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EXCAVTExcavator Quick Hitch – The Definitive FAQ Guide


An excavator quick hitch, also known as a quick hydraulic hitch, is a quick specialized coupling used for connecting various attachments to an excavator. This guide offers you some in-depth insights about excavator quick hitch, components of quick hitch, reasons for failure, and much more.


1. What is an excavator quick hitch?


Excavator quick hitches are one of the pieces of equipment essential to an excavator’s success. An excavator quick hitch is a type of attachment system that allows you to attach and remove different kinds of buckets or other attachments from your excavator quickly and with minimal effort.


The excavator quick hitch obtains its operating power from the hydraulics of your excavator. You can attach the quick hitch to the arm of your excavator to facilitate its regular operation. Quick hitch prevents the extension or retraction of your excavator arm and boom beyond a specific limit. In this way, it increases the safety and lifetime of their working.


2. What is the weight of the excavator quick hitch?


The weight of the quick hitches depends on several variables. Some of the main variables include:

  • The quantity of material used in the manufacturing of your quick hitches
  • Model of your excavator quick hitch
  • Manufacturing process employed

The weight of the quick hitches for various models are as follows:

Sr. No. Hydraulic Quick Coupler Weight Dimensions (L x W x H)
1 25 Series 58 lb. 20.25 in x 9.375 in x 5.25 in
2 35 Series 58 lb. 20.25 in x 9.375 in x 5.25 in
3 50 Series 85 lb. 24.75 in x 11.25 in x 6.5 in
4 60 Series 85 lb. 24.75 in x 11.25 in x 6.5 in
5 80 Series 136 lb. 29.625 in x 13.125 in x 8.875 in
6 120 Series 313 lb. 39.875 in x 16.5 in x 11.75 in
7 150 Series 449 lb. 43.875 in x 19.875 in x 13.625 in
8 200 Series 549 lb. 46 in x 21.5 in x 13.75 in
9 250 Series 741 lb. 46.75 in x 25.5 in x 16.75 in
10 300 Series 836 lb. 50.5 in x 25.5 in x 17.25 in
11 400 Series 1378 lb. 59.5 in x 29 in x 19.5 in
12 650 Series 2306 lb. 68.625 in x 33.625 in x 22.5 in
13 850 Series 2754 lb. 70.375 in x 35


3. What are the applications of excavator quick hitch?


There are several uses of your excavator quick hitches. Some of the primary benefits are as follows:

  • You can use a excavator quick hitch to speed up the process and efficiency of operation
  • The option exists to use quick hitch to connect any attachment you want to join or any procedure you want to perform
  • Quick hitch is also used in demolition, excavation, road building, pipeline installation, handling rocks and other materials on job sites with different attachments.
  • You can use a quick hitch to clear out an overgrown lot, remove unwanted trees and bushes, and backfill during construction.

Quick hitch tool eliminates the usage of manual tool attachment. I am doing a manual extension to eliminate the need for time wastage and extra labor.


4. What is the role of the front lock on the excavator quick hitch?


Front locking pins are a vital part of the excavator’s Quick Hitch system. Without the lock pin, you are unable to operate your excavator quick hitch. This locking system locks your attachment in place when you attach any attachment to your excavator quick hitch.

This option provides you with added safety features, and it ensures while working on uneven or sloppy terrain, your attachment does not come out or become loose. The locking system on quick hitch thus prevents damage to your excavator attachment and indirectly increases the lifetime of your excavator attachment. Ensure to inspect the locking system before starting any operation. This will ensure proper working of your excavator’s quick hitch.


5. What is the design of an excavator quick hitch?


The design of an excavator quick hitch plays an essential role in the effective working of your excavator quick hitch. The design is intelligent and convenient, which allows easy attachment. It is hydraulically operated, and you can work directly through the operator cabin with a lever.

The design components of excavator quick hitch include:

  • Excavator Quick hitch Pin rollers
  • Excavator Quick hitch Front lock
  • Excavator Quick hitch Rear lock
  • Excavator Quick hitch Cylinder
  • Excavator Quick hitch Piston
  • Excavator Quick hitch Oil seal
  • Excavator Quick Hitch Snap ring
  • Excavator Quick hitch check valve

Each component has its specific function and feature, without which you cannot operate your excavator quick hitch.


6. Which material is used in making an excavator quick hitch?


The are several materials used in making excavator quick hitch. Some of the materials that are widely used include


  • Stainless steel
  • Alloy steel
  • High carbon steel
  • Forged steel
  • Rubber
  • PTFE
  • Cast Iron

The material used in making an excavator quick hitch plays an important role and determines whether or not it plays its role effectively. These materials have exceptional characteristics, including high hardness, resistance to wear and tear, rust and corrosion.


The durability and withstanding characteristics against various environmental conditions of excavator quick hitch materials help you enjoy an immersive experience. Make sure while purchasing your excavator quick hitch that whether it is made of high-quality materials or not.


7. What is the role of the seal in the excavator quick hitch?


The seal keeps the power of the engine from escaping and causing damage to your equipment. Most seals on excavator quick hitches are made from high-performance synthetic rubber. The hydraulic seal is designed to contain the oil inside the short trap ensuring smooth operation.

