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Why Xugong KS is Leading Superstore Of Excavator Hydraulic Breaker?

Xugong KS is your NO.1 option, wide choice of excavator hydraulic breaker brands such as SOOSAN, DAEMWO, CONAN, OKADA, JCB, TOKU, MONTABERT, and so on

Whether you need it for small, medium, or heavy-duty projects. Xugong KS excavator hydraulic breakers are 100% ready for different applications. Call us for any request model of excavator hydraulic breaker.

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XuGong KS Excavator Hydraulic Breaker Factory Overview

Where to Find a Reliable Excavator Hydraulic Breaker for Your Project?

Being in the field for over 12 years, Xugong KS is your leading superstore of excavator hydraulic breakers. Xugong KS excavator hydraulic breaker has excellent braking power. It could be used in different kinds of conditions and materials. From weathering rock, reinforced concrete, a mineral block, and a lot more.

All our excavator hydraulic breakers are easy to control, locate, and more convenient. With that, you’ll have a more comfortable operating experience. Wide choice of excavator hydraulic breaker such as new, rebuilt, used, and ex-rental excavator hydraulic breaker as your options. Fully rebuild excavator hydraulic breaker components such as chisel, piston, cylinder, front head, back head, back oil seal, etc. are also available here.

As the size and project application of excavator hydraulic breaker is very critical. Our sales team needs a perfect basis for what you are looking for. Message as your brand, model no. size, and your project. By then, our sales team will surely fit it very well. This excavator hydraulic breaker will go through a set of tests. Checking the condition, function, and components. Afterward, it will be delivered to you immediately.

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Excavator Hydraulic Breaker – The Definitive FAQ Guide


Excavator hydraulic breaker FAQ Guide is filled with practical knowledge yet easy to read. It aims to give you the confidence to move forward with your projects and make informed decisions about excavator hydraulic breakers.

The information presented in Excavator hydraulic breaker FAQ Guide will build your skills and give you insight into what it takes to be a professional! This FAQ Guide contains detailed explanations and information about the world of excavator’s hydraulic breakers, their parts, cost, types, and related stuff.

You’ll find pictures that will help facilitate your understanding of this tool.


1. What is an excavator hydraulic breaker?


An excavator hydraulic breaker is a tool that utilizes the power of pressurized hydraulic fluid to break rock, concrete and other kinds of materials. Excavator hydraulic breakers use a chisel as a pointed tool for hammering; excavator hydraulic breaker is mounted on a pivoting device, usually an arm.


Moving pieces of metal such as chisels are attached to the piston via bushings that allow for a more precise motion. This allows for more control over individual chunks for more detailed work. Excavators help the hydraulic breaker process be more efficient and effective by letting them get to the location faster and dig deeper into the ground.


2. How much does the excavator hydraulic breaker costs?


The cost of an excavator hydraulic breaker varies in a broad range, and this cost depends on several factors. The most prominent factors include the model of your excavator, material quality used in manufacturing your excavator hydraulic breaker, the material quantity it contains, lifetime, warranty associated, and much more.


The cost of a small excavator hydraulic breaker lies in the range of $840 to $910 per piece.The price of a hydraulic breaker with the available fitting of a 130 mm chisel varies from $3000 to $5000 per piece.


The price of a bracket-type excavator hydraulic breaker usually presents in the range of $1000 to $10,000 per piece.This variation in the cost of various types of excavator hydraulic breakers exists because of variation in the material quality used in manufacturing and the target lifetime for which you can use it.


3. Can I get an excavator hydraulic breaker for sale?


Yes, you can get your excavator hydraulic breaker on sale. It depends either or not you find one. There are many excavator manufacturers or suppliers around the globe that offer several sales around the year.


The sales include season sales, mid-season sales, or off-season sales. Rather than these sales, other sales including national holidays, local holidays, or before religious events. The purpose of the sale is to increase brand awareness or build up customer confidence.


Some manufacturers among these also provide sale options to end up their stock and keep them up to date by purchasing new stock.Buying your excavator hydraulic breaker on sale help, you save extra cost associated with your excavator during local days.


4. What does excavator hydraulic breaker chisel mean?


Excavator hydraulic breaker chisel is a hammer drill with a chisel point attached with a breaker. The chisels are cylindrical and usually made of tungsten carbide or molybdenum steel.


