The Best Heavy-Duty Excavator Track Guard Manufacturer in China

Xugong KS Gives You the Right Expertise with Their Best Excavator Track Guard in the Market

  • Designed With Standard Material To Prevent  Obstruction
  • Many Types and Sizes of Excavator Track Guides
  • Followed OEM  Standard and ISO certified
  • Boost In Reducing Machinery Idleness
  • Secure Packing and Fast Delivery

XuGong KS Excavator Track Guard Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Track Guard

PC220-7 Track Roller Guard Excavator Track Roller Guard 20Y-30-31160 207-30-51191

High-Quality Made Excavator Track Roller Guard. Long-Life Resistance

ZX330 ZX360 Excavator Track Guard 8049578 4272502 A590920 4018545 425176

High-Standard Excavator Track Guard. Best Factory Sale Price

R305 Hyundai Excavator Track Chain Guard Excavator Track Frame Excavator

Exceptional and Good Reliability Excavator Track Chain Guard Excavator

Kobelco Excavator Bulldozer Track Roller Guard

Strict Quality Control Excavator Track Guard For KOBELCO Bulldozer. Guaranteed High-Performance

Doosan DX225 DX300 DX340 Excavator Track Chain Guard

High-Quality Good After-Sale Excavator Track Chain Guard For Doosan DX225 DX300 DX340

SH200 SH280 Track Guard Excavator

Long Life Service SH200 SH280 Track Guard Excavator. Ready For Delivery. High-Grade Built

SK200-6-8 Excavator Track Chain Guard

Quality Assured SK200-6-8  Excavator Track Chain Guard. OEM Quality

E20 Excavator Track Link Guard

Most Advanced E20 Excavator Track Link Guard. Best-Made and Long-Life Resistance. In Stocks For Delivery

EX20 Excavator Track Guard

High-Powered  EX20 Excavator Track Guard. Best Use and Best Deals. Standard Wooden Cased. Safe Shipment

Why Should You Rely on Xugong KS Excavator Track Guard?

Excavator Track Guards are often carelessly unnoticed during routine equipment inspection. XuGong KS Excavator Track Guard plays a vital role in keeping your machinery performing at its extremity. As with every part of the machine, Excavator Track Guard is subject to destruction. That’s why XuGong KS Excavator Track Guard keeps its proper maintenance and lengthen undercarriage life with lower operating cost and keeping your machine performed on-site.

Xugong KS has been the number one distributor of  Excavator Track Guards in China. With over twelve years of industry experience in manufacturing Excavator Track Guard, we only produce the most unbreakable products in China. Easy-on and easy-off Excavator Track Guards are perfect use on varied applications. Xugong KS can give you plenty of assets of having our Excavator Track Guard. We assure you of the maximum restore and optimum life operation of  XuGong KS Excavator Track Guard. Order now!


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Xugong KS Excavator Track Guard Manufacturer

Excavator Track Guard Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection
Xugong KS only choose the most durable and sturdiest materials for our Excavator Track Guard.
Excavator Track Guard Welding
Our top-quality steal is weld-on and bolt-on to form different Excavator Track Guard to fit every excavator.
Excavator Track Guard Assembly
XuGong KS Excavator Track guard is installed based on OEM Standards. Fit carefully and perfectly for best use.
Excavator Track Guard Packing
Fast but secure delivery is our no. 1 priority. Wooden crates and tough ropes secure your Excavator Track Guard.

Xugong KS Excavator Track Guard Manufacturer Overview

Be Equipped with Best-Built Xugong KS Excavator Track Guard


Having tested production worldwide, XuGong KS has identified easily the exact specification of your Excavator Track Guard. We goal to provide our customers with not just quality but Excavator Track Guard at fair and competitive prices. Thus, we can also provide Excavator Track Guard and any equipment suit to almost any model, make, and size of your excavator.


We can guide and aid solutions in working your machine efficiently. XuGong KS Excavator Track Guard is fitted with tested and certified ISO. Combining fast, exact, and powerful CNC machines with enduring tools means our Excavator Track Guard can guarantee performance even under intense conditions. At XuGong KS we help your Excavator Track Guard achieve maintenance results. You need not worry about the repair of your Excavator Track Guard. Just send us the exact specifications you needed, and our expert team will supply you immediately. Order now!



