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Xugong KS Top Sales Diesel Fuel Injectors

Diesel Fuel Injectors for Caterpillar

Highest quality for your Caterpillar C9 Engine E336D. OEM and ISO certified guaranteed.

Aftermarket Diesel Injectors for Deutz

Perfect for Deutz EC290B excavators. High-tolerance and performance for a good price.

Diesel Fuel Injectors for C7 C9 Engine

Long-lasting and high performance diesel engine fuel injectors. OEM and ISO Certified.

Diesel Fuel Injectors for CAT

Suitable for CAT 140H. Durable diesel fuel injectors in stock from Xugong KS.

Diesel Injectors for Kobelco

Suitable for your SK200-8 excavator. Replace your diesel fuel injectors now.

Diesel Fuel Injectors for Hitachi

Compatible with ZX330 ZX350 ZX400 excavators. Fuel dynamic and efficient.

Diesel Engine Fuel Injectors for CAT

Great performance and high-tolerances for your CAT engine. Safe and secure delivery.

Diesel Engine Fuel Injectors for Volvo

Perfect for EC330BLC EC360 EC460 Excavator. Affordable and superior quality.

Diesel Fuel Injectors for Volvo EC210

Compatible with EC210 excavators. High performance with quality warranty available.

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Xugong KS manufactures diesel fuel injectors of top quality. Our team has been selling diesel fuel injectors for hundreds of companies and individuals across the world.

Over ten years of being a fuel injector manufacturer, Xugong KS has been awarded thousands of positive reviews about our diesel fuel injectors. Our diesel engine fuel injectors are built to take high-pressure fluids pumping as high as 28,000 psi.

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Xugong KS Diesel Fuel Injectors Manufacturer Overview

High-Performance Xugong KS Diesel Injectors

At Xugong KS, we value your excavators, especially their engines. It is only vital you replace and maintain your diesel fuel injectors as often as you should.

When you purchase our diesel engine fuel injectors from Xugong KS fuel injector manufacturers, we guarantee you a better way of fuel injection for your excavator.

Our diesel fuel injectors give high tolerances, high-pressurized and clean fuel for your excavators. Our diesel engine fuel injectors lead to better fuel economy.

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Xugong KS Diesel Injectors Available in Reman

Xugong KS provides our customers with genuine, aftermarket, and also reman diesel engine fuel injectors. It is a viable option to go with remanufactured diesel fuel injectors.

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Xugong KS has the most professional and responsive customer service and aftersales on diesel fuel injector manufacturers. At Xugong KS diesel injector manufacturers, we will support and accommodate you even after your purchase.

Our diesel fuel injectors are back up with the best support in China. Just contact us through our 24/7 support, and our fuel injector manufacturers can definitely supply you with the best and most suitable diesel engine fuel injectors available.

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Xugong KS Diesel Fuel Injector Manufacturers and Distributors

Our customer deserves our diesel fuel injectors in the best condition there is. We pack our diesel engine fuel injectors professionally.

Xugong KS is a distributor and partner with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FedEx and more. You can choose to either ship your diesel injectors via land or sea.

Xugong KS distributes and exports to more than 50 countries such as America, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, and so on. We can guarantee you we can distribute your diesel fuel injectors.

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Diesel Injector – The Definitive FAQ Guide


The Diesel Injector FAQ is an original and comprehensive guide to diesel injectors. It also covers a wide range of related topics, which are all essential for anyone interested in the inner workings of diesel engines. This guide will allow you to get in-depth insights into important questions about diesel injectors, including cost, failure reasons, knocking, maintenance requirements, the role of fuel lines, pumps, and much more.


1. What happens when a diesel injector fails?


When a diesel injector fails, you may experience the following effects in your diesel engine:The effectiveness of a diesel fuel injection is determined by the shape and properties of deposits that build upon the nozzle.

These deposits result in two different failure modes. Atomization failure occurs when deposits crack or flake off from the injection nozzle causing an uneven spray pattern. Flow rate and pressure drop occur as a result. Fuel consumption increases because more fuel is delivered to the cylinder during a given amount of time in one pulse than during another.


Volume failure results from nozzle blockage caused by a buildup of hard deposits on the injector body. The engine runs lean and excessive smoke appears in the exhaust gases.


2. What are injectors in a diesel engine?


Diesel fuel injectors are the key components without which it is difficult to operate your diesel engine. The diesel fuel injector is a part of the diesel engine used to supply fuel directly into the combustion chamber. It consists of a nozzle supplying fuel under pressure and a needle valve that opens and closes to regulate it.

