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Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Buckets

Excavator Buckets for Caterpillar

Perfect for CAT300.9 and also K008 mini excavators. Available from excavator bucket manufacturers.

Excavator Buckets for Komatsu

Suitable for PC1250/ PC75 excavators. Durable and reliable from excavator bucket manufacturers in China.

Excavator Buckets for Mini

36-inch excavator buckets available from Xugong KS excavator bucket manufacturers. OEM and ISO certified.

Clean-up Excavator Buckets

60 inch excavator bucket for cleaning your site. Secure and fast shipping.

Excavator Buckets for Volvo

Compatible with Volvo EC55 excavators. Quality warranty from Xugong KS.

Excavator Buckets for Hitachi

EX120 excavator buckets. Also available in aftermarket excavator buckets.

Excavator Buckets for 7-8 Tons

36 wide tooth bucket for mini excavators. OEM and ISO certified.

Excavator Buckets for JCB

Perfect for your JCB excavators. Powerful and heavy payload.

Excavator Buckets RSBM

Heavy-duty and transports debris easily. Affordable and fast delivery.

Why Should You Choose Xugong KS as Your Excavator Bucket Manufacturers?

Xugong KS continue to set industry standards in general, quarry and heavy construction applications. Xugong KS excavator buckets are continually enhanced to march machine performance and productivity improvements.

Xugong KS has a ten year legacy designing and manufacturing excavator buckets in China and worldwide. You can certainly count on genuine and aftermarket excavator buckets quality built.

Xugong KS is one of the greatest excavator bucket manufacturers in the industry. Order our excavator buckets now!

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Xugong KS Excavator Buckets Manufacturer

Raw Materials Inspection - Excavator Buckets
Raw Materials Inspection
Xugong KS manufacturers performs this step to safeguard the later issues. Xugong is the the most trusted supplier for high-quality materials.
Welding - Excavator Buckets
Both Xugong KS engineers and machine do the welding for excavator buckets to ensure precision and well-jointed materials.
Assembly - Excavator Buckets
Our excavator buckets are assembled efficiently and properly. Then, they undergo through high-quality spray-painting for long wear life.
Packing - Excavator Buckets
Xugong KS are the most reliable distributor. Your OEM and aftermarket excavator buckets are secure and packed properly.

Xugong KS Excavator Buckets Manufacturer Overview

Xugong KS Excavator Buckets Made to Last

Our excavator buckets are designed and built to OEM and ISO specifications. We guarantee quality and durability. Our excavator buckets, as well as our aftermarket excavator buckets, are made from high-strength steel. Xugong KS excavator bucket manufacturers make sure our excavator buckets give long life and larger payloads.

Our excavator buckets have up to 50% more wear life when compared to popular competitors. Our excavator buckets offer optimal load distribution.

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High Performance Xugong KS Excavator Buckets

Xugong KS excavator buckets are the industry standard for construction, performance, power and versatility. Our excavator buckets match the machine to the job and provide the best possible performance in your application.

Whether quarry, construction site or landscaping, Xugong excavator buckets focus the full power and performance of the machine on the task at hand and efficiently complete the task. Get your OEM and aftermarket excavator buckets now!


Innovative Solutions for Your Excavator Buckets

Our engineering and marketing team made tremendous amount of research and worldwide customer feedback. We integrate them into each excavator buckets design.

With just a click away, you get support from Xugong KS easily. No long queues. No misinformation. Provide us with your make and model and quantity. We can surely give you the most compatible excavator buckets.

Xugong KS excavator bucket manufacturers pleases customers for every excavator bucket.


Proper Distribution of Xugong KS Excavator Buckets

Xugong KS is a worldwide excavator bucket manufacturer and distributor with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FedEx and more. You can choose to either ship your excavator buckets via land or sea.

Our excavator buckets have neatest and most proper packaging. If you order our excavator buckets now, we will individually pack them in wooden crates. We can ship your excavator buckets immediately effortlessly.

Xugong KS distributes and exports to more than 50 countries. A wide range of standard and specialized excavator buckets are available with solutions.  We can guarantee you we can deliver your OEM or aftermarket excavator buckets.

