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  • Quality Warranty up to 180 Days
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XuGong KS Excavator Chain Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

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Affordable Price Track Chain And Track Link Excavator Undercarriage Parts With Long Warranty

EX120-1 EX120-5 EX1200-6 Excavator Chain Assembly Metal

Low-Cost Deduction Excavator Chain Assembly Metal. Excellent Quality. Strong Resistance

Steel Track EC290 Excavator Track Chain Link For VOLVO

High-Quality Steel Track EC290 Excavator Track Chain Link For VOLVO With Wholesale Price On Sale

C100 PC200 PC300 Excavator Undercarriage Excavator Chain

Most Usable Excavator Undercarriage Excavator Chain Ready To Ship. Strong Wooden Case Packed

CAT320 9W9353 Excavator Chain Parts Track Chain

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Excavator Chain Part Track Link ASSY Track

Long-Life Excavator Chain Part Track Link ASSY Track. In Stocks & On Sales. Safety Arrival

Undercarriage Parts Excavator Chain Link

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Excavator Chain New Material

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The Most Advanced Excavator Chain Manufacturer

Excavator Chain is driven by the sprocket and final drive. It has the ability to support machine volume. Basically, it is a rail for the machine to run on. Given these working conditions, XuGong KS provides a strong wear-resistant Excavator Chain. Our Excavator Chain has Grease Lubricated Track features that help remove the contact and friction in your machines. XuGong KS also ensures that these Excavator Chains have long-life service for the best application.

Through advanced technology, Excavator Chain in XuGong KS was designed to reduce noise even under heavy-duty and to reduce the potential of frozen or seized joints. Our Excavator Chain was sealed with durable ability. You don’t need to worry about any failures to your Excavator Chain because XuGong KS is here to give you support and assistance even after your purchase of your Excavator Chain. At XuGong KS, you can avail a wide range of Excavator Chains based on your demands! Call us now!





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Other Excavator Parts that XuGong KS Supplied

Track Chain 49 Links 210LC-7 Excavator Track Link Track
Track Chain 49 Links 210LC-7 Excavator Track Link Track
Heavy-Duty Track Chain 49 Links 210LC-7 Excavator Track Link Track
205-70-74190 Excavator Side Cutter PC200 Excavator Bucket Cutting Edge
205-70-74190 Excavator Side Cutter PC200 Excavator Bucket Cutting Edge
Top Performance Excavator Bucket Cutting Edge
DH130 OEM no.2713Y1221 Excavator Bucket Tooth Pin and Retainer For Doosan
DH130 OEM no.2713Y1221 Excavator Bucket Tooth Pin and Retainer For Doosan
Perfect Fit Excavator Bucket Tooth Pin and Retainer
SOMY PC220-7 PC220-8 Excavator Copper Boom Bushing 206-70-71272
SOMY PC220-7 PC220-8 Excavator Copper Boom Bushing 206-70-71272
Long-Life Service Excavator Copper Boom Bushing Fit For 206-70-71272

XuGong KS Excavator Chain Factory Overview

Where To Find The High Demand Excavator Chain?


XuGong KS aims to contribute the best way in serving our customers. We are guided with our vision to improve relationships between people throughout the world. Over many years, we have earned the trust of our many patrons. We have the perfect system as well that is used as our instrument to provide top products especially Excavator Chain.


In XuGong KS, we have tons of quality Excavator Chains for you. We are the leading manufacturer of Excavator Chain with advanced features.  These Excavator Chains we supply are of cheap price and can guarantee you perfect performance. While choosing XuGong KS for your Excavator Chain, you are ensured of choosing the best distributor in the world.


We will always give you the best service you long for. Just send us your desired requirements of the Excavator Chain and we will give you proper assistance right away. In XuGong KS, you can surely save time and save money. Avail now your best demand of Excavator Chain here at XuGong KS.


Excavator Chain – The Complete FAQ Guide


Your excavator chain is yet another vital component of your excavator. Your excavator cannot move an inch without this chain. Further, if the excavator chain is damaged, your excavator will strain a lot, causing inefficiency in both fuel and time. It could further damage other undercarriage components.


In this guide today, you are going to fully understand:

  • What your excavator chain is and how it works
  • How to properly care for your excavator chain
  • Where to get the best aftermarket excavator chain


Keep reading this guide to find out more.