In other words, the chisel is referred to as a hammering tool of excavator hydraulic breaker. The hydraulic breaker chisel is working in hard rock. The difference from the normal chisels is that the power of this machine developed by pressurizing a large number of reciprocating piston strokes through hydraulic fluid.


This can directly control the force of each blow and distance so that the hammer strength, speed, and degree of penetration into the rock, thereby directly affect the reducing time and required work. Excavator hydraulic breaker chisel is available in various forms, including bevel, masonry, mortise, paring or slick, and much more.


You can select any one depending on your desired function.


5. What are the parts of the excavator hydraulic breaker?


There are several parts of the excavator hydraulic breaker. Some of the major components are listed below:

  • Drill shank
  • Drill shank jacket
  • Front head
  • Back head
  • Nitrogen gas
  • Accumulator
  • Piston
  • Jacket of forebody
  • Main valve


All these parts together make up an excavator hydraulic breaker. Each part of the hydraulic breaker has a different function of dealing with rocks broken into pieces. Misfunctioning of a single component mentioned above will result in malfunctioning of your excavator hydraulic breaker. Some of these parts can bear high strength and high-temperature working conditions, and durability is the key factor in designing these parts.


6. How does the excavator hydraulic breaker work?


The working principle of an excavator hydraulic breaker is illustrated below. The excavator hydraulic breaker works by applying large amounts of force over a very small amount of time.


It does so use the energy generated from pressurized hydraulic fluid, which is similar to engine oil. The hydraulic breaker utilizes hydraulics, liquids, and gases to exert force to break hard rocks.


Excavator hydraulic breaker will be pushed into the rock, and the piston will move in a straight line inside the cylinder. Then the piston pressure force will be transferred to the hydraulic jack through the piston rod, extending the chisel to do a strong impact blow to break off a piece from the rock.


7. How to use an excavator hydraulic breaker?


There are several precautions you need to follow while operating your excavator hydraulic breaker. These preventive measures help you increase your excavator hydraulic breaker, which ultimately enables you to save extra costs associated with additional repairs.


Some of these preventive measures are listed below:


  • Either you are breaking the material vertically or horizontally, keep the pointed chisel at a right angle to the material surface on which you are carrying out hammering.
  • Cut off the power supply to your excavator hammer when you think that the surfaces are collapsing.
  • Change the position of your excavator hydraulic breaker after every 15 seconds of operation.
  • Make sure to operate your excavator hydraulic breaker within an arc of 90 degrees just in the vicinity of your excavator.
  • Avoid using your excavator hydraulic breaker as a cleaning tool for debris.


8. What are the types of excavator hydraulic breakers?


There are several types of excavator hydraulic breakers. Some of the major kinds of hydraulic breaker on the base of shapes are listed below:


  • Box type
  • Side type
  • Top type


Box type:

  • They operate quietly with low embedded noise
  • The body is covered within a box which protects your excavator hydraulic breaker.
  • A comparatively large length


Side Type:

  • Shorter than the other two types
  • It can be separated easily and is easy to maintain
  • Provide cushioning of the chisel, which aids in movement


Top type:

  • You can easily replace the transfer head in case of malfunctioning
  • Long length and can be operated with greater impact
  • Easier to take control and can do the operating jobs at ease


9. How long does the excavator hydraulic breaker last?


The major factors affecting the longevity of a machine, such as an excavator hydraulic breaker, include the type of machine it is operating on, the way it works in overloading, under loading, service schedules, and other mechanical problems.


Usually, the life of an excavator hydraulic breaker varies from 3 to 5 years. You can increase the entire life of an excavator hydraulic breaker by following maintenance and operational precautionary measures.


The lifetime of the excavator hydraulic breaker varies from model to model or type to type, which is because of several factors. This will not only increase the life of your excavator hydraulic breaker but help you save extra associated costs.


10. How much chisels of excavator hydraulic breaker costs?


The cost of an excavator hydraulic breaker chisel depends on several parameters.These factors affecting the cost of excavator hydraulic breaker include the size of chisel, shape of chisel, the material used in manufacturing chisel, and pointed edge or shape.


The price also varies for the quantity being purchased. The cost of the three-piece set of an excavator hydraulic breaker chisel of alloy steel lies in the range of $45 to $60 per set.


