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XuGong KS is the Top Supplier of Excavator Track Adjuster

  • Proper Track Tension, Rigid Quality Standards
  • Built at Different Sizes, Volumes, and Length
  • Developed Based on Quality materials
  • Broad Range of Spring Regulator
  • Up to 180 Days Warranty Period

XuGong KS Excavator Track Adjuster Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

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Quality Excavator Idler Adjuster Tension Assy. Low Maintenance and Cost. Long Warranty

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Hitachi EX100 EX200 Excavator Track Adjuster Assy. 100% OEM. Long-lasting Quality

R160 Excavator Track Adjuster Part E70B D5H Track Adjust

New R160 Excavator Track Adjuster Part E70B D5H Track Adjust Wholesale In Stocks For Immediate Delivery

ZX450 ZX470 Excavator Recoil Spring Track Adjuster

Equipment PartsExcavator Recoil Spring Track Adjuster.Different Models For Choice. One-stop Purchasing

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Original E320D Excavator Track Adjuster Tension Cylinder. In Stocks & On Sales

CAT 320 Excavator Track Adjuster

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XuGong KS is the Quality Factory of Excavator Track Adjuster

XugGong KS offers the high-performance Excavator Track Adjuster in China. Our Excavator Track Adjuster is highly appreciated in the market due to its trademark. The Excavator Track Adjuster of XuGong KS is easy to use, perfect functioning, and long service life. Excavator Track Adjuster in XuGong KS is highly reliable since it is a very important and critical component. These are all the best designs to protect your idlers and track sysytem.

All the best Excavator Track Adjuster comes at different lengths sizes and volumes. The Excavator Track Adjuster in XuGong KS is the right part that will have the greatest impact on your applications. This Excavator Track Adjuster has the standard lubrication that is suitable for special temperature applications. Further, these Excavator Track Adjusters are designed to give the greatest performance even under heavy loads.

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XuGong KS Excavator Track Adjuster Manufacturing Process

Quality Control
We design a perfect system to secure the high-efficiency of Excavator Track System. This was controlled by international quality standards.
Product Details
Product Details
Excavator Track Adjuster is installed based on OEM system. Best engineered with professional management system. Proven with standard service.
XuGong KS always sure to train how to use and how to install the track . In fact , we give 100 % testing before the delivery of the Excavator Track Adjuster.
Packing and Delivery
XuGong KS always recognize your interests. Our Excavator Track Adjuster has the most professional packing and hassle-free delivery with reduced cost.

XuGong KS Excavator Track Adjuster Factory Overview

Why XuGong KS Is The Top Supplier Of  Your Excavator Track Adjuster?

Having the high standard of Excavator Track Adjuster, XuGong KS only produced high flexibility and long life service track adjuster. XuGong KS is an outstanding supplier in this field. Thus, our best production of Excavator Track Adjuster and best-engineered products is our main concern. We are always here to provide you 100% quality assurance. XuGong KS always provides excellent after-sales service and prompt feedback immediately. These Excavator Track Adjuster are tailor-made to perfectly fit your top brands.


The warranty we promised to our customer is up to 180 days period and 90 days period to any undercarriage replacement parts. XuGong KS is the professional producer of Excavator Track Adjuster. Wherein, we ha one-to-one products factory. We can supply you with more Excavator Track Adjusters based on your special machinery. We respect you our customers and the professional service is what we aim for. XuGong KS will provide you the high accuracy and world-class Excavator Track Adjuster whether you are a group or an individual. XuGong KS is a factory sale direct with a reasonable price for Excavator Track Adjuster and that will surely lower your maintenance cost. Get a quote now!


Excavator Track Adjuster – The Complete FAQ Guide

Excavator track adjusters are vital components for the optimal movement of your excavator. They aid a great deal when your excavator works, as you will find out how later on in this guide.

Today, you are going to learn:

  • What an excavator track adjuster is and how it works
  • How the track adjuster works
  • How to care for your excavator track adjuster
  • How to select high-quality excavator track adjusters and where to acquire them


Keep reading this guide to find out more.


1.  What is An Excavator Track Adjuster?


An excavator track adjuster is a piece of equipment found in your excavator’s undercarriage. It absorbs shock as your excavator moves as well as ensures proper track tensioning. Apart from that, the excavator track adjuster protects the track’s system and idlers.

Figure 1 - Excavator Track Adjuster

Here’s the deal:


You need to ensure that your excavator’s tracks are properly adjusted. It’ll help you operate your excavator easily and its performance will be optimal. Continue reading this guide to find out how to use your excavator track adjuster.


2.  How Does An Excavator Track Adjuster Work?


Your excavator’s tracks are equipped with track adjusters on both sides. These track adjusters aid the excavator to move in whichever direction you’d want. It receives its moving power from the excavator’s main pump. The main pump receives pressurized oil from the engine.

