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  • Customizations
  • High-Tech Construction Machinery
  • Built to Last for Longer Periods of Work

XuGong KS Excavator Sprockets Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Sprockets

Cat E70B E70 Excavator Sprockets

The package includes 096-2144 undercarriage parts of CAT. This sprocket is one part of undercarriage parts for crawler heavy equipment such as excavator, bulldozer, crane, drilling machine, etc.

E330 Undercarriage Spare Parts Excavator Sprocket

The package includes a standard size excavator sprocket fit for all brands. XuGong KS guarantees to give you quality with reasonable price, timely delivery, and great customer service.

Excavator sprockets PC160-8

The package includes a standard size excavator sprocket fit for drivewheels 20Y-27-D3060, 20Y-27-11582, 20Y-27-11581. Got any other choices? Come visit us!

Teeth 12 Bolt Hole Mini Excavator Sprockets

Fit for PC10-5, PC15-2, PC20-7, PC27MR2 models. High-quality sprocket for mini excavator. Package includes 1x set of excavator sprocket. Let XuGong KS know your need so we can help you!

Heavy Machinery D7G Excavator Sprockets Bolts Segment

This type of excavator sprocket is known to have a reliable quality since it is used in heavy equipment. The package includes 1x set of excavator sprocket and its attachments.

Hyundai Undercarriage Parts R210 Excavator Sprockets, OEM 81EN-10010

The package includes 1x set of excavator sprocket R210 model from Hyundai. Another high-quality sprocket following the OEM standard.

Mini PC20 Rubber Track Drive Excavator Sprockets

The package includes 1x set of excavator sprocket with  PC20 model. This excavator sprocket is made up of good quality steel that can with stand the job of the excavator.

Mini Excavator Sprockets Undercarriage Parts Pc20-5 Drive

A high-performance mini excavator sprocket is tested as a pressure-resistant sprocket. Any replacement for this type of sprocket is available at XuGong KS!

Undercarriage Kobelco SK50 Excavator Sprockets

An excavator sprocket is surely what you need. XuGong KS replaces this type of sprocket with a model of PC200 and PC300. Let us know so we can provide you, rightaway!

Best Excavator Sprockets Dealer to Rocket Your Business in China

XuGong KS excavator sprocket is powerful and reliable that makes the excavation work more efficient!

We, in XuGong KS, produced excavator sprockets for the alternative of top excavator brands such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat, Doosan, Volvo, and so on.

Excavator Sprocket is a very important part of the excavator. As it is one of the materials on which the excavator depends in order to do the job!

XuGong KS is a good supplier of excavator sprocket, XuGong KS also accepts customized orders by drawing based on your need! Get a quote now!

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Xugong KS Excavator Sprockets Manufacturing Process

KS-excavator-sprocket-material assessment
Materials assessment
The making of Excavator Sprockets has been in the process of assessing materials to ensure quality production of the items. In XuGong KS, we make sure to give you extraordinary quality checking of materials to comply with our customers qualifications and standards.
Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of a metal through hammering, pressing, or rolling. XuGong KS makes sure to give the customers good quality of materials for their excavator sprockets by undergoing the process of forging.
At XuGong KS, our customer’s satisfaction is very important, so we make sure to provide the smoothest and accurate finish of our Excavator Sprockets. In turning, we remove as much metal that exceeds in the product as possible in the shortest length of time.
Shot Blasting
Excavator Sprockets undergoes shot blasting where it cleans, strengthens or polishes metal used in the making of Excavator Sprockets. XuGong KS aims to provide excellent cleaning and surface preparation for secondary finishing operations.
Heat Treatment
At XuGong KS, the excavator sprockets ensure excellent tensile strength, these excavator sprockets are made of steels that have been heat-treated to get the needed tensile strength. We make sure to give you a high quality product that fits your needs.
XuGong KS conducts chamfering which includes the insertion of bolts into holes, or nuts on the Excavator Sprockets. Chamfering removes sharp edges which significantly reduces the cuts and injuries of the people handling.
The assembly process is an arrangement of equipment and workers where the product to be assembled passes sequentially from one operation to another until complete. XuGong KS provides quality assemble products for distribution.
At XuGong KS, with your Excavator Sprockets we provide a strong and safe packaging to make sure that the product gets to its destination safely. We ensure you a professional, eco-friendly and efficient packaging service.

