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XuGong KS Supplies The High-Grade Excavator Top Roller

  • Guaranteed High-performance Excavator Top Roller and Low Maintenance Expense
  • Reinforced Flanges And Unique Seals Top Roller of Reliable Quality
  • Extensive Life Service Even In Extreme Conditions
  • Up to 180 Days Warranty of Attentive Service
  • Strict OEM Standard and ISO Certified

XuGong KS Excavator Top Roller Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Top Roller

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XuGong KS is the Leading Supplier of Excavator Top Roller

XuGong KS Excavator Top Rollers are made heavy-duty guaranteed and increased wear life and reliability. This Excavator Top Roller guides the track over the machine. To have the optimum life service of your Excavator Top Roller, XuGong KS Excavator Top Roller can assure you with great maintenance. Regular cleaning of the undercarriage is part of the daily maintenance and XuGong KS can help you prevent any failures of your Excavator Top Roller.

The production of this XuGong KS Excavator Top Roller is based on OEM specifications. XuGong KS Excavator Top Roller is completed on advanced tech machinery with exact tools, high standard seals, and bronze bushings. XuGong KS expert engineers designed this Excavator Top Roller to shift weight well. It is indeed the best idea to choose only XuGong KS Excavator Top Roller while maintaining ultra capability no matter the tasks at hand. Call us now!


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XuGong KS Excavator Top Roller Manufacturing Process

Excavator Track Roller Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment
Heat manipulation is gone to make the rollers extra strong and durable even of heavy-duty. Our Excavator Top Roller is engineered with reinforced flanges and heavy duty seals for lasting wear life and reliability.
Excavator Track Roller Process
XuGong KS as the best supplier , we securely made our Excavator Top Roller with first class workmanship. We also offer good quality Excavator Top Roller in replacement of your top brands.
Excavator Track Roller Testing
XuGong has the excellent tester and strict control to ensure the quality is good. XuGong KS is your big choice of Excavator Top Roller, Bottom Rollers for Mini Excavator, Bottom Roller for Bulldozers, and Top Rollers. 
Excavator Track Roller Packing
XuGong KS gives the best service to meet the costumer's requirements. We accumulated expertise in our experienced in industry . Hassle-free shipment and safe arrival of your product is our major concern.

XuGong KS Excavator Top Roller Manufacturing Process

Why Xugong KS is the Leading Brand of Excavator Top Roller?


XuGong KS is the finest manufacturer of a wide range of Excavator Top Rollers over many years. Our Excavator Top Rollers are made with high-quality steel using a special method. Over many years of elevation, XuGong KS Excavator Top Roller has gone through standard evaluations. Xugong KS can also design Excavator Top Roller based on your makes and models. All these XuGong KS Excavator Top Rollers are with sound performance and long product serving life.


XuGong KS has professional service for the 180 days warranty period. We can also give you the most effective and hassle-free shipping of your Excavator Top Roller. High-powered and high-performance with high quality parts Excavator Top Roller was best produced only by XuGong KS. Our Excavator Top Roller in XuGong KS is the ideal choice for you! Get a quote now!


Excavator Top Rollers – The Complete FAQ Guide

Excavator top rollers’ importance must not be underestimated. They are found in every excavator that has tracks. These top rollers are manufactured in such a way that they can withstand harsh environmental conditions.


However, over time, your excavator top rollers are bound to wear out or get damaged. You need to know how to take care of these top rollers to prevent premature damages or wear. You also need to know where to buy good top rollers at friendly prices.


Here’s what this guide is all about:

  • To help you clearly understand what excavator top rollers are, how they function as well as their importance in your excavator
  • To help you know how best to maintain and replace your excavator top rollers, and the benefits of doing so
  • Direct you to the best platform where you can buy high-quality aftermarket excavator top rollers as well as other excavator components.

Keep reading this guide to find out more.


1.  What Are Excavator Top Rollers?

As you’ve read earlier on in this guide’s introduction, all excavators with tracks have rollers. Now, these rollers are divided into two:


  • Top rollers (which is our main focus today)
  • Bottom rollers

These two rollers have different tasks that they accomplish. The top rollers are found on the upper side of the excavator tracks.

Figure 1 - Excavator Top Roller

2.  How Do Excavator Top Rollers Function?

Excavator top rollers function by carrying the excavator chain as well as the track shoes. The primary role these top rollers play is directing your track chain in a straight direction.


