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Xugong KS is your main wholesaler of excavator track motor. At Xugong KS you will find the best replacement track drive for your excavator.  We provide efficient track motors, suitable torque, and reliability for your need.

Both mechanical and volumetric are made with outstanding efficiency. 100% built with high density, high start-up torque, high rotation resistance, and many more.

At Xugong KS you will find an excavator track motor for your mini excavator or full-size hydraulic excavator.  We have customers coming from America, Europe, Asia and so on. One of my customers called David, he buys one track motor last year and says, “It is a great price and high quality! I would definitely order again.” if u like we can give you more reviews from our customers. so do not wait, Get a quote now! We will be happy to serve you!


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How to Finding An Efficient Excavator Track Motor?

Are you having a hard time finding an efficient excavator track motor? Don’t worry as Xugong KS got you covered. 

We value providing an efficient and durable Excavator Travel motor as it is used in many power excavator applications. So, high-tech machines are used in the given production process. At the same time, it is flexible and can be easily fitted into your models.

Xugong KS has produced track motors 100% according to OEM Part No. And has several options like reman or rebuilt, Genuine, new, and aftermarket excavator track motor for your choice. With our great expertise, Xugong KS has supplied over 100,000 excavator track motors all over the world in the year. And has been the top supplier in China. Find your excavator track motor here at Xugong KS and we got you covered.

Excavator Track Motor – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Excavator Track Motor is the heart that transfers power from engine to machine and moves excavator.

The excavator track motor FAQ guide includes answers to the collection of questions based on the excavator track motor.

This guide contains information about excavator track motor, working, the lifetime of an excavator track motor, applications, benefits, cost of an excavator track motor, leakage in excavator track motor, and much more.

The practical information in this FAQ guide will prove fruitful for you, no matter if you are familiar with this component or unfamiliar.

1.    How does an excavator track motor work?

The working process of an excavator track motor is described below:

An excavator hydraulic pump is a mechanism that supplies the fluid to operate the track motor.

A tracking motor is the part of the machine that moves the track to change the direction of the motion.

It acts as a powering source for the final drive, transforming that energy into useful mechanical power.

The rotational motion is delivered from the flywheel to the sprocket.

Once the wheel turns, the flywheel friction causes the sprocket to turn in a circular motion.

The track motor is an integral part of all hydraulic excavators (also known as mini-excavators).

The heart of this powerful hydraulic motor is the transmission, which uses a system of linkages and gears to convert the rotary motion of the motor into straight-line action that moves the equipment forward or backward.

2.    How do I know if my excavator track motor is bad?

When you have a bad excavator track motor, you will not lose all power.

You might notice that your excavator is not moving around as easily as before, or the backhoe blades are not as sharp as they used to be.


Before you know it, you will need a new excavator track motor.

Common signs that your travel motor is bad include grinding noises, a power surge, and irregular movement. This is due to bearings that are wearing out in your machine.

A failing or bad track motor will cause the track to slip or prevent the track from turning due to a lack of motor power.

3.    What is an excavator track motor on an excavator?

An excavator track motor is a drive unit employed in an excavator responsible for picking up and moving the machine over the terrain.

The Track Motor is the power supply and control system for your machine’s track.

Excavator track motors rotate and drive the excavator tracks.

An excavator track motor is a motor that travels in a slot that has its housing.

It is usually powered by hydraulics and turns the track which moves the claws depending on which way the motor is facing.

A tracking motor is similar to a wheel and is included on all major mining equipment: excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and cranes.

4.    What’s inside an excavator track motor?

An excavator track motor consists of multiple parts. Some of the major components of an excavator track motor are listed below:

Inside the Excavator Track motor

  • The pinion gear is attached to the drive shaft.
  • A ring gear is a steel gear with a curved edge used for differential drive in vehicles.
  • The driveshaft known as the spyder shaft turns the crown wheel, which turns the spider gear. The result is that the drive pinion is rotated as well.
  • The sun gears are mounted on the shaft, and they can be spin freely.
  • The sun and planet gears are meshing together, and their teeth are meshing each other, which move on each other splines.

