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Xugong KS Best sales Excavator Monitor

Kobelco Excavator Monitor

Kobelco SK200-8 Excavator Monitor Best Quality Monitor Gauge Cluster, Part Number YN59S00021F3

Hitachi Excavator Monitor

Hitachi ZAX200-3 Excavator Monitor OEM Replacement, Part Number 4652262, Simply Easy For Install

Volvo Excavator Monitor

EC460B Excavator Monitor, Plenty Models Fit For Various Brands Excavators, Contact Us For Quote

Komatsu Excavator Monitor

PC400-7 PC160-7 PC200-7 Excavator Monitor LCD Display Wholesale, Part Number 7835-10-2004

Komatsu Excavator Monitor

Komatsu PC200/210/220/230-6 Excavator Monitor, Part Number 7834-72-4002, New Aftermarket

Caterpiller Excavator Monitor

Caterpiller 312C 315C 318C E320C 330C Excavator Monitor, Part Number 157-3198, Factory Wholesale Price

Hyundai Excavator Monitor

China Hyundai R210-7 Excavator Monitor, Affordable Price With Excellent Quality, NO MOQ Request

Doosan Excavator Monitor

Doosan Excavator Monitor DH220LC-7 Monitor Gauge Cluster Wholesale Price In Stocks For Quick Delivery

CAT Excavator Monitor

CAT E320D Excavator Monitor, Part Number 3866-3457, High Quality Replacement On Sale

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Xugong ks excavator monitor has all the key features for a more convenient excavator use. Our excavator monitors are suitable for major brands like Hitachi, Kobelco, Cat, Doosan, Volvo, etc.

With more than 12 years of industrial experience, Xugong ks is able to supply you best quality excavator monitor, fast shipping, 7/24 hours online service. If u send us your OEM part no, or Model no, our expert sales team will offer you quickly, Send us a quote now!

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XuGong KS Other Top Running Excavator Parts

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E307D Excavator Conditioner Control Panel 293-1136
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Excavator Controller
Hyundai R210-7 Excavator Controller 21N6-42101
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Hitachi ZAXIS Wiper Motor Assy 4453690
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XuGong KS Excavator Monitor Factory Overview

Xugong KS is the Best-quality Excavator Monitor manufacturer in China 

An Excavator monitor is the standard for controlling your excavator properly. Having the quality features of an excavator monitor is essential for your operation. Being in the field for over 12 years, Xugong KS understands the importance of an excavator monitor. Xugong KS excavator monitor can make your driver feel comfortable. In that way, the operation will run smoothly. All our excavator monitor comes from a top factory facility and tested before shipping. We cover excavator monitors for brands like HITACHI, KOBELCO, DOOSAN, JCB, HYUNDAI, VOLVO, CATERPILLAR, etc. From 1- 70 tons’ sizes of excavators, Xugong KS has all the best excavator monitors available.

Xugong KS excavator monitor has great key features such as the main menu, backup camera, auto flow, and a lot more. Once your order from Xugong KS, our sales team will get your model no. to properly fit it. We will assist you and discuss all the features of our excavator monitor for your easy use. Pictures, information, and a guide on how to use it will be shared with you. Get to know more about Xugong KS excavator monitor features through our pages. Send us an inquiry now!

Excavator Monitor – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Excavator Monitor FAQ Guide is a quick reference guide on the basics of excavator monitors and their components found in excavators.

The information in this guide is derived from all the best sources the internet has to offer and drawn together in one place for your convenience.

This guide will provide useful information on excavator monitors, types, cost, benefits, applications, features, and much more.

Whatever field to which you belong will surely help you get familiar with excavator monitor.

1.    What do you mean by excavator monitor?

The Excavator Monitor is an excavator monitor that provides a real-time display of machine and engine operating parameters.

Figure 1._Excavator Monitor
Figure 1._Excavator Monitor

It’s small, wireless, and works with any stop/start excavator with a hydraulic control system.

The Excavator monitor is embedded with a screen placed inside the cab of an excavator for displaying the hydraulic data readings and all other operating conditions of an excavator.

This information can be achieved by the monitor being connected to, communicating with, a controller directly on the excavator or indirectly through service lines.

It assists in attaining several functions which are related to digging with the help of the screens.

It is also used to manage sensory feedback along with other functionalities through these sensors.

2.    What is the working principle of the excavator monitor?

The working code of the excavator monitor is that it mainly collects all kinds of information and hydraulic control signals through utilizing various sensors and rigid-flex PCB prototype circuits from the machinery, such as

  • Current work status
  • Power source
  • Engine oil pressure
  • Battery voltage
  • Control oil temperature

which need to be displayed on the screen for viewing.

