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XuGong KS is the Quality Factory of Excavator Idler Assembly

XuGong KS offers the high-performance Excavator Idler Assembly in China. Our Excavator Idler Assembly is highly appreciated in the market due to its trademark. The Excavator Idler Assembly of XuGong KS is easy to use, has perfect functioning, and long service life. With excellent quality products, the different range of your Excavator Idler Assembly is ready and available in XuGong KS.

The best thing about XuGong KS Excavator Idler Assembly is an offer to you of your customization based on your needs. All the best Excavator Idler Assembly comes at different lengths, sizes, and volumes. XuGong KS is a factory sale direct with a reasonable price for Excavator Idler Assembly. The Excavator Idler Assembly is processed through the main forging which was developed on top-quality materials and perfect quality control.

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XuGong KS Excavator Idler Assembly Manufacturing Process

Performance Test
Quality Control
To ensure that the product is safety and good , careful monitoring is gone through the production process. We design a perfect system to secure the best product.
Cleaning of the holes and roller body and smooth the sharp part , the first thing we do. Excavator Idler Assembly is installed based on OEM system.
XuGong KS always sure to train how to use and how to install the machine . In fact , 100 % testing before the delivery of the Excavator Idler Assembly.
Packing and Delivery
XuGong KS always recognize your interests. Our Excavator Idler Assembly has the most professional packing and hassle-free delivery with reduced cost.

XuGong KS Excavator Idler Assembly Factory Overview

Why XuGong KS is the Top Factory of your Excavator Idler Assembly?

Having the high standard of Excavator Idler Assembly, XuGong KS only produced good wear-resistant and long use-life of front idler assembly. The Excavator Idler Assembly of XuGong KS is the best replacement for any excavator and bulldozer of your top brand. XuGong KS is an outstanding supplier in this field. Thus, our best production of Excavator Idler Assembly is our main concern.

The warranty we promised to our customer is up to 180 days period and 90 days period to any undercarriage replacement parts. XuGong KS is the professional producer of Excavator Idler Assembly. Wherein, a professional inspection is always gone to assure you quality products. We can supply you with more Excavator Idler Assembly based on your drawings or samples. We respect you our customers and the best service is what we aim for. XuGong KS will provide you the high accuracy and world-class Excavator Idler Assembly whether you are a group or an individual. Get a quote now!


Excavator Idler Assembly – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Excavator Idler Assembly frequently asked questions that can be useful for those considering purchasing of Excavator Idler Assembly.

This FAQ guide will give them in-depth information about the product, usage, and cost and help clear all their confusion about this product.


1.    What is an excavator idler assembly?

Excavator Idler is an auxiliary device that provides support and stability to the primary track system to relieve the friction caused by repetitive movement during the operation.

Figure 1. Excavator Idler Assembly

An excavator idler assembly is a vital part of any excavator. The idler assembly allows for the movement of the tracks from side to side, left to right while making sure that the chain is kept tight.


This centerpiece of your excavator’s track system is located directly behind the track rollers and is connected via a bolt and nut to the track roller assembly.

They serve as support wheels for track rollers, which transport the machine from one point to another.


2.    What is included in the excavator idler assembly?

Several components make up your excavator idler assembly. These components are as follows:

  • Excavator Idler Shell
  • Excavator Idler Plug
  • Excavator Idler Lockpin
  • Excavator Idler Seal
  • Excavator Idler Collar
  • Excavator Idler O Ring
  • Excavator Idler Bushing Bronze
  • Excavator Idler Shaft

The above-listed components of excavator idler assembly are embedded with their specific function or feature.

If the single components get malfunctioned or faulty, you are unable to carry out your excavator operation optimally.

It is recommended to carry out an extensive examination after each operation carried out in harsh and dry environmental conditions.


3.    How would you define materials utilized in the construction of excavator idler assembly?

Excavator Idler Assembly is made of different kinds of materials.

These include cast iron, cast steel, and alloy steel. Cast iron is a heavy metal. It is resistant to corrosion as well as breakage from impact.

Cast steel is an alloy of iron and carbon where the carbon content ranges between 0.2% and 2%. Low-carbon or tool steel has a higher amount of carbon than high-carbon steel.

Steel with over 2% of carbon can be hardened and tempered in the process called heat treatment.

On the other hand, alloy steel is embedded with wear and tear resistance, high hardness, and corrosion resistance.

