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Xugong KS Top Sales Mini Excavator Attachments

Mini Excavator Attachments Hydraulic Thumb

High-power thumb to pick up materials, large and small, for easy transport.

Mini Excavator Attachments Earth Auger

Powerful and precise drill for your mini excavators. OEM and ISO Certified.

Mini Excavator Attachments Root Rake

Heavy-duty and wear-resistant. Compatible with most of the top brands.

Mini Excavator Attachments Hydraulic Thumb Bucket

Heavy-duty excavator attachment bucket for 3.5 ton mini excavator.

Mini Excavator Attachments Hydraulic Earth Auger

Perfect for your 10-16 ton mini excavators. Fast and secure shipping.

Mini Excavator Attachments Tilting Quick Hitch

High-productivity and rotates up to 180 degree for 2 – 27 ton mini excavators.

Mini Excavator Attachments Grapple

Reliable and high-quality hydraulic grapple suitable for 9 – 12 ton mini excavators.

Mini Excavator Attachments Claw

New and improved claw with log trailer attachments now available at Xugong KS.

Mini Excavator Attachments Hydraulic Grapple

A complete rotary degree with high-performance hydraulic motor for your mini excavators.

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Xugong KS has been a long-time manufacturer and supplier of these mini excavator attachments. With their ten years of industry experience, Xugong KS developed their mini excavator attachments.

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XuGong KS Mini Excavator Attachments Manufacturer Overview

Precision and Power with Xugong KS Mini Excavator Attachments

Many of our customers rely on mini excavator attachments for powerful and precise work. Xugong KS has an infinite supply of these mini excavator attachments.

From thumbs and clamps to augers and buckets, Xugong KS can give you the most powerful and yet compact mini excavator attachments for your mini excavators.


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Mini Excavator Attachments with Superior Strength and Wear-Resistance

Xugong KS mini excavator attachments are designed and built to work continuously and withstand harsh conditions. Dirt and corrosion does not matter with our mini excavator attachments. Our mini excavator attachments have high-strength alloy plate steel for long-life and durability.


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The Finest Customer Service for Mini Excavator Attachments

With just a click of the button, Xugong KS offers reliable mini excavator attachments and expert product selection guide. We can provide a smooth transaction when you buy our mini excavator attachments.

We also deliver fast maintenance and repair service even after your mini excavator attachments purchase.  Just send an inquiry now, and we can surely help you with your assembly as soon as possible.

Contact us through our 24/7 customer service, and we will assist you in choosing the most suitable mini excavator attachments for your mini excavator. We can provide you with the most accommodating and helpful support you have been asking for.


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Fast and Efficient Shipping for Your Mini Excavator Attachments   

If you send us an inquiry and order our mini excavator attachments now, we can pack and ship it immediately. No need to ask us about your order’s safety, your mini excavator attachments are individually packed in wooden crates.

XuGong KS is partnered with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FEDEX and more.

Plus, XuGong KS exports to more than 50 countries like American, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, and so on. We guarantee you we can ship your mini excavator attachments.


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Mini Excavator Attachments – The Definitive FAQ Guide

The mini excavator attachment is similar to the large excavator. It works essentially in the same manner, and they have many things in common.

The main difference is based on the size and the ability to be lightweight and more maneuverable.

With the rapid development now, industries are moving towards purchasing equipment to keep up with the pace.

In case you have any questions about various excavator attachments, you will find the answers right below.

1.    How would you define Mini Excavator Attachments?

Mini Excavator attachments are any accessories that attach to a small excavator. Mini Excavator Attachments can increase productivity and efficiency.

They come in varying styles and shapes so the operator can get more done in less time.

Figure 1. Mini Excavator Attachments

While mini excavators are capable of accomplishing a range of tasks in a variety of terrains.


It’s the attachments that make them truly versatile and adaptable to any deployment.

These attachments are built for use in various material types, including granular soil, concrete, asphalt, metal, and stone.

The Mini excavator attachment can be used in all types of soil conditions.

These attachments are quick and easy to attach onto compact excavators, often using quick couplers. It is designed to work in harsh environments.


2.    What are some popular Mini Excavator Attachments?

Various mini excavator attachments exist in the market to choose from depending on the desired task needed to be performed. Some of these attachments are listed below:

Each of the above-listed Mini excavator attachments has its specific function or features that enable them to perform a particular position.


3.    Which Excavator Attachment is used for demolition?

Mini Excavator Attachment like Hydraulic Breaker is an essential tool in demolishing various materials, including rock and concrete.

