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Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Swivel Bucket

spare parts available 2.1M3 swivel bucket for PC120-5 excavator

This product is a standard type bucket made up of high quality materials. It is manufactured for maximum productivity with reliable strength capacity.

Factory Manufacture Various excavator swivel bucket,Buckets For Excavator

This product Excavator Swivel Bucket is ideal for digging, material loading, quarry and mine jobs. Built with high tensile steel and top brand G.E.T parts.

good reviews from customer 0.8M3 swivel bucket for PC200-7 excavator

This product is designed for heavy use and is made up of top quality materials. It can suit to different kinds of excavators and construction requirements.

Excavator swivel bucket of E320 with 1m3

This type of Excavator Swivel Bucket is suitable for the heaviest working conditions in rocky types of soil and demolition work.

Excavator swivel bucket tilt bucket for PC200

This product is design to fit all brands of excavator. The product is made up of wear-resistant steel plate and employs high grade protected by Hardox.

Excavator reinforced swivel bucket hook machine reinforced earthwork bucket

This Excavator Swivel Bucket is made to be tough. It is designed for keeping your maintenance at low cost. With superior performance and enhanced durability.

excavator rock swivel bucket for digging

This product is a heavy duty rock bucket with full length pin on wing shrouds. The materials used for this product is high wear resistant steel.

EX250 Excavator swivel Bucket Manufacturer EX250 Excavator Bucket Manufacturer

This product is designed with added strength plate on the bottom.  Applicable to heavy working environment, such as the loading of hard stone.

Can be customized size Excavator general duty digging Excavator swivel Bucket for ALL models machinery for Caterpillar excavator parts

This product can be customized in terms of its color and size. It’s duty is digging. This product fits with almost all models of Caterpillar Excavators.

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Xugong KS Excavator Swivel Bucket Manufacturing Process

Material Design
XuGong KS guarantees to give you quality products for your needs. We make sure to know the details of what you want! And it includes the assessment of materials for your Excavator Swivel Bucket!
XuGong KS undergoes welding process with a quality and master welder to make sure that your Excavator Swivel Bucket are well-built and will last longer. We guarantee our customers high quality products!
XuGong KS wants do deliver you good quality material. We conduct the process of shaping the materials with the use of heat to give you the best shape of the Excavator Swivel Bucket plate you want!
Shot Blasting
XuGong KS guarantees to give you a clean product with a smooth finish, including the removal of unwanted metals, to avoid cuts. This mechanical cleaning is good for the quality Excavator Swivel Bucket.

XuGong KS Excavator Swivel Bucket Manufacturer Overview

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XuGong KS gives high-quality materials, real-time parts, extensive range, and a lot of choices for your Excavator Control Levers. At XuGong KS, you can find hundreds of new, OEM Excavator Swivel Bucket as your choices!

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Excavator Swivel Bucket – The Definitive FAQ Guide


The excavator swivel bucket rotates 360 degrees, enabling the operator to quickly shift between forwarding and sideward positions. This saves time and effort and helps reduce risks of injury and damage to surrounding property. This guide provides you with the answers that you may have in mind about this equipment. The answers include what is excavator swivel bucket is, the material used to manufacture an excavator swivel bucket, and much more.


1. What is an excavator swivel bucket?


An excavator swivel bucket (usually a bucket) is an excavator’s primary attachment to move or lift materials. A swivel bucket is an excavator attachment that can move from one position without setting a pivot point. Swivel buckets enable the transport of material that cannot be lifted by conventional grab buckets or crane grabs because there is no pivot point for this type of attachment.

Due to swivel bucket movement in any direction or angle, you can conveniently dig or remove materials from terrains, slopes, and the ground having different elevations. An excavator swivel bucket lasts longer than a standard bucket as it faces more minor wear and tear than a standard bucket.


2. How excavator swivel bucket facilitates the excavation operation?


Swivel bucket brings flexibility and agility into excavation work. The bucket can rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise, but it is also equipped with a variable capacity to provide maximum production during digging. The load can be evenly distributed over the working area due to space around the bucket caused by its rotation. An excavator swivel bucket to help reduce the damage to the excavation area and increase production efficiency.

Swivel buckets can be tilted and turned by their own body when descending or climbing and work in various situations. If the foundation of the building is a sedimentary rock, when digging, there must be a certain degree of angling when drilling or trying to make clear the foundation. If the degree is not enough, it is easy to cause severe damage to the foundation. So, equipped with an excavator swivel bucket, it makes it easier to maneuver.


3. What is the difference between an excavator swivel bucket and a standard bucket?


There are several differences between the excavator swivel bucket and the standard bucket. The most crucial difference is the design. This type of bucket can swing from side to side, so it provides convenient digging. It also has a hydraulic cylinder to rotate the angle of the bucket quickly.

This bucket can swivel freely from side to side, so it can be rotated easily for a desired direction of movement, making it a perfect fit for landscaping, soil preparation, and landscaping jobs where digging depth and accuracy are essential.


The standard bucket has not had these advanced functions. You cannot rotate it or tilt it side to side for better maneuvering. The efficiency and effectiveness of the swivel bucket are more as compare to the standard bucket. The lifetime associated with a swivel bucket is more as compared to the traditional bucket.


4. What is the role of teeth on excavator swivel buckets?


The teeth play an essential role in the excavator swivel bucket. