Top 83 Excavator Brands in The World 

Excavators are one of the most crucial machines on any construction site. These heavy-duty equipment are versatile and applicable to any Jobsite. That is why many companies invest in high-quality excavators. Here are the top 83 excavator brands in the world. 

1. Volvo CE



Volvo Construction Equipment or Volvo CE began over 180 years ago in Eskilstuna, Sweden by 27 year old Johan Theofron Munktell and brothers, Carl and Jean Bolinder. Initially started with only Munktell, the Bolinder brothers moved to Eskilstuna and both companies merged under the name AB Bolinder-Munktell. This was then later bought by Volvo in 1950.

Volvo CE was the first manufacturer to build a steam-powered road roller even before the age of the tractor. From 1906 to 1998, Volvo CE introduced a number of amazing innovations to the world. One of which is the ROPS (Rollover Protection Structure) certified cabs. This unique structure protects the operator if the construction machine rolls over or overturns.

With years of mergers, development and innovation, Volvo CE has become one of the leading construction equipment manufacturers in the world. From backhoe loaders to large sized excavators, Volvo CE has launched many construction equipment over the years. And just recently, this excavator manufacturer started producing a range of electric compact excavators and wheel loaders. Today, Volvo CE electric compact machines are now available to the public. They had even introduced a mid-size electric prototype machine, EC320 Electric, for a cleaner and safer worksite. 


2. Caterpillar Inc. 


Holt Manufacturing Company and the C.L. Best Tractor Company merged in 1925. This started Caterpillar. These two companies were then named under Caterpillar Tractor Company in California, USA. Later known as Caterpillar Inc. or CAT, this company’s headquarters are located in Deerfield Illinois.

Caterpillar Inc. is now currently run by Jim Umpleby since 2017. This construction equipment company has products and components being produced in 110 facilities scattered across the globe. There are 51 facilities located in the United States, while 59 international manufacturing facilities are located in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and Sweden.

Caterpillar Inc. is considered to be the leading and biggest excavator company. This company has a great share of the global excavator manufacturing industry. Many individuals and companies alike use Caterpillar as it is durable and easy to maintain.

Besides land construction equipment, CAT also makes diesel and gasoline engines for ships and boats. CAT designs and builds all equipment and machinery for every work application you can think of. With its standing in the industry, the company owns Bucyrus RH400, the world’s largest excavator. 


3. Komatsu 


Komatsu Ltd was founded on May 13, 2021, by Meitaro Takeuchi. It was known as Komatsu Iron Works. It was established by Takeuchi Mining Industry as a subsidiary to manufacture industrial tools for the parent company. Then, it became popular and large enough to sell to the public.


This 100-year old company was originally established in Komatsu City in Japan. But now, Komatsu has many branches around the world such as in America.  Started producing in the 1930s, Komatsu became well-known with its agricultural heavy equipment such as tractors and bulldozers. Currently, Komatsu is regarded as the second-largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world.


Komatsu provides every piece of equipment imaginable for any work application. Besides excavators, they offer necessary machinery, technology, and services for construction, mining, forest, energy, and manufacturing industries. With fast cycle times, effortless multifunction motions, and high-technology used, Komatsu is the equipment you can rely on.  


Komatsu currently builds 30 excavators. They have a range of excavators from minis to powerful large mining excavators.  The most popular excavators in their company are the PC360LC 10, PC 80 MR 3 and PC700 LC 8 EO excavators. Komatsu produces state-of-the-art excavators with built-in 3D GPS systems and other advanced features.


4. Doosan 


Founded in Seoul, South Korea, in 1896 by Park Seung-jik, Doosan Group is a multinational conglomerate. Doosan Group was the parent company of Bobcat and Skoda Power. It is also considered as the oldest running company in South Korea. It is also one of the leading and largest heavy-equipment manufacturers in the world.

Under Doosan Group is Doosan Heavy-Industries and Construction. This was formerly called Korea Heavy Industries and Construction. Bought in 2001, this company specializes in power and desalination plants. In 2005, Daewoo Heavy Industries and Machinery was acquired and changed to Doosan Infracore. With Bobcat and the prior companies, Doosan became the world’s 7th largest supplier of construction machinery with over 41,000 employees in 38 countries.

But in 2018, Doosan Engineering and Construction and Bobcat ended their acquisition contract after seven years of working together. It never stopped Doosan from creating high-tech and high-performing machinery. In the same year, Doosan made a demonstration of the ultra-long 5G remote control construction equipment. Just a year later, a demonstration of a remote control excavator was successfully made in Bauma 2018 with an outstanding distance of 8,500 km. 


5. Hitachi


Hitachi was founded in 1970 as part of Hitachi Group in Tokyo. The Japanese company is well-known for its selection of machinery from mini excavators to large excavators, crawler cranes, wheel loaders, light compact equipment and dump trucks. But Hitachi began from a humble electrical repair shop founded by Namihei Odaira in 1910. Hitachi is Japanese for sunrise.

This construction equipment company is into the manufacturing, sales and service of construction machinery. Transportation machinery and other machines and devices. Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was part of the production of Japan’s first mechanical excavator. This company is now a major construction equipment manufacturer in the world. It is also listed on the Nikkei 225.

Over 320,000 employees globally, Hitachi, Ltd. has over 20,000 products. Over the past few decades, Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd has developed a full line of top construction equipment in the industry. This includes excavators, wheel loaders and dumps weighing over 800 tonnes.

Aside from construction machinery, HCM also makes recycling and tunneling machinery, and ultrasonic measuring instruments for detecting damage and monitoring cracking in welded auto parts, pipes and others. Like any other company, HCM is envisioning a cleaner and safer worksite for the environment. 


6. JCB (Joseph Cyril Bamford Excavators Ltd.)


JCB is a British manufacturer of construction equipment. Joseph Cyril Bamford founded Joseph Cyril Bamford Excavators Ltd. in October 1945 and is acclaimed to be owned by the Bamford family. The word JCB is constantly used as a standard description for mechanical diggers and excavators. By 1960, JCB produced hydraulic tractors and established them in the North American industry. For the later years in 1964, JCB sold over 3000 3C backhoe loaders, and the next year, JCB introduced a 360-degree excavator. Over the past 70 years, JCB pushes to innovate development and immense research by their 12, 000 compact worldwide manpower. With their next level of success, JCB also produced its first engine design in 2004.  


JCB perseveres to grow its global aims. In every corner of the world, JCB remains to be one of the top three manufacturers of construction equipment. Across all facets of construction and agricultural industries, JCB has advanced engineering facilities. By this, JCB dominates its operation all over the world with the trademark manufacture of world-famous versatility of their products.


Today, JCB has 22 factories in the UK, Germany, North America, Brazil, Australia, India, and China. With more than 700 outlets and 60 plus dealers of a backhoe, loaders, compactors, excavators, generators, mini excavators, skid steer loaders, and more, JCB continues to produce its products in global quality standards.


7. Liebherr Group 


Liebherr Group was founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr in Kirchdorf an der Iller, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Liebherr Group is Liebherr-International AG based in Bulle, Switzerland, and completely owned by the Liebherr family. It is one of the leading manufacturers of construction and mining equipment in Europe.


Liebherr’s products scope comprises earthmoving machinery and material handlers, construction cranes, mixing technology, mining equipment, as well as high-speed components for mechanical, control technology, hydraulic and electrical drive, and many more. The most powerful and tallest crawler crane LR 13000 was produced by Liebherr Group.  In addition, the Liebherr Group also created the longest telescopic boom in the world. Liebherr is a well-recognized brand for its outstanding engineering and use of advanced systems.


The consistent high-quality and proven engineered construction equipment of Liebherr were continually growing in the market. Today, Liebherr Group remains to be a growing brand with a wide range of excavators with LTM 11200-9.1 being the top popular in its gallery. On the other hand, Liebherr excavators are assembled with sturdy cast steel components and Liebherr sub-assemblies which can endure supreme environments. Over 70 years of expertise, Liebherr continues to promote its legacy in the development of innovations.


8. John Deere and Company 



John Deere and Company was founded in 1836 which is headquartered in Moline Illinois by John Deere. It is a big American manufacturer of farm machinery, industrial equipment, diesel engine, and construction equipment. The company’s logo is ” Nothing runs like a Deere” and it is a leaping deer with JOHN DEERE under it. 


Thus, in order to maintain the production of wide rag equipment while responding to the demand for bigger machinery, John Deere appeared to be the major proponent of a “flexible-manufacturing” system production. John Deere’s construction equipment includes; grader, skid-steer, backhoe, tracked loader, loader, and excavator.


In many applications such as; loading, trenching, and excavation, John Deere supplies the smallest mini excavator to the biggest excavator with great reliability and outstanding features. John Deere’s excavators have the special property of reduced-tail swing, grade management options, and super-long front options. With their Powersize Plus technology, all excavators ranging from compact, mid-size, and large excavators, have the compact and versatile powerhouse. 


The 130G (98 hp), 160G LC (121 hp), and 180G LC (128 hp) mark a certified Tier 4 Final John Deere PowerTech PVS 4.5L engine. To boost versatility and convenience, John Deere’s excavators have updated hoods for the improved engine. Today, John Deere manufactures 18 models weighing six metric tons or more. These high multifaceted models provide supreme productivity, smooth multifunction operation, and stress-free operation.


9. Hyundai Heavy Industries 



Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. originated in Uslan, South Korea on March 23, 1972, by Chung Ju-Yung to become part of Hyundai Group. Hyundai Heavy Industries is the world-known biggest shipbuilding company with four divisions namely; Shipbuilding, Offshore & Engineering, Industrial Plant & Engineering, and Engine & Machinery and five non-core five non-core related subsidiaries: Hyundai Electric & Energy Systems, Hyundai Construction Equipment, Hyundai Robotics, Hyundai Heavy Industries Green Energy, and Hyundai Global Service. 


With its base in Uslan, South Korea, Hyundai Construction Equipment has overseas operations in the US, China, Europe, India, and Brazil with an excavator, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, skid loaders, and forklifts. The superior quality of this equipment is recognized all over the world. 


Contributing to HYUNDAI’s high reputation, they also added an excavator to their line up namely HX520 L. This excavator can convene growing requirements in the industry for advanced, reliable, and economical excavators. In 2015, HX520 L was among all six HX Excavators ranging from 22-ton HX220 L to 52-ton HX520 L that emerged forward with 23 other countries at INTERMAT. The HX520 L Excavator is fuel-efficient, improved, and eco-friendly. With its updated features, it can perform three percent fast truck loading and six percent faster leveling. Proving such performance, the HX520 L excavator has passed the rigorous test which has a sturdy upper and lower frame structure and can withstand external shock and high-load work.


10. Case CE 


The foundation of CASE was dated 1842 by Jerome Increase Case, who created Racine Threshing Machine Works in Racine, Wisconsin. CASE Construction Equipment is commonly quoted to CASE which is a trading name of construction equipment from CNH Industrial. The company changed into CASE corporation, which evolved in New Holland in 199 and became CNH Global in 2011 and then later became CNH Industrial.


Displayed in the Smithsonian Institution, CASE developed its first portable steam engine in 1876. The 320 Construction King backhoe loader was built in 1957 and skid steers in 1969 by CASE. By the year 2005, CASE made its 500,000th backhoe loader and its 250, 000th skid steer loader in the same year. A new G-series of wheel loaders were released in 2016 with seven different models through 521G and 1121G. By the following year in 2017, CASE announced its 300, 000th skid-steer loader and CX750D excavator. 