Figure 2. Mini Excavator Attachments for Demolition

It uses high-pressure hydraulic fluid, transmitting its pressure to the chisel through a cylinder’s piston to rip apart the material.


The breaker fits directly into the mini excavators’ quick coupler style coupler system, which allows you to quickly attach the hydraulic breaker to the end of an excavator’s arm for optimal use.

The hydraulic breaker attachment is widely used by various industries, such as coal, chemical, power, pipeline, water conservancy, irrigation, transportation, gas, and electricity.

Hydraulic breakers are also widely used in agricultural and urban road projects.


4.    Can I take Mini Excavator Attachments on rent?

Yes, you can take a mini-excavator attachment on rent from a local supplier. This will prevent you from spending a lot of expenditures on purchases for each extension.

Taking any attachment, you need for a specific function or application also provides you with an opportunity to use it for a small amount of time required.

You can take various attachments on rent from the person who is offering them in your local area.

This also prevents you from buying multiple mini excavator attachments. Several suppliers offer mini excavator attachments on rent.

You need to research your part in finding a reliable and affordable supplier based in your local area.


5.    What is the role of the hydraulic drill in Mini Excavator Attachments?

The hydraulic auger of Mini Excavator Attachments is used to dig large, deep holes. It consists of a vertical shaft with tines or teeth attached to the outer end.

The idea is similar to a wood drill, except that teeth blades are used instead of threads.

It is pivoted at the excavator arm of the mini excavator through a hydraulic coupler, where it connects with the excavator and rotates based on power supplied by hydraulics.

For a compacting function of any of the excavator attachments, you need to have a different pitch of the blade at different depths.

For example, in a one-foot excavation, you have more weight on the blade, so you can have a larger pitch blade to carry that weight at that particular depth.


6.    How would you define the function of a quick hydraulic hitch in Mini Excavator Attachments?

The quick coupler is designed to provide a sturdy attachment to the back of an excavator’s arm.

It is usually used for a variety of excavator attachments.

Figure 3. Quick Hydraulic Hitch in Mini Excavator Attachments

The quick coupler can be used on selective models that can be switched between a 3-point hitch and a quick coupling.


Your mini excavator hydraulically operates the quick coupler.

A quick-change hydraulic hitch allows an excavator to perform work quickly and efficiently.

Quick-attach and quick-detach capability allow attachments to be used and positioned as required, without the need to take the machine out of operation to attach a new attachment.


7.    What is the purpose of using stone grapple in Mini Excavator Attachments?

A stone grapple is a piece of equipment that can be attached to the front-end loader of a mini excavator. It is used for sorting, grading, and moving material for the construction site.

Figure 4. Stone Grapple in Mini Excavator Attachments

With the help of a stone grapple, you can do some preparation work for constructing buildings or roads in the early phase of construction activities.


The primary purpose of using a stone grapple is to allow the arching of the boom so that it can go over an optimum range without having to pull it into a vertical position at all times.

This makes working in confined areas much more manageable. In mining, the use of stone grapple may save time and cost from secondary processing.


8.    What is the objective of orange peel grapple in Mini Excavator Attachments?

The orange peel grapple is a unique attachment on the end of the excavator arm of an excavator.

Figure 5. Orange Peel Grapple in Mini Excavator Attachments

The peel grapple is especially useful for high extraction and transporting stones, concrete, asphalt, rock with having comparatively large sizes or extensive diameter.


The orange peel grapple is specially built to work in harsh conditions and specifically in rocky soil. It has all the features which will allow it to do a quick and effective job on site.

Orange peel grapple is used for various civil works and construction projects.

Orange peel grapple can help excavate, fill in, dredge, and relocate earth materials for new land development and road construction purposes.


9.    How would you define the function of demolition grapple Mini Excavator Attachments?

The demolition grapple is a quick coupler type of attachment for mini excavators.

They are used in the construction industry for clamping down on and ripping concrete and bricks.

The function of a Mini Excavator Attachments is to rip or pull off an existing wall or concrete structure.

Different types of demolition grapple exist for particular material based on the hardness and strength you need to rip apart.

The demolition grapple Mini Excavator Attachments can also be used in cold, wet, soft, high-strength, and hard-packed granular soils.

This attachment is primarily used in construction and demolition projects but can also be used as part of a landscaping or building project where heavy equipment is already present.


10.  What is the role of plate compactor in Mini Excavator Attachments?

The plate compactor is the most stable attachment component in the Mini Excavator Attachments, and it plays a role in compaction.

