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Xugong KS is the number one supplier of excavator track chains in China. We distribute excavator track chains for any type of excavator from conveyors to bucket wheel excavators.

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Raw Materials Inspection - Excavator Track Chain
Raw Materials Inspection
Our customers deserve only top quality materials for the excavator track chains in China. This avoids our excavator track chains getting any issues later on.
Welding - Excavator Track Chain
Both Xugong KS engineers and machine do the welding for our excavator track chains to ensure precision and well-jointed materials.
Assembly - Excavator Track Chain
Excavator track chains are installed according to OEM specifications. Xugong KS has the most efficient assembly for excavator builds.
Packing - Excavator Track Chain
Xugong KS excavator track chains are neatly and securely packed in hard wooden crates and shipped via or sea from China.

XuGong KS Excavator Track Chain Manufacturer Overview

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Xugong KS excavator track chains has additional surface coating treatment for that long-lasting wear life. Our excavator track chains are made from special cast steel and mass heat treated for maximum structural life under harsh working conditions.

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If you send us an inquiry and order our excavator track chain now, we can pack and ship it immediately. Rest assured, Xugong KS puts your excavator track chains in very tight and secure wooden crates.

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Excavator Track Chain – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Excavator track chains FAQ Guide is an FAQ guide where you will find the most frequently asked questions about excavator track chains. You will find many answers at this place, like what does this type of chains do, what is the cost associated, working principle, specifications, and much more. Stick to this guide and get pro-level information on excavator track chains.

1. What is an excavator track chain?


An Excavator track chain is an endless flexible belt having corresponding links which travel in a channel or pair of parallel chains. Excavator track chains (also called crawler chains) are the power transmission mechanism used on most heavy-duty construction equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, and backhoes.

The Excavator track chain is mainly used to transmit torque from the engine to the undercarriage that supports them. They are vital in moving your machinery and ensuring that it runs smoothly, efficiently, and at the highest level possible. These chains connect the excavator to the crawler track frame, which comprises two wheels joined by rail segments around one or both sides.


2. What is the material used in the manufacturing of the excavator track chain?


The Excavator track chain is made from many materials. Excavator track chains are mainly made of high-quality alloy steel. Although there is chrome-vanadium steel in the product, most of it is manganese steel.


Chromium-manganese steel suit for excavators used in clay type soils, usually a certain degree of sliding layer wear resistance and bending strength is far less than ordinary manganese steel. Excavator track chains are produced with cold forging.


The cold forging process is 200 degrees lower than the red heat temperature, which greatly improves workability and greatly reduces the risk of deformation during heat treatment. After cold forging, track chains are subjected to heat treatment to harden the product to deform when used in tougher environments. These materials can be cast or forged into a specific shape depending on the product’s specifications.


3. What are the specifications of the excavator track chain?


There are several specifications associated with the excavator track chain. These specifications are listed in the table below:

Sr. No. Specifications
1 A 171.50 mm
2 B 60.30 mm
3 C 55.55 mm
4 D 108.00 mm
5 E 108.00 mm
6 F 16.20 mm
7 L 53.85 mm
8 M 53.85 mm
9 N 33.40 mm
10 O 74.40 mm
11 P 137.70 mm
12 Q 95.20 mm
13 R 52.00 mm
14 S 177.40 mm
15 T 184.00 mm
16 Bolts 5/ 9 in
17 Weight 368 kg

These specifications vary depending on several factors, including machine model or brand.


4. What do you mean by the pitch of the excavator track chain?


By pitch of excavator track chain, we mean the distance measured and the link between two chain pins. Pitch describes the number of teeth on a sprocket wheel to which the chain is connected. By changing the pitch, the speed of the machine can be varied.


This is an important parameter when choosing an excavator track chain. Track chains used in mining applications must have a long life, and excavators can lift considerable weight over a short distance, so track chains with a small pitch are essential as they have more links and are therefore stronger than those with a large pitch. In general, the bigger the machine, the larger the excavator track chain, and vice versa.