5.    How do I remove the excavator track, motor excavator?

Excavator track motors (also known as power packs) are among the most expensive and fragile excavator parts.

When removing the track motor, it is critical to do so in a safe environment with an essential tool kit.

Before removing this motor, make sure to stop the engine and secure the track lock lever.

To remove an excavator track motor, follow the given procedure.

First, you need to check the bolts on both lateral sides of the track are removed, pry out the slide bearing, then remove the four bolts that secured the axle rod and sprocket, then back out the side guide rod with a drift.

The two most important tips for removing the track motor are using a socket wrench and making sure the entire twist turns but does not get stuck or slip.

6.    What is the lifetime of an Excavator track motor?

Excavator track motor life has a close relationship with the quality of all the components.

Quality is a guarantee and the foundation that will ensure that how long your excavator track motor work.

The lifetime of the excavator travel motor is about 4-5 years in large areas and two years in small spaces.

This is also related to actual working time, environmental conditions, and frequency of use.

If an excavator works in a harsh environment and hard or dense materials, it will reduce operating life expectancy.

When you operate your excavator at normal load and speed, it increases the lifetime rather than working it on a higher gear or speed.

7.    How changing the oil of the excavator track motor affect its life?

Oil change on a track motor of an excavator will keep the machine at peak performance and reduce the risk of possible damage caused by failure before an important job.

Excavator Track Motor Oil change is an important maintenance factor affecting the lifetime of the excavator from many aspects.

First, the machine’s excavating efficiency and working capability will be affected if not well maintained regularly.

Second, an unexpected breakdown in operation will threaten a certain working situation, and thus production safety is also involved.

Third, a longer life means more economical work since there will be less frequent expenses for maintenance and repair.

8.    What are the types of excavator track motors?

Excavators use a different type of excavator travel motor depending on the design of the machine. For example, large machines require a powerful motor to drive a heavy-duty bucket, while smaller machines will have smaller engines with lighter loads.

There are two types of excavator track motors; they are hydraulic motors and electrical motors.

Types of excavator track motor

A hydraulic motor operates with the pressure from a hydraulic pump powered by an engine.

An electrical motor relies on a battery to utilize electricity to operate.

A hydraulic travel motor can rotate in either direction, while an electric motor can only rotate in one direction.

9.    What is the cost of the excavator track motor?

The price of the excavator track motor varies depending upon several factors.

These factors include the type of material used in manufacturing, weight of the track motor, size of the excavator track motor, and manufacturing process.

The cost of an excavator track motor varies from $500 to $2000 per piece.

The high cost reflects the good quality standard material used in manufacturing an excavator track motor, while poor quality can be easily obtained at lower prices.

The cost of an excavator track motor also varies depending on whether a company manufactures the track motor materials itself or buys them from another manufacturer.

Chinese manufacturers do not buy materials used to manufacture excavator track motor; therefore, it is recommended to purchase excavator track motor from the Chinese manufacturer.

10.      What are the maintenance requirements of the excavator track motor?

The Excavator track motor is one of the key components of the excavator, and it is exposed to high temperature, high pressure, and high dust.

Excavator track motor must be kept strictly away from water and corrosive gases.

They require periodic maintenance (5-10 hours) after each operation to check critical components such as isolators, bearings, shaft alignment, sprockets, chains, idlers, motors, etc.

The excavator travel motor’s maintenance is mainly the lubrication and inspection.

It must be cleaned periodically after each operation from dust, dirt, or debris.

Periodic maintenance will improve the lifetime of an excavator track motor and add up to your additional excavator working hours.

11. What are the benefits of an excavator track motor?

There are several benefits of an excavator track motor. Some of the main benefits are listed below:

  • It speeds up the work and saves time.
  • An excavator track motor helps you save extra labor costs.
  • The Excavator track motor is responsible for generating extra rotational energy, which helps produce a better acceleration.
  • An excavator track motor is a piece of mechanical equipment that is easy to install, highly efficient, and cost-effective.

