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550X156 Excavator Undercarriage Bucket Teeth For Wheel Loader Rubber Track

DurableUndercarriage Bucket Teeth For Wheel Loader Rubber Track. Strong Performance. Fast Shipping

PC200-8 Excavator Assembly Top Carrier Roller Undercarriage Parts Track Frame

Standard Quality Undercarriage Bucket Teeth For Wheel Loader Rubber Track. Standard Inspection for Quality Materials

PC220-8 Track Roller 20Y-30-00016 Rollers Excavator Undercarriage Spare Part

Long-Life Performance Track Roller 20Y-30-00016 Rollers OEM Certified. Lowest Price

Undercarriage Parts Excavator Excavator Track Adjuster Assy

High Guarantee Excavator Track Adjuster Assy. Cost-Effective and Quality Performance. Fast Shipment

PC60 Excavator Undercarriage Steel Track Thickening Bucket DSL

Long Service  Excavator Steel Track Thickening Bucket DSL. Greatest Quality. Available for Wholesale

Excavator Undercarriage Parts Track Link Assembly for HITACHI

Best QualityExcavator Undercarriage Parts Track Link Assembly. Perfect Fit Machinery.

EX70 Track Roller Undercarriage

Reliable EX70 Track Roller Undercarriage Excellent Performance. Beautiful Price Discount for Wholesale. Made to Lasting Quality Life

Excavator Undercarriage Part Track Chain

High Standard Excavator Undercarriage Part Track Chains. Standard Wooden Case

E320 PC200 SK200 ZX200 Excavator Front Idler Wheel

Suitable  Excavator Front Idler Wheel Idler Excavator Undercarriage Spare Parts

XuGong KS is the Guaranteed Supplier of Excavator Undercarriage

We have almost all spare parts that could fit above the brand of cranes, dozers, and diggers you owned. All these XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriages are ideal for any machinery works. XuGong KS has a reliable Excavator Undercarriage that can perform well even in extreme conditions. We always ensure that these XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriages are highly developed, top quality, and advantageous for any works on hand.

With our perfect system and advanced types of equipment in our factory, we made thousands of  XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriage every day. All these XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriages are a perfect fit for any top models and famous machines like Komastu, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Kobelco, Volvo, Sumitomo, Doosan, Daewoo, Hyundai, Kato, JCB, Kubota, and others. Basically, these  XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriages are the best replacement for your best makes and models. We also offer customization of your XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriage. Get now the excellent quality XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriage. Call us now!


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XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriage Manufacturer Overview

The Excellent Quality Excavator Undercarriage only at XuGong KS


Over the years, XuGong KS remains the top and best supplier of Excavator Undercarriage all over the world. These XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriage has been proven and tested to its standard performance. We are the leading factory of Excavator Undercarriages and other spare parts. Thus, XuGong KS has the best access in the production process of XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriage to meet your best interests.


One of the cores of the XuGong KS is the consistent production of top-quality Excavator Undercarriage. Here at XuGong KS, we apply the best technology to manufacture wide classifications of your XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriage. Just send us the XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriage and spare parts you needed, and our professional team will assist you right away! There’s no need to worry about the durability and reliability of your XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriage because all of these parts are guaranteed powerful and long-life service. What are you waiting for? Get now the best tailored XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriage!


Excavator Undercarriage – The Complete FAQ Guide


Excavator undercarriages are one of the most prominent parts your excavator has. A typical excavator is made up of a cabin that is joined with an undercarriage. Recent statistics suggest that your excavator undercarriage amounts to 50% of your excavator’s maintenance costs. You cannot afford to neglect your excavator undercarriage, because, without it, your excavator will not move an inch. Today, you are going to learn more about your excavator undercarriage. You are going to know:


  • How to care for your excavator undercarriage
  • How to repair and/or replace your excavator undercarriage safely
  • Where you can get the best aftermarket OEM excavator undercarriage

Keep reading this guide to find out more.


1. What is An Excavator Undercarriage?


Your excavator undercarriage is the lower part of your excavator. It is what your excavator uses to move around regardless of the terrain. The excavator undercarriage is composed of different components, as you will find out later on in this guide.



2. What Are The Excavator’s Undercarriage Components And Their Functions?


Your excavator’s undercarriage has different components that work together systematically to move your excavator around any terrain. They work together in unison to keep your machine running optimally and efficiently. It’s vital for you to know the different components of your excavator undercarriage and to understand their different functions. Check them out:





All these components work systematically in an excavator so that it can move around regardless of the terrain.