The price of a high-quality excavator hydraulic breaker chisel made with forging as a principle manufacturing process varies. $22 to $120 per piece. The price of a custom-designed chisel for your excavator hydraulic breaker lies in the range of $50 to $200.


11. On which material can I use Excavator hydraulic breaker?


There are several materials on which excavator hydraulic breaker can be used at ease.Excavator hydraulic breaker is suitable for cracking all kinds of rock, coarse, medium, and fine.


It’s no problem to use granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, and a wide range of materials in the construction and mining industries. The breaker can reduce the size of aggregate particles in gravel and sand.


These materials can be hard and soft. The material’s hardness determines the life of your excavator hydraulic breaker. The method you employ in operating your excavator hydraulic breaker greatly impacts the material type you choose.


12. What does excavator hydraulic breaker Hs code mean?


The Hs code refers to the harmonized system of codes. This system of regulations is widely employed in the import and export of various products. The Hs code for excavator hydraulic breaker consists of an 8-digit code. This code determines the following parameters.


These parameters include import date, time, quantity of the product, unit of the product, price per unit, and much more. This code also determines arriving time and is used for accessing the quantity of the inventory present or at the hand of this specific type of stock.


The Hs code is used around the globe, and each country has its specific set of Hs codes.


13. Can I get the excavator hydraulic breaker repaired?


Yes, you can get your excavator hydraulic breaker repaired. Most of the time, you can get it repaired by a local technician or a local manufacturer. It depends upon the extent of damage how much cost is incorporated in your excavator hydraulic breaker.

When you are getting your excavator, hydraulic breaker repaired from your manufacturer, and he may repair it free of cost if a warranty of your excavator hydraulic breaker exists. But if the warranty of the excavator is out, the only thing you can do is get it repaired.


Sometimes the repair cost becomes equal to the purchase cost. In that case, it is recommended to buy a new one for you.


14. What is the weight of the excavator hydraulic breaker?


The weight of the excavator hydraulic breaker varies from model to model. Three types of excavator hydraulic breaker have varying weights depending upon several factors.


These factors include manufacturing process, shape, the material used in manufacturing, and much more. Some of the weights for various excavator hydraulic breaker are listed below:


Sr. No. Product Name Weight (lb.)
1 Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 13295
2 Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 15665
3 Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 18850
4 Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 25070
5 Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 37000
6 Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 38376


The weight of the excavator hydraulic breaker directly affects the operation and strength utilized in the braking process.


15. What is the function of the valve in the excavator hydraulic breaker?


The valve in the excavator hydraulic breaker regulates the hydraulic fluid pressure of the whole machine and is a very important part of the breaker. The braking force generated by a breaker is mainly that of centrifugal force and impact force.


The fluid pressure adjustment valve controls the operating pressure, thereby controlling the player’s work efficiency. The function of the valve in the excavator hydraulic breaker is to provide sufficient pressure for fracturing rock.


It is located near the hydraulics and controls mainly the flow of high-pressure fluid through the hoseIt has a positive locking mechanism to ensure that it will not leak hydraulic fluid and cause the breaker to stop working during operation.


16. How to select an excavator hydraulic breaker?


Selecting an excavator hydraulic breaker, there are several high-priority criteria, for example:


  • How much power it provides,
  • Accuracy of breaking (how fast the medium is broken down and how fine it is),
  • Reliability (can it work steadily without breakdowns).
  • The tool must be chosen following the rock or its state: how solid it is.
  • There should be appropriate margins above the minimum capacity required to cope with all possible contingencies considering safety.
  • What types of materials on which you can use it at ease
  • Select your tool bushing based on the amount of force you need; one way is to count the blows per minute
  • find out how much energy you will use in one minute.
  • Identify your needs based on rock or soil type, yield strength, and density

17. What is the maintenance requirement of the Excavator hydraulic breaker?


The maintenance requirement of the excavator hydraulic breaker is employed to keep your excavator running in healthy condition. You can incorporate the following maintenance measures to increase the longevity of your excavator hydraulic breaker.


