number 708-3S-00961, In Stocks For Shipping

Komatsu PC45MR-3 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump

708-3S-00811 Main Pump PC45MR-3 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump, High Quality With Good Price

Hitachi ZX50 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump

Hitachi Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump Nachi Hydraulic Pump PVD-2B-40P-16G5-4702F For ZX50

PC30MR-1 PC30UU Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump

PC30MR-1 PC30UU Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump, Main Pump Part Number 708-1S-00150

Hitachi ZAX30U Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump

Hitachi ZAX30U Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump PVD-1B-32P-11G5-4191A Nachi Pump Wholesale

Komatsu PC35MR Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump

Komatsu Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump PC35MR Hydraulic Gear Pump 705-41-07180

PC20-6 PC38UU Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump

China Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump, Main Pump 705-41-08001 For Komatsu PC20-6 PC38UU

Your Leading Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump Distributor in China

Xugong KS offers a mini excavator hydraulic pump that is suitable for 1-7 tons’ mini excavator applications. We Support mini excavator brands like Kayaba, Nachi, Hitachi, Kobelco, Doosan, JCB, Hyundai, Volvo, CAT, etc.

All of these pumps are well-conditioned mini excavator hydraulic pumps. If you like, you can find a new, OEM, aftermarket, and reconditioned mini excavator hydraulic pumpXugong. Order now by sending us an inquiry!

excavator hydraulic pump vedio cover

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XuGong KS Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump Factory Overview

Where to Find the Best Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?

Mini excavator hydraulic pump is very crucial in supporting the hydraulic pressure of a mini excavator. Once installed, it works with high loads leading to wear out. Unusual noises and increased heat are the most common signs that your mini excavator hydraulic pump is already bad.

If you are looking where to find the best replacement for it. Xugong KS is here for you. At Xugong KS, not only you will be having the most reliable mini excavator hydraulic pump. But also, you will save a lot of time and money. Xugong KS covers a lot of mini excavator brands and suitable for all tons’ sizes of mini excavator. You can have a new, OEM, aftermarket, or reman mini excavator hydraulic pump.

Once you order from us, you will just give your model no., specific sizes, and application. Within the day you’ll receive a response immediately. Our experienced team will see all options to make sure that it is the right mini excavator hydraulic pump that will be delivered to you.

As Xugong KS holds great flexibility, all of the parts of the mini excavator hydraulic pump such as valves, pistons, cylinders, etc. are available here. Xugong KS understands that downtime will cost a lot. So, we have over 500 in-stock mini excavator hydraulic pumps to be delivered the same day. Downtime no more and get the most reliable mini excavator hydraulic pump here at Xugong KS.


Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump – The Definitive FAQ Guide


Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump FAQ Guide is a complete guide to the hydraulic pump with information on the Hydraulic pump, applications, cost, materials, hydraulic pump type of pump, and other accessories.

The purpose of the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump FAQ Guide is to answer all your questions about pumps and provide you with what you need to know to make an informed buying decision.


1.    How many types of Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pumps are there?


Several different types of mini excavator hydraulic pumps include dump pump, refuse pump, gear pump, piston pump, vane pump, and clutch pump. Some of the major types are listed below:

Gear Pump:

Gear pumps are used as an incompressible medium to transmit power.

They consist of several pairs of meshing gears operated in a chamber containing the liquid to be circulated.

mini excavator hydraulic pump

When the liquid passes through the gap between the teeth of the stator and rotor, it will produce an eddy current rotating around in the opening, which creates eddies in the liquid.

This moment can cause friction loss inside the gear pump, but on the other hand, it can get pressure resistance force generated by the relative movement between teeth and liquid.

Piston Pump:

The piston-type hydraulic pump is mechanically driven by a prime mover, such as an electric motor, diesel engine, or gasoline engine, to generate hydraulic power.

It consists of a pump housing, piston(s), pressure chamber(s), and piston rod(s).

Piston Pump

A piston hydraulic pump uses the reciprocating motion of a piston inside the hydraulic cylinder to pressurize the cavity of that cylinder.

Piston pumps incorporate valving within the piston to prevent backflow where the output pressure is lower than the discharge pressure.

Vane Pump:

Vane pump is the most common type of pumps.

Vane Hydraulic Pumps consists of machine housing, vane pump, rotor shaft, and other parts.

Vane Pump

It is characterized by compact structure, small size, simple design, and reliable performance.