Furthermore, CASE provides a full line of construction equipment all over the world. By this, the CASE CX750D Excavator is known to be the largest, compact, and superior power excavator in the market. In addition to this, CASE also is the earliest company that established the factory-integrated backhoe loader. 

Being in progress, CASE supports the complete line of first-class construction equipment inclusive of the number one mini, midi, and full-size excavators, crawler dozers, tractors, rough-terrain forklifts, and many more.


11. Terex 


Because of the 1968 Justice Department ruling, General Motors was required to stop manufacturing and selling off-highway trucks in America for 4 years. So Terex was removed from the division of General Motors. GM coined the “Terex” name to mean earth rex in Latin. Terex was later purchased by an American businessman, Randolph W. Lenz. Because of the acquisitions of Len throughout the 1980s, all became assets of Terex Corporation such as Northwest Engineering Company, Unit Rig, Terex Equipment Limited and Koehring Cranes and Excavators, Inc.

Lenz was followed by Ron DeFeo. He was named the Terex President and CEO and Chairman in 1998. Over his 20 years, he led many acquisitions and has shaped and developed Terex we know today. Many pioneering manufacturers became part of Terex’s portfolio. One of them is Genie Industries. This company pioneered aerial work platforms. Another is Fuchs, a German agricultural machinery manufacturer.

In recent years, Terex is taking part in the saving the nature initiative by launching EvoQuip. This offers products to address the needs of the compact crushing and screening markets. Terex is currently focusing on innovation and future growth. That is why the company changed from their Focus/Simplify/Execute to Win to Execute/Innovate/Growth strategy.


12. Kobelco 


KOBELCO started in Kobe, Japan on September 1, 1905, as a major Japanese steel manufacturer, Kobe Steel, Ltd. KOBELCO then produced Japan’s first construction machine, 50K electric mining shovel in 1930. KOBELCO’s headquarters are in Tokyo and Hiroshima but it has many overseas leading subsidiaries all over the world like China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Australia, UAE, America, and Netherlands.

In the 1970s, KOBELCO developed the 5300, the first super-large crawler crane. This crane can lift up to 300 tons. This was through a joint effort of a company overseas. Eventually, the company developed a better crane with 650 tons capacity. With this success, Kobelco became famous all throughout the world.

Japan’s innovative excavator manufacturer is known for being the world’s first hybrid excavator. New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) worked and joined KOBELCO and Kobe Steel, Ltd to develop this construction equipment in the late 1990s. KOBELCO also developed a new system featuring low noise, cooling performance, and dust reduction. This took 6 years to create KOBELCO’s unique iNDr (Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System). Lastly, KOBELCO is working on their own concept of a telework system for construction sites for a safer and remote operation called the K-DIVE. 


13. Takeuchi


One of the top heavy-machinery companies in Japan, Takeuchi Mfg. Co., Ltd. was founded in 1963. It began as a manufacturer for environmental equipment. Takeuchi was the first company to manufacture compact excavators in North America. The excavator model, TB370, made them famous in the construction equipment industry. As a result, the compact excavator market has become the number one product for rental and construction companies. One can consider them as the pioneers and leaders of the compact equipment industry.

Takeuchi continues to provide excavators but additionally, track loaders, wheel loaders, and even attachments. They have made a great partnership with companies throughout North America and other countries. They currently have a state-of-the-art training parts and distribution facility near Atlanta, Georgia.

Takeuchi has over 14 different models of compact excavators with various attachments available. Their most popular Takeuchi excavator is the 5.7-tonne Takeuchi TB260. This is one of the best mini excavators so far. It has a one-piece boom to give a maximum dig depth of 3.89 meters and a horizontal ground reach of just over 6 meters. They are also well-known for the excavator’s comfortable cabin. It is very spacious and well-appointed for comfort and efficiency. 


14. Quanzhou Jingli Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Jingli

Quanzhou Jingli Engineering and Machinery Co., Ltd., also known as Jing Gong, is China’s leading excavator manufacturer and exporter. It was established 20 years ago around 2006. It produces and manufactures wheel excavators, crawler excavators, sugarcane harvester, sugarcane grapple loader, and log grabber excavators, mini farming excavator steel scrap grapple loader, and digger machines.

Jing Gong is located in Quanzhou, China. They have over 300 employees and contribute many products overseas such as in Pakistan and the Philippines. They currently own two factories and have an annual sales figure of 60 – 80 million US dollars.

They offer many mini excavators but they are most popular with their wheel excavators. Some of the model series of their wheel excavators are the JG75S, the JG150S, and the JGG30S. Jing Gong’s excavators are not as advanced as the top excavator manufacturers but the price is lower. And as they promoted, their excavators improved fuel economy and comfort to the operator’s experience. They also offer rubber-tracked mini excavators such as their JG30L Rubber Chain Mini Excavator. And like many mini excavators, it also has versatile functions such as digging, crushing, drilling, bulldozing, grabbing, and more. 


15. Bobcat 


Based in America, Bobcat Company is a manufacturer of farm and construction equipment. It used to be part of Doosan Group of South Korea. For over 50 years, Bobcat has created and manufactured machines and technologies in construction, agriculture, landscaping, rental, grounds maintenance, utilities, and other applications.

In the 1950s, Louis and Cyril Keller operated Keller Welding Repair near Minnesota. The brothers developed and patented a clutch-based transmission system. This became the basis of the Melroe M60 loader. Today, Bobcat has its headquarters in North Dakota, America with many branches across the globe.

Their most popular excavator is the Bobcat E35 compact excavator with 25 – 33 hp. Its feature called the Zero Tail Swing has unrestricted rotation, greater flexibility, and reduced potential for damage to the machine and surrounding property. Bobcat does not produce mid and large excavators. The E80 compact excavator is the largest compact excavator in Bobcat’s models. This excavator has powerful hydraulics and fast cycle times to power through high-pressure jobs. The said model has 250 – hour greasing intervals to increase your productivity. Aside from compact excavators, Bobcat also manufactures loaders, telehandlers, backloader, utility vehicles and attachments


16. Bucyrus International 



Bucyrus-Erie was initially founded as Bucyrus Foundry and Manufacturing Company in Bucyrus, Ohio in 1880. It was an American manufacturer of mining equipment. In 1927, they merged with the Erie Steam Shovel Company and incorporated into the Erie Steam Shovel Company, and formed Bucyrus-Erie.


Over 125 years of experience as a leading manufacturer of underground mining equipment, CATERPILLAR bought Bucyrus-Erie which was renamed Bucyrus International in 2011. Bucyrus International has designed a wide range of excavating and lifting machines since 1893.


Bucyrus International earned its legacy through its many inventions through the years. It has been known for its guaranteed productivity in the surface mining industry. Bucyrus International has the best trademark of its invention of the giant strip mining machine. Expanding its worldwide sales, Bucyrus International built the most recognized hydraulic excavators and hydraulic cranes. The outcome was a complete range of truck-mounted hydraulic cranes and excavators known as the Hydra Crane and Hydra Hoe.


By their efficient system, Bucyrus-Erie unveiled the 20-H, the first of a new range of crawler-mounted excavators that would eventually cover sizes up to the 60-ton 40-H. Bucyrus-Erie broadened its hydraulic-excavator line by introducing the 1/2-yard 15-H in 1966, the 1-3/4-yard 30-H in 1967, and the 3-yard 40-H. They have also created the largest dragline known as “ Big Muskie “ which was 220-yard 4250-W.


17. CNH Global

CNH Industrial is a multinational corporation based in Basildon UK. It is an Italian American company but mostly controlled by Italian company Exor. Generally, it is a corporate body of Case IH and New Holland brand families. With this, the company has greater in-house capabilities and market share opportunities. CNH was named after by Dutch firm New Holland N.V. and acquired CASE Corporation in 1999. 


Through its diversified businesses, CNH is determined in expanding agricultural equipment and construction equipment. In existence to markets worldwide, CNH industrial engineered commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, and many more. In terms of construction equipment, CNHGlobal manufactured backhoes, loaders, skid-steer loaders, crawler excavators, vibratory compaction rollers, rough-terrain forklifts, and many more.


Agreeing to Samperiana Group, CNH Global integrated production in mini and midi excavators whereas CNH Global committed to investing the best positioning in the leading demand of excavators in the market. With CNH Global broad product gallery, it is noted as the second-largest creator of agricultural equipment and third in the production of construction equipment. Through technological innovations, a full line of excavators has extended life features, lower noise capacity, guaranteed reliability, and quality.


18. Prinoth – Panther


Prinoth is an Italian manufacturer based in Sterzing, South Tyrol, Italy. It is a subsidiary of HTI ( High Technology Industries). Everything started when Ernest Prinoth opened an automotive garage in 1951 at Groden. In the later years in 1962, he began to make his first P 60 prototype. Development continued as Prinoth stood the range as an independent company and became the world’s top manufacturer of snowcats.


In the most diverse demands in the market, Prinoth Panther is well-known for producing snow groomers, tracked vehicles, and also providing solutions in the machining of forest and agricultural lands. Prinoth Panther is focused on manufacturing tracked vehicles with superior stability. They offer a full line of tracked dumpers to meet the requirements of the patrons. Prinoth Panther is famous for its reliable working machinery in mining, construction, drilling work inclusive of pipeline construction and power lines maintenance and global development of biomass.


Marked as one of the company’s best profiles are the Prinoth Panther T8 with track-inspired chassis and Panther 22 which can carry the heaviest loads like cranes. These sturdy vehicles are able to reach the remote ground without sinking into soft soil. Over 50 years of creating, Prinoth Panther is one of the biggest manufacturers with a fast lane of appealing designs and innovative technologies all over the world. 


19. Bomag 

Bopparder Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft Mbh is commonly known as Bomag.It was founded in Boppard by Karl Heinz Schwamborn in 1957. In the same year, it created a model of double vibratory roller with all drum-drive and was recognized to be the first 7T double vibratory roller in the world. Bomag’s first office-based abroad was launched in 1961 in Austria, China, the USA, France, Italy, Great Britain, Canada, Japan, and Hungary. Bomag was sold to the American company Koehring in 1970. However, Koehring sold its interest in Bomag to the SPX Corporation in 2001.


Bomag is the leading manufacturer of machines for the compaction of soil, asphalt, and refuse. Their galleries featured stabilizers/ recyclers, milling machines, and pavers. In fact, Bomag has a great reputation for earthmoving and asphalting. 


Considering customer’s demands, Bomag consistently produces a wide range of products for waste processing, ground stabilizing, repairing and maintaining roads, and all other equipment for earthworks. Their single drum rollers and soil compactors guaranteed supreme works in the construction process.


Today, Bomag leads a wide classification of 20 product groups with 500 dealers in more than 150 countries all over the world. Bomag also produced other brands and most used excavators such as; Hitachi, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Kobelco, Daewoo, Hyundai, and Volvo.


20. ENMTP 


Enterprise Nationale des Materiels de Travaux Publics or ENMTP is an Algerian company founded in January 1983. This company produces and specializes in the development and distribution of machinery used in government and public works. It is 100% owned by the state. It manufactures wheel loaders under an agreement with CNH Global. They also have a deal with Liebherr for making bulldozers, excavators, and cranes. Then, they produce building cranes with Poclain and compactors with Ingersoll-Rand.

ENMTP is said to be one of the largest manufacturers in Africa. The current line of products ENMTP includes hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, backhoe loaders, graders, propelled cranes, tower cranes, compaction equipment, stationary compressors, concrete mixers, dumpers, concrete pumps, and spreaders.

