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Xugong KS Top Sales Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts

Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts Bucket Teeth

Twin tiger bucket teeth for high impact penetration of your excavators.

Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts Track Adjuster

Perfect for your excavator maintenance needs. OEM and ISO certified.

Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts Top Roller

High-quality top roller for PC200-8 excavators. Fast and safe arrival.

Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts Track Roller

Durable and hard EX70 track rollers made of top-quality steel.

Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts Track Chain

Perfectly designed and manufactured for Bonovo excavators.

Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts Komatsu Track Roller

Superior quality forged and made for PC220-8 excavators.

Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts Front Idler Komatsu

Suitable for PC200/ E320/ SK200/ ZX200 excavators. Fast shipping and quality warranty.

Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts Komatsu Bucket

Perfect for replacing your PC60 excavator. Thick steel and heavy-duty at Xugong KS.

Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts Hitachi Track Chain

Especially made for your Hitachi excavator. Affordable price and guaranteed warranty.

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Xugong KS has the most industry experience and reputation in China. We maintain a large inventory of aftermarket undercarriage parts for the heaviest excavators.

Our aftermarket undercarriage parts are equal in quality to OEM parts. Yet you will save up to 50% when you buy aftermarket undercarriage parts from us.

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Xugong KS Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts Manufacturer Overview

Your Trusted Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts Manufacturer

At Xugong KS, we can give you access to reliable, affordable and convenient aftermarket undercarriage parts. Our aftermarket undercarriage parts are near to OEM and genuine brands. We can ensure you our aftermarket undercarriage parts are durable and long-lasting.

Our aftermarket undercarriage parts lasts for many years. Many of our clients are satisfied with our aftermarket undercarriage parts. Xugong KS manufacturer has made a well-known reputation for providing the best aftermarket undercarriage parts for your excavators

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Most Complete Range of Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts

Xugong KS is one of the largest aftermarket undercarriage parts in China. Being one of the largest supplier, we always have a huge inventory of aftermarket undercarriage parts.

If you need help with choosing the most suitable aftermarket undercarriage parts for you, our team can definitely assist you.

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Xugong KS aftersales customer service is happy to assist you in any question or concern you have for aftermarket undercarriage parts. Just send an inquiry now, and we can surely help you with your assembly as soon as possible.

Contact us through our 24/7 customer service, and we will assist you in choosing the best undercarriage parts for your excavator. We can provide you with the most accommodating and helpful support you have been asking for.

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If you send us an inquiry and order our undercarriage parts now, we can pack and ship it immediately. No need to ask us about your order’s safety, your undercarriage parts are individually packed in wooden crates.

XuGong KS is partnered with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FEDEX and more. Your undercarriage parts can be shipped by air or sea.

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Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts – The Definitive FAQ Guide

The best aftermarket undercarriage parts are worth investing in your excavator, the quality of the material, and how long they will last.

This guide’s primary area of focus is aftermarket undercarriage parts.

You will get a lot of information regarding the cost of aftermarket undercarriage parts, failures associated, maintenance requirements, components, and much more.

It is of no worth that either you are a beginner or professional. This guide will help you through thick and thin aftermarket undercarriage parts.


1.    What are aftermarket undercarriage parts?

Aftermarket undercarriage parts expedite the replacement of worn or broken undercarriage parts on mine and construction equipment.

Figure 1. Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts

Aftermarket undercarriage parts allow you to save time by allowing a quick, smooth and easy installation.


They are responsible for supporting the equipment’s weight, movement, and stability. In a sense, they help the machine live and allow it to work.

When these essential sectors wear out or break down due to normal wear and tear or the tremendous stress of fieldwork, you need an aftermarket replacement.

Replacement undercarriage parts are aftermarket products that will help you inform and performance of your heavy machinery.

It’s designed to strengthen the construction, provide a smooth demolition experience, improve the traction, better lifespan, lowest costs, and more.


2.    What materials are used in making aftermarket undercarriage parts?

Aftermarket undercarriage parts are made from many different materials, including rubber, steel, cast iron, bronze, aluminum, forged steel, polyurethane, and metallic alloys.

As for rubber, products are made from various polymer compounds with multiple additives, kneaded and expanded by extrusion molding or injection molding.

Aftermarket Undercarriage parts are made of durable and rugged materials that withstand the most challenging conditions and applications.

Sprockets are machined from high-quality steel, and replacement rubber tracks are designed for longer wear cycles without sacrificing quality or performance.

And to help finish it off, each part is coated with a rust protection film and powder coated to stand up against the elements of nature.