Engines have injection areas called “injectors” where the fuel is sprayed under high pressure into the combustion chamber. Diesel engines use pumping devices that allow fuel to be injected at pressures of up to 4,030 bar (600 MPa). The extremely high pressure required to obtain a reasonable combustion rate necessitates an intricate system.


3. How much do diesel injectors cost?


The answer is not simple because it depends on several variables:

  • The age
  • Condition of the injector,
  • Type of injector (in-line or high demand),
  • Fitment requirement,
  • Warranty status,
  • Manufacturers (different suppliers often make injectors for other engines).

The cost of a diesel injector embedded with an auto-injection system and a warranty of 12 months lies in the range of $80 to $90 per piece. The price of a high-quality diesel fuel injector utilize for injection of fuel with a warranty of one year lies in the range of $80 to $150 per piece. If you choose to purchase a diesel injector with embedded higher quality, you have to pay a higher price.


4. How do you test a diesel injector?


A diesel injector is an electrically powered pump used to accurately meter out the proper amount of diesel fuel injected into a diesel engine. Injectors are perhaps one of the essential components in diesel engines. They determine the combustion quality, potency, and burn efficiency of a diesel engine. But because some diesel fuel additives are corrosive, they may lead to malfunctioning of your diesel injector.

So, it is better to test your diesel injector. You can use a single, self-scanning nozzle from any diesel pump, and it combines a dynamometer with a hydraulic channel and injector body to capture physical measurements of current and future performance.


These parameters include overall engine fuel consumption, injection pressures, injection volume, atomization, and more. An advanced computerized data analysis software shows you the results clearly and. This is how you can test your diesel injector.

5. Why do diesel injectors knock?


In diesel engines, the diesel fuel is injected directly into the combustion chambers. Compressed air is injected as well to ensure complete combustion, which results in a power stroke. This compressed air causes some diesel droplets to begin to combust before reaching the combustion chamber.


As more and more droplets begin to combust early, pressure in the cylinder builds until it reaches a level that causes the engine to knock. This knocking sound from the early atomization of the fuel is typically heard in diesel at idle speeds and can become very damaging to both injectors and engines.


6. How do you diagnose a bad diesel injector pump?


You may experience several issues in your diesel injector pump, but here you will find the main symptoms which indicate your diesel injector pump is terrible: Splutter is the issue primarily associated with your diesel injection pump. You can experience this issue when driving at higher speeds than more often. Above a specific speed limit, your diesel injector pump will start spluttering due to increasing fuel supply.

This is the main issue, which does not cause your injection pump to build up to the desired pressure. Another reason is the loss of needed power to carry out intended operations. This is mainly happening when machinery is involved in lifting heavier weights, and this issue prevents you from doing that. After diagnosing these issues, you need to get your injection pump repaired.


7. How many miles do diesel injectors last?


The life of the diesel fuel injectors and injection system is dependent upon many factors.

  • Improper operation of the engine (i.e., operating outside the manufacturer’s specifications)
  • Excessive poor-quality fuel
  • Improper maintenance
  • Failure to replace or install necessary parts & filters at the recommended intervals
  • The type of engine on which your diesel injector is installed

It can play a significant role in deciding the life of your diesel injectors.In general, your diesel injector can have a life in the range of 50,000 to 100,000 miles, but the core value depends on the factors mentioned above.Within fair working limits, most diesel fuel injectors last comparatively longer.


8. Can you repair diesel injectors?


Yes, you can repair your diesel injectors. There are two options for repair one is you can get your diesel injector repair from a professional technician. If you know diesel injectors well, you can repair them yourself using the right tools. If you get it repaired by a professional, they will charge you a handsome amount that varies depending on the type of damage.

If the warranty associated with your diesel injector remains, you can get the damaged one replaced for free from the manufacturer. Doing this will help you save the repair cost. If the warranty does not exist, then compare the repair cost with the replacement of a new one. If the cost does not exceed, then get it repaired rather than replacing.


9. How do I keep my diesel injectors clean?


The diesel injector is critical to a diesel engine’s performance because it atomizes the diesel fuel into as fine a mist as possible. If your injectors are not clean, you may face difficulties such as irregular engine starting, reduced torque, and poor stopping ability on diesel vehicles.

It would be best to keep the injectors clean to avoid premature deposits forming and ensure you get excellent atomization of the fuel entering the combustion chamber. The key to keeping your diesel injector running smoothly or clean is using proper diesel fuel with additives that perform cleanliness tasks and do not form deposits.


