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Excavator Undercarriage Parts Cat E70B E70 Sprocket

Cat E70B E70, package include 1x Sprocket. OEM standards with guarantee warranty. Competitive pricing and secure packaging.

Excavator Undercarriage Parts SK200 Front Idler

Front Idler, package includes 1x front idler. This product is suitable for most top brands in the market like Hitachi, Volvo and many more.

Excavator Undercarriage Parts

R220LC-9, package include 1x track shoe. This bestseller product passed through our OEM specifications and will surely fit your excavator rebuild.

Hitachi ex200-1 track link

Hitachi Ex200-1, package includes 1x track link. This item is perfect for your Hitachi excavator but also for your other brands of excavator, a top quality product to have.

Excavator Undercarriage Parts E200B Track Roller

E200B/ R210 /SK60 /PC200 Track Roller, package includes 1x track roller. A needed item for your excavator assembly. 100% guarantee safe arrival as it is packed securely.

Excavator Undercarriage Parts Track Bottom Lower Down Roller

E322/ CAT322/ 322, package includes 1x bottom roller. Affordable price, high quality brand! Xugong KS created a perfect product for your excavator needs.

Excavator Undercarriage Parts E200B R210 SK60 PC200 Roller

E200B R210 SK60 PC200, package includes 1x bottom roller and 1x top roller. The perfect duo for your undercarriage assembly. These products are maintenance free and long-lasting.

Wholesale Excavator Undercarriage Parts

Wholesale price that includes Track Link, Rollers and Idler. The right set to reassemble your excavator! 100% OEM standards and passed through quality control with a 90-day warranty.

Excavator Undercarriage Parts

Wholesale price that includes Track Link, Shoe All, Links, Idler, Carrier Roller, Sprocket. All-in-one for a competitive price! A set that is suitable for your excavator needs.

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excavator undercarriage parts

Xugong KS Excavator Undercarriage Parts Manufacturer

Xugong KS Raw Materials Inspection Excavator Undercarriage Parts
Raw Materials Inspection
Xugong KS performs this step to safeguard the later issues especially those likely to happen due to damaged or broken raw materials. Our customers deserve only top quality materials in the market.
Xugong KS Excavator Undercarriage Parts Roughed Piece
Roughed Piece
Xugong KS excavator undercarriage parts shows only precision and exact specification, allowing us to increase efficiency and tighten tolerances.
Xugong KS Excavator Undercarriage Parts Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment
Heat treatment for our excavator undercarriage parts helps create complex parts, keeping the material workable by returning them close to their pre-worked state.
Xugong KS Excavator Undercarriage Parts Turning
At Xugong KS, we make sure we provide the most precise shape and size of the material. We remove unwanted parts of the steel, leaving behind a nicely shaped workpiece.
Xugong KS Excavator Undercarriage Parts Assembly
Excavator undercarriage parts are installed according to OEM specifications. Xugong KS has the most efficient assembly for excavator builds.
Xugong KS Excavator Undercarriage Parts Testing
Xugong KS excavator undercarriage parts goes through countless analysis and inspection to check equipment performance and identify defect if any. We ensure you we give you the highest quality of parts.
Xugong KS Excavator Undercarriage Parts Spray Painting
Spray Painting
Our excavator undercarriage parts are heavily- coated with oil-based paint to prevent rusting. Xugong KS avoids any air or moisture contact to the metal surface.
Xugong KS Excavator Undercarriage Parts Cleaning and Packaging
Safe arrival of our products is one of our top priorities here at Xugong KS. Wooden crates and tough ropes are our ways to secure your excavator undercarriage parts.

XuGong KS Excavator Undercarriage Parts Factory Overview

The Best of the Best Excavator Undercarriage Parts

XuGong KS excavator undercarriage parts are 100% made based on OEM specifications. They have passed through our control quality system to ensure you the best undercarriage parts for the reassembly of your excavator.

Here, it is top-of-the-line, aftermarket excavator undercarriage parts. Just send us your needed model no and OEM part no. We will help you pick out the best parts for your excavator needs. Let us do the thinking for you. Just ask for it, we supply it!

