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Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Aftermarket Parts

Excavator Aftermarket Parts Oil Cooler

14573688 EC160CL oil cooler for your replacement and rebuild on your excavators.

Excavator Aftermarket Parts Final Drive

9179028 EX30U final drive made from quality materials. Quality warranty up to 90 days.

Excavator Aftermarket Parts Solenoid Valve

Suitable for your Komatsu PC200-6 excavators. High-quality and high-performance.

Excavator Aftermarket Parts Bucket

Heavy-duty bucket with teeth. Secured and fast shipping only at Xugong KS.

Excavator Aftermarket Parts Travel Motor

Perfect for your PC200 excavators. Reliable with guaranteed warranty.

Excavator Aftermarket Parts Bucket Teeth

Durable PC200RC bucket teeth. OEM and ISO Certified.

Komatsu Excavator Aftermarket Parts Front Idler

Suitable Komatsu PC75 Excavators. Fast and secure shipment.

Excavator Aftermarket Parts Piping Hose

High-pressured PC450-8R hose for piping. OEM and ISO certified.

Excavator Aftermarket Parts Toolbox

Spacious storage for your excavators. Long-lasting and indestructible.

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Over ten years in business, Xugong KS has made a stellar reputation for delivering the best excavator aftermarket parts in China and around the world.

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Excavator SK200-8 Cab
Excavator Cab for SK200-8 Excavators
ROPS certified. Comfortable and safe.
Excavator Attachments Forestry Tree Cutter
Excavator Attachments Forestry Tree Cutter
Razor-sharp and heavy-duty. Fast shipping.
Excavator Bucket Teeth EC360 PC200
Excavator Bucket Teeth EC360 PC200
Perfectly designed to break rocks effortlessly.
Excavator joystick controls
Excavator Joystick Controls
Easy and convenient to use. Quality-warranty.

Xugong KS Excavator Aftermarket Parts Manufacturer Overview

Repair Your Excavator with Xugong KS Excavator Aftermarket Parts

You have been demolishing, trenching, tunneling and excavating for many years. We are pretty sure your excavators are getting old.

Xugong KS can provide a budget-friendly solution with our excavator aftermarket parts. Xugong KS designs and manufactures these excavator aftermarket parts as a great alternative to genuine OEM and reman products.

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Xugong KS can provide you with the most helpful support you have been asking for. We are just a click away from giving you the best products and solutions for your excavator aftermarket parts.


Fast Delivery and Distribution at Xugong KS

If you send us an inquiry and order our excavator aftermarket parts now, we can pack and ship it immediately. No need to ask us about your order’s safety, your excavator aftermarket parts are individually packed in wooden crates.

Xugong KS supplier is partnered with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FEDEX and more. We can quickly deliver your excavator aftermarket parts by air or sea.

Plus, Xugong KS distributes and exports to more than 50 countries like American, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, and so on. We guarantee you we can supply your excavator aftermarket parts.

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Excavator Aftermarket Parts – The Definitive FAQ Guide


Excavator aftermarket parts FAQ Guide contains a lot of information you need to know about excavator aftermarket parts. This pertains to the radiator, turbocharger, hydraulic lines, excavator cabin, excavator idler, oil type, drive sprocket, etc. Either you are a beginner or expert, this guide will provide you with insights and getting familiar with excavator aftermarket parts.


1. What are excavator aftermarket parts?


Excavator aftermarket parts are the spare parts that are intended to be used to replace damaged or worn parts in existing construction machinery. Excavator aftermarket parts are widely used to extend the service life of excavators. Aftermarket parts for Excavators are highly favorable to the service, time, and cost-saving.


It applies to increasing excavator productivity and improving work efficiency, further reducing the operator’s labor intensity and saving production costs. These spare parts are the sub-assemblies, assemblies, and components that have been manufactured to ensure compatibility with your project machinery.


These aftermarket parts have the same quality as their counterparts, and they were manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or by other companies approved by OEMs.These dedicated aftermarket parts are durable and can perform with excellent performance, just like the original parts.


2. What is the role of the excavator radiator in excavator aftermarket parts?


The Excavator radiator is one of the essential parts of the excavator. Without a radiator, your excavator cannot work at all. One of the excavator components that make up the cooling system keeps your engine running efficiently all day long.


It keeps the temperatures in check by exchanging heat between liquid coolant and air. It also helps to circulate water throughout the engine and focuses on expelling thermal energy from the machine, keeping it at optimal temperature for a more extended period.


The quality of the excavator radiator directly affects the operational performance and service life of heavy machinery. It should be tough, durable, and long-lasting to ensure years of efficient work.


