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XuGong KS Mini Excavator Hammer Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Fast Running Mini Excavator Hammer

Mini Excavator Hammer TRB68 Breaker

TRB68 Mini Excavator Hammer Hydraulic Hammers Strong For Rock And Concrete

Soosan SB40 Mini Excavator Hammer

Soosan SB40 Mini Excavator Hammer Hydraulic Rock Breaker Chisel Wholesale

JSB200 Hydraulic Mini Excavator Hammer

Quality JSB200 Hydraulic Breaker, Mini Excavator Hammer For Different Models

EDT 400 Mini Excavator Hammer for Volvo EC55

Volvo EC55 Mini Excavator Hammer EDT 400, Excellent Quality Good Price

Mini Excavator Hammer For CAT Volvo Excavator

Mini Excavator Hammer Breaker For CAT Volvo Hitachi Excavator

Mini Excavator Hammer Hydraulic Breaker For Sale

Plenty Stocks of Mini Excavator Hammers For Selecting, Quick Delivery

SB30 Mini Excavator Hammer

Mini Excavator Hammer Soosan SB30 Hydraulic Breaker Hammer

SY40 Mini Excavator Hammer

SY40 Mini Excavator Hammer, High Quality With Long Working Life

5T 6T 7T Mini Excavator Hammer

Hydraulic Breaker Hammer For 5T 6T 7T Mini Excavators, In Stocks To Ship

Why Xugong is the Major Mini Excavator Hammer Distributor?

Xugong KS mini excavator hammer has great efficiency and durability. it is used for earthmoving, forestry, demolition, and construction applications.

Feel free to order your mini excavator hammer, we have covered all the mini excavator sizes for different projects. Get a quote now!

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Hydraulic Breaker Hammer Seal Kits
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Excavator Track Chain Link Assy
Excavator Track Chain Link Assy
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High-precision Excavatot Sprocket
High-precision Excavatot Sprocket
PC200 PC300 Undercarriage Part Chain Sprockets
Excavator Spare Parts Track Roller
Excavator Spare Parts Track Roller
Sany Excavator Undercarriage Track Roller

XuGong KS Mini Excavator Hammer Factory Overview

Looking For An Efficient And Strong Mini Excavator Hammer?

If you are looking for a strong and efficient mini excavator hammer. You can find it here at Xugong KS. We understand the power applications of the mini excavator hammer. That’s why these mini excavator hammer has been conditioned and tested before delivery.

Xugong KS mini excavator hammers are suitable for different project purposes. Whether you need it for digging, drilling functions, or heavy-duty projects.

Xugong KS mini excavator hammers can deal effectively with any number of rocks, soils, and other materials. In regards to fitting, feel free to send us your mini excavator model no., brand, size, and application. Xugong KS covers different brands of mini excavators such as KOBELCO, HITACHI, DOOSAN, VOLVO, CAT, DAEWOO, FURUKAWA, and so on. And it can be used in mining, construction, excavating, etc.

With that, we will find an appropriate mini excavator hammer based on your need. You are assured that Xugong KS mini excavator hammer will last longer. It will perform perfectly in any of your projects. Our team is 24/7 available for your inquiry. We are excited to provide you the best mini excavator hammer available. Get a quote now!

Mini Excavator Hammer – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The Mini Excavator Hammer FAQ Guide is the ultimate resource for those interested in learning more about the use and operation of mini excavator hammers.

This guide features a detailed FAQ section and informative sections on mini excavator hammer, types, cost, materials, specifications, maintenance requirements, lifetime, and much more.

It’s a quick starting guide with the most common tips and hacks to get you up to speed fast using Mini Excavator Hammer.

This guide is simple and to the point, which guides you with a mini-excavator hammer, either you are a newbie or a professional.

1.    What Does Mini Excavator Hammer Means?

The Mini excavator hammer is the most powerful tool on a mini excavator. It’s used to destroy concrete, rocks, and other materials as it digs out of the ground.

The mini excavator hammer is powered by an auxiliary hydraulic system installed on the excavator.

Mini Excavator

The foot-operated valve controls the flow from the excavator’s hydraulic system, which keeps from overloading and damaging the machine.

A mini excavator hammer is made up of numerous moving parts, and these parts are housed inside the main body of the mini excavator hammer.

These parts impart their motion to the mini excavator hammer, which helps it carry out its intended function.

2.    How to Use Mini Excavator Hammer?

A guide on how to use a mini excavator hammer to get the most out of it is listed below:

  • Apply a layer of oil on the parts that will be used most frequently before operation.
  • Place the tool at a right angle on the surface that you want to break and then start hammering. Once the surface is damaged, stop the instrument instantly.
  • Apply moderate pressure to the surface while striking between 10 and 20 seconds. Then, move to a new location while tapping the surface again with the hammer.
  • Ensure the tool is in contact with the surface of the workpiece at a 90-degree angle.
  • Do not force the chuck into the bushing if it is not completely seated.
  • For more significant projects, break up the project into smaller sections. Working on areas at a time is an effective method of breaking large objects up into manageable chunks. Start by working near the edge and then work your way to the middle.