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Xugong KS has your back since our excavator undercarriage parts come with a 90-day quality warranty so you do not have to think twice about maintenance. If you purchase our undercarriage part now, you will also have the accessories and tools necessary for your rebuild. Everything you need for your undercarriage parts is here with XuGong KS.

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How about shipment, you say? Worried about damaging your goods? Say no more, XuGong KS is partnered with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FEDEX, and more. Your excavator undercarriage parts are secured with the best quality packaging and tracking system thanks to our partners. Your excavator undercarriage parts will be with you in no time.

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Excavator Undercarriage Parts – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Excavator undercarriage parts FAQ Guide is a set of questions and answers to display the knowledge and information on different types of excavator undercarriage parts.

It will help you better understand the general applications of these undercarriage parts and the machinery they are applied to.

This guide contains information on excavator undercarriage parts costs, sprocket, yoke, idler, recoil spring, track shoe, upper roller, and much more.

1.    What are excavator undercarriage parts?

Excavator Undercarriage Parts are what attach the Excavator tracks to the Excavators.

These parts are immensely important as they provide stability and ensure that the excavator is well balanced.

Figure 1. Excavator Undercarriage Parts

Excavators use undercarriages to propel themselves around.


An undercarriage is a superstructure that sits between the mainframe of the machine and ground level.

The specific components will vary depending on the model of the excavator you use.

Excavator undercarriage parts are a crucial component of every excavator.

These parts withstand the wear and tear associated with digging and grading.

The construction material used in the excavator’s undercarriage parts contributes to the overall strength of these large machines.

2.    What materials are used in making excavator Undercarriage parts?

Excavator undercarriage parts can be manufactured from various materials such as steel, aluminum, forged steel, cast iron, brass, and stainless steel.

They can also be manufactured from rubber for tracks, which are important for the wear life.

Excavator undercarriage parts made from rubber, polyurethane generate less noise and vibration and last longer due to their elastic nature.

Rubber tracks weigh less than steel tracks for easy installation.

These materials and other properties of excavator undercarriage parts depend on the application they are made to cater to.

Excavator undercarriage parts carry the load of the entire machine and are designed to be rugged enough to withstand repeated use.

This is the reason why it is very important to choose high-quality excavator undercarriage parts.

3.    What is included in excavator undercarriage parts?

Several excavator undercarriage parts make up your excavator undercarriage. These parts are listed below for your reference:

  • Excavator Undercarriage Front Idler
  • Excavator Undercarriage Top Carrier rollers
  • Excavator Undercarriage Final drive
  • Excavator Undercarriage Sprocket segment
  • Excavator Undercarriage Track Pad, Grouser pad
  • Excavator Undercarriage Track chain rail
  • Excavator Undercarriage Track adjuster
  • Excavator Undercarriage Yoke
  • Excavator Undercarriage Recoil spring

Figure 2. Excavator Undercarriage Parts Inclusions

If a single component from the above-listed parts has malfunctioned, it leads to a faulty excavator undercarriage or your excavator.


Excavator undercarriage parts are the parts that run beneath an excavator, supporting the structure.

Like normal mechanical parts, excavator undercarriage parts also need to be appropriate according to the working conditions.

4.    What is the role of the sprocket in excavator undercarriage parts?

The sprocket is an important element in the excavator undercarriage parts.

The sprocket is the link between excavator undercarriage parts and track chains.

Figure 3. Sprocket in Excavator Undercarriage Parts

They are designed chiefly to keep the two connected, either indirectly through a pinion or directly via an idler.


The sprocket is installed on the driveshaft, and its role is to move the track in one direction.

Excavator undercarriage sprocket work with teeth so they can engage and lock into each other.

It is used to drive the track rollers and is made of high-strength steel. It also has a material that varies based on application, life, and delivery conditions.

5.    What do you mean by yoke in excavator undercarriage parts?

One of the most important parts of an excavator’s Undercarriage is the yoke, which connects the tracks on the machine to the drive axles that pull them.

Yoke is used in the Undercarriage of tracked excavators, trucks, and heavy equipment for attachments.

Figure 4. Yoke in Excavator Undercarriage Parts

The recoil spring is embedded with the excavator undercarriage yoke.


