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XuGong KS is The Most Outstanding and Reliable Top Dealer of Mini Excavator Track Rollers in China.

  • Are Built With High-Quality Materials
  • Made of Boron-Steel Alloy
  • Sustainable Profit Adjustment
  • Well-Established Professional Manufacturing Company
  • High Quality Seals to Prevent Dirt from Contamination
  • Aftermarket Replacement Mini Excavator Track Rollers

XuGong KS Mini Excavator Track Rollers Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Mini Excavator Track Rollers

Mini Excavator r944 Track Rollers

This excavator roller is made up of alloy steel, fits with r944. High quality and durable. Package includes 1x set of excavator rollers.

Excavator Undercarriage Parts EC210B E200B Mini Track Roller

This excavator roller is made up of alloy steel, fits with EC210B, E200B. Efficient in excavator works. Package includes 1x set of mini excavator track rollers.

mini excavator PC50 PC55MR PC60 track roller bottom,carrier roller (2)

This excavator roller is compatible with Pc40, Pc45, Pc50, Pc55mr, Pc60. A reliable Track Roller. Package includes 1x set of mini excavator track rollers.

mini excavator parts tracks bottom roller e200b pc200 d6r ihi dozer rubber alloy steel double track rollers assembly

This excavator roller is compatible with e200b, pc200, d6r. Made up of alloy steel. Reliable and efficient. Package includes 1x set of mini excavator track roller.

Mini Excavator Pc40-7 Undercarriage Parts Track Roller Bottom Roller For Sale

This excavator roller is compatible with PC40-7. Trusted materials for excavation works. The package includes 1x set of mini excavator track roller.

Mini excavator track roller PC30 lower roller High quality

This excavator roller is compatible with PC30. Made of high-quality materials. The package includes 1x set of mini excavator track roller.

mini rollers ms110 excavator Mitsubishi track roller made in China

This excavator roller is compatible with ms110. Made in China and made up of alloy steel. The package includes 1x set of mini excavator track roller.

Pc35 Pc38 Mini Excavator Track Roller Undercarriage Spare Parts Bottom Roller Lower Roller

This excavator roller is compatible with Pc35, Pc38. Undercarriage parts used in excavation works. The package includes 1x set of mini excavator track roller.

SUMITOMO SH120 Mini Excavator Track Roller

This excavator roller is compatible with Sumitomo SH120. High-quality materials, affordable but durable. The package includes 1x set of mini excavator track roller.

Top Mini Excavator Track Roller Manufacturer to Help Your Business Excel in China

XuGong KS mini excavator track rollers are an excellent and top manufacturer in China. We make the excavation work simple for you! 

We, in XuGong KS, manufactures mini excavator track rollers for the alternative of top excavator brands such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat, Doosan, Volvo, and etc.

Mini Excavator Track Rollers are in need for the performance of excavators. They help carry on the weight of excavators to travel and dig.

XuGong KS promises to provide you the best mini excavator track roller compatible with your needs. XuGong KS also accepts customized orders by drawing based on your need!

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Xugong KS Mini Excavator Track Roller Manufacturing Process

XuGong KS guarantees to give you quality products that will satisfy your needs. We make sure to know the details of what you want! And it includes the material design of the mini excavator track rollers which you give us during your order!
Heat Treatment
At XuGong KS, the mini excavator track rollers ensure excellent tensile strength, these mini excavator track rollers are made of alloy steels that have been heat-treated to get the needed strength of the material.
XuGong KS executes welding process with a quality and master welder to make sure that your these mini excavator track rollers are well-built and will last longer. We guarantee our customers high quality products!
In Machining, XuGong KS certifies to give you a smooth finish of our mini excavator track rollers. We make sure to eliminate every material that is unwanted on our product to give you a satisfying output that you deserve!
XuGong KS wants do deliver you good quality material. We conduct the process of shaping the materials with the use of heat in order to give you the best shape of the mini excavator track roller that you want!
XuGong KS guarantees to provide quality assembled products for delivery. The assembly process is an arrangement of machines, equipment, and workers. We make sure to give you the best product!
XuGong KS do not only give you a high-quality manufactured product. We also wanted to deliver a creative, good-looking materials. Materials that suit your creative mind and fits on your aesthetic!
Mini Excavator Track Rollers are designed as a heavy-duty material. XuGong KS provides you a mini excavator track roller that is well-packaged following the standards of packaging. We provide a strong and safe packaging.

