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Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Spare Parts

Hitachi Hydraulic Excavator Spare Parts Wire Harness

Your ZX200-3 excavators need these excavator spare parts immediately. OEM and ISO Certified.

Komatsu Excavator Spare Parts Main Control Valve

Perfect for your Komatsu hydraulic excavators. It is designed and built with top-grade steel and metal.

Excavator Spare Parts Control Valve Block

Hydraulic control valve block with your main control valve on sale now at Xugong KS.

Hydraulic Excavator Spare Parts Gear Pump

A high-pressure hydraulic gear pump for your hydraulic excavator replacement. Wholesale price now and fast delivery at Xugong KS.

Volvo Excavator Spare Parts Oil Gauge

Fluid-dynamic and adaptable to different temperature. A must-have excavator spare part available now at Xugong KS.

Excavator Spare Parts Small Rubber Track

Durable rubber track for your hydraulic mini excavators. Safe and fast delivery with 90-day quality warranty at Xugong KS.

Kobelco Hydraulic Pump Excavator Spare Parts

The perfect repair kit for your Kobelco excavators SK210/ SK220/ SK230. Excavator spare parts that are ISO and OEM Certified.

Excavator Spare Parts Hydraulic Drum Cutter

The perfect excavator spare part for your rock excavations, tunnel profiling and trenching. Durable and high-performance.

Hydraulic Excavator Spare Parts Collar Bush

Replacement for your pin bushings for your hydraulic breakers. These excavator spare parts are made from high-quality materials.

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Xugong KS has over 1,000 excavator spare parts in stock and ready to be shipped out. We have been manufacturing and distributing excavator spare parts for more than ten years. Our customers are always satisfied with our latest excavator spare parts.

You always need excavator spare parts for your excavator. You will never know when you would have to change or reassemble your excavator with excavator spare parts.

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Built for high-performance and long periods of work.
Hyundai Excavator Boom Cylinder and Arm
Complete set for your cylinder maintenance now on sale.

Xugong KS Excavator Spare Parts Manufacturer Overview

Advantages of Purchasing Your Excavator Spare Parts at Xugong KS

Xugong KS supplies and exceeds in their quality control. Their excavator spare parts are OEM and ISO certified. You can buy these excavator spare parts as new or reman from Xugong KS.

Having these Xugong KS excavator spare parts on hand will meet your production goals and increase your productivity even more.

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Always Better to Have Xugong KS Excavator Spare Parts

Our excavators only have an estimate of 10,000 hours. It is not always the case, though. There would be some minor and major replacements to do in case of such unwanted issue occurs. That is why Xugong KS can supply you with a complete selection of excavator spare parts for you.

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Our advanced excavator spare parts only receives the care of our best aftersales service team at Xugong KS. We still cater to you even after your excavator spare parts purchase.

Xugong KS customer service support is here to monitor and provide you with assistance for your excavator spare part needs.  Just contact us through our 24/7 customer service, and Xugong KS will wholesale you the most suitable excavator spare parts.

Xugong KS can provide you with the most accommodating and helpful support you have been asking for.


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If you send us an inquiry and order our excavator spare parts now, we can pack and ship it immediately. No need to ask us about your order’s safety, your excavator spare parts are individually packed in wooden crates.

Xugong KS supplier is partnered with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FEDEX and more.

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Excavator Spare Parts – The Definitive FAQ Guide

The excavator spare parts FAQ Guide is a collection of answers to the most frequently asked questions that you have about excavator spare parts.

For sure, an excavator is not a simple device for most people to understand.

This guide solves the issues related to your excavator spare parts by supplying you with essential information on excavator spare parts.


1.    What do you mean by excavator spare parts?

Excavator spare parts refer to the replacement parts of excavators.

Due to the continuously changing working conditions, many parts experience failure or get damaged.

Figure 1. Excavator Spare Parts

Damaged or worn-out parts needed to be replaced to ensure the proper functioning of your excavator.

The working of various excavator spare parts is based on the structure, design, size, etc. some features will be different according to different type models.

The most important parts that require high quality are hydraulic cylinder, engine, track shoe, etc.

Excavator spare parts require high technological standards and strict quality requirements to prevent long-time damage caused by some reasons.


2.    What parts are included in excavator spare parts?

There are several parts included in excavator spare parts. Some of the widely used spare parts of the excavator are named below:

The excavator spare parts include:

  • Excavator hydraulic parts
  • Excavator sprocket
  • Track shoe
  • Bearing for excavators
  • Excavator coolant fan
  • Boom cylinder
  • Cylinder heads
  • Cowlings
  • Cylinder barrels
  • U-joint, cases
  • Various motor technologies (hybrid motor and diesel motor)
  • Electrical equipment parts (battery box and electric equipment’s)
  • Reversing valve bodies
  • Cooling systems
  • Hydraulic pump

Each of these parts has particular features and specifications. The spare parts of an excavator comprise both small and large amounts.