It forms part of a suspension system that allows the attachment to move with the vehicle without transmitting too much vibration back to the machine.

Excavator yokes come in a range of sizes and are made from high-strength steel or forged steel. These excavator undercarriages help to move the excavators smoothly.

6.    What is the role of the idler in excavator undercarriage parts?

The idler in excavator undercarriage parts is in the middle of the track assembly between the two drive sprockets.

The idler wheel in the excavator undercarriage parts has several important roles:

Figure 5. Idler in Excavator Undercarriage Parts

The idler supports the track, meaning to guide and maintain alignment of the excavator tracks on the Undercarriage.


Typically, an Idler is there to keep them in place while the excavator moves across uneven terrain.

It takes the pressure off the drive sprocket and provides support for the primary track.

The idler (also called the undercarriage side roller) is a roller that presses the traction chain against the top rollers in an excavator’s Undercarriage.

7.    What do you mean by track adjuster in excavator undercarriage parts?

A track adjuster in undercarriage designs is an inevitable spare component of the undercarriage track components.

Figure 6. Track Adjuster in Excavator Undercarriage Parts

There are many kinds of track adjusters, such as U-shaped springs, sliding mechanical links, and hydraulic cylinders.


The function of all kinds of track adjusters is to make up for the shortcomings of the spinning tracks.

The main purpose is to increase or decrease the distance between the sprocket and the tire to maintain the optimum level of tension in excavator tracks.

Track adjuster is such a part, which enables the excavators to get work done with more effectiveness and precision.

If one type of adjuster is not suitable for your excavator machine, you may have to replace it with a different kind.

8.    What is the role of the bottom roller in excavator undercarriage parts?

The bottom roller in excavator undercarriage parts is an essential part of the Undercarriage of an excavator.

It is a moving, roll-shaped mechanism that remains in contact with the ground.

The role of the bottom roller is to transfer the weight and power of the top drive and load into the ground efficiently.

The bottom roller in the excavator undercarriage parts support and helps in motion to your excavator track.

The bottom roller can effectively prevent the imbalance of vertical and horizontal movement in excavation equipment.

Various kinds of steel materials for excavator bottom rollers are often used to meet different working requirements.

9.    What do you mean by final drive in excavator undercarriage parts?

Final drive in excavator undercarriage parts are used under the carriage assembly of an excavator, on which are mounted a power takeoff shaft and sprockets.

The final drive-in excavator undercarriage parts are installed as part of the Undercarriage to provide the movement to the attachment.

Figure 7. Final Drive in Excavator Undercarriage Parts

The final drive is a gearbox that transforms the high-speed rotation of the main drive into the low-speed circular motion required to make the tracks move forward and rotate.


The excavator’s final drive is explained as a shaft between the motor and the main drive shaft in an excavator.

This final drive connects to 3 pinion gears to get power from the engine to and through the vehicle’s track system.

10.  What are excavator tracks in excavator undercarriage parts?

Excavator tracks are an essential component of any excavator.

Figure 8. Excavator Tracks in Excavator Undercarriage Parts

They are used to provide extra traction & stability when operating in soft or muddy ground and offer better flotation in water.


These days, telescopic design is more popular than undercarriage skid shoes.

They are made from steel or rubber, each material embedded with its specific properties.

When the rubber wears out on a track, it can lead to serious issues in which the wear can cause the way to slip or break, resulting in a major catastrophe in the workplace.

So, timely replacement is a better solution.

On the other hand, steel tracks are noisier and more vibrant and have a greater lifespan than rubber tracks.

11.  What is the life associated with excavator undercarriage parts?

The wear life of excavator undercarriage parts should roughly reach 1000 hours on average under normal working conditions.

It is highly related to the operating conditions of the machine and the quality of the rubber tracks.

Bearing in mind that to achieve continuous operations, there are many important factors. The most important factors are load and maintenance coefficient.

The life cycle of excavator undercarriage parts also depends on many factors such as material quality, climatic conditions, the type of soil being excavated.

These parts allow all of the machine’s weight to be supported by these components, and they must be kept in good condition to ensure safety and longevity.

