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  • Engineered For Maximum Productivity And Reliability Performance
  • Perfect Support Track And Proper Weight Distribution
  • Can Customize By Reaching OEM and ISO Standard
  • Heat Treated And Hardened For Tough Wear Life
  • Associated With High-Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Protects Operator’s Health For Controlled Noise

XuGong KS Excavator Track Idler Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

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XuGong KS is the Quality Distributor of Excavator Track Idler

The service of your Excavator Track Idler is one of the issues of your excavator including chain wear, uneven ground, and loose idler wheels. XuGong KS Excavator Track Idler ensures your operation with regular maintenance with our customer service. These Excavator Track Idlers are perfectly formulated with special lubricating oil to give outstanding performance. This XuGong KS Excavator Track Idler is also accurately assembled to control noise and protect the operator’s health. These XuGong KS Excavator Track Idlers also are incorporated with sidearms or brackets oblige for fitment to the track adjuster assembly.

XuGong KS Excavator Track Idler has rightness to optimum tension and stress. We also designed these XuGong KS Excavator Track Idler with proper alignment to prevent any later damages to your excavator. Generally, it is not economical to replace your Excavator Track Idler if not well maintained. Here’s the reason why XuGong KS Excavator Track Idler highly cares about diligent maintenance. Worry no more for your XuGong KS Excavator Track Idler! XuGong KS got your Excavator Track Idler with different sizes and colors with assured quality materials. Send us an inquiry now!

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XuGong KS Excavator Track Idler Manufacturing Process

Track Idler Quality Inspection
Quality Control
We design a perfect system to secure the high-efficiency of Excavator Track Idler. This was controlled by international quality standards.
Excavator Track Idler Assembly
Excavator Track Idler is installed based on OEM system. Best engineered with professional management system. Proven with standard service.
XuGong KS always sure to train how to use and how to install the track . In fact , we give 100 % testing before the delivery of the Excavator Track Idler.
Track Idler Packing
Packing and Delivery
XuGong KS always recognize your interests. Our Excavator Track Idler has the most professional packing and hassle-free delivery with reduced cost.

XuGong KS Excavator Track Idler Factory Overview

Why XuGong KS is the Top Factory Of Your Excavator Track Idler?

XuGong KS will provide you the high precision and world-class Excavator Track Idler whether you are a group or an individual. XuGong KS is an outstanding supplier in this field of excavator specifically Excavator Track Idler. Wherein, we have one-to-one products factory. We can give you more XuGong KS Excavator Track Idler based on your special machinery. We respect you our customers and the professional service is what we aim for.


With our 24/7 professional technician, we can assure you with great service and prompt feedbacks. Our support is your edge in giving you the best repair than having a big cost for replacement. Choosing XuGong KS Excavator Track Idler assures you with stand-out features and increased life wear while working under pressure. Your XuGong KS Excavator Idler is appropriately packed with wooden cased and will surely arrive in you timely. Get a quote now!


Excavator Track Idler – The Definitive FAQ Guide


The purpose of the FAQ guide is to provide you with information and answers to your track idler questions. It should also provide you with some helpful tips for visual inspection, adjusting, and replacing the track chain on your excavator.


1.    What is an excavator track idler?

The Excavator track idler is the most crucial excavator component if the tracks need to be lubricated. It keeps the ways at optimum tension and avoids rusting and wear.

Figure 1. Excavator Track Idler

They help with directing and weight distribution in the machine and support the chains and various components. Not only do power idlers provide additional safety and increased efficiency, but a quality track idler can also actually extend the life of your excavator’s undercarriage components.


Without it, your excavator would not function correctly, thus being severely restricted in its daily tasks. There is both a left side and right-side Idler. They are placed at the outer edge of the tracks and roll over the top of the ground to dig with an optimal amount of resistance.


The function of the idler pulley is to support each track, distributing the load evenly to each roller during digging.


2.    What is included in the excavator track idler assembly?

Figure 2. Excavator Track Idler Assembly


Excavator Track Idler Assembly is an essential component of your excavator. The product includes the following elements:


  • Excavator Track Idler Plug
  • Excavator Track Idler Collar
  • Excavator Track Idler Lock pin
  • Excavator Track Idler O ring
  • Excavator Track Idler Seal
  • Excavator Track Idler Bushing bronze
  • Excavator Track Idler Shell
  • Excavator Track Idler Shaft

Each component included in the excavator track idler is associated with its intended function and features. The material used in manufacturing also varies depending on the working of each of the above-listed components. If anyone of the above-listed component cannot perform its function or gets damaged, then your excavator track idler becomes malfunctioned.