10. Can a bad diesel fuel injector damage the engine?


Yes, a lousy injector can damage the engine. If there are problems with the injection system on the engine, they make the machine gets damaged and decrease the engine’s life expectancy.


One thing that produces bad fuel injectors is a lack of maintenance. Failure to perform proper care on a diesel engine could result in damage caused by overheated oil.


Two central problems occur with this.

  • When it has been in use for too long, and it starts to experience thermal decomposition, it turns brittle, and that’s when it will begin to disintegrate and fall apart.
  • The other thing that will happen is that they will also get clogged up inside and cause the whole injection system to fail.

11. How to install a diesel injector?


You can install your diesel injector either by yourself or by hiring a technical professional. Installing your diesel injector, yourself can save you some costs associated. To install your diesel injector, you need to follow the steps for installation keenly. These steps include:

  • First, take your tool kit along with the main tools for installing a diesel injector, including a proper size of spanner and screwer.
  • First, take your diesel injector and install a washer by fluid with sticking and thermal resistance capability to not come out from the assembly.
  • Now place the diesel injector on the mounting located on the outer casing of the engine.
  • Use the clamp while putting it in the mounting to make sure it will not come out.
  • Now screw the bolt with the help of a spanner at the optimum amount of torque.


After you have installed, test your installation to make sure everything is running fine.

12. What causes the diesel injector to leak back?


Diesel injectors have valves that open and close thousands of times per hour, sending fuel through tiny orifices. Sediment, dirt, and corrosion buildup at the back of the fuel injector, where it seals against the engine cylinder head port, causing poor atomization. The common cause for a leak back condition is an internal diesel injector’s failure in the injection nozzle or ceramic material degradation.

It can occur in one or more diesel fuel injectors simultaneously, and it often happens during operation without warning. As a result, unburned fuel will travel into the cylinders of diesel engines resulting in the uncontrolled start and stop, reduced power, and rough idle. The resulting back pressure may cause misfiring. Also, depending on the size and severity of the leak back condition, you may have an audible chattering sound in the cylinders.


13. What is the best diesel injector cleaner?


Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID) are complex layers of varnish that settle on the interior walls of a diesel engine’s fuel injectors and can significantly reduce the engine performance. IDID clogging is usually caused by deposits from incomplete burning of diesel fuel in the engine’s combustion chamber.


By regularly using a high-quality diesel fuel injector cleaner, you can help your injections systems maintain a clean and full injector spray pattern delivering optimal power and performance to your diesel engine. Some of the best diesel injector cleaners include:

  • Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment
  • Stanadyne Diesel Injector Cleaner
  • Royal Purple Max Clean Diesel Injector Cleaner
  • Liqui Moly Diesel Injector Cleaner
  • Hot Shot Diesel Injector Cleaner

14. What do you mean by diesel injector nozzle?


A diesel injector nozzle is an element that is critical to the efficient working operation of a diesel engine. A diesel nozzle is a hollow metal tube that provides fuel to the combustion section in an internal combustion diesel engine.

It is ultimately positioned between the injection pump and can be the connecting link between the fuel-delivery system and the combustion area. The principle of operation is the same as that of internal combustion engines (piston-type).


The difference is that, in addition to ordinary gasoline, it also uses diesel fuel. It’s used in industrial machinery and shipping, trucking, marine transport, and many other kinds of transportation.


15. What is the role of the pump in the diesel injector?


The Diesel Fuel Pump is the heart of the diesel injection system. The pump is an electromechanical device that is placed inside the diesel fuel injection apparatus. It produces a high-pressure pressure every time the pilot injector is opened.


The function of the pump is to create a rotating force that propels the fuel from the injection nozzle. This generates adequate pressure inside the cylinder to get complete combustion, resulting. Injection pump pressure is typically measured in psi (pounds per square inch gauge).


16. What type of oil goes into diesel injectors?


The life of the diesel injector depends upon its condition, and that is why it is so important to use the correct type of fuel and oil. The density, viscosity, and molecular structure of the oil are essential to the lubrication of a diesel engine. Lubricity, which reduces friction and wears. It also reduces injector clogging.

To determine the best oil to use in a diesel engine, follow these steps:

  • Locate the engine manufacturer’s recommendation for what type of lubricant to use in the fuel injectors.
  • The manufacturer typically recommends an automotive-class lubricating oil, synthetic ester, or synthetic base oil.
  • Use an oil that meets the specifications recommended by the diesel engine manufacturer.
  • Engine manufacturers usually recommend well-known automotive-class oils such as SAE 5W-20.