12.  What are the maintenance requirements of excavator undercarriage parts?

Excavator Undercarriage Parts are subject to high levels of shock loading and severe temperature changes.

The combination of these two factors, along with the reduction in lubrication caused by suspended materials, makes the life of your undercarriage parts very short.

To increase the life of excavator undercarriage parts, proper maintenance requirements must be adopted, such as Rubber Track Chains and Track Shoes should be regularly replaced.

Rubber Tracks and Bushings will need to be replaced more frequently than Steel Tracks. However, this is dependent on on-site specific factors.

Excavator undercarriage parts should be cleaned, oiled, inspected, and adjusted regularly.

Many different excavator undercarriage parts across various types of machines require varying degrees of maintenance.

13.  Can I get my excavator undercarriage parts replaced?

Yes, you can get your excavator undercarriage parts replaced.

It also depends on the type of under-carriage components that are needed to be replaced.

If the component is completely damaged, then it is replaced in the form of component assembly.

If the repair kit of excavator undercarriage parts contains an individual component that malfunctioned, you can get it replaced at a much lower cost.

The replacement can be done either through a professional technician or by yourself if you have a proper toolkit available.

If the warranty of particular component of excavator undercarriage parts that is damaged exists, you can get it replaced free of cost.

14.  What are the issues associated with excavator undercarriage parts?

There are several issues associated with your excavator undercarriage parts. Some of the problems are listed below:

Chains, bushings, and other parts are susceptible to wear and tear depending on the application and conditions.

With regular use, the track chains must be changed regularly or fail to function.

Poor quality materials may fail when experiencing severe conditions, causing damage and possible harm to those in or around the operating device.

If the construction site is uneven or unstable, the Undercarriage may break or rupture, causing damage to other parts of the excavation device.

The most efficient way to ensure perfect working conditions is always to have the right parts ready for immediate installation.

15.  What is the cost of different excavator undercarriage parts?

The cost associated with different excavator undercarriage parts varies and depends on several factors.

These factors include material quality used in manufacturing, material characteristics, warranty associated, material weight, etc.

The cost of some of the excavator undercarriage parts is listed below for your reference:

The cost of an excavator track chain lies in the range of $200 to $2000 per piece.

The cost of an excavator idler varies from $100 to $500 per piece.

The price of an excavator sprocket lies in the range of $152 to $235 per piece.

The cost of an excavator recoil spring lies in the range of $100 to $800 per piece.

The cost varies because of embedded varying characteristics of different materials of excavator undercarriage parts.

16.  What do you mean by track shoe in excavator undercarriage parts?

Track shoe is a kind of excavator undercarriage part.

As we all know, the track shoes are always assembled with the track chains and sprockets or fixed to the track assembly as a whole entity.

Figure 9. Track Shoe in Excavator Undercarriage Parts

It is on these revolving shoes that are in contact with the ground that most of the forward/backward movement and minor side-to-side movement is transferred.


Track shoe is a strong and rigid part of the Undercarriage. Usually, you shape.

Also, have the elastic part at the outer and bottom sides to enhance track shoe stability during moving forward or backward.

Depending on what type of excavator you have, you may use a rubber-tracked shoe, steel tracked shoe, or aluminum followed shoe (which is a cast metal).

17.  What is the role of the upper roller or carrier in excavator undercarriage parts?

The upper roller is an essential component of the Undercarriage of an excavator.

It transfers the load exerted by the boom via a hinge pin to the carrier rollers.

When working, it is subject to a large lateral earth load combined with vertical stress.

The upper roller supports the weight, absorbs the loads, and transmits them to the track chains.

Its function is to support the main chassis, driveshaft, and drive wheel during normal use.

It supports both a bearing housing (which is responsible for transmitting rotation downward during the functional movement) and the gears responsible for transferring process to excavator tracks through chain belt.

Each roller consists of a cylinder made from wear-resistant steel, which runs in counter-rotating directions on both sides of excavator tracks overbearing.

18.  What type of oil is used in excavator undercarriage parts?

The kind of oil used in excavator undercarriage parts depends on the local working conditions and application.