3.    What materials are used in making an excavator track idler?


A variety of materials are used to manufacture your excavator idler as an excavator track idler is a combination of several components. The widely used material and meet the standards include stainless steel, forged steel, cast iron, polyurethane, PTFE, rubber, and aluminum alloy. The reason behind the usage of these materials for different components is their vital material characteristics associated.


Aluminum and steel are resistant to corrosion and abrasion resistance, and these materials are also embedded with great strength and durability. Rubber, polyurethane, or PTFE play their role in leak resistance and shock absorption. They also overcome the position in case of surpassed thermal range.


4.    Is noise associated with excavator track idler?


The noise level depends on a few things, like the kind of machine you are operating and the type of terrain it is traversing. The terrain plays the most significant factor here since it decides how much stress gets transferred to the undercarriage, thus generating noise.


Different machine sizes have various factors associated with them, so if you notice more or less noise than usual, you should probably get your track inspected so that a replacement can be decided upon.


Excavator track idlers make noise because of chain movement caused by suspension travel, unbalanced wear, and any oscillation in the suspension case. Noise generated from the one of an excavator is one of the main reasons for maintenance. It is essential to control noise to protect the operator’s health.


5.    What is the cost associated with excavator track idler?


The cost associated with a track idler depends on the size of the excavator, and type of material with which it is manufactured, material quality, and material that will need to be moved. The cost for some of the excavator track idlers are listed below:


The cost of a high-quality excavator track idler varies from $200 to $1000 per piece. The cost of high quality and lightweight excavator track idler lies in the range of $100 to $500 per piece.


When you purchase a high-quality excavator track idler with high cost associated, you will increase the associated efficiency and effectiveness. Also, the life associated with high-quality excavator track idler is much more.


6.    What type of oil goes into the excavator track idler?


The oil in an excavator track idler can be synthetic or petroleum-based.

Figure 3. Oil for Excavator Track Idler

The correct oil type varies depending upon where the excavator has been used, and the climate conditions, but viscous synthetic oils are used commonly throughout the world. Synthetic oils are more expensive, but they generally last longer and offer more effortless shifting because they have a better viscosity index than petroleum-based oils.


This lubricates the excavator track idler to reduce wear and tear to the undercarriage components, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. The different types of oil used in the idler pulley, the drive sprockets, and other undercarriage components also play a role in the lubrication of each piece.


7.    What is the life associated with excavator track idler?


Yes, the life of the excavator track idler is the most critical problem for each excavator. The lifetime of the excavator track idler directly affects to machine’s productivity, safety and durability.


In general, the life of an excavator track idler lies in the range of 3 to 5 years, but if properly maintained, then this can be last longer. That will depend on many things, chiefly the use that the excavator sees throughout its life.


The materials used in making this component can vary, and many times these components are also made in different areas around the world. This means this is not a standard, off-the-shelf type of item.


The lifespan will also change based on how well the owner cares for his machines, such as regular lubrication and adjustments.


8.    What are the problems associated with excavator track idler?


Excavator track idlers face a significant amount of problems in their daily operations. The excavator track idler is under constant wear from the track chains. An idler pulley is a common failure point on excavators, but this is often hidden until it fails.

Figure 4. Excavator Track Idler Problems

A significant cause of idler pulley failure is looseness or unevenness of the track chains. Excavator track idler problems include chain wear, uneven ground, and loose idler wheels. Idler pulleys wear out over time due to constant friction and movement with the tracks.


Grease and dirt build-up can be a problem over time, requiring regular maintenance. To ensure safe operation, excavators should be regularly inspected for signs of excessive wear.


9.    What characteristics are embedded in excavator track idler oil?


Excavator Track Idler Oil is specially formulated with the proper lubricating qualities to keep your track system performing its best. A smooth and even flow throughout your track allows all parts to operate more smoothly while fighting away harmful abrasives underneath to keep your undercarriage in top shape.


This cost-effective way of keeping on top of maintenance for your entire excavation project will keep you and your equipment working at its peak performance and ultimately protecting that investment.

  • Diverse additives to ensure good film strength,
  • Anti-corrosion protection and wear resistance.
  • On the surface – Control pressure with suitable viscosity index (VI) Additives,
  • Anti-wear formula to keep at the highest efficiency even in a long time working.

