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  • Made of Suitable Boron-Steel Alloy
  • High Hardenability
  • Tough and High Tolerance
  • Strong Wear Resistance
  • Stable Performance
  • Built to Last for Many Years

XuGong KS Excavator Rollers Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Rollers

Berco No CR5726 Dozer Track Bottom Lower Down Roller

This excavator roller is made up of low alloyed boron steel, fits with CR5726. With good outlook and nice quality roller. This package includes 1x set of excavator rollers.

BERCH PC200-6 Track RollerBottom RollerLower Roller

This excavator roller is made up of low alloyed boron steel, fits with PC200-6. Aside from genuine quality, this roller also has a very affordable price. The package includes 1x set of excavator rollers.

Excavator Rollers for Komatsu PC200

This excavator roller is made up of low alloyed boron steel, fits with PC200. These track rollers are working perfectly because of their high quality. Package includes 1x set of excavator roller.

Kobelco Dozer Excavator Rollers Bottom Carrier

This excavator roller is compatible with all brands of excavators and is made of steel. We provide excellent quality and perfect match track rollers. The package includes 1x set of excavator rollers.

excavator hydraulic part SH220-5 track roller carrier roller

This excavator roller is compatible with (SH220-5). A hydraulic excavator made of steel and has good quality. Perfect for your machine. The package includes 1x set of excavator rollers.

Excavator Undercarriage Spare Parts Track Roller For SANY

This excavator roller is made up of manganese steel. Suited for all types of SANY excavators.  Provides good performance. The package includes 1x set of excavator rollers.

excavator track roller high quality E200 320D

This excavator roller is compatible with E200 and 320D. It has undergone the process of forging and casting so this is durable. The package includes 1x set of excavator roller.

Factory Supply Direct Price Excavator EX30 EX35 Bottom Roller For Hitachi Ex30 Track Roller

This excavator roller is compatible with EX30 and EX35. Meticulously produced to ensure good quality products. The package includes a 1x set of excavator rollers.

Excavator undercarriage Parts lower roller track roller

Made of quality steel, proven to be good and efficient for excavator works, this excavator roller is compatible with E70B, 306E, 307E. The package includes a 1x set of excavator rollers.

Top Excavator Rollers Supplier in China

XuGong KS excavator rollers are a powerful and reliable supplier in China. We make the excavation work easier for you! 

We, in XuGong KS, fabricates excavator rollers for the alternative of top excavator brands such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat, Doosan, Volvo, and so on.

Excavator Rollers are essential for the operation of excavators. They help carry on the weight of excavators to travel and dig. XuGong KS guarantees to provide you the best excavator rollers fit for your needs.

XuGong KS also accepts customized orders by drawing based on your need! Need more to say? Get a quote now!

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Xugong KS Excavator Rollers Manufacturing Process

XuGong KS guarantees to give you quality products that will satisfy your needs. We make sure to know the details of what you want! And it includes the material design of the excavator rollers which you give us during your order!
Heat Treatment
At XuGong KS, the excavator rollers ensure excellent tensile strength, these excavator rollers are made of steels that have been heat-treated to get the needed tensile strength.
KS-excavator-roller-welding (2)
XuGong KS executes welding process with a quality and master welder to make sure that your excavator rollers are well-built and will last longer. We guarantee our customers high quality products!
In Machining, XuGong KS certifies to give you a smooth finish of our excavator rollers. We make sure to remove every piece that is unwanted on our product to give you a satisfying output that you deserve!
XuGong KS wants do deliver you good quality material. We make sure to detect all factory defects before our product is delivered to you! Quality assurance is one of our utmost deliverance to our customers!
XuGong KS makes sure to provide quality assembled products for distribution. The assembly process is an arrangement of machines, equipment, and workers. We make sure to give you the best product!
XuGong KS do not only give you a high-quality manufactured product. We also wanted to deliver a creative, good-looking materials. Materials that suit your creative mind and fits on your aesthetic!
Excavator Rollers are designed as a heavy-duty material. XuGong KS provides you an excavator rollers that is well-packaged following the standards of packaging. We provide a strong and safe packaging.