3.    What is included in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

Aftermarket undercarriage parts comprise a lot of components. These aftermarket undercarriage components are listed below for your reference:

  • Aftermarket undercarriage top carrier roller
  • Aftermarket undercarriage Yoke
  • Aftermarket undercarriage Track adjuster
  • Aftermarket undercarriage Bottom roller
  • Aftermarket undercarriage Front Idler
  • Aftermarket undercarriage Trackpad
  • Aftermarket undercarriage Track chain
  • Aftermarket undercarriage Sprocket segment
  • Aftermarket undercarriage Final drive
  • Aftermarket undercarriage Track shoe
  • Aftermarket undercarriage Seals
  • Aftermarket undercarriage O rings
  • Aftermarket undercarriage Steel track
  • Aftermarket undercarriage Track frame
  • Aftermarket undercarriage Track bracket

The components associated with aftermarket undercarriage listed above have their feature and function associated.

If you have a single component that is damaged or faulty, your excavator may not perform its intended function.


4.    What is the role of the sprocket in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

The sprocket is one of the essential aftermarket undercarriage parts. It is embedded in the undercarriage system.

Figure 2. Sprockets in Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts

Its role is to transmit motion from the riggings to other parts.

The inside tooth is also hardened and has an anti-wear treatment to ensure a longer life for both parts.


The sprocket is driven by a toothed steel chain that connects it to its companion, the track rollers installed on top of the tracks for all-around travel.

This connection system requires a sprocket with locking pins.

The shape of the sprocket plays an essential role in increasing contact surface in relative motion with chains, which improves performance; therefore, choosing a suitable form of the sprocket is a crucial step when selecting undercarriage parts.


5.    What do you mean by yoke in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

Playing a vital part in articulating the undercarriage, the yoke is essential in both new and aftermarket undercarriage parts.

Aftermarket undercarriage yoke holds the recoil spring and provides the necessary attachment to the excavator sprocket.

It plays a vital role and helps the recoil spring absorb the shocks while the excavator is driven on an uneven track.


It also plays its role in tensioning excavator tracks at an optimum level.

Alloy steel is used to manufacture aftermarket undercarriage yoke, and the steel provides wear resistance from a harsh working environment.

A high-quality material yoke plays its role in the longevity and smooth operation of your excavator.


6.    What is the role of the idler in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

The role of the idler in aftermarket undercarriage parts is to distribute weight more evenly and controls the amount of tension on tracks.

Figure 4. Idler in Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts

The idler is the rubber track guide, which supports and aligns the guide roller, link chains, and rubber tracks.


It plays an essential role in the construction machinery’s mobility and operation.

The idler is one of the most important and overlooked undercarriage parts on an excavator.

The undercarriage and track need to be adjusted to ensure minimum wear and tear to the track shoes. This maximizes your machine’s efficiency.

The loose tracks will damage and wear to sprockets, excavator idlers, track chains, etc.


7.    What do you mean by track adjuster in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

A track adjuster is a vital replacement part that helps a machine’s undercarriage work properly.

A track adjuster is a particular device used for both the alignment and the adjustment of undercarriages in excavating machinery.

It keeps the track continuous, without gaps, and it allows any angle adjustment during operation. This is especially important in modern equipment with rubber tracks.

A good track adjuster can reasonably extend the service life by preventing vibration and damage to other parts. So, in long-term use, a durable and sturdy track adjuster is very important.

Track adjuster in aftermarket undercarriage increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your excavator.


8.    What is the role of the Bottom roller in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

The Bottom roller is used to link the track carrier, and the idler wheel is an essential element in this undercarriage.

Figure 5. Bottom Roller in Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts

The excavator’s weight and working equipment are equally shared by the track carrier and the Bottom roller.


Therefore, it must be strong enough to bear the continuous heavyweight applied for a long time.

The Bottom roller support track stability helps maintain high excavating accuracy, but it also provides a horizontal force on the track to ensure proper bushing loading.

This will prolong the life of the track and improve performance and productivity.

The particular size of roller that is used will depend on the type of machine you have, so you should know what kind of machine you have before considering replacement rollers.


9.    What do you mean by final drive in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

The final drive is the assemblage of parts found at the end of an equipment’s undercarriage that transmits power from the prime mover to the wheels.

Figure 6. Final Drive In Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts

Its primary function is to keep the trucks rolling, and it does so by turning the engine’s transmission output sprocket.


They transmit the torque generated by the excavator drive motor to the track.

This includes gearboxes, planetary gears, shafts, and sealings. All these parts enable the machine to operate efficiently by eliminating Friction, thus prolonging its service life.