5. What do you mean by the direction of the excavator track chain?


The direction of the excavator track chain is decided by the shape of the sprocket on the excavator, whether the chain will go to the engine from the left or right side. There is more than one direction of excavator track chains. They can move either clockwise or counterclockwise.


The direction of the chain for the excavator is the same as the direction of sprocket rotation. The correct excavator track chain direction incorporates several features and is used to reduce noise, increase output and efficiency, and save fuel cost. The feature of traction drives determines the direction of the excavator track chain. The direction can also be determined according to the requirement of the users.


6. What is the cost of the excavator track chain?


The cost of an excavator track chain depends on several factors. These factors include material used in the manufacturing of excavator tracks, the weight of the ways, the shape of the tracks, the direction of the tracks, and the warranty associated. The cost of an undercarriage excavator track chain lies in the range of $249 to $590 per piece.


The price of a linked excavator track chain varies from $380 to $1200 per piece. The cost of a super high-quality excavator link chain lies in the range of $1200 to 41560 per piece. The high embedded material quality and material characteristics lead to different lifetime associations and lead to increased cost of excavator track chain.


7. What are the reasons for excavator track chain failure?


The reasons for the failure of excavator track chains are as follows:


  • Improper maintenance.
  • The use of improper materials in the chain during its manufacture
  • The use of worn, substandard parts on the chain and sprockets,
  • The use of a standard track chain on a wide-base machine,
  • Inferior design of chain shoe or another part that causes stress concentration in a certain area of the major links
  • The use of hardened plates on the side plates to wear out the pins of the chain causing early failure
  • Operating an excavator set in excessively muddy conditions without covering


Excavation involves moving large loads that may be heavy and require continuous traction forces. Under improper use, the chains will fall into defects like chain sprocket wear, broken track chains, detachment from the sprockets, and other failures.


8. What issues are associated with the excavator track chain?


Issues associated with the excavator track chain can be broken into two categories, structural and operational. The problems related to excavator track chains are chain stretch, chain slack at the rail joint, and burrs and pick-up on the links. The most common problem with excavator track chains is the pin and bushing wear. Another issue is that dirty or damaged sprockets will cause noise and affect the normal operation of track chains.


The excavator track chain is worn or broken, which might affect rough terrain operation. The skip tooth excavator track chain is affected by components such as the sprockets. The Excavator track chain is a critical component needed for the success of an excavation project. It must have the proper features and sturdy enough to withstand the job site.


9. How to choose an excavator track chain?


Excavator Track Chains for excavators are usually selected according to the structure, equipment, and appli­cation. Many parameters should be paid attention to.

Firstly, the machine model has to be considered; secondly, the working conditions have to fit for the track chain; finally, you need to make comparisons between the products in detail after comparing according to their features and advantages quality of materials, wear resistance, and tensile strength are undoubtedly the key factors to decide if an excavator track chain is superior or not.


The application differs from the construction of machinery. For example, a hammerhead is suitable for using double pin type frame track chains, while an A-frame is suitable for using single-piece track chains.


10. What do you mean by excavator track chain link?


Excavator track chain link is the assembly of track chains and sprockets as a single unit. It’s composed of side plates, a bolt, and a trunnion head.


The Excavator track chain link helps in the transmission of the torque. Excavator Track Chains link is made of high standard materials, compatible in high proportion, and with different specifications. Excavator Track Chain Link is the most important track wear part.


Suppose the excavator track chain link is strong and durable. In that case, it can protect the shape of excavator rail, reduce rail and sprocket contact stress to prolong its life, so excavator track chain link is crucial for excavators.


11. How to install an excavator track chain?


You can install an excavator track chain on your excavator. The procedure to install an excavator track chain is described below: Take your excavator on a horizontal and smooth surface, now raise it above the ground at the height of 2 to 3 ft with the help of a screw jack. Switch off the engine of your excavator so that there is no movement between your excavator tracks.