These types of material result in a longer lifespan of your excavator idler assembly.


4.    Does excavator idler assembly leads to the generation of noise?

Yes, excavator idler assembly is a source of noise. The noise could be due to the worn as well as the broken idlers.

Idlers are prone to a variety of failures, including premature bearing and idler wheel wear. When this happens, a machine is not able to perform its intended work and produced noise.

There are a considerable number of components in the idler assembly. They are often used for a long time.

After being pressed by large forces repeatedly, they are likely to be deformed gradually and then become noisy;

The bearing between wheel and axle is essential when an excavator idler assembly starts running smoothly to make noises. If these two components are not in a well-sealed state, they will produce much mechanical noise when running.


5.    How much does excavator idler assembly costs?

Excavator Idler Price depends on some factors like quality, material, specifications, and supplier from where you are buying.

Some factors help you to choose the right dealer. Mostly you need to check idler suppliers before buying idler parts.

In general, the Excavator undercarriage idler assembly price varies from $164 to $172 per piece.

However, an excavator idler assembly price also varies from $276 to $290 per piece.

The quality of construction excavator idler assembly determines how long your excavator idler assembly is going to last.

Generally, the higher price of excavator idler assembly will lead to the longer lifespan associated.


6.    Which kind of hydraulic oil to use in excavator idler assembly?

The fluid of the idler assembly will depend on what type of excavator it is placed on. However, oils that are most commonly used in excavator is hydraulic oil, grease or synthetic hydraulic oil.

Figure 2. Hydraulic Oil in Excavator Idler Assembly

The specific type of oil used will be based on the manufacturer’s recommendations for your excavator model.


For example, suppose you live in an arid climate, and the temperature is normally over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In that case, you will need to get synthetic oil as it can withstand high temperatures.

If you’re working in a semi-arid or humid climate, hydraulic oil is the best option for your excavator idler assembly.


7.    How long excavator idler assembly lasts?

The standard Excavator Idler Assembly life is around five years based on usage and relies on application and working conditions.

It also depends on its structure.

However, many other factors will affect the life of the excavator idler assembly. For example, how to treat it during use, whether it is deep in mud and sludge.

The excavator idler assembly lasts longer if you regularly follow maintenance requirements after each operation, especially in a challenging environment with uneven terrain.

High-quality excavator idler assembly with more excellent resistance to impact, wear, tear, and environmental conditions will last comparatively longer.


8.    How would you define excavator idler assembly issues?

Excavator idler assembly is a big problem because they will cause the tracks to fail, leading to track rollers being bent and excavators not working.

Most of the number one problem with excavators is caused by idler wheels and track rollers not supporting their weight.

Depending on where you work, it can be hard to get an idler assembly fixed if it breaks or stops allowing the tracks to move correctly.

The idler must guide the tracks of the excavator and keep them under tension.

Many idlers that are used try to do that but fail after a while, causing the tracks to slacken or get damaged, making them unusable, stopping work immediately.


9.    How excavator idler assembly oil is advantageous?

Working conditions, environmental factors (dust, dirt) excite the wear and tear of the excavator idler assembly oil.

Therefore, choosing a good Excavator Idler Assembly Oil is very important to the equipment’s performance and service life.

Excavator Idler assembly oil is characterized by high-temperature endurance, good damping performance, good oil resistance, strong adhesion.

It contains viscosity index improvers, anti-wear additives for excavators, anti-corrosive materials, rust inhibitors, and anti-drip agents in excavator idler assembly.

To keep the oil slippery, anti-oxidants and friction modifiers are used in smaller quantities to extend the life of excavator idler assembly and increase efficiency and effectiveness.


10.  How would you keep up the excavator idler assembly?

The excavator idler assembly, also known as the excavator idlers, is openly exposed to the environment, and it must withstand all kinds of adverse conditions.

Therefore, it is generally sealed to prevent direct water and dust from entering its interior.

Waterproofing measures should be taken in spots where there are drive shafts or components that require lubrication inside.

The seals should seal tightly against the outer skin, wheel cylinders, and oil sight glass. All groove surfaces should be kept clean and smooth.

Under no circumstances should oil residue or other contaminants enter the groove surface.

Always check for the presence of cracks in the rubber tracks, particularly about the work boots.


