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  • Best and appropriate for deep excavation, digging, lifting out wastes or heavy materials
  • Excavator boom best used in mine, quarry, or deep sea
  • OEM or ODM services
  • With super adaptation feature
  • Excavator boom uses high-quality steel material  Q550, Q690
  • Convenient in terms of maintenance operations
  • Heat-Treated Process

XuGong KS Excavator Boom Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Boom

CE-approved excavator long reach boom and stick for Komatsu PC200

Komatsu PC200 Excavator Boom and Stick. Package includes Hydraulic Pipe and Lubricant Pipe System. This Excavator Boom is CE certified.

Package includes 1 x long boom (with cold-drawn seamless steel tube-made hydraulic lines). This excavator boom is ideal for the long distant earth-moving needed situations.

Excavator Boom Hydraulic shear three sections demolition arm for high rise building

These 3 piece booms are designed especially for demolitions of high-rise buildings. Package includes 1x boom with hydraulic shear three sections demolition arm.

Excavator extension long reach boom

This Excavator Extension Long Reach Boom is designed for the construction of river ports, railway and groundwork. Package includes lubricant pipe system and hydraulic system.

Package includes 1x long reach boom and arm with attachments and stick including the CE certificate. This kind of boom is suitable for all kind of excavators, great for cleaning out ponds and canals.

Excavator parts clamshell grab excavator boom

This type of excavator boom is best for underground construction. Package includes 1x excavator boom and attachments.

High quality heavy carbon steel excavator arm long reach boom OEM standard excavator boom long reach

Package includes Hydraulic pipe and the Lubricant pipe System with CE certification. This type of excavator boom is a high-quality heavy equipment part following the OEM standard.

Long Arm Reach Boom For Hyundai Excavator Boom Extension

Package includes 1x long arm reach excavator boom and attachments. Manufactured as durable for heavy-duty construction purposes.

Professional and durable KOMATUS excavator short boom for PC360

Package includes 1x Excavator Short Boom. This excavator short boom provides good reach for materials. Althought this excavator boom has one of the most productive set-up, it has limited function because of its size.

Best Excavator Boom Supplier to Rocket Your Business in China

XuGong ks excavator boom is powerful and reliable that makes the excavation work more efficient!  We, in XuGong KS, produced excavator boom for the alternative of top excavator brands such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat, Doosan, Volvo, and so on

You have different types of excavator boom as options such as Mono excavator boom or standard excavator boom, two-piece excavator boom, long-reach excavator boom, or two-piece offset excavator boom. As XuGong KS is a good supplier of those types of excavator boom, XuGong ks also accept customized orders by drawing based on your need! Get a quote now!

excavator boom

Xugong KS Excavator Boom Manufacturing Process

KS-ExcavatorBoom-material assessment
Materials assessment
The making of excavator boom has undergone a process of assessing materials to ensure quality production of the items. In XuGong KS, we make sure to give you exceptional quality checking of materials to comply with our customers qualifications and standards.
To achieve perfect Excavator Boom Piece, bending is done during the manufacturing process, to form geometry on the materials used for XuGong KS excavator booms. As we prioritize the customers needs, process depends on the customers choice or drawing.
At XuGong KS, our customer’s satisfaction is very important that’s why we make sure to provide the smoothest and accurate finish of our Excavator Booms. In turning, we remove as much metal that exceeds in the product as possible in the shortest length of time.
XuGong KS conducts chamfering which includes the insertion of bolts into holes, or nuts on the Excavator Boom. Chamfering removes sharp edges which significantly reduces the cuts and injuries, to people handling the metal piece.
KS-ExcavatorBoom-heat treatment
Heat Treatment
At XuGong KS, the excavator booms ensures excellent tensile strength, these excavator booms are made of low-alloy steels that have been heat-treated to get the needed tensile strength.
KS-ExcavatorBoom-auto pallet
Auto Pallet Changing
Excavator booms at XuGong KS are properly banded and secured to guarantee that the boom is not going to tip, spin or wobble during the lifting.
After undergoing many processes, the excavator boom is attached to the excavator itself and the excavator arm is pinned to the boom. XuGong KS bases this processes according to the orders of the customers. This processes presented is in the economic point of view.
At XuGong KS, we provide a strong and safe packaging to make sure that the product gets to its destination safely. We ensure you a professional, eco-friendly and efficient packaging service.

