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Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Track Parts

Kobelco Excavator Track Parts Top and Bottom Roller

OEM and ISO certified suitable for D50/ E200B/ PC20/ R210/ SK60/ PC200 excavators.

Excavator Track Parts Bottom Track Roller

Just the perfect bottom roller you need for your rebuild. High quality materials used.

Komatsu Excavator Track Parts Top and Bottom Roller

Wholesale price for top-quality top and bottom roller for your Komatsu PC200 excavators.

Komatsu Excavator Track Parts Chain Link

PC200 Track chain for Komatsu but perfect for other brands as well.

Excavator Track Parts Track Shoe Bolts

High quality 12.9 grade bolts available for fast delivery at Xugong KS.

Komatsu Excavator Track Parts Front Idler

Superior quality front idler for your PC60 Komatsu excavator available now.

Excavator Track Parts SH220-5 Track Roller

Track roller or carrier roller durable and low-maintenance.

Excavator Track Parts Front Idler Roller

Heavy-duty excavator track parts. Perfect replacement for your excavator.

Mitsubishi Excavator Track Parts Chain Link

OEM and ISO quality certified for MS110/ MS120/ MS180 Excavators.

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XuGong KS Excavator Track Parts Manufacturer Overview

Xugong KS Indestructible Excavator Track Parts

Xugong KS offers an extensive supply of heavy-duty excavator track parts from track chains to undercarriage parts. We always ensure optimal quality and compatible with top excavator brands like CAT, Komatsu and so on.

Our excavator track parts undergo a special heat treatment. This provides them with long durability and smoothness.

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Excavator Track Parts with Excellent Wear Resistance

Xugong KS excavator track parts have incredible wear resistance even in the most severe working conditions. Our Xugong KS engineering team offers the necessary control and accuracy in hardening systems.

Our excavator track parts are produced with the most advanced processes. Our excavator track parts are highly praised in China and in other countries. We are known for our long wear life and high impact resistance.

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The Best Customer Service for Your Excavator Track Parts

Our latest excavator track parts only receives the care of our best aftersales service team at Xugong KS. We still cater to you even after you buy our excavator track parts.

Xugong KS customer service support is here to monitor and provide you with assistance for your excavator track parts needs.  Just contact us through our 24/7 customer service, and Xugong KS will wholesale you the most suitable excavator track parts.

Xugong KS can provide you with the most accommodating support you have been asking for. We are just a click away from giving you the best products and solutions for your excavator track parts.


Secure and Fast Shipping at Xugong KS

If you send us an inquiry and order our excavator track parts now, we can pack and ship it immediately. Rest assured, your excavator track parts are individually packed in hard wooden crates and tough ropes.

Xugong KS supplier is partnered with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FEDEX and more. We can deliver your excavator track parts by air or sea.

Plus, Xugong KS distributes and exports to more than 50 countries like American, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, and so on. We guarantee you we can supply your excavator track parts.


Excavator Track Parts – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Excavator Track Parts FAQ Guide will answer questions you probably never thought to ask.

Excavator track parts pertain to questions including the cost of excavator track parts, excavator track parts components, issues associated with excavator track parts, repair and maintenance, and much more.

Excavator Track Parts FAQ Guide covers comprehensive and detailed information about excavator track parts like rubber tracks, track rollers, track idler, recoil spring, and more.


1.    What are excavator track parts?

Excavator track parts are components used on excavators to convert hydraulic power into motion.

Excavator tracks are widely used in mining, road building, and various engineering projects for trench digging, loading, and unloading.

Figure 1. Excavator Track Parts

Track rollers roll on top of the surface while the chain passing through them keeps the tracks in place.


An excavator can operate with all kinds of movements and materials but only when it has high functional track parts.

Excavator track parts are used to maintain or replace damaged or worn tracks of the construction vehicle called: excavators.

The excavator track parts can extend the service life of the wheels and improve the general performance.


2.    What materials are used in making excavator track parts?

There are different materials used in making other excavator parts. These materials are listed below for your reference:

A wide range of materials is used in making excavator track parts, including aluminum, steel, rubber, and various alloys.

These materials have tensile strength, hardness, and durability that make them suitable for this application.

The tracks’ material depends on the machine it is being installed on.

Most materials are chosen based upon service conditions and how the track components will be used.

You may also have preferences for the type of material due to its cost or availability.

Materials used to make excavator track parts may be byproducts of production or specially designed for a specific purpose.