Meanwhile, the excavator monitor is also collecting the information, which helps in monitor excavator safety.

In addition to indicators, some excavator monitors also collect:

  • Pressure limit overloading alarm function
  • Remote-control warning indicator
  • Indicator signs are added for work signs
  • Break washing warning sign

and other functions to enhance the role of safety monitoring equipment.

3.    What are the uses of an excavator monitor?

An Excavator monitor is a vital tool widely employed in an excavator. It has several uses. Some of the main uses are listed below:

  • The Excavator Monitor is a diagnostic tool used to monitor many parameters output by the excavator controller.
  • Information from the monitor can be used to help evaluate and resolve performance issues.
  • An Excavator monitor is used to provide real-time machine operation feedback and troubleshoot problems.
  • It is used to provide valuable information for preventive maintenance and safety compliance.
  • An Excavator monitor is used to save extra expenditures in case of failure of excavator parts.
  • An Excavator monitor is used to upgrade the machine so that the efficiency remains high and there is no downtime in output caused by small issues.

4.    How much excavator monitor cost?

The price of the excavator monitor varies and depends on several factors.

These factors affecting the cost of excavator monitor include brand, type of excavator monitor, and number of parameters represented by excavator monitor.

For instance, the cost of a 320d excavator monitor with an embedded Otto display lies in the range of $400 to $500 per set.

The price of GTW 260 – 2193 279 – 7611 Excavator Monitor varies from $190 to $500 per piece.

The cost of excavator monitors with embedded display screen 279 – 7611 260 – 2193 lies between $1400 to $1530 per piece.

The excavator monitors with higher prices have extra embedded features compared to those that have a lower cost.

5.    What are the types of excavator monitors?

There are different kinds of monitors for excavators. Below are some of the common excavator monitors listed for your reference:

  • LCD Excavator Monitor:

LCD is a device that’s been used in many industries for several decades. It’s a flat panel display that uses liquid crystals to turn electricity into light.

Figure 2._LCD Excavator Monitor
Figure 2._LCD Excavator Monitor

LCD screens are small, thin, and lightweight, can save up to 50% of your energy costs, and produce virtually no heat.

  • LED Excavator Monitor:

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode.

These are flat-panel displays that use light-emitting diodes rather than cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) to illuminate the screen.

It is a newer technology, and some say it’s better than LCD.

  • OLED Excavator Monitor:

An organic light-emitting diode (OLED) is a semiconductor made from organic materials, including wood, plastic, or polymers, to transform electricity into light.

OLED displays offer excellent picture quality and energy efficiency.

  • Plasma Excavator Monitor:

The PDP is essentially a digital display made out of a substance composed of millions of tiny gasses-filled cells.

It is a part of flat-panel technologies that have recently emerged in the consumer electronics industry.

  • CRT Excavator Monitor:

CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube. It is a piece of display technology that was previously used in televisions and desktop computers.

CRT monitors are bulky and heavy. As a result, they are difficult to move and set up. In addition, they require more space for installation, often causing installation issues.

6.    How can I purchase an excavator monitor?

You can purchase an excavator monitor from multiple resources. These resources comprise online or offline stores.

Both these resources have their benefits.

You can choose anyone who suits your budget or convenience.

Offline local stores allow you to visit them physically and assess the quality or type of excavator monitor you want to purchase.

Online excavator monitors stores help you choose from various monitors they have put online. You can assess their reliability and affordability by reading the customer reviews available online.

After selecting one store, just put your contact details and check out these stores directly place your delivery at your doorstep.

7.    What is the best quality excavator monitor?

The best quality excavator monitor provides the necessary information to help you master your excavator and excavate work efficiently.

It allows you to monitor operating variables on all of the major systems of your machine.

This excavator monitor is the one that will let you operate your excavator without a hitch.

You can categorize the best excavator monitor as one which has high precision and accuracy in determining the operational parameters of your excavator.

An extended warranty is the one parameter that makes excavator monitor the best one among others.

It is also something to consider if you plan on using your excavator monitor for a comparatively longer time.

8.    How can you install an excavator monitor in the excavator?

You can install an excavator monitor in your excavator cabin.

To successfully install an excavator, monitor your excavator. Then, you need to follow the given steps:

Figure 3._Installation of Excavator Monitor
Figure 3._Installation of Excavator Monitor


  • Locate the exact place where you want to install your excavator monitor inside the cabin. Usually, it is where you can see the display of your excavator monitor at ease while operating your excavator.
  • After deciding the place, fix the handler of the excavator monitor, which holds your excavator monitor in its place.
  • Fix it with screws and bolts and make sure it remains intact.
  • Now take your excavator monitor and put it inside the handler.

