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  • Heavy-Duty and Multi-Blade
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XuGong KS Excavator Grapple Rake Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Grapple Rake

Excavator Grapple Rake for 20T Excavator

Powerful and hydraulic suitable for 20 Ton excavators. OEM and ISO certified.

Excavator Grapple Rake for 8T Excavators

Powerful hydraulic for your mini excavators. Fast and secure shipping.

Excavator Grapple Rake Hydraulics

High-quality at an affordable price. Quality warranty guaranteed.

Excavator Grapple Rake for Brush and Shrubs

Craig excavator grapple rake with 90-day quality warranty.

Excavator Grapple Rake on Wholesale Price

Perfectly suitable for any model or make. OEM and ISO Certified.

Excavator Grapple Rake for Bobcat

Perfect for Bobcat excavators. Safe and timely delivery available.

Excavator Grapple Rake

Heavy-duty and powerful now on wholesale price.

Excavator Grapple Rake for Roots

Perfect for land clearing activities. OEM and ISO Certified.

Excavator Grapple Rake Flat

Indestructible rake for forestry. Quality warranty available.

Why is Xugong KS The No. 1 Excavator Grapple Rake Supplier in China?

Xugong KS excavator grapple rakes are designed to be of the same heavy duty quality as the multi-rippers and shears. The tines are thick and spaced. This avoids cross members to block the smaller debris from falling through.

These excavator grapple rakes are good for sifting through debris and rubble from demolition or ripping roots and rocks for land clearing. When used in conjunction with one of our thumbs, Xugong KS excavator grapple rake are as good as log grapples. Our excavator grapple rakes can be made for any size backhoe or excavator above 6,000 pounds.

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XuGong KS Excavator Grapple Rake Manufacturer Overview

High Strength Xugong KS Excavator Grapple Rake

Excavator grapple rakes are not new to the industry. But Xugong KS excavator grapple rake are a must-have tool to your excavator arsenal. The new excavator grapple rakes increases your capabilities of the backhoe or small hydraulic excavator for many applications.

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Handy Excavator Grapple Rake

Xugong KS excavator grapple rake will quickly attach to any similar style and handy for land clearing, removing rocks, small stump removal, waterway weed removal or any general sifting application.

Xugong KS excavator grapple rake is inexpensive and is ideal for any land clearing applications and is very useful when used with a thumb. Send us your inquiry at Xugong KS now!


24/7 Excavator Grapple Rake Support

Xugong KS excavator grapple rakes are backed up with the best support in China. Just contact us through our 24/7 support, and Xugong KS will provide you with the most suitable excavator grapple rake. No long queues and annoying agents. Get your high-quality service here from Xugong KS excavator grapple rake customer service.

You are just a click away from getting the highest quality of excavator grapple rake in the market. Order from Xugong KS excavator grapple rake manufacturer now.


Great Shipping with Quality Warranty Available

Our customers get only the best shipping when they buy our excavator grapple rakes. We ensure your excavator grapple rakes are packed neatly and securely in wooden crates.

Xugong KS is a distributor and partner with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FedEx and more. You can choose to either ship your excavator grapple rake via land or sea.

Xugong KS distributes and exports to more than 50 countries such as America, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, and so on. We make sure we deliver your excavator grapple rake fast.

Get your powerful excavator grapple rakes from Xugong KS supplier! The best here in China to your construction doorstep!


Excavator Grapple Rake – The Definitive FAQ Guide


The excavator Grapple Rake FAQ guide is the best place to start when looking into buying an excavator grapple rake. This faq guide provides you with information on excavator grapple rake, cost associated, reasons of failure, applications, and much more. This guide will help you pick out what you need and offers step-by-step instructions on everything you’ll need about your excavator grapple rake.


1. What is an excavator grapple rake?


An excavator grapple rake is a piece of heavy-duty equipment used to load and unload materials from trucks, self-propelled conveyors, and other moving equipment. It is one of the most efficient and versatile pieces of equipment for hauling material. A grapple rake with tines is used to increase the load capacity of an excavator. A grapple rake is an attachment that fits on the front of your excavator’s arm with the help of a quick coupler.

A grapple rake is a tool that combines the functions of an excavator’s claw and a bucket. An excavator grapple rake consists of long tines with a pointed edge that takes the form of teeth. It consists of a thumb-like attachment that has the same form as that of an excavator grapple rake. It provides a firmer grip over the material you need to lift.