This main pump then transmits hydraulic power to the excavator’s final drive, which then spins the sprockets which in turn move the excavator tracks. Your excavator has hydraulic circuits that connect the hydraulic pump to the tension adjusting cylinder.

Figure 2 - Excavator Track Adjuster Working Principle


Check this out:


Your excavator’s hydraulic circuit is quite intelligent – it detects the amount of pressure exerted on your tension adjusting cylinder. If the pressure level is higher than a specified amount, the tension adjusting cylinder is moved backward to avoid excessive tension in the belt.


3.  How Should I Adjust Track Tension On An Excavator Using the Excavator’s Track Adjuster?


Many excavator operators or owners often ignore their excavator tracks’ health status. These tracks are important as they support the weight of the whole excavator. Their vitality is experienced as the excavator works hard to achieve an objective.

Check out how you can adjust your excavator’s track tension to be just right:


  • To begin, rotate the excavator’s upper structure such that the boom and the travel direction are perpendicular to each other.
  • Then, you’ll need to put them perpendicular to the ground. The bucket should be at the floor level. Press down on one side of the track and lift it so that the entire track is elevated above ground level using the boom.
  • Allow your excavator tracks to make several complete rotations to get rid of all the debris and dirt that the excavator collects as it works. Then, bring the tracks to a complete stop and engage the excavator’s hydraulic safety switch while they are still dangling.
  • Continue staying in the operator’s cab. Let a certified expert measure from the bottom of the track frame to the upper face of the track shoe with a standard measuring tape. Compare this measurement to the recommended tension requirements in your Operator’s Manual.

Figure 3 - Excavator Track Adjuster Tension Measurement


  • If there are any other necessary adjustments required, they will be outlined in your Operator’s Manual. The track tension is maintained by the grease contained within the adjuster cylinder. You’ll need to find the adjustment grease fitting in a small hole near the idler. Use a grease gun to inject grease – it tightens the tracks.


Loosen your excavator’s track by using a wrench to slowly loosen the fitting and remove grease. You’ll need to wear protective clothing, as grease will be under pressure. Protective clothing includes safety glasses, gloves, etc.


You can also get help from your local mechanic or even a reputable professional manufacturing company.


4.  How Much Money Does An Excavator Track Adjuster Cost?


It’s true that:

There are many excavators’ makes and models in the market today. Each excavator has its track adjuster specifications and functionalities that vary depending on the excavator.

Here’s the deal:

There is no specific value for how much your excavator track adjuster costs. It varies, depending on the make, model, and supplier of your excavator.

KS will help you out acquire a good excavator track adjuster that fits your requirements and meets your budget. We deal with top excavator brands which include CATERPILLAR, ISUZU, KOBELCO, DOOSAN, VOLVO, KOMATSU, HINI, etc.

Contact us today to know how you can get your excavator track adjuster.


5.  How Should I Remove An Excavator Track Adjuster?


Removing your excavator track adjuster for repairs may be necessary at times. However, you should have it done by a certified expert to avoid unnecessary damages that might cost you a great deal.

Here’s how you can remove your excavator track adjuster from your excavator for repairs:

  • Track Tension Release – You can release the track tension manually by loosening the excavator track adjuster’s vent screw. You can also do so by backing off the track adjuster.
  • Remove the Master Pin – A locking device or a hole punched at the end of the master pin is what makes it different from other pins in the chain. Slowly reverse the excavator or, on other excavator models, move forwards. This process brings the master pin below the drawbar level.


Position something somewhat heavy and rigid, e.g. a block under the grouser on a shoe so that the master pin is centered on the front idler. Remove any locking mechanism. Ensure that you keep the master pin centered on the front idler. Remove the master pin with a sledgehammer and a soft metal drift pin if it has a locking device.


Drilled pins have to be removed with a portable press. Take care not to lose the bushings.

  • Take The Track Off The Carrier Rollers And Idler – You can now slowly move the excavator forward or reverse away from the track’s loose ends. When the loose end of the track slips off the front idler or the sprocket, ensure that nobody is near there.

Figure 4 - Excavator Track Adjuster Removal Process

  • Move The Excavator Away From The Track – Set a plank at the back of the track that has almost the same thickness as the track but narrow enough to fit between the track frame and guards. It should also be long enough to support the whole excavator.

You need to note that:

  • You should ensure that your excavator is properly blocked after removing its track.
  • After removing the excavator’s tracks, examine carefully its undercarriage for misalignment, excessive wear, and tear, or any other anomaly.

You can always reach out to us today for more information on your undercarriage or your excavator’s track adjuster. Our skilled and experienced service reps are always available to hear you out and help you solve your issue.


6.  How Should I Change An Excavator Track Adjuster Seal?


Replacing your excavator track adjuster seals can only happen after you remove the track adjuster from the excavator. You should follow the highlighted steps above to remove the track adjuster safely.