Get Xugong KS high-class excavator buckets! The best here in China to your construction doorstep!


Excavator Bucket – The Complete FAQ Guide


Excavator buckets may seem like simple excavator components that are used to actively engage the ground during digging, mining, or excavating. However, that is not the case – excavator buckets are more sophisticated than that. Your excavator needs a bucket to function properly. There are different excavator buckets in the market today that are used for different purposes.


Here’s what you are going to learn from this guide:

  • What an excavator bucket is as well as its components and what role it plays as an excavator component
  • How to select the ideal bucket for your excavator
  • How to install, maintain, repair, and replace your excavator bucket together with its components
  • Where to get the best excavator buckets


Let’s dig right in!

1. What Is An Excavator Bucket?


Excavator buckets are key components that are attached to your excavator’s arm. They are primarily used by the excavator to move different materials, for example, building rubble, sand, soil, logs, etc.


These buckets have additional components which help them complete tasks quickly and efficiently. They also protect the excavator bucket from wearing out prematurely. These components are called Ground Engaging Tools (GET). They are important, as you’ll find out later on in this guide.


2. How Are Excavator Buckets Made?


KS is the leading excavator bucket manufacturer across the world. Here’s how we manufacture our excavator buckets: The process starts with you reaching out to us with your requirements. Then, our engineering department comes up with a conceptual design of your bucket. We use the latest computer designing programs.


We understand that you may have unique requirements, and that is why we manufacture custom excavator buckets. After the design is complete, we move on to cutting the design from high-quality steel. KS uses a laser cutter to cut steel accurately.




Once the laser cutting process is complete, move on to the drilling and milling process for components that need to be drilled and milled. Also, during this stage, we form the bucket’s shell. Milling is important as it ensures that the fitting of components is tight – there is no play.


We then attach all the excavator bucket components, that is, excavator bucket ground engaging tools. The next thing is cleaning the excavator bucket by giving it a deep wash using chemical soap. We’ll then use an air hose to dry it so that it can be painted. After the painting process is complete, we fit any other necessary components that you may require, for example, hydraulic hoses, etc. Our quality assurance team then tests the excavator bucket for faults.


The final process is packaging and shipping it over to you. We package our excavator buckets in wooden crates that protect them from any physical damage during transportation. We’ve also established a close working relationship with leading logistics companies. They will deliver your excavator bucket on time, without a single scratch.


3. How Does An Excavator Use Its Bucket?


Your excavator uses its bucket to complete labor-intensive goals such as digging, mining, or excavating. The excavator can have different types of excavator buckets, depending on where you want to use it. It is important to know what you’d want to do with your excavator, as it will help you choose the ideal bucket.

Check this out:

The first type of excavator bucket is called the digging bucket. Just as its name suggests, this type of excavator bucket is primarily used for digging. It can easily engage and penetrate the hard ground or rugged surfaces which may include rocky grounds, or simply hard soil.



The best part about using this digging bucket is that it is universal. You can use it almost anywhere. What you need to pay attention to is its capacity – it should be able to meet your requirements. The second type of excavator bucket type is called the rock excavator bucket. Rocky grounds are usually harder than normal grounds. Also, rocks are a bit heavy. This bucket type is way stronger than the digging bucket.

Figure 3 - Rock Bucket

It can easily move rocks that are hard to penetrate as they have reinforced material as well as sharper excavator bucket teeth. The third type is called a clean-up excavator bucket. Suppose you’ve been using your excavator to take down a building and you need to clear the building rubble. You’ll find the clean-up excavator bucket to be a perfect fit for this task.

Figure 4 - Clean-up Excavator Bucket


This bucket’s design is what makes it a good fit for cleaning up waste material. It is relatively small. The clean-up bucket is also strong and requires minimum maintenance.


The fourth type of excavator bucket is called a skeleton excavator bucket. This bucket is primarily used to separate different materials from the ground during digging. It saves a lot of time when it comes to the separation of different materials – its design helps it to do so.