3.    How Much Mini Excavator Hammer Cost?

The cost of a mini excavator hammer varies from company to company, and it depends upon several factors.

These factors include the type of material used in manufacturing the mini excavator hammer, size of the mini excavator hammer, type and model of the mini excavator, and weight of the mini excavator hammer.

The cost of the mini excavator hammer lies in the range of $500 to $5000.

The cost of the SB10 mini excavator hammer for a 4-ton mini excavator is $700 per set.

The silenced type mini excavator hammer that reduces several noises is in the range of $1000 to $2500.

4.    What Is the Working Principle of Mini Excavator Hammer?

Mini excavator hammer is a small but powerful tool that is attached to an excavator.

It works by applying high pressure from its back-mounted device, pressuring hydraulic fluid stored inside it.

A mini excavator hammer is a combination of a piston and a valve. The only moving parts inside the cylinder.

Working Principle

The piston slides up and down inside the cylinder, pushing the gas up and down and creating a force that turns the pedals.

The valves are the rotating parts of the mini excavator hammer, and they control the amount of oil that goes into the cylinder to move the mini excavator hammer.

Mini excavator hammer is mighty than other ordinary hammers.

They feature a variable-force mechanism dependent on the pressure applied to the piston and the weight of the object being hammered.

5.    What Is the Weight of Mini Excavator Hammer?

The weight of the mini excavator hammer depends upon several factors. These factors include material used in manufacturing, model and type of mini excavator. You will use a mini excavator hammer, the thickness of an excavator hammer, length of an excavator hammer.

If a mini excavator hammer is heavy, then it does not mean it is durable. But the heavier mini excavator hammer provides stability and easy demolition of materials due to its weight.

But some heavier mini excavator hammers are prone to wear and tear earlier as they are not durable.

Usually, the weight for different types of mini excavator hammers are listed in the table below:

Sr. No. Model Carrier Weight (ton) Unit Weight (lb.)
1 HK30 2.8 – 4.2 410
2 HK45 3.9 – 6.6 760
3 HK60 6.6 – 14.3 1160

6.    What Are the Advantages of Mini Excavator Hammer?

Mini Excavator Hammer has many advantages, and they are listed below:

  1. Simple construction, fully assembled and ready for work;
  2. The equipment is potent while the weight ratio is low, which is extremely helpful in mountain areas.

The excavator suit for road construction and maintenance of highways, roads, airports, city streets, squares, and bridges;

  1. Mini excavator hammer has higher efficiency and more straightforward operation, reducing labor cost and saving time.
  2. The mini excavator hammer is small in size, which is portable.

7.    What Are the Types of Mini Excavator Hammer?

There are three types of mini excavator hammer which are listed below:

Small Class Mini Excavator Hammer:

Small mini excavator hammers are perfect for indoor repair projects.

Because of their small size and lightweight, they’re easier to use than the other two types of hammer drills.

Medium Class Mini Excavator Hammer:

The most common hydraulic hammer is a medium-duty impact hammer. The range of PSI in this class is from 2,000 to 3,000.

This means it has enough impact to finish most projects but will not swing as often as a lower-end hammer.

Large Class Mini Excavator Hammer:

Heavy-duty engineering hammers are designed for heavy-duty applications such as construction or mining.

The high PSI up to 2300 (pounds per square inch) means they strike harder and faster than their smaller counterparts.

8.    What Are the Specifications of Mini Excavator Hammer?

Although the specifications of a mini excavator hammer vary from different models.

But the general specifications are listed in the table below for mini excavator hammers.

Sr. No. Specifications 1 2 3
1 Operating Weight (lb.) 127 281 427
2 Length (in) 34.1 40.8 46.8
3 Width (in) 7.9 11 12.6
4 Height (in) 9.8 15.8 17.6
5 Blow per minute 1290 1340 1450
6 Flow in Blows per minute (gal/ min) 6 13 21
7 Impact Energy (J) 60 150 500
8 Tool Diameter (in) 1.5 2.2 2.8

You can select anyone with a given specification depending upon the size of your project and intended function.

9.    Can You Repair Mini Excavator Hammer?

Although a small tool mini excavator hammer can still be damaged easily if not used correctly or maintained adequately.

It is essential to replace any parts that have become damaged or worn out to keep the mini excavator running efficiently.

The best way to repair a mini excavator hammer is to have it repaired by professionals.

In case if you are repairing yourselves, then make sure to arrange your tool kit.