Unfortunately, their website is inaccessible at the moment. With this, it is hard to check out their products and their details. Some of the models of the ENMTP mentioned in other sites are the 1025 crane, 2320 wheeled loader, 3421 crawlers,s, and the SP 51 compactor. As for their excavators, they have a 9210 S/P wheeled excavator and a 9411 wheeled excavator. 


21. HEPCO 


Heavy Equipment Production Company or HEPCO is a construction equipment manufacturer founded in 1972 in Arak, Iran. It is a big corporation not only for construction equipment but also for the industrial machinery of oil, gas, energy, metal, and mining industries, and agricultural machinery, railroad cars, trucks, forklifts.  The company currently has 1,500 employees with an output of a production capacity of 4,800 units per year.

HEPCO manufactures construction machinery like the mini loader, loader, bulldozer, rubber wheel excavator, chain wheel shovel, tractor, pipe transition, dump truck, grader, roller, and more. Currently, they only produce three excavators: the HE100C, the HE100B1, and the A316 models.

The HE100C model is a rubber wheel hydraulic excavator with a bucket capacity of 0.85 cubic meters. Its working weight is about 16.3 tons and the engine power is 150 horsepower. The HE100B1 model has a larger capacity of 1 cubic meter of bucket volume but with the same horsepower of 150. But it showcases comfort and ease for the operator. Its cabin has 360-degree visibility and a retractable front window. The control panel is also said to be easy on the eyes and easy to range for the operator. 


22. SANY 


Sany is from the name pronounced in English, Sanyi in pinyin, the Chinese alphabet. This means the three goals of the company: “to build a first-class enterprise, to foster first-class employees and to make first-class contributions to society.” Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a multinational heavy equipment company. Its headquarters are located in Changsha, Hunan Province in China. The founders of this big manufacturer are Liang Wengen, Tang Xiuguo, Mao Zhongqu, and Yuan Jinhua.

Sany is especially famous for its concrete machinery. It is also a major manufacturer of excavator cranes, wheel loaders, and other heavy machines. It has many plants located in Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States. The company has over 90,000 employees around the world. Perhaps one of its well-known successes was the sponsorship agreement with NASCAR. Sany sponsored the Tommy Baldwin Racing #6 driven by Dave Blaney during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 2013.

The SY215C is Sany’s most popular excavator in the United States. This excavator offers a power-weight ratio, high performance and competitive price. This model has been put to well-use by Americans in different job applications from forestry and farming to construction and demolition. 


23. Hydrema 


Aksel Kyed and Kjed W. Jensen founded a company named Kyed and Werner Jensen. During that time, they work on district heating and the fabrication of hydraulic digging equipment. But then, the company was split and Jensen started Hydrema in Aalborg, Denmark. Then, the company eventually moved to Støvring. This is now the current headquarters of Hydrema.

Hydrema started off as a dump truck manufactured. But now, it also specializes in backhoe loaders, excavators, rail excavators, and even military vehicles.  Hydrema has an extensive network of facilities in many West European countries. In Germany, their production facilities are located in Weimar. They also have local importers and distributors in other parts of the world.

Based on their official site, they have four well-known excavators: the MX14, MX16, MX17, MX18 models. The MX14 and MX16 are very similar excavators. They both have high-performance engines. But the difference is the counterweight for each machine’s lifting capacity and physical size. The MX18 is the biggest excavator in their range of wheeled excavators. This means a bigger counterweight and lifting capacity. The boom of the MX18 is also longer than the other models. They also have the MX16 and MX20 rail excavators. 


24. Kato Works 

Kato Works

Kato Works was founded in 1895 in Tokyo, Japan under the name Kato Eisenwerke. It first began its manufacturing for railway construction. In the 1930s, Kato restructured the company. From 1938 onwards, Kato started to build tractors and construction machines. Today, Kato Works is one of the leading manufacturers of excavators, mobile cranes and other construction machinery in Japan and perhaps, the world.

Kato Works’ headquarters are based in Tokyo. But the company has plants all across Japan: the Ibaraki, the Gunma and the Bando plant. Kato also has manufacturing facilities in China and Thailand. These facilities distribute and export all over the world.

Kato has many different products for construction and heavy-machinery jobs. They offer rough terrain cranes, city range cranes, truck cranes, crawler cranes, crawler carriers, earth boring rigs, vacuum trucks, street sweepers, snow sweepers, compact track loaders and of course, excavators.

Kato provides a wide range of excavators from mini to large excavators. One of the top selling excavators is the HD308US-R5. This is a high – grade excavator with a ROPS cabin. This excavator also has a high performance environment – friendly engine because of its emission aftertreatment system. 


25. LBX (Link-Belt Excavators) 

The Link-Belt name is dated from 1874 and is patented by William Dana Ewart in Lexington, Kentucky. At present, Link-Belt Excavator is now a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries and pursues to produce Link-Belt brand new excavators, forestry equipment, demolition equipment, scrap, and material handlers. LBX company laid some solutions by specializing in machines for a wide variety of industries. As the industry-leading excavator product, Link-Belt expands its headquarters throughout  North America, California, Arizona, and most recently in Southern Nevada.


For over 25 years,  Link-Belt manufactured one of its best galleries of lasting quality equipment and construction lines. The perfect Link-Belt 245 X4 Spin Ace was awarded the Highest Retained Value Award In The Excavator Crawler Medium (21.1-50.0MT) during the Equipment Watch 2020. With superior quality and innovative design, the Link-Belt X4 Excavators are Final 4 tier-certified. By this, they also earned the reputable award in the  LBX Triple Crown Dealer. 


With exceptional performance, Link-Belt has been awarded for its strongest earthmoving crawler excavator which sizes from the “mini “ that fits through a backyard gate and different sizes of excavators. Link-Belt was also known for its Lowest Cost Of Ownership Award in the category of Large Excavator Crawler. Being efficient and productive, Link-Belt Excavators has the most comprehensive end-to-end warranty.


26. ThyssenKrupp

ThyssenKrupp is focused on industrial engineering and steel production and was also founded as a German multinational conglomerate.By 1891,Thyssen AG was founded under Gewerkshaft Deutscher Kaiser and also Krupp in 1811. In 1999, Thyssen AG and Krupp merged and have their headquarters in Duisburg and Essen. Later in 2018, the company announced to split into two companies namely; ThyssenKrupp Industrials and ThyssenKrupp Materials but then however canceled in 2019. Basically, ThyssenKrupp produced a wide classification of industrial services and machines. 


ThyssenKrupp has also been known for producing trucks, locomotives, agricultural machinery, and excavators. Bagger 288 was the giant bucket-wheel excavator which was mainly produced by ThyssenKrupp. It is efficient and economical which can mine large volumes. Even in lower volumes, Thyssen provides powerful and compact bucket wheel excavators. 


ThyssenKrupp ranked tenth in one of the world’s largest steel manufacturers. At present, ThyssenKrupp played a vital role in a cost-effective crushing system. Giving high-performance products, the ThyssenKrupp bucket wheel excavators can operate up to 240, 000 m3 per day even in smaller operations as well. 


In increasing demands, ThyssenKrupp continues to enhance operational measures by conventional features of small excavators, medium-sized excavators, mining excavators, crawler cranes, bucket excavators, drilling equipment, and so on.


27. Kubota 


Based in Potter Township, Beaver County Pennsylvania, United States, Kubota originated as an unincorporated community. It has contributed to a wide range of products since 1890. They offer a wide variety of engines and are recognized as no. 1 for the 19 years of a pioneer in mini excavators. Kubota has earned an outstanding reputation all over the world.


By meeting safety standards, Kobuta built the most standard and optimal framework excavator. A different line of Kubota excavators is built to give powerful digging, lifting, and handling materials. Making the job easier, Kobuta excavators have superior maneuverability, comfortable and small but mighty.


In response to the greater demands, Kobuta has unveiled its newest model of U48-5 that complements the U series and has a size gap between Kobuta’s KX040-4 and U55-4.In the first quarter of 2021, they have announced their new SLV97-2 Compact Track Loader and R40 series of improved visibility wheel loaders, and all other construction lineups during the  Kobuta Connect.


Currently, Kobuta is one of the leading manufacturers of mini excavators, wheel loaders, compact track loaders, and other construction machinery in Europe, North America, Japan, and other Asian countries. Kubota has built a legacy and continues to produce a mini excavator with high power, durability, and versatility.


28. LiuGong Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd

Liugong originated in Liuzhou in 1958. It is a Chinese multinational construction company that is also officially famous as Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd.Its product lines include bulldozers, wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, excavators, truck mounted and crawler cranes, rollers, motor graders, and many more. 


From 1966 to 1967, Liugong produced the first modernized and articulated wheel loaders. One of the best portfolios of Liugong is 9035 EZTS which features a quick coupler and power latch tilt coupler and is known as the company’s first zero tail swing model. This excavator is very convenient with a reducing radius feature. It has two cab options with an operating of 8,510 lbs. Liugong’s range of excavators was built of efficient performance, operational accuracy, and supreme tractability. Suiting customer’s demands, Liugong adopted a new generation of Electronic Control Module (ECM).  The company consistently developed high-torque, tailored engines, and improved operating capacity.


Today, Liugong is stable to be the head place and one of the most accelerated in production and supply of construction equipment. Better hydraulic flow and higher swing speeds of their excavators provide improved tasks in digging, trenching, and loading. With its high-quality products, Liugong ranked 10th among the largest manufacturers of construction equipment all over the world.


29. Lonking 

Lonking Holdings Limited was earlier known as China Infrastructure Machinery Holdings Limited (CIMH). Li-San Yim has chaired Lonking Holdings Ltd. since 1993. By 2005, Lonking was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Lonking is one of the biggest private manufacturers of construction equipment in Longyan, Fujian, China. Its expansion in the industry involves the distribution of wheel loaders, road rollers, excavators, forklifts, other components such as; transmissions, torque converters, axles, hydraulic components, gears, tubes, and hoses, and many more.


One of the best accomplishments of Lonking is some excavator models such as CDM6065, CDM 6085, CDM6150, and CDM6235 ranging from 13,338-48, 502 operating pounds. These excavators are equipped with Navman Wireless Telematics. These are all also available in International Construction Products.


Being a notable manufacturer, Lonking continues to offer a powerful piece of equipment. Lonking is also a top manufacturer of hydraulic excavators. These excavators are built with heavy-duty boom and arm, durable buckets, safe and comfortable seats, perfect air cooling system with automatic adjustment distribution, constant power control hydraulic system, and so on.


Through innovative research and development, Lonking excavators are designed with high working speed, LUDV Engine Management for optimal performance, multidirectional application to work, and maximized productivity with safety standard measures.At present, Lonking remains to be the first-rate equipment and leading manufacturer of excellent quality.


30. Larsen & Toubro 


Larsen & Toubro Ltd., also known as L&T, is a company founded by two Danish engineers, Henning Holck-Larsen and Søren Kristian Toubro, in Mumbia in 1938. The company started as manufacturers of Danish dairy and allied equipment. But during World War 2, the company had undertaken jobs and provided service facilities. Today, L & T is an Indian multinational company for engineering, construction, manufacturing, technology and financial services. Currently, L & T Group has 118 subsidiaries all around the world.

Larsen & Toubro has many subdivisions in manufacturing: defense equipment and systems. Heavy engineering, construction, mining and industrial machinery, industrial valves and electrical and automation systems. L & T has many heavy machinery to offer such as hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders and more. But they only have one model excavator manufactured by their company. This is the L & T 300. Its operating weight is around 53,400 kg. The boom is 6.8 meters long and the bucket is up to 4 cubic meters. The engine is made by Cummins with a horsepower of 320. This model also has an electric version powered by a 220 kW electric motor. 