  • A hydraulic breaker must have its hydraulic valve oil changed and pump seal kits replaced after a normal operation.
  • The power tool also needs periodic cleaning of the bushings, chisel, and tool bushing.
  • Operate your excavator hydraulic breaker at an optimum frequency level to avoid any damage to the tool
  • Periodically measure the temperature of your hydraulic breaker so that it remains under optimum limit
  • Hydraulic pressure must be examined frequently so that provided thrust remains in the specified range


18. What are the specifications of the excavator hydraulic breaker?


The specifications of the excavator hydraulic breaker are listed in the table below. The specifications vary depending upon the mode of your excavator hydraulic breaker employed.


Sr. No. Specifications
1 Operating Weight lb. 127
2 Length in 34.1
3 Width in 7.9
4 Height in 9.8
5 Blows per minute n/a 1290
6 Blows per flow gal/ min 6
7 Impact energy j 60
8 Tool Diameter in 1.5


The hydraulic breaker specifications are a key factor determining the strength needed to carry out a particular type of excavation.


19. How to install an excavator hydraulic breaker?


The installation procedure of an excavator hydraulic breaker is listed below. To install an excavator hydraulic breaker, first lay down your excavator hydraulic breaker on some rigid support above the ground level. You can also place it vertically inside the ground. Now bring your excavator close to your excavator hydraulic breaker and close its hinges by inserting the rod.


This rod makes your excavator hydraulic breaker and your excavator keep intact. Now fix your excavator hydraulic lines in the excavator hydraulic breaker, which is its main power source. Tighten all nuts and bolts to a specific amount of torque to avoid leakage or loosening. Now test your installation by operating your excavator hydraulic breaker. If it runs fine, then it is successfully installed.


20. What is the benefit of an excavator hydraulic breaker?


There are many benefits of using an excavator hydraulic breaker. Some of the major benefits are listed below:


  • This machine helps with construction by breaking apart large chunks of earth to prepare it for building.
  • It reduces the amount of time it takes to complete a project and ensures that walls and other structures are built correctly.
  • An excavator hydraulic breaker is strong and durable and helps you maximize productivity.
  • Quiet Operation Hydraulic breakers run quietly. This makes them very suitable for urban and residential environments.
  • It helps you save extra labor costs involve in the manual breaking of rocks.


21. Can I import an excavator hydraulic breaker from China?


Yes, you can import an excavator hydraulic breaker from China. The are several advantages of importing from China: The price is usually lower than as compared to the local market. You can order a custom excavator hydraulic breaker. You can select your desired shape, size/ dimensions, materials, weight, and model.


One great benefit is that there is no minimum or maximum quantity that you can order. If you are a small retailer, you can also place an order once you are finished by entering your contact details. You will receive an excavator hydraulic breaker within a few days at your doorstep. Chinese excavator hydraulic breaker manufacturers provide high-quality hydraulic breakers at lower costs.


22. What does a pneumatic excavator hydraulic breaker mean?


Pneumatic excavator hydraulic breaker’s main function is to generate pressurized air force using air as a key element when rupturing lock. Pneumatic excavator hydraulic breaker is a small concrete crusher used in the building construction industry.


It can reduce the concrete and rocks into small stones, which can be used for surfacing streets or driveways. It has a compact structure, easy operation, low price, high efficiency, etc. Pneumatic excavator hydraulic breaker does not produce noise and is better for smooth excavation operations.


23. Why does the excavator hydraulic breaker fail?


The excavator hydraulic breaker can fail because of several reasons. Some of the main reasons are listed. The factors that can influence it include faulty design, inappropriate carriers, excessive power, improper methods of operation and maintenance, etc.


Excavator hydraulic breaker will be subjected to the high temperature and pressure of the average digging process. The bushings and piston rod will gradually wear out, causing cracks and failures in this process.


Also, excessive pressure, high temperature, long operation time, insufficient lubrication, and lack of cleaning will greatly shorten the service life of the bushings. If you have found that the breakers do not work effectively, you should immediately find out why this phenomenon.


24. Can I replace an excavator hydraulic breaker?


Yes, an excavator hydraulic breaker can be replaced. To do so, some items must be assessed, including the Hydraulic hoses, the breakers, and any other components necessary to support the breaker. One of the several reasons for replacing the excavator hydraulic breaker is that it is not working fine.


But before replacement, you must assess different parts of your excavator hydraulic breaker and find out if you can get it repaired. If yes, then it is best to get it repaired rather than replacing it.

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