XuGong KS Excavator Boom Manufactuer Overview




Where to Find the Perfect Excavation Boom Distributor?


Of course, finding a reliable excavation boom distributor is a must! It must be perfect with the specifications of your choice. XuGong KS provides quality services with its excavator boom product that fits your needs. We assure you of a very good excavator boom since our manufacturing process follows the OEM standard and thorough quality assurance checking. At XuGong KS, you can find hundreds of new, OEM excavator boom as your options. A large line-up of in-stock excavator boom waiting for your order.


And XuGong KS offers more than just an excavator boom! As the most trusted and reliable excavator boom supplier in China, we are also a wholesaler of a lot more products such as excavator engine parts, final drives, pumps and we can even help you with your repair needs!  


XuGong KS Provides You the Most Reliable and Long-lasting Excavator Boom. So what are you waiting for? In case of any need for replacement or alternative of any of your top brands, XuGong KS excavator boom is ready to save your needs! Experience the convenience of using the excavation boom provided by Xugong KS! It is hassle-free and we assure to give you the convenience that you deserve! Call now!


Excavator Boom-The Complete FAQ Guide

An excavator boom FAQ Guide consists of series of frequently asked questions about excavator booms.

This guide contains information about an excavator boom, its cost, it’s working, causes of its slowing, failing and its solutions, attachments for booms, types, use of excavator booms, and much more.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about excavator booms, whether you are an expert or a novice.

1.   What is an excavator boom?

The boom of an excavator is an arm-like part of an excavator which is long and used in moving and lifting a bucket that contains soil.

The excavator boom stretches out from the front of the house.

The two parts of the boom (or arms) are hinged, and articulation becomes possible due to bushings or bearings at the attachment points between the two boom arm parts.

excavator boom

2.  How does excavator boom work?

The Excavator boom consists of two pieces that articulate together to give it more reach.

All the components of the excavator boom are operated by hydraulics.

A fluid is filled in an outer frame (forming a support or barrier) which is pressurized.

The fluid is usually oil.

Because of the pressure, the internal piston moves forward.

For the piston to move back to its original place, the pressure is released.

In this way, the excavator boom and stick can be raised and lowered from the excavator’s cabin.

The hydraulic system is strategically located in the arms; it will allow for maximum arm movements.

Other hydraulic support systems are located close to the bucket to extend or retract that component.

3.   How much important is the bucket attached to the excavator boom?

Excavator buckets are the attachment that is connected to the booms of excavators.

This bucket plays two important roles for the excavator (or the excavator boom), which are the following:

Excavator bucket attachments are designed to help excavators carry out difficult digging tasks with strength and ease.

It is the main equipment used to scrape the earth and scoop out the dirt.

The dual role it plays is that it contains the materials needed for excavation.

Excavator buckets are great for transporting dirt from one location to another.

Dump trucks can be loaded with excavator buckets to transport garbage to end-of-dumping sites.

Bucket attached to excavator boom

4.   Which material is used in the manufacturing of the excavator boom?

The excavator boom needs immense strength stretches, so it should be made from hard and durable material.

The material should also have high resistance for abrasion.

Low alloy steels are widely used in excavator booms since steel is very hard and provides the tensile strength needed for an excavator boom.

The alloyed steels are not used as such rather, and they are treated with heat to achieve the required toughness level and tensile strength, which is 50,000 – 100,000 (pounds square inch).

High allow steels are also used for manufacturing of excavator booms because it provides resistance for abrasion.

Other materials commonly employed in manufacturing excavator booms are iron and carbon alloyed with nickel, chrome, and molybdenum.

5.   What attachments can be affixed to the excavator boom?

Along with the bucket, some other attachments can also be affixed to the excavator boom.

The innovative design of the Quick Coupling allows for additional attachments to be added in place of the bucket to suit a particular job.

When it comes to picking up logs and other heavy objects., the grappling arms are useful.

A jackhammer attachment is the most popular power tool for breaking up concrete and asphalt effectively and quickly.

Excavator rakes are amphibious attachments for dragging waters.

Attachments for Excavator Boom

6.   What are the types of excavator boom?

Following are types of excavator booms:

  • Mono Excavator Boom (Standard Boom):

It is most widely used.

It gives excellent reach and a good range of bucket sizes.

