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Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Boom Cylinder

CAT Excavator Boom Cylinder

Xugong KS can provide your CAT excavators with high-powered excavator booms cylinders.

E365 Excavator Boom Cylinder

High quality boom cylinder available at Xugong KS. These are designed to prevent fluid-leakage.

EX200 Hitachi Excavator Boom Cylinder

Perfectly built for your EX200 excavators. Reliable excavator boom cylinder on wholesale price now at Xugong KS.

Hyundai Excavator Boom Cylinder and Arm

The perfect boom, bucket and arm cylinder for your Hyundai excavators. Order now while it is on sale at Xugong KS.

Volvo Hydraulic Excavator Boom Cylinder with Bucket

The perfect set for your EC460B/BLC excavators. Budget-friendly and user-friendly items for your excavator boom cylinder rebuild.

Hyundai Excavator Boom Cylinder with Bucket

Suitable for your R2110LC-7 excavators. Fast fluid flow and built-in fluid pressure system available now. Secured and fast delivery with quality warranty.

EX1200 Hitachi Excavator Boom Cylinder

Perfect for your EX1200 excavators. Flexible yet durable excavator boom cylinders.

E350 Hydraulic Excavator Boom Cylinder

High performance and greater force. OEM and ISO Certified. Ready to be shipped from Xugong KS factory.

Volvo EC460B Excavator Boom Cylinder

Especially made for your Volvo excavators. Your top brand Volvo in the most affordable price.

Why Should You Rely on Xugong KS Excavator Boom Cylinder?

Xugong KS has been manufacturing and distributing excavator boom cylinders for ten years in the entire world. We have been receiving nothing but great reviews and feedback from our aftermarket excavator boom cylinders.

Our expert engineers have built these excavator boom cylinders with precision. Top-quality excavator boom cylinders aftermarket are available from well-known brands like Volvo and Hitachi.

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Xugong KS Excavator Boom Cylinder Manufacturing Process

excavator boom cylinder raw materials inspection
Raw Materials Inspection
Excavator boom cylinder materials are carefully inspected. Xugong KS only chooses the most durable and yet malleable material for that maximum protection.
Excavator boom cylinder precision machining
Precision Machining
Xugong KS tech team would apply OEM specifications. We use the most advanced technology for our excavator boom cylinders.
Excavator boom cylinder precision assembly and testing
Excavator boom cylinders go though most efficient assembly. Parts are heavily-coated with oil based paint and undergoes countless testing to ensure top quality.
Excavator boom cylinder packing
Xugong KS supplies and packs excavator cabs in a neat and secured wooden crate. To protect it dust or dirt, we wrap the excavator cab in plastic.

Xugong KS Excavator Boom Cylinder Manufacturer Overview

Xugong KS Excavator Boom Cylinders Built to Last

Xugong KS supplies heavy-duty excavator boom cylinders for you excavators. It also gives you the stress-free and maintenance-free you want for your site.

These excavator boom cylinders are especially designed and built to carry heavy loads effortlessly. Its seals and pivots are perfectly made to prevent leakages and break.

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Flexible Excavator Boom Cylinders at Xugong KS

Excavators are often called the “Swiss Army Knife” of the construction industry. But you may realize a big part of what makes excavators so versatile is the excavator boom cylinder.

Xugong KS manufactures and distributes these excellent-quality excellent boom cylinder for more than ten years. Every year, their excavator boom cylinders only gets better and better.

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Expert Aftersales Service for Excavator Boom Cylinder

Our advanced excavator boom cylinder only receives the care of our best aftersales service team at Xugong KS. We still cater to you even after your excavator boom cylinder purchase.

Xugong KS customer service support is here to monitor and provide you with assistance for your excavator boom cylinder needs.  Just contact us through our 24/7 customer service, and Xugong KS will wholesale you the most suitable excavator boom cylinder.

Xugong KS can provide you with the most accommodating and helpful support you have been asking for.

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Professional Delivery and Distribution at Xugong KS

If you send us an inquiry and order our excavator boom cylinder now, we can pack and ship it immediately. No need to ask us about your order’s safety, your excavator boom cylinders are individually packed in wooden crates.