Spare parts help you save an extra cost associated with buying a whole piece of the component. Rather it involves the purchase of members of one part individually.

3.    What properties associated with materials used in excavator spare parts?


There are several properties associated with materials used in excavator spare parts.

The intended properties depend on the type of material used to manufacture excavator spare parts and embedded characteristics.

The weight and characteristics are depending on the machine type and working conditions.

The materials are mostly made from low alloy steel, aluminum, brass, rubber, cast iron, alloy steel, carbon steel casing.

  • Most of the materials applied in the excavator spare parts must have a high hardness to resist wear and fatigue due to high impact.
  • Some of the materials have high abrasion resistance and withstand high pressure and temperature ranges.
  • The development of modern production technologies allows manufacturers to create products that provide excellent performance, easy operation, and maintenance, provide long service life.

4.    What are the benefits of excavator spare parts?

Different benefits are associated with your excavator spare parts. Some of these benefits are listed below:

Adding a spare part to your excavator can extend its service life, prolong the function of each unit, and reduce the downtime of your excavator in case of a working period.

Excavator spare parts prevent you from purchasing a whole assembly. Rather it allows you to buy a single spare component, and hence it saves cost.

Excavator spare parts help you in achieving or surpass your working goals.

Excavator spare parts are essential parts of excavators, allowing the operator to use the machine efficiently and safely.


5.    What is the role of the H link in excavator spare parts?

H link of excavator spare parts plays an important role in the excavator bucket assembly of an excavator.

It strongly connects the excavator bucket and the excavator’s arm and joins the upper and lower links.

Figure 2. H Link in Excavator Spare Parts

The length, grade, and type of H link should be according to the working environment and excavator model.

The H link is an important part of an excavator, and its function is very complicated.

It helps the bucket to move or lift the material. The H link takes its power from the hydraulic bucket cylinder.

Without this link, your excavator is unable to perform its intended function.

While working because of high strength demands, it often fails, and you can replace it using excavator spare parts.


6.    What do you mean by the bucket in excavator spare parts?


An Excavator bucket is an excavator spare parts machine for earth excavating and transporting.

Figure 3. Bucket in Excavator Spare Parts

The design of excavator buckets is not only in terms necessary to meet the working performance requirement but also can be filled with strength and flexibility to meet the various requirements of the drilling or blasting site.

An Excavator bucket is a digging bucket with an asymmetric blade. This kind of industrial equipment is widely used to build and construct high-grade highways, railways, ports, dams, reservoirs, and factories.

The size from the little ones to the biggest ones are available. You can choose anyone.

The large bucket in excavator parts helps you speed up the work and remove excess material in a comparatively lesser amount of time.


7.    What materials are widely used in excavator spare parts?

There are a variety of materials used in the manufacturing of excavator spare parts.

The material used in excavator spare parts depends on several factors, including desired strength of materials, working conditions, operational parameters.

Some of these materials are listed below:

  • Carbon steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Stainless Steel
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • Thermoplastic
  • Thermoplastic elastomers
  • Rubber
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Zinc
  • Iron

These materials are embedded with several characteristics. As a result, each of these materials has different specifications and features.

Some spare parts include high-quality materials, while others are composed of low-quality materials.

Some parts are amalgamated means they utilize more than one material in their manufacturing.


8.    What is the cost of excavator spare parts?

The cost of the excavator spare parts varies and depends on several factors.

These factors include the shape of the material, size of materials, quantity of material used in manufacturing, characteristics embedded in your material.

The cost of some of the excavator spare parts are listed below:

The price of an excavator H link for your excavator bucket lies in the range of $20.0 to $200.0.

The cost of an excavator hydraulic cylinder lies in the range of $1500 to $3500 per piece.

The cost of an excavator boom varies from $3000 to $8000 per piece, depending on the length and volume of your excavator boom.


The price of an excavator bucket for your excavator lies in the range of $500 to $1500 per piece.

9.    What function tooth point play in excavator spare parts?

The tooth point in excavator spare parts is important because it will be the first thing to touch the ground when moving dirt around, so it has to withstand anything that gets thrown in its way.

Tooth point also needs to be durable enough to stand up to extreme working conditions and have a wide range to choose from so that you can get the one that fits your machine’s needs best.

Figure 4. Tooth Point in Excavator Spare Parts


On the one hand, it can ensure the excavator machine is working stable.


