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  • Full Set Parts Ready For Installation and Best Use
  • Built at Different Sizes, Volumes, and Length
  • Customized Designs Based on Your Needs
  • Developed Based on Quality Materials
  • Prompt Feedback and Service
  • 180 Days Warranty Period
  • Reached OEM Standards

XuGong KS Excavator Quick Coupler Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Choice Excavator Quick Coupler

Excavator Quick Coupler Excavator Crawler For VOLVO

Excavator Quick Coupler Excavator Crawler For VOLVO. Ready To Ship. Strong Wooden Case Packed

Excavator Quick Coupler For YANMAR Crawler Excavator

Brand New Excavator Quick Coupler For YANMAR Crawler Excavator. Wholesale In Stocks. For Fast Shipping

SK120 Excavator Rotating Hydraulic Tilt Quick Coupler

Quality Excavator Rotating Hydraulic Tilt Quick Coupler.Low Maintenance and Cost. Long Warranty

Excavator Hydraulic Quick Coupler

High-Quality Excavator Hydraulic Quick Coupler. 100% OEM. Long-lasting Quality. One0-Stop Shop

Excavator Quick Coupler For Mini Excavator

Ideal Quality Excavator Quick Coupler For Mini Excavator. One-stop Purchasing To Save Your Time. Best Deals

KX057 Excavator Quick Coupler For KUBOTA

High-Resistance Excavator Quick Coupler For KUBOTA. Genuine. OEM For Best Fit Application

S80 S Type Excavator Quick Coupler

Excellent Quality S Type Excavator Quick Coupler. Durable & Long-life With Reasonable Price On Sales

Excavator Quick Coupler For CAT

High-Quality Excavator Quick Coupler For CAT.Ready To Ship. In Stocks For Wholesale. Cost-Effective. Standard Packing

Excavator Manual Quick Coupler

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XuGong KS is the Quality Manufacturer of Excavator Quick Coupler

As one of the leading Excavator Quick Coupler manufacturers in China,  XuGong KS has full specifications of Quick Coupler for excavators from 1.5-90 tons. In XuGong KS, all our Excavator Quick Couplers are all fit to all makes and models of excavators. We can provide these different types of Excavator Quick Couplers namely: Excavator Hydraulic Quick Coupler, Double Locking Excavator Hydraulic Quick Coupler, and  Excavator Manual Quick Couplers.

Essentially, Excavator Quick Couplers are designed to allow prompt change of buckets and attachments to the machines. Thus, XuGong KS ensures that all our Excavator Coupler are originally made based on OEM standards. All these Excavator Quick Coupler comes with front and rear safety bolt. These Excavator Quick Couplers are easy to wear and have no greasing points. XuGong KS originally intended that these Excavator Quick Couplers are best engineered even for tough and heavy conditions.

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Other Excavator Parts that XuGong KS Supplied

Manual Excavator Quick Mini Half Hitch
Manual Excavator Quick Mini Half Hitch
Excellent Manual Excavator Quick Mini Half Hitch .Plenty In Stocks For Fast Delivery. Low Maintenance and Cost-Effective
320Cl Excavator Drive Sprocket , Spare Parts Pc40 2108-1005
320Cl Excavator Drive Sprocket , Spare Parts Pc40 2108-1005
Authentic 320Cl Excavator Drive Sprocket, Spare Parts Pc40 2108-1005 In Stocks For Immediate Delivery
Excavator Digger Aftermarket Excavator Bucket
Excavator Digger Aftermarket Excavator Bucket
Highest Quality Excavator Digger Aftermarket Excavator Bucket. Excellent Performance. Ready To Ship
PC200-7 Excavator Bucket Bushing and Pin
PC200-7 Excavator Bucket Bushing and Pin
Genuine Excavator PC 200 -7  Bucket Pins and Bushing. In Stocks & On Sales. Safety Arrival. Quality Performance . Authentic Made

XuGong KS Excavator Quick Coupler Overview

Why XuGong KS is the Best Manufacturer of your Excavator Quick Coupler?


XuGong KS is much dedicated to producing not only high-quality Excavator Quick Couplers but also in all other products. Over many years of research and development, XuGong KS professionally improve our services to our customers.  All kinds of equipment can be used with XuGong KS Quick Coupler, for simple and safe different types of workloads. XuGong KS is the solution to your desired requirements of Excavator Quick Coupler.


Here at XuGong KS, your Excavator Quick Couplers are installed in perfect standard, all 100% OEM, and perfect machinery as well. Excavator Quick Coupler in XuGong KS is a reliable hold in all critical circumstances.  For your best options, XuGong also can customize your Excavator Quick Coupler on your demands.  Surely XuGong KS will increase your efficiency but decrease your cost! Get a quote now!


