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CAT E330BL Excavator Seal kit Factory Price Hydraulic Center Joint seal kit Swivel joint seal kit

This Excavator Swivel Seal Kit is composed of hydraulic power units in standard size. Made of high quality materials ensuring durability.

250-1047 2501047 Swivel Seal Repair Kit For Caterpillar M318D

This Excavator Swivel Seal is fitted with Caterpillar excavator. The product is designed for long life span with competitive price.

Disseal Excavator Hydraulic Center Joint Seal Kit Swivel Joint Seal Kit For OTTO Pc350-6.

This Disseal Excavator Hydraulic Center Joint Swivel Seal Kit is made for long use. Quality ensured guaranteeing the reliability of the product.

Disseal Excavator Hydraulic Center Joint seal kit Swivel joint seal kit for Komatsu PC350-6

This product is resistant to friction and wear, weather resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic, safety and long-time use, high and low pressure resistance.

EX ZAX Excavator Swivel Joint Oil Seals for Zaxis 160W Hydraulic Center Joint Seal Kit

This Excavator Swivel Seal is easy to assemble. The products are built to OEM specifications and testing. Resistant to friction and wear.

EC200B EC210B EC240B Excavator Control Valve Seal kit 14506889 Swivel Joint Seal Kit VOE14507705 VOE990645

This product is made up of high quality materials. The Excavator Swivel Seal is oil-resistant, heat resistant and durable. Product size is customable.

Good Quality HD250 Center Joint Seal Kit Swivel Joint Seal Kit For Excavator

This product is ensured to have good quality. This Excavator Swivel Seal is oil resistant, heat resistant and is tested to be durable.

Good Quality Center Joint Seal Kit Swivel Joint Seal Kit For HD250 Excavator

This Excavator Swivel Seal is ISO certified. It is produced with quality materials for oil resistance, heat resistance and is reliable for heavy duty work.

SCOTE Wholesale Center swivel Joint Excavator Oil Seal OEM ROI E70B E120 E200B E180 E306

This Excavator Swivel Seal follows the OEM standard of producing quality products. Designed for high performance.

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Xugong KS Excavator Swivel Seals Manufacturing Process

Tooling, known as machine tooling, is the process of acquiring the manufacturing components and machines needed for production of Excavator Swivel Seals.
Milling is a material removal process, which can create a variety of features on a part by cutting away the unwanted material to shape the Excavator Swivel Seals.
Extrusion is a hot forming method, which molten polymer is passed through a die having a predetermined shape by heating and plasticizing.
This process aim to alter the surface of a manufactured part to achieve a particular characteristic. In XuGong KS, we guarantee to give you high quality products.

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Excavator Swivel Seals – The Definitive FAQ Guide


This FAQ Guide will answer all your questions regarding excavator swivel seals, their types, and how they work. Excavator swivel seal FAQ guide includes information on floating seal, retaining ring, O ring, backup seal, and much more. Whether you are a novice or a pro, this guide will help you get familiar with this equipment.


1. What is an excavator swivel seal?


Excavator swivel seals are integral parts of the machine and keep it functional. So, an excavator swivel seal kit is formed to provide a complete replacement kit for the machine’s swivel seals. A new seal kit keeps the excavator in prime condition and keeps it functioning at optimal levels.


Excavator swivel seals play their part in ensuring the lubrication of swivel components. Like many products, excavator swivel seals are there to fill in the missing pieces in machinery. These seals also help bear the shock and vibrations within the equipment and provide protection against challenging and harsh environments. There are different sizes and materials included in the manufacturing of swivel seals.


2. How to choose the correct excavator swivel seals?


Excavator swivel seals are one of the essential components of your excavator, so it is necessary to choose the right ones. Besides the price, look for stiffness, seal capacity, sealing performance, and material characteristics. Some operators do not understand how to choose; that is why some operators choose the wrong device.


The right seals will significantly extend an excavator’s life and help improve its operating efficiency; if poorly chosen, they can hinder productivity. The design of the seal makes a considerable difference to your machine performance and your working time.


Three parameters mainly influence the choice of a swivel seal: filling pressure, sealing area, and speed. Based on these parameters, it can be stated that a high speed with a wide sealing area requires an elevated filling pressure and high speed to achieve a sufficient load capacity.