Pumps in this category have a rotor equipped with an adjustable vane used for pumping liquid, and they are very simple structures and lowest price.

Vane Hydraulic Pumps is a hydraulic pump widely applied to vehicles, construction machinery, and machinery.

Clutch Pump:

Clutch hydraulic pumps are used to convert the rotary mechanical energy into static pressure energy.

Clutch Pump

Clutch Hydraulic Pumps is widely used in construction machinery, agriculture machinery, concrete pump, bridge crane, earthwork machinery, mining equipment, metallurgy industry, etc.


2.    What is the working principle of the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?


The working principle for the hydraulic pump is very much the same as that of a water pump in your house.

A hydraulic motor uses pressurized liquid to power the machine rather than a typical electric motor.

The action of the fluid flow pump is to change internal energy into kinetic energy by using the propulsion force of flow separation or turbulence to overcome the resistance produced by the flowing liquid and the functional elements.

Hydraulic motors are commonly used for machines that need a large amount of power in a small package.

These machines often run off hydraulic systems that use a hydraulic pump to pump the liquid.


3.    Where are Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pumps used?


There are several applications of mini excavator hydraulic pumps. Some of the applications are listed below:

  • They are used to provide the quick high flow of liquid in a wide variety of applications.
  • They are used in motor graders, backhoes, excavators, loaders, motor scrapers, and wheel loaders.
  • Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pumps is widely used in the machinery, mining, coking, metallurgical, and petroleum industries.
  • Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pumps are used to supply desired hydraulic pressure for the movement of machine components.
  • Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pumps are used to pump in any direction without flow reversal.
  • The various kinds of Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pumps are generally used in the field, such as aerospace hydraulics, machine hydraulics, heavy-duty hydraulics, and hydraulic control product.


4.    How long do Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pumps last?


The duration of Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pumps depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the pump.

Therefore, hydraulic pump maintenance can extend the life of the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pumps to many years.

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pumps can last for 5 or 10 years and even longer.

To have a long-lasting pump, the hydraulic pump must be designed to last, capable of dealing with different applications, including power and speed requirements, springs that will not break down over time, an adequate inlet port for supplying the correct amount of fluid to the pump and a motor that can last for longer periods.


5.    Does a Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump create pressure?


Yes, a Mini Excavator hydraulic pump does create pressure.

The pressure created by a hydraulic pump is based on its design, power, speed, springs, inlet, and motor volume.

A mini excavator hydraulic pump is a machine that generates pressure to perform work.

The work it performs depends on the application in which it is utilized, such as moving liquids or gases from one place to another.

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump creates pressure when power is supplied to the hydraulic motor, rotating its rotor.

The rotor turns a shaft that has impeller blades attached to it on its end.

As the blades move from inside to outside of the pump housing, they compress the fluid traveling through the tube and create pressure behind them.


6.    What is the difference between a hydraulic motor and a Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?


The difference between hydraulic motor and mini excavator hydraulic pump are listed below.

The hydraulic motor acts as a power source of the mini excavator hydraulic pump.

The hydraulic motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, while a hydraulic pump transforms that mechanical energy into hydraulic power.

Difference of mini excavator hydraulic pump

The price of a hydraulic motor is higher than that of a hydraulic pump.

Hydraulic pumps can work in different applications where hydraulic motors cannot be used directly.

The energy produced by the hydraulic pump is relatively higher, while the energy produced by the motor is relatively low.

A hydraulic pump is more efficient than a hydraulic motor.


7.    What are the components of the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?


The components of a mini excavator hydraulic pump vary from type to type.

Different mini excavator hydraulic pumps are embedded with various components.

The components of a hydraulic pump include the motor, inlet port, and outlet ports, impellor, piston, gear, filter, driveshaft, pump housing, shut-off valve, accumulator, and pressure relief valve.

The parts of a mini excavator hydraulic pump vary depending upon the required application.

Each component has a specific application and features which aids in carrying out the intended function.


8.    What is the cost of a Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?


The cost of the mini excavator hydraulic pump varies depending upon several factors.

These factors include model type, quality of material used in manufacturing, pump type, the shape of the pump, size of the hydraulic pump, energy supplied by the pump, volumetric efficiency, and manufacturing method.

The mini excavator hydraulic axial piston pump cost lies in the range of $400 per piece.

The mini excavator gear pump used in an excavator varies from $200 to $250 per piece.

In general, the mini excavator hydraulic pump price lies in the range of $200 to $2000 per piece depending upon the factors mentioned above.

