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Stable and High-Performance Excavator Boom and Stick

Whether our excavator boom and stick has a long or short reach, we can assure you that our excavator boom and stick are made from the hardest steel and metal available.

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Excavator Boom and Stick – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Excavator Boom and Stick FAQ Guide is a complete reference guide covering all aspects of excavator boom and stick in detail. It includes functions, boom and stick components, operation principles, failure causes, types, materials used in manufacturing, etc.


The purpose of this guide is to answer technical questions related to excavator boom and stick. This guide will help you get familiar with excavator boom and stick, no matter whether you are an experienced person or a newbie.


1. What do you mean by excavator boom and stick?


An excavator boom is defined as a huge angled arm connected to your excavator, and when it is in motion, the boom provides aids to lift, transport, and deposit materials. An excavator stick is an arm that is attached to the excavator boom, and it is also referred to as a dipper.

On the one end of the excavator stick, a bucket is attached, an excavator stick provides the necessary movement in excavation. On the excavator boom, the hydraulic cylinder is attached, which aids in the up and down movement of the excavator stick.


On the other hand, an excavator stick is connected with a bucket cylinder on its top, which provides the necessary force required to move the bucket attached to it.


2. What are excavator booms made of?


Excavator booms are usually made of alloy steel. Alloy steels contain several elements within. Some popular features include copper, boron, cobalt, tungsten, molybdenum, manganese, chromium, nickel, vanadium, etc. The strength of the alloy steel used in manufacturing excavator booms depends on the variation in the [percentage of these elements.


Being employed in excavator boom, alloy steels are often strengthened by a heat treatment process called quenching. Tensile strength and toughness are measured after the steel has been heated to a very high temperature but before it is cooled down to room temperature.


Tensile strength and toughness are crucial attributes of an excavator boom. This process makes the steel tougher and more durable, especially during construction projects for your excavator boom.


3. What is the length of an excavator boom?


The length of an excavator boom will help determine whether and how well you can perform your work. The length of the excavator boom varies from model to model and varies depending on several factors.


These factors include the type of material you will work on, the weight of material to be lifted, and the desired reach for your excavator boom.The most widely used excavator boom lengths are listed in the table below:


Sr. No. Product Length (m)
1 Long reach Excavator Boom 8.5
2 Standard Excavator Boom 6.45
3 Maximum Reach Excavator Boom 14.75
4 Standard Excavator Boom 10
5 Standard Excavator Boom 11
6 Short Reach Excavator Boom 6.2


4. What are the types of excavator boom?


There are several types of excavator booms. You can use any one depending on your need. These types are listed below:


  • Mono Boom
  • Two-piece Boom
  • Long reach boom
  • Two-piece offset boom


Mono Boom:

This is a perfect tool for reaching a wide area and collecting a generous amount of dirt and sand.


The mass excavation tool provides a great reach in short lengths, making it a favorite among landscapers and gardeners.


Two-Piece Boom:

Two-piece booms allow you to change the angle of the boom to shorten its working height.


They’re ideal for reaching beneath bridges or in buildings to dig out the dirt and debris.


Long reach Boom:

The long reach is important for tough cleanup jobs where you need to dig out in the water. It’s up to you to decide how far you want the boom to extend on your machine.


The length range of this boom includes 6.45m, 8.5m, and 14.75m.


Two-piece offset Boom:

A two-piece excavator offset boom is attached to the side of a structure with an offset.



There are many different ways to use these booms, and there are pros and cons to each type of boom. If you need to dig into a tight space, an offset boom can be used so that it’s under the track.

5. What is the standard excavator boom?


Standard excavator boom is the most popular setup for traditional excavation jobs. The bucket range and reach are unparalleled in the industry. The reachability is extremely valuable for large boulders and allows for efficient work in tight quarters.


You can choose from two kinds of boom, and which type you’ll use depends on what kind of excavation your project requires. The stick-boom configuration allows the use of a larger bucket having the extra capacity to move materials. It’s easier to excavate high in a shorter-length swing. It’s productive — your swing length is shorter — but you might not be able to access the whole field.

6. What do you mean by swing excavator boom?


Swing excavator boom is regarded as one of the main configurations in your excavator. Several excavators have embedded swinging boom that connects to the machine chassis. The excavator boom swings up and down or either right or left and is connected to the chassis using a steel pin. The angle of the arm can calculate the excavator booms swinging extension.


The hydraulic cylinders that control the movement of the boom are connected with the main boom, either utilizing flexible tow bars or rigidly linked to the main boom to provide aid in swinging. It has been widely used in many industries and fields such as civil engineering, agricultural engineering, power stations, and building construction.

7. What is the use of an excavator boom?


An excavator boom has various applications depending on the type of working conditions on which they are employed. Excavators with booms can use their scooping bucket cylinder attachment as a crane.


These booms are used regularly in earthworks such as material handling and loading, trench digging and ripping, site preparation and grading, dam construction, demolition, and recycling.