Role Of Seal In Excavator Quick Hitch

The seal is the packing mounted in the lower housing, which is pressed by a dedicated diaphragm spring. The hydraulic spool moves in the seal with it when the attachment is fixed on the quick hitch. Between the seal and shaft, the sealing oil flows into it to prevent the heating and abrasive grains, making it through to cool and protect the attachment mounting surface of the quick hitch.


Waterproofing is an actual performance of the seal. It is necessary to keep lubrication and water out of the quick hitch when it is in soil with muddy water or loose sand, which would prolong the life of the excavator quick hitch.


8. What is the role of hose in excavator quick hitch?


The primary role of the hoses in the quick hitch is to provide a passage for the oil to flow through. The hoses protect the oil area inside them, allowing the operator to isolate the hoses and inspect them for the damage they may have caused.

Role Of Hose In Excavator Quick Hitch

The hoses also protect the oil against debris that may be flying around above ground. These are all roles that are not complicated compared to other aspects of an excavator quick hitch. It allows excavators to quickly and safely connect and disconnect heavy attachments without using tools while making sure that they form a perfect and safe connection and can withstand high pressure and strong impact.


9. Which attachments can an excavator quick hitch handle?


There are several attachments which your excavator quick hitch can handle. The extension you can use in your swift trap depends on the type of work you want to carry out.

Attachment That Excavator Quick Hitch Can Handle

This is because several applications require different attachments. Some of the widely used extensions are as follows:

Each attachment is different in its operation. For example, an excavator five-finger grab is used to pick up and load the materials into the truck. Excavator pulverizes, or crusher used to crush the materials into smaller particles.


10. What is the role of the cylinder in the excavator quick hitch?


The cylinder is the most crucial component in the excavator quick hitch. It can be described as a way of applying power inside a mechanical system. Excavator hydraulic cylinder is applied to the coupling between the bucket and arm of excavators. A cylinder can help you control your machine easily.


The cylinder is a device that is designed for isolating or connecting a load to move quickly. A cylinder that is designed for an excavator quick hitch is a small part of a quick hitch. The cylinder plays an essential role in the quick hitch of the excavator. This is because it provides pressure to make the Quick Hitch work when the machine is operating.


11. How long does an excavator quick hitch last?


The life expectancy of your excavator quick hitch depends on some factors, such as how it is used and whether it follows the manufacturer’s recommendations. Other factors which dominate the life of your excavator quick hitch includes:

  • The maintenance requirement that you follow for your excavator quick hitch
  • The warranty associated with your excavator quick hitch
  • The material used in its manufacturing and the characteristics of the material involved
  • The manufacturing process used in the manufacturing of your excavator quick hitch


In general, the life of an excavator quick hitch lies in the range of 3 to 5 years. You can increase energy by hiring a skilled operator with many years of experience.


12. What are the maintenance requirements of an excavator quick hitch?


An excavator quick hitch, more commonly known as a quick coupler, is an essential piece of equipment that needs to be regularly maintained. The most common problem we encounter with excavator quick hitches is simply not connecting and disconnecting the attachment quickly enough.


This can lead to premature wear and tear on the bolts and nuts that hold the quick hitch together and ultimately lead to failure. Overextended periods, dirt and debris will build up inside the quick hitch, requiring it to be completely disassembled and cleaned.


Make sure the oil level inside your excavator quick hitch is enough to operate your excavator quick hitch effectively. Before or after each operation, make sure everything is in okay condition to avoid any accidents.


13. What is the role of the check valve in the excavator quick hitch?


A check valve is a hydraulic safety feature that is located inside the quick coupler on an excavator. It prevents hydraulic fluid from moving out of the hose when the quick hitch is disconnected. Hydraulic fluid would be pumped into the hose, leaving the machine with no way to move. When the Quick-Hitch is disconnected, hydraulic fluid goes back to its original position through a check valve.

Role Of Check Valve In Excavator Quick Hitch

This prevents overloading the engine pump, which could lead to the failure of both components. Hydraulic hoses have internal built‐in check valves to prevent reverse flow, but there is no need for an external one. However, some excavators with protruding hoses use the check valve because it helps protect the hoses from damage that may occur due to debris such as rocks or tree stumps.


14. What is the role of the snap ring on the excavator quick hitch?


The snap ring has a significant role to play in your excavator quick hitch. The snap ring keeps the excavator’s quick hitch closed. It prevents accidental opening of the snare while under full-scale weight and force. In case of impact or damage to the excavator quick attachment or fastening device, please check the installation status of the snap ring.


If a damaged snap ring is a reason for detachment from the excavator, damage caused by the division may be caused by a misalignment of attachment. The central role of a snap ring is to connect the slider part with its carrier part under high load. Hence, the snap ring can ensure a smooth rotation reaction when the quick hitch works under a different angle.