Now take the excavator track chain and put it on each end of your excavator on the sprockets. Place excavator track chain so that it’s spacing between the links properly sits on the sprocket teeth. Finally, test your excavator track chain installation.


12. What do you mean by troubleshooting the excavator track chain?


Troubleshooting your excavator track chain is used to assess the faulty or malfunctioned part of your excavator track chain. This procedure employed isolation of excavator tracks from your excavator, then detailed inspection to determine the cause of decreased efficiency associated.


Sometimes the individual link is faulty, and then you need to replace that link with the new one. To do this, you need to have a tool kit to separate the damaged link and then install a new one. Troubleshooting decreases the downtime of your excavator besides increasing the lifetime or longevity of your excavator track chain.


13. What is the lifetime of the excavator track chain?


Excavator track chains and the component’s lifetime depend heavily on the application and intended uses. The major factors that influence the life of a track chain are the choice of material used, how well it is maintained, and the prevailing operating conditions. The life of the excavator track chain also depends on the hardness of rocks and soil, the dynamic ability of a forwarder, and the clinker structure.


In general, excavator track chains made from high-quality steel that is well maintained can be expected to last up to 4 years. Track chains for highly abrasive material will show high wear & tear indicators within 24 months.


14. What are the maintenance requirements of the excavator track chain?


The maintenance of the excavator track chain includes regularly changing chain pins and wearing bushings and sprockets. It is also necessary to clean the track’s pins and bushings from time to time and make regular adjustments to the shifting sleeve, drive wheel gear teeth position, and auxiliary roller position according to the operation of each type of excavator.


Each chain part has a maintenance requirement. It is necessary to inspect the lubrication or oiling of your excavator track chain. Regular oiling reduces the friction associated and increases the lifetime of your excavator track chain. It also aids in smooth operation.


15. How is an excavator track chain manufactured?


Excavator track chains are made through different techniques. The most widely used method that is employed on an industrial scale is described below: The Excavator track chain is manufactured by stamping the parts into shape through heat and pressure. The teeth are rolled out to the correct profile to begin production and then hardened by heat treatment before being assembled.


After assembly, the sprocket-tooth unit is case hardened under heavy pressure to form a single monolithic piece. Excavator track chain taper pin tool designed to produce a concentric fit between track chain pin and bushing. This produces a tight joint between the pin and bushing which prevents vibration and affects final drive efficiency. The completed sprocket is fitted with bolts, nuts, bushes, and shoes required for a particular application.


16. What accessories are included in the excavator track chain?


The Excavator track chain consists of sprockets and surface plates and rail chains (also known as roller chains), chains pins, bushings, and track shoes. Excavator track chains are a link type that uses bushings in the links to hold pins. The pins slide onto the sprocket and go through holes at each end of the track shoe. Pull bolt nuts are used to secure the round bushings in place.



The cross-section of a track chain with bushings is U-shaped instead of flat because there is a large hole at each end of the track shoe. Track chains always include a left-hand and a right-hand side plate. A track chain with an inside sprocket groove may have bushings on the ends of some or all of the links but not both sides.


17. How did the excavator track chain work?


Excavator track chain plays a vital role in ensuring the safe operation of big mobile drilling machines, such as C or bulldozers. It consists of metal links connected by pins and sprockets. The sprockets are connected to the main driveshafts on the engine, and links are connected to the tracks. The angles between chain pins and sprocket teeth dictate how smoothly the excavator track chain can move.


The Excavator track chain works by taking the necessary power from the diesel engine of the excavator. The sprocket attached to the track drive transmits the torque to your excavator track chain, which ultimately powers excavator tracks, and as a result, your excavator starts moving.


18. What powers to excavator track chain?


Excavator track chain is a series of power transmission components that transfers torque from the main drive motor in the tractor to machine main drive sprockets via sprocket nose cones.