XuGong KS Excavator Rollers Manufacturer Overview

Where to Find the Outstanding Excavation Rollers Supplier?


Finding an established excavation roller supplier is a hard process! It must be perfect with the specifications of your choice. XuGong KS gives a quality service with its excavator roller product that fits your needs.

We assure you of a very good excavator roller since our manufacturing process follows the OEM standard and thorough quality assurance checking. At XuGong KS, you can find hundreds of new, OEM excavator rollers as your options. A large line-up of in-stock excavator rollers waiting for you to click and order.

XuGong KS offers more than just an excavator roller!

Being your most trusted and reliable excavator roller dealer in China, we are also a wholesaler of a lot more products such as excavator engine parts, final drives, pumps, and we can even help you with your repair needs!  

XuGong KS Provides You the Most Reliable and Long-lasting Excavator Roller. What are you waiting for?

In case of any need for replacement or alternative of any of your top brands, XuGong KS is ready to save your needs! Experience the convenience of using the excavation rollers provided by Xugong KS! Drop your orders now!

We are always ready to serve your needs!


Excavator Roller – The Definitive FAQ Guide


This FAQ guide can help you with all your questions about excavator rollers. From rollers to their undercarriage accessories, all the parts are explained, and maintenance tips are provided.


Excavator rollers are an integral part of excavators. Although it is considered one of the simplest components of the machine, this component can simultaneously affect several parts’ functioning.


1. What is an excavator roller?


An excavator roller is a casting fitted to the undercarriage of most mobile excavators. It sits between the track frames and supports the tracks during digging. Via the sprockets, it transmits the tractive force from the engine through the drive train to the tracks.


This is a core part of an excavator, and many different types of rollers are used according to the machine’s weight capacity. The roller and sprocket combination works well because the small mover can transmit torque more efficiently through the roller instead of just bending and flexing the tracks.


It supports the entire weight of the machine and distributes this weight evenly to ensure a steady balance. To reduce friction and wear, ball bearings and specialized hardwearing rubbers are used to design this essential spare part for an excavator.


2. What is included in the excavator roller assembly?


Parts associated with excavator roller assembly varies from model to model. All significant features included in excavator roller assembly are listed below:

  • Excavator roller Floating sealing
  • Excavator Roller Shaft
  • Excavator roller Bimetallic bushing
  • Excavator roller shaft
  • Excavator Roller Bracket
  • Excavator roller Lock pin
  • Excavator roller O ring
  • Excavator Roller Shell
  • Excavator roller Collar

The above-listed parts are the various components, and each piece performs its intended function. If a single component gets damaged, then the excavator roller will not perform its intended function.


The whole machine will become non-operate able. A roller assembly is an essential part of a heavy machine’s undercarriage. It assists in accommodating the movement of the excavator machine.


3. What materials are used in making an excavator roller?


Composed mainly of steel, excavator rollers are manufactured from alloy steel that is heat-treated and then quenched and hardened. A rubber bumper is placed between the excavator roller and the undercarriage to protect against damage.


The material used for seals is either polyurethane or PTFE, depending on the application type. Such materials are hard to wear and tear and have strong abrasion and corrosion resistance.


Excavator Roller is made by using the best quality raw material. Its durability and reliability are long-lasting. These materials make sure that it is easy to install in any excavator machine.


Above mentioned materials can withstand the heavy loads of excavators.


4. Is noise associated with the excavator roller?


Yes, there is noise associated with the excavator roller. The noise will come from the operation of the shaft, bearings, sprockets, and vibration. All this depends on the load and operating conditions. It isn’t entirely to drive an excavator.


The noise will increase due to several reasons such as shaft wear, roller surface defects, and O – ring wear. The rolling element in the excavator roller makes noise during operation while rotating and makes them vibrate.