3. What is the Role Of Excavator Final Drive Hydraulic Lines In Excavator Aftermarket Parts?


Excavator hydraulic lines have a critical role in excavator aftermarket parts. They are responsible for delivering the liquid at high pressures to the machine’s different hydraulic cylinders or actuators

Role Of Excavator Final Drive Hydraulic Lines In Excavator Aftermarket Parts.




Failure of this component often leads to expensive repairs, downtime, or even loss of life. Therefore, it is imperative to consider the price, durability, and manufacturers’ warranties when buying excavator aftermarket parts.


Without hydraulic lines, the excavator machine would not have precise control over the functions of its different parts, such as the swing movement, bucket moving mechanism, or other multifunctional parts of a modern excavator.


4. What is the role of excavator tracks in excavator aftermarket parts?


Excavator tracks are an indispensable part of the excavation equipment. The primary role is to make it easy to move heavy loads over various types of terrain. Excavators have great power and torque output, but they would be immobile without their tracks.



Excavator tracks must meet higher requirements about toughness, wear resistance, performance, durability, and security. Therefore, these parameters are much more than design, material, and production process.


Because of excavator types and characteristics, different manufacturers have changed their track types according to the performance and excavation needs. In other words, some companies will choose steel track; some will use rubber track.


5. What is the role of the excavator bucket in excavator aftermarket parts?


The excavator bucket is the most crucial part of an excavator. It is responsible for carrying out the excavation process. It consists of the supporting structure (bucket arm) equipped with tongs, bucket teeth, and a hydraulic system.


It has a powerful physical performance and excellent mechanical performance! The Excavator bucket is attached to the end of the front arm of the main machine. It is made up of three parts: side plate, main body, and wear plate. The working process of the excavator bucket includes digging, loading, and excavation for stone and earth.


Therefore, the better the quality of the excavator bucket, the higher level and better performance it can achieve in the various applications. Excavator Bucket is made from high-quality steel, resistant to abrasion, corrosion, wear, and tear.


6. What is the role of the excavator boom cylinder in excavator aftermarket parts?


The Excavator boom cylinder is the core component of the excavator machine. The Excavator boom cylinder is the soul of the boom, and it drives the boom movement. According to different conditions, the roles performed by the excavator boom cylinder can be divided into lifting, dragging, and rotating.


Standard hydraulics has two crucial roles in excavator: link the hydraulic structure to boom and control the boom movement by incorporating pressurized hydraulic fluid. An Excavator boom cylinder is a hydraulic cylinder consisting of a piston, rod, cylinder, and other parts. Pressurized hydraulic fluid enters through the control valve and moves the piston to and fro, which further assists in controlling the movement of the excavator boom.


7. What is the role of excavator monitor in excavator aftermarket parts?


The excavator monitor is a crucial part of ensuring the quality production of the excavator. The excavator monitor is a system that allows you to monitor different parts of your excavator. The monitor ensures that your excavator is running on high performance and runs smoothly without any faults.


The excavator monitor panel display oil level, engine temperature, hydraulic pressure to help you make sure everything is running at optimum conditions. Also, the monitor gathers information regarding the efficiency of the excavator and helps you get an idea of what is going on within your excavator. Monitoring in this way enables you to save time, money, and effort. This system also allows you to change components on your excavator more easily and throughout the operation process.


8. What is the role of the excavator seat in excavator aftermarket parts?


Excavator seat plays an essential role in excavator aftermarket parts. It is used to protect the operator who sits on it. The quality of the excavator seat can effectively control the operation degree and stability of the operating process. That’s why excavator seats should pay attention to during maintenance and repair.


If your seat is not comfortable driving or operating, fatigue will be gathered to you after a lengthy operation. And it may affect the quality or quantity of your work. Therefore, you need to choose the correct type of seat for your excavators based on many aspects such as dimensions, weight, requirements of users, and so on.


9. What is the role of the excavator boom in excavator aftermarket parts?


Excavator boom is a significant part of excavator aftermarket parts, and it is the essential equipment of excavators. The Excavator boom is made of high alloy steel to ensure maximum strength and durability. It can be used for various mechanical functions, such as digging, breaking, bending, and other tasks.

Excavator boom can be fully extended or partially extended by a hydraulic cylinder. The boom can be utilized for lifting logs, tree trunks, stones, or other construction materials that are too heavy to be raised by the crane by hand. In addition to that, the boom can be shifted into different angles to better access areas such as excavating trenches.