Each excavator monitor has its handler, and its shape resembles the shape of your excavator monitor.

After installing, test your installation to make sure everything is fine.

9.    How can I create the password for the excavator monitor?

You can create the password of your excavator monitor either by attaching the monitor to your computer or directly through your excavator monitor.

By using a computer, it means you need to install software compatible with your excavator monitor. It usually comes up with the excavator monitor instructions manual when you make a purchase.

Figure 4._Creating a Password for Your Excavator Monitor
Figure 4._Creating a Password for Your Excavator Monitor

You need to connect it to your computer through a USB cable and assess settings to change or set a new password.

The password varies from 4 to 6-digit code in different types of excavator monitor.

By directly using your excavator monitor, it means you do not need to connect your excavator monitor to your computer.

Just switch on your excavator monitor and assess its main menu and then settings.

Through settings, go to the password settings. It usually appears with a key icon. So now you can create a password for your excavator monitor.

A password provides you with security and prevents anyone from accessing your excavator monitor.

10.  How can I check error codes with the excavator monitor?

You can check the error code of your excavator monitor by following the listed steps.

Figure 5._Checking Error on Your Excavator Monitor
Figure 5._Checking Error on Your Excavator Monitor
  • Switch on your excavator monitor.
  • Go to the service and enter the password to assess your excavator monitor service section
  • In the service section, select the diagnostic tab
  • After assessing the diagnostic tab, you will see four charges: dynamic error, active event, logged error, or logged event.
  • Now select the active error tab
  • If there are errors, then these codes will appear on your excavator monitor screen.
  • Match your error code in the instruction manual to assess the error type

By following the above steps, you can easily remove any fault present in your excavator and increase longevity.

11.  How can I change the panel of the excavator monitor?

You can change your excavator monitor panel if it is not working properly or is damaged.

You can either change it yourself or can get it altered by a professional.

You can find a professional technician at your local excavator monitor manufacturer store.

It would help if you pulled out the damaged panel by unscrewing the bolts attached to it.

Replace your excavator monitor panel with the damaged or non-functional one carefully.

After placing the new panel, tighten the screw bolts so that your excavator monitor remains intact.

After replacing, test your installation and check the display of your excavator monitor. If it works fine, then you have successfully installed it.

Now continue with your operation.

12.  What are the features of an excavator monitor?

Excavator monitor is one of its type electronic accessories. The features of the excavator monitor are listed below.

Main Menu:

The main menu on the monitor lets you navigate all the other controls and features that are accessible via the keyboard.

The menu lets you go back and forth between different controls and features easily, which is helpful when you need to get back to the main menu.

Auto Idle:

You can deactivate automatic idling if you’d like. The control panel is available on the monitor panel.

If you’re a new driver, you can stop it temporarily until you get more familiar with driving.

Backup Camera:

With the backup camera, you can always get a better view of what’s going on around the excavator.

This is one of many excellent features that you can use.

Auto Flow:

Flow control is an important safety feature that helps keep everyone safe.

13.  What is the remote excavator Monitoring Solution?

The remote excavator monitoring system allows automated real-time monitoring for machines that may be on-site or off-site.

The telecommunication systems in the machine are monitored using a robust state-of-the-art network protocol that is extremely reliable in all conditions.

The remote excavator monitoring Solution is a viable service concept utilizing remote data from multiple sensor devices to assist the operator in quickly identifying and resolving real-time equipment malfunctions.

This improves quality and safety for the operator, contractor, and machine.

Remote Excavator Monitor is used to monitoring your machines on the go.

Partnering with your partner for this service will allow you access to real-time monitoring, allowing you to view machine performance such as operating hours, speed and distance traveled.

14.  What should be included in an excavator monitor


An excavator monitor system should include a monitor, controller, and machine.

It should display information comparable to that of a laptop screen so that the operator can easily see important information such as operational health, performance potential, and machine vital signs.

It should also have diagnostic tool capabilities in case of a hydraulic system malfunction, software to determine best operating management procedures for an individual machine, and manuals accessible for use when training new operators.

The monitor should receive all necessary data through a wireless connection from onboard sensors and transmission devices located on the machine.

15.    What are the benefits of an Excavator Monitor?

There are several benefits associated with an excavator monitor. Some of the main benefits are listed below:

  • An excavator monitor provides a glance into all of the vital functions of your machine.
  • Whether you are in the field or at the shop, the excavator monitor shows several key indicators and operational functions: oil pressure, hydraulic pressure, engine rpm’s, engine hours/miles, and engine status (throttle on or off).
  • Also available are detailed software systems that will save you time and money by offering real-time machine diagnostics to locate and repair errors or failures with your machine quickly.
  • An excavator monitor system allows you to see the data from your excavators’ sensors.