Excavator boom is widely used in pushing and lifting excavator buckets. The use of the hydraulic equipment also provides for various attachments to be used for excavation applications.

8. When to use a long excavator boom?


Using a long excavator boom has an advantage in some conditions. For instance, when you need to work in very high places or work near obstacles such as walls, buildings, or trees, a long boom will meet your requirements. You can also use a long excavator boom when the main body of your excavator is unable to reach some particular place, including pond excavation.


The long boom can reduce your risk of injury and damage the structure of the houses a lot less than bucket cylinders. A long arm or boom excavator is mainly used to dig the tunnel, but you can also explore the foundation of high buildings or construct the fireplace.

9. How can I choose the best excavator boom?


Choosing the best excavator boom depends on several factors, including your excavator arm’s usage/work conditions, available space, and budget. These also include the kind of machine on which you wish to install the boom, the design, and configuration of the boom, and how it goes about operating.


Some of the other known factors include boom length, movable range, boom construction material, attachment weight load capacity, and method of maneuvering. It is essential to consider all of these factors before purchasing your excavator boom. This will add up a lot and help you save extra costs.


10. What is a knuckle excavator boom?


The primary distinguishing thing about a knuckle excavator boom is that it’s equipped with an elbow joint. The extra joint embedded in your excavator boom gives the machine more digging power and lets it dig better due to its ability to swing from one side to the other.


This joint gives a little extra tilt to your excavator boom. It helps you reach a lower position while excavating compared to the excavator boom without a knuckle.

11. What are the causes of cracks in the excavator boom?


Cracks on excavator boom are the common problem in the operation of an excavator.



  • Cracks of excavator boom and buckets are generally caused by overload or improper operation.
  • Cracks on the excavator boom may also be due to improper installation of the boom and incorrect waterproofing.
  • Cracks of the excavator’s arm are caused by incorrect leveling of the machine.
  • Another reason for cracks builds up in your excavator boom might be the trajectory deviation exceeds the permitted value.
  • Metal fatigue can also be the reason for this.


A solid understanding and correct understanding of the causes will help you improve the equipment’s service life and reliability.

12. How to repair the excavator boom?


A breakdown is always possible in an excavator boom. This breakdown may be due to several reasons.

You can repair it either yourself or from a professional technician. The first thing you need to do is troubleshoot and determine the fault in your excavator boom. If there is a crack due to overloading, you can join those cracks by the welding procedure.


You can cut the cracked part and install a new one, then welds it for needed strength. It is possible that your excavator boom cannot be repaired because of excessive damage. In that case, you must replace it with the new one.


13. What is an excavator stick?


An excavator arm of a mobile excavator is more commonly known as a stick. The word “stick” or “arm” can refer to the boom-stick configuration found on most mobile excavators.


An excavator stick is attached to the main boom, which allows it to move up and down with the aid of locking pins, slotted hydraulic cylinders, or other locking devices. The stick holds part of the bucket.


A stick is the part of an excavator that picks up and moves material that needs to be dug. They are most often used as a means to increase the digging depth when trenching and surface mining.

14. When should I use a short excavator stick?


The use of a short excavator stick depends on the job. If you need to work in a small space, restrict the depth, or do not have enough room for the full-length bucket, it is suitable to use the shorter stick.


It can also be used to work at limited height or confined places and remove small debris piles or small clumps of earth that can be loaded into the bucket efficiently. A short stick excavator is a tool suited for excavating work requiring a large horizontal excavation, such as installing underground pipes, power equipment foundations, and trenches.

15. When to use a long excavator stick?


The long stick has a longer reach than a short stick but takes up slightly more room because it is fully extended. This makes it heavier and not as suitable for use around obstacles or in confined spaces.


However, the long stick gives you more potential speed and lifting capacity because it does have to be fully retracted. If we have a slope to move from side to side, we can use a longer stick to reach the slope’s bottom.


Whether your work involves moving dirt to a construction project for building foundations or lifting earth from one place to move elsewhere, a long-reach excavator stick is just what you need to complete the



16. How does an excavator stick work?


An excavator stick is usually attached to the excavator boom with the hydraulic cylinder. The pressurized hydraulic fluid enters through the valve within the hydraulic cylinder located on the top of the excavator boom.


It pushes the piston, and it starts moving reciprocally. This reciprocator motion is then converted to the up and down movement of the excavator stick. This is how an excavator stick works.

17. What do you mean by a quick extension excavator stick?


A Quick Extension Stick is a tool that can reach objects much further than the distance of a factory stick.


This makes it easy for users to operate their conventional excavator as a long-reach excavator and then effortlessly switch back to a conventional excavator. This feature helps you save extra costs associated with extended excavator reach and is easy to operate on sites that involve heavy-duty construction.