Excavator Quick Coupler – The Definitive FAQ Guide


Excavator quick couplers are quick hitch on an excavator that allows bucket tools to be connected and disconnected from the main arm. This guide offers you useful information about this equipment, including a quick excavator coupler, safety pin, hydraulic cylinder, associated problems, and much more. If you want to purchase a piece of equipment like this, you will surely get a lot of help from this FAQ.


1. What is an excavator quick coupler?


Excavator quick couplers, also known as quick hinge pin couplers, are hydraulic couplers that rapidly connect and disconnect hydraulic hoses between the backhoe and the attachment. Quick excavator couplers can be removed or installed easily with a simple push of a button compared to regular pins that take more time to remove and install.

These quick excavator couplers work by having a pin with one side purposefully bent to grasp and hold in place between two holes in an attachment and the backhoe arm. Excavator Quick Coupler is designed to give the operator the fastest way of hooking up an attachment to their machine. Quick couplers provide rapid tool selection for the operator, reducing the time required for setup and allowing more efficient excavator and attachment combination utilization.


2. What is the weight of the excavator quick coupler?


The weight of the quick excavator coupler varies and depends on several factors. Some of the main factors include:

  • The type of material used in making excavator quick coupler
  • Design specifications and size of your quick coupler
  • The manufacturing technique used in making your excavator quick coupler

Here are the weights of the quick excavator coupler; you can take reference from:

Sr. No. Series Weight (lb.) Dimensions
1 25 58 20.25 in x 9.375 in x 5.25 in
2 35 58 20.25 in x 9.375 in x 5.25 in
3 50 85 24.75 in x 11.25 in x 6.5 in
4 60 85 24.75 in x 11.25 in x 6.5 in
5 80 136 29.625 in x 13.125 in x 8.875 in
6 120 313 39.875 in x 16.5 in x 11.75 in
7 150 449 43.875 in x 19.875 in x 13.625 in
8 200 549 46 in x 21.5 in x 13.75 in
9 250 741 46.75 in x 25.5 in x 16.75 in
10 300 836 50.5 in x 25.5 in x 17.25 in
11 400 1378 59.5 in x 29 in x 19.5 in
12 650 2306 68.625 in x 33.625 in x 22.5 in
13 850 2754 70.375 in x 35.125 in x 24.875 in


3. What are the applications of a quick excavator coupler?


There are many applications for which you can use your excavator quick coupler. Some of the main applications are as follows: Excavator quick coupler can be widely used in various areas such as mining, construction, dredging, and so on. Excavator quick coupler is a kind of hydraulic device often used to speed up operations on a large scale.

You can use a quick excavator coupler to attach various attachments to an excavator arm, including


Excavator quick coupler is used to provide the hydraulic connection between the attachment and an excavator. The Excavator quick coupler is used to perform various tasks such as lifting, logging, scraping, and performing other heavy-duty construction-related jobs.


4. What is the role of pin rolls on the excavator quick coupler?


The pin rolls (also known as cups and cone discs) are part of the excavator quick coupler system, enabling easy attachment and detachment of tools. The pin rolls allow the rounded female coupling components to be correctly positioned for connection or removal. Without pin rolls, you may have to manually align the attachment over the entire length of the coupler. This can be dangerous if performed at height.

The sooner the attachment is attached, the sooner you can get back to work. Excavator quick coupler consists of locking and release pin rolls made from a rigid material, specifically chrome steel. The locking and release rollers are hardened at both ends to provide extra wear protection against metal-to-metal contact during the operation of the quick excavator coupler.


5. What is the design of a quick excavator coupler?


Excavator quick coupler is a special quick coupler designed for hydraulic excavators. It is made of steel with an excellent bearing capacity to ensure hydraulics’ safe and correct operation and customize customer requirements. The quick excavator coupler includes a release mechanism for protection, which can be operated automatically by the hydraulic system.

With this product, you can have the peace of mind that your equipment is safe, secure, and ready to go without using cumbersome pins and chains. The design of a quick excavator coupler is very significant and flexible. The main components in the plan include:



Each component is specially designed to facilitate the function of the quick excavator coupler.

6. What is the role of hydraulic cylinder in excavator quick coupler?


The hydraulic cylinder in the quick excavator coupler plays an essential role in the quick-coupler. The cylinder is used to activate the locking mechanism. The hydraulic cylinder is encased and protected by a quick hydraulic coupler and is used as a push and pull force through a piston within the cylinder.


It pushes and pulls the primary hook, making the attachment connect or disconnect to your excavator quick coupler. You can find the integrated lock valve functionality within the hydraulic cylinder. This is because in case of failure or misfunctioning of excavator quick coupler hoses. It keeps the hooks lock in their position. This will increase the safety and functionality of your excavator’s quick coupler.