2. How would you define the working of an excavator grapple rake?


The working principle of an excavator grapple rake is based on the hydraulics of your excavator. An excavator grapple rake is a multipurpose machine for handling debris and other significant pieces of materials. This piece of equipment has a standard level on its top with several steel tines on it. Excavator grapple rake receives its driving power through pressurized hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic pump, with the help of piston and cylinder arrangement, powers your hydraulic fluid.

These fluids then pass through a series of hydraulic lines and reach your excavator grapple rake cylinder. Moving through the control valve, it applies pressure to your cylinder piston and forces it moves to and fro. This movement then compels your excavator grapple rake to move in the intended direction.


3. What are the applications of an excavator grapple rake?


There are several applications for which you can use your excavator grapple rake. Some of the main applications are as follows: Excavator grapple rakes are used in a variety of industries. In the mining industry, they pick up huge pieces of ore, break rocks, and move them around.


They are also used in the forestry industry to move logs and chips. Excavator grapple rakes can also be used in land clearing and highway road construction.

Excavator grapple rakes are often used on

  • Farms,
  • Construction,
  • Municipalities and
  • To remove vegetation,

while some agricultural applications include removing rocks, dirt, and other materials (Non-living objects) while digging in fields close to rivers or lakes.


4. Which material is used in making an excavator grapple rake?


The materials you can use to make your excavator grapple rake vary depending on several factors and mainly on the type of application you want to carry out. Some primary materials include high carbon steel for high hardness, cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.

The main reasons for using these materials include these materials offer resistance to wear and tear and withstand the higher impact of various materials. These materials also help your excavator grapple rake to last longer with reduced abrasion and rust. The excavator grapple rake needs to do the heavy-duty operation because the higher strength materials are the only ones that can meet these requirements.


5. What are the components of the excavator grapple rake?


There are several components of your excavator grapple rakes. Some of the main ingredients are as follows: Excavator tines with pointed angled edges are used in the penetration and grabbing of materials. Excavator grapple or thumb provides support in grabbing the lifted materials and preventing them from spooking out or dropping out. Excavator grapple rake hinges provide a solid connection with your excavator’s arm and enable your grapple rake to move in any desired position.

Excavator grapple rake pins keep your excavator grapple rake assembly tied together and never let components fall apart during operation. While choosing your excavator grapple rake, make sure each of the components of your excavator grapple rake is in super satisfactory condition. This will help you get the most out of your excavator attachment.


6. Which materials can an excavator grapple rake handle?


Excavator grapple rakes can handle a wide variety of materials. Excavators often use a rake to clear a space for a new building or dig a path to remove debris.Excavator Grapple Rake is the only grapple rake that makes it possible to pick up any material, including

  • Rocks,
  • Broken asphalt,
  • Stones
  • Quarrying operations
  • Wood logs
  • Steel mesh

Plus, the rake is self-cleaning with its unique mud flaps, so the operator does not need to stop to remove excess sediment.

Each material has its unique properties that will affect the excavator while grabbing it. For example, rocks can be very sharp while grabbing them. If the stones are too small, then they will break apart. Metal can also have sharp edges so as not to hold it at all costs.


7. How much does an excavator grapple rake cost?


The cost of an excavator grapple rake does not depend on a single factor. Instead, the cost of your excavator grapple rake depends on several variables. Some of the main variables include the material with which your excavator grapple rake is made, the characteristics associated with your excavator rake material, including resistance to wear and tear or abrasion.


The cost of your excavator grapple rake also varies depending on how long your excavator grapple rake lasts. The cost of an excavator grapple rake with one year of warranty and having a width of 2000 mm lies in the range of $100 to $1000 per piece. The price of an excavator grapple rake made up of steel and has a warrant of 1 year lies in the range of $2000 to $3000 per piece.


8. How long does an excavator grapple rake last?


An excavator grapple rake can last up to 3 years while performing regularly. The lifespan of a grapple depends, however, on the material it works with. The more frequently you use your grapple rake, the faster it wears out. The life of an excavator grapple rake is heavily dependent on the models and sizes of the grapple and rakes attached to an excavator.


If the excavator grapple rake is made of higher quality materials, you will surely get a longer lifespan for your excavator grapple rake. If you follow the proper maintenance requirements for your excavator grapple rake, this could also lead to the longer life associated with your excavator grapple rake.


9. What is the role of the piston in the operation of excavator grapple rakes?


The piston is an essential component in the operation of excavator grapple rakes. The rake head continuously rotates around a central point, known as the fulcrum. The piston uses hydraulic fluid to extend and retract a rod connected to a hydraulic ram. The piston will either turn on or off a coupler connected to a pin grabber on each pin-tine assembly by shifting a valve on the ram.