Usually, the higher price pump has a relatively long life span depending upon the qualitative material used in manufacturing.


9.    Is there any Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump for sale?


Yes, you can find one on sale.

The thing you need to do is research on your part.

A lot of manufacturers or suppliers provide mini excavator hydraulic pumps on sale to create awareness or strengthen their market presence or develop confidence among their customers.

On sale mini excavator hydraulic pumps provide you with an opportunity to get benefits from lower prices.

You can get on sale mini excavator hydraulic pump from two sources mentioned below:

  • Online
  • Offline

You can order or purchase by physically visiting the local store, and you can choose which one is convenient for you.


10.      What is Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump displacement?


The displacement or volume of fluid displaced per revolution of the pump is known as the pump’s “displacement.”

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump displacement is the volume of water, liquid, or gas that can be moved in one cycle by the pump.

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump displacement


The displacement value of a hydraulic pump depends on its size and geometry.

Using the displacement principle, a given pump can move water, oil from one reservoir to another or from one reservoir to sub-lines.

The greater the displacement of the pump, the more water it moves or exerts pressure on.

Hydraulic pump displacement is an important technical parameter that must be considered at the design phase of the pump.


11.      What do you mean by Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump cavitation?


A cavity in a liquid caused by an imbalance of pressure and velocity is called cavitation.

Cavitation means insufficient flow in the liquid to supply the pump with the quantity of fluid needed to meet its capacity.

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump cavitation

When this happens, the air gets into the circuit, and due to low pressure in the hydraulic system, air bubbles enter into the system through any orifice.

In cavitation, the bubbles of vapor form and collapse violently in liquid at low pressure.

Many such bubble collapse events occur on the surfaces of hydraulic pumps used for commercial applications.

Cavitation has a marked effect on pumps and propellers.

In pumps, it reduces the amount of fluid delivered, as well as causing noise and vibration; in propellers.


12.      What causes Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump whines?


A Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump whine can be a dangerous problem.

There are many reasons that why your mini excavator hydraulic pump producing whining. Some of the main reasons are highlighted below.

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump whines

  • Damaged bearings usually cause it, but it may also mean foreign material, metal or plastic, left in the pump’s flow passage.
  • The main cause of whines from hydraulic pumps is hydrodynamic instability.
  • The whines are also caused by air circulation within the pump, while the hum is due to the rotor’s vibration.
  • Internal causes can be damage caused by the misaligned rotor, excess wear of soft metal components, damaged impeller, damaged bearing, short circuit in internal motor windings, and vibration of internal metallic components.


13.      Why does Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump not build pressure?


There are several reasons that why a mini excavator hydraulic pump is not building up pressure.

  • Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump is a kind of machine which needs the power to make it work if there is any problem in power supply so it will be influenced.
  • The appearance of the leak is because the seal ring leaks; Besides that, oil impurity can be the reason for the pump not working well and not built-up pressure.
  • If pressure does not build up, then the relief valve may be stuck partially open.
  • The actuator may be responsible if the pressure is not building up

The relief valve should also be adjusted high enough to compensate for lower-than-desired pressure levels inside the system.

Pressure gauges are placed in the relief valve housing to monitor pressure levels inside the system. If pressure is too low, adjust the valve accordingly.


14.      What causes Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump to overheat?


There are several reasons which may lead to the overheating of the mini excavator hydraulic pump.

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump to overheat

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump to overheat could be caused by:

  • Lack of lubrication,
  • Use of low-quality hydraulic fluid (water in hydraulic oil, presence of impurities in hydraulic oil),
  • The use of low temperature and high viscosity type hydraulic fluid,
  • Lack of air cooling the cylinder heating surface (inadequate clearance between the cylinder head and cylinder),
  • Cooling air too slow due to small fan blades.

When the hydraulic pump is used at high speed or frequently used, the cooling effect will be reduced, and the pressure will increase. This is easy to cause the hydraulic pump to overheat when working.

Overheating the Hydraulic Pump will damage hydraulic pumps, valves, cylinders, rubber sealing rings, etc.


15.      Can you mount a Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump vertically?


Yes, you can! The Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump has great hydraulics, unlike other pumps.

Keep in mind that the rotating direction of the hydraulic pump must be correct while mounting the hydraulic pump vertically.

Most times, there must be a bracket made to allow the device to stand vertically.

For the pump to be vertically mounted, it cannot exceed the weight of the gravity head that will be passing through it and have a minimum flow.