18. What type of cylinders are used on excavator boom and stick?


There are two different types of cylinders used on excavator boom and stick. The cylinder type used on the excavator boom is known as boom cylinder, and the cylinder type used on excavator stick is known as bucket cylinder. These cylinders are described below:


These cylinders are described below: An excavator boom cylinder allows the excavator arms to move and supplies the necessary force to move different materials.

19. What are the components of excavator boom and stick cylinders?


There are several components associated with excavator boom and stick cylinders. The components of the boom or hydraulic cylinder are listed below:


  • Branch pipe
  • Cylinder tube
  • Rod bearing band
  • Cap
  • Rod seal
  • Wiper
  • Piston rod
  • Washer
  • Piston seal
  • Piston bearing band
  • O ring
  • Piston
  • Nut
  • Base

The components of the stick cylinder embedded on the excavator stick are listed below:

  • Preventing pollution oil seal
  • O ring
  • Dust ring
  • Dustproof ring
  • Piston oil seal
  • Gasket
  • Buffering ring
  • Wear ring
  • Piston
  • Spherical eye bracket
  • Piston rod
  • Tube
  • Detachable mount
  • Clevis bracket
  • Pivot pin
  • Rod’s eye
  • Alignment coupler

As mentioned above, each of the parts of the excavator boom and stick cylinder plays an essential role, and they cannot perform their intended function without a single component.

20. What do you mean by excavator stick cylinder?


Excavator Stick Cylinder is a component of the hydraulic system. It’s put on one end of the boom arm. It gets power from the excavator’s hydraulic pump through the hydraulic fluid path.


When the bucket is raised or lowered, it provides the power and achieves this process simultaneously. An excavator stick cylinder is used for transferring, controlling, transmitting, and amplifying force and movement in an excavator.


Like other solid cylinders, the cylinder of the stick includes the upper and lower part. The main function is to change from one position to another while keeping a distance between the excavator boom and stick.

21. What is an excavator boom cylinder?


Excavator Boom Cylinder is a device used for an excavator used to accomplish a variety of tasks depending on the arm attachment. The Excavator boom cylinder is an excavator attachment equipped with a power cylinder to generate high pressure.


The high pressure for the piston rod drives the motion of the excavator’s arm. Excavator rods connect to the associate, allowing it to swing outward in an arc. The function of the boom cylinder is to adjust and accelerate the telescopic arm to make the work easier for the excavator operator.

22. Which material is used for excavator boom and stick cylinders?


Material of excavator boom cylinder is alloy steel, mild steel, sheet metal or cast iron, brass, rubber, and polycarbonate.


Although cast iron excavator cylinders are more expensive than either mild steel or sheet metal, it provides advanced performance for construction equipment and machinery. Alloy steel can be used for a long time in the mining industry’s harsh and corrosive environment.


For example, the thermal shock resistance of cast iron cylinders is better than that of mild steel ones, which could be used in cold climates.

23. What type of fluid is used in the excavator boom and stick cylinders?


The hydraulic cylinders used on excavators, including excavator boom and stick, use hydraulic oil. The type of fluid depends on factors, including the temperature rating, if the application is high pressure or low-pressure application, and how much moisture the oil is exposed to, viscosity, cleaning efficiency, cooling effect, and friction reduction.


Generally, the hydraulic cylinder on the excavator boom and stick utilizes hydraulic oil embedded with high viscosity, abrasion resistance, wear and tear prevention characteristics.


24. What is the purpose of cylinders on excavator boom and stick?


Using fluid pressure and spring force upon itself, the excavator boom and stick cylinder extend an operator’s reach. This way, an excavator or backhoe can dig deeper than it could otherwise with its standard arm configuration.


The Excavator Boom and Stick cylinders are there to aid in carrying out the excavation business. The cylinders are used for breaking up the soil so that the digging can get done faster.


The Boom and Stick cylinders are built for heavy-duty work, as these are the ones being used for construction sites and large building sites.


25. Can I buy excavator boom and stick as spare parts?


Yes, you can buy the boom and stick as spare parts. However, you have to know the brand and model of the excavator to help you select the right arm. There are several sources to buy your excavator boom and stick. These sources include offline and online stores.


You can select any of the above depending on you which you find convenient. Both are a good choice and contains a wide variety of excavator boom and sticks.


It also depends on which source you find a reliable and affordable supplier for your excavator boom and stick. Shipping these from online stores will incorporate an extra cost because of their volume.

26. Are there excavator boom and stick manufacturers in China?


Yes, there are hundreds of excavator boom and stick manufacturers in China. You can get the high-quality Excavator Boom and Stick from China. Some important benefits to import Excavator boom and stick from china are given below:


The lowest price of the product is usually found in Chinese stores compared to other stores in the area. You may import, select and place an order for a personalized excavator boom and stick.


Before the import, you may choose your favorite size/ dimensions, shape, materials, model, and weight. One of the beneficial services is that there are no minimum or maximum order limitations.


If you are an owner of a small business, you can complete an order online by typing in your contact details. Your excavator boom and stick will arrive within a few days at your doorstep.


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