3.  Why Are Excavator Top Rollers Important for Your Excavator Tracks?

As you read earlier, excavator tracks have top and bottom rollers. The top rollers play an important role in carrying the excavator chain as well as the track shoes in a straight path.


However, that’s not all:

Excavator top rollers are also part of the track tensioning system. Your excavator track tension is crucial, as it dictates how long your excavator track serves you. Improper track tensioning causes premature wear on your excavator track system.


They also allow dirt and debris to get out of your excavator chain, meaning that your chain will not have any buildup.


4.  What Are the Internal Components of An Excavator Top Roller?

Your excavator track top roller has internal components that help it function properly. Check them out:

Figure 2 - Excavator Top Roller Internal Components

Your excavator top roller has an outer shell that protects the inner components from physical damage. It is made from high-quality casted alloy steel that is resistant to contaminants. The roller also has a floating oil seal that prevents lubricant leakage.


5.  How Many Top Rollers Does An Excavator Have?

The number of top rollers per excavator varies.


Check this out:

There are different excavator types in the market today, that is, mini-excavators, standard size excavators, and finally, heavy-duty excavators which are very big and complex. Each of these excavator types has different makes and models.

Figure 3 - Number of Excavator Top Track Rollers

Depending on the type as well as the model, the number of excavator top rollers may vary. You can, however, find the exact number of your specific excavator’s top rollers by checking your excavator’s manuals.


6.  How Should I Select the Ideal Top Rollers for My Excavator?

There is one primary factor that you need to keep in mind when selecting the ideal top track rollers for your excavator.

Figure 4 - High-quality Excavator Top Rollers_

You’ll need to consider your machine application – where do you use your excavator the most? Do you use it to complete long laborious tasks?


If so, you’ll need to acquire heavy-duty top rollers for your excavator. They’ll be able to serve you for long, as well as make your excavator more productive by reducing excavator downtime.


7.  How Can I Recognize the Wear Patterns of Excavator Top Rollers?

As you read earlier, the primary task of your excavator’s top rollers is carrying the excavator chain as well as the track shoes. They, therefore, have a different wear pattern, compared to bottom rollers.Figure 5 - Worn-out Excavator Top Rollers


Check this out:

Excavator top rollers usually wear the most on the surfaces on which the track chain passes. They also wear on the flange and at times their roller shaft may leak oil. You’ll therefore recognize wear on your top rollers if they have the following characteristics:

  • The top rollers will have bent support. The support may be broken in some extreme situations.
  • A sagging roller axle is also another sign of a worn-out top roller.
  • If the top roller is misaligned, consider replacing it for it is most likely completely worn out.
  • Your excavator top roller may also be stuck. Stuck top rollers are usually caused by blockage from buildup. You can solve this issue by ensuring that your excavator undercarriage is clean. It may require you to wash the undercarriage of your excavator after every use.


8.  How Are Excavator Top Rollers Installed?

Installing your excavator top rollers is a pretty straightforward task. It’ll only require you to ensure that your excavator undercarriage is clean, even from contaminants such as rust.

Figure 6 - Newly Installed Excavator Top Roller

The process is fairly easy as it only requires you to bolt the top rollers on their allotted space on the excavator’s undercarriage frame. Remember to tighten the bolts as you install them so that they may not fall out when it passes through highly abrasive environmental conditions.


9.  What Causes Wear on Excavator Top Rollers?

As you continually use your excavator, the top rollers are bound to wear out over time. However, top rollers require you to maintain them properly for them to last longer.


In other words:

The main reason why your excavator top rollers wear out is due to improper maintenance of your excavator undercarriage. For example, when you’ve completed using your excavator, it would be best if you’d clean your excavator undercarriage using a pressure washer.


Washing your excavator undercarriage will help you get rid of contaminants that corrode the surface of your undercarriage components. It also removes the buildup that causes your excavator top rollers to get stuck.


Washing your excavator undercarriage further helps you observe the health status of your excavator’s undercarriage components. You need to routinely keep an eye on all excavator undercarriage components.


Another reason why they wear out prematurely is because of underlying issues. Remember, your excavator works systematically, and the health of one undercarriage component significantly affects the health of other components.


This means that when your excavator sprockets are worn, they are most likely going to damage your excavator track chain, which will, in turn, damage your excavator top rollers by wearing them out.

10. How Can I Know If My Excavator Top Rollers Have Ceased Working?

Excavator top rollers cease working when they are completely worn out or when they are stuck due to excessive amounts of buildups.