XuGong KS Excavator Sprockets Manufacturer Overview

Where Can We Find the Perfect Excavator Sprockets Distributor in China?


In XuGong KS, we provide you most of your engineering needs which includes the perfect Excavator Sprockets!

XuGong KS will supply you with the material that is best in the market and is according to your choice that fits your needs.

Rest assured that you will be getting good excavator sprockets since our manufacturing process follows the OEM standard, with very hands-on and delicate quality assurance. At XuGong KS, we provide hundreds of new OEM excavator sprockets of your choice. A lot of in-stock excavator sprockets are waiting for your order!

XuGong KS provides you the most reliable and long-lasting excavator sprockets.  Need more to say? What are you waiting for?

Contact us if you need any product replacement or alternative of any of your top brands, XuGong KS excavator sprockets are ready to save your needs. Experience the convenience of using the excavator sprockets provided by XuGong KS!

It is for sure hassle-free, giving you the convenience that you deserve!


Excavator Sprockets – The Complete FAQ Guide

Excavator sprockets are key undercarriage components in your excavator. They help your excavator move around easily. Their vitality must not be underestimated, as the excavator will not be able to move an inch without these sprockets.


Over time, your excavator sprockets will eventually wear out. They’ll require replacement urgently. There are many factors that you’ll need to consider so that you end up choosing the correct sprockets that match your requirements and your budget.


Here’s what you’ll learn from this guide:

  • What an excavator sprocket is and how it works
  • How to take care of your excavator sprockets
  • How to repair and/or replace your excavator sprockets
  • Where to get the best excavator sprockets


Follow this guide for more tips and information on your excavator sprockets.

1.  What is A Sprocket on An Excavator?

Your excavator’s rear has two metal cogwheels that have been attached to the excavator’s final drives. They are attached either by directly screwing or pressing them to the drive.

Figure 1 - Excavator Sprocket

These two metal cogwheels are the sprockets on your excavator.


It is important to note that:

Excavator sprockets are found at the rear of your excavator, while the idlers are found at the front. This design helps you know the direction your excavator is moving in, that is, either forwards or backward.


2.  What is An Excavator Sprocket Used for?

The main reason why your excavator has sprockets is that they mechanically engage the excavator track chain so that the excavator can move.

Figure 2 - Excavator Sprocket Working Principle

Check this out:


Your excavator as a whole works systematically. Different components work in unison to achieve a certain goal. Your excavator engine pumps oil under high pressure to the excavator’s main pump (also known as the hydraulic pump).


The main pump, in turn, pumps pressurized oil to the final drive, which is divided into two main parts; planetary gear hub and the hydraulic motor. The planetary gear hub then produces a torque which is used to turn the excavator’s sprockets which in turn move the excavator’s tracks.


3.  How Can I Select the Best Excavator Sprockets?

Selecting ideal excavator sprockets for your excavator can be an intimidating process. The first reason why it’s hard is that there are many manufacturing and supplying companies in the market today. They’ll happily sell you low-quality excavator sprockets.


The second reason why getting the best excavator sprockets is hard is because you do not know your excavator sprockets’ specifications. The best way to find the ideal sprocket for your excavator’s specific make and model is first to know the sprocket’s part number.


Each excavator make has a unique part number for all the components that make a complete excavator. This means that Volvo’s part number is different from that of Hitachi or even Komatsu.


On top of that, you also have to know the number of teeth your excavator sprocket has. It will help you in finding a matching aftermarket sprocket with ease. You should also know how many holes the excavator sprocket has. Some excavator sprockets have 22 holes, others have 24 holes or even 15 holes.

Figure 3 - High-quality Excavator Sprocket

It would be best if you’d always acquire your excavator from a professional manufacturer and supplier with a proven reputation. If you are in doubt of any other aspect that you should look out for, reach out to us today for more information.