3. What Is Excavator Undercarriage Routine Inspection?


Over time your excavator will indeed require maintenance through routine inspection, servicing, repairing, and replacing parts accordingly. Here’s the deal: Inspecting your excavator’s undercarriage is important as the undercarriage amounts to 50% of the excavator’s total maintenance costs. This, therefore, means that you must not ignore or underestimate the value of inspecting your excavator’s undercarriage.




It’ll help prevent future problems and save you a significant amount of money, as you will find out later on in this guide. Routine inspection requires you to regularly inspect your excavator’s undercarriage for faults that need repairs or replacement of different parts.


4. How Should I Inspect My Excavator Undercarriage?


As you’ve read earlier on, it’s vital for you to regularly inspect your excavator’s undercarriage. It helps reduce downtime and improves your excavator’s productivity as well as lengthening its service life. Your undercarriage bears the weight of the whole excavator as it is subjected to heavy tasks on unforgiving grounds. The excavator moves past rocks, metals, nails, etc., and keeping your undercarriage in good condition will help you complete such tasks effortlessly.



First, you need to clean it properly before visually inspecting it. A good clean gets rid of all the dirt and debris your excavator carries as it works on a construction or excavation site. After cleaning it, you’ll need to check the tracks’ tension. They should not be too tight, nor should they be too loose. Measure the tension as you record it in your recording book. Set the track tension according to the specified degree according to your excavator’s operational manual.


Track tension is important as it dictates whether your excavator tracks will last, or wear out prematurely. Thirdly, move on to check the different components of the excavator undercarriage. You can come up with an excavator undercarriage inspection list to help you check all the components. It would be best if you’d complete checking one side first before moving on to the next.


It is important to remember the front and back parts of the excavator. The idlers are usually at the front while the sprockets are at the back of the undercarriage. This knowledge will help you prevent mixing up information in your record book. Remember to check your excavator’s bushings, pins, top, and bottom rollers, sprockets, idlers, links, and track shoes.


Now, you may be wondering to yourself: “How should I record information in a record book?” Here’s how: Using the above component’s checklist, you should have a basic description of what each component does and how it should be. As such, you can write important comments on the state of each component.


You should check for any anomaly, for example, cracks, premature wear, spalling. You can go a step further to counting your excavator links to perhaps find out if any was removed so that the tracks could become tighter. It is essential to ensure that your excavator tracks are not overly tight. Tracks that are too tight will ultimately wear out prematurely.


The fourth thing that you should look out for is the wearing-out distribution. You can note the degree of wear distribution in your recording book. Lastly, KS understands that you may not be into the technical bits of your excavator, or you may be unsure of what you are looking for or what you may need to document.


That’s why our skilled and experienced service reps are here. We are always ready to listen to you, advise you, and even help you replace your original parts with high-quality aftermarket parts. Reach out to us right now for more information on excavators, their different parts, for example, engines, hydraulic pumps, etc., and their undercarriages.


5. How Much Money Does An Excavator Undercarriage Cost?


There are different excavator brands in the market today. They all have different pricing on their excavators as a whole, meaning that each excavator component has different pricing depending on the frequency of acquisition as well as the level of vitality it has in your excavator.


As such, it is difficult to give a definite price on how much your excavator undercarriage costs, but you can be sure that it is expensive. Without this undercarriage, your excavator is useless as it cannot work, let alone move.


6. What Are The Most Common Excavator Undercarriage Issues?


The most common excavator undercarriage issues mostly arise from things that can easily be done but are neglected. As such, following proper excavator undercarriage instructions outlined in your excavator’s manual as well as reputable company maintenance advice is important.


Check out the most common excavator undercarriage issues: The first common issue is de-tracking. Detracking is caused by improper track tension, that is, the track is either too tight or too loose. The other common cause for de-tracking is making sharp turns or pivoting your excavator.


The above reasons not only cause de-tracking but also premature wearing out of your excavator’s undercarriage components. The second common problem that your excavator undercarriage faces is premature wear due to lack of proper cleaning.


As your excavator works tirelessly for you in that excavation or construction site, the tracks, and the undercarriage, in general, come in contact with a lot of dirt and debris. The construction site is very brutal on your excavator’s undercarriage. Dirt and debris usually catalyze your excavator’s wearing-out process by introducing contaminants.


After using your excavator, it would be best if you’d clean its undercarriage properly. Also, when you fail to use the proper type of excavator tracks, your excavator undercarriage pays the price. You can opt to use either rubber or steel tracks. Rubber tracks are ideal for usage on soft grounds.


They produce less noise, compared to steel tracks. However, steel tracks also have an upper hand when it comes to loading stability. They also last longer than rubber tracks, only if you take care of them properly.