Excavator track chain can be powered four ways:


  • directly by a drive sproket attached to the main drive motor, typically a hydraulic motor;
  • by an auxiliary hydraulic motor mounted on the moving boom that powers a small-diameter high-speed sprocket chain;
  • by an auxiliary mechanical power takeoff that runs from the engine to a lower sprocket on the track chains, typically for movement of attachments such as hydraulic scoops;
  • by electric motors running on tracks via 3rd rail or overhead wires.

19. What do you mean by saggy excavator track chain?


One of the most common reasons for an excavator failing to grip the ground properly is saggy track chains. The word saggy means loose excavator track chain. The excessive sag in an excavator track chain can lead to poor performance and serious problems.


The excavator track chain will sag due to various reasons. For example, the wrong combination of pins and bushings is installed. The track wheel sprocket is worn out, or some damage on the sprocket cannot drive the track shoe effectively. If any of these happen, it will surely cause the chain to sag over time.


20. Why excavator track chain comes off?


Excavator track chains are not made to come off the sprockets. While operating the equipment, if the lower part of the drive system hits an obstacle such as a rock or a stump, or if the excavator is used in soft or muddy conditions, it is possible for the chain to jump from the sprocket.


Excavator track chains come off because of the chain point slopes, the infeed of the rear links rises after chain pins are used for some time, and it causes the chain point slipping, which is a great risk for crane machine. Other reasons include: The track shoes are mismatched with boring wear, worn-out chain pins, and missing guide plates.


21. What do you mean by excavator track chain friction?


Excavator track chain friction through the keys between the track shoe and the close rail contact. The chain will tend to gall under heavy load operating in thick clay or rock. Due to the lack of die lubrication, the excess friction will produce rolling resistance and wear. An optimum amount of friction is necessary to facilitate the appropriate functioning of your excavator tracks and, ultimately, the excavator.


When the friction exceeds, it will cause your excavator track chain and sprocket failure. You can reduce the amount of excess friction by using recommended grease or lubricant. Doing this will increase the life of your excavator track chain and reduction in wear.


22. Is noise associated with the excavator track chain?


Excavator track chains will be the biggest noisemakers for an excavator. Chain and sprockets are linked to noise through frictional force as they rub various surfaces beneath the track shoe. If there is greater friction, there is going to be more noisy running. This happens primarily because of dirt build-up on the sprocket or perhaps a bad bushing or maybe both.


It is necessary to know that the noise level of the excavator track chain varies depending on its use. This is why it is important to eliminate noise if you want to achieve high performance in a long time and minimize the risk of equipment failure. You can eliminate the excess noise of the track chain by applying lubricant between the sprocket and the track chain.


23. What type of lubricant goes into the excavator track chain?


Excavator track chains need lubrication. There are many types of lubricants used in the lubrication of excavator track chains. The Excavator track chain should not be lubricated with a grease lubricant. The correct lubricant is a torque-controlled, anti-wear fluid.


Anti-wear can be made from various natural oils, synthetic emulsions, or mineral oils combined with special additives that offer improved protection against wear and corrosion on chain components.


Never use grease as it will stiffen the sprockets. That is to say, and they need to be supplied with sufficient quantities of lubricant for their intended working life. A properly lubricated chain will have fewer premature failures and hence lower maintenance costs. Regular lubrication increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your excavator track chain.


24. Why import excavator track chain from china?


To import excavator track chain from china is a good choice. Why choose Chinese excavator track chain manufacturers is they provide a high-quality excavator track chain at a low price. The rate of excavator track chain provided by Chinese manufacturers is very reliable compared to other developed countries, including the USA or Canada.


These manufacturers provide an option to build your custom excavator track chain, specifically depending on your excavator model, size, and shape. These manufacturers save you from additional issues associated with customs duties. You need to research your part to find the most reliable and affordable Chinese excavator track chain supplier.


These manufacturers directly deliver to your home address once you check out. You can order the quantity as much as your need or demand. There is no limit on maximum or minimum order.

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