10.  What are the maintenance requirements of the excavator track idler?


The required maintenance is similar to most machinery: regular visual inspections for excessive wear, lubrication with grease when necessary, and replacement. Excavators of all kinds have many moving parts, and one of the most common wear items is the track chain.


This often begins to stretch or break during a shift. When this occurs, the chain must be replaced or the track adjusted somehow so that all the links in its path have equal slack.


A repair person can also adjust drive sprockets that are not rolling correctly and inspect idler pulleys to ensure they are not grinding against neighboring components. Once any of these problems occur, you will need to call your maintenance team and ensure that everything is operating smoothly.


11.  What do you mean by excavator track idler spring?


Excavator Track Idler Recoil Spring is installed in the excavator undercarriage to take the recoil of the track chain. It is used to retract the idler wheel back into the excavator undercarriage. The excavator track idler recoil spring role is to protect the idler rollers and bearings from overload and rolling over during idling.


It’s a recoil spiral-type spring made up of steel wire and can be adjusted using hex keys. The spring acts as a shock absorber for the track idler wheel, which helps in reducing stress on other undercarriage components.


That way, it ensures smooth movement of the track idler wheels to give guaranteed productivity and prevent damage to parts, such as tracks, sprocket hubs, vibration-dampers, etc.


12.  What is the role of O rings in excavator track idler?


O rings are usually used to seal between the bearing cone and the axle shaft. The specific usage of O rings depends on the model, machine size, and other factors.

Figure 5. O Rings in Excavator Track Idler

The function of O rings is to maintain a constant force, preventing pulley wear and preventing its axle from deforming. O ring gives a smooth ride to the excavator by minimizing the resistance on rolling surfaces with minimum damage to the torsional load of the excavator track chain.


Excavator track idler o rings prevent any dirt or sand from entering inside your excavator idler. The material with which O rings are manufactured includes rubber, PTFE, polyurethane, and polyvinylchloride.


13.  How to install an excavator track idler?


If you need to replace your excavator track idler, the first step is to remove the old belt guard assembly once the excavator is lifted off the ground. It requires special tools to install a new excavator track idler on your machine.


You must then unbolt the chains from both sides of your old idler assembly, including removing any rubber tracks mounted. Then install the new Idler on your excavator tracks and fix them with screws and bolts with the right tools.


Now mount the excavator track chain and tracks over the track frames and set the recommended amount of tension. In the end, test your excavator idler installation to judge if it is working fine.


14.  What is the role of seals in excavator track idler?


Sealing the joint in the excavator track idler should be put high on your maintenance schedule because excavator tracks could fail if there is no seal or these seals are not working correctly.

Figure 6. Seals in Excavator Track Idler

The purpose of the seals in the excavator track idler is to stop any external sources harmful to the mechanism from entering the components.


The rubber seal is located between Idler and wheel to ensure that suitable damping occurs during the working process. Dirt and foreign particles can damage the rubber components and bearings, making them useless. The seal is on the excavator track idler as a lubricant to reduce the loss of grease on the working load for the excavator.


15.  Why import excavator track idler from china?


Importing excavator track idler from china is far better to import from other developed countries, including Germany, the USA, etc. The reason behind this is the quality of the material they use in excavator idler manufacturing and the affordability of each component.


They provide you with a custom-made excavator idler which reflects that you can make the desired modifications and changes depending on your machine model. You don’t need to visit them physically. When you are ready to make a purchase, you need to place an order, and your product reaches your house directly.


Chinese suppliers and manufacturers provide your delivery free from custom duties during the shipment of your product.


16.  Is friction associated with excavator track idler?


Many factors cause excavator track idler friction. When it comes to friction, the depth and humidity of the excavated ground are the primary causes. Excess lubrication of gears, bearings, or idlers will also cause friction that could reduce the machine’s productivity.


Friction also occurs because of debris or stones on the ground when moving an excavator over it. An excellent visual inspection shall help you determine whether any friction exists.


If friction associated with the excavator track idler goes unchecked, performance declines, and expensive and time-consuming damage occurs. Of course, the idler pulley will exert some force to the track to pull the way back and forth, thus performing the work of excavating.


During the working process, there must be no friction between the sprocket and track in normal working.


17.  What is the role of floating sealing in excavator track idler?


Floating Sealing refers to the sealing on the excavator track idler bearing. The function of this kind of seal is to prevent leakage of grease from the main sprocket housing into the track chain link.