Excavator Track Guard – The Complete FAQ Guide


Your excavator probably works in extreme environmental conditions. It passes through uneven grounds, which are very brutal on your tracks. That’s where excavator track guards become important.


Check this out:

Excavator track guards are often ignored, especially by operators whose excavators are new. It is not a mandatory thing to install these track guards, but leading experts highly recommend installing them. They are essential addons if you want your excavator tracks to last longer.


Here’s what you are going to learn from this guide:

  • What excavator track guards are, and how they help your excavator tracks
  • How to install, maintain, and replace your excavator track guards
  • Where to get the best excavator track guards that will last for a long.


Keep reading this guide to find out more.


1. What Are Excavator Track Guards?


Excavator track guards are addons on your excavator tracks that guard them, just as its name suggests. They protect your excavator tracks, especially when it passes through forests, construction zones, excavation sites, etc.



2. How Do Excavator Track Guards Function?


Their primary task is to help your excavator tracks from snaking. It also prevents them from coming off. Apart from that, excavator track guards significantly reduce the wear rate on your excavator tracks and put them (excavator tracks) in place.


Here’s why excavator track guards are important:

  • They make sure that the tracks run straight as they should which in turn protects your excavator tracks from premature wear.
  • They also prevent your excavator tracks from falling off the excavator as it passes through uneven, unfriendly environmental conditions.


Excavator tracks will help your excavator chains last for an extra 1,000 to 1,500 hours. This means that they save you a significant amount of money. They also help your excavator remain productive, as there will be minimal downtime meant for repairs and replacements of undercarriage components.


3. How Are Excavator Track Guards Installed?


Some excavator brands come with these track guards installed as a standard. This is because excavator manufacturers understand that your excavator may work under extreme environmental conditions. Here’s what you can do: If your excavator will work under incredibly extreme environmental conditions, you can always add more track guards.


Excavator track guards are installed by simply welding them firmly on the excavator’s undercarriage. You need to have at least two excavator track guards for standard excavators on each track. Heavy-duty excavators will require at least 3 tracks on each track. Ensure that your excavator’s undercarriage is clean before installing your newly acquired excavator track guards. It should be clean, even from corrosive elements such as rust.


It’s also a good maintenance measure to ensure that your excavator’s undercarriage is always clean. It, therefore, means that you need to clean your excavator’s undercarriage after every use by sacrificing some time after work to clean it. Cleaning the undercarriage goes a long way in helping you inspect your undercarriage components’ health status.


4. How Can I Recognise the Wear Patterns of Excavator Track Guards?


Similar to any other excavator undercarriage component, your track guards are eventually bound to wear out. Worn-out excavator track guards damage your bottom track rollers as well as the tracking link. Here’s how you can recognize wear patterns of excavator track guards: You’ll need to check out the inner side of your excavator track guards.


If they have any visible damage, this means that they protected your excavator tracks. They are supposed to remain straight at the bottom even after protecting your excavator tracks. Your excavator track guards should not have a play that goes beyond 5% of the entire pin length. Also, the track guards should have the same length as the pins’ centerline.


A high-quality excavator track guard will offer you better results by ensuring that your excavator remains functional by reducing downtime meant for repairs and replacements. They further make your undercarriage sustainable. Please note that your excavator’s undercarriage consumes almost 50% of the excavator’s total maintenance fee.


5. How Can I Select the Best Excavator Track Guards?


Selecting good excavator track guards can be an intimidating process, especially with the rise of many excavator parts manufacturers and suppliers in the market today. Here’s how you can select the ideal excavator track guards for your excavator:

  • First, you need to select a professional manufacturing and supplying company that has a good reputation. Doing this will guarantee you that your excavator track guards will last for a long.


A good manufacturer will supply you with high-quality steel excavator track guards as well as other excavator components that you may require.


  • The second consideration that you need to keep in mind is your excavator size. The bigger your excavator, the more track guards you’ll require.


  • The third thing that you need to do is to properly install your excavator track guards. Proper installation matters a great deal, as they dictate how properly your excavator track guards should work.