Here’s how you can tell if your excavator top rollers have ceased working:

  • You’ll find old dirt on their surfaces. Old dirt signifies that the rollers are no longer rolling as they are completely damaged or simply stuck due to buildup.
  • You’ll also find oil leakage, which is usually a sign that shows you that you need to replace your excavator top rollers, as they are no longer working.


You can reach out to us right now to place an order for your excavator rollers.

11. Why Do My Excavator Top Rollers Leak Oil?

The most probable reason why your excavator top rollers leak oil is that their internal seals are damaged. Whenever you find leaked oil on the surface of your excavator track chain or on the surface of the top roller itself, consider replacing the roller after establishing that its seal is damaged.


The second reason why your excavator top rollers may leak oil is when they work under extremely hot environmental conditions. Heat makes oil less viscous, meaning it can easily pass the seals, even though the seals are in good condition.


When the second type of leakage happens, consult your favorite mechanic for advice. The mechanic will give you good tips that favor your excavator’s working environment.

12. How Can I Properly Maintain My Excavator Top Rollers?

Maintaining your excavator top rollers is not hard. You will, however, need to sacrifice your time and energy to ensure that the top rollers are well maintained.


Check this out:


You need to keep your excavator undercarriage clean. Apart from removing contaminants, a clean undercarriage will help you a great deal when it comes to routine inspection of the rollers as well as other excavator undercarriage parts.


The second way to properly maintain your excavator top rollers is by replacing any worn-out excavator undercarriage component. Your excavator is a system – each component depends on another one to work properly.


When your excavator top rollers fail, consider checking the health status of other excavator undercarriage components. You can give your excavator sprockets and chains the priority as they are the components that can easily wear out other undercarriage components.


The third proper way to maintain your excavator top rollers is by replacing all top rollers at once. Whenever one wears out, consider replacing all the excavator top rollers. Doing this will save you a lot of time and money, as your excavator will be more productive. You’ll have reduced downtime that is meant for repairs and replacements.


Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have extra excavator top rollers for your excavator. These top rollers will help you rapidly replace worn-out rollers quickly. It’ll also help your excavator work effectively and efficiently.

13. How Are Excavator Top Rollers Replaced?

Replacing excavator top rollers will require you to remove old, worn-out rollers and install new, high-quality ones. Here’s how you can replace your excavator top rollers:


  • First, you’ll need to ensure that your excavator undercarriage is clean, free from any contaminant, debris, or dirt.
  • Then, you can loosen the excavator’s track chain to grant you access to the bolts that hold your excavator top rollers in place. It will not be necessary to remove the whole track chain.
  • Proceed to loosen the bolts that hold the top rollers in place on the frame of your excavator undercarriage frame. Once they are loose, remove them and remove the old excavator top rollers.
  • Install the new ones by positioning them on their allotted spaces on the excavator’s undercarriage frame. Use new bolts. They’ll offer a firm grip, compared to the old ones.
  • Once you complete the installation process, proceed to restore your excavator’s track chain tension.


Remember to take care of your excavator top rollers so that they may serve you for long, with minimal or no downtime at all.

14. Where Can I Find the Best Excavator Top Rollers?

For all of your excavator aftermarket needs, KS is your one-stop shop. Excavator components ranging from undercarriage components to excavator cab doors are all made from scratch by us.


Take a look at this:


For over ten years, XuGong KS has been manufacturing excavator top rollers. We manufacture excavator top rollers for CAT, Hitachi, Komatsu, Volvo, Doosan, Liebherr, Kobelco, Isuzu, Hyundai, Yanar, Hini, and other top excavator brands.


We’ve managed to establish close working connections with top logistics companies such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS throughout our many years in the manufacturing and supplying business. These companies give us assurances that your order will arrive in perfect condition, regardless of its size.


Our design and packaging team also does an excellent job with packaging. They make sure that your excavator rollers arrive in good condition. However, if you haven’t paid for your package, we won’t be able to release it.


Here’s how you can pay us:


We accept payments from a variety of platforms, including Paypal, T.T., LC, Western Union, and Alipay.


Our excavator top rollers are made from cast virgin steel alloy of the finest quality. We manufacture them in-house, following rigorous OEM guidelines to provide high-quality aftermarket excavator top rollers.


The greatest part is this:


A 90-day warranty covers all of our aftermarket items, effective from the date of purchase.


Contact us right now for more information on our excavator top rollers, as well as any other excavator aftermarket parts you may require.



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