10. What is the role of the excavator track chain in excavator aftermarket



The Excavator track chain is the critical component of track assembly. It is as indispensable as a wing to an aircraft. The Excavator track chain determines the efficiency and safety of excavator equipment during operation. It connects the track frames with the rubber tracks and improves power transmission efficiency to the ground.


The quality of the excavator track chain determines the long-term performance of the excavator aftermarket parts, which directly affect the profitability of the earthwork project. The Excavator track chain transports your excavator from one place to another. In addition to that, they help in moving the excavator on different types of terrains. Excavator track chains should always be regularly cleaned, as they might cause issues due to load buildup over time.


11. What is the role of excavator bucket teeth in excavator aftermarket parts?


Excavator bucket teeth are a pivotal part of an excavator, creating the cutting force needed for excavation work. Recall that excavators perform heavy-lifting tasks such as building roadways and transporting materials, which makes a bucket tooth so necessary.

Excavator bucket teeth are structures that are mounted at the mouth of the excavating machine. Excavator bucket teeth are of different forms with different specifications depending on the models of these machines.


Excavator bucket teeth are made from cast steel or forged steel. After being developed, it is heat-treated and then hardened under controlled conditions. During toughening, the steel structure changes, making it more resistant to fatigue and fracturing and retaining its hardness longer.


12. What is the role of the excavator hydraulic pump in excavator aftermarket parts?


Excavator hydraulic pump is the heart or engine of the excavator. It plays an essential role in excavator aftermarket parts. Excavator hydraulic pump is widely used for the drive power of parts of the hydraulic system, including boom cylinder, arm cylinder, arm, bucket, bucket cylinder, and boom.

The pump provides the pressurized fluid for the successful operation of your excavator hydraulic parts. It also controls the flow of hydraulic oil towards different points so that the excavator can operate.


If it is malfunctioned or was a broken failure or some problem with it, the excavator could not work. The quality of the excavator hydraulic pump is the most authoritative indicator of excavators’ performance.


13. What is the role of excavator turbocharger in excavator aftermarket parts?


The Excavator turbocharger is a significant part of the excavator. It can be known as engine support equipment. The excavator turbocharger is a compressor device (with an air turbine) installed in the exhaust gas system of the main engine.


Excavator turbocharger is driven by the engine or an auxiliary motor to provide the container with other compressed gases by utilizing waste exhaust gases to meet the critical tasks of the excavator.


With the function of improving stability and power level, the excavator turbocharger can also extend engine life. If failed, it will influence machine performance and affect the construction work. Excavator turbocharger enables your clients in various places to save more time and money by improving the utilization rate of their machines.


14. What is the role of excavator cabin in excavator aftermarket parts?


The Excavator cabin plays a significant role in excavator parts. It has the following functions: to protect the operator from adverse situations under operation, guarantee the operator’s safety while engaged in working, and ease secondary use of the excavator.


It houses controls of all the components you need to operate your machine, including boom cylinder, bucket cylinder, arm cylinder, hydraulic pump. The option exists for excavator cabins in various sizes and different brands so that you can choose the perfect one that will suit your needs. It is a type of cabin that provides isolation for the operator from harsh working conditions that include flying dirt, debris, sand, and much more.


15. What is the role of excavator recoil spring in excavator aftermarket parts?


The primary function of the excavator recoil spring is to provide the necessary tension and force to keep the rubber track on the primary sprocket under all working and actual conditions: working, idling, climbing, digging, etc. The excavator recoil spring is universal in all excavators, new or old.


It has three stages (coils) in most modern models. In modern production machines, one may find up to 5 loops, depending on the model. It can absorb the impact when the bucket touches the ground or object during digging, preventing equipment from damage caused by crash or vibration and prolonging the lifetime of excavator tracks.


16. What is the role of the excavator idler in excavator aftermarket parts?


The idler plays a significant role in leading the track rollers, especially during ups and downs. It can absorb the track roller’s impact by its structure. It can guarantee that the large excavator performs smooth movement and work. Excavator idler act as a shock absorber in several different complex and demanding operations under harsh environments.


It keeps your excavator chain aligned and in the proper tension to facilitate the effective operation of your excavator and even distribution of excavator weight to the ground. The Excavator idler is made of high-quality alloy steel, which prolongs the life of excavator components.


Excavator Idler has the critical role of transporting the track and compensating for the slack chain caused by the up and down movement of excavators and pushes forward or backward to make routes run in line with an excavator.


17. What are the maintenance requirements of excavator aftermarket parts?


Excavator aftermarket parts are large and very important because they are the main parts of an excavator. These parts must be replaced after a certain amount of running time. Excavator maintenance requirements include essential lubrication, cleaning, connection, protection from water and dust.