31. Mahindra 


Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. was established in 1945 with the name Muhammad & Mahindra. It is one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers in India and the largest tractor manufacturer in the world. This company was known as the Jeep manufacturer in India. Then Mahindra started manufacturing light commercial vehicles (LCVs) and heavy-equipment machinery.

Mahindra has over 200,000 employees in 100 countries in the world. The company operates at the 10,000 square meter Mahindra Plant at Chakan. The company has their slogan “Rise” with the vision to make ground-breaking technology yet to be seen in the construction industry in India.

Currently, Mahindra has three excavators named Mahindra EarthMaster: the SX Smart 50, the SX IV and the VX IV model. Firstly, the SX Smart 50 has a bucket with 1.1 cubic meters and backhoe buckets of 0.27 cubic meters. The structure has a bigger dig depth, more load bearing capacity and ideal for any temperatures. The hydraulics has a lower per hour maintenance cost, fuel efficiency. The boom has a long wear life and high impact strength with more structural rigidity. Lastly, its final drive has the longest proven power train in the Indian market. 


32. Eurocomach Sampierana 

Eurocomach Sampierana

Sampierana S.p.A. was founded in the 50s by a small workshop for steel works. The company was known for the production of tracked undercarriages. Later on, they started manufacturing earthmoving machines under the Eurocomach brand.

The headquarters of Sampierana Eurocomach is in Bagno, Italy. They have just recently opened a branch in 2017 in Modena. It has over 6,000 square meter capacity. The company has a range of heavy-equipment from mini excavators, midi excavators, and compact tracked loaders to compact wheeled loaders. Their mini excavator models are for example the 12ZT, 14SR and the 18ZT models. While their midi excavators are the 85SB, the 90ZT and the 95UR.

The 12ZT is incredibly stable but compact with a widened carriage. It is designed for excellent performance on any site, especially indoors. The cab is not only spacious but comfortable. The joystick controls are ergonomic with wrist supports to ensure optimum ease and to reduce operator fatigue.

The 95UR is one of their midi excavators. Just like the mini excavator they have, the cabin offers a wide space to climb in and out easily. This model also gives the driver a wide field of vision to allow easy control. 


33. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

In 1884, Yataro Iwasaki was the founder of Mitsubishi. He leased the Nagasaki Seitetsusho from the Japanese government. He changed the name to Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works. He then started working in a shipbuilding business. In 1891, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Yokohama Machinery Works started as Yokohama Dock Company, Ltd. Its main job was to ship repairs.  Years after, companies merged into Shin-Mitsubishi Jukogyo and became Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Mitsubishi may be known as a vehicle manufacturer but it also manufacturers excavators, crawler dumpers and other heavy equipment. From mini excavators to large excavators, Mitsubishi offers a variety of ranges. Examples of their excavator models are the MM15T and the MM30SR models with their own diesel engine for lower fuel costs.

Today, Mitsubishi offers products in every kind of industry: energy, aircraft, space, ship, automotive, industrial machinery, living, defense and engineering business. 


34. New Holland 

New Holland

New Holland Construction was founded in 1895 in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Since 1999, the company has been a brand of CNH. New Holland has been in the manufacturing industry for more than 100 years. In 1999, they started their construction equipment for North America and worldwide markets. New Holland manufactures crawler excavators, dozers, mini excavators, graders, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, and skid steer loaders. The company currently sells in more than 170 countries around the world. New Holland has more than 300 dealer branches, manufacturing plants, and research and development centers in North America.


New Holland offers seven models of mini excavators: the E17C, the E26C, the E30C, the E33C, the E37C, the E57C. New Holland’s mini excavators are promoted as quite compact but very powerful. The C Series provides a powerful dozer blade lift and more ground clearance for height for maneuvering and working in tough conditions. All of the models offer high horsepower by quiet fuel–efficient Tier 4 Final engines. The cab of the C series excavators is designed with an Auto-Shift traveling system and Auto Idle system to improve fuel efficiency. The company also offers a wide variety of excavator attachments in the market.


35. ASV Inc.      

ASV Inc. was established by Edgar Hetteeen and Gray Lemke in Grand Rapids, Minnesota in 1983. It is pioneering in compact track loaders. In 1983, ASV Inc. began to develop a Track Truck and also introduced Posi-Track in 1990. CATERPILLAR Inc. intervened in ASV’s Maxim Traction and Support System and then formed a partnership in ASV in 1998.ASV introduced its famous R-Series in the product line in 2000.


ASV is a construction machinery company. ASV’s product lines compose R-Series Posi Truck and Multi-Terrain Loader undercarriage system. ASV is also known for its first three-wheeled, front-end loader.ASV is prominent in its ability to cover a variety of rubber track loaders best used for construction, utility, landscaping, agriculture, and military. ASV continually produces an amazing line of Posi-track loaders, skid steers, excavators, dumpers, and other forestry vegetation attachments.


Currently, ASV offers several advantages of its track-driven vehicles on the market. Rapidly growing demand leads to greater expansion of its compact track loaders and skid steers. From small ground projects to any construction jobs to acres excavation, ASV built all-terrain machines to deliver uncompromising performance. Whether in earthmoving or excavating, ASV has dedicated to manufacturing reliable products in the international market.


36. Poclain

Poclain is based in France and was founded by Georges Bataille in 1927. Poclain produced excavators and hydraulic motors. The company started selling excavators in 1948. two-wheeled trailer and powered towing tractor. They also built  In 1974, the Bataille’s was forced to sell Poclain to CASE and took over in 1987. 


Poclain has its revolutionary design of TY45. This machine featured a 360 deg rotating excavator on a three-wheeled tricycle undercarriage. Due to changes, Poclain also leads international marketing agreements expanding to Argentina, Czechoslovakia, India, Japan, and Korea and also setting up in Brazil and Mexico.  


Poclain also manufactures radial piston hydraulic motors. Offering the best brand, the Poclain excavator is best used for earthmoving and excavating. Its CK100 excavator is the most famed excavator upon launching.


Today, Poclain is still the leader of hydra static on high-performance cam lobe radial piston motors. With great demand, Poclain diversified the industry with their products in agriculture, building and construction, high-way related sectors, material handling equipment, and many others.


37. Samsung Heavy Industries 

Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Is one of the biggest three shipbuilders in South Korea including  Hyundai and Daewoo. It originated on August 5, 1974, by Jin-Taek Jung, the CEO, and President. It is a core subsidiary of Samsung Group and South Korea’s largest conglomerate. Samsung Heavy Industries is focused on procurement, engineering, construction, and delivery of drilling and floating production units, transportation of commercial industry, fabrication yards, digital, instrumentation, and so on. It is the largest chaebol, leading several companies in the world.


Samsung Shipbuilding and Daesung Heavy Industries were merged in 1983 and expanded the business into developing heavy construction and equipment. By 1980, SHI manufactured forklifts and heavy equipment mainly focused on excavators. Truck production was added in 1993. In 1998, Samsung Heavy Equipment was acquired by Volvo Construction Equipment. With this, they have launched two Volvo models, the EC21O and EC240.SHI is also famous for wind turbine manufacturing. Its S7.0-171 wind turbine was recognized as the world’s largest turbine in the world in the year 2013. 


All over the South Korea region, Samsung Heavy Industry pursues to provide quality used excavators like Daewoo, Doosan, Hitachi, Hyundai, and Volvo. Its famous wheeled excavator is still a productive and reliable machine that gives better operator comfort and significant performance.


38. Sandvik Mining and Construction 


Sandvik Mining and Construction is a Swedish company founded by Göran Fredrik Göransson in Sandviken in 1862. It is headquartered in Sandviken, Sweden. It is an engineering group and a world leader in materials technology, tooling, mining, and construction. Sandvik Mining and Construction produces crushers, hydraulic breakers for excavators and demolition machines, cutters and ground engagement wear parts, mining machinery, conveyor components, and other services. 


One of its famous profiles is the multi-purpose cutting attachment with hydraulic-powered cutting heads. It can be mounted on an excavator easily and is geometrically optimized and efficient. The range is from light-weight Sandvik MA520 for roughly 20-ton carriers to heavy-duty model Sandvik MA720 for 45-ton carriers. These cutting heads surely support tools for any mining and construction. 


At the present, Sandvik Mining and Construction also manufacture different ranges of Sandvick bucket wheel excavators. These excavators are designed with compact features to strip overburden and mine coal, and great capability of mining formations.


39. SDLG 


Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery was first established in 1972 in China. SDLG produces more than 100 kinds of products such as loaders, pavement construction machinery, and excavators.  SDLG has developed and established the national-level technical center and Post Ph.D. workstation. It also got more than 290 national patents. The products of SDLG are considered and rated as China’s Famous-brand products and Famous Trademarks of China.


In 2007, Volvo CE and SDLG entered into a joint venture. This has improved SDLG in design, production, and support introducing customers to reliable and high-quality equipment. Some of its joint products are the SDLG E635EF and the SDLG E6460F 46T excavator. One of its best galleries is SDLG Hydraulic E680Fi Excavator. This excavator is a purpose-built 8ton. It featured a 4-valve structure which is a highly efficient engine that can save maintenance costs. It has an ergonomic design cabin that gives comfort to the operator. In many rural and urban settings, this excavator is guaranteed to be reliable and durable.


Nowadays, SDLG still offers a full range of excavators from the tailless excavator, compact excavator, wheeled excavator, medium excavator, large excavator, and so on. SDLG also has famous wheel loaders in North America. 


40. Taian Cresics Mine Equipment Co., Ltd.

Taian Cresics Mine Equipment Co., Ltd.

Taian Cresics Mine Equipment Co., Ltd. is a construction equipment company based in China. The company has been cooperating with China Mining University. Their products have been adopted by many mining bureaus in China. They are also exporting to Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and more. Their headquarters are based in Shandong, China.


Taian Cresics has been producing mining equipment for 10 years. Some products they manufactured are the 100CBM.H Crawler Mucking Loader, the 80CBM/H Hydraulic Mining Excavator, 120CMB/H Hydraulic Crawler Mining Backhoe Loader, the 150CBM/H Hydraulic Crawler Front Loader, the 180CMB/H Hydraulic Crawler Mining Backhoe Loader, the 220CMB/H Hydraulic Chinese Excavator, and more.


Taian Cresics excavators are considered good and effective machinery for roadway mucking. It has a powerful hydro-cylinder and NOK sealing system. It has a great buffering effect and faster-mucking speed with long wear life. The chassis has excellent bending and high performance under heavy load. It also has a high single tooth crawler with good traction, improving stability. They use a high-grade hydraulic system used for famous excavators like Doosan, Komatsu, and more. Lastly, an air-cooling system and hydraulic oil filter system are included for proper temperature and fluid control.


41. Sumitomo 


Sumitomo Founded on November 20, 1888, a company was established to produce equipment repair service to the Besshi copper mine, After 50 years, the company turned into Sumitomo Machinery Co., Ltd. to produce equipment for steel and transportation in Japan. Eventually, Sumitomo Machinery Co., Ltd., merged with another company called Uraga Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. to create Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.  Today, the company is one of the largest manufacturers in Japan for industrial machinery, automatic weaponry, ships, bridges, and steel structure, environmental equipment, laser processing systems, material handling systems, cancel diagnostic and treatment equipment and many others.

Their construction equipment comes in many forms such as hydraulic excavators, road rollers, crawler cranes, and foundation machines. Sumitomo excavators come in different lineups: hydraulic excavators, hybrid excavators, small rear swing radius excavators, and minimum rear swing radius excavators.