4.  What is the Basic Structure of An Excavator Sprocket?

KS manufactures excavator sprockets from high-quality virgin steel. The sprocket has teeth that are used to engage the track chain so that the excavator can reverse or move forwards. The teeth engage with the track chain by meshing.


5.  Why Are Excavator Sprockets Important?

Excavator sprockets are vital components of your excavator’s undhydraulic pumpercarriage. They are important as they help your excavator move. They are so important that you can determine the health of other excavator undercarriage components by looking at the sprockets.


They mesh with your excavator’s track chain so that the excavator can move. Sprockets receive torque from the final drive which in turn receives torque from the . The hydraulic pump receives highly pressurized oil from the excavator’s engine.


Check out this conceptual excavator working mechanism:

Figure 5 - Excavator Working Mechanism

6.  How Are Excavator Sprockets Installed?

You’ll first need to ensure that the excavator undercarriage is clean. Get rid of any contaminant, including rust. Then, ensure that you have the right size of tools to tightly fasten the bolts that attach the excavator sprocket to the excavator final drive.


It would also be best if you’d have a thread locking adhesive. A few drops on the threads of your excavator sprocket bolts will help keep the sprocket in position, as it will be working in harsh environmental conditions.


The installation process is pretty straightforward. You’ll only need to align the excavator sprocket with the holes which will attach it as depicted here below:

Figure 6 - Excavator Sprocket Alignment for Installation

Apply a few drops of the thread locking adhesive. Then start by putting the first bolt on the 12 o’clock bolt, followed by the 6 o’clock bolt. Proceed to the 3 o’clock bolt, 9 o’clock bolt, 1 o’clock bolt, 7 o’clock bolt, etc.


Finalize the process by tightening the bolts. Kindly ensure that the bolts are tightly secured. Confirm with your excavator manufacturer the appropriate torque setting.


7.  How Can I Best Maintain My Excavator Sprockets?

Maintaining your excavator sprockets is not a difficult task. You only need to sacrifice a little bit of your time after using your excavator.


Here’s the deal:

  • You can maintain your excavator sprockets by first operating your excavator on your idlers, as opposed to digging with maximum weight on your sprockets. It will help you prevent premature wear of your excavator’s sprockets.


  • The second way to maintain your excavator sprockets is to move your excavator forwards. Do not get used to reversing your excavator for long. It will wear out your excavator sprockets and excavator track chain as they are designed not to wear out quickly by moving forward.


  • The third way to maintain your excavator sprockets is by keeping them clean, as well as the whole excavator. Keeping your excavator clean helps prevent premature wear due to contaminants corroding your excavator’s elements.


  • The fourth way of maintaining your excavator’s sprockets is ensuring that the health of other excavator undercarriage components is good. Remember, your excavator works systematically – when one component strains, it forces the whole excavator to strain, and as such, wear out prematurely.


  • The final way of maintaining your excavator’s sprockets is by routinely inspecting your excavator’s sprockets and the undercarriage in general. Are they worn out? If so, consider replacing your excavator sprockets as soon as possible. It helps prevent damaging your excavator’s track chain, top and bottom rollers, and idlers.

Figure 7 - Extremely Worn Out Excavator Sprockets

8.  How Can I Tell If My Excavator Sprockets Are Worn Out?

You can tell if your excavator sprockets are worn out by checking out the sprocket’s main area – the teeth that mesh with the excavator track chain. A worn excavator sprocket teeth are more sharp or pointed. A good excavator sprocket has more grounded teeth.

Figure 8 - Worn Out vs Good Excavator Sprockets

Also, if your excavator undercarriage components wear out, consider replacing them as well as checking for other underlying issues. Your excavator sprockets could be the underlying issue.


You can reach out to us right now to place orders for your excavator undercarriage components.


9.  What Causes Premature Wear on Excavator Sprockets?

Premature wear on your excavator sprockets is primarily caused by poor excavator operation. You’ll find out that operators who dig while exerting a lot of pressure on the sprockets have significantly worn out sprockets.


Apart from that, their excavators have other worn-out excavator undercarriage components.