Xugong KS supplier is partnered with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FEDEX and more.

Plus, Xugong KS distributes and exports to more than 50 countries like American, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, and so on. We guarantee you we can supply your excavator boom cylinder.

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Excavator Boom Cylinder – The Definitive FAQ Guide

The excavator boom cylinder FAQ Guide is a very useful source of information for you if you are a beginner or professional.

This guide provides insights into excavator boom cylinder, lifetime, cost, working principle, the material used in manufacturing, the role of seals, and much more.

This guide will help you get familiar with the excavator boom cylinder.

1.    What is an excavator boom cylinder?

An excavator boom cylinder is a cylindrical hydraulic component fitted to an excavator and holds the boom.

An excavator boom cylinder allows the telescoping boom to be extended or retracted.

Figure 1._Excavator Boom Cylinder
Figure 1._Excavator Boom Cylinder

This extension or retraction ultimately aids in the movement of the bucket cylinder and helps to dig or move materials.

The Excavator boom cylinder is a vital component of any excavator.

This allows the boom of excavators to have controlled movements for different tasks: digging, lifting, rotating, and transporting.

It’s where the hydraulic power from the engine turns into motion.

The cylinders, pumps, and valves combine to give these machines the strength they need for heavy loads.

2.    How long does the excavator boom cylinder last?

The life of an excavator boom cylinder depends on the size, type, and working environment.

The life of time that a boom cylinder will last will depend on the operating time of the Excavator.

Generally, the life of an excavator cylinder lies in the range of 3 to 5 years.

It will wear out over time with use; however, it is recommended that you check the cylinders annually to ensure hydraulic fluid leakages are replaced. In addition, the seals are renewed to ensure the life of the cylinder is not negatively affected.

If a qualified technician performs regular maintenance, you should expect your boom cylinder to last for at least 15 years.

3.    How do I know if my Excavator boom cylinder is bad?

Several signs indicate that your excavator boom cylinder is bad or not operating well.

These signs are as follows:

Symptoms of a bad Excavator boom cylinder include

A loud banging noise is coming from the machine when the lever is pulled up and down.

Figure 2._Excavator Boom Cylinder Failing
Figure 2._Excavator Boom Cylinder Failing

No resistance when operating the lever.

If your boom cylinder moves but has little to no effect on lowering/raising the Excavator.

Hydraulic fluid contamination is due to improper operation and maintenance of your boom cylinder or breakdown in internal parts.

The most common symptom is leakage.

If you have this issue, you can find it if you check for bubbles inside the connecting hoses. If bubbles are present, you might have to replace some seal kit parts.

4.    Which size excavator boom cylinder I need to buy?

Figure 3._Different Sizes for Excavator Boom Cylinder
Figure 3._Different Sizes for Excavator Boom Cylinder

The size of an excavator boom cylinder you need varies and depends upon several factors.

These factors include your Excavator model, power to lift or lower your excavator boom cylinder, length of your excavator boom, material, and application type.

Some of the most popular sizes are listed below:

Sr. No. Product Bore (mm) Stroke (mm)
1 Excavator Boom Cylinder 110 1193
2 Excavator Boom Cylinder 120 1331
3 Excavator Boom Cylinder 100 1048

Most suppliers will have catalogs of all sizes of seals and cylinders for your make and model.

If you select a cylinder model according to our suggestions, it will increase the efficiency of operation and improve the machine’s service life.

5.    What is the way to measurement of excavator boom cylinders?

Different ways to determine the size of your excavator boom cylinder exists.

The easiest way is to take all measurements from the outside of the cylinder using flexible tape or a ruler.

First, measure the outer diameter of your excavator boom cylinder. You can also do this by measuring circumference.

Next, measure the bore of your excavator boom cylinder, which is also known as inner diameter.

Finally, calculate the stroke of your excavator boom cylinder.

By knowing these three measurements, you can easily calculate the size of your excavator boom cylinder.

Exact measurements of excavator boom cylinders are essential for getting the right fit when ordering replacement parts.

Every machine is built to be different, which is why you need to measure each boom cylinder.