3. What is the role of backup seals in excavator swivel seals?


To preventing from leakage from the excavator, backup seals will play a significant role. In this case, backup seals cover the big gap of the center hole and protect the poor seal between the seal seat and sealing ring. The purpose of backup seals is to prevent leakage in case the primary seal fails. Backup seals are used on all types of swivel joints, not just on excavators.

Silent-block seals are commonly installed as backup seals because they are durable and reusable. Still, there are many different types of backup seals that are used depending on the application. The backup seal seat requires a very tight seal because it must withstand high pressure and temperature variations for extended periods.


4. What is the role of retaining rings in excavator swivel seals?


The retaining ring has numerous essential roles both in and out of the machine. Firstly, the thermal expansion and contraction of the steel components in an excavator will often cause the machine to warp by moving the machine into a higher or lower position, which will eventually lose hydraulics. This will eventually lead to the failure of swivel seals due to a lack of hydraulics. The retaining ring ensures that this does not happen by limiting movement in these locations.

A retaining ring is designed to ensure that seal rings are correctly positioned around the swivel bearing, ensuring easy turning of the shaft, horizontal or vertical. The retaining ring is a crucial sealing component. It closes the gap between the seat and seals to keep oil in and keep dirt out. The retaining ring can be composed of various materials, such as steel, brass, and so forth.


5. What is the role of slide ring seals in excavator swivel seals?


Slide ring seals are not isolated in excavator swivel seals; they combine with other elements like housing, sealing rings, delivery control rings, motor connection tubes, and others to form an ideal joint design. Sealing is an essential function; using high-quality seal rings (50D-60D) can effectively control hydraulic force.


If a delivery control ring is used, it can help reduce hydraulic flow according to working conditions; it’s better if the elasticity of the slide ring is matched to that of the delivery control ring. The purpose of the slide ring in the excavator swivel seal is to separate and isolate the hydraulic power source to prevent mixing and contamination. The function of the slide ring in excavator swivel seal application is to transfer pressure.


6. What is the role of shaft seals in excavator swivel seals?


The shaft seal is the heart of the swivel joint. The purpose of shaft seals in excavator swivel seals is to keep dirt, dust, moisture, and other contaminants out of the joint. Shovels or excavator buckets are constantly digging into the earth, which can release any dust or dirt inside the joint into the machine’s internal workings. Seals prevent this from happening.

Shaft Seals In Excavator Swivel Seal

Shaft seals are used when the excavator rotation is done in one direction (power swivels). This equipment circulates fluid between the pump and motor. Ensure the lubrication is good at all times. Different sizes of shaft seals are available to choose from. Depending on what model you have of swivel joint, you can choose anyone.


7. What is the role of spring washers in excavator swivel seals?


Spring washers are primarily used in swivel-type hydraulic excavator seals. The spring washer’s primary function is to absorb a significant amount of misalignment & free play in the swivel joints. A spring washer is included in the excavator swivel seals to prevent the sleeve plate from escaping through the seal if impact occurs. The spring washer provides a spring force to the swivel joint sleeve plate, thus help prevent it from being pushed outwards under the external pressure applied on top of the sleeve plate.


This ensures that when vibration or movement occurs, the washer will stay in place and allow the joint to be flexed and used smoothly and effectively. They help with excavators, which are large industrial machines that can do various tasks such as building foundations and bridges.


8. What is the role of cushion seal in excavator swivel seals?


Excavator Swivel cushion seal is a straightforward type of seal. Its structure looks like a rubber sleeve. Its function relies on the inner pitch’s elasticity to cover the angle to facilitate smooth rotation. It depends on pitch movement between mating components and vibration isolation to prevent entering dust and foreign material.

This seal has better performance than other seals in using dust and different debris environments, which are always crowded in the atmosphere of construction sites. This ring is made of soft synthetic rubber, and it applies pressure to form a metal rubber seal.


The purpose of a cushion seal is to prevent leaks due to metal surface defects. The cushion seal provides a cushioning effect under the motion of the swivel joints during travel and rotation. Also, it can prevent backflow/return flow from going to the hydraulic pump.


9. What is the role of buffer seals in an excavator swivel seal?


The buffer seal is an essential part of the excavator swivel design. It prevents the high pressure of the hydraulic system from damaging the swivel portion, allowing for smooth rotation. The buffer runout accumulates excess oil before returning it to the hydraulic system. The seals are either spiral or ring types, although both are made of metal instead of rubber.