1.  What Is An Excavator Chain?

Figure 1 - Excavator Chain


Every excavator has a track chain that enables it to move. The excavator’s engine is the powerhouse of the excavator that supplies high-pressure oil to the excavator’s main pump. The main pump then supplies oil under high pressure to the final drive which then transforms hydraulic fluid energy to mechanical energy that moves the excavator’s sprockets.


The sprockets in turn move the excavator’s track shoes which are joined together by the track chain. KS supplies high-quality excavator track chains that are enhanced to resist wear as the excavator moves across unforgiving grounds.


2.  How Do Excavator Chains Work?


Your excavator chain’s primary purpose is to help your excavator move by joining its track shoes. When the engine pumps high-pressure oil to the excavator’s main pump, gears are manipulated in such a way that it moves the excavator’s track shoes.


Figure 2 - Excavator Chain Working Principle

3.  What Is An Excavator’s Chain HS Code?


Your excavator’s chain has a Harmonized System Code (HS) that is purposely used in the export sector for different goods. It is used as a classification method for traded products for assessing taxes and duties.


Your excavator’s chain HS numeric code is provided by the World Customs Organization and is usually updated every five years. KS uses your excavator’s chain HS code to classify physical goods for shipment to a foreign country. You can identify your excavator’s HS code by contacting us today. Our skilled service reps will be ready to hear from you and help you out.


4.  How Does An Excavator Rotate Using Chains?


Your excavator can move around – even on unforgiving construction sites thanks to its track chains. These chains enable the excavator to move around easily. Your excavator’s movement begins with the excavator’s engine burning diesel fuel to pump oil at high pressure to the excavator’s main pump. Then, the excavator’s main pump pumps high-pressure oil to the final drive, which converts fluid power to torque.


The torque is then used to move the sprockets which in turn move the excavator tracks. Your excavator track shoes are joined together by the excavator’s track chain. Without the track chain, your excavator will not be able to move even a single inch. Now, different excavators have different chains. You need to know your excavator’s track chain. It would be best if you’d also consider contacting a professional excavator parts manufacturing company for more information about your excavator track chain replacement process.


5.  Why Do Excavators Chain Shoes Have Different Widths In Bolt Sets?


The primary reason why your excavator’s chain shoes have different widths within its bolt set is that they curb the loosening of these bolts. Loose bolts could seriously damage your excavator’s chains as well as its track shoes.


Figure 3 - Excavator Chain Shoes

If you must replace your excavator chain, consider using the following techniques:

  • First, you’ll need to get rid of all dirt and debris from the excavator’s chains (around the bolts).
  • Remember not to cut off the nuts, instead, cut off the bolt heads and remove the shoes by hitting them using a sledgehammer. As you remove the bolts from the shoes, place them aside.
  • Clean the excavator chain shoe properly using a grinder or a wire brush to ensure that there are no contaminants present on the surfaces. You’ll find that most useful when the shoes come into contact with your aftermarket OEM chain.
  • You’ll then need to cut a set of your excavator’s track links and remove them from your excavator.
  • To install the new excavator chains, you’ll need to unroll and slide them under the excavator’s track frames, around the idlers, sprockets, and rollers. Kindly ensure that you install the chain to rotate in the correct direction.
  • During packaging, your chain comes with the paint. Remove the paint after installation so that you can prevent the loosening of bolts. You can use a disc grinder to easily complete this process.
  • You can then lay the clean shoes on your new track chain. After laying them, you’ll need a heavy lubricant to oil your bolts’ threads as you install them through the shoes and links. This procedure is vital, as it helps you tighten the bolts better. It also helps you remove them easily next time as you carry out your routine maintenance as instructed on your excavator’s operational and service manual.


KS is always available to listen to your queries. Our skilled service reps are ready to help you whenever you run into an issue. Reach out to us for more information on how best you can handle your chain bolts.


6.  What Are Excavator Chains Made Of?


Your excavator chains face a lot of pressure and polite assault from the ground as they work. It’ll therefore require high-quality and durable chains. KS manufactures these excavator chains using steel. It is more durable, corrosive resistant, and economical in terms of maintenance. The excavator chain has different components, including a rail, pin, bushing, grease passage, and a PU seal (polyurethane).