6.    How do double-acting Excavator boom cylinders work?

Double-acting excavator boom cylinders are the perfect combination when it comes to using such cylinders in the field.

Figure 4._Double-Acting Excavator Boom Cylinders
Figure 4._Double-Acting Excavator Boom Cylinders

This means that the hydraulic fluid is pushed into the cylinder along with the piston. As a result, the fluid goes against the piston and creates a force in both directions.

Double-acting excavator boom cylinders amplify the force applied to a device.

They have both an expanding and retracting effect by applying pressure in two opposing directions.

They are more intricate than a single-acting excavator boom cylinder.

Double-acting Excavator cylinders can also work with hydraulic oil or pneumatic air to move a boom.

7.    What is the stroke of the excavator boom cylinder?

The stroke is the distance between two endpoints of a piston stroke in an excavator boom cylinder.

The stroke of an excavator boom cylinder varies and depends on the size of the boom cylinder size.

The large strokes create more power and ultimately used in large weighted boom excavators.

The stroke affecting the excavator boom cylinder is referred to as either “extended” or “normal,” depending on whether it is in the up position (normally extended) or down position when retracted from its operating position.

The stroke of the excavator boom cylinder is decided by the power type of Excavator and its brand. For example, it’s usually about 70–80% of the boom length.

8.    What is the procedure to selection of seals for Excavator boom cylinder?

Seals of Excavator boom cylinder are subject to heavy wear and tear, both from the environment and in daily use, as they are continually moving and evolving.

Figure 5._Seals for Excavator Boom Cylinder
Figure 5._Seals for Excavator Boom Cylinder

Buying the right Boom Cylinder Seal Kit is the first step toward getting the most life out of your Excavator.

Learn the factors you need to consider before you make a seal purchase.

Before you purchase, make sure to consider the machine type, load capacity of the cylinder, the material used in the manufacturing of seal, seal lifetime, size, shape, and thickness of seal, temperature, and pressure variations to which seal is going to be exposed, the volume of use expected and excavator model.

9.    What are the applications of excavator boom cylinders?

Excavator boom cylinders have a variety of applications. Some of the applications are listed below:

  • The excavator boom cylinder is used to provide a type of motion capable of lifting heavy loads and moving them.
  • The boom cylinder has the function of causing the boom to move up and down so it can work in different positions according to the operator’s requirement.
  • Excavator boom cylinders are very useful for making bigger movements to lift, lower, dig, grade, and other similar purposes.
  • Excavator boom cylinders are used on hydraulic excavators and also work as a shock absorber.

10.  What are the materials used in manufacturing of excavator boom cylinder?

Cylinders can either be made of aluminum or cast iron.

The size of machine being used determines this.

Hydraulic cylinders are also produced using steel alloy that meets the highest quality levels for construction machinery.

Some advanced boom cylinders are made from a graphite compound that absorbs impacts and shocks well.

Alloy steel is hardened, highly wear-resistant, and heat resistant, with good performance in cold temperatures. In addition, it can prevent the cylinder from excessive wear, tear, and damage.

The material used in the excavator boom cylinder varies due to operation type, material type, environmental conditions, and much more.

High-quality material helps your excavator boom cylinder to last longer.

11.  Can Excavator boom cylinders be repaired?

Yes, Excavator boom cylinders can be repaired, but you need to have the right kind of Cylinder repair kit and tools.

Figure 6._Excavator Boom Cylinder Repair
Figure 6._Excavator Boom Cylinder Repair

A cylinder repair kit includes sealing rings, coils, piston ring, seals, pin, and other necessary parts for an excavator boom cylinder.

The first thing you need to do is determine which element is malfunctioned or causing issues in the optimum performance of your excavator boom cylinder.

After detecting the faulty element, replace it using a tool kit and replacement kit.

You can also get it repaired by taking it to a nearby local professional technician if you are unaware of the repairing process.

12.  Why do excavator boom cylinders leak?

Excavator boom cylinders can leak for a variety of reasons.

These reasons include improper loading, fluid contamination, material wear, or pressure or temperature rising beyond a specific limit.