Figure 6. Plate Compactor in Mini Excavator Attachments

It consists of a hardened steel plate attached through plate compactor attachment to a hydraulic coupler with an excavator stick.


The purpose of plate compactors in a mini excavator is to use the hydraulic power and force of weight to compress materials and increase their density.

This usual compaction forces loose material, such as soil, gravel, or debris, and hardened it.

The plate compactor also creates a foundation or base to overlay another layer of dirt later. That way, you can create new pathways, foundations and buildings, and more.


11.  What does a thumb bucket do in Mini Excavator Attachments?

An excavator thumb bucket is a bucket attached with a thumb that is either hydraulically operated or manually operated, depending on your needs.

The thumb provides the necessary force or grip that prevents the material from spooking out or spilling while transporting excavated material from one place to another.

Its job is to push, pull, or pick up various materials, including dirt, rocks, gravel, sand, and much more, especially in hard-to-reach places.

The thumb will allow you to do the excavation tasks, which you cannot do alone with an excavator bucket without the thumb.

The force it supplies varies depending on the type of material being excavated.


12.  What is the primary function of the sweeper in Mini Excavator Attachments?

The sweeper in mini excavator attachments is connected to the quick hydraulic coupler powered by hydraulics.

This coupler helps the sweeper to perform its intended function.

The sweeper consists of a shaft having fiber of nylons or desired material connected on its outer periphery, which rotates and helps you clean the ground surface.

Figure 7. Sweeper in Mini Excavator Attachments

Functions such as sweeping are used to assist in cleaning up large and small particles, dirt, sand, gravel, and other material that may be found in the ground.


The sweeper is designed to allow operators to sweep more efficiently as compared to the manual sweeping operation.

This accessory transfer dirt from a cutting or loading operation directly into the path of a conveyor to be transported away from the worksite.

Thus, it eliminates the need to use dump trucks to haul the debris away from the job site and reducing traffic congestion.


13.  What is the role of hydraulic grapple in Mini Excavator Attachments?

The role of the hydraulic grapple is to pick up large and small boulders, dig trenches, move angle iron that cannot be moved with other devices.

Hydraulic grapple is an attachment for mini excavators that can move large rocks, pipes, concrete barriers that are too big or heavy.

The hydraulic grapple is attached to the stick of a mini-excavator that is hydraulically operated, and it can be opened and closed according to the articulation of the arm. It is used for digging, lifting, and transporting materials.

This device can be activated with the push of a button from a safe distance to prevent operator injury.

The mini excavator attachment is constructed to fit in small or tight areas.

This feature allows the driver to work and maneuver through tight spaces instead of moving other earth-moving equipment into position.


14.  What role does light log grabber offer in Mini Excavator Attachments?

The role of the light log grabber is to help remove and transport wood pieces that are too large. It is easy to maneuver and pick up large chunks of wood.

The light log grabber feature also contributes to offering the utmost help during digging. It is a tool that is attached to the arm of a mini excavator.

Figure 8. Light Log Grabber in Mini Excavator Attachments

Its main aim is to help dig small stumps, rocks, and roots from the ground.


It also contributes to loosening up frozen and packed earth to dig without encountering any hindrance.

Handling of logs in a sensitive environment, such as under specific overhead equipment, can also be done with the log grabber option.

A log grabber is a tool for a more leisurely, more productive workday. It’s important to size your options for future use as well.


15.  How would you define the purpose of hydraulic grabber in Mini Excavator Attachments?

An excavator attachment for your Mini Excavator. The purpose of the hydraulic grabber is to enhance the mobility of the Mini Excavator.

This attachment can be used in various terrains and conditions such as compact soil, granular soil, and under different loads.

Fully enclosed around the coupler, it protects it from damaging any external objects while ensuring longevity. The modular design allows for quick installation of the machinery.

With the hydraulic grabber, the excavator can be converted into a rock bucket or clamshell digger.

It will allow you to sink the bucket into the ground to pick up big rocks or dig into hard soil by opening the jaws of the excavator’s claws.


16.  What is the role of the ripper in Mini Excavator Attachments?

The ripper is a piece of equipment that helps loosen the soil at the base of the construction site.

While it isn’t used very often, it’s an essential tool on a mini excavator due to its ability to prepare the ground for building and when digging septic or irrigation trenches.

The ripper is for ripping materials such as rock, concrete, asphalt, demolition debris. It is incredibly effective when used under good soil conditions.