By making the pin grabbers move up and down individually or in tandem, this will result in the desired movement in your excavator grapple rake. The piston is an extension of the cylinder and allows the machine to extend and retract while raking materials.


10. What are the maintenance requirements of an excavator grapple rake?


Excavator grapple rakes are a vital part of safely and effectively completing any construction job. Maintaining these tools is critical but can feel overwhelming to those not used to the process of preserving large hydraulic machines.


To avoid downtime due to equipment failure or malfunction, it is essential to have a plan for maintenance before the need arises.

  • An excavator grapple rake should be serviced regularly to ensure its continued performance.
  • Makes sure the flow of hydraulic fluid reaches its destination – a significant factor in successful rake operation.
  • A visual inspection by a qualified operator at least once a month to inspect for signs of wear or breakage.


In addition, each piece of equipment should be inspected at the start of each work shift to ensure that the functioning is intact and that no damage from occurring from everyday use.

  • Keep the oil at an optimum level and prevent the broken or worn-out seals from damaging your excavator rake.

11. How to install an excavator grapple rake on your excavator?


Two options exist while installing your excavator rake on your excavator’s arm. You can hire a professional technician and pay him some amount to do it on your behalf.The other way is to install your excavator grapple rake yourself. To successfully install your excavator grapple rake, you need to follow the steps highlighted below:

  • Take the correct type of toolkit which is going to help you in making a successful installation.
  • Now keep your excavator arm in an aligned position and take your excavator grapple rake close to it. Switch off your excavator to carry out the successful installation.
  • Connect your excavator grapple rake attached to the quick hydraulic coupler with the help of the right toolkit.
  • Tight the bolts or screws of either hydraulic lines or hinges at an optimum amount of torque.
  • The final step is to test your excavator grapple rake installation to see if it is working as intended.

12. What is the role of cylinder seals on the excavator grapple rake?


The cylinder seals on the excavator grapple rake have a lot of responsibility. They keep the hydraulic fluid from leaking from your grapple, keep dirt and other debris out of your cylinders, and they ensure a smooth movement when using your grapple rake.

In other words, if the dirt or debris enters the excavator grapple rake cylinder, it could contaminate the systems and cause problems with components. The seals prevent damage to the cylinders and reducing the amount of noise produced by hydraulic pressure. The seals also help protect the cylinders from moisture damage. The seals, in short, are the most crucial component which eventually adds up to your excavator grapple rake life.


13. What role does a quick hydraulic coupler play in excavator grapple rake?


A quick hydraulic coupler makes the Excavator Grapple Rake easy to connect, reducing operator downtime while limiting the potential for operator injury. Hydraulic coupling helps improve production by making the attachment interchangeable and allowing tighter tolerances to accommodate high-torque applications.


It also eliminates brake bands and clutches to speed up operations. The quick coupler is made of alloy steel to ensure less wear and tear besides longer working life and increased supporting strength. This attachment enables you to carry out complex work at ease with a minimal amount of force. This is because it provides you with an option to provide a hydraulic linkage which is the main thing to provide hydraulic support to an attachment.


14. What is the role of grapple in excavator grapple rake?


The role of grapple in grapple rake is one of its kinds when you perform the excavation operation only with an excavator rake. This will result in dropping out of material on the way while transportation to a particular place. As a result, the task which you want to complete on time will be suffered. An excavator grapple will help you provision tight support to any material you are lifting.


The excavator grapple, also known as the thumb, offers a solid grip on the material you are loading or unloading. The rotation angle for various thumbs varies from model to model and depends on the type of work you want to carry out. So it is suggested to choose your excavator grapple wisely.


15. What type of oil goes into the excavator grapple rake?


To prevent damage to the inside of your machine and maximize performance and longevity, you should use the appropriate oil for your excavator grapple rake. The most common types of oil used in your excavator grapple rake include synthetic or mineral oil. The oil you choose widely depends on the type of application and its toughness; you can select either depending on your need.

You can also choose an oil with some additional additives. These additives have some special functions which will let you add effectiveness to your excavator grapple rake. Different oils have an additional amount of additives. Some of them provide temperature resistance, while some provide rust resistance.


16. What are the problems associated with the excavator grapple rake?


There are several problems associated with your excavator grapple rake. Some of the main issues are as follows: It is difficult to operate due to its complicated design. It makes the machine less maneuverable when it doesn’t have the proper amount or cannot gain traction on the ground.


This can be remedied by measuring correctly and purchasing a rake explicitly made for the machine in question. Tongues are prone to snagging on things in their path, especially when they are rotating rapidly. There are many different configurations of the excavator grapple rake, one of which cannot gain a constant grip on the material being moved.