3.    What is included in excavator track parts?

There are several parts included in excavator track parts. These excavator track parts are listed below:

They include rubber tracks, which provide traction, replacement parts such as track adjusters, steel track parts including chains, chains dampening devices, sprockets (countershaft), rollers (track rollers), excavator track idler, recoil spring, track shoe, and trackpads.

Excavator track parts include mainly the links, roller pins, bearings, and some other parts like dozer blade pins, snowshoes (also called anti-slide).

Excavator track parts are relied on to keep the vehicle operating in the field.

Track parts are essential parts in the functionality of the excavator; they enable an excavator to drive smoothly through difficult terrain for different purposes.


4.    What is the role of the sprocket in excavator track parts?

Excavator sprocket is the key link between track chain and driving wheel, and many excavators are used in the mining industry, which operates at high altitudes or deep mines.

Figure 2. Sprocket Excavator Track Parts

Gears on chain sprockets drive rubber tracks for the track rollers and adjusters to move up and down.


Under such conditions, the sprocket parts need to be equipped with good wear-resistance material and long service life.

It is important to maintain them without causing damage to other nearby parts properly.

Sprockets can be made of steel material with rubber ring seals, and a rubber layer is installed on all sides of the sprocket inner roller to improve bearing performance under harsh conditions.

In addition, seal gaskets are coated with Teflon or Viton material to prolong the lifetime of these rubber ring seals.


5.    What do you mean by yoke in excavator track parts?

The yoke is a cast iron component of the track frame assembly, usually with two or 4+ rollers and a pivot bearing that allows them to pivot while maintaining alignment in the tracks.

Bushings control the total movement of each roller. The track can be altered in length by moving the attachment point between the idler wheels and the track frame.

Figure 3. Yoke in Excavator Track Parts

Most commonly, excavators adjust on one or both of the idlers to alter the length of the track as it revolves.

The undercarriage of an excavator is incomplete without the yoke.

The yoke link must withstand heavy impact and load pressure without breaking down or retracting, which is why a quality steel track yoke must be used.

6.    What is the role of the idler in excavator track parts?

Idlers are crucial components on the undercarriage of a crane or excavator. Idler roller plays an important role in an excavator. It is the fixed type and makes rear wheels contact with front wheels.

Their role is to keep offsets in equal, concentric alignment to the excavator tracks.

Figure 4. Idler in Excavator Track Parts

This helps increase the life of the track assembly and ensures optimum performance.


The excavators have idlers to disperse loads and keep track from digging into the surface of an excavation.

Excavator idlers work in tandem with the drive pulley and rubber track to guide the rubber track.

They absorb vibrations so that they can provide a stable and dynamic work environment for the machine operators.

7.    What do you mean by track adjuster in excavator track parts?

The track adjusters are used in several applications on the excavator.

They work together with the track rollers to tug or drag the excavator tracks along the excavator undercarriage while excavating. They keep the tracks spaced evenly apart when not in use to prevent them from rubbing together.

Figure 5. Track Adjuster in Excavator Track Parts

Excavator track adjuster consists of several parts, including tension spring, track cylinder, scraper seal, oil seal, cylinder rod, and grease plus.


They provide the necessary stopping power needed for safe operation and adjustments and movements to maintain the desired track tension.

With a little help from a track adjuster, you can ensure your excavator stays in working condition. It’s the perfect way to extend the life of your machinery.

8.    What is the role of the bottom roller in excavator track parts?

Bottom rollers of excavator track parts are also called excavator bottom rollers or bulldozer track rollers.

Figure 6. Bottom Roller in Excavator Track Parts

They are usually made from wearing-resistant steel or stainless steel and help to transmit the power from excavator drive motors to driving wheels, making it easy for them to perform their functions.


At the same time, they also connect the main system with the drive chains, make the machine possible to move in all directions, and helps in digging out construction sites.

The main role of the bottom roller assembly is to guide the track chains back and forth, and it can also be used to absorb stresses in the track.

9.    What do you mean by final drive in excavator track parts?

Final drives are also known as disk drives or sprocket drives.

Figure 7. Final Drive in Excavator Track Parts

The final drive-in excavator track parts refer to the components that enable the power from the engine to be transferred along with the sprocket and drive wheel to track chain, track rollers, thus allowing movement of the tracks.


It can transmit motion from a power source (electric motor, hydraulic motors, servomotors, internal combustion engine) to excavator track parts.

The final drive assembly is connected to and rotated by the differential or to the axle shafts, providing power to both wheels on each side of the machine.

For excavators, they are usually found in the undercarriage and are located inside of the tracks.