Also, it works faster than other types.

It is a high-performing and cost-effective setup.


  • Two-piece Excavator Boom:

These booms are extremely useful for many types of machines.

The two-piece boom is ideal for machines that lift heavy loads close to the machine’s body rather than away from it.

Two-piece diving booms are often used for digging or building under bridges.

This tool has multiple bends and can be adjusted to work at different heights.

Two-piece Excavator Boom

  • Long Reach Excavator Boom:

Such booms are ideal for jobs where you need to dig within the water and require a large reach, such as cleaning out ponds and canals.

Length of boom varies based on machine model and manufacturer.

Long Reach Excavator Boom

  • Two-piece offset Excavator Boom:

This type of boom can move to the left or right.

When working in a narrow space, you can use the boom’s offset knuckles to position the crack, so it digs into the structure.

On large machines, the load-bearing capacity of the device will be reduced because the knuckle and cylinders together add up to the additional weight.

They are more expensive and require more maintenance.

Two Piece Offset Excavator Boom

7.   What are the uses of the excavator boom?

Excavator boom has a large number of uses. Some of them are following:

  • Utilities and Construction:

The most common use for excavator booms is in construction.

Over the year, you are performing several construction and utility projects.

It can be a residential development project or construction project, but you can use different types of excavator booms on the job.

  • Scraping:

If you are in the scrapyard industry, then you will surely use excavator boom and stick.

It may be a long-reach excavator boom with the ability to remove walls or pick up crumpled cars.

  • Aggregate and quarry:

Large pits need big excavator booms.

You will probably have a large-capacity excavator boom with a big bucket on an aggregate and quarry site.

  • Recycling:

Recycling sites and landfills have their difficulties.

They are places where ordinary excavator booms struggle with traction and flotation.

Excavator boom manufacturers have designed undercarriages that allow their machines to traverse soft surfaces with relative ease.

8.   What is the method for making an excavator boom?

An excavator boom comprises a front member, an intermediate member, and a rear member of the boom.

To form an excavator boom, an arms connection bracket is attached with the excavator boom front member. With the excavator boom rear member, a vehicle body mounting bracket is attached.

With this design, the boom can be less prone to breakage, and therefore, the diameter of the plate is decreased. As a result, the excavator boom and stick power can be increased without attaching a restraint material for cross-section.

Therefore, it is possible to decrease the weight of the boom and stick of the excavator.

9.   Are the excavator arm and excavator boom the same thing?

The excavator arm and excavator boom are not the same things but are closely related.

The Excavator boom is the part of the excavator’s arm.

An excavator’s arm has three components; boom, stick, and an attachment.

If you see the excavator boom and stick and arm of the excavator as a single part and its attachments as other parts, you observe that they all depend on one another and are interconnected.

Because of this, the excavator’s arm is often said to be the third part of an excavator.

10.   What is the cost of the excavator boom?

Excavator boom prices can vary depending on the brand and make of the boom.

With great features, the cost is also increased.

The cost of booms generally varies between 500 US Dollars to 2000 US Dollars, while booms for mini excavators range from 200 US Dollars to 1500 US Dollars.

Typically, excavator booms are a one-time investment since they last for years with proper maintenance.

11.   What is the position of the excavator boom in an excavator?

The excavator boom is attached in front of the house of an excavator.

The boom is a part of the excavator that includes the main arm from which vertical and horizontal movements are made.

Its lower end connects to the counterweight or sub-frame, while its upper end connects to the bucket.

Position of Excavator Boom

12.    What are the common causes of excavator boom failure?

Some causes of excavator boom dropping leading to the failure of the boom to work are the following:

  • The excavator boom failure is mostly due to the loss of hydraulic oil.
  • The excavator’s hydraulic cylinder is not functioning properly, especially if the seal of the cylinder is damaged or worn out with age, causing the excavator boom to drop because of leakage of the oil seal.
  • When the safety relief valve of the excavator booms is not working properly, leakage will occur, resulting in the excavator boom dropping and so its failure.
  • Poor connections between the solenoid and the valve will cause one arm to fall off.