17. What characteristics are embedded in excavator grapple rake oil?


There are several characteristics associated with your excavator grapple rake. Some of the main features include: The characteristics embedded in our excavator grapple rake oil are lengthened life, increased productivity, reduced downtime for cleaning, and reduced maintenance costs. Excavator grapple rake oil is like regular engine oil in that it lubricates and cools the system, but it is formulated with extra additives, such as rust-inhibitors and antioxidants.


The oil also has a particular lubrication grade to protect internal moving parts from wearing down. The oil used in the hydraulic system of an excavator grapple rake is made to meet some challenging demands. It can protect against temperature extremes and create a consistent grip, even as the rake is moving and working. The oil is placed within many parts of the machine and helps ensure devices run effectively and efficiently.


18. How to choose an excavator grapple rake?


The proper rake for your excavator depends on the type of material and your application. For nearly every digging requirement, there is a variety of rake attachments that will suit your needs. Choose from several different configurations, including hydraulic thumb rakes, pin grabbers, and constant grip rakes.


A critical part of choosing an excavator grapple is selecting a model that fits your removal operation. The size of the machine, weight and boom length are all important to determine which model will work best for your operation. Rake options include straight tines, twisted tines, triangle tines, and brush blades. Most rakes are made from high-grade steel to make them strong enough to withstand the pressure of lifting heavy loads. Choosing the right excavator grapple rake will significantly enhance the efficiency of your operation.


19. What is the role of cylinder valves in excavator grapple rake?


Cylinder valves play a massive role in excavator grapple rakes. Working with cylinder valves is instrumental to the rake’s ability to perform various tasks and processes and allows the digger and operator to use an excavator effectively. The use of cylinder valves in this mechanism is to control the lifting and lower rake tines.


The cylinder valves on the excavator grapple rake are responsible for controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid to its cylinders. A wide variety of cylinder valve configurations is offered by manufacturers, which allows any machine to use this attachment. The two types of valves used most frequently with grapple rakes are double block and bleed (DBB) and double withdrawal (DWB).


20. What is the role of tines in excavator grapple rake?


The tines of the excavator grapple rake are one of the most important parts because they can be used in moving materials when working on your site. Therefore, it must be strong enough to withstand all the pressure exerted on it during digging, loading, and unloading.


Having the right rake ensures the smooth operation of all operations. The tines are made of high-strength tempered steel. Although the tines vary depending on the type of application, you are using it for. Some tines can withstand rigid materials. The correct type of tine matters the most for accurate and efficient application complications.


21. What causes the failure of an excavator grapple rake?


Several factors can cause the demise of a grapple rake. In most cases, it is because of improper maintenance or a lack of proper warranties. Grapple rakes do not come cheap, and the cost to replace them can be pretty expensive, given that they are a significant investment.


The leading cause of rake failure is that the pin grabber on an excavator will have an entire movement rotation. This is often enough movement to cause the top of the grapple rake to move out beyond its normal working alignment with the pin grabber. When this happens, loads are put on the rake’s teeth while it is being positioned over a load.


These loads are often sufficient to back off teeth or crack pins. It is more vulnerable to failure caused by improper dismounting. It can quickly fail catastrophically if it is not durable enough to withstand the constant tugging of moving material.


22. What is the role of angle in excavator grapple rake tines?


The angle of the rake face, called the raker setting, determines the amount of material the excavator can pick up and deposit into an adjacent vehicle or body of water. There are many different rake configurations to choose from, each with its advantages and limitations. The angle of the rake is critical in determining how effective it can cut and grab the material.


You want to ensure that the top side is almost flat but slightly upward (1-3 degrees). If this angle is too steep, it may deflect along the ground and leave clumps of material. If the curve is too flat, the rake will not grab and pull material into its teeth.


23. How did I know my excavator grapple rake is terrible?


Several issues indicate that your excavator rake is terrible.

Here are the ways:

  • The tines are facing the wrong way!
  • The tines are out of alignment with the mount!
  • The tines are bent!

Noisy tines are an easy way to tell if your machine is not performing correctly. An excavator grapple rake should be used with force to grasp objects, but the tines should not be noisy. If your tines are noisy, then something needs to be repaired or replaced on your machine.


A bad rake can slow you down, especially when you’re working a difficult job. The only way to honestly know if your grapple rake is terrible is to evaluate it. Make sure it’s not missing any tines, has the correct amount of tension in it and that all wrap-around tie-downs are good.




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