XuGong KS Mini Excavator Track Roller Distributor Overview

Where to Find the Top Mini Excavator Track Roller Distributor?


Looking for a reliable mini excavator track roller distributor is a tough process! It should acknowledge the specifications of your choice. XuGong KS provides a quality service with its mini excavator track roller product that fits your needs.

We guarantee you a top mini excavator track roller since our manufacturing process follows the OEM standard and thorough quality assurance checking. At XuGong KS, you can find hundreds of new, OEM mini excavator track rollers as your options. A large line-up of in-stock mini excavator track rollers anticipating your orders!

XuGong KS provides You with the Most Reliable and Long-lasting mini excavator track roller. What are you waiting for? In case of any need for replacement or alternative of any of your top brands, XuGong KS is ready to save your needs!

Experience the convenience of using the mini excavator track roller provided by Xugong KS! Drop your orders now! We are always ready to serve your needs!


Mini Excavator Track Rollers – The Complete FAQ Guide

Excavator track rollers are vital components of your mini excavator. They help your mini excavator a great deal when it comes to moving around as you operate it. They are so important that your excavator cannot move without them – the track chain will not operate well.


Your mini excavator has bottom and top track rollers. They each have their functionalities, as you will see later on in this guide. Here’s what you are going to learn from this guide:

  • What a mini excavator track rollers are and the role they play in your mini excavator’s tracks
  • How to properly install, maintain, and replace your mini excavator’s track rollers
  • Where to get high-quality excavator track rollers


Keep on reading this guide to find out more about your mini excavator track rollers.

1.  What is A Mini Excavator Track Roller?

Figure 1 - Mini Excavator Track Rollers

All tracked mini excavators have track rollers. These track rollers are made from a steel alloy and help the excavator move around. They are found between the front idler and the sprockets. These track rollers are made to last for a long and resist corrosion.


2.  How Many Track Rollers Does A Mini Excavator Have?

Your mini excavator has two types of track rollers – bottom and top track rollers. The two types of track rollers are found on both sides of your excavator.

Figure 2 - Mini Excavator Track Rollers Position


The exact number of excavator track rollers depends on the make and model of your mini excavator.


3.  What is the Function of A Mini Excavator Track Roller?

The primary function of your mini excavator track roller is to help your excavator move easily and efficiently.


The functions can be broken down further to both the bottom and top rollers, as you will find out shortly in this guide.


4.  What is the Function of A Mini Excavator Top Track Rollers?

All tracked excavators, including your mini excavator, have top track rollers. The main function of the top rollers is to make/lead your excavator chain in a straight line.


In other words:

Your mini excavator’s top track rollers guide the excavator chain to go straight as the excavator moves around.


5.  What is the Function of A Mini Excavator Bottom Track Rollers?

Unlike your mini excavator’s top track rollers, the bottom rollers bear the weight of the excavator. They also get into direct contact with the ground, meaning that they also absorb shock.


They also provide the excavator’s undercarriage clearance height


Here’s the deal:

You need to periodically lookout for wear on your mini excavator bottom track rollers.

6.  How Are Track Rollers Installed in Mini Excavators?

Installing your mini excavator’s new track rollers is not that difficult. However, you may need some special equipment such as a jack to help you hold your mini excavator rollers in place as you tightly bolt them. They can be a bit heavy for one arm.


Check this out:

Excavator track rollers for your mini excavators are installed by simply bolting them to your excavator’s undercarriage. Also, remember to use your mini excavator’s manual as an additional detailed installation guide on how to go about the installation process.

Figure 4 - Newly Installed Excavator Track Rollers

It would be best if you’d contact your favorite certified mechanic to help you out with the installation process. It is essential to do so because if you damage your components trying to install them yourself, you will annul your warranty cover.


Also, a certified mechanic helps you identify other worn-out components that you need to repair or replace, depending on the level of damage.


7.  How Should Mini Excavator’s Track Rollers be Checked?

You need to routinely inspect your mini excavator’s track rollers. It should be done every day before operating your excavator. Routine inspection for your excavator’s undercarriage is also important, as it helps you check other components as well.