11.  How would you define recoil spring in excavator idler assembly?

The recoil spring in the excavator idler assembly keeps the idler wheel’s axle automatically centered when encountering heavy loads so that the track rollers and wheel can simultaneously support and pull.

Figure 3. Recoil Spring in Excavator Idler Assembly

The recoil spring is attached to the excavator idler assembly with the help of a yoke.


Excavator Idler Assembly recoil spring is a significant truck idler and tensioner part, which is a mechanical part that applies force inwards or outwards to keep an object from shifting or changing its position by pushing or pulling.

It maintains the proper tension on excavator tracks and absorbs the shocks and loads vibrations while transporting or excavating rough materials.


12.    How would you elaborate on the purpose of O rings in excavator idler assembly?

O-rings are an essential part of the parts of excavator idlers. O rings have three main functions in excavator idler assembly:

The first is to provide a seal to reduce leakage of oil from the excavator idler assembly.

Figure 4. O Ring in Excavator Idler Assembly

The second function is to prevent wear of cylinder liner and reduce wear of idler spindle.


The third function is to prevent damage resulting from volatile chemicals or excessive heat in excavator idler assembly.

O-rings are made by cutting up a solid rubber ring into round or other geometric shapes that will then be inserted into excavator idler bearings to guide the rubber tracks on a machine.


13.  What is the procedure to install excavator idler assembly?

To successfully install the excavator idler assembly, follow the given procedure as follows.

First of all, the thing you must have at your hand is the suitable tool kit needed to replace the excavator idler assembly.

Raise your excavator from the ground at some specific height and remove the tracks mounted on the track chain.

Remove the track chain and remove the faulty or malfunctioned excavator idler from your excavator.

Install the excavator idler assembly using your toolkit and then install the isolations, including rubber tracks and track chains.

Test your installation after completing the mounting procedure, and make sure everything is operational.


14.  How would you define bearing in excavator idler assembly?

Bearing is the heart of excavator idler assembly; when excavator idler assembly needs to transport heavy material, use the support of bearing to avoid the idler wheel deflection.

The most widely used idler bearing is the roller.

Due to its smooth, easy movement, its structure is simple. The friction coefficient of the material is small; generally, in the medium-to-small size, excavator idler assembly needs to use roller bearings.

They have a close relationship with the idler wheel. The Excavator idler bearing won’t work correctly if you don’t supply the proper lubrication fluid.


15.  How would you define the purpose of the lock pin in the excavator idler assembly?

The lock pin is one of the essential parts of excavator idler assembly, and it is a kind of lock device for excavating machine idlers to prevent them from dislocation and free swing.

Figure 5. Lock Pin in Excavator Idler Assembly

It locks the idler wheel and its shaft to the excavator track frame.


The lock pin is a significant steel pin with a lock in the middle on the Idler Assembly, and its place is fixed independently.

So, you must adjust it before use. By pulling or pushing with a short lever or long lever, we can change its length and clamping force. In addition, a lock pin is installed to prevent idlers from cocking in high-speed running.


16.  Is friction associated with excavator idler assembly?

Yes, friction is associated with excavator idler assembly. Friction is the force that comes into play when two surfaces are moving in opposite directions.

It’s always present when two surfaces are in contact with each other. There are many different things that can affect the amount of friction.

The friction created in the excavator idler assembly can cause much wear and tear on the excavator idler wheels if it is not adequately lubricated. Much less friction would be produced by proper lubrication.

Excavator Idlers are integral parts of an excavator as it is. Therefore, they require proper alignment, which also results in less friction.


17.  How would you define floating seal in excavator idler assembly?

Floating rubber sealing is an integral part of the excavator idler assembly that provides it with tension. The floating rubber belt on the excavator idler assembly absorbs vibrations and prevents track rollers from wearing out.

Figure 6. Floating Seal in Excavator Idler Assembly

It prevents lubricating oil leakage and is waterproof, with the characteristics of extreme pressure, high-temperature resistance, long service life, and simple assembly.


Floating sealing is a key to keep the excellent performance of the excavator idler assembly.

A floating seal is primarily is made up of polyurethane, a rubber-like material. It can save energy, wear, and tear by proper cushioning.

It can also protect the drive train from damages caused by outer tools or corner hits.


18.  What do you mean by idler shaft in excavator idler assembly?

The purpose of the shaft of the excavator idler assembly is that it holds all other parts together.