16.      Can you run a Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump backward?


You can run a Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump with some adjustments backward when the same amount of power is applied to the motor.

There is no general rule for this, but it is determined that the hydraulic actuator’s lifting force and flow rate are satisfactory even when running backward.

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump backward

A hydraulic pump can run in the backward direction also depends on the pump.

All pumps are designed to run in both directions, but most will function better in one order. What is important is the applications that it will be used for.


17.      What do you mean by the Hs code of Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?


The Harmonized System Hs code is a standard classification system used throughout the global supply chain for international trade.

It’s used to classify traded goods according to a set of standard criteria.

Your Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump Hs code will be listed on the invoice that a customer receives when they place an order.

The Hydraulic pump Hs code will be used to determine which taxes apply to your shipment and calculate applicable duties.

Hs code comprises eight digits and provides information about a product, product quantity, price per unit, and company number.


18.      What do you mean by knocking on Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?


Due to air inside the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump, when it displaces the fluid, it produces a weird rattling sound called knocking.

Several things can cause knocking in the hydraulic pump.

These include the working functionality, its condition, grease oil quality, and mechanical interference under high pressure.

General lubrication of a new hydraulic pump (hydraulic motor) is the best way to prevent and remove knocking noise (hydraulic pump noise or hydraulic motor noise) and prolong the life of the fluid power system.


19.      What do you mean by torque for Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?


Torque is a measurement of force applied to the pump’s shaft and controls its ability to move.

The torque of a hydraulic pump is an important design consideration that heavily influences pump components’ selection.

The total torque and horsepower at the inlet and outlet ports can be calculated if you know the dimensions of the inlet area, flow rate, head, and atmospheric pressure.


20.      What are the materials used in manufacturing the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?


There are several materials used in the manufacturing of a mini excavator hydraulic pump.

The materials used in manufacturing Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump include:

  • Steel Alloy
  • Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)
  • Nickel-based superalloy
  • Plastic

The pump housing, main shaft, and cover are made of aluminum alloy, bearing a high load.

Due to its high hardness, stainless steel is welded to the cover by a special process that makes it waterproof preventing rust.


21.      What are the things to consider while selecting a Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?


There are a lot of points to consider before selecting the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump.

First and foremost, design is one of the important things to look for. The housing is designed in such a way that it can support a wide variety of tasks.

This system must fit perfectly with the application that you have in mind.

Then there are pumps speed as well as flow rate. Various applications and conditions use different speeds and volumes.

One of the most important considerations while selecting a Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump is the appropriate selection of hydraulic fluid.

The selection of hydraulic fluid depends on temperature range, operating pressure, and viscosity rating.


22.      What are the properties of the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?


Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump is a key component to the excavator’s hydraulic system.

  • It transfers hydraulic fluid from the motor and pumps to the other components of the system for power transmission.
  • It increases the lifetime of your mini excavator.
  • Mini excavator hydraulic pump reduces the cost associated with maintenance of several components.
  • At the same time, it also returns excess flow to the motor and pump.
  • It helps in the successful operation of different components of the mini excavator.


23.      What do you mean by electric Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?


As the name suggests, an electric hydraulic pump is a hydraulic power unit that converts electrical energy into hydraulic power.

electric Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump


24.      What are the specifications of the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?


The specifications of the mini excavator hydraulic pump are listed in the table below:

Sr. No. Feature Specifications
1 Fluid Pressure Ratio 2.4:1
2 Weight 180 Kg
3 Input pressure 1500psi
4 Input Volume 12gpm
5 Output flow rate 7.5gpm
6 Recommended CPM 60
7 Fluid Output Pressure 2300 psi
8 Supply Inlet ¾ NPT
9 Fluid Outlet 1 – ½ NPT
10 Fluid Temperature 1300F
11 Sound Level <77 DB


25.      What are the maintenance requirements of the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump?


The maintenance requirements of the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Pump should be performed with responsibility.

  • To improve the performance and prolong the working life of this pump, it is necessary to carry out regular inspections at certain intervals.
  • Make sure that the pressure is within the allowable range.
  • Open the valve and check whether the pump runs smoothly by giving moderate torque to the motor.
  • Lubricate your mini excavator hydraulic pump periodically.
  • The dry running conditions should be checked for the inlet, motor, and complete flow route.
  • The hydraulic pump should be serviced in line with the work schedule of the excavator to prevent the wear caused by mud and powder.



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