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  • Durable Teeth for Long-Bearing Life
  • Up to 180 Days Quality Warranty

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Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Teeth

Excavator Bucket Teeth Bucket Digging For KOMATSU ISUZU JCB CATPILLER YANMA

Durable and Wear-Resistant Excavator Bucket Teeth Bucket Digging For KOMATSU ISUZU JCB CATPILLER YANMA

Excavator Bucket Teeth Types 53103205 Side Cutter For JCB 3cx 3dx teeth

Suitable Excavator Bucket Teeth Types 53103205 Side Cutter For JCB 3cx 3dx teeth

Tooth Point For Bucket Of Excavator Bucket Teeth 72A000550C Rock Teeth

Rugged and Sharp Fish Scale Tooth Point For Bucket Of Excavator Bucket Teeth 72A000550C Rock Teeth at Xugong KS.

J350 Fish Scale Bucket Teeth 1U3352RC Excavator Parts For CAT

High-Quality J350 Fish Scale Bucket Teeth 1U3352RC Excavator Parts For CAT. High-Strenght For Perfect Use

VOLVO Excavator Teeth 20GPE 30GPE 40GPE 55GPE 65GPE 80GPE

Top-Quality VOLVO Excavator Teeth 20GPE 30GPE 40GPE 55GPE 65GPE 80GPE. 180 Days Quality Warranty.

CAT E345 Excavator Bucket Teeth,Excavator Spare Parts

Strong Rock Excavator Teeth CAT E345 Excavator Bucket Teeth Excavator Spare Parts

1U3452RC Excavator Teeth ,Bucket Teeth & Bucket Tips

Suitable For Many Brands Excavator 1U3452RC Excavator Teeth ,Bucket Teeth & Bucket Tips

E320 Excavator Bucket Teeth1U3352

Perfect E320 Excavator Bucket Teeth 1U3352 for breaking down rocks. High-Quality and Heavy-Duty.

Excavator Bucket Teeth For SANY

Durable and Budget-Friendly Excavator Bucket Teeth For SANY. Ready and Available For Wholesale. Best Deals and Factory Direct

Why Should You Buy Excavator Teeth from Xugong KS Supplier?

XuGong KS Excavator Teeth was mainly produced to protect your machines from any destruction.  These XuGong KS Excavator Teeth have superior guard even under heavy loads. XuGong KS guarantees these Excavator teeth to boost the flexibility of your equipment. To deliver the best demand and performance of your Excavator Teeth, we used our modern technology to provide you the best-built XuGong KS Excavator Teeth.

Powerful XuGong KS Excavator Teeth are the baseline for other tips. In that case, XuGong KS Excavator Teeth have longer life properties and well-maintained hardness. These XuGong KS Excavator Teeth are applicable to any loading and excavation activities. Rest assured that these XuGong KS Excavator Teeth have longer and more hard-wearing designs. In XuGong KS, our Excavator Teeth can always endure your environment whether you are trenching abrasive dirt or digging rocks.


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Xugong KS Excavator Teeth Manufacturer

Raw Materials Inspection Excavator Bucket teeth
Raw Materials Inspection
To avoid failures and any issues , XuGong KS ensures this material inspection for the best quality of Excavator Teeth.
Excavator Teeth Forging
These metals and alloys are the best apparatus in melting process. XuGong KS done this careful process for durable feature.
Excavator Teeth Forging
With utmost design capacity , forging was made to flawlessly endure the desired built of Excavator Teeth. Perfect Fit and Best Use
Packing Excavator Bucket teeth
With our best facility we can always give you the best packing. Safe arrival of our products is one of our top priorities here at XuGong KS.

Xugong KS Excavator Teeth Manufacturer Overview

Xugong KS Excavator Teeth with Optimum Life Cycle


Xugong KS has a careful advanced process in manufacturing these XuGong KS Excavator Teeth. We are always sure that these XuGong KS Excavator Teeth have stress-proof and wear-resistant. Our Excavator Teeth can handle bumps and high breakout forces. Xugong KS has an assemble of Excavator Teeth to fully harness your excavator’s capacity and increase productivity.