Figure 7. Idler Shaft in Excavator Idler Assembly

It controls the lateral movement of the excavator. It also absorbs the shock when the machine moves on rough ground.


It generally includes three shafts: inner cylinder shaft, outer cylinder shaft, and auxiliary shaft. Key pins or bushings connect the idler shell and other components on these three shafts.

The role of the shaft is to keep the excavator idler at its fixed location where it is intended on the track frame and support the operation of tracks.

The material used in making the excavator idler assembly shaft is alloy steel.


19.  How would you define the Hs code of excavator idler assembly?

“Harmonized System” is how products are classified according to their type.

Customs officers today have to know the HS Code for every product that enters or crosses any international borders.

The Global Harmonized System of tariff nomenclature helps classifies traded goods.

This helpful, globally accepted, and a widely-used scheme is a systematic approach to classifying traded products.

Hs Code consists of 8 digits and also determines the information based on the importation, including time and date of import, quantity, price per unit, total price, port to which shipped.


20.  How would you define the bushing in excavator idler assembly?

The bushing of the excavator idler assembly is mainly distributing the axial force in the track rollers to keep them in working condition.

The bushing is located on both sides of the idler assembly. They serve to insulate transmission from vibrations to prevent them from being damaged.

The leading roles of the bushing in excavator idler assembly:

  1. To connect to the upper and lower idler shaft with a high-strength connection.
  2. To provide precision guides for the upper and lower idler shafts according to the sprocket hole’s distance.
  3. It is used as a swing arm when the unit is working, and it also serves as a torque arm when the assembly is in transport during the excavator loading or unloading process.

21. How would you define plug-in excavator idler assembly?

Plug-In excavator idler is an essential part of excavators.

The primary function of the plug-in excavator idler assembly is to support the roller track and to keep the track rollers in line, and prevent them from wandering out of their positions.

The other main functions are to hold the wheel assembly in place and to divert some of the load off the main bearing to protect it from excess wear.

The plug has located on both sides of an excavator idler assembly, and it provides essential support to the excavator idler shell.

The plug is made in a long bar shape and holds o ring, Seal, shaft in its place.


22.  What do you mean by idler shell in excavator idler assembly?

Excavator idler shell is a circular shape that is also regarded as a casing that provides a place for all the components to be located inside.

Shell is embedded with a hole.

All other components, including excavator idler shaft, O rings, Seal, lock pin, plug, collar, are embedded in the hole located in the idler shell.

These components provide support to the excavator idler shell and help in performing the intended function of your excavator idler assembly.

The shell is made up of alloy steel which is very hard and has high resistance to wear and tear corrosion, abrasion and lasts longer in harsh working conditions.


23.  How would you define collar in excavator idler assembly?

The collar in excavator idler assembly is essential to prevent the excavator idler from dropping, overheating and cracking.

The role of its collar is significant for it. So, you can understand, the excavator machine needs to ensure that the idler assembly with good quality.

The collar serves as a support of the track rollers and as protection at the same time. It prevents damage to the rubber track.

The collar is attached to the excavator idler assembly on both sides of the excavator idler.

It also supports and holds the excavator yoke in place, an excavator recoil spring attached to the excavator idler assembly.


24.  What is the importance of color in excavator idler assembly?

The color plays an essential role in excavator idler assembly.

It provides a coating over the manufacturing material to help it prevent all types of harsh weather effects and tough environmental or operational conditions.

The color imparts additional strength to your excavator idler assembly. Besides, it attracts customers and increases the net revenue by helping you stand out from your competition.

The color is widely used on materials not embedded with resistance to weather condition wear and tear.

The color also prevents your excavator idler assembly from overheating if you use a white pigment that reflects light falls over it.


25.  What causes the failure of the excavator idler assembly?

An idler assembly is a critical component of your excavator. It distributes weight and power by transferring it from the running track to the boom or bucket.

The idlers have been known to crack under pressure due to the constant tension on them. If one fails, your track will bend and be unable to move effectively.

An idler assembly on an excavator will only fail if one or more of its components has failed first. These components include the track rollers, rubber tracks, and sealed bearings.

When one of these components fails, it will cause a flexing effect on the remaining parts, ultimately leading to the idler assembly’s failure.

Failure to regularly inspect and maintain all of the parts can dramatically increase the chance of failure, as can lift heavy loads.

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