Identify and Separate the tool from the mini excavator hammer, which needs to be repaired.

Get this tool repaired and–install it on a mini excavator hammer.

Sometimes the tool is too damaged that the only solution is to replace your damaged mini excavator hammer tool.

10.      How Can I Buy Mini Excavator Hammer?

When it comes to buying a mini excavator hammer, you can choose from several options.

  • Online
  • Offline

Both online and offline stores are an excellent option to buy a mini excavator hammer. You can select which one is convenient for you.

You can access the quality and price of online stores by reading the earlier buyer reviews about their mini excavator hammer.

This is the best way to purchase a reliable and affordable mini excavator hammer from online stores.

If you want to purchase from local retail stores, it is also a good choice. You can visit them physically and assess the quality and price of the mini excavator hammer from multiple retail stores.

Then you can purchase from a more reliable store.

11.      What Is the Internal Structure of Mini Excavator Hammer?

To better understand the internal structure of a mini excavator hammer, you can refer to the below description.

Internal Structure

The internal structure of a mini excavator hamper comprises of three main parts:

  • Back Head
  • Cylinder Assembly
  • Front Head

Back Head:

It is defined as a chamber designed to store nitrogen gas at high pressure.

When it is pressurized, this gas acts as a damper and enhances the piston’s return stroke.

In addition, when the piston travels down, the high-pressure gas acts like an impact enhancer, which helps increase force at the bottom of the stroke.

Cylinder Assembly:

The main components of a mini excavator hammer are a control valve, a cylinder, and a piston.

The function of the valve is to control the amount of oil flowing into the cylinder.

A piston is employed to reciprocates to generate and transfer the power.

All the parts are housed within a cylinder, just forming a cylinder assembly.

Front Head:

The front head provides a place for connection between the chisel and piston.

The head itself is a replaceable part. However, the pins and bushes in the front head need to be replaced periodically.

12.      How Can You Grease Mini Excavator Hammer?

The grease is kept out of the impact chamber when you press the mini excavator hammer upward.

A hydraulic lock will occur if excessive grease is allowed to accumulate in the impact chamber.

Grease Mini Excavator Hammer

Seal failure, in turn, can cause the hydraulic system to flood with grease when the mini excavator hammer is fired.

  • The mini excavator hammer must be placed vertically to grease them. The vertical placement of the tools allows for a more significant amount of pressure to be applied.
  • Grease with a lubricant until the tool and retainer pins slide smoothly.
  • Grease the mini excavator hammer when it is used for more than two hours consecutively. In addition to looking shiny, the moving parts are subject to wear, so they must be lubricated to prevent excessive friction and breakage.

13.        What Is the Function of Valve in Mini Excavator Hammer?

Valve ports are used to control the direction of the flow of fluid in a system. When ports are closed, no fluid can flow.

Flipping the lever to open the valve allows fluid to flow from the pump into the cylinder. This shifts the piston’s movement, causing it to move back.

The movement that occurs in this place is where the power of the hydraulic system is generated.

14.      Can Mini Excavator Hammer Be Replaced?

Yes, the mini-excavator hammer is easily replaceable.

As it is rated to allow you to break rock, this tool can also be replaced.

Replace the mini excavator hammer as soon as you damage it by hitting hard materials.

It may not seem like a big deal if the mini excavator hammer has a little bit of damage, but you could end up breaking it for good if you continue using it when it is already damaged.

15.      Can I Import Mini Excavator from China?

Yes, you can import a mini excavator from China.

It is an excellent choice to import from Chinese Mini excavator hammer manufacturers.

They supply a custom-made mini excavator hammer. This means you can order a mini excavator hammer in any size, shape, material, weight, and specifications.

Chinese manufacturers supply the mini excavator hammer at the lowest cost and with higher quality.

You can order as much as you want. There are no limits on quantity order.

Chinese mini excavator hammer manufacturers are most trust-able and reliable as they deliver your mini excavator hammer at your doorstep after your checkout.

16.      What is the Hs Code of Mini Excavator Hammer?

The Hs Code results from International Standards Organization’s work on harmonizing the most used product trade data globally, including but not limited to food, chemicals, consumables, textiles, apparel, and collectibles.

The Hs code for a mini excavator hammer is an 8-digit code. This 8-digit code varies from country to country and stores the data about your product.

This code contains information on mini excavator hammer shipped to, shipped from, quantity, product description, price per unit, total price, etc.

17.      What Is the Maintenance Requirement for Mini Excavator Hammer?

The manufacturer’s maintenance requirements for a mini excavator hammer include a regular check on the machine to ensure it is fully operational.

This includes checking/replacing any hoses or damaged components and removing any debris from the load chambers.

It may be necessary to clean or replace specific parts of the machine to ensure safety and an increased lifetime.