The sprockets are mounted on both sides of each wheel, which allows them to be firmly fixed in two stable planes.

The cost of these aftermarket parts varies considerably based on application, size of equipment, machine hours, etc.


10.  What are excavator tracks in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

Excavator tracks are rubber or metal belts that help guide an excavator’s track loader treads.

The tracks provide traction on various surfaces, like dirt, mud, gravel, rocks, and sand.

Figure 7. Excavator Tracks in Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts

If your tracks are damaged, worn, or malfunctioning, you need to replace them as soon as possible to avoid damage to the machine and surrounding area.


Aftermarket tracks are an excellent alternative to OEM products, which are more expensive.

They’re stronger than original equipment tracks and increase tires life. They also have less power loss than OEM tracks and can improve excavator operation by up to ten percent.


11.  What is the life associated with aftermarket undercarriage parts?

The life of the undercarriage parts is primarily determined by how much stress the rig is under and the cyclicality of that stress.

There are as many as 200,000 loads per month in some applications and 50 loads a week in others.

Rough terrain, loose footing, other obstacles, etc., are also considered when determining the load cycle on an undercarriage part.

In general, the life associated with aftermarket undercarriage parts lies in 3 to 5 years.

You can increase this life by appropriately or timely replacement of faulty components included in aftermarket undercarriage.

Based on the principle of high strength and simple structure, undercarriage components are durable and reliable.

Its high quality enables you to reduce maintenance costs for the same number of working hours and strengthen product safety.


12.  What are the maintenance requirements of aftermarket undercarriage parts?

There are several maintenance requirements associated with your aftermarket undercarriage parts.

Some of the essential maintenance requirements are listed below:

  • Periodic checking of your undercarriage parts to find out faulty or malfunctioned parts.
  • Find out if any looseness or vibrations associated with your aftermarket undercarriage parts.
  • Regular oiling of your aftermarket undercarriage helps elongate the life associated.
  • Periodic maintenance followed by replacement of damaged parts.
  • They are replacing worn-out seals after 300 hours of operation.
  • Check if there any oil leakage exists

Proper following these maintenance requirements will help elongate the life associated with different aftermarket undercarriage parts.


13.  What is the role of lock pin in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

The Lock Pin is a part of some equipment’s undercarriage.

Its primary function is to prevent a machine’s undercarriage and significant components from separating and causing injury to any workers or bystanders.

Figure 8. Lock Pin in Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts

A lock pin is a screw pin that connects multiple parts of mining machinery for effective operation and conveying the force to the next component.


A lock pin is a kind of lock rivet, which is specially made for the ends. Its role is to connect parts firmly together.

The lock pin is made up of alloy steel for additional strength and resistance to abrasion and wear.

It’s commonly used in the skid-steered excavator and wheel loader, but it can be used in all kinds of machines.


14.  What are the issues associated with aftermarket undercarriage parts?

Excavators can have undercarriage issues such as wear life, deformation, and slippage.

Products with low quality or incorrect fit can cause damaging vibration and impact your overall productivity.

Most importantly, incorrectly installed components may lead to serious safety hazards and equipment damage.

Aftermarket parts are usually done by undertrained staff, though the factory-trained mechanic is generally available “in the country” at a cost.

Aftermarket products don’t have the same warranties as original spare parts.

Repairs and calibrations are sometimes more expensive than just the cost of replacing the part, especially if it has to be flown in from overseas.


15.  What is the cost of different aftermarket undercarriage parts?

The cost associated with aftermarket undercarriage parts varies and depends on several factors.

The topmost factors include the shape of the component, material quality, material characteristics, and much more.

The cost of your aftermarket undercarriage sprocket lies in the range of $50 to $100 per piece.

The price of an excavator track chain varies from $1200 to $1560 per piece.

The cost of excavator track included in aftermarket undercarriage lies in the range of $10 to $500 per piece.

The cost of an excavator track Bottom roller in aftermarket undercarriage parts varies from $30 to $100 per piece.

As the cost associated with any of the components increases, the life associated also goes on increasing.


16.  What do you mean by track shoe in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

A track shoe is one of the undercarriage parts for excavators used in off-road working, i.e. in mining and construction sites where large pieces of heavy equipment are used to demolish.

The track shoe helps to absorb the impact that an excavator runs into, such as rocks and debris on the ground.

It also makes it easier for the excavator to turn on loose grounds.

They play a vital role in the life and performance of the machine. Lightweight track shoes withstand impact from work material, reduces abrasion with the ground.

Track shoe plays a vital role in transferring a whole load of your excavator to the ground and, in return, helps it to achieve balance.