Figure 7. Floating Seals in Excavator Track Idler

When the main sprocket housing is full of grease, it can prevent dust and debris from being mixed with oil. Also, floating sealing can be used to smooth out slight imbalances in the torque of the excavator.


Because floating sealing is a sealed part, it will not leak grease and last longer than ordinary seals. In general, Floating Sealing is a reliable technology that can significantly extend the lifespan of your excavator track idler.


18.  What do you mean by plug-in excavator track idler?


Plugin excavator track idler is a critical component that holds all the other components together perfectly when the machine works. It should be a well-lubricated, sturdy, and reliable part that efficiently helps the machine finish its essential functions.


The role of the plugin excavator track idler is to set the correct tension for the tracks. It is essential to have the correct tension on the tracks if you will get the maximum life out of your rubber tracks.


The tension on the tracks makes a big difference in how far and how fast your machine will go and how much traction and stability you will have. Correct tension will also increase fuel efficiency by decreasing cutting times.


19.  What do you mean by the Hs code of excavator track idler?


The Harmonized System (HS) is a classification system for trade between countries. It regulates the tariff-free import and export of goods between countries, and it also helps customs in various countries to classify products.


The HS code is a code used by customs and tax authorities throughout the world. It helps them determine what product they are importing, where they are importing it from, what quantity, and when and how much they import it.


The Hs Code comprises of 6 to 10 digits number which varies from component to component. It helps customs officials to determine whether an item is subject to the same import duties in different countries.


20.  What is the role of lock pin in excavator track idler?


A lock pin is a bolt or pin that is used to secure two other components together. The lock pin is an essential part of an excavator track idler and has many roles.

Figure 8. Lock Pin in Excavator Track Idler

Firstly, it controls the idler rollers’ movement and the track straps to which the Idler is connected.


It also prevents the Idler from shifting left or right along the track strap by taking up a pre-defined amount of slack in the track chain and preventing it from moving either way.


The lock pin also prevents the Idler from falling off-center and remaining flat on either side of the track strap. Lock pins can prevent that ‘backlash’ to the right of the Idler when changing direction with the tracks at an angle of, say, 60 degrees.


21.  Can I get my excavator track Idler repaired?


Several factors determine whether or not an idler pulley needs to be repaired. To help determine the cause of failure, it is essential to complete a visual inspection of the track tension. If there is uneven ground, your machine might require a new track idler and idler pulleys.


If there is still a warranty, you can get your excavator idler repaired free from cost. If the extent of damage is too much, it isn’t easy to get it repaired. Instead, replacement is a good choice. You can do this by accessing a professional technician to get your excavator idler repaired. Repair saves you a lot of cost than replacement.


22.  How to choose an excavator track idler?


Choosing the correct track idler depends on the size, type, and brand of the excavator and undercarriage it is equipped with. There are many factors to be considered when choosing an excavator track idler, such as the correct specifications, material strength, and ground conditions. When choosing a track idler, we should consider the quality of usages.


If it is bought for use in normal conditions, it is suggested to choose a new one. If the idler pulley and drive sprocket are matched from two different manufacturers or if the main and auxiliary gearboxes are combined at random, it will lead to abnormal working conditions such as vibration and noise. Subsequently, the working life of the components will be reduced; in severe cases, they will cause accidents.


23.  What is the role of the collar in excavator track idler?


The collar is a crucial component in track idlers and allows for adjustability in the movement of the tracks. It allows for smooth movement of both the forward and return tracks. The two pinholes in the collar allow for different pin placements to maintain track tension.


Proper adjustment helps to ensure that the track does not wear down too fast or becomes too loose. The collar on excavator track idlers is designed to support the chain links and sprockets from the upper pins. The most common problem that may become a severe problem is that the collar has worn out and must be replaced.


Chain slackness can cause the collar to fail under load. The idler pulley can break down, causing collar failure. Track tension can cause the upper pin or support arm breakage.


24.  What do you mean by the color of the excavator track idler?


The color of the excavator track idler is mainly concerned with the wearing resistance of the component. For example, in better rubbers, purple, red, and orange, the wear resistance is lower, and the light blue and dark blue are high. The white color reflects the light and reduces the temperature associated.


Generally, all of them can be used for excavators of various brands. The colored help brands stand out from their competition and increase the life associated with your excavator track idler.


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