Our professional team in XuGong KS is always ready whenever you send us the requirements of your Excavator Teeth. We have tons of XuGong KS Excavator Teeth in store and ready to deliver. We consistently follow the standard packing of your XuGong KS Excavator Teeth. Avail now these XuGong KS Excavator Teeth with up to 180 days quality warranty and we will cater you with our expertise and attentive service! Get a quote on your XuGong KS Excavator Teeth now!

What are you waiting for? Call us now and avail yourself of our best deals of durable XuGong KS Excavator Teeth!


Excavator Teeth – The Complete FAQ Guide


Excavator teeth are one of the most important components your excavator can have. Many excavator operators often ignore these excavator teeth, but the truth is, they are more valuable than they seem.

There are different types of excavator’s teeth in the market today. Each type of excavator’s tooth is designed to perform a specific job, be it digging or even mining under harsh environmental conditions.


This guide’s primary mission is to help you understand:

  • What excavator teeth are and how they function
  • How to install, maintain and replace excavator’s teeth
  • Where to get the best excavator teeth that will last for long

Keep reading this guide to find out more.


1.  What Are Excavator Teeth?


Figure 1 - Excavator Bucket Teeth

It’s true that:


Your excavator works hard in harsh environmental conditions. It uses its bucket to dig and move abrasive materials like rocks, building rubble, etc. The bucket gets in direct contact with all these materials, and it needs to dig deeper and faster for the process to be economical and efficient.


Here’s the deal:

Your bucket requires teeth to dig easily. Excavator’s teeth protrude from the excavator bucket and they play a significant role when it comes to the digging or mining process. It’s important to remember that you need to select the ideal type of tooth for the ultimate impact depending on your digging needs. The excavator’s tooth shape and length affect the impact that the tooth delivers. Keep reading this guide to find out how you can select the right type of tooth.

2.  What Are Excavator Teeth Made From?


As mentioned earlier, your excavator’s teeth are highly essential. As a result, they must be strong. There are two methods for manufacturing excavator teeth: Bucket teeth for excavators can either be cast or forged. Cast excavator teeth are generally made of a steel alloy. Nickel and molybdenum are both present in this steel alloy. Molybdenum hardens cast excavator teeth to make them more durable.


Nickel, on the other hand, will ensure that the cast excavator teeth are tough and resistant to corrosion. Corrosive environments have little effect on them. On the other hand, ADI is used to forge excavator teeth (Austempered Ductile Iron). They are usually heat treated to help them remain strong even when subjected to high impact as the excavator works.


Forged excavator teeth made of heated alloy steel are also available. This heat treatment is extremely beneficial because the excavator’s teeth are hardened to withstand harsh digging conditions. Depending on the manufacturer, the type of steel used may differ.

3.  How Are Excavator Teeth Made?


As stated earlier in this guide, your excavator’s teeth are made either by casting or forging. They need to be strong enough so that they can meet the requirements of the job, as they will be digging or mining. XuGong KS manufactures high-quality excavator teeth from world-class virgin metal. We manufacture these teeth in-house, under strict OEM practices. This style allows us to monitor and maintain our high-quality manufacturing.


We strive to ensure that excavator’s teeth have adequate anti-wear properties that aid them to last longer, regardless of the working condition. Contact us right now for an in-depth tour of our manufacturing process.

4.  How Are Excavator Teeth Installed?


Your excavator teeth must be correctly installed to work as they should. Doing so ensures that they don’t wear out too soon. You need to ensure that you are in a safe working space before installing your bucket teeth. It will contribute to minimizing the risk of injuries. The right protective equipment is required for you.


The excavator must also be properly parked. Make sure your machine’s engine is off. You can further remove the key and safely put it elsewhere as an additional injury prevention measure.Here’s how to install your excavator’s teeth:


  • Your pumping bucket is probably fitted with other teeth. Before installing others, you must first remove these teeth. You will need a pin removal tool for this process.
  • After removing your excavator teeth, remove any dirt, sand, muck, debris, etc. that your excavator bucket may have. We recommend using a strong wire brush for a flawless cleaning operation.
  • Put the retainer into the recess in the adaptor.
  • While ensuring that your retainer remains in place, position your excavator tooth on the adaptor.
  • Insert the pin through both the tooth and adaptor. Ensure you insert the pin’s end with the recess first. This way, you get to save more time and energy.
  • Hit the pin using a hammer so that it is correctly installed.
  • Ensure that the recess in the pin locks into the retainer.