Two of their known excavators are the SH200-7 hydraulic excavator and the SH200HB-7 hybrid excavator. The SH200-7 excavators are known for their high-speed operation and low fuel consumption. Its special feature is the FVM2. This is a surround monitoring system with an alert function. The SH200HB-7 is also special in its own right because it offers powerful movement even more than a hydraulic excavator. 


42. Shantui 


Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a construction equipment manufacturer based in Shandong, China. It was founded as Yantai Machinery Factory in 1952. But then, the company was remodeled to a Shandong Bulldozer company with Jining Machinery Factory, Jining General Machinery Factory, and Jining Power Machinery.

The company is a subsidiary of Shandong Heavy Industry. The only product of Shantui was bulldozers. But in recent years, it has been manufacturing pipelayer, road roller, motor grader, road milling machines, paver, loader, mining truck, concrete mixing equipment, concrete conveying equipment, forklift, backhoe loader, and excavators.

Shantui offers many excavators from mini excavators to large excavators. The top-selling excavators are the SE18U mini excavators, the SE220 mid-sized excavator, the SE220LC excavator, and the SE370LCW excavator. The SE18U has a high-performance Kubota Euro V engine. Plus, it has track rollers of the same standards as their 7T class. The SE370LCW excavator is one of their largest excavators. It is super adaptable to harsh and intense working conditions. It can withstand temperatures up to 51 degrees Celsius and ambient temperature as low as -35 degrees Celsius. 


43. Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery 

Tata Hitachi Construction Machin

The company started in 1961. Under TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company, now TATA motors, it started manufacturing construction equipment. Then, the company collaborated with Hitachi Construction Machinery of Japan to manufacture hydraulic excavators in 1984. Tata Hitachi currently has two manufacturing facilities at Dharwad – Karnataka, and Kharagpur – West Bengal. Tata Hitachi headquarters is in India. It is considered the largest range of hydraulic excavators in India. They currently offer products such as excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, dump trucks, attachments. They can also manufacture customized machines.

Tata Hitachi produces mini excavators, construction excavators, and mini excavators. Their minis are the TMX 20 Neo, ZAXIS 23U, and the ZACIS 33U. Their bigger excavators are models EX70, ZAXIS 80, EX130, ZAXIS 140H, and more. While their mining excavators are the ZAXIS 470H, ZAXIS 650H, ZAXIS 870- 5G, and more. The key benefits of their excavators are low fuel consumption and exceptional operator comfort. Their engine is also environment friendly EPA Tier II engine with a rock-solid front undercarriage and proven superstructure for those tough worksites. The cabin has a large space and enhanced visibility. The controls are also user-friendly. 


44. Hengwang 


Shandong Hengwang Group Co., Ltd. is a heavy industry manufacturer located in Shandong, China. Hengwang offers construction equipment design, manufacture, and installation. They manufacture and distribute mini excavators, wheel excavators, and crawler excavators. But they also produce bulldozers, cranes, self-loading concrete mixer trucks, backhoe loaders, and more. They have over 300 workers.  

Some of Hengwang’s excavators are the HW-08 mini, the HW-09, and the HW-17W. The driving mechanism transmits the power of the engine to the actuators. Hengwang excavators have a large transmission ratio range and compact structure. The mini excavator hydraulic motor has a small size but it has smooth movement and low noise. With its affordable pricing, Hengwang excavators already come with a variety of attachments and accessories. Hwang excavators are most commonly used for small works and projects like in gardens, farmland, municipal works, vegetable greenhouse, and digging trench. It is simple, small and flexible, and easy to operate. It also has easy installation and removal for easy replacement and repair.

The company is still brand new but it already has clients in other countries and has a facility of about 40,000 square meters.


45. Uralvagonzavod


UralVagonZavod is located in Nizhny, Tagil, Russia. It is also called Open Joint Stock  Company Research and Production Corporation. UralVagonZavod is one of the largest industrial manufacturers in Russia and also produced the largest battle tanks in the world. Launched on October 11, 1936, the company manufactured freight cars. During World War II, it was renowned as the largest producer of tanks in the world.  After the war, UralVagonZavod extended its production to agricultural, construction, aviation, space, design, and production.


The company lines include tanks, railway cars, agricultural vehicles, road-building vehicles, tools, gas industries, consumer goods, and so on. By continuously improving the operation productivity, UralVagonZavod has also produced used EO-5126 tracked excavators. They have also tracked diggers, crawler excavators, mini loaders, farm tractors, and other heavy equipment available in the market with great engineering features. 


The increase of UralVagonZavod’s great performance is integrating 25 industrial enterprises, design bureaus, and research institutes all over the world.


46. Wacker Neuson 


Wacker Neuson 


Founded by Johan Christian Wacker in 1848, Wacker Neuson is a manufacturer of compact machines and construction site technology and construction equipment. It is formerly known as Wacker Construction Equipment AG and has its headquarters in Munich. It includes Wacker Neuson, Kramer, and Weidemann product brands. In 1930, the company developed concrete and soil compaction. By the same year, they also innovated the first electrically-powered rammer.


Wacker Neuson keeps pushing forward on enhancing cooperation and technology. It is the most satisfying and profound brand in the construction machinery industry. By making steadfast development, Wacker Neuson has produced hydraulic mini excavators as it merges with Neuson Hydraulic GmbH in 1981. By 1990 Neuson Baumaschinen GmbH was established and developed. 


Until today, it has set up the standout global brand of compact excavators, the commonly recognized Wacker Neuson 1404 excavator, skid steer, and compact track loaders. Their construction equipment gives flexible operation and high working efficiency. Still today, Wacker Neuson built all of the biggest zero tail excavators. Their Wacker Neuson EZ50 excavator has been awarded the Red Dot in Red Dot Award: Product Design of 2021.  


47. XCMG 



A multinational state-owned heavy machinery manufacturing company, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Xuzhou  Jiangsu. It was founded by Zuzhou, also known as  Pengcheng in 1989. It is ranked first in the Chinese construction machinery industry, 3rd in the world, and 4th in China’s top 100 machinery enterprises. 


XCMG’s range of products includes hoisting machinery, excavating machinery, concrete machinery, mining machinery, environmental protection machinery, and many more. Thus, XCMG’s mobile cranes, piling machinery sets, concrete machinery, construction, and maintenance, ranked first in the world. In integrating reliable product lines, XCMG gives a continuous improvement on research and development. For the earth-moving solutions, XCMG 1t-12t full series loaders, XCMG K-series skid loaders,  XCMG K-series backhoe loaders, XCMG D-series 1.5 t-full series crawler excavators, 6 t -21 t wheel excavators, and other best-engineered construction solutions.


Over several years, XCMG has taken an enormous step in its production. XCMG has collaborated with Cummins, the 4th largest machinery company in the world and they made a 3.5-ton electric excavator. This famous electric excavator was built to environmental standards and reduced noise.


48. XGMA (Xiamen XGMA Machinery Co., Ltd.)


XGMA (Xiamen XGMA Machinery Co., Ltd.)

Xiamen XGMA Machinery Co., Ltd. abbreviated as XGMA is a large-scale enterprise expert in manufacturing construction machinery. It was founded in 1951 by former Xiamen Engineering Machinery Works. In 1964, the first was born. XGMA was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1994. By 2013, XGMA was ranked 67th on China’s 500 most valuable brands.


XGMA generally produces loaders, excavators, compact machinery, forklift trucks, grader, bulldozer, wheel loaders, and other road machinery. Its dominant products are loaders and excavators. One of their best galleries is their hydraulic and crawler excavators. These excavators complied with the China III emission standards. Their interior appearance is beautifully engineered with their ergonomic design. These excavators also have advanced injection molding material, great earth volume of digging and loading, and give comfortable operation. Two of their wheel excavators such as XG 815W and XG8075W have customized versions of stable transmission and high reliability. Giving superior performance, these excavators have a perfect center gravity layout for 360-degree stable operation.


With advanced technologies and complete equipment, XGMA exported its products to the Middle East, South Africa, Egypt, Southeast Asia, and so on. XGMA has proactively expanded all over the world because of its “ Five Star Brand Of Chinese Enterprise”, the first intelligent wheel loader and excavator for civilian use.


49. Yanmar 




A Japanese company named Yanmar Co., Ltd. was founded in Osaka, Japan in March 1912 by Magokichi Yamaoka. Yanmar is a manufacturer of diesel engines, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, climate control systems, aquafarming systems, and remote monitoring services. It is the official sponsor of J. League soccer team Cerezo Osaka and for the Yanbo Mabo weather forecast program on Japanese television. In 1969, Yanmar started manufacturing excavator loaders.


Yanmar is the most expert in specializing in diesel engines. After a few years of diesel production, Yanmar also manufactures combine harvesters, rice-planting machines, tractors, and Heavy Utility Machinery. As one of the top brands of agricultural machinery in Japan, Yanmar connects with Kobuta and Iseki & Co. 


Since Yanmar introduced the world’s first mini-excavator in 1968, Yanmar has been the leader in compact equipment. Yanmar’s SV18 mini excavator is a robust and reliable excavator. The YNB300 is also the first wheel-type mini excavator in the market. Yanmar has eight excavators, six with zero tail swing, and can overcome challenging conditions safely.


50. Yuchai 


Guangxi Yuchai Group was founded in 1951. The headquarters of Yuchai is situated in Guangxi, China. They have over 23,000 employees manufacturing spare parts, energy and chemical industry, diesel engines, construction machinery, logistics and automobile trade, and special purpose vehicles. Yuchai covers a wide range of applications including 27 series used for vehicles, ships, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, Gen-sets, and 2,000 multi-cylinder diesel engines. Yuchai has been building its connections in extending its operations into Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania. They have built 45 offices and over 3,000 service stations. Yuchai’s service system of construction equipment is situated in more than 30 provinces in China and over 30 countries around the world.


Yuchai excavators have had four new models recently: the YC08-8, the YC15-8, the YC18-8, and the YC18SR. What is special about Yuchai’s excavators is the folding ROPS frame. The tracks can be expanded out to 920 mm for extra stability and the two-speed travel motors. The excavator also comes with bi-directional piping and is well suited for rock hammer and auger work. It features a high flow piston pump and the main valve for powerful yet smooth hydraulic operation.


51. Zoomlion 


Changsha Hi-tech Development Area Zoomlion Construction Mechanical Industry Company was founded in 1992. The first product produced by Zoomlion was concrete pumps. Zoomlion is the world’s 5th largest construction equipment manufacturer in China. Its headquarter is in Hunan, China. Zoomlion, like many big heavy industry manufacturers, has many products: construction machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy trucks, environmental business, and financial services. Zoomlion products are bulldozers, cranes, excavators, and more. Within 20 years in the industry, they have 600 leading products. It is also China’s first heavy machinery company to be on both Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock markets.


Zoomlion manufactures eight excavators: the ZE60E-10, the ZE75E-10, the ZE135E-10, the ZE215E, the ZE360E, the ZE495E-10, the ZE550EK-10. Zoomlion excavators have three work modes depending on work applications for fuel and work efficiency. Parts like the booms are thickened and strengthened to withstand great pressure during construction. Its attachment has long wear life with large payload and reduced resistance. Then, the back-lift integrated rear hood design ensures all maintenance and inspection points are easy to access from the same place. Some of the Zoomlion excavators are equipped with Euro III electronic fuel injection engines for more power, less noise, and low fuel consumption.