15. What is the role of pins in excavator quick hitch?


For users of quick hydraulic hitch in construction, safety is the first. So, the excavator quick hitch pins are also elaborately processed in size, length, and diameter. So, in an extreme situation in offsite work in excavator quick hitch which will cause a severe accident of operation, when they are in uncoupling or connecting process, the safety pin will prevent this situation.


The pins of the quick hitch are usually serrated and cylindrical with a diameter of 36~38mm. They are typically made of stainless steel or forged steel. These pins provide maximum protection and keep you working for longer. These pins also make up the assembly of the excavator quick hitch.


16. What is the role of tiger mouth in your excavator quick hitch?


The tiger mouth is an essential part of the quick hitch. The tiger’s mouth acts like a buckle connecting two pieces. When you choose to purchase new equipment, it is essential to make sure the quick hitch has the same tiger mouth design as your old one did.


This will keep you safe at all times while working on your construction site or doing your standard excavation work. The component that makes up the quick coupling is often called a lever. A lever is nothing more than a rigid piece of metal that allows for movement at one end while clamping something at the other end in place.


17. What type of oil goes into the excavator quick hitch?


The oil for the quick hydraulic hitch is a special lubricant, which serves as a coupling medium. It ensures the smooth and reliable operation of the excavator’s quick hitch. The oil is added to the tank through a suction line as the machine consumes it. The type of fluid used will depend on the brand and model of the device.

You should use hydraulic oil with a viscosity of at least SAE 10W-30 for excavator quick hitches, and the oil should have a low freezing point, so it flows properly during cold weather. The failure to properly lubricate the device could result in costly repairs, which might have been avoided otherwise. The right type of oil is the one that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your excavator quick hitch.


18. What are the problems associated with the excavator quick hitch?


Excavator quick hitches are a type of hydraulic connector that can often become stuck or clogged with debris, causing severe safety risks. The quick hitch design is generally similar; however, it is vital that before using the machine under any circumstance; all hoses, hydraulic lines, and attachments are checked for any signs of wear and degradation.


The major problem with these hoses is the manufacturing of the hose itself. It will often cause leaks or completely break during usage, which leads to costly repairs and layoffs due to the stoppage of operations. The excavator quick hitch is made up of 2 small pins embedded in both sides of the quick hitch, then a plug that connects them, either with a spring or just held by gravity into place. The pins will always seize up inside the hole


19. What characteristics are embedded in excavator quick hitch oil?


As professional attachment equipment, hydraulic oil, excavator quick hitch oil is widely used in seismic monitoring, mineral exploration, and other engineering works. Hydraulic quick hitch oil is one of the essential parts of excavator machine drive systems.


Quick hitch hydraulic oil must be clear, no impurities or impurities, good high-temperature stability, high-temperature cohesion, low-temperature brittleness, not easy to solidify the phenomenon, no water impurities.


Or if the construction machine hydraulic oil has too much water content or impurities will lead to working machine collapse of the hydraulic system of oil leakage, which causes extra expenditures. An excavator quick hitch oil is at the same time hydraulic oil and antifreeze. It’s possible to find hydraulic oil with additives to increase the freezing resistance.


20. How to choose an excavator quick hitch?


The quick hitch is one of the essential parts of an excavator. This is why you should always base your choice on the system’s load capacity, service life, and cost per ton. Durability, safety, and portability should also be considered based on your company’s needs, especially if you plan to use the excavator for several years during its lifetime.


They can be made from a variety of materials depending upon the type and application. The choice of materials depends on the conditions in which you are going to work.


It would be best to keep these considerations in mind while choosing the perfect fit for your excavator. To ensure that the equipment functions properly. For this reason, it is imperative to select an excavator quick hitch that is matched to the requirements for each application.


21. Is friction associated with the excavator quick hitch?


Yes, friction is associated with the quick hitch. Conflict occurs because the quick hitch part is made of two different pieces of steel or iron. These two pieces are welded or bolted together to allow attachment movement between the excavator and the main body.


When the load is sensed on the attachment, this pressure increases friction between these two metal parts. If the pressure is too much, then it creates energy loss that can disrupt or stop productivity. An optimum amount of friction is necessary to make your excavator quick hitch work correctly. But if it exceeds beyond limits, then it causes damage.


22. What causes the failure of an excavator quick hitch?


Efficient construction machines are critical to the industry. Hydraulic systems are an integral part of the machinery’s functioning. If any component should fail, it could be catastrophic. Quick hitches suffer premature failure more than any other coupler on mobile equipment. Why?

  • Shoddy engineering,
  • Improper installation,
  • Improper replacement parts,
  • Obstructions in the hydraulic lines,
  • The poor condition of coupler components due to corrosion,
  • Abuse or lack of maintenance or perhaps all of these factors.


Failure may occur shortly after the hitches are installed or during the lifetime of the equipment. An excavator quick hitch generally fails because of the hydraulic spikes generated by impact loads applied to the operating cylinder, causing pin failure.


The spikes are generated when an operator forces the excavator machine into a hard material or object or has heavy loads on board lowered into a trench. After the machine has dug into the ground, the pins are under sudden pressure. That’s when the failure occurs due to vibration and fatigue experienced over time.


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