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E320 Excavator Wheel Front Idler Roller Front Track Idler Group Assy

Durable E320 Excavator Wheel Front Idler Roller Front Track Idler Group Assy

155 ZX200 307B D65-8 JS220 KX41 KX41 Excavator Front Idler

Authentic KX41 KX41 Excavator Front Idler. OEM Certified. Lowest Price. Fast Shipping. Strong Performance

Cat D355-5 Excavator Track Front Idler Wheel Roller Assembly

High- Guaranteed Cat D355-5 Excavator Track Front Idler Wheel Roller Assembly. In Stocks For Shipping

Excavator Front Idler For Doosan Dx225

Top Selling Excavator Front Idler For Doosan Dx225. Strong Resistance. Ready For Delivery

Excavator Front Idler Undercarriage Parts

High Standard Excavator Front Idler Undercarriage Parts. In Stocks. Ready For Immediate Shipping

Mini Excavator Idler Rear Idler Front Idler Roller For CAT 301.8

High GuaranteeMini Excavator Idler Rear Idler Front Idler Roller For CAT 301.8. Cost-Effective and Quality Performance

EX150-1 Excavator Front Idler Wheel

Best QualityEX150-1 Excavator Front Idler Wheel. Perfect Fit Machinery.In stocks For Wholesale.Fast Shipment

KX41-3 Mini Excavator Front Idler For KUBOTA

Quality Performance KX41-3 Mini Excavator Front Idler For KUBOTA. Strong Wooden Case

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Original SK200 Excavator Front Idler Parts. 100% OEM. Custom Machinery. Cost-Effective. Low Maintenance

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XuGong is the most recognized leading manufacturer of plenty of Excavator Front Idler  All these Excavator Front Idlers are designed for good craft, durable and high quality. However, as the leading market, XuGong KS continuously offers a wide range of Excavator Front Idler. XuGong KS also provides different models for your Excavator Front Idler that are equipped to show great performance. These Excavator Idlers are built to last longer and heavy-duty tested performance.

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SK120 , SK130 , SK135 KOBELCO Front Excavator Idler Wheel Assembly
SK120 , SK130 , SK135 KOBELCO Front Excavator Idler Wheel Assembly
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320Cl Excavator Drive Sprocket , Spare Parts Pc40 2108-1005
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Excavator Front Idler – The Complete FAQ Guide


Excavator front idlers are vital components of your excavator’s undercarriage. Remember, your excavator’s undercarriage works systematically. It, therefore, plays its part in keeping the undercarriage functional.


Today, you are going to learn more about your excavator front idler. You are going to understand:

  • What your excavator front idler is and how it functions
  • How to properly diagnose, repair or replace your excavator front idler
  • How to care for your front idler so that it can offer you a longer service life


Keep reading this guide to find out more.


1. What is A Front Idler in An Excavator?


As you’ve read earlier, your excavator front idler is part of your excavator’s undercarriage. It works systematically with other undercarriage components such as the rollers and sprockets to ensure that your excavator is mobile as it works.




Here’s the deal:


Your excavator front idler is located at the front of the excavator. It can help you identify the front and back of the excavator. The back can be identified by the sprockets.


2. How Does the Excavator Front Idler Function?


Your excavator front idler functions by maintaining your excavator’s track chain’s alignment. It works hand-in-hand with the excavator’s track adjuster to maintain the chain’s alignment. Your excavator front idler also serves as a shock absorber as well as your track chain tensioner.


Check this out:


Your excavator’s undercarriage has lots of moving parts. These parts are bound to ultimately wear out over time due to friction. It is also possible for these undercarriage parts, including your excavator front idler to fail prematurely.


Keep on reading this guide to understand how you can care for your excavator’s front idler to prevent premature failure. Proper maintenance will help you save unnecessary repair and replacement costs.


3. Why Does My Excavator Front Idler Spill Oil?


The most probable reason why your excavator’s front idler spills oil is because of a damaged seal. You need to ensure that this spillage is taken care of with immediate effect. Failure to do that will ultimately lead to the premature failure of your front idler.


Oil spillage from your excavator front idler leads to bearing damage which forces the idler to seize. Check out this maintenance tip:


Apart from oil spillage, consider checking the operating temperature of your front idler. If it is too hot, you’ll need to have it checked out. Excessive heat indicates that your front idler could be faulty.


As you check the excavator’s front idler, consider also checking the excavator rollers. The oil spill may not necessarily come from your excavator front idler.


KS will gladly supply you with high-quality front idler repair and replacement parts that you’ll certainly require. We have over 10,000 excavator parts in stock, ready to be shipped to your desired destination.


We guarantee you safe delivery. Over the past ten years of being in business, we’ve managed to establish a close, professional working relationship with the world’s leading logistics companies. Good examples include DHL, TNT, FedEx among others.


4. What Are the Most Common Problems That Excavator Front Idlers Have?


As discussed earlier in this guide, your excavator front idler will ultimately fail due to excessive wear after using it for a long time. However, the front idler can still fail prematurely.




Here are some common problems that your excavator front may have:


First, the front idler may overheat as it works. Overheating is usually a sign of high friction in any excavator mechanical part. You’ll need to have the front idler checked out by a certified expert as soon as possible.


Your excavator front idler could be overheating because the oil inside is insufficient. It could also mean that the oil you used does not lubricate your front idler’s internal parts anymore.


The second common problem is oil seepage from the front idler. Oil seepage is primarily caused by a damaged seal. You’ll need to have damaged seals replaced before your excavator can start working again.


Seals work in two ways – they prevent oil from exiting from your excavator’s front idler, as well as entry of contaminants. Contaminants are any foreign matter that should not be inside the idler. They include water, debris, etc.