Figure 7._Excavator Boom Cylinder Leaking
Figure 7._Excavator Boom Cylinder Leaking

This can result in lower power transmitted through the hydraulic system used by your Excavator, resulting in reduced lift capacity and machine downtime.

The seal kit can also sometimes wear unevenly over time, causing an unbalanced load on the wheels of your machine, which can either cause excessive strain on the entire Excavator.

Minor wear to the cylinder body can cause little leakage — that’s not worth replacing.

However, if the parts are excessively worn or damaged, it may be time to replace them.

13.  What causes an excavator boom cylinder to bend?

Figure 8._Excavator Boom Cylinder Bending
Figure 8._Excavator Boom Cylinder Bending

There are several reasons why your excavator boom cylinder got bending. Some of the most popular reasons are listed below:

  • An excavator boom cylinder is more likely to bend when the machine is working on an uneven surface.
  • Most of the time, the cylinder is damaged due to excessive pressure applied to a hydraulic shovel.
  • If a machine is moving and the boom cylinder cannot keep up, it will bend.
  • The use of improper seals in your excavator boom cylinder also leads to a bending of your excavator boom cylinder.
  • Contamination, scuffing from protruding rock, and other damage can ruin your excavator boom cylinder, resulting in bent cylinders.

14.  Can you test an excavator boom cylinder with air?

Yes, you can test your excavator boom cylinder with air.

You’ll need to connect the pressurized airline to the bleed valve on the excavator boom cylinder.

Once it’s connected, hit the boost button on your air pressure regulator and turn it on.

It is recommended to use a pressure of 50-100psi, but if you do not have a pressure gauge, you can use an air compressor with a regulator to reduce the output to about 20 psi.

The regulator will also ensure that the pressure is even across the cylinder.

If you find that the pressure is below the specified limit, you will need to replace the seal kit.

15.  Can Excavator boom cylinders get air locked?

Yes, they can. Excavator cylinders may get air locked at times if the O-ring seal is faulty or when the cylinder is not serviced regularly.

The condition can manifest itself due to the accumulation of sand and dirt in the hydraulic circuit, which blocks oil flow in the course, thus preventing the movement of hydraulic fluid.

When airlock occurs, metal-to-metal contact happens and causes wear and tear to your excavator boom cylinder.

Boom cylinders can get air locked for different reasons, and precautions must be taken to prevent occurrences.

It’s best to regularly maintain an excavator and have your boom cylinders checked periodically by a service professional.

16.  What is the way of bleeding air from my excavator boom


Bleeding air from an excavator boom cylinder is important to maintain the correct level of fluid and prevent damage.

The excavator boom cylinder seal kit contains a complete set of relief valves for an excavator boom cylinder.

The air bleeding can be carried out using relief valves installed on your excavator boom cylinder.

Bleeding air from the boom cylinder is accomplished by opening the port to the atmosphere, either by removing the plug or fitting or opening the valve.

You can do this at the various connection point on the hydraulic cylinders.

The best way to bleed air from a cylinder is by using a Boom Bleeder Kit. This allows you to open the cylinder ports and let the air out.

17.  How do excavator boom cylinders work?

The working principle of your excavator boom cylinder is as follows:

Excavator boom cylinders are used to transfer the force generated by Excavator hydraulic motors into the boom’s longitudinal (forward and backward) movement.

Excavator cylinders are designed with steel components and a hydraulic piston rod connected to the boom via a fixed or telescoping cylinder link.

The hydraulic piston is supplied with high-pressure hydraulic fluid, which powers the piston.

The reciprocator motion of the piston caused by the pressurized hydraulic fluid is transferred to the excavator boom.

Thus, causing your excavator boom to move in any direction you need.

18.  How do you replace an excavator boom cylinder seal?

The location of the excavator boom cylinder is usually located at the top or side of your Excavator.

Before performing any seal replacement on an excavator boom cylinder, all operations must be stopped.