The fifth type is called a hard-pan excavator bucket. It is primarily used to dig the hard ground, just like the rock bucket you saw earlier. The only difference it has from the rock bucket is an extra set of teeth at the back.


These additional bucket teeth help it dig hard grounds easily, for example, hard soil. Its structural design helps it loosen hard ground with ease. The sixth excavator bucket type is called a v-bucket. It is mainly used to dig appropriately-sized trenches or channels.


Here’s the deal: KS manufactures all the above types of excavator buckets. On top of that, we also sell them at affordable prices. Contact us right now to place your order.


4. What Is the Capacity of A Normal Excavator Bucket?


Your excavator bucket capacity is one of the three important factors that you should consider when selecting the ideal excavator bucket for your excavator. Excavator bucket capacity is the volume that your excavator bucket can handle when digging or moving material.



Normal excavator buckets have a capacity of 0.15 to 7.0 cubic meters.


5. How Can I Calculate the Capacity of My Excavator Bucket?


As you’ve read earlier in this guide, the capacity of an excavator bucket is measured in cubic meters. This means that when calculating the capacity of the excavator bucket, you are simply calculating its volume. Here’s the deal: We can use Mathematics to calculate the volume of your excavator bucket by using this formula: volume = cross-sectional area x length.


The reason why we do not use the basic Mathematical formula (length x width x height) is that the bucket does not have a geometric shape. This means that you cannot define the shape of an excavator bucket.


Apart from having an irregular shape, excavator buckets also have heaped on top of the buckets as they dig. You’ll need to put that into account when estimating your excavator bucket capacity. The angle of repose of the material being handled determines the amount of material accumulated on top of the bucket (heap).


Here are some steps to guide you calculate your excavator bucket easily: You can choose to use a computer program like CAD which will quickly break down your excavator bucket into regular shapes. It then sums up all the regular shapes and delivers accurate results.


The second way is a bit harder and can have errors as you will be responsible for breaking down your excavator bucket to regular shapes and then adding them. We recommend using a computer engineering program such as CAD to help you calculate it easily and accurately.


6. What Are Ground Engaging Tools (GET) for Excavator Buckets?


Ground Engaging Tools go hand in hand with excavator bucket wear parts. Their primary task is to enhance the performance of your excavator’s bucket as well as protecting the bucket’s frame/shell. There are different types of ground-engaging tools for your excavator bucket. Check them out:


  • Excavator Bucket Teeth– teeth are vital components of your excavator bucket. They help the bucket dig or mine easily. There are different types of excavator teeth. You will find out more about them later on in this guide.



As they directly engage the ground, excavator bucket teeth will eventually wear out. However, you can easily replace them by using a bucket pin removal tool and a sled hammer.


Excavator bucket teeth help your excavator bucket have a longer service life. Selecting the ideal teeth for your excavator bucket should be something that you need to put into consideration. Excavator bucket teeth are one of the most widely used ground engaging tools.


  • Excavator Bucket Side Cutters– Side cutters are also essential components of your excavator bucket, just like the excavator’s teeth. You’ll find the most useful when digging areas that have a high impact or even high abrasion rates.



Excavator bucket side cutters significantly reduce damage to the excavator bucket’s sides. They further enhance the bucket’s performance by helping them penetrate hard ground easily. Once they wear out, they can be quickly replaced with new ones. Excavator bucket side cutters are one of the popularly used ground engaging tools, just like the excavator bucket teeth.


  • Rear Wear Strips– as the name suggests, excavator bucket rear wear strips protect your excavator bucket’s rear side from premature wear or damage. Apart from protection, these wear strips also provide your excavator bucket with strength – that is, your excavator bucket becomes more rigid.



You can replace these wear strips whenever they get damaged. However, the replacement process is not as easy as replacing excavator bucket teeth and side cutters. You’ll need to read your excavator’s service manual or contact a professional to help you out.


  • Excavator Bucket Side Wear Plates– These plates are found on both sides of the excavator bucket. They cover the cheeks of the excavator bucket. They help your excavator bucket last for a long – they make them durable.