Buffer Seals In Excavator Swivel Seals

The difference between them is that the spiral seal’s wear time is longer than the ring type due to its complex construction. When properly installed, they will prevent excessive wear of the machine components that they support. The seals will help reduce frictional losses and maintain minimum bending moments in critical areas, increasing machine performance and lifetime.


10. What is the role of wiper seals in the excavator swivel seals?


Wiper seals are designed to wipe the sides of the grooves in vertical and horizontal sliding joints to avoid the accumulation of excessive dirt. However, wiper seals cannot guarantee the absence of dirt altogether. For this reason, excavator owners should regularly check for dirt and replace it if necessary.


Wiper seals, a sealing ring designed for excavators, have a primary role in isolating the motor from the hydraulic pressure. Wiper seals are typically two rings, an internal thrust-direction (ID) seal, and an external chamfering (ED) seal.


The ED seal creates seal contact with the mechanical housing, while the ID seal protects the motor shaft. The primary role of the wiper seal is to keep the rubber bushings in loop-shaped swivel joints well protected to avoid bad weather conditions like rain, dust, etc.


11. What is the role of a slipper seal in an excavator swivel seal?


Slipper seals are the most widely used seal in an excavator. They are positioned inside locomotive or wellbore swivel joints to protect against contamination and damage due to rotation, vibration, and end-play. Slipper seals are typically made from steel, aluminum, or Teflon depending on application requirements.

Slipper seals ensure effective transfer of power to the swivel joints of the excavator. A slipper seal provides for free rotation. This design results in no friction, which is beneficial for less energy consumption. Slipper seals are also longer lasting. A slipper seal is defined as a plate frictionally fixed on the bottom of the pipe for providing sealing between the pipe and housing of the swivel joint


12. What is the role of a floating seal in an excavator swivel seal?


A floating seal is the center of an excavator swivel seal. The floating seal has to provide lubrication for the rotating spool. The friction force between the spool and sliding surfaces will be absorbed by it. If not, the excessive friction will damage the spool and seal packing gland and lead to high power consumption.


A swivel or floating seal is one of the essential parts of an excavator. Floating seal design consists of seal body, seal rings, and sealing ring grooves. The floating seal plays a significant role in reducing vibration and pumping up torque in the shield-style pump package system.


The floating seal can be called the oil cushion, and it uses to reduce noise in the excavator machine. As we know, the prime purpose of an oil seal is to block and isolate high pressure and high-speed lubricating oil leakage and prevent damage to the excavator machine.


13. What is the role of O rings in the excavator swivel seals?


The primary function of O-rings is to provide reliable performance while it resists fatigue, wear, abrasion, and corrosion. Swivel joint seals are subjected to extreme forces; therefore, their seal components should endure the pressures encountered inside the joint.


The joint assembly must be designed to contain these high pressures without excessive leakage or damage to the components. The body of swivel joints generally uses thick-walled O-rings as seal rings because the thick-walled O-rings have a solid resistance to compression, and the thick-walled O-rings can easily give a flexible structure. The O rings in the swivel joints of hydraulic excavators circulate oil and form a cushion. These components can be used for the all-around protection of large, medium, and small piping systems.


14. What is the role of lip seal in an excavator swivel seal?


The role of lip seal in an excavator swivel seal is to prevent leakage of the hydraulic fluid. Good lip seals ensure hydraulic oil security and keep running smoothly under any circumstance. The lip seal protects the swivel joint on the excavators compensates for changes in temperature and humidity that cause expansion and contraction, weakening the swivel joint over time.


The material of these seals varies and depends on the type of application and the environment in which you want to carry out a specific operation. The inner ring includes a lip design that creates a seal that allows for smooth rotation while still resisting pressure and dirt. A lip seal on an excavator swivel seal can perform one of two functions: it can either retain fluids in an unpressurized chamber, or it can be used to pressurize fluid flowing through a pipe.


15. What is the role of dust seal in excavator swivel seals?


A dust seal is a rotating seal in an excavator swivel joint. It is necessary to prevent sand, dirt, and gravel from getting in the swivel joint. The seal makes sure that oil moves smoothly inside of the swivel joint. The dust seal is a unique rubber ring is made of elastomeric material and has a spherically convex cross-section. This component is mounted on the shaft and provides sealing between the groove on this shaft.