It must need extra care as it is always used in demanding environments under dirt and heavy-duty workloads. In addition, it requires extraordinary lubrication that is to be regularly maintained on it.

18.      How long mini excavator hammer lasts?

The useful life of a Mini Excavator Hammer lasts between 5 to 10 years.

At the beginning of its useful life, the force generated by the Mini Excavator Hammer will be at maximum.

During this period, an operator must use it carefully and strictly according to design specifications.

After that, due to wear and tear or usage for a long time, the Mini Excavator Hammer’s pressure gradually decreases every year.

To increase the life of the Mini Excavator hammer, it is necessary to follow the maintenance requirement strictly.

19.      What are the things to consider Before Buying Mini Excavator Hammer?

It would be best if you considered the following things before buying a mini excavator hammer.

  • What is the size of your project? Is it big or small?
  • Find out if there any leakage exists
  • Check for the cracks within a mini excavator hammer
  • Types of housing embedded in your mini excavator hammer
  • What maintenance expenditure incorporate into your excavator hammer
  • Confirm that if it is already used or either rebuild
  • Determine if the size of the mini excavator hammer matches with your mini excavator

20.      What Is the Role of Chisel in Mini Excavator Hammer?

The chisels are the most critical components in the hammer of mini-excavators, and each core component adds to the overall functionality of the mini excavator.

The role of the chisel in the mini excavator’s hammer is to break up the rock.

Chisel Mini Excavator Hammer

The chisel is a rod-shaped piece that extends from the front head of the mini excavator hammer with a specific amount of extension.

The pointed shape of the mini excavator hammer chisel varies from moll shape, flat, bevel, and dovetail, etc.

Each shape is used for a specific feature and application.

It can be used for a variety of jobs, such as breaking and excavation. There are also special chisels that break concrete and rocks (chipped).

21.      How Much Mini Excavator Hammer Chisel Cost?

The cost of mini excavator hammer chisels varies from type to type and depends upon several factors.

These factors include the manufacturing of chisel, point shape of chisel, the thickness of chisel, and length of the chisel.

Usually, the cost of a chisel lies in the range of $40 to $200.

The costly chisel is made up of durable materials and is rough and harsh to the severe working conditions besides the last longer.

While on the other hand, the cheap chisel is made up of materials with a relatively shorter lifespan.

22.      What Do You Mean by Pneumatic Mini Excavator Hammer?

The pneumatic mini excavator hammer is driven by compressed air, and it will produce high speed per minute impact motion and hit the object surface.

The short and small exhaust pipe discharge gas produced during the hammer stroke.

Its function is to break the large rock piece into sand and particles.

It is exceptionally lightweight and can be easily transported to the site.

The weight ratio of the equipment is 1:3-1:5.

It is characterized by high mechanical efficiency, low energy consumption, a wide range of applications, and reliable operation.

23.      On Which Material Can I Use Mini Excavator Hammer?

There are a lot of different materials on which you can use Mini Excavator Hammer.

These materials on which you can use a mini excavator hammer include rock, concrete, masonry, subway road, hard stones, limestone, granite, silicate beads, basalt, and coal, etc.

Materials Mini Excavator Hammer

Mini excavator hammer can be used on medium-hard and hard rocks. It can also be used on complex and weak strata.

Even on the soft strata, it can be used to remove or break up more than 20 cm long pieces.

24.      What Materials Are Used in Manufacturing of Mini Excavator Hammer?

There are a lot of materials used in the manufacturing of the Mini excavator hammer.

These materials include high carbon steel used in available casing, rubber material is used in manufacturing seals, alloy steel used in chisel, Cast iron for front and back head.

These materials are often used with a coating of molybdenum, nickel, or chromium.

Each material can bear a specific amount of stress depending upon its characteristics.

This is why chisel, which has to bear a lot of continuous and consecutive stress, is made of far stronger alloy steel.

25.      Can I Buy Parts of Mini Excavator Hammer?

You can also purchase parts of the mini excavator hammer rather than buy a new mini excavator hammer.

This will save you a lot of costs.

You can purchase either from online stores or local retail stores that manufacture or supply a mini excavator hammer.

If you find out that one of the parts within a mini excavator hammer, including valve, piston, chisel, or cylinder, is not working, you can remove it from the assembly and replace it.

26.      How Do I Know My Mini Excavator Hammer Is Bad?

Your mini excavator hammer is terrible if you find out one of the following:

  • Leakage on the external sides of the cylinder
  • Throttling or rattling sound which may lead to noise pollution
  • If you observe a slight bending in your chisel
  • Broken valves may lead to uncontrolled flow of hydraulic fluid
  • When you observe a juddering effect in your cylinder
  • Slight wear and tear on piston rod

When you find any one of the above-listed signs, it determines that your mini excavator hammer is terrible and needed to be replaced.

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