52. Gradall


Gradall started with two brothers, Ray and Koop Forwarda. They emigrated from Holland to Cleveland, Ohio in 1920 to find work. By 1925, they started the Ferwerda Brothers Construction Co. to build roads and bridges, install water and sewer lines, and building site preparation. In 1944, the first Gradall machine was made. Today, Gradall supports over 300 jobs in New Philadelphia, America. It is the only heavy industry manufacturer providing excavators only in America. But besides building excavators, Gradall also does steel mill maintenance, aluminum mill maintenance, mine scalers, and more.

Gradall provides crawler excavators and crossover excavators. Gradall crawler excavators have three-stage planetary drives with automatic spring-set hydraulic release wet disc parking brake integral speed and limiting valve to ensure travel and stopping capability. Their booms are really special. Gradall’s full boom tilts 220 degrees to 360 degrees for efficient sloping, grading, and spreading materials. All their hydraulic systems are electronically controlled with a pressure-compensated, load-sensing valve to provide additional fuel-saving benefits. Lastly, its tail swing won’t obstruct traffic on narrow roads. Gradall has two popular models of excavator D152 and the XL 5200 V.


53. Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group 

Sunward Intelligent Equipment Gr

Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group was founded in 1999. Sunward was able to develop more than 200 high-end equipment products such as excavators,  special equipment, mining equipment, hoisting, machinery, hydraulic components, rock drilling equipment, and general aviation equipment. The company exports these products to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Currently, Sunward possesses more than 1,000 patented products and has 23 national projects for China such as the National “863” Program, National Sci-Tech Support Plan, and Project to Strengthen Development at the Grass-roots Level. Sunward is one of the leading underground heavy equipment companies in China.

Sunward has manufactured a wide selection of excavators from mini to large excavators. In their mini excavator line, they have 6 models. Then, they have 4 small excavator models. Next, they have 6 mid-size excavator models, and lastly, 7 large excavators. What is popular in Sunward is their mini excavators.  For an affordable price, people can buy their excavators. It features tailless slewing, compact layout, fully opened covering, and flexible operation. They are also complete with crushing circuits but optional two auxiliary circuits and electro-hydraulic proportional handles are available. But they also have a large pure electric excavator, the SWE 550F-ED. 


54. BEML


BEML is an Indian Public Sector Undertaking located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. It was previously called Bharat Earth Movers Limited. It manufactures a variety of heavy equipment. BEML is sold all over India and exported to more than 68 countries. It also has full-fledged service centers and parts to offer total equipment repair and maintenance spread over the country. BEML has over 9 manufacturing facilities over Kolar Gold Fields Complex, Mysore Complex, Bangalore Complex, Palakkad Complex, and Vignya Industries Limited.

BEML has only 9 excavators manufactured so far. One of their known excavators is the BEML BE200. This excavator was manufactured from 2017 – 2021. Features of the BEML BE200 are the track adjustment and cabin adjustment. It also has a ROPS cab to protect the operator from turnovers. The cab is also air-conditioned for maximum comfort. It has a diesel particulate filter and overload alert in case of high temperatures. It is also a quick hitch coupler for easy installation and removal of attachments or accessories. BEML has the first and only mast boom in the world with 300 KG in the basket and a 4-meter reach. It fits every application, especially where space is limited. 


55. Escorts Group 

Escorts Group 



Escorts Limited is an automotive engineering and multinational conglomerate company based in Faridabad, Haryana. It was originally founded as Escorts Agent Ltd. Escorts was founded in 1960 by Har Prasad Nanda. Escort mainly manufactures tractors, automotive components, railway equipment, material handling, and construction equipment. Under the names of  Farmtrac, Powertrac, and Steeltrac, the company manufactures tractors. In 1969, Escorts made a partnership with Ford and was able to produce Ford tractors in India.


Escorts tractors are exported all over 41 countries in the world. By 2009, Escorts had introduced Escorts DigMax Backhoe which ranks among the best in class. However, due to some demands, Escorts backhoe loaders were built in a joint venture with JCB and called Escorts JCB.


Due to increasing demands in the market, Escorts also manufactures vibratory rollers, forklifts, pink-and-carry cranes, and backhoe loaders. Escorts’ cranes range from 10T to 40T with different axes. These material machines are proven safe, economical, productive, providing great lifting and loading capacity. 


56. Persero (PT Pindad) 


  Persero (PT Pindad) 

PT Pindad (Persero) originally known as Perindustrian Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Darat is an Indonesian Army Industries Ltd.It is an Indonesian state-owned enterprise that produces military and commercial products. Aside from the defense industry, PT Pindad also manufactures industrial products such as transportation, design, and development, engineering, fabrication, and maintenance.


Over the years of production, PT Pindad produced 20-tonne classic hydraulic excavators. The Pindad Excava 200 hydraulic excavator was launched in 2015. Following governments’ guidelines for these machines, these were produced at highly economical prices but with well-developed designs.


To support the increasing development in infrastructure in Indonesia, heavy equipment with small capacity is recognized. PT Pindad designed a mini excavator. This five-ton mini excavator was named Excava 50. Ensuring that the design is safe, PT Pindad made an analysis to focus on the boom component. By this, the was designed with a heavy workload and made from materials of SM490A. 


Today, PT Pindad keeps on innovating their excavators in accordance with optimization methods, sizing and shape optimization, and significant design improvements. 


57. Hidromek 




Hidromek, a globally recognized manufacturer of construction machinery, originated in Ankara, Turkey in 1978 and was founded by Hasan Basri Bozkurt. Generally, Hidromek produces pump parts and torque converters for construction machines. Since Hidromek was engaged in assembling loaders and digger attachment, it produced its first backhoe loader in 1989 and made the first international sale to Tunisia by the following year. 


Offering high performance, Hidromek’s H4 Series excavators are faster, productive, and more efficient. The H4 cabin is designed to give maximum safety and durability. On the other hand, Hidromek also offers a wide range of construction equipment. The HMK 635 WL operates low fuel consumption and high efficiency with an ergonomic operator cab. Hidromek’s HMK 145 LC SR excavator features standard dynamic lines and precision in urban areas. Its compact interior is designed to give maximum performance.


Due to advanced technology features and optimal design, one of the Hidromek crawler excavators, the  HMK 230 crawler excavator received an award in Technical Innovation Award and Design Special Category during Samoter Innovation Awards 2020. Prior to this, Hidromek has won 18 design awards. 


58. Sennebogen 



A German machine building company named Sennebogen Maschinenfabrik GmbH was founded in 1952 by Erich Sennebogen. It is headquartered in Straubing, Lower Bavaria, Germany. At the start of 2008, Sennebogen extended its production to a wide range of products such as material handlers, telehandlers, telescopic crawler cranes, telecranes, port cranes, and heavy-duty cycle cranes.


With the company’s rapid growth, it has produced the first hydraulic excavators namely SH40, SH50, and SH60 IN 1962. By 1969, the first fully hydraulic rope excavator was developed by Sennebogen. A few years later in 1980, Sennebogen developed a hydraulically adjustable articulated boom. During the Bauma Exhibition in 1992, a family of heavy-duty excavators; 635, 645, 660 up to 60 tons were introduced. With a simple and cost-saving feature, a 7700 crawler crane in the new 300-ton class was launched. 


The company keeps setting on another milestone to its production. Their construction equipment supports quick and easy assembly, straightforward technology, versatile configuration, and guaranteed increased production in any works at hand.


59. Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 


LOVOL Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale industrial equipment manufacturing company founded in 1998. The company now has over 16,000 employees. In China, LOVOL is known as the “National Key High-Tech Enterprise.” LOVOL is the largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in China. LOVOL headquarters are in Tianjin, China. Since 2011, LOVOL has built engineering centers in Europe and Japan. They also have manufacturing facilities and distribution centers throughout Europe and Russia. LOVOL produces construction machinery, agricultural equipment, specific engines, and even vehicles. As for their construction machinery, they have backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, and excavators.

So far, LOVOL only has 10 excavator models up to date. These models are the FR220D (long arm), FR28E-u, the FR60E, the FR80E, the FR150D, the FR220D, the FR260D, FR330D, the FR370E, and the FR480E. The main features of LOVOL excavators are their independently developed EDS system and energy-saving compact main valve. This increases efficiency by 10 % and reduces internal pressure loss by 20%. Their cabs are equipped with suspension seats for comfort and ease. They also have ergonomic longhand for maximum control and minimum effort. 


60. Tesmec 

Gallmac Tesmec

Tesmec was first established as CRF – (Officina Meccanica di Precisione) S.p.A. in 1951. Tesmec designs manufacture and sells products for the construction, maintenance, and efficiency of buildings. Tesmec is proud of its products. Their products are all equipped with the most advanced TrenchTronic 3.0 control system. This allows the machine to monitor engine speed,  pressure, and digging circuits nonstop. The operator can adjust the machine’s speed to suit the digging conditions and control the machine optimally.

Tesmec is a manufacturer of trenchers at first but they have widened their product range with their very own wheeled excavator. Tesmec wheeled excavators are highly versatile equipment. They are designed to work with trenches as support machines. They are called the Gallmac TG series. They are available in three sizes from 10-12.7 tonnes. It can be driven on-road at around 32km/h. This allows your operator to move the excavator quickly from one job site to another. The operator does not need another vehicle to transport this excavator anymore. The excavators have three steering modes: rear wheel, four-wheel, and crab. This allows the operator to maneuver the excavator into small spaces. This makes Tesmec excavators very versatile and handy. 


61. Mecalac 


In 1952, UHLMANN (now Mecalac) introduced the first swing loaders. Eventually, this led to the founding of MECALAC in Annecy-le-Vieux, France in 1974. MECALAC is known to design products for tool carriers, 3D compactness, and optimized attachment  Most of their products are very versatile such as MECALAC‘s Swing Loader multifunctional concept. This is to decrease maneuverability in the worksite. MECALAC manufacturing facilities are located in France, Germany, the UK, and Turkey. MECALAC is the leading excavator manufacturer in France and has many designs- and innovation awards and patents.

MECALAC currently produces excavators, loaders, dumpers, backhoe loaders, compact rollers, and special vehicles for specific applications such as rail-road excavators and government vehicles. MECALAC has three different kinds of excavators: wheeled, crawler, and crawler skid excavators. MECALAC wheeled excavators have a single selector. This enables their excavator to change configuration instantly. Their crawler excavators are equipped with a 100 kW engine for a compact yet powerful force.  Lastly, their crawler skid excavator is very unique since it combines the speed of a loader and the rotation of an excavator. This definitely makes the cycle times shorter and increases productivity at the job site. 


62. Cukurova 


Under a licensing agreement with John Deere to manufacture construction machinery in Turkey, Cukurova Makina was established in 1968. Cukurova, based in Tarsus, Turkey, manufactures backhoes, forklifts, wheeled loaders and excavators. Cukurova operates in Europe, Africa, Middle East, CIS, Asia, and Latin America. Cukurova currently holds the ISO 9000:2000 Quality System Management Certificate from the Turkish Standards Institution and is supported by TUBITAK for its RD activities. Cukurova products are manufactured at a facility located in Tarsus.


Cukurova offers only one model of excavator currently. It is the 723 excavator. It has a 100 horsepower engine and it has an easy installation and removal of excavator attachments. They produce a variety of excavator attachments such as the ripper, hydraulic hammer, hammer brackets, auger, and clamshell bucket. Cukurova is only one of few successful construction equipment manufacturers in the Middle East. Cukurova is also the only heavy industry company in Turkey to export construction machinery outside Turkey. 


63. Ditch Witch 

Ditch Witch 



Ditch Witch is an American manufacturer of underground construction equipment. It is a trading name of Charles Machine Works. Ditch Witch was founded by Edwin Malzahn. It is headquartered in Perry, Oklahoma, US. The innovation of the Ditch Witch machine started in 1940 as it started creating compact trenching machines. By then, the company became the source of trenchers, vibratory plows, horizontal drilling systems, drill pipes, skid steers, and other management systems.