It is used to lubricate and protect moving parts with high load and friction resistance when in contact with other parts.

The oil used in the undercarriage parts of an excavator is designed to reseal and protect the components exposed to high temperatures and stress, such as gears, shafts, and bearings.

The mineral-based oil or synthetic oil with various additives is widely used in excavator undercarriage parts.

It is important to use the right kind of oil in excavator undercarriage parts to keep them working properly.

19.  What are the reasons for the failure in excavator undercarriage parts?

There are several reasons for the failure of excavator undercarriage parts. In general, these reasons are as follows:

High temperature causes various undercarriage products to no longer operational, and this occurs mostly with drives in the high-temperature area and other dry work.

The second is the use of poor material. The inferior quality of several undercarriage components causes frequent replacements.

The failure of various excavator undercarriage parts is breaking track chains, pin breakages, wear and tear in varying degrees.

The mechanical and chemical corrosion of steel parts, such as pins, bushings, and sprockets.

The machine’s tracks are hard to maintain and sometimes expensive to replace regularly.

For efficiency, a good set of undercarriage parts is required for optimal performance.

20.  Is noise associated with excavator undercarriage parts?

The answer is yes – undercarriage parts of excavators are very noisy.

The most common sources of vibration and noise are sprockets (hubs), idlers, and drive chains, all of which are vital excavator undercarriage parts.

Generally, there are two types of noise: a loudness and a high-frequency rumbling, which typically relate to the bearing clearance between the main sprocket shaft and the worm-wheel and the hoist drum supporting roller.

Excavator undercarriage parts being built with rubber tracks are noiseless, which can be a major advantage when operating in light industrial areas.

Excessive noise in your excavator undercarriage parts is a vital sign of replacement, and timely replacement helps you elongate the life of your excavator undercarriage.

21.  What do you mean by excess friction in excavator undercarriage parts?

The main sources of excess friction in excavator undercarriage parts are track rubber and track chains and pins.

At times, the level of friction generated is so high that it can cause premature wear and damage to components and parts of the equipment.

Excess friction can also cause increased energy consumption and force on the undercarriage parts, leading to failure or damage to the machine itself.

Excess friction is a common phenomenon that may happen to excavator undercarriage parts. It affects its moving ability, operational efficiency, and work safety.

It is recommended to maintain friction level in your excavator undercarriage parts up to an optimum level.

This will result in enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of your excavator.

22.  What do you mean by track link in excavator undercarriage parts?

The track link is a vital part of the Undercarriage of an excavator and connects the track shoes.

It joins successively and results in a buildup of an excavator track.Figure 10. Track Link in Excavator Undercarriage Parts

There are two kinds of track links: steel and rubber track links. The main application of the tracking link is a roller conveyor.


It’s these track links that offer the support for the weight of machinery.

Choosing the correct size of track link in excavators is vital to better traction, stability, and, most importantly, reducing strain.

A track link’s life must be as long as possible so that both your maintenance costs and downtime are kept to a minimum.

23.  What is the role of recoil spring in excavator undercarriage parts?

The excavator undercarriage parts recoil spring is used to provide torsional stiffness of the track frame for proper wheel drive operation.

Recoil springs installed under the tracks of an excavator are critical to its performance and maintenance.

When an excavator is in motion over a surface, the moveable track will be affected by the terrain. This results in compression of rubber tracks.

The recoil spring allows the stretchiness of rubber to function at its best.

If there’s no recoil spring, the tracks will be unable to absorb the shock created from working in rugged terrain.

The lack of shock absorption could lead to damaged or broken tracks.

24.  What are the issues associated with tracks in excavator undercarriage parts?

There are several issues associated with excavator tracks. Some of the problems are as follows:

These tracks become saggy in uneven terrain and may lose their tension.

Excavator tracks are associated with deformation and continuous wear and tear due to ongoing operations.

Therefore, it is often required that tracks in excavator undercarriage parts be inspected regularly.

Tracks must be properly aligned and tensioned to ensure the excavator performs efficiently and works safely.

The rubber material must be of the finest quality. Otherwise, wear and degrade its effectiveness significantly, while dirt and exposure to elements may ruin it completely.

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