Figure 13 – Excavator Bucket Side Wear Plates


  • Internal Wear Liners– You’ll mostly find this type of ground engaging tool on heavy-duty excavator buckets. The internal wear liner acts as a second skin to the excavator bucket’s inner side.



Whenever your excavator bucket engages with the ground, the internal wear liner gets into direct contact with ground materials like rocks, which are highly abrasive. The best part is that the internal wear liner can easily be replaced when it gets worn out. It makes your excavator bucket more durable.


  • Heel Blocks– This type of ground engaging tool is mostly found on heavy-duty excavator buckets, just like the internal wear liners.

Figure 15 - Excavator Bucket Heel Blocks


They are made from high-quality virgin steel by KS and their primary task is to protect the corners and/or edges of your excavator bucket when digging or mining under high impact or highly abrasive environmental conditions.


  • Wing Shrouds– Wing shrouds are specifically designed to harden your excavator bucket’s sidebars. They further aid in countering high impact and abrasion from ground elements.




  • Excavator Bucket Lip– Excavator buckets can have heavy-duty bucket lip. This lip is what connects the excavator shell and the excavator’s teeth. Excavator teeth adapters are mounted on it. They are designed to withstand high impact and abrasion, as well as constant fatigue loading.




  • Excavator Bucket Lip Shrouds– Lip shrouds are designed to protect your excavator bucket’s lip. They are high-quality steel segments that are positioned between the adapters to protect the naked bucket lip from premature failure when digging or mining high impact or high abrasion environmental conditions.



7. Why Does An Excavator Bucket Have Teeth?

Excavator buckets need teeth to dig easily. Teeth help the excavator bucket exert the great impact necessary to penetrate the ground.


Now, there are three main factors that you need to consider when selecting the ideal excavator bucket teeth. Check them out:


  1. The manufacturer– your excavator bucket teeth have to be manufactured by a professional and reputable manufacturer. The manufacturing process has to guarantee you that they are hard enough to withstand the harsh environmental life of digging or mining.
  2. Wear Life– The material used to manufacture your excavator bucket teeth has a significant impact on their wear life. As the excavator’s teeth engage the ground directly, they’ll come across different materials, some of which are highly abrasive. They’ll also get

into contact with contaminants.


Here’s the deal: Apart from using high-quality material, it’s better to acquire teeth that have a greater wear surface. However, please note that the greater the wear surface you have, the less efficient your excavator’s teeth become. They will be unable to quickly penetrate the ground easily.


  1. Impact– Excavator bucket teeth can exert great impact, only if you select the ideal excavator bucket teeth type. Check out these excavator bucket teeth types:


Figure 19 – Excavator Bucket Teeth Types

8. What Causes Wear On Excavator Buckets?


You’ll eventually need to replace your excavator bucket. However, you can extend its service life by knowing what causes premature wear on your excavator bucket.

Check this out: Your excavator bucket is bound to wear out prematurely if you do not clean it properly after using it. The reason why you need to clean it is to prevent contaminants from corroding the bucket’s surface. Once they get corroded, they wear out prematurely.


The second reason why your excavator bucket may wear out prematurely is that you do not use ground-engaging tools. Ground engaging tools have a significant impact on the lifespan of your excavator bucket. Selecting the ideal ground engaging tools is also important, and it will save you a lot of downtime, thus making your excavator more productive.


The final reason why your excavator bucket wears out prematurely is that it was manufactured properly. The manufacturer may have used low-quality materials to make your excavator bucket. It is, therefore, vital to select the best manufacturer and supplier.


9. How Should I Select the Ideal Excavator Bucket for My Excavator?


There are two primary factors that you’ll need to put into consideration when choosing the ideal excavator bucket. Check them out:


  • Choose the correct excavator bucket size– Your excavator specifications determine the excavator bucket size. You cannot use a 22-ton excavator bucket on a 14-ton excavator.


It’s also important to note that bigger buckets do not guarantee enhanced productivity. For example, dense materials require smaller buckets for maximum productivity. It is easier to move blasted rocks with a smaller excavator bucket whereas moving materials like topsoils require you to use a larger excavator bucket for maximum productivity.