Here’s what you need to look out for:

When you check your track rollers, look for dirt that seems old. Old dirt signifies that your mini excavator’s track rollers are worn out. It shows that your track rollers have ceased working – they no longer rotate.


You also need to regularly check your mini excavator’s general undercarriage health status. It’ll help you know what to replace so that you can lengthen the service of your excavator track rollers.


You should pay close attention to the excavator’s sprockets as well as the track chain.

8.  What Causes Wear On A Mini Excavator’s Track Rollers?

There are two main reasons why your mini excavator wears out. Check them out:


Mini excavator roller wear is caused by friction. When the excavator moves, the rollers are pressed against the undercarriage frame and the excavator’s tracks. This process forces your mini excavator’s track rollers to wear out.


On top of that, contaminants accelerate the track rollers’ wear rate.


Check out how your mini excavator track rollers wear out. The dotted line depicts the wearing out process:

Figure 5 - Mini excavator track rollers wear

9.  How Should I Replace My Mini Excavator Track Rollers?

Replacing your mini excavator track rollers requires you to remove the old worn-out ones and then install the new ones. The replacement process is not that hard, but it requires patience and a lot of knowledge on mini excavator undercarriage matters.


KS recommends that the process be done by a certified expert. The expert will help you know which other component is worn out and requires replacement.


Interesting fact:

Your mini excavator track rollers may wear out prematurely because of other underlying factors, such as a worn-out sprocket.


Here’s how to replace your mini excavator track rollers:


You’ll need to take caution when working on your excavator. Switch off the excavator’s engine and take the keys with you. It would also be best if you’d complete the process in a service bay, where you can easily access your mini excavator’s underside.


Also, ensure that your excavator undercarriage is clean.


First, you’ll need to loosen your mini excavator’s track tension. Once it is loose enough, gather your bolt loosening and/or tightening tools. They’ll help you loosen the bolts that hold the track rollers in place.

Figure 6 - Mini Excavator Track Roller Replacement

Remove the bolts as well as the excavator track rollers. Then, take the new ones and install them. The installation process is the opposite of the uninstallation process. You’ll need to fasten the bolts tightly.


Once that process is complete, tighten the track tension of your mini excavator.



When replacing a worn-out mini excavator track roller, it would be best if you’d replace all of them, even if only one track roller is worn out. Doing so helps you prevent premature wearing out of your mini excavator undercarriage components.


It is important to always read what your excavator manufacturer suggests for this process. You’ll find it in your excavator’s service manual.


10. How Can I Select the Best Mini Excavator Track Rollers?

There are three main factors that you need to consider as you select the ideal track rollers for your mini excavators.


Check them out:

  • Your mini excavator’s weight
  • Machine application – how do you use your mini excavator? Do you use it to complete heavy tasks?
  • How long you’d want your mini excavator’s undercarriage in general to last.

Your mini excavator’s weight is a key factor to put into consideration. Remember, your mini excavator’s bottom track rollers bear the weight of the whole excavator. Also, if you use your excavator to carry out extremely laborious tasks, you’ll need heavy-duty mini excavator track rollers.


Heavy-duty mini excavator track rollers guarantee you a longer mini excavator undercarriage lifespan. They’ll also make your excavator productive by reducing downtime meant for repairs and replacements.


Reach out to us right now to place an order for your desired mini excavator track rollers.

11. How Much Do Mini Excavator Track Rollers Cost?

Here’s the deal:


It is impossible to definitively state an exact price. Here’s why:

There are many excavator brands in the world today. Each of these excavator brands has its track roller specifications that meet the requirements of your mini excavator’s undercarriage. Remember, your excavator works systematically.


Also, you may want custom-made excavator track rollers. They’ll cost more, depending on your requirements.


Bottom line:

You cannot put an exact price tag on your mini excavator’s track rollers.


However, you can contact KS today for an exact price for your specific mini excavator. Give us a call, or simply contact us through our website for a free quote that meets both your requirements and the estimated budget.


We guarantee you long-lasting track rollers, as we manufacture them in-house from raw high-quality steel under stringent OEM practices. This strategy helps us maintain high-quality production of track rollers.


Apart from that, we’ll deliver your ordered track rollers on time, as we’ve managed to establish a long-lasting working relationship with the world’s leading logistics companies, for example, DHL.


Here’s the best part of it all:

Your ordered track rollers are warranty-protected for 90 days from the date of purchase.

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