Figure 5 - Excavator Track Adjuster Seal

Here’s how you should remove the excavator track adjuster seals for replacement:

You’ll need to use a grease gun to help force the piston out of the adjuster, after which the seals can be replaced. Typically, a grease gun will be used to help force the piston out of the adjuster, after which the seals can be replaced. Keep dirt out of the seal area by thoroughly cleaning everything. Anything that becomes stuck inside will cause harm to the piston and seals. Replace the piston if it is pitted in the seal area, otherwise, the seals will fail again.


Figure 6 - Dirty Excavator Undercarriage


The recoil and adjustment assembly is shown in the sections below. You’ll not be required to remove the idler; simply attach it to the yoke of the recoil assembly and pull it together.


7.  What Are The Benefits Of Using An Excavator Track Adjuster?


Your excavator track adjuster greatly aids your excavator to move and work optimally. Here are the benefits of using an excavator track adjuster:

  • The excavator track adjuster automatically changes the tension in the vehicle’s track and accommodates the passage of foreign objects via temporary recoil to prevent the chain and associated elements from breaking.
  • Hydraulically powered pistons control the force applied to the idler in the equipment. The track adjuster makes use of a spring to accumulate transitory force energy and automatically returns the apparatus to its usual working state.

8.  What Are The Common Excavator Track Adjuster Failures?


The most common excavator track adjuster issue is leakage. Leaking excavator track adjusters causes your excavator to de-track. A leaking excavator track adjuster is usually a result of a bent, contaminated, or scarred adjuster piston. This issue will make your excavator track lose over time. Eventually, you’ll experience slackness and de-tracking in your excavator’s performance.


You can prevent this issue by carefully examining your excavator’s tracks every morning and ensuring that they are in good working condition. The tension should be at its recommended level. If it has dropped off, the track may come off. Consider removing your excavator track adjuster for close examination.


9.  Why Is My Excavator Track Adjuster Stuck?


The most probable reason why your excavator track adjuster is stuck is that it has a corroded or bent rod. Removing grease does not help the situation. You’ll probably need to hit the idler pretty hard for the track adjuster to release. Kindly note that you should not mess around with the spring. It could severely hurt you and in some serious cases, it could kill you. Do not mess with objects under tension.


10. How Should I Select My Excavator Track Adjuster Seals?


Now, there are several factors that you should consider when selecting your excavator track adjuster seals. Different excavator track adjusters operate in different ways. As a result, to select the best excavator track adjuster seal kits for your excavator track adjuster you’ll need to do the following:


  • You must first estimate the pressure range. The severity of the pressure and its frequency are both included in the pressure range.
  • It would be ideal if you then considered the dimensions of your excavator track adjuster. Your seals must match perfectly with the dimensions of the excavator track adjuster hydraulic cylinder.
  • The quality of your excavator track adjuster seals also matters a great deal when it comes to seals selection. You should acquire them from a reputable professional company.


To begin, please contact us and discuss your requirements and budget. Once you’ve done so, we’ll contact you within 24 hours with a suitable free quote based on your needs and budget. We will then provide you with sample components to assess the quality and dependability of our products.


Once you are pleased, KS will ship your parts to you. We utilize top logistics companies such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, and many others to ship parts around the world.


Look at this:

We have 10,000 aftermarket excavator track adjuster seals in stock. They are all manufactured in-house, under strict OEM manufacturing regulations. On top of that, all our parts are covered by a 90-day warranty period that begins as soon as you acquire your excavator parts from us. Reach out to us today for more information.


11. How Should I Replace My Excavator Track Adjuster Recoil Spring?


Before replacing your excavator track adjuster recoil spring, it’s essential to note that you must use a compression tool. You’ll also use the same compression tool during assembling the excavator track recoil spring.

Here’s how you can replace the recoil spring:

  • First, you’ll need to use a 20-ton jack at the bottom of the compression tool as depicted in the image below:

Figure 7 - Recoil Spring Compression Tool


  • You’ll then need to remove nuts and the top plate.


12. How Can I Best Repair and Maintain My Excavator Track Adjuster?


The best way to maintain your excavator track adjuster can be done by following these steps:

  1. Regular monitoring – monitor keenly what the excavator’s undercarriage bears, and replace worn-out parts.
  2. You need to have a records book that helps in recording raw data. Experts advise that it is better to replace a worn-out part than a whole excavator track adjuster. You can capture how many hours a day your excavator has worked as well as the severity of the day’s projects.
  3. Measure your excavator’s track tension – Any buildup or foreign items inside the track can create over-tension, resulting in breakage, extra wear, and de-tracking when tracks are excessively tight.


Excess snaking can occur if the tracks are too loose, leading to greater wear and de-tracking. Make checking track tension a habit as part of your pre-start checklist. Track tension may need to be changed depending on the terrain. For example, when working in thick sand, gravel, or mud, you should reduce the tension slightly to avoid over-tensioning. When operating on steep slopes, significantly higher tension is usually required to keep the tracks properly aligned and in place.

Figure 8 - Properly Maintained Excavator Track Adjuster

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