12. Can I get an excavator track motor on sale?

Yes, there is a chance that you can purchase an excavator track motor on sale.

The option exists that you can get either a used part or a new part on sale.

The word sale determines that you have to pay less than you usually buy newer or used equipment.

You can also get parts of an excavator track motor on sale by paying just 75% prices.

Although the sale varies depending upon the seller’s inventory stock or if he wants to sell out the complete stock to purchase a whole new.

Sales are offered on special occasions or national holidays, and you need to keep an eye on either online or offline if you want to purchase an excavator track motor on sale.

13. What does excavator track motor torque mean?

The torque is defined as a force supplied to cause rotation in an object.

The torque of an excavator track motor is usually measured in foot-pounds.

Excavator track motor torque means the power or capacity of the equipment.

Excavator track motor torque

By converting hydraulic pressure into mechanical power, the excavator track motor creates enough torque to handle the toughest jobs.

The excavator track motors allow for greater stability, travel, and digging power.

Primary components include a motor with variable speed and torque or rotational speed depending on the model, gearbox, and guidance wheels.

The excavator travel motor is capable of delivering between 6400 rpm and 20,000 rpm.

Performance depends on size, ranging from 95 to 532 horsepower with revolution speeds ranging from 6400 to 20,000 pm.

14. What are excavator track motor planetary gears?

Planet gears are very similar to spur gears but have teeth that extend radially (outwards) from the sun gear to its planets – hence the name “planet gears.”

Excavator track motor planetary gears are mechanical devices that transmit rotary motion from the excavator engine to the track.

The excavator travel motor, along with its associated mounting and support structure, performs a servo-assisted traction function in which torque is transferred to the track via the drive motor and its planetary gear train.

The result is greater machine speed and greater load capacity.

It helps the crawler machine move forward or backward.

15. What do you mean by troubleshooting an excavator track motor?

Troubleshooting of an excavator track motor is the process employed when your excavator track motor is not working properly or resulting in issues.

Troubleshooting, in other words, is defined as a process that involves a complete inspection of an excavator track motor to detect or identify the component which is causing issues.

Troubleshooting of an excavator track motor is referred to as a problem-solving technique.

One of the great advantages of troubleshooting an excavator track motor is that it makes your excavator track motor again operational.

If an excavator is not working, troubleshooting identifies two things: the hydraulic system or the track motor.

When troubleshooting this problem, you should check to ensure that fluid is circulating through the hydraulic system and the motor is operational.

16. Why my excavator track motor leak?

The leaking involves a faulty seal and rubber gasket suspected to be disintegrated.

Commonly, an occasional leakage of oil on the excavator travel motors occurs when the seals and rubber gasket are defective.

Excavator track motor leak

Such leakage could be caused by damage in the track motor or an incorrectly positioned seal during assembly.

The track locks will not lock, and this would cause the track head to shift in different directions.

In addition, besides under normal conditions, they are also exposed to accidents such as striking objects with the excavation bucket or overturning terrain due to unstable ground conditions, which may also result in leakage of an excavator track motor.

17. Can I get my excavator track motor repaired?

Yes, you can get your excavator track motor repaired.

There are several excavator track motors repairing professionals that exist out there with many years of experience.

If your excavator track motor’s warranty exists, you can get it repaired for free from the buyer from which you have purchased it.

If the warranty is out, then you can choose any local professional or get it repaired from the manufacturer.

Getting your excavator track motor repaired from the manufacturer will incorporate original or genuine materials from which it was initially manufactured.

Such type of materials lasts longer and also result in the association of extra cost.

18. What does the excavator track motor spool mean?

A track motor spool is a cylindrical device in shape and is responsible for oiling or lubricating the motor wheel.

It has four hoses located on the top of the cylinder and two holes drilled on the sides at some distance from each other.

Hydraulic pipes are connected to these four hoses and provide the hydraulic oil through these hoses to the track motor.