Figure 2 - Excavator Teeth Installation

It would be best if you’d consult your favorite excavator parts manufacturer for more information, depending on your excavator’s make and model. KS has skilled service reps who are always available to help you out. You can reach out to us through our website. We’ll respond as soon as possible with actionable techniques that you can use to install your excavator teeth on your excavator bucket. Remember to specify your excavator’s make and model.

5.  Why Are Excavator Teeth Important?


Your excavator’s teeth are valuable. They enhance the excavator’s digging performance, as they use the basic principles of physics to dig or mine easily. They also help the excavator bucket collect more dirt or building rubble.

Figure 3 - Excavator Teeth

All this is possible if you select and install the correct excavator teeth.

6.  What Are the Different Types of Excavator Teeth?


Different types of excavator teeth are uniquely designed to complete tasks that fit them properly. They are also designed to deliver a significant amount of impact on the ground while digging.

Check them out:

Figure 4 - Excavator Teeth Types

  • Chisel: this type of excavator tooth is widely used as it can fit in almost any digging environment. Its primary downside is that it cannot effectively dig extremely hard ground. It does not have a great penetration impact on hard ground
  • Rock Chisel: The rock chisel excavator tooth is ideal for hard grounds, unlike the chisel tooth.
  • Single Tiger Teeth: This excavator tooth has the best penetration ability compared to all other excavator teeth. It can deliver a high impact on both hard ground and rocks.
  • Twin Tiger Teeth: Similar to the single tiger tooth, this type of excavator tooth penetrates both hard ground and rocks. On top of that, it’ll offer you a longer service life compared to all other excavator teeth.


7.  How Can I Choose the Right Excavator Teeth for the Job?


Selecting the right excavator teeth for the job can be an intimidating process. There are factors that you need to put into consideration so that you can acquire your ideal excavator teeth.

Figure 5 - Excavator Tooth Selection

Here are the considerations:


#1. Shape

You need to consider the shape and by extension the dimensions (length and width) of your excavator teeth. The shape and dimensions significantly affect the performance of your excavator teeth. Different shapes and dimensions affect the consumption ratio of the tooth. In other words, it greatly affects the amount of dirt, rubble, etc. that your teeth come in contact with to execute and complete a given task effectively and efficiently.


#2. Hardening

Your excavator teeth need to be hardened, especially if the bucket comes in frequent contact with hard ground. Special castings can be made for your unique needs. You can even acquire abrasion excavator teeth that can withstand high abrasion from harsh environmental conditions.


#3. Penetration

It would be best if you’d know and understand the kind of environment where your excavator works. For soft yet dense grounds such as clay, it would be best to use the chisel type of tooth. For harder and more abrasive grounds, you can use the single tiger or the twin tiger tooth for better penetration.


KS understands that you can still face doubt on which type of tooth to use. Reach out to us today. The advice we’ll offer you will go a long way to ensure that you get to use the correct type of teeth. Further, your excavator teeth will last longer than you expect.

8.  How Do You Measure An Excavator Tooth?


You’ll need a tape measure for this process. Measuring your excavator tooth is not a complicated process. You’ll only need to secure your excavator by parking it safely, lowering the excavator arm so that the excavator bucket touches the ground with its base.


Then, switch off the excavator’s engine and take the keys to your favorite safe place. Proceed to the excavator’s bucket with your tape measure. Place the tape measure’s head at the tip of the tooth. Measure between the tip of the tooth and the front base of the bucket, as depicted in the image below:

Figure 6 - Measuring Excavator Teeth

After measuring your excavator tooth, record your findings in your excavator’s record book.