6. What Causes Damage to Excavator Track Guards?


As you read earlier on in this guide, your excavator track guards are bound to get damaged eventually, as you continually use them. However, some factors make your excavator track guards get damaged prematurely. There are two primary reasons why your excavator track guards may wear out prematurely. Check them out:


  • Improper installation: Whenever you install your excavator track guards incorrectly, they will not function as they should. As such, they will get damaged prematurely when your excavator passes through extreme environmental conditions.
  • Dirty undercarriages: Your excavator track guards come into direct contact with highly abrasive ground elements. You cannot ignore the fact that contaminants are present on the ground.


A dirty undercarriage will accelerate the rate of wear because of the presence of contaminants such as rust.


7. How Can I Properly Maintain My Excavator Track Guards?


Track guard maintenance is not a difficult process. You only need to sacrifice a little bit of your time out of your busy schedule to properly maintain your excavator track guards.


Here are some top tips on how you can maintain your excavator track guards:

  • Clean your excavator undercarriage: It is always advisable to clean your excavator undercarriage after every use. It helps prevent the formation of buildup. It also does away with contaminants that corrode your excavator’s undercarriage components, which includes your track guards.


  • Proper installation: Your excavator track guards need to be correctly installed. Put into consideration the vital role these track guards play in keeping your excavator’s tracks safe. You can always contact your favorite mechanic to help you out with the correct installation process.



The mechanic will further advise you on what to repair and/or replace as well as other important excavator undercarriage tips.


  • Always have spare track guards: Spare track guards help you replace the old worn-out ones quickly. You’ll not risk exposing your excavator track chain to unfriendly environmental conditions. It’ll also help you reduce excavator downtime as you’ll not have to wait for new excavator track guards from your favorite supplier.

8. Are Excavator Track Guards Repairable?


Here’s the truth: No, excavator track guards are not repairable. Once they wear out, it would be best if you’d replace them with new ones from a reputable manufacturer and supplier.


9. How Should I Replace My Excavator Track Guards?


Replacing your excavator’s track guards is a pretty straightforward process. It involves removing the old worn-out ones with new high-quality ones. Here’s what you’ll need to make the replacement process successful:


You’ll first need to set your excavator into safe mode to avoid injuries. Take the ignition keys with you and place them on a safe surface just as an extra measure. Ensure that your excavator undercarriage is completely clean, even from contaminants such as rust.


Proceed to remove the old excavator track guards by hitting the welded part to remove them quickly. You can use a sledgehammer for this removal process. Once the old one is out, place the new one in place and weld it firmly to the excavator’s undercarriage frame.



Also, ensure that you’ve correctly installed these track guards properly by checking your excavator’s service manual. It’ll help you understand how to deal with your specific excavator make and model.


10. How Much Excavator Track Guards Cost?


It’s impossible to put a definitive price tag on all excavator track guards. This is due to the following facts:


  • There are many excavator track guards manufacturers and suppliers in the market today. Each manufacturer has a unique way of manufacturing these excavator track guards, which have an impact on the final price.
  • There are different excavator brands in the market. Each excavator brand has its unique undercarriage requirements.
  • You may have unique needs that may require you to have custom-made track guards.


Bottom line: You cannot put a definite price tag on excavator track guards. You can, however, reach out to us today for a free quote that meets your requirements as well as your estimated budget.


11. Where Can I Get the Best Excavator Track Guards?


Here’s the truth: KS manufactures these excavator track guards using steel. It is more durable, corrosive resistant, and economical in terms of maintenance.


Check this out: We make steel excavator track guards for a variety of excavator brands, including CAT, HITACHI, KOMATSU, VOLVO, DOOSAN, and LIEBHERR. We have over 10,000 excavator track guards in stock and ready to ship to your location.


As we have been in business for ten years, we have been able to send various excavator parts using the world’s leading logistics firm. KS ships excavator replacement parts via DHL, FedEx, TNT, and other reputable carriers. Our excavator track guards, as well as other excavator components, are built in accordance with OEM specifications. It enables us to keep track of quality control and ensure that it is of the greatest caliber.


Here are some of the reasons why KS is the top excavator replacement parts manufacturer and supplier in the world: There is no minimum order amount, so you can order in bulk or just a single excavator aftermarket part. These aftermarket items are covered by a 90-day warranty.


We ship your aftermarket excavator chains in adequate packaging to ensure safe and quick delivery. You can pay us through any platform that is convenient for you. You can send us money through Paypal, T.T, LC, Western Union, or even Alipay.Contact us right now for more information on how you’ll get your high-quality excavator chain from us.


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