Figure 4 - Excavator Chain Structure


We manufacture these steel chains for different excavator brands including CAT, Hitachi, Komatsu, Volvo, Doosan, Liebherr among others. We have over 10,000 excavator chains in stock, ready for shipment to your desired destination. In the past decade of doing business, we’ve managed to ship different excavator parts using the world’s leading logistics company. We use DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc. to ship your excavator aftermarket parts safely. We’d love to hear from you – reach out to us today through our website, or you can give us a phone call.


7.  What Are The Common Problems That Excavator Chains Have?


Over time, you’ll find out that your excavator chain will face some problems that’ll need repairs and in extreme cases, a full kit replacement. Here are the common excavator chain issues that you’ll most likely experience over time:


  • Your excavator’s tracks may crack, or even come off as it turns on a slope. This issue is most evident when the excavator tracks are set too tight.
  • Also, if the excavator’s tracks are set too tight, you’ll experience your excavator losing track power. During this stage, you’ll also experience a lot of wear.
  • Your excavator chain could also crack, signifying fatigue.

Figure 5 - Excavator Chain Fatigue Analysis

Experts advise you to have loose tracks as opposed to tight ones to prevent these common issues. Apart from your excavator chain having issues, consider also checking your excavator’s tracks, final drives, main pump, and ultimately the excavator’s engine for any issues.


8.  How Can I Best Maintain My Excavator Chains?


You need to maintain your excavator chains for them to serve you longer and also to reduce unnecessary costs. Here’s how you can maintain your excavator chains:

  • You need to keep your excavator’s undercarriage clean at all times. After every use, consider taking your time to clean it to curb any form of buildup. It’s important to do so as it prevents premature wear.
  • Inspect the excavator’s undercarriage in general regularly. It’ll help you identify any damaged component, e.g. a broken track pin. You should inspect the excavator’s track bolts, chains, shoes, and rock guards.
  • As you operate your excavator, follow the best practices outlined in your excavator’s operational manual. Also, listen to advice from an experienced operator.
  • It would be best if you’d maintain proper track tension as it can easily lead to lots of wearing out if the tension is too tight. The tension should be set to the right degree to prevent detracking – it should neither be too tight nor too loose.

Figure 6 - Well Maintained Excavator Undercarriage

Following these maintenance practices will help your excavator chain serve you longer. It is also economical as you will not have to keep on acquiring aftermarket parts for your excavator.


9.  What Are The Benefits Of Using Chains In Excavators?


Excavator track chains are beneficial to your excavator as it works. Apart from holding the machine’s track shoes together, the excavator chain is also durable as it is designed to be corrosive-resistant. Excavator chains are also easy to maintain and repair, as they are strong and do not require a lot of maintenance. This fact offers you more excavator productivity time and less downtime for repairs meaning you’ll be able to make more profit. Excavator chains are also easy to clean. Since they are made of steel, they easily get rid of any mud or debris stuck on them.


10. Where Can I Get The Best Excavator Chain?


KS is the leading one-stop-shop for all your excavator parts. As you read earlier in this guide, we have over 10,000 excavator chains and other parts in stock. KS manufactures these excavator chains from high-quality virgin steel. We also do deliveries across the globe. In our ten-year experience, we’ve managed to establish a close working relationship with leading logistics companies, for example, FedEx, DHL, TNT, among others.


We manufacture these excavator chains for different excavator brands including CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU, HITACHI, ISUZU, KOBELCO, HINI, VOLVO, DOOSAN, etc. These parts are manufactured under strict  OEM  standards. This technique allows us to monitor quality control and ensure that it is of the highest standard. We do not have a minimum order quantity meaning that you can order in bulk or just a single excavator aftermarket parts.


These aftermarket parts come with a 90-day warranty cover. you will be able to talk to our experienced service reps who will assist you with anything that you may need. As we ship your aftermarket excavator chains that have been properly packaged to ensure their safe and timely delivery. You can pay us using any platform that is comfortable with you. You can send us money through Paypal, T.T, LC, Western Union, or even Alipay. Contact us now for more information on how you’ll get your high-quality excavator chain from us.

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