The teeth installed on the ripper do the work. It is made up of forged alloy and dense material, which rip apart the hard soil.


17.  What is the role of Rake in Mini Excavator Attachments?

The role of Rake in mini excavator attachments is to rake or move the material that has been dug out of the ground. Thus, the part of Rake is significant in mini excavator attachments.

Excavator Rake is a set of rigid steel prongs fitted with clumps of metal teeth, resembling those on a rake.

Since this attachment is rigid, it can break up compacted or granulated soil much faster than the regular bucket and do it quicker.

The function of a rake used in mini excavator attachments is to increase the efficiency of the digging process.

There are two types: a front side rake and a diagonal one. Mini Excavator Attachments Rakes come in different sizes and styles.

The Rake is an essential attachment for mini excavators. It saves time and power.


18.  How would you define the function of pulverizing in Mini Excavator Attachments?

Proper pulverizing is crucial for healthy soil in your garden to retain air, water, and nutrients.

Mini Excavator Attachments are the perfect tools for getting that job done. Created to fit right onto a mini-farm tractor or skid steer loader, these attachments can make your job so much easier.

Impact pulverizing is used for crushing hard rock, such as granite and limestone, along with concrete and other complex substances.

Mini Excavator Attachments are considered a more efficient means of pulverizing these objects than traditional pulverizes.

Mini Excavator Attachments are also capable of doing these operations close to boundaries.

The nature of the equipment allows the users to have virtually no noise or dust impacts on the surrounding community.


19.  What is the purpose of a hydraulic crusher in Mini Excavator Attachments?


The hydraulic crusher is an excellent value addition for the Mini Excavator. It reduces stones to dust and small bricks to small pieces.

Its primary use is in soil conditions that demand a very lightweight material: sand or granular soil (such as clay) whose structure must be preserved.

This feature facilitates the cleaning of the soil and the placing of this material in areas of systems requiring uniformity, such as dams and dykes.

The broken-down aggregate resulting from these actions is softer and easier to spread without damaging surrounding areas and structures.


20.  What is the objective of using hydraulic shear in Mini Excavator Attachments?

A hydraulic shear is often employed to cut steel plates, bricks, and concrete pipes in mini excavator attachments up to 6 inches thick.

Many of these different attachments are available nowadays with a broad spectrum of specifications varying based on other working methods; possible cuts, trenching mechanism availability, working depth, and drivetrain energy consumption.

Considering all factors, the main parameters that determine the performance level of a powered excavator attachment are productivity and fuel savings.

It is necessary to consider the beast weight because of versatile hydraulic shear alternatives for a given project.


21.  What are the maintenance requirements of Mini Excavator Attachments?

The required maintenance of Mini Excavator Attachment is: The Mini Excavator Attachment is periodically maintained and adjusted according to:

  • its primary quality standards during usage,
  • the different working conditions,
  • the service requirements of each machine.

Please note the following specific instructions for maintenance: Maintain hydraulic units. Check that the movement of all joints shows no play and is smooth.

Replace cracked hydraulic hose or cut off the wrong part and carry out repairs.

Replace lost or unserviceable components on time and ensure that they are in good operating condition before use.


22.  What are the causes of the failure of Mini Excavator Attachments?

Excavator attachments, including couplers, quick couplers, and excavator attachments.

They are designed to hold up in harsh field conditions under challenging applications. But they are not indestructible.

It usually comes from metal fatigue (minor stretching in the material) when a failure occurs, which leads to cracking and leaking or complete failure.

Suppose these machines have been maintained properly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, or their operating hours haven’t exceeded maximum limits. In that case, most failures will occur due to improper installation or operation that leads to metal fatigue.

Furthermore, if the poor quality or incompatible parts are used during repairs will eventually cause breakage.


23.  What kind of oil is used in Mini Excavator Attachments?

Oil is selected based on soil conditions and the type of excavation work being carried out.

Oil in mini excavator attachment plays an essential role in keeping the mini excavator equipment all right.

Mini Excavator Attachments uses standard SAE Grade 20W-50 hydraulic oil or SAE 10W-30 linear flow hydraulic oils.

It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s oil specifications to ensure proper lubrication and reduce wear and tear on your machine.

Many factors determine the type of oil best for your equipment, including environmental conditions, weather, internal components, and the age of your machine.

Excavator Oil is used to lubricate the internal components as well as the engine. Make sure that the oil for the mini-excavator is explicitly designed for the machine. Used oils should be disposed of safely.


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