13.   What is the method for handling excavator boom failure?

Following are some handling methods that you can use to cope with excavator boom failing:

  • Check the temperature of the working environment for the excavator boom.
  • Make sure you have selected the right hydraulic oil and that the hydraulic oil is of high quality.
  • If the excavator boom fails to work, decrease the excavator boom pressure first and check if the excavator boom drops slowly or quickly.
  • Make sure the oil seal and the hydraulic oil cylinder are in good working order.
  • The oil will leak if the oil seal is not properly sealed and use the new oil seal.
  • The oil seal, double-check the boom oil return safety valve and the distribution valve.

14.   How to select the appropriate excavator boom-type?

The selection process of excavator boom is the first step for excavating machinery to start work when the successful operation of this machine decides a large extent of the efficiency of the project.

Selecting the appropriate excavator boom-type depends on the type of work that you want to perform.

Different excavator boom types have other specifications for which they are manufactured.

While selecting the type for excavator boom, consider your type of work.

Suppose your work involves waterway maintenance and san extraction where you need extra reach, then you should select a long reach excavator boom type.

If you want to work in a narrow working space, you will probably go for a short excavator boom type.

If you want to work faster, you should select a mono excavator boom or standard excavator boom.

15.   Why do cracks occur in your excavator boom?

The main cause of cracking of excavator boom is the overloading of an excavator, expanding with time.

It isn’t easy to implement dependable and appropriate insulation and heating solutions due to the large volume of the excavator’s boom.

The hardened part of the base material surrounding the weld is not entirely removed after welding, leading to the loss of strength of the weld.

During the excavator boom, there is a lot of vibration, and the weld cracks because of the uneven strain at the weld.

Cracking in Excavator Boom Weld

16.   How to repair excavator boom cracks?

You can repair excavator boom cracks by following steps:

  1. Using a cutting tool, wipe the oil, paint, rust, and other debris from the fissures in the initial weld.
  2. A gouge machine is used to cut the weld crack into the side plate’s body, and the hardened portion of the prior welding’s base material is scraped.
  3. After this, flatten the incisions with an angular grinding wheel.
  4. The inner part is polished to form the V-shaped groove.
  5. Ensure that all cracks have been detected and repaired after cleaning and pink examination.

17.   What are the measures to prevent weld corrosion of excavator boom?

The coating is essential to adopt antitrust actions once the weld has been completely de-rusted and polished.

Manually, de-rusting can be chosen per real conditions on the excavation construction area for pre-existing rusty welds. Still, the drawback is that the intensity of work and the cost of labor will be higher.

Acid cleaning is another option for treatment.

The organic acid is employed as the primary base, along with corrosion inhibitors, surfactants, rust removers, rust inhibitors, and film-forming agents, as needed.

To achieve the optimal objective of cleaning, rust elimination, and rust control, a cleaning solution of acid with prevention and elimination of rust and priming functions can be developed.

Furthermore, we must bear in mind that excavators must frequently be parked in a dry and clean environment when using excavators. Therefore, it is preferable to maintain good ventilation and promptly remove moisture and corrosive gas.

18.   How to replace excavator boom pins?

To begin, all pins will be fixed in their respective positions, though the method differs with excavators.

Some excavator booms contain a big nut and washer on the base of the pin.

In others, Typically, a hole is drilled in the pin’s end, and a bolt is fixed down through that one.

Still, other excavator booms feature a threaded end to the pin that a bolt can be screwed into.

Regardless of the excavator boom’s type, the pin must be possible to be withdrawn.

Removal of pins at the dipper side of the excavator boom is usually straightforward. Still, as you progress up the dipper arm and through the crack to the kingpost, you must first assure that the excavator boom is very well stabilized before proceeding.

If you need to remove the excavator boom to replace the bushes, you will probably require a sling to help you remove it and put it back in place.

Pins for Excavator Boom

19.   How can you replace excavator boom bushes?

According to the equipment you have, there are many ways to achieve this with differing amounts of equipment needed.

It would help if you used the following equipment according to the methods described to replace excavator boom pins:

By hammering them:

It works…on occasion.

But be cautious. Excavator bushes are typically made of Hardened Steel, which is subjected to splitting when hammered while extremely robust and resistant to wear.

Apply heat:

If you get the heat source near where you are changing the bush, this works fairly well.

To get the bush housing back into place, you need to heat it as hot as possible. This will expand it so that it can fit back in again.

Apply to cool:

This works oppositely as the last method, and instead of heating the housing (which expands it), you cool the bush (which compresses it).