All of these noises are caused by the friction between components. The excavator drive roller shovel makes noise naturally when it works.


It would be impossible to make a completely silent machine. Excavators, like all machines, make some noise.


5. What is the cost associated with the excavator roller?


Several main components are affecting the cost of Roller Excavator Excavators. The cost of an excavator roller can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. The cost of a newer roller depends on how much stress it has to withstand, material characteristics, and material quality.


The cost of an excavator track roller which is made up of high-quality materials is ranging from $45.0 to $65.0 per piece. The price of an OEM quality excavator track roller varies from $25 to $300 per piece.


The price of excavator track roller goes on increasing as the specifications or standards associated along with goes increasing.


6. What type of oil goes into the excavator roller?


The excavator roller is mainly made of steel, and the type of oil used depends on the environment where it is used. The excavator is used in all kinds of working environments: dry and severe or wet and humid.


The working temperature varies from -35 degrees C to 50 degrees C, so the gearbox oil must have good performance of low-temperature viscosity index, good corrosion resistance, and slight thixotropy.


It is recommended to use high viscosity and high-temperature gear oil in excavator rollers. The best one you can find to use is hydraulic oil specially made for use in excavators under constant heavy load.


7. What is the life associated with the excavator roller?


While excavator rollers’ exact maximum service life is challenging to predict, many different factors will determine the intended service life for excavator rollers. These factors include frequency of usage, environmental conditions, and so on.


The most significant determinant of overall service life will be how well a company maintains the machine and keep it clean. In general, the life of your excavator rollers varies from 3 to 5 years.


A good operator can extend their excavator roller’s life by keeping it in top condition.  Ultimately, with proper maintenance techniques implemented before any issues occur, rollers can often see double their everyday expected service life


8. What are the problems associated with the excavator roller?


Excavator roller problems are frequently encountered in the harsh environment and high temperatures caused by improper operation and shock friction. Field deployment of these excavator rollers will expose their components to complex loads resulting in wear and even fractures.


These failures may be attributed to the materials used and incorrect design assumptions, and improper adjustment in the field. Roller sprockets wear out in large applications because they turn in a continuous motion.


They grind against the frame, causing elongation, increased tooth root loss, and tooth flank damage. Rolling Bearings are prone to interference with the external environment, resulting in deformation and damage of the machine, which will lead to unnecessary downtime or serious accidents.


9. What characteristics are embedded in excavator roller oil?


The characteristics of excavator roller oil are listed as follows:

  • Good fluidity and elasticity.
  • No impurities or solid matter, high purity.
  • No acid and alkali content, low corrosiveness, no harm to the environment
  • Excellent anti-oxidation performance and no pollution
  • Low viscosity index
  • Good demulsification performance
  • Long service life
  • Oil residue will not corrosion the parts contact with
  • Economical price

Excavator Roller oil is a kind of special mineral oil supplying to the customers, designed and manufactured according to the different requirements of each machine.


Excavator roller oil is a unique hydraulic machine-building product; its performance indicators of the quality requirements meet the advanced international level and with the national standard product comparability.


10. What are the maintenance requirements of the excavator roller?


The maintenance requirements of the excavator roller:

  • Check whether the roller shaft is severely worn or deformed, and replace it if necessary.
  • Check whether the chain hangers and pins are worn or cracked, and replace them if necessary.
  • Check whether the protective covers around the bearing are loose, and tighten if necessary.
  • Paint it regularly to prevent rust from corroding it.

The standard maintenance of the excavator roller is to blow out the dust inside the rollers once a month, lubricate the critical bearing and wear parts at periodic intervals. They work tirelessly to transfer torque from the engine to the track rollers and should be in good working order at all times.