It is different from service seals. The service seal is mainly used to maintain hydraulic pressure inside the system, generally has around sealing surface to confine tight with sleeve. The other important function of the seal is to provide a smooth, low-friction surface that allows the swivel joint to rotate smoothly. These seals are primarily made of rubber, although some can be synthetic or even metal.


16. Which material is used in making an excavator swivel seal?


In modern hydraulic excavators, various types of seal material are used in the manufacture of swivel seals. These include rubber packing, porous plastics with hardening additives, neoprene with hardening additives, flexible graphite with hardening additives, flexible graphite with hardening additives based on nylons, metals, etc. By far, the most common material is rubber packing.


Excavator Swivel Seals is available in different sizes, types, and ranges of temperature that make them perfect to use in various applications. It has a seal for all kinds of excavators. Excavator Swivel Seals is made from high-quality material, making it solid and durable.


Some other materials of swivel seals are metal, and they can be brass, bronze, and even steel. Metal seals last longer and provide more protection as compared to other material seals.


17. What is the effect of temperature on the excavator swivel seals?


The lubricating oil temperature in excavator swivel joints can have a terrible impact on the seals. If the temperature is too high, the seals will swell and cause a gap in the sealing ring. Suppose they are in a low-temperature state. In that case, they might be harmed due to a secondary phenomenon in which gases created in the shrinking of the rubber have no outlet. They gradually accumulate under pressure until it is so high that it pushes out from under its weight.


Although the seals are designed to withstand these temperature changes, some materials become pliable at a specific range of temperatures causing a loss of seal integrity. This is a result of the seal being subjected to a critical frequency or natural frequency.


A frequency that causes the seal to vibrate, eventually resulting in the seal components becoming misaligned and creating a leak. This alignment can be affected by wind speed, soil, concrete quantity, concrete vibrating, etc.


18. What are the problems associated with the excavator swivel seals?


The problems associated with the excavator swivel seals are that they tend to leak. As time goes by, it is inevitable for these parts to deteriorate, and the rubber might not withstand the pressure of movement. Excavator swivel seals are the most sealing part of excavator motor power transmission system,

  • Improper installation and improper maintenance of seals can lead to loss of power supply
  • Circulating fluid leakage cause power transmission system failure caused severe accidents,
  • The limited supply of lubrication to excavator swivel seals parts may lead to damage.


The swivel seals result in many problems, such as an overly high flow in the hydraulic gushes, which leads to a slower speed when the excavator is in operation. In addition, it results in a high amount of power consumption and an impaired safety level for the operator due to improper functioning of the hydraulic system.


18. What are the maintenance requirements of an excavator swivel seal?


The maintenance requirements are reasonable. The life-cycle of excavator swivel seals is mainly dependent upon their correct maintenance. Swivel joints and seals require oil to lubricate the seals within the joint. Otherwise, they will freeze up due to moisture trapped in the joint from use.


Swivel joints are either straight or offset, with offset joints requiring more lubrication to prevent binding. If this is not done, you will experience symptoms such as a loud grinding sound from the joint or full mobility in the joint. Practice cleaning measures frequently and timely replacement of damaged seals ensure the keep up of working condition of your excavator swivel seals.


19. Is noise associated with the excavator swivel seals?


The rotating swivel joints of the excavator are held together by seals. They can create noise if worn, lost, or damaged. Proper maintenance and use of the excavator will prolong the life of the parts and decrease the chance of noise.


Excessive noise levels from the swivel joints can be traced back to one of several components, including a loose bearing or a defective motor. It is essential to replace all known sources of high noise levels since they tend to propagate into other critical components.


20. What causes the failure of an excavator swivel seal?


Excavator Swivel Seals are the most common wear parts for excavator’s joints. The excavation environment is harsh and abrasive. Dirt, sand, clay, or mud gets trapped between seals and the face of the joint, causing damaging scoring. This constant exposure to dirt will eventually degrade rubber seals to the point where they must be replaced.


The swivels should be inspected regularly, especially after extended operation in sandy environments. Excavator seal failure can occur at any time on the single swing and multiple swing rotary type excavators. The most common modes of failure for seals are due to high operating pressures and high temperatures.


The high temperatures create a condition where the seals swell and distort, allowing leakage from the primary seal. This is most important to the secondary seal, which absorbs the initial shock created by upward travel of the seal.



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