One of the best galleries of Ditch Witch is the SK3000 full-size skid steer. This skid steer is powered by a 59-hp (44 kW) Yanmar turbocharged diesel engine. It is the most high-performance stand-on skid steer with 3,100 lbs (1406 kg) operating capacity. This unit also has the capacity to direct up to 51 hp for productive use of hydraulic attachments. The most powerful vacuum excavator is the HX75 features a 74-hp Kubota Tier 4 Final engine and an industry-leading 1,300 cfm blower. Other than that, Ditch Witch has also HX30 and X50 vacuum excavators that give superior power and versatility. These excavators as well have advanced performance on any mid-size potholing, soft-excavation, or cleanup tasks.


The Ditch Witch was awarded by President Susan H. Kemp of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers due to their historical mechanical engineering landmark. Other than that, the Ditch Witch compact trencher was also mentioned twice in the 100 best American-made products in the world.


64. IHI Construction Machinery Limited 


IHI Corporation is formerly known as Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. IHI is a Japanese engineering corporation that originated in December 1853. Generally, IHI produces ships, space launch vehicles, gas turbines, railway systems, aircraft engines, marine diesel engines, and many more.


On October 25, 2016, IHI Corporation was acquired by KATO. By this, it is expected that the product lineup will be enhanced in the synergy effects such as mini excavators, crawler cranes, and other crawler equipment. IHI started manufacturing excavators early in the 1970s. 


IHI produced tracked-crawler dump trucks and other compact size equipment. IHI construction equipment includes crawler carriers, crawler cranes, mini excavators, and skid steers. The IHI mini excavators and track loaders are known for their exceptional performance. 


Some of the Zero Swing Mini Excavators models of IHI are 9VX3, 17VX3, 25V4, 30V4, 35V4, 45V4, 55V4, 65VX3, 80VX3, 35N3, and 55N3 mini excavators. While compact track loader models are CL35 and CL45.These types of equipment can give outstanding digging force, cycle time, operator comfort, lower noise reduction, and easy operator controls.


65. Kaiser AG 

Kaiser AG 


The origin of Kaiser AG was laid back in 1913. Kaiser AG was founded by its CEO, Markus Kaiser. It is a family-run business with social responsibility. In 1925 the company started the opening of auto and machine repair shops. From 1928-1955 hundred of auto tractors were built. Moreover, Josef Kaiser Junior developed the walking excavator in 1965. The crawler excavator was presented in 1980 and followed by a tracked dumper known as “ Kettenbar “ in 1984. Due to successful production, the high capacity AquaStar and the first mobile walking excavator with all-wheel drive were launched.


Today, Kaiser AG has set up a position in international markets. One of the best profiles in Kaiser AG is its mobile walking excavator. This equipment is not an excavator in the prevailing sense of the world. Kaiser AG’s models of walking excavators are  S8, S10, and S12. These excavators incorporate technical innovations as well as modern design. With their superior adjustment capacities, these mobile excavators ensure high stability and are maneuverable.


Kaiser’s products stand out with their technological autonomy. The large figure of development and design of Kaiser AG stood out in the technological competence. 


66. Taian Modern Heavy Industries Technology Co. Ltd.

Taian Modern Heavy Industries Technology Co. Ltd.

Taian Moden Heavy Industries Technology Co. Ltd. is a corporation center on the production of the wheel loader and skid steer loader since 1998. Other Taian product lines are high dump loader, ultra-low loader for the tunnel, all kinds of the underground loader, wood grabber, grass grabber and backhoe loader. This corporation is based at the foot of Mount Taishan. 


Considering customers’ demands, Taian understands the worth of reliability of the finest quality raw materials. With the excellent contribution, Taian Moden Heavy Industries Technology Co. Ltd expanded its territory around India, Russian Federation, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Beijing. It also adapts China’s famous brands such as; Yuchai, Wechai, Xichai, YTO engine, Hyundai, and other largest companies all over the world.


Today, Taian Moden Heavy Industries Technology Co. Ltd products are still highly recognized for their advanced features. Some top products are XD918 Side-Facing Seat Mine Wheel Loader with specially designed buckets, the 3.0T Wheel Loader with perfect hydraulic transmission and hydraulic steering, the XD926 Underground Load.


67. Messeri S.p.A. 

Messeri S.p.A. 


Messersi SPA is located in Ostra, Ancona, Italy. It is part of the Agriculture, Construction, and Mining Machinery Manufacturing Industry. It was founded in 1957 by two brothers namely Italo and Fabio Messersi. With great demands, Messersi SPA stepped up its position in the construction market.


Messersi SPA focuses on manufacturing tracked dumpers, mini excavators, wheel excavators, and compact loaders. Different models of Messersi SPA’s mini excavators are M13K, M16U DS, M18DS, M22U, M25U, M28U, M38U, M55U, and M6OU. These mini excavators are of compact dimension power and maximum smoothness and precision. Messersi SPA also has a wide range of skid loaders namely SL35, SL45, and CTL40T. These skid steers and compact loaders are designed with powerful engines, easy to maintain, cost-effective, and user-friendly.


The product lines of Messersi SPA are continuously expanding all over the world. All its skid steer loaders are realized with a double-axis piston pump and have hydraulic servo-controls to operate booms, buckets, and traveling. On the other hand, Messersi SPA’s compact track loaders are technologically improved from their previous models. These track loaders have improved structural components to improve their reliability and life service. 


68. UNAC 


UNAC was founded in 1943 by Joseph Unac to repair and maintain industrial and agricultural vehicles. But in 1962, his son, Jose Unac, took over the company and changed the nature of UNAC’s business. Instead of repair and maintenance, UNAC started creating. In the same year, augers were the first products manufactured and brought to the public.  Years later, UNAC became a manufacturer of construction and heavy equipment in 1962. UNAC manufactures construction machinery for over 20 years whether it be for forestry or military applications. It has produced more than 100 road-rail vehicles.

UNAC has over three excavator models: the UNAC 8TRR, the UNAC 20TRR, and the UNAC 22TRR. The *TRR is a hy-rail mini excavator with hydrostatic transmission. This mini excavator can work in either land direction because of the turret’s full rotation and a rear-view camera. The 20TRR is an excavator with a hydrostatic drive. It has two UNAC-HDTP motorized rail axles for hydrostatic driving and braking. And their 22TRR is the best-selling excavator. It is an excavator functional on rails and on the road with speeds up to 23 km/h. It also maintains the lifting and earthwork capabilities of an excavator. 


69. MultiOne


MultiOne was previously known as C.S.F. srl. It was founded in 1998 to manufacture agricultural equipment like round balers, seed drills, and irrigators. In 1999, the SL series was launched with maximum lifting capacity, power output, and multiple attachments capabilities. Currently, MultiOne is based in Grumolo Delle Abbadesse, Italy. They manufacture loaders, loaders turning to excavators, and more.

MultiOne mini excavators are used for building applications, construction, plumbing, and irrigation. This includes road-building, municipal works, water irrigation projects, pipe, and cable laying, landscaping, and more. MultiOne excavators are small and very light enough to transport easily from one worksite to another. But it can withstand tough and demanding projects. MultiOne SA offers a complete variety of earth drills, augers, and post hole drills to fit onto our mini loaders. MultiOne is known to be very versatile construction equipment. The operator can just attach a mini digger attachment, the MultiOne turns into a mini excavator. For mini excavators, MultiOne excavators have a powerful lifting load of up to 1730kg. It has cold forged articulation joints and durable booms. For a mini, it has the comfort and luxury of a large excavator. It comes with glass cabins, radios, air-conditioning and many more. 


70. Gehl


Gehl is known for manufacturing compact equipment. It is based in Wisconsin, America. It was founded by Louis Lucas in 1859. Gehl produces skid steer loaders, track loaders, articulated loaders, asphalt pavers, compact excavators, and even telescopic handlers. In the 2000s, GEHP became a subsidiary company of Manitou BF S.A. This made GEHL begin on electric prototypes. Now, GEHL has plants in Yankton and Madison, South Dakota, and a research and development facility in Wisconsin.

One of their known compact excavators is the Z35. It has a Tier IV Yanmar engine. This engine has clean emissions with little input from the operator. The engine is popular because of its high torque and excellent cold starting abilities. The Z35 has a zero tail swing design. This allows the upper structure to rotate completely within the track without overhang. This prevents any obstruction. It has a smooth operation in general even while the operator uses the boom and arm during turning. It has a large rear hood for easy opening to check the battery, engine oil, air filter, and cooling system. The operator can also easily choose from ISO or standard operating control patterns with the flip of a mechanical lever. 


71. Ultratrex 


Ultratrex is the leading manufacturer in designing and producing different models of amphibious excavators. Ultratrex headquarters is in Malaysia. Ultratrex excavators range from 5 to 50 tons. They have a manufacturing facility of 80,000 square feet with three designated fabrication bays.  Currently, Ultratrex produces dredging pumps, long reach arms, aquatic weed harvester, excavator-mounted sectional barge, and their bestselling amphibious excavators.

Ultratrex amphibious excavators are known as AMPHITREX. It can travel and work safely on soft terrains such as swamps, wetlands, and shallow water. As the name applies, it can do excavator applications both on land and water. It works effectively in areas with 1.8 meters of water depth. For a water depth of more than 1.8 meters, an additional Vice Pontoon with Spuds is required. It is perfect for the deepening of canals, rivers, and estuaries. Any flood-hit area is perfect for this excavator for transporting and clearing obstacles at landslides.

Ultratrex also has a modified excavator with high reachability because of its high post type.  This allows it to load and unload breakbulk, dry bulk, and general cargo in high places. This is best suitable to be working in the port, yard, and mine. 


72. Xuzhou Bonovo Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.


Xuzhou Bonovo Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the largest and pioneering construction machinery manufacturers in China. Since 1998s, Bonovo has been manufacturing excavator attachments as well as machinery like skid steer loaders, wheel loaders, bulldozers, and of course, excavators. Bonobo is split into three divisions Bonovo Attachments, Bonovo Undercarriage and DigDog. Digg has been with Bonovo since 2018. This division is responsible for the manufacturing of skid steer loaders and mini excavators for Bonovo.

Bonovo manufactures three types of excavators: mini excavators, mid-sized excavators, and the amphibious excavators. They offer 11 mini excavators, and one of each medium and amphibious excavator. Bonovo excavator has the standard look and structure as with the best excavator manufacturers but at a more affordable price. Take the DG20 mini excavator, for example. It has zero tail structure and a boom-side-shift option for narrower spaces. The Bonovo Amphibious Excavators are quite unique in their own right. During construction, the pontoons of the excavator are retractable. This allows the pontoons to be minimized and enhances the chassis stability. And just like any amphibious excavator, it also has a spud pole system to stabilize the excavator in water-depth areas. 


73. Fujian Huanan Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.


Fujian Southchina Heavy Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd. is located in Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Area, Fujian Province China. It was founded in 2010  which gives emphasis on the research and development of material handling equipment and construction machinery. 


SOCMA telehandler, telescopic forklifts were widely used in factories, docks, forest farms, logistics companies, construction companies, etc. In 2015, the HNF300A forklift truck won the third prize for scientific and technological progress. In 2018 as well, the HNBZ8512 telescopic boom furnace-tending vehicle was included in Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Progress and also awarded in “Top Ten Equipment For Intelligent Manufacturing”. 