9.  How Can I Lengthen My Excavator Teeth Service Life?


The only way to lengthen the service life of your excavator’s teeth is to care for them. Here are some top tips that guarantee your excavator teeth a longer service life:


  • Choose the correct tooth type – when digging different types of grounds and rocks you need to use the perfect tooth type. The wrong tooth choice will overwork your excavator in general and wear the tooth prematurely.
  • Clean your excavator teeth after use: You may be tired of operating the excavator after a lengthy day. You can sacrifice some of your time and energy to clean the teeth and bucket after use. It will aid in the prevention of premature wear.
  • Have spare excavator teeth: Your current excavator teeth will eventually wear out. You’ll eventually need to replace them urgently to reduce excavator downtime, subsequently increasing the excavator’s productivity. As such, it is advisable to have an extra set of teeth ready to replace the current ones once they wear out.


10. How Should I Replace My Excavator Teeth?


Replacing your excavator’s teeth requires you to remove the worn-out teeth and replace them with new ones. Here’s how to replace your excavator’s teeth:

Figure 7 - Excavator Teeth Replacement

  • You’ll require a pin remover to remove the worn-out teeth from your excavator bucket.
  • You’ll then need to clean the excavator bucket using a strong wire brush to get rid of any dirt, debris, etc.
  • Proceed to put the retainer into the recess in the adaptor.
  • While ensuring that the retainer remains in place, proceed to position your excavator teeth on the adaptor.
  • Put the pin through both the tooth and adaptor. Ensure you insert the pin’s end with the recess first. It’ll save you a lot of time and energy.
  • Drive the pin using a hammer to ensure that it is correctly installed.
  • Ensure that the recess in the pin locks into the retainer.

Now, the steps may vary depending on your excavator’s make and model. Ensure you read your excavator manufacturer’s recommendations from the excavator’s operational manual.


11. Is It Possible To Repair Excavator Teeth?


Excavator teeth cannot be repaired. Once they get worn out, you’ll need to replace them with new ones from a professional company that has a good reputation for selling aftermarket parts.


Here’s the deal:

KS is the leading excavator teeth manufacturer and supplier in China and across the globe. We’ll gladly supply you with your desired excavator tooth type. Your ordered teeth will come covered with a 90-day warranty cover. These teeth are fully interchangeable with the original ones. The best part is that they offer you quality services just like the original ones, but you’ll acquire them at a cheaper price. Contact us today to place your order and receive it in less than a week.

12. How Much Money Do Excavator Teeth Cost?


Here’s the truth:

It’ll all depend on your requirements and specifications. There are different excavator teeth in the market today. These teeth are manufactured differently. They also do not have similar dimensions. Therefore, putting a definite price tag on excavator teeth is practically impossible. You can, however, contact us with your requirements and estimated budget. We’ll respond with a free quote that strives to meet these two parameters. We’ll even advise you on which type of teeth to use in different environmental conditions.

13. Where Can I Find the Best Excavator Teeth?


KS offers you the best deals when buying aftermarket excavator teeth and other excavator aftermarket parts as well. As stated earlier, our excavator teeth are fully interchangeable with the original ones.

Figure 8 - High-Quality Aftermarket Excavator Teeth

Here’s why we are the best suppliers for your excavator teeth and other excavator aftermarket parts at large:

KS manufactures excavator bucket teeth for all leading excavator brands. Examples include CAT, KOMATSU, KOBELCO, DOOSAN, ISUZU, HINI, HITACHI, VOLVO, among others. We manufacture our excavator teeth from high-quality virgin materials. These teeth are manufactured according to OEM standards. We manufacture them in-house to ensure that our high-quality standards are met.


Over the past decade that we’ve been manufacturing and supplying high-quality excavator parts, we’ve managed to establish a close working relationship with the world’s leading logistics companies. These companies help us transport your valuable aftermarket parts, regardless of their sizes. As such, we have no minimum order quantity (MOQ).


We’ll ensure that your package reaches your desired destination. Our excavator bucket teeth are fully interchangeable with the original ones. The best part about it all is that they are cheaper than the original ones and offer you the best service. They are also covered with a 90-day warranty cover.


The best part is:

After sharing with us your requirements (the type and size) as well as your estimated budget, we’ll respond to your query with a free quote. Once we agree on the pricing, you can pay us via Paypal, Western Union, Alipay, L.C, T.T, etc.



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