7. What is the role of the shearing pin in the excavator quick coupler?


A shearing pin plays a vital role in excavator quick coupler. A shearing pin is critical to the safe engagement of the quick excavator coupler. It is a hardened steel pin with a diameter of 10mm. It sits at a 45° angle in a stainless-steel housing which both help resist rotation.


The shearing pin is designed to let you set the quick excavator coupler to safe without loosening the hydraulic connections between the attachment and the excavator. It is also essential to prevent accidental release of high head pressure if any of your components are damaged. Without the shearing pin, you may be unable to operate your quick hydraulic coupler the way you want.


8. What is the working principle of a quick excavator coupler?


The working principle of the quick excavator coupler is solely based on the hydraulics of your excavator. The hydraulic fluid from your excavator is forced into the hydraulic lines with the help of a hydraulic pump. This pressurized fluid then enters into the hydraulic cylinder encased within the hydraulic coupler. The hydraulic coupler then uses the pressurized hydraulic fluid to move the piston within the cylinder.


The to and fro motion of the piston then generates the pull and push of the pins, which are then ultimately used to connect and disconnect the desired attachment to your excavator. This is how your excavator quick coupler works and achieves its function.


9. Which attachments can a quick excavator coupler handle?


There are a variety of attachments that you can attach to the excavator quick hydraulic coupler. The passion you connect depends on the type of application you want to carry out.

Some of the widely used attachments are as follows:


Each of the above-listed excavator attachments has a different function depending on the type of application. Excavator hydraulic grab is used to lift and transfer the big stones, rocks, and scrap from one place to another. Excavator hammers are used to demolish different materials, including asphalt, rocks, basalt, etc. The excavator log grapple is employed to transfer wood logs into the truck or container for transportation sake.


10. How much does an excavator quick coupler cost?


The cost of a quick excavator coupler does depend on or drive by a single variable. Multiple variables play their part. Some of the main variables include:


  • Design type and manufacturing process
  • Material characteristics and type used in making excavator quick coupler
  • Weight of the quick excavator coupler
  • The warranty associated with your excavator quick coupler


The quick excavator coupler weights the range of 30 to 2000 kg, and a warranty of 1 and a half years lies in the field of $350 to $1900 per piece. The price of a quick excavator coupler having a weight lies in the range of 380 to 390 kg with a one-year warranty available in the field of $300 to $800 per piece.


11. How long a quick excavator coupler lasts?


The life of your excavator quick coupler depends on several things. But the main things which have a more significant impact are as follows:

  • Do you follow the timely replacement of minor faulty components?
  • Do you operate it by following recommendations?
  • The material characteristics and features with which it is made of
  • Proper follow up with the maintenance requirements


In general, your excavator quick coupler may last up to 3 to 5 years. The number varies if you use your excavator quick coupler more often. If you use it rarely, this will help elongate the life of your excavator quick coupler. The conditions in which you use your excavator quick coupler also impact the life of your excavator.


12. What are the maintenance requirements of a quick excavator coupler?


There are several maintenance requirements associated with your excavator quick coupler. Some of the main conditions are as follows: Check the level of hydraulic oil in your excavator hydraulic system to make sure there is enough oil for optimum functioning.


If the level of oil is low, then you are unable to carry out a successful operation. It may heat your system, and thus it becomes prone to damage. Check for leakage or worn-out seals in the hydraulic system and repair it. If the worn-out seals last longer, it may damage your hydraulic system because of the loos in hydraulic pressure needed to operate your attachment.


Inspect the hydraulic hoses and make sure they are tight to an optimum amount of torque. By following these maintenance requirements, you can increase the efficiency of your excavator quick coupler and improve the working life.


13. What is the role of the primary hook on the excavator quick coupler?


The primary hook plays a vital role in the working efficiency of the quick coupler. The immediate theme can resist impact and twist force. Working in conjunction with the secondary hook, the two hooks form a top and bottom half, making up one functional unit of the Quick Coupler.

The hook is designed with a guard ring in the upper part, and a locking hole is in the lower leg. The theme is used for exchanging attachments on a quick excavator coupler. The hook is powered by the hydraulic cylinder, which causes it to lock in the attachment you need to connect by moving forward by thrust from the piston. Without the primary hook, your excavator hydraulic couple is not able to perform its intended function.


14. What is the role of tiger mouth on the excavator quick coupler?


The role of the “tiger mouth” mechanism on the Quick Coupler is to engage or disengage the two hooks/horns which grip the towing tube when the arm moves forward. Thus, enabling it to lock in place to provide a safe connection when pulling. With Tiger Mouth, engagement can occur even in shallow gear. The Role of Tiger Mouth has been dramatically enhanced to allow for a more excellent range of travel during reverse travel.


It offers up to approximately 2 inches to reduce kick-off distances for both attaching and detaching the coupler. The very point of the tiger mouth is to do just that, release the pins locked into the disks on the equipment. A significant job of the machine operators is to ensure that they can open and close quickly, using their grab bars and levers.