17.  What is the role of the upper roller or carrier in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

The upper roller or carrier has a significant role in the undercarriage of heavy equipment and aftermarket undercarriage parts.

It helps to carry the weight of the vehicle and to support the track sprockets. In addition, it is responsible for the rotation of the track, allowing it to move forward and backward and side to side.

The idler roller takes its power from the carrier below and turns it into a rotary motion that moves the track and transport attached to it.

Quality control at each manufacturing stage, from the raw materials to the finished product, is crucial to ensuring that these parts function correctly throughout their life cycle.


18.  What type of oil is used in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

Undercarriage parts such as track idlers, chains, and sprockets have to withstand any wear and tear in adverse conditions.

Manufacturers often use good-quality oil during the manufacturing process to protect the parts from damage, ensure safety, and prolong the lifespan of the components.

The oil must be embedded with the following properties: optimum viscosity, thermal control, dust or foreign particles protection, and strengthening film.

It must have an increased ability to conform to the shape of moving parts of the undercarriage.

Because of its higher viscosity can withstand a tremendous amount of shock and stress that ordinary oils must endure.


19.  What are the reasons for the failure in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

The incorrect selection and installation of these components can result in prematurely worn-out drive sprockets, chains, rubber tracks, and premature failures on internal components such as hydraulic valves, pistons, cylinders, axles, or gears.

They are constantly exposed to conditions like mud, sand, chemicals, water at a high temperature, freezing temperatures, and continuous operation.

Many reasons for undercarriage failures on excavators include Improper use or lack of maintenance, product quality produced by manufacturers, sliders causing vibration, and damage to chains and components.

Loading beyond the optimum limit and working with excess loading for hours may lead to the failure of your aftermarket undercarriage parts.


20.  Is noise associated with aftermarket undercarriage parts?

Yes, noise is associated with several aftermarket undercarriage parts.

The noise depends on several factors and increases with heavy loadings, inferior quality materials, loose parts or nuts and bolts, lubrication, uneven terrain.

Sometimes the noise associated is within the optimum range, affecting the operator or people in the surrounding working site.

But in case if the noise associated increases beyond the recommended level, it may result in loss of hearing and increase faulty components of your excavator.

Reduce Noise and Vibration Reduce maintenance costs with increased wear life of undercarriage parts–avoiding the need for costly replacements.


21.  What do you mean by excess Friction in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

The role of Friction in aftermarket undercarriage parts is significant when it comes to keeping your equipment at its optimal performance level.

For nearly every part of the aftermarket undercarriage, there is Friction between two surfaces.

The optimum amount of Friction is necessary to get the least amount of wear on each aftermarket undercarriage. However, you want to make sure your aftermarket undercarriage components have enough grip to keep your machine operating safely and effectively.

The Friction in an undercarriage part is a significant contributor to the wear life of the region. When an undercarriage part is subjected to high friction levels, it wears away at faster rates than expected.


22.  What do you mean by track link in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

An essential track link in aftermarket undercarriage parts is a link located at the lower part of the front and rear undercarriage tracks and serves to connect various components.

The track link is an integral part of the aftermarket undercarriage parts. It’s made of high-strength alloy steel.

The track link is essential to the operation of the undercarriage. It connects with the rail and the wheel of the machine.

The smooth surface of track links allows for optimal chain engagement and maximum ground force transfer.

Depending upon the application, more track links can significantly increase the machine’s in-ground and travel capabilities.


23.  What is the role of recoil spring in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

Recoil spring is a spiral torsion spring found in automotive components. The most commonly used are made from steel wire of various diameters (torsion bar) and can be supplied as individual springs.

The recoil spring in the undercarriage parts facilitates smoother travel of the undercarriage components with minimum energy loss.

The recoil spring is among the most vital parts of your aftermarket undercarriage. Its purpose is to deliver tension to your tracks, and it accomplishes this by moving on its axis.

This takes place under a lot of pressure, which means that the spring must be made from solid material.

To make sure that it will work without any issues, it must be checked often for cracks or other problems that might compromise its integrity.


24.  What is the role of track motor in aftermarket undercarriage parts?

The Track Motor is designed for heavy-duty operation and equipped with critical components that determine its performance.

The components make up the Track Motor’s primary function, such as running smoothly, minimizing noise, and maximizing efficiency.

The track motor is the power source for every undercarriage part and is powered with an external power provided by internal combustion engines.

The product quality depends on how powerful the track motor is. The sprockets or rubber shoes are directly used with the track motor, so its power will affect them.

The high-quality track motor helps increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your excavator and ultimately reduces downtime.

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