Follow these directions:

  • Wear heavy gloves and protective eyewear.
  • Remove the boom cylinder from the Excavator by unscrewing the bolts holding it in place and lift out of the machine.
  • Make a mark on the outer surface to indicate the exact position of the seal.
  • You must first drain the hydraulic system.
  • Once the hydraulic system has been drained, you need to remove fittings associated with hydraulics to gain access to the piston seal.
  • After removing the piston seal, replace it with a new one and install it similarly as you disassemble it on your Excavator.
  • Test your installation for any leakage.

19.  How do you control an excavator boom cylinder stroke?

You can control the size of stroke in your excavator boom cylinder by acting upon the following directions:

  1. Use the damper which connects to the rod end. Adjusting the damper makes it possible to control the stroke.
  2. Find out how to use a reed switch to detect the magnet built into the piston. Then, using a solenoid valve, you’ll be able to create a valve that will allow air in one direction only.

In this way, you can control the stroke of your excavator boom cylinder.

20.  How many excavators boom cylinder costs?

The cost of the excavator boom cylinder varies from model to model and depends upon several factors.

These factors include machine model, machine type, size of the excavator boom cylinder, the shape of the excavator boom cylinder, the force developed by your excavator boom cylinder, and much more.

The cost of the high-quality excavator boom cylinder lies in the range of $500 to $2000 per piece.

High-quality materials utilized in manufacturing such construction equipment will lead to the association of more cost, ultimately leading to a more or expanded lifetime of your excavator boom cylinder.

21.  Is it necessary bleeding excavator boom cylinder?

Yes, it is necessary to bleed your hydraulic cylinder from excess trapped air inside.

If you don’t bleed your excavator cylinder then it will not be going to perform effectively or efficiently.

There are different ways that air get trapped into your excavator cylinder.

The hydraulic fluid maybe one of the reasons.

It will also lead to a weird noise and wear and tear of your excavator boom cylinder.

22.  What is column load in Excavator boom cylinders?

Column load is the weight of the cylinder itself, plus all fluids contained therein (hydraulic oil, cooling water, hydraulic cutting oil, or other special-purpose juice.).

Column load ranges from 12,000 lbs.+(to a maximum of 20,000 lbs.) for most older model excavators.

The higher the column load, the heavier the cylinder & boom will be and, therefore, less responsive to steering controls because of its additional weight.

If you let a boom with a high column load get to an extreme angle while lifting a lightweight object like a bucket, it can overload the boom causing fatal kinks to your boom cylinder.

When column load exceeds the design capacity of the boom cylinder, the body of the boom cylinder will burr out due to rubbing friction between the cylinder tube and liner.

23.  How do you fill an excavator boom cylinder?

First, determine how much oil your cylinder requires.

An excavator boom cylinder may take in a specific recommended amount of hydraulic fluid.

Attach the suction hose or nipple to the port on one side of the cylinder.

Using an oil pump, fill your excavator boom cylinder.

Excavator boom cylinders are loaded in the same manner as other boom cylinders or hydraulic cylinders.

Pump hydraulic oil into the cylinder until it is full, close the cover and return any excess to the tank.

As an extra precaution, it is recommended that you check the cylinder after each use to make sure that there is still oil in it.

If there is not enough oil left in the cylinder, pump more to comply with the desired level.

24.  How to keep your excavator boom cylinders maintained?

The general maintenance of excavator boom cylinders is to check the cylinder for oil leakage periodically.

If an unusual hydraulic cylinder sound comes from the boom cylinder, stop using it and check the seal at the point of use. No further operation is allowed if cylinder leakage, unusual sound, or other problems are found.

A visual inspection is a major job. Typically check for pitting and scratches on the cylinder bore and seals.

If the boom cylinders are overhauled regularly, you could be assured the machine will perform at peak levels and help keep operational costs down.

25.  What is the way to determine force of your excavator boom cylinder?

Determining the force on an excavator boom cylinder depends on several factors, including boom length and arm length.

Also, it important to consider different point loads that could potentially act on the cylinder.

As a general guideline, a 15-ton excavator will typically have a boom cylinder with approximately 1200 foot-pounds of force.

The force (F) applied by an excavator boom cylinder is the amount of force required to keep the Excavator in a steady position.

The following formula can find this force: Force = (length x load x lever arm) / diameter.

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