17. What is the role of fuel lines in diesel injectors?


To keep your diesel injectors happy and healthy, you need to pay attention to the inside and outside of your fuel system. Here’s what you need to know. You must understand how diesel fuel enters the engine to properly fuel the machine and avoid over-pressurizing the lines, risking damage.

These fuel lines are typically rubber tubes running through a series of filters. The fuel lines of diesel injectors are responsible for supplying the diesel fuel from the suction side of the pump to the nozzle tip. The fuel line is made of a material compatible with diesel.


It transports the diesel fuel from the tank to the pump and nozzles (subsystem, subsystem, or system depending on engine size), injected into the combustion chamber as tiny droplets.


18. What do you mean by overhauling the diesel injector?


The central role of overhauling your diesel injector is to inspect the fuel injectors to recharge their combustion chamber. This is done to maintain an adequate amount of fuel injected into the cylinders. This will ensure that appropriate air and fuel are in balance so that the engine can run smoothly and improve efficiency.


The purpose of overhauling your diesel injector is to clean its nozzle, the area of the injection pump, and the combustion chamber. When this is not done regularly, the passive particles build up in time. They can clog the catalytic converter of the vehicle.


19. What is the role of O rings in diesel injectors?


O rings are the consumables of a diesel injector. The diesel injector O ring is an essential factor in the working of a diesel injector. It helps seal the flow path so that the fuel is not coming out of the nozzle and causing leakage. O-rings are one of the essential parts which maintain the correct pressure needed for the optimum functioning of your diesel injector.


It is also one part of the diesel fuel injection system, which can cause serious trouble if something happens. O-rings are made of silica, resins, or low-carbon steel wire, creating an impermeable seal between two other objects made of different materials.


The high-quality diesel fuel injector is made with various kinds of O rings and other fittings, which can resist multiple working conditions and ensure the stability and safety of diesel engines.


20. What are the maintenance requirements of diesel injectors?


Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your diesel engine performs at its optimal level. It prevents poor performance due to broken or misaligned parts or particles of dirt that have gone undetected. Injector nozzle and injection pressures will be reduced, and the life expectancy of the injector as well.


To prevent this phenomenon, diesel engine maintenance should pay attention to periodically cleaning injectors. The diesel injector should deliver a certain amount of fuel and maintain a constant supply to guarantee stable combustion. However, you may have noticed that sometimes these devices emit fuel at a rate that is greater or less than design, spraying over the intake valve or spraying oil.


The reason may be due to low combustion efficiency caused by the quality or design of diesel oil, high or low temperatures during operation and service, inadequate exhaust gas cleaning (IGC), improperly adjusted injection timing, injection pressure. Practice regular maintenance measures to increase the efficiency of your diesel injector.


21. What is the role of programming tools in diesel injectors?


The programming tool in diesel injector is a unique software program that can control the diesel engine’s injection process. The primary function of the programming tool is to determine the injection parameters, such as injection time, injection pressure, injection start and stop events, fuel flow, and even ignition timing.


It is possible to optimize the injection pattern to maximize power or minimize emissions on different loads and temperatures with the right software.E.g., to get more power from a given engine, it might be helpful to increase both pressure and resulting delivery rate when available (e.g., at high speed) while decreasing pressures.


22. Why diesel injector misfire?


Misfiring is the premature release of an injected fuel charge before the pressure buildup in the cylinder reaches its peak. Misfire is most commonly caused by either a poor injection pattern on the part of the injector nozzles or by injector deposits, which block fuel flow and prevent it from being adequately atomized.


Misfire of a diesel engine can be caused by dripping, but it’s not always easy to detect. Misfire causes inefficiency and loss of power in the engine and prevents the engine from further driving but does not affect the appearance of the outside of the diesel injection pump.


23. What is the role of the heat shield in diesel injectors?


The heat shield is one of the core parts of the diesel engine because it has a significant role in the injection process. It protects the injection nozzle and other essential engine components such as the injector body from high temperatures and prevents abrasion.

The heat shield is placed on the outer side of the diesel injector. The heat shield allows the injector with a more uniform temperature inside. In addition, it will provide a better environment for stability and durability.


Heatshield (also called insulation) is made of unique heat-resistant vulcanized rubber. Using a heat shield in your diesel fuel injector provides resistance to thermal shock and increases working life.


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