7. How Can I Repair My Excavator Undercarriage Safely?


Repairing your excavator undercarriage safely first requires you to have a certified mechanic do it. It is necessary to do so as the excavator undercarriage is a major part of your excavator. Also, if you do not use a certified mechanic, your excavator’s undercarriage parts could lose their warranty cover.


Now, repairing your excavator undercarriage requires you to identify any faulty component. You can identify any faulty component by first visually inspecting your excavator’s undercarriage after a thorough cleaning. You can also diagnose any undercarriage issue your excavator may have by monitoring its performance.


After diagnosing and identifying the issue, you should immediately contact your certified mechanic for repairs. KS will play its part by sending you high-quality aftermarket undercarriage parts to replace the faulty ones. Our aftermarket parts are manufactured in-house under strict OEM practices. These parts are completely interchangeable with the original ones.


Here’s the best part: We’ll happily supply you with these parts at a friendly price. We have been doing so for the past ten years. We have also managed to establish a close working relationship with the world’s leading logistics companies, for example, FedEx, TNT, and DHL.


We guarantee you safe delivery of your ordered aftermarket parts wherever you are. Contact us today for more information on our aftermarket parts pricing and shipping.


8. How Should I Properly Replace My Excavator Undercarriage?


As you’ve read earlier on in this guide, replacing or repairing any excavator undercarriage component should be done by a certified expert. You should also acquire your aftermarket parts from a recognized professional company. It is true that: Excavator undercarriage replacements are by far more expensive than repairs.


Replacement of parts includes completely uninstalling the faulty parts and then installing the new parts. You need to use high-quality aftermarket OEM excavator parts to replace your damaged components. You should first identify the faulty part, determine whether it is repairable or it needs a complete replacement.


After settling for replacement, you should then order a replacement of your faulty part from a reputable company. KS is always ready to supply you with world-class newly made aftermarket parts. We have over 10,000 OEM aftermarket parts ready for shipment to your desired location.


These parts come with a 90-day warranty cover. Ensure to follow the outlined installation procedures to prevent further damage to your new parts.


9. How Should I Properly Maintain My Excavator’s Undercarriage?


Maintaining your excavator undercarriage is one of the easiest things you can do in an excavator – compared to repairing and replacing damaged components. As such, there are some tips that you should follow that will guarantee you a longer excavator undercarriage service life.



Let’s dig right in:


  • Adhere to basic practices– basic excavator practices have a significant effect on your excavator’s operational costs. You, therefore, have to adhere to basic principles such as making wide turns, desist or minimize time on slopes if necessary, do not spin unnecessarily, and avoiding unfriendly environments, e.g. concrete floors and other unforgiving grounds that abrade your tracks.
  • Always clean your excavator’s undercarriage after use– keeping your undercarriage clean gives you a better visual inspection. It also helps reduce the premature wearing out of your excavator’s undercarriage as dirt carries lots of contaminants that aid in this premature wearing out.
  • Carry out a full undercarriage inspection routinely– never make the mistake of ignoring your excavator’s undercarriage, just because it is made from heavy steel that does not easily corrode. You should inspect it regularly and check for missing parts, degree of wear out, leakages, etc. doing this will save you a lot of trouble that could be lurking around – even a single seal failure could lead to catastrophic damages.


You’ll also need to ensure that the track tension is set correctly. Remember, track tension is also another leading factor that has a significant effect on how your excavator tracks wear out.


  • Use the correct type of tracks– there are two types of tracks – steel and rubber tracks. It is important to know which one and where to use either of the two tracks. For example, soft grounds go well with rubber tracks.
  • Always use high-quality aftermarket parts– over time, your excavator will ultimately require parts’ replacement. You should use only high-quality aftermarket parts that have been manufactured under strict OEM standards. These parts are usually fully interchangeable with the original ones and will last for a long.


10. Where Can I Find Good Aftermarket Excavator Undercarriages For Sale?


KS is a one-stop-shop for all your excavator undercarriage needs. We have over 10,000 parts in stock ready to ship to your desired destination. All our excavator undercarriage parts as well as other excavator parts are manufactured in-house to ensure high-quality production of parts. All our undercarriage parts have a 90-day warranty cover.


They are also packed properly by our design team to ensure that there is no physical damage during transportation. Over the past decade, we’ve managed to establish a close working relationship with the world’s leading logistics companies – the likes of DHL, TNT, FedEx, etc. We’ve managed to export our OEM parts across the globe to over 80 different countries.


This is because we are also flexible in terms of payment methods. We accept payment through different platforms, including Paypal, Western Union, T.T, LC, and Alipay. We also have a superb aftermarket service. Reach out to us today for more information on how you can place your order, our offers, and our shipment methods.

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