10.  What are excavator tracks in excavator track parts?

There are many different kinds of tracks included in excavator track parts, such as metallic tracks and rubber tracks– all of which operate differently.

Excavator tracks are parts of the excavator that slide on top of and underneath the track frames. They are designed to provide stability to the machine while it is in operation.

Figure 8. Excavator Tracks in Excavator Track Parts

Excavator tracks are the metallic elements that excavators use to transfer load from the machine to the ground so that the excavator can operate on uneven terrains.


They are critical components to any excavation act and serve as an essential part of the machine’s undercarriage.

Elastomer tracks, or rubber tracks, will minimize disturbance and ground compaction while increasing mobility, durability, and lifespan.


11.  What is the life associated with excavator track parts?

There are so many factors in the construction, application, and maintenance that affect the life of excavator track parts, such as the type and quality of the track parts, the ambient climate where they are used, the driving speed of machines, work practices of machine operators, etc.

The life associated with excavator track parts is 2-5 years, concerning usage and maintenance.

Undercarriage rubber should be inspected at least once every month, and in the event of a tear, the entire section should be replaced.

Spur and track pins should be regularly lubricated to prevent wear and tear on bearings, bushings, and other mechanical components.

To prolong excavator track parts life, regular servicing, maintenance, and adjustments are required.


12.  What are the maintenance requirements of excavator track parts?

Excavators are construction machines for which the maintenance requirements of excavator track parts are complicated.

If the track parts in excavators are not replaced correctly, it will seriously affect the working efficiency of excavators.

Regular inspection and adjustment of worn or damaged parts are essential for obtaining optimum performance from your machine.

Service your excavator tracks often, and always replace worn or damaged rubber immediately to avoid premature track rollers and adjusters.

To help extend the life of your machine, it is important to choose products that are high quality and suitable for the application.

Rubber parts wear faster than Steel parts, and maintenance costs also vary depending on the type of parts.


13.  Can I get my excavator parts replaced?

Yes, you can get your excavator track parts replaced.

There are several parts included in the excavator track parts repair kit.

The first thing you need to do is determine which part is faulty or malfunctioned and needs replacement.

You can do this by inspection, or you can determine if any noise or wear and tear associated with any part of your excavator.

After this, you can easily replace your excavator track parts.

Take the tool kit with you, isolate the faulty or malfunctioned part from your excavator track, and replace it with a new part from your excavator track part kit.


14.  What are the issues associated with excavator track parts?

Excavator track parts are utilized in various tough and heavy equipment applications.

Excavator track parts can be subject to several different issues, such as abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature applications, climate conditions, and more.

In addition, the tracks’ adjustment will be necessary to guarantee proper functioning once again.

When operated in loose soil, it needs extra care regarding excavator tracks tension and alignment.

There are many crucial factors to consider when choosing excavator track parts: life expectancy, wear rate, wear type, raw material used on construction, field service conditions, etc.


15.  What is the cost of different excavator track parts?

The cost associated with different excavator parts varies and depends on several factors.

These factors include material used in manufacturing, type of component, warranty associated, material characteristics embedded.

The cost associated with some of the excavator track parts is listed below:

The cost of a high-quality factory price excavator front idler lies in the range of $60 to $200 per piece.

An excavator track adjuster yoke price lies in the range of $10 to $100 per piece.

The cost of an excavator track chain embedded with several links lies in the range of $600 to $1200 per piece.

The increase in the material quality and characteristics of the intended excavator track component will increase the total associated cost.


16.  What do you mean by track shoe in excavator track parts?

The track shoe is a brake and skid shoe at the same time.

It’s installed on the back of the link. Its job is to skid under the surface, break obstacles and work with the track adjuster to lock down the tractor’s drive wheels to provide support while digging.

Figure 9. Track Shoe in Excavator Track Parts

Excavator track shoe in excavator track parts is a crucial maintenance tool that controls the entire movement of the undercarriage and provides a high degree of stability.

Excavators can suffer from torn, damaged, or worn-out track shoes.

It is crucial to monitor your tracks’ condition to prolong the life and performance of your equipment.


17.  What is the role of the upper roller or carrier in excavator track parts?

Excavator Upper Roller or Carrier plays an important role in excavator’s track parts.

The upper roller or carrier is installed at the top of the excavator track.

It has a bigger load-bearing ability than the other two parts (roller or lower carrier, guide roller). It bears the weight of the excavator body and upper structure when they move on the excavator tracks.