15. What component holds the quick excavator coupler to an excavator?


The quick excavator coupler is held in place by a hydraulic system known as the “quick hitch”. The quick hitch features a hydraulic cylinder that operates a nut assembly, securing the coupler to the machinery. The quick hitch nut assembly consists of a shear pin, spring washer, and riding plate. When this assembly is hydraulically activated, it slides into one end of the coupler shaft and locks into position until disengaged.

Excavator quick coupler is usually attached to the extended excavator arm. So, it is the arm to which holds your excavator sharp coupler. The excavator’s arm extends or retracts because of the hydraulics of your excavator. This is the cause to move the attachment attached to the quick coupler to drive where you want.


16. Is noise associated with the excavator quick coupler?


Yes, the noise is associated with the quick excavator coupler, but the noise level is not too much to harm your hearing capability. But the noise generating may be due to several reasons. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Metal to metal contact during connection
  • Components loosening
  • Metal to material contact
  • Absence of optimum amount of oil


If the noise generation is due to loose components, you must exercise the tightening operation after each excavation operation. If the noise results from the absence of an optimum amount of oil presence, you must input the optimum oil level to ensure efficient and effective working.


17. What type of oil goes into the excavator quick coupler?


The oil is typically hydraulic fluid, but it depends on the manufacturer, makes, and model. Not all hydraulic oil is the same and must meet specific requirements for the machine to operate correctly. Hydraulic oil is an incompressible fluid that allows quick couplers to move smoothly and quietly.


The oil used in the excavator quick coupler is often made up of synthetic oils to ensure that it can hold heat longer than other oils. This ensures that the oil will not become too hot and burn out or become too cold and freeze up. The oil should be API-certified hydraulic oil when filling quick excavator couplers. You must check the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure compatibility and maximum performance.


18. What are the problems associated with the excavator quick coupler?


Excavator quick couplers are designed to provide stability, safety, and convenience for operators. This is not always the case. There are situations where the quick coupling system will unintentionally disconnect without any operator intervention. At times, this can be devastating to contractor equipment, tools or the people on site. Common factors that contribute to quick coupler failure include:


  • Over-tightening of wheels
  • Over-clocking of excavators
  • Straight-line pull force
  • Hard surface conditions
  • Safety features that fail or are not used properly


Some of the main problems occur when there is a loss in fluid pressure within the pipe, when the coupler is not locked in place tightly by either of the quick couplers or when the tools are not aligned properly.


19. What characteristics are embedded in excavator quick coupler oil?


Excavator quick coupler oil refers to the lubricants that are used in excavator quick hitches or quick couplers. This oil helps to extend the life expectancy of the system by reducing friction losses. This oil is intended for use with hydraulic excavator quick couplers.


The oil maintains or controls the temperature of your excavator’s quick coupler and prevents it from overheating. Another characteristic of the oil is its optimum viscosity, which ensures efficient and effective operation of your excavator quick coupler.


The film strength of the hydraulic oil is optimum and lasts longer in your excavator compared to other oils in the market. It also prevents your excavator hydraulic coupler from rust or corrosion, thus adds up its life.

20. How to choose a quick excavator coupler?


Choosing the right excavator quick coupler can be a challenge. It can become overwhelming with so many different styles, brands, engine types, attachment control systems, and weights. To select the best excavator quick coupler, you need to take into account the following variables:


  • What type of attachments do you want to attach
  • What is your budget for a quick excavator coupler
  • What is the weight of the quick excavator coupler


By considering the above consideration, you can select the best fit for your excavator quick coupler. You can also research your excavator’s colors, styles, and quick compatibility coupler with your excavator.


21. Is friction associated with the excavator quick coupler?


Ask many operators, and they will tell you that friction is associated with the quick excavator coupler. This could be because of air leaks or the build-up of debris (sand, mud, etc.) in the hydraulic system. Too much friction causes your equipment to get jammed and makes you unable to perform the desired operation.


Friction also leads to excessive heat, which worn out your excavator’s quick coupler. The optimum level of friction is necessary to carry out the intended operation, although the excess friction must be avoided. Friction can be reduced by selecting a high-quality hydraulic quick coupler and effectively maintaining the coupler to minimize unwanted debris building up over time.


22. What causes the failure of a quick excavator coupler?


A quick coupler is a crucial component on a section of a large hydraulic excavator. While the coupler may appear simple to operate, this essential component plays a vital role in ensuring load-bearing machines’ safe and quick attachment. The problems with excavator quick coupler assemblies range from the simple to the more complex. They almost always fail because of


  • improper installation,
  • failure of the hydraulic cylinder seal,
  • operator misuse of the couplers,
  • operator failure to maintain them properly.


If you are in this business, you need to know what is wrong with your quick couplers.



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