The use of low-quality spare parts will affect the stability and reliability of the machine, affecting the safety of the construction project. They must be fitted correctly and regularly checked to ensure healthful working conditions.


The user must replace them when necessary and check them regularly to reduce repair costs and downtime. You must choose excavator aftermarket parts that are embedded with high quality and affordable prices.


18. What are the causes of the failure of excavator aftermarket parts?


There are several causes of failure of excavator aftermarket parts such as not following the user’s manual, using the wrong machine for the job, incorrect maintenance and operation, too much utilization, too many hours, and inferior quality parts. If an operator uses new parts that are not suitable for the working conditions – they will break. The leading cause of failure can be incorrect assembly.


Using original parts in poor condition causes a decrease in service life and could lead to a breakdown while charging the customer. Poor knowledge of servicing processes and procedures often leads to failures. And, finally, running excavators with damaged parts can lead to unexpected incidents and accidents with severe consequences.


19. What are the issues associated with excavator hydraulic pumps in excavator aftermarket parts?


There are many issues associated with excavator pumps that can arise and cause downtime and expense. The quality of aftermarket excavator components can restrict the overall performance of the excavator and even lead to safety hazards.


  • Loss of hydraulic pressure build-up in your excavator hydraulic pump.
  • Broken shaft in excavator hydraulic pump.
  • Damaged sealings associated with excavator hydraulic pump
  • Fluid leakage due to intense working pressure or elongated working hours


You must know before choosing a high-quality excavator brand. It would help if you had a professional examination to check for leaks, inspect the sealing condition, welding seam, the thread is smooth, and review whether it is fully assembled.


20. What is the cost associated with excavator aftermarket parts?


The cost associated with excavator aftermarket parts varies from part to region and depends on several factors. These factors include material used in constructing a particular excavator part, characteristics associated with excavator parts, material weight, warranty, lifetime associated.


The cost of an excavator boom cylinder lies in the range of $240 to $600 per piece. The price of an excavator cabin seat lies in the range of $300 to $700 per piece.The cost of an excavator cabin in excavator aftermarket parts lies in the range of $1000 to $2300 per piece


An excavator aftermarket parts price, including an excavator boom, lies in the range of $1000 to $5000 per piece. The cost associated with high-quality excavator aftermarket parts is higher and has a longer lifetime associated.


21. What is the lifetime associated with excavator aftermarket parts?


The lifetime of an excavator service part depends on how they are utilized in construction service. The service part isn’t meant to last forever but can endure for many years or several seasons, depending on the work. In general, the life associated with your excavator aftermarket parts lies in the range of 3 to 5 years.


The life associated with excavator aftermarket parts depends on several factors, including frequency of usage, adoption of maintenance and repair procedures, working environment, and much more. Original excavators are expensive and delicate, so the quality of aftermarket parts is much better than that of original ones.


22. How to choose excavator aftermarket parts?


Choosing excavator aftermarket parts is one of the most critical issues in construction and engineering. Some of the most critical factors include machine operating time, terrain, amount of service and replacement parts required, maintenance cost, insurance, and whether you want to work with original or approved manufacturers.


You can choose from rubber tracks, hydraulics fittings or bushings, bolts and fasteners, steel pins, cotter pins, cables, and hoses. In the end, it will always come down to money. Excavator aftermarket parts are incredibly complicated and simply substituting one component with another is seldom a good idea. To make the most informed decision possible, choose high-quality excavator aftermarket parts.


23. What kind of oil is used in excavator aftermarket parts?


The oil used in all of our excavator aftermarket parts is a fully synthetic API gear oil. This ensures consistency in the working environment and throughout the life of your equipment. In addition, this superior quality gear oil provides improved protection against wear, excessive heat deterioration, and oxidation (rust and corrosion).


There are different kinds of oils for excavator aftermarket parts according to their features: Heavy oils are used in transmission gears and mechanisms such as the hydraulic pump, other types of equipment, electronic valves, etc.


Light oils are made mainly for internal parts such as cylinders, engines, and hydraulic pumps. Greases are applied to articulating joints when lubricating is needed. The aftermarket oil produced for excavators typically has a base oil plus add-on compounds to boost lubrication efficiency and transfer properties.


24. What is the role of drive sprocket in excavator aftermarket parts?


The drive sprocket is an integral part of the excavator’s drive system because it transmits power from the engine to the chain. It is also called a driving wheel, sprocket, or chain wheel. It can be either cast or forged metal.


A forged sprocket is lighter but costs more and requires machining to fit an engine. A cast sprocket may require machining as well due to an irregular surface. These major components of an excavator are designed to withstand maximum stress.



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