The upper roller in excavator track parts allows movement of excavators by applying pressure to tracks to accelerate or decelerate and even rotate for turning or rotating.

Upper rollers are also used as mounting bases for other excavation machine parts.


18.  What type of oil is used in excavator track parts?

Excavator tracks might need special lubrication depending on the working conditions.

Most excavator parts suppliers recommend using general-purpose oil in your truck parts.

For excavator undercarriage, you must use mineral-based hydraulic oils.

For most extreme applications, Excavators tend to use hydraulic oils with additives. This is generally accepted as the best oil to use in the wear and life-cycle of excavator track parts.

The hydraulic oil for excavator track parts is important to keep your components working as they should.

The correct oil must be used as it can affect the life of your track parts like excavator undercarriage, chains, and rubber tracks.


19.  What are the reasons for the failure in excavator track parts?

There are a lot of reasons for the failure of excavator track parts.

First, some manufacturers make poor-quality products to save cost and will not observe the basic principles of manufacturing.

Second, the bad maintenance manner will make the old cleaning shovel completely lose its performance.

Many reasons lead to failure in excavator track parts, for example, rubber aging, overloading, improper loading, large temperature fluctuation, and so on.

Excavator Track Parts are commonly used in harsh conditions, such as frozen ground, rocky terrain, and high-pressure burial.

Different conditions require different types of Track Parts to avoid these failures.


20.  Is noise associated with excavator track parts?

The contribution that excavator track parts have to the noise levels of a construction site is not negligible.

Its engine and tire operation produce the noise volume of most excavator products.

Track chains can be relatively quiet depending on the type installed as long as they are tensioned correctly.

Noise is also dependent on many other factors, including soil conditions and operator skill level.

Excessive noise caused by poor operating procedures or inappropriate use will cause premature chain wear and increased maintenance costs.

It must be noted that where there is no maintenance program in place, unbalanced (worn) rollers, chains, tracks will result in higher than normal noise levels associated with the excavator.


21.  What do you mean by excess friction in excavator track parts?

The longer the operating time of excavator chain sprockets and rollers under excavator track chains, the greater the friction between the excavator tracks and sprockets becomes, which results in increased contact pressure to the excavator sprocket.

This increased contact pressure is mainly in the bending direction of the tooth surface.

The tooth bending causes tooth wear, leading to the increase of tooth surface roughness and surface area and increasing the friction coefficient of rubber and rubber material.

The optimum amount of friction is necessary for the successful operation of your excavator track parts.

If the optimum amount of friction exceeds, then it is unable for you to operate your excavator.


22.  What do you mean by track link in excavator track parts?

The track links are the basic building blocks of an excavator track. The track link is the immediate connection between the steel tracks.

Figure 10. Track Link in Excavator Track Parts

There is a huge variety, depending on your excavator and machinery needs. Excavator tracks can be arranged in several different ways.


An Excavator Track Link is made from high-strength forged or Casting steel, heat treatment after a cold drawing by mechanical processing.

With this material, the tracking link has high impact toughness, wear resistance, and fatigue strength to work for a long time.

Life depends upon the application conditions: temperature, humidity, dust or water spray, and type of service environment.


23.  What is the role of recoil spring in excavator track parts?

A recoil spring is a mechanical device used to store energy and return a moving part to its original position.

The spring is utilized in a wide variety of systems, including track assemblies on excavators.

The purpose of a recoil spring is to store the energy exerted by the weight of an excavator while it digs in uneven terrains, such as ground with high boulders.

Rebound springs are also used to track assemblies on excavators to absorb shock and vibrations created when the excavator is digging through soil or rocky terrain.

The earth can be very hard, especially if it is compacted, and these springs will help soften the blow.

This helps keep your tracks running smoothly between adjustments, as well as increasing their lifespan.


24.  What are the issues associated with tracks in excavator track parts?

Excavator tracks in excavator track parts are a critical point in the machine’s performance.

There can be many issues with an excavator track, such as unrepairable wear, poor track adjusters, and broken chains that cause downtime for excavators.

Wear and damage to tracks can lead to considerable costs in downtime as well as replacement costs.

As a vital component of the machine, tracks need regular maintenance.

Damage to the roller chain that runs along its length can lead to the bearing cones rubbing together and shortening the service life of the track or even, in extreme cases, making them useless.

If the bearings on the sprockets wear away, it can cause damage to the machine’s other components, such as drive chains and sprockets themselves.

Fixing machines can help you prevent these difficulties from happening in your excavators.


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