  • Choose the right type of excavator bucket– there are three main excavator bucket types in the market today:
  • General-purpose excavator buckets– just as the name suggests, this type of excavator bucket is used in general excavation and/or building sites. They can complete any general excavator task that does not require specialized tools. It is however equipped with teeth.


  • Heavy-duty excavator buckets– You’ll mostly find this type of excavator buckets in rocky environmental conditions such as quarries. They are used to move heavy material, as they are stronger than general-purpose excavator buckets. Heavy-duty excavator buckets can handle dense materials as well as other highly abrasive materials.


  • Grading Excavator Buckets– This is a special type of excavator bucket that you’ll mostly use in road construction or even landscaping tasks. Their design is what makes it ideal for grading as they are wider than regular excavator buckets. They can easily move soft grounds as they have flat cutting edges.


You can further customize this bucket by adding ground-engaging tools to optimize its performance.


10. How Can I Properly Maintain My Excavator Bucket?


There are four primary ways of properly maintaining your excavator bucket. Check them out:


  • Visually inspect your excavator bucket before use – you need to visually inspect your excavator bucket every time before using your excavator, as you inspect other excavator components as well. You’ll need to look out for the following:


  • Cracks
  • Missing ground engaging tools
  • Excessive wear
  • Leakage of any lubricated part


Please ensure that your excavator bucket has its protective paint as it prevents corrosion from contaminants.


  • Do not use your excavator bucket for the purpose which it was not intended for – you may be tempted to use your excavator bucket wrongly, for example, using a general-purpose excavator bucket where a heavy-duty bucket is ideal.


Also, do not use your excavator bucket for “excavator gymnastics” as depicted below:



  • Replace any worn-out excavator bucket ground engaging tools – When your excavator bucket ground engaging tools like excavator’s teeth are in good condition, your excavator bucket will not strain to dig or move ground elements.


It’ll penetrate the ground better and it will be adequately protected from wear, especially if the ground is highly abrasive.


  • Choose the ideal excavator bucket for your excavator – as you read earlier in this guide, there are three main types of excavator buckets. Selecting the ideal excavator bucket from your excavator will enhance your excavator’s performance.


Bottom line: Maintaining your excavator bucket is not a difficult task – it only requires you to be keen and use the appropriate tools for different ground types. Take care of your excavator bucket as it will offer you productivity.


11. How Much Does An Excavator Bucket Cost?


Here’s the truth: You’ll find most excavator bucket suppliers selling them at more than $1,000. This means that your excavator bucket is not cheap – you need to take care of your excavator bucket type.


However, there are many excavator bucket manufacturers and suppliers in the market today. They all sell their excavator buckets at different prices, depending on your requirements. It is therefore difficult to put a definitive price on an excavator bucket. Contact us right now with your excavator bucket specifications as well as your estimated budget. We’ll respond with a free quote that tries to meet your specifications and budget.


12. Where Can I Find the Best Excavator Bucket?


KS manufactures and supplies world-class quality excavator buckets. We’ve been in this business for over 10 years now. Apart from excavator buckets, we also manufacture and sell other excavator components such as undercarriages, engines, main pumps, etc. In our many years of being in business, we manufacture excavator buckets for different excavator brands, such as CAT, KOMATSU, VOLVO, HINI, YANAR, ISUZU, HYUNDAI, DOOSAN, KOBELCO, LIEBHERR, among others.


We guarantee you safe delivery of your ordered excavator bucket, as we’ve managed to secure close working relationships with the world’s leading logistics companies such as DHL, TNT, etc.Here’s why you can trust us to manufacture your excavator bucket for you:


We manufacture these buckets in-house from high-quality virgin steel under stringent OEM practices. It helps us maintain a high-quality manufacturing process. Apart from that, your excavator bucket comes with a 90-day warranty cover. Contact us today to get a free quote, place your order and ultimately receive your high-quality excavator bucket. You can even order a custom excavator bucket.


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