The second primary reason for premature wear on excavator sprockets is not cleaning your excavator after using it. Your sprockets get into direct contact with highly abrasive grounds, for example, building rubble, as well as contaminants.


Also, operating your excavator on reverse frequently causes your excavator sprockets and track chain to wear out prematurely. Both the sprockets and the excavator track chain are designed to last longer when you move your excavator forward, as opposed to reversing it frequently.



10. How Are Excavator Sprockets Removed?

Removing your excavator sprockets is a pretty straightforward process.

Figure 9 - Excavator Sprocket Removal

You’ll first need to remove your excavator tracks. Once they are out, proceed to the excavator sprocket and loosen the bolts that attach it to the excavator final drive. Once the bolts are out you can pull out the excavator sprocket.

11. Are Excavator Sprockets Repairable?

Here’s the truth:

Yes, you can repair your excavator sprockets, but the process will be too expensive. It would be best to replace your excavator sprockets as opposed to repairing them. Apart from money, the process also consumes a lot of time, which makes your excavator less productive by increasing downtime.


Check this out:

Repairing your excavator sprockets will require you to rebuild them. The process will require you to send your damaged excavator sprockets to a professional rebuilding company so that they can be broken down and then rebuilt, either by forging or casting.


12. How Should I Replace My Excavator Sprockets?

Replacing any excavator component requires you to remove the old, worn-out component and then install a new, stronger one.


Here’s how you can replace your excavator sprockets:

You should first remove your excavator tracks. Once they’re off, go to the excavator sprocket and loosen the nuts that connect it to the excavator final drive.  You can then remove the old, worn-out excavator sprocket.


Remove any contamination, including rust.


The installation process of the new excavator sprocket is also straightforward. Align the excavator sprocket with the holes which will attach it to the excavator final drive.


Apply a few drops of the thread locking adhesive. Then start by putting the first bolt on the 12 o’clock bolt, followed by the 6 o’clock bolt. Proceed to the 3 o’clock bolt, 9 o’clock bolt, 1 o’clock bolt, 7 o’clock bolt, etc.


Finalize the process by tightening the bolts.

13. How Much Money Do Excavator Sprockets Cost?

All excavator sprockets are a little bit unique, depending on the excavator’s make and model. They are manufactured differently with different numbers of holes as well as numbers of teeth that mesh with the excavator track chain.


The price is also dependent on the excavator sprocket manufacturer.


Here’s the deal:

It is impossible to put a definitive price tag on excavator sprockets. We recommend, however, contacting a professional manufacturing company for a definitive price tag.


KS offers you deals of a lifetime! We allow you to contact us with your requirements as well as your estimated budget. Our skilled service reps will then reach out to you with a free quote that tries to meet both your requirements and your estimated budget.


14. Where Can I Find the Best Excavator Sprockets?

KS is a one-stop shop for all your excavator aftermarket needs. We manufacture from scratch all sorts of excavator components that range from undercarriage components to excavator cab doors.


Check this out:

KS has been manufacturing excavator sprockets for over ten years now. We manufacture excavator sprockets for leading excavator makes such as CAT, Hitachi, Komatsu, Volvo, Doosan, Liebherr, Kobelco, Isuzu, Hyundai, Yanar, Hini, etc.


In our many years of being in the manufacturing and supplying company, we’ve managed to secure close working relationships with leading logistics companies like DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, among others. It helps us ensure that you receive your order in mint condition, regardless of the order size.


Our design and packaging team also does a wonderful packaging job. They ensure that your excavator sprockets are well packaged for shipment. However, we cannot release your package if you’ve not completed paying for them.


We allow payment from different platforms, that is, Paypal, T.T, LC, Western Union, and also Alipay.


Our excavator sprockets are manufactured from high-quality virgin steel. We manufacture them in-house, under strict OEM practices to ensure the production of high-quality aftermarket excavator sprockets.


Here’s the best part:

All our aftermarket parts are covered by a 90-day warranty that begins from the date of purchase.


Reach out to us right now for detailed information on our excavator sprockets, as well as other excavator aftermarket components that you may need.




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