11. What are the specifications of the excavator roller?


Specifications of excavator roller are listed in the table below for your reference:

Sr. No. Units Specification
1 mm 400
2 mm 320
3 mm 258
4 mm 100.6
5 mm 60
6 mm 210
7 mm 244
8 mm 102
9 mm 196
10 mm 235
11 mm 237
12 mm 32
13 mm 114
14 mm 19

The excavator roller comes in various specifications, allowing you to choose the one that is perfect for you. Furthermore, this roller is priced according to its various specifications and options.


An excavator roller is designed to carry materials used for construction. It can cope with overhead environments, such as difficult weather conditions, impact vibration, and external environment.


12. What do you mean by excavator roller O ring?


The excavator roller O ring is one of the most commonly used parts on the excavator’s undercarriage. It ensures that the undercarriage components are securely fastened together and enables smooth, comfortable movement on the machine.


The O ring for the roller is a critical component in preventing leakage, maintaining stability, thus effectively ensuring safety when driving excavators. It is a kind of oil seal made of rubber or silicon nitride and fixed on the supporting shaft’s outer diameter or inner diameter to avoid slipping or reducing resistance to change direction or rolling friction between the shaft and rotating components during operation.


If the excavator roller O ring is not in good condition, its performance will be influenced seriously, causing the lubrication efficiency to drop sharply.


13. What is the role of the Lock pin in an excavator roller?


The Lock pin is used for open and close of the roller. The Lock pin is available in several types. And the lock has different functions depending on several usages, generally used when an excavator needs to work on rough ground. Using the movement wire, force the Angle of an excavator sprocket.


The lock pin is an essential part of the excavator and other construction machinery. It is a kind of crucial pin with a pointed end and hooks to a specific position.


It is used for connecting two elements. When the lock pin locks the selected workpiece into its place, it dramatically reduces looseness, reduces repairs, and maintains the excavator in good security.


14. How to install an excavator roller?


To install an excavator roller, the first essential thing is that you must have the right kind of tool kit at your hand. Now remove the rubber or steel tracks from track frames and isolate sprocket and chain arrangements.


Now replace your damaged excavator roller with a new one in the housing located on the track frame. After installation mounts all the isolated components and runs your excavator to test and finalize your installation.


Excavator rollers enable the excavator to get over the uneven ground and maintain the balance in motion. They are indispensable for an excavator to perform its tasks properly.


Thanks to the performance of excavator rollers, excavators can work at high efficiency while having less chance of damaging their undercarriages.


15. What is the role of the shaft in the excavator roller?


The Excavator roller shaft is a high steel structure, and it plays an essential role in supporting the whole complex system. If it is not strong enough, the strength will be lost after a period of use. It is not flexible, so it is used to strengthen and increase axial stiffness.


The excavator roller shaft is a kind of structure used in an excavator in high pressure, large force conditions, and high temperature and high wear modes. Its working principle is: to increase the performance of the excavator, reduce bending resistance, improve equipment durability, at the same time to ensure equipment stability and reliability during regular operation.


It is essential to grasp the design principle of the shaft (roller) for excavators.


16. Why import excavator roller from china?


To purchase an excavator roller from foreign countries, China is the best choice. The reason why they are best is their reliability and affordability associated with their high-quality material.


What is necessary on your part is that you must do extensive research in finding such suppliers or manufacturers. You can do this by visiting them online or on social media platforms and learn in-depth about their product.


Once you have selected a supplier, you only need to place an order and your product will reach your doorstep within a few days. The rate at which you get your product from China is less than other developed countries, including the USA, Canada, etc.


17. Is friction associated with the excavator roller?


Yes, friction is the primary cause of wear and tear of excavator rollers. Friction makes your roller work very hard, and machines tend to break down before the natural life span of the parts.


Anywhere friction appears, there is some problem with the lubrication system. Roller can get worn, damaged, or even deformed due to – incorrect use – in time of working with massive forces created under a heavy load – if used in an environment which is unfavorable for rolling (mud, water, etc.) – improper oil selection for the conditions.


The friction can generate heat when the surfaces remain in contact for a long time.