However, SOCMA firmly believed that excavators are an important product of engineering machinery. With this, SOCMA designed an electric wheel excavator which is a multi-functional machine for excavating and loading. This electric wheel excavator ensures zero emissions, zero pollution, low noise, and low energy consumption. The well-known large excavator HNE80W-L adopts Xinchai turbocharging diesel engine. It has a full hydraulic load sensing steering system, ensures machine heat balance, and uses heavy excavators to drive axles, big load capacity, and long service life. With this, SOCMA has become a well-respected international brand.


74. Xiamen Topway Machinery Company

  Xiamen Topway Machinery Company

One of the biggest manufacturers in China is Xiamen Topway Machinery Company established in 2014. Its headquarters are located in Xiamen. They are known for exporting and manufacturing construction machineries such as wheel loader, block handling, bulldozer, wheel loader, excavator, forklift, backhoe loader, motor grader, and telescopic forklift. 


 Xiamen Topway products have earned recognition and praise because of their good working environmental adaptability and outstanding quality. Due to significant demands, Xiamen Topway product lines are highly accepted from Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and other countries overseas. 


One of the hot-selling products of Xiamen Topway is its TM958 Wheel Loader. This wheel loader has improved wheel based to give efficient work. It has adopted Weichai Steyr (WD10G220E21) engine and has a 2000r/min rated speed and lessens fuel consumption of 162kw. It has a unique and novel appearance with multiple optional attachments such as log grapple, grass grapple, and side dump bucket. Among the best, Xiamen Topway has different models of excellent Crawl Excavators. These excavators have the most durable boom and arm with easy maintenance. These are fully sealed with a ROPS/FOPS cabin with A/C, luxury seat, and colorful LCD monitor. For the operator’s comfort, these products ensure excellent operating performance.


75. Foremost Industries LP 

Foremost Industries LP 

Foremost was dated to 1948 with a wide range of equipment product lines including shop and field fabricated tanks, industrial coatings, oil and gas production equipment, dual rotary drills, mining equipment, etc. Foremost is headquartered in Alberta, Canada. In Western Canada, Foremost Industries is now one of the largest geographically diverse industrial manufacturers. Apart from that, Foremost Industries LP is famous for its remarkable off-road tracked and wheeled vehicles. 


Nodwell 110 was developed in the Canadian Arctic during some innovations in 1960. In 2013, Foremost came under one name. By early 2019 Foremost acquired operations of Steel Craft Inc., JTL industries, ULC Fuel Tanks, and Agricultural Grain Bins.


One of the best portfolios of Foremost Industries LP is its Medium Excavator Husky 4.  This excavator offers increased mobility over terrain works such as sand, mud, muskeg, swamp, and snow where common excavators would experience difficulty. This Husky 4 also used proven technology and reached OEM 200 series excavators. Being recognized all over the world, Foremost remains committed to producing exceptional products. 


76. Famur



A leading European manufacturer and supplier of mining machinery and equipment company named Famur was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Poland. Famur developed underground and surface transport systems, longwall systems, road heading systems, open-pit mining, and material handling equipment. Under an extremely superior environment, Famur designed machines that enable to fulfill excellent performance. 


To meet the growing demands of customers, Famur produces solutions for the mining industry such as bucket wheel excavators, gearboxes, mobile drillers, roof support carriers, hydraulic control systems, and many more. Famur supplies the world’s largest compact bucket wheel excavator. The famous FAM bucket wheel excavator is able to effectively extract raw materials from deposits of different sizes. This is a type of mining machine for overloading and extracting mineral resources.


Over many years of experience, Famur has advanced engineering and customer solutions for underground works. Through continuous development,  Famur increased its products to international markets. It has established extensions in Russia, Kazakhstan, India, and Germany. It constantly improves its quality of service for the need of reliable mining and industrial systems.

77. LeeBoy


LeeBoy just used to be a manufacturer of asphalt paving and grading. It was founded in Denver, North Carolina, USA by B.R. Lee. LeeBoy has manufactured road construction equipment for 50 years in America. Then, LeeBoy India Construction Equipment Private Limited started in September 2010. Years later, LeeBoy India moved to its Chennai facility to manufacture road construction and excavator equipment. LeeBoy is known for their asphalt pavers but they also produce motor graders, crawler excavators, backhoe loaders and crawler mounted drill rigs.

Currently, they have two models of crawler excavator: the 525E and the 525M. LeeBoy excavators come with a powerful engine from Cummins, load sensing hydraulic system, an electro-hydraulic fan drive, and advanced electronic display. The LeeBoy crawler excavator is at the top of its weight class compared to other machines with better productivity features like digging depth and great stability. The structure of the LeeBoy excavator has been designed to accommodate a different array of attachments for various work applications. It uses a sturdy and highly reliable undercarriage. This lowers ground pressure for higher stability and a longer life span of the machine. These models are the results of intensive feedback from customers and stakeholders. 


78. Sunton 


SUNTON was established in 2005 in Hefei, Chinaby by Mr. Yue. SUNTON has several partner factories all across China. SUNTON Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers of amphibious machines like the marsh excavator, swamp buggy, amphibious undercarriages, excavator front parts, dredge pumps and other amphibious accessories.

Their famous marsh machine is specially designed to withstand the problems facing wetlands and soft-terrain by combining buoyancy with the maneuverability of a tracked vehicle. The undercarriage of SUNTON marsh excavator is made of two large steel pontoons with the track attached. The pontoons create buoyancy. This gives the excavator the ability to be a barge and an excavator. The pontoons are custom-made to provide great displacement and balance for proper floating and control on open water or soft terrains. The SUNTON SE series of marsh excavators weigh from 8 to 36 metric tons. The operator can also attach cutter pumps, different kinds of buckets, fork grapple, grapple, high reach boom, demolition booms, and more.  SUNTON marsh excavators can be on saltwater, freshwater or brackish. It is the perfect excavator for work applications such as clearing and maintaining waterways, oil spill or contaminated fluid cleanup and many others. 


79. Atlas Copco Construction Technique 

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco was founded in 1873 for manufacturing industrial tools and equipment. It was previously named AB Atlas by Edvard Fränckel along with Andre O. Wallenberg, Johan W. Arnberg, Carl G Cervin and Fredrik Didro. The name Atlas Copco became its official branding in 1955. It was from the Belgian subsidiary Compagnie Pneumatique Commerciale. Atlas Copco has dozens of brands around the world such as Desoutter Tools, Edwards, and Leybold GmbH. Atlas Copco is headquartered in Nacka Sweden. Currently, the company produces, rents, and gives service for industrial tools such as excavator attachments as well as air compressors, and more.

Atlas Copco is popular for its industrial tools. But the one most bought in their line for excavators is the hydraulic plate compactor (HC1050 and HC1055) and hydraulic breaker (the SB702). It ranges from 2,205 to 88,185 pounds. The force distribution on the plate is impeccable. This also reduces the stress and wear on the excavator attachment. Their hydraulic breaker has a single solid block of steel for low maintenance. The accumulator is easily accessible and protected from harsh working conditions. The excavator breaker also has a protection valve to prevent overload. 


80. Manitou 


Mustang was known as Owatonna Manufacturing in the early 1900s. The company is the first manufacturer of skid steers in America. Today, they produce other construction equipment such as track loaders, articulated loaders, and versatile attachments for skid steer loaders, track loaders, articulated loaders, and even excavators. Mustang has manufacturing facilities in Madison and Yankton, South Dakota, USA, The company is quite proud of its advanced tools and technology for making construction equipment. They make sure the machine or product passes through Pre-Delivery Inspection or PDI. Mustang just recently has a new manufacturing facility in Waco, Texas, and a distribution facility in Belvidere, Illinois.

Mustang under Manitou branded their excavator attachment as EDGE. These are specially made for compact excavators. It comes with a hydraulic Power-A-Tach Quick Coupler. This allows attachment changes from the operator seat. The operator leaves the seat only to attach or remove the safety pin. Mustang has a wide variety of excavator attachments. The company has augers bit, breakers, buckets, compaction plate, compaction wheel, and rippers. Mustang excavator attachments are quite famous in America. 


81. Wolf Qingdao Zongjin Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd

Wolf Qingdao Zongjin Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd



Qingdao Zongjin Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 in Qingdao, Shandong. This company is also best known as WOLF. It is specialized in manufacturing wheel loaders, excavators, forklifts, skid steer, compactor, and backhoe loader. It has main markets from South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Western Europe. It has obtained the international quality system certification and CE certification.


Qingdao Zongjin Engineering Machinery has a variety of different attachments for the engineering machinery industry. Some of its best profile excavator models are WE08, WE10, WE16, WE18, WE20, WE45, WE60, and WE80. Wolf excavators are based with Yanmar Euro 3 engines, have enclosed cabins, great quick hitch, and perfect rational arms. They are also safety equipment by meeting European standards. Furthermore, WOLF also has a well-known WL100 wheel loader. This wheel loader can withstand harsh environments and has reached OEM standards. Other than that, Wolf also produces its new model WL816T telescopic loader which has an electronic control joystick, luxury cabin and can be customized based on customers’ requirements. 


A wide range of attachments is also expanding from their company to meet the customers’ needs. Wolf has over 30 industries worldwide. Wolf today continues to value its customers. Wolf always gives prompt and professional responses to give long-lasting business relations to their patrons.


82. Shovoy 


Shovoy is a construction machinery manufacturer under Chancos Industrial Co., Ltd. Shovoy provides products such as wheel loaders, road rollers, rigid mining trucks, dredging equipment and so on. Shovoy has many amphibious machines such as excavators, hydraulic undercarriage, carrier, dumper, dredger as well as attachments. Shovoy has exported products to 12 countries in South Asia, West Africa, South America, The CIS and East Europe.

So far, Shovoy has eight excavator models: the CAT SHA320 GC, the SHA308, the SHA315, the SHA321, the SHA321L2, the SHA321L5, the SHA326, and the SHA326L5. All of these excavators are amphibious. The Shovoy SHA321L2 amphibious excavator is the most popular product in their line. The excavator has a 0.6 cubic meter bucket with a 12 meter reach. Its engine is from Isuzu, known for its high performance and fuel-efficient capabilities. The length of the pontoon of the hydraulic excavator undercarriage is 9.4 meters. Its material has anti-corrosion and weathering properties. The operating weight of the SHA321L2 is about 38.6 tons. Their largest excavator would be the SHA326L5 amphibious excavator. It has a longer reach boom of 15.1 meters and it weighs around 43.5 tons.


83. Bell Equipment 


Bell Equipment was founded by Irvine and Eunice Bell in 1954. A self-loading sugarcane is one of the first products ever manufactured. The company has been known for 60 years in manufacturing material handling equipment. Bell Articulated Dump Trucks are a known and core product. They also offer tractor loaders, backhoes, wheel loaders, dozers, graders, forklifts, and excavators. Today, Bell Equipment is a manufacturer in over 80 countries. It has 9 marketing support operations outside South Africa and more than 150 distribution facilities and dealerships internationally. It has more than 25 distribution outlets in Africa. It has over 3,500 employees.

Bell currently manufactures ten excavator models: the mini SK55SRX-6, the mini SK75SR, the SK135SR, the SK219LC-10, the SK220XD-10, the SK260LC-10, the SK300LC-10, the SK380 HDLC-10, the SK520XDLC, and the SK850LC. Bell Equipment works with Kobelco for their line of excavators. It ranges from mini excavators to larger excavators, weighing up to 81,000 kg. They have a highly efficient hydraulic system to minimize fuel consumption while maximizing power. They have operator-friendly features for easy use and are easy to see. The excavator also has a wide cabin space and an expanded field of view.


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