Hydraulic press:

This, too, necessitates specialized equipment, but it is an effective and safe method of installing bushes.

On larger excavators, it is occasionally used in combination with methods 2 or 3.

Bushes for Excavator Boom

20.   Can you replace the excavator boom?

Yes, you can replace the excavator boom.

An Excavator boom is one of the parts of an excavator whose maintenance and replacement are necessary if worn out.

You cannot work with a damaged excavator boom, so you should replace your excavator boom if you observe that it is not working well.

But firstly, you should examine if your excavator boom can be repaired.

To do so, you should understand the excavator hydraulic system.

By studying excavator hydraulics and the way it works, you can move forward to eliminate problems that may arise in boom movement, motion, and pressure.

If you lack relevant experience with this type of hydraulics, you should consult with a professional service provider who will be more than ready to help you with this.

21.   What are the dimensions of the excavator boom?

The dimensions of the excavator boom vary with different boom types.

They also depend on the type of work performed with the excavator boom and on the manufacturer.

Generally, the excavator boom length varies from 13000 mm to 24000mm.

22.   How much force does the excavator boom exert?

Excavator booms exert a large amount of force to exert lifting or digging or to lay a building.

The excavator boom and stick can exert a maximum force of 11050N.

With the boom is raised, it creates a torque on the boom attachment point.

This is like a wrench moving in the same direction as your wrist when you move your hand in one rotation.

23.   What are the modifications of the excavator boom?

The excavator boom has been modified by altering the material of the arm, and other alterations are made by changing the diameter of various parts of the excavator’s arm.

Some modifications of an excavator boom include:

Material modifications:

Material modifications are done by using different materials in the manufacturing of excavator booms. Then their yield strength is analyzed, and the best material is selected according to the yield strength.

Design modifications:

Design modifications of the excavator boom are done by altering the diameter of the boom.

The weight of the excavator boom is first increased then decreased twice.

24.   How much can the excavator boom lift?

Excavator boom lifting means that the power source lifts the extension boom of an excavator to achieve its lifting height.

With this method, the larger the power source, the greater the excavator’s length and weight.

A variety of factors determines the lifting capacity of an excavator boom.

Hydraulic capacity is the first factor in determining an excavator’s lifting capacity in an excavation job.

Lifting capacity is different for different types of excavator booms.

However, excavator booms maximum has 34,210 pounds of lift capacity and minimum lifting capacity of 29,000.

25.   How deep can excavator boom dig?

The excavator can dig deeply into the ground with its long and strong boom.

It is a powerful piece of equipment that can dig depths of 10 to 48 feet.

Excavators should not be driven beyond their capabilities.

Overheating the engine, bending the bucket, or breaking the mechanical arm are all serious consequences.

If you would like to drill down than 48 feet, you should make a slope for the excavator to slide down, and then you can keep digging.

26.   Why is your excavator boom slow?

Excavator boom manufacturers want boom lifts to be fast and smooth in operation.

However, not all boom lifts are operating that way due to the design of the boom system.

The speed of the hydraulic fluid being pumped from the pump’s output is the main factor that determines how fast your boom will lift and lower.

Slow operation is a problem most excavator operators must deal with at some point in their careers, and finding the fault can be difficult.

Some causes for the slowing of the excavator boom are the following:

  • Poor sealing of cylinder.
  • Leakage of oil from the tubing control valve and cylinder safety valve.

27.   Is excavator boom available for sale?

Yes, an excavator boom is available for sale.

You can buy whichever excavator boom you need according to your desired work or job.

You can also look online; some companies specialize in selling excavator booms.

28.   How can you solve the problem of a slow excavator boom?

By checking and solving the following points, you can solve the issue of slowing of excavator boom:

Examine the appearance and identify the source of malfunction:

The look of the excavator is reviewed when it is diagnosed.

If there is visible oil leaking in the main oil path, the issue of the boom steadily rising is due to oil leaking.

The problematic site should be removed as soon as possible.

To figure out what is wrong, look at the temperature of the oil:

When the observed oil temperature exceeds 80 °C, it suggests that an increased oil temperature could cause the boom lift.

Calculate the amount of oil in the tank:

Suppose the oil level is observed to be severely insufficient. If the air pockets are excessive, the excavator boom movement is delayed, and refueling is needed immediately.

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