18. What is the role of seal in excavator roller?


The seal of the excavator is the key to ensure the working efficiency. The seal is a necessary element for excavator rollers in the working process, and it serves as a mechanical seal and hydraulic seal at the same time.


The seal in the excavator roller can prevent the oil or soil from entering and damaging its working parts. The excellent quality of seal can ensure the lenitively and high efficiency of excavator machine.

If the seal fails due to some reason, it will result in significant damage and higher costs for repair. The seal function bears the axial load and radial load between the excavator roller and the excavator vehicle.


19. What do you mean by a plug-in excavator roller?


The plug-in excavator rollers will help the performance of your excavation equipment to a great extent as they are designed and manufactured using quality-tested raw materials. They offer high durability along with optimum strength.


Quick coupling fitting on the end of armpit suits of excavator roller the standard front-end fitting ensures precise fitting and smooth running. The hook shape is different depending on the arm pit position.


Plug holds all necessary components of the excavator roller in their place and provides essential support. The plug is fitted with the help of several pins or bolts that are placed on an excavator roller.


20. What do you mean by the Hs code of the excavator roller?


The Common Customs Tariff is a tax harmonization system created by the World Customs Organization. This critical initiative facilitates international trade and reduces transaction costs while providing governments with more significant revenue.


The Harmonized System of Tariff Nomenclature, also known as the Harmonized System, identifies and classifying goods. It comprises a 6 to 10 digit code that varies from product to product and helps in inventory assessment.


The International Standards Organization (ISO) maintains an international set of standards. This Hs code system is used worldwide by many countries in the identification of products. It also helps suppliers access date, time, quantity, number of units and price per unit, etc.


21. Can I get an excavator roller on sale?


Excavator roller can be purchased on sale, but the thing needed to achieve this is finding the right supplier that is selling excavator roller on sale. There are several sellers online which sell their excavator roller on sale around the year.


These sellers provide off-season sales, mid-season sales, or on-season sales, and the deal is also incorporated on special occasions, including local holidays or some traditional festive.


When purchasing an excavator roller, you need to pay less price compared to usual occasions. Make sure when you purchase an excavator roller on sale, it must be embedded with high quality and affordability.


Most of the suppliers provide sales to finish up the old stock and update them with new inventory.


22. Can I get my excavator roller repaired?


Yes, you can get your excavator roller repaired either by yourself or from a professional expert in the field. Before repairing an excavator, the roller finds out the fault due to which it is not working.


If the extent of damage is too much, it is better to replace the damaged excavator roller with a new one. In case if the warranty of your excavator roller exists, you can get it replaced without any extra expenditures.


Perform a detailed physical inspection of bushings, collar, seals: o rings, shell to determine the faulty components. Replacing an individual component saves you a lot of costs.


23. What do you mean by bushing bronze in excavator roller?


The bushing is a part of the excavator roller between each race and the ways to keep the roller together. It is also called mobile jaw. Excavator spare part bushing is replaceable. Press one-rod end that bushing keeps on like jaw determines the maximum service life of excavator by this way.


Excavator bushings are typically made of cast steel. They include various bore sizes to fit the tracks on most excavators and other heavy machinery at multiple positions throughout the excavator.


When you have an issue with these, they typically need to be replaced with new bushings or “rollers.”Most are commonly made of cast steel, but there are also polyurethane bushings for higher temperatures.


24. What is the role of the collar in the excavator roller?


The collar is one of the critical components of the excavator roller. The collar is a bearing that connects the bottom roller (big excavator wheel) to the excavator undercarriage.


The role of the collar is to ensure smooth, reliable movement and maintenance of optimum excavator performance. The collar is provided to strengthen the excavator roller when passing large obstacles such as rocks, logs, concrete blocks, etc., and working in uneven terrain.


The collar also has other functions to prevent the lubricant from dispersing. The collar is the part of the excavator that applies the load on the roller. It has three possible types: fixed, free-floating and coupling.


The excavator trolley carrying the collars is driven by a two-step reducer and is lubricated with grease.

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