Excavator track motor spool

This reduces friction between metal to metal contact and keeps it working in a smooth pattern.

An excavator track motor spool reduces the overheating and keeps the parts of an excavator track motor well lubricated.

It is a lubricating provision device for your excavator track motor.

19. What type of oil goes into the excavator track motor?

The type of oil that goes into your excavator track motor varies from model to model.

The most popular hydraulic oil is 46-grade oil. It has a viscosity rating of 30,000 to 44,000 centipoises (cp).

The greater the number of oil gradations it reflects, the thinner the viscosity of the oil.

Excavator Track motor oil

Usually, the manufacturer provides you with the information about what type of oil goes into your excavator stick to that provided information.

Using the recommended oil type will result in a longer life for your excavator track motor.

20. What are the specifications of an excavator track motor?

The general specifications of an excavator track motor are listed in the table below. Usually, the specification of an excavator track motor varies from model to model:

Sr. No. Specifications
1 Equivalence capacity cm3 / rev 2574
2 Maximum motor capacity cm3 / rev 50.9
3 Maximum pressure MPa 32
4 Maximum volume L / min 92
5 Maximum motor speed Rpm 3600
6 Reduction ratio 50.5
7 Maximum output kN – m 8.8
8 Outer dimensions Height × Outer diameter 354 × Ø332
9 Installation dimensions Vehicle side Fit dia: Ø210

Number of holes: 12.0 × M16 × 2.0

10 Total weight Kg 86
11 Peripheral Features Shifting system N / A Available
12 Parking brake N / A Standard equipment
13 Relief valve Standard equipment

21. What are the applications of an excavator track motor?

There are several uses of an excavator track motor. Some of the main benefits are listed below:

  • Excavator motor is widely applied to the track steering system.
  • The Drive motor controls the angle and structure position of the track through the hydraulic pump by connecting it to the hydraulic power unit.
  • The excavation machine consists of multiple motors. Each motor has its function, but together they can perform better than a single one.
  • Using this engine ensures high quality and speed of execution that satisfy the users.
  • Excavator travel motor can be used to drive wheel trenchers, hydraulic pumps and cranes, and as a generator for mini excavators.
  • Excavator track motor is utilized in mini excavators, which are prominent as a sort of equipment in development sites

22. What do you mean by port identification in the excavator track motor?

The number of ports varies in the excavator track motor depending upon the total weight of the excavator in which it is employed.

Port indentification

In mini excavator of 1.5 T weight:

There are only two ports included in this type. No need for a drainage port.

In mini excavator of 3.0 T weight:

There are five entry ports in which the drainage port is interconnected.

In mini excavator of 8.0 T weight:

This type includes four entry ports.

An excavator of 12.0 T weight:

The ports on this excavator track motor are located on either side.

An excavator of 13.0 T weight:

This type comprises five entry ports located on the front.

23. What does a custom excavator track motor mean?

Mini excavators with diesel custom excavator track motors, commonly known as track motors, are specifically built for the special demands of global mining and material processing sites.

This configuration is utilized for its narrow width, small footprint, and limited fuel requirements, making it an ideal mobile solution for many locations.

A custom-designed travel motor allows a mini excavator or track hoe to travel on different terrain depending on the power of the engine and speed.

Excavators may use different power systems and move at different speeds; therefore, you can customize your track motor with high-quality materials sizes and shapes to meet various intended functions.

24. What are the materials used in manufacturing excavator track motor?

Excavator track motors are designed and manufactured with many advanced materials like carbon steel or stainless steel, brass, aluminum alloy.

Carbon steel is used in the production of motor due to its low cost, high strength, low thermal expansion, and wear resistance.

Machine alloys such as S235JRG2 higher yield strength and yield points than carbon steel, and they are also found in various excavator track motors.

The majority of the motor components are made of Carbon / Carbon composites for lighter-weight motion components.

The material can be varied depending on the desired weight, strength, and model of the excavator on which it is embedded.

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