On the other hand, there are so many kinds of excavator’s teeth shape, such as beveled tooth shape, double ramp tooth shape, triple ramp tooth shape, sharp and thick tooth shape.

10.  What do you mean by fuel injector in excavator spare parts?

Excavator fuel injector represents one of the most important excavators’ spare parts used for transferring fuel.

Figure 5. Fuel Injector in Excavator Spare Parts

Excellent-quality excavator spare parts, including fuel injectors, will greatly increase the working life of excavators.

It’s made from steel and has high strength. But compared with a standard diesel engine, it’s different because of working conditions.

It is one of the main parts of an excavator, which integrates a hydraulic pump, a control valve, and a hydraulic motor to form an integral unit.


It’s working function is to deliver the engine power generated to the working machine to realize the multi-functional movement of steering/turning/digging/dumping/loader works.


11.  What is the purpose of the monitor panel in excavator spare parts?

The monitor panel in excavators’ spare parts is a professional and advanced instrument used to monitor the machine’s operational status.


Figure 6. Monitor Panel in Excavator Spare Parts

The monitor panel is a series of meters and several indicators.

From the bearings to the hydraulic oil temperature, from the steering pump panel to the engine fan, from the ground valves to the engine oil pressure and rpm, the monitor panel can provide complete information from the fuel tank capacity to the oil level about the machine operation.

The Monitor panel is usually mounted in the cab. It is based on the function to improve the working efficiency and reduce the failure rate of construction machines.


12.  What are the maintenance requirements associated with excavator spare parts?

The maintenance is mainly divided into cleaning, preventative maintenance, and inspection.

Take note that excavator parts are wear and tear parts and need maintenance.

The frequency of maintenance differs from machine to machine, depending on the terrain, type of machine, working conditions, etc.

The number one maintenance requirement is to ensure that the hydraulic system is always in perfect working condition.

Frequently lubricating your excavator parts is also an essential maintenance requirement that ensures the longevity of your excavator.

If any excavator spare part is producing noise, then timely replace this damaged part for increased efficiency of your excavator.


13.  What do you mean by air cleaner in excavator spare parts?

The air cleaner is commonly used large machinery parts, but it is also important.

The function of the air cleaner is to remove dust in the air so that the engine can continue to run smoothly and not damage the air cleaner.

In addition, the excavator’s performance depends on the wellness of your air cleaner.

Figure 7. Air Cleaner in Excavator Spare Parts

If it is incorporating dust into your excavator, then it decreases machine performance.

Excavator spare parts Air cleaner can be divided into two types: one is the spherical type installed on the exhaust port of the diesel engine, and the other is installed on the air intake side of the machine.

The two types are similar in functions, but they are different in structure and installation methods.

You can choose any one depending on your needs.


14.  What is the lifetime associated with excavator spare parts?

The lifetime of excavator parts fully depends on many factors.

The quality of spare parts, the operating conditions, the environmental conditions, and mainly the type and power of the excavator play a vital role in the lifespan of the spare parts.

The lifetime of excavator spare parts also varies from component to component.

The life of a boom cylinder lies in the range of 8 to 10 million cycles.

The life of excavator seals in excavator spare parts has a life usually lies in the range of 3 to 5 years.

The life of a bucket wheel in excavator spare parts varies from 7000 to 10,000 hours.


The life of your excavator spare parts can be increased if you carefully fulfill the maintenance requirements of your excavator.


15.  Can I install my excavator spare parts?

Yes, you can install your excavator spare parts.

The first thing you need to do is have a complete tool kit required to install your excavator spare parts.

The type of tools you need to install your excavator parts properly varies from spare part to spare function.

However, it is always necessary to check the compatibility, time, and working conditions before installation.

You can also go to a professional technician to get your desired excavator spare parts installed if you don’t know how to replace them.


Usually, you can replace it if the spare part is a lighter one or is easy to return, while the heavier elements are recommended to get replaced at local workshops.


16.  What is the role of track adjusters in excavator spare parts?

In general, the track adjuster is the device on excavators which enables one to control, regulate and adjust the track running mechanism.



Figure 8. Track Adjusters in Excavator Spare Parts

The track running mechanism is the rotation parts within the undercarriage of an excavator.

The track adjuster in excavator spare parts is used to properly track tension which is essential to protect idlers and your track system.

Normally, this part is fixed in a specific position to regulate for a better stable working condition.

Without this device, several parts will be loosened when they are operated normally, which certainly causes damages to other mechanisms.

So that is why the track adjuster was designed and developed to solve the loosening of parts within an excavator during work.


17.  What is the function of the travel motor in excavator spare parts?

Travel motors are a part of the hydraulic subsystem in the machine.