You can get high-quality today by contacting KS. Our skilled service reps will organize the best deal for you that considers both your requirements and the estimated budget.


5. What Are the Consequences of Using Excessively Worn-Out Excavator Front Idlers?


Using your excavator with any worn undercarriage component is dangerous. It will ultimately cost you a lot of money compared to replacing worn-out parts as you discover them.



Now, using excessively worn-out excavator front idlers wears other components as well. These front idlers will wear your tracks, your rollers, your track chain, and other excavator undercarriage components.


Here’s the main problem:


Your excavator undercarriage amounts to almost 50% of the excavator’s total maintenance cost. The more you use your excavator with worn front idlers, the more you risk your entire excavator undercarriage.


Apart from that, the excavator’s movement will not be as smooth and easy as you’d expect. The excavator will strain to move, making the process inefficient.


6. How Should I Install My Excavator Front Idler?


Here’s the truth:


Installing your excavator front idler is not an easy task – especially if you are alone. We highly recommend contacting a professional to help you out with the process.


Your excavator front idler should be attached to the track tensioner. Your track tensioner works by using lubricants. The more you fill the track tensioner with oil, the more the cylinder pushes out.


Before installing your excavator front idler, ensure that the undercarriage is clean. Also, the front idler should be installed in the correct direction, that is, it should not be installed upside down. The direction of installation is not universal.




If you do not install it correctly, the front idler will not reach where it should – it is supposed to slide in easily.


Now, depending on your excavator’s make and model, the front idler’s weight will vary. In bigger excavators, the front idler, as well as the track tensioner, will be heavier. You’ll need an appropriate machine to help you with the heavy lifting.


You’ll need to slide in the excavator front idler and track tensioner until the track tensioner reaches where it should be. You’ll know where it should reach based on the markings of the excavator undercarriage.


After installing it, put the track together and then grease the track tensioner accordingly to adjust your excavator track tension.


7. Which Type of Lubricant Should I Use for My Excavator Front Idler?


As you’ve read earlier on in this guide, improper lubrication of your excavator front idler will damage it. The internal bearing of the excavator front idler will overheat, forcing the whole excavator front idler to seize.


Using a high-quality lubricant will help out solve this problem. However, before adding any lubricant you will need to ensure that your idler’s seals are okay. Bad seals will leak all the oil and even worse, they’ll let contaminants inside the idler.


Here’s the deal:


It is hard to definitively state which type and brand of lubricant that you should use for your excavator front idler. It is hard because different parts of the world have different environmental conditions, which have a significant impact on the performance and lifespan of your front idler.


It would therefore be best if you’d consult your favorite excavator mechanic on which lubricant you should use. The mechanic will offer you some of the best advice on different types of oil and which one would be most suitable for you.


KS also understands that you may not have a favorite mechanic. You can reach out to us right now for more information on what you should do. Our experienced service reps will help you sort this issue out.


8. How Should I Repair My Excavator Front Idler?


All excavator repairs must be done by a certified expert. It helps reduce the risks of self-injuries as well as other excavator component damages.

Excavator Front Idler Repair



Repairing your front idler requires you to identify which component of the idler is damaged. After identifying it, you’ll need to place an order as soon as possible for a replacement part. If it is not major damage, you can ask your favorite mechanic to repair it.


It would be best if you’d stopped using your excavator until repairs and/or replacements are done well.


KS manufactures and supplies world-class excavator front idler components, and tests them rigorously. It helps us ensure that these front idlers meet international standards. Apart from that, all our excavator parts are manufactured in-house to ensure OEM manufacturing standards are met.


9. How Can I Care for My Excavator Front Idler?


Caring for your excavator front idler is not a difficult task. It only requires discipline and commitment. You can apply that rule to almost every component of your excavator.


Here’s how you can take care of your excavator front idler for maximum output and less downtime:


First, you need to ensure that there are no worn-out excavator undercarriage parts. As you read earlier in this guide, worn excavator parts also accelerate the wearing-out rate of other components.


You’ll also need to ensure that your excavator front idler has a good quality and quantity of oil. It’ll help prevent downtime as the idler’s bearing will not fail prematurely.


Also, you should use proper excavator operation techniques to prevent other components from wearing out. These components will ultimately affect your excavator front idler. For example, you should operate your excavator on your front idler as opposed to the sprockets.


You should move your excavator forward, as opposed to reversing it for long distances. It helps prevent excavator track wear.


The fourth way to continue caring for your excavator front idler is to always check it out for any anomaly. Routine inspections have helped prevent a lot of excavator undercarriage disasters that were an inch away from happening.




Lastly, always acquire high-quality excavator front idlers. They’ll help reduce excavator downtime as they rarely break down. They’ll also increase productivity and it will be easy for you to operate your excavator.


KS is willingly ready to supply you with world-class excavator front idlers. We manufacture and sell high-quality excavator front idlers for HITACHI, DOOSAN, CAT, ISUZU, VOLVO, KOMATSU, HINI, as well as other leading excavator brands.


We do not have a minimum order quantity (MOQ). You can choose to either order in bulk (which is way cheaper) or single parts. We’ll ensure that your order reaches your desired destination because apart from using leading logistics companies, our packaging style also protects your excavator front idlers from physical damage.


Reach out to us now for more information on how we operate, and how our aftermarket services are.


10. How Much Money Does An Excavator Front Idler Cost?


It’s true that: Today, there are many excavator brands in the market. These brands manufacture different models of excavators. It is therefore hard to explicitly state a fixed amount for your excavator front idler. You can reach out to us today for a free quote on your excavator front idler.

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