16.  What is the Hs code of the excavator monitor?

The Hs code is vital when you intended to carry out international import and export of your excavator monitor.

The Hs code is a harmonized code of code widely used for grading or identifying particular types of products.

The Hs code consists of an eight-digit code that represents the information highlighted below.

Quantity of the product, price per unit, shipping port, importing port, importing or exporting date or time.

The Hs code is a system of principles used worldwide on a large scale to aid manufacturers and customers.

This code also provides security to your products from being getting lost in inventory.

This code also serves in identifying the remaining quantity of your stock.

17.  Can I repair the excavator monitor?

Yes, you get your excavator monitor repaired either from a professional technician or manufacturer from which you have purchased.

Getting your excavator monitor repaired help you save a lot of cost instead of buying a new one.

First, check the problem with your excavator monitor and then determine whether it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Take your excavator monitor to your manufacturer. There is an option that if the warranty exists, they will replace your excavator monitor free of charge.

If the warranty is expired, they will get your excavator repaired by replacing a part of it that is malfunctioned.

18.  Can I connect Bluetooth to the excavator monitor?

Yes, it is possible to connect Bluetooth.

You can download your excavator monitor software for free and connect it with a Bluetooth device.

Just search the name of the app on Google Play or App Store to get it.

The Bluetooth connection allows you to operate your excavator monitor through your mobile, enabling you to have a remote connection.

Because of the different operations of the hydraulic pump and other service manuals, it is very easy to solve problems after connecting Bluetooth.

Although it is recommended to operate your monitor excavator by yourself.

19.  Can you reset the excavator monitor?

Yes, you can reset the excavator monitor with your key combination when the LED turns on.

Resetting the monitor clears any alarms and sets the machine back to run in a preferred configuration.

You can also reset the Excavator Monitor by taking out the battery or cut off the battery connection and then join again, and it will reset.

The monitor will provide info such as temperature, pressure, speed, alarm status, and so on, which you can easily reset.

Excavator monitor has been designed to be easy to navigate, with quick access to a range of screen layouts so you can view operations-related information that is crucial to efficiency and performance.

20.  What is the maintenance requirement of the excavator monitor?

The excavator monitor’s maintenance requirements mainly include interior, exterior, simple and complex inspection with a checklist, test the function of all parts with the fully assembled excavator, and decisive suitable parts replacement.

Regularly check the hydraulic oil temperature, coolant temperature to prevent your excavator from becoming damaged.

Check the display of the excavator monitor before starting the normal operation of your excavator.

Determine the error codes, if any, displayed by the diagnostic layout of your excavator monitor.

21.  Is the excavator monitor embedded with GPS?

Yes, the excavator monitor is embedded with GPS; you can monitor location and status to your excavator’s machine using this system.

The software bundle comes with various additional features that will help you manage your machine’s operating status.

GPS connects with pair of satellites and exchanges signals, thus providing real-time data for the location of your excavator.

If you have employees for your excavator’s operation, you can easily keep an eye on their movement.

22.  Can I import Excavator Monitor from China?

Yes, you can import your excavator monitor from china.

China is one of the world’s leading suppliers of excavator monitor camera recorders.

When selecting an excavator monitor, online brand representatives can help you choose from the wide variety of brands and models available in China.

China has a skilled workforce of engineers, designers, and production specialists who can make all the parts needed for an excavator monitor installation.

China also designs and manufactures the cables and mounting hardware for its excavator monitor that can be replaced if some component of the dual car camera is out of order.

23.  What are the problems associated with the excavator


There are several problems associated with your excavator monitor, but you can get rid of them when you follow proper maintenance procedures.

The excavator monitors on an excavator or front-end loader send signals to the engine’s systems to control their operation. Over time, components inside the monitor can fail, but they rarely do so all at once.

Another reason is the faulty sensors of your excavator monitor that are not working well and cannot send signals.

Damaged display of the excavator monitor.

The software of the excavator monitor gets wronged most often.

24.  What is the excavator monitor made of?

The Excavator monitor is made up of several materials. But some of the widely used materials are listed below:

  • Rigid-Flex PCB Circuit boards
  • Rigid PCB circuit boards
  • Plastic
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • LED panel

Each material utilized has its specific features and function combined to help form an excavator monitor.

Lacking any one of the materials mentioned above and you are not able to make your excavator monitor.

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