It’s a small hydraulic motor used to provide power for equipment movement, auxiliary functions, and tools. It is also called the travel device.


Figure 9. Travel Motor in Excavator Spare Parts

Travel motor configuration is simple, usually divided into two types: direct drive and belt drive pump system.

The direct-drive pump system uses multi-cylinder pumps with a gearbox directly driven by the machine.

The travel motor of an excavator is the one that provides the motive force to drive the machine forward and backward.


It facilitates the movement of excavators across uneven terrain and bulldozes objects or debris aside to channel dig with ease.


18.  What issues are related to excavator spare parts?

Many excavators are still facing lots of issues related to spare parts during the operation, and they make a huge loss.

For example, the bolt connecting structure of the excavator bucket is easily broken due to extreme working conditions or improper use, resulting in the dropped bucket.

And it is unable to be attached back to the excavator’s head due to few available spare parts.

Or the cylinder head and other important components have worn out after a long time, which gradually deteriorates its performance level, thus causing a safety risk.

The excavator spare parts can be classified into the hydraulic system, transmission system, structure, and lifting system.

Those parts should be durable and have a long working life.


19.  Why import excavator spare parts from China?

Importing excavator spare parts from China is a good choice.

Chinese excavator spare parts manufacturers offer reliable and cheap spare parts compared to other developed countries, including Canada, the USA, etc.

The thing you need to do on your part is research such suppliers, and you can find them online by reading their older customer reviews in deciding which supplier is the best.

Chinese excavator spare parts manufacturers provide an option to order custom-made parts. Custom-made parts help you stand out from your competition.

The good thing about choosing Chinese excavator spare parts manufacturers is that there is no limit on orders’ minimum or maximum quantity.

You need to put your address and checkout information, and these suppliers will directly deliver your excavator spare parts to your doorstep.

20.  What do you mean by a counterweight in excavator spare parts?

Excavators are among the most utilized machines in construction sites and other sites requiring large earth-moving or material processing operations such as mining, tunneling, and dredging.

The basic structure comprises a cabin, boom, arm, bucket, tracks, and engine.

Figure 10. Counterweight in Excavator Spare Parts

Excavator counterweight plays an important role in the performance of excavators.

A steel box filled with concrete or other materials and fixed above the boom or behind the cabin to counterbalance the weight.

It is mainly used to balance the weight of the bucket. Therefore, a counterweight should be added according to the size of the bucket and the material to be handled by your bucket.


21.  What do you mean by color excavator spare parts?

The color excavator spare parts indicate the color in which your excavator spare parts are colored.

Different parts have different color options depending on their needs and intended functions.

The color of your excavator spare parts also helps increase you’re to maintain a strong market presence and build confidence among your customers.

The color plays a vital role in preventing excavator spare parts from a variety of harsh atmospheric conditions.

It acts as lamination and helps you cleaning various colored excavator spare parts at ease.

The color also reflects light and maintains the temperature of your excavator cabin hence leads to enhanced protection.


22.  What does Hs code reflect about excavator spare parts?

Hs code is more systematic and complete than other classification codes. It primarily reflects the nature of products in different categories.

It is an 8-digit code. Hs code is also employed to assess the quantity of inventory that exists in your stock.

Hs code helps importers and exporters to assess the importing or exporting data, delivery ship, arrival date and time, the quantity of the product, price per unit, and total price.

Hs code is a harmonized set of codes widely used around the globe. Each country has its own coordinated set of codes that varies for various products.

Each component included in excavator spare parts has its 8-digit code. These codes help various business people to prevent the stock from being finished out.


23.    Can I get excavator spare parts for the mini excavator?

Yes, you can get excavator spare parts.

There are several sources from which you can get your excavator spare parts.

You can purchase your excavator spare parts either online or offline.

These spare parts for the mini excavator are the same as that of the excavator, but the size is smaller.

These components include boom cylinder, arm cylinder, excavator bucket, excavator boom, excavator arm, H link, tracks, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump, pipes, and much more.

You can purchase these parts from anywhere you feel convenient. Just make sure the quality of the excavator spare parts you are going to buy is the best.

It should be such that it adds up the life of your mini excavator.


24.    What do you mean by excavator spare parts catalog?

Excavator spare parts catalog is a list of spare parts which are available at a time.

You can see the details of any excavator spare part you need if you want to view it. It also includes the image of actual spare parts.

Excavator spare parts catalog includes several parts necessary to transfer the power from the engine onto the movements.

Cylinders and hydraulic systems, as well as several auxiliary units, play this role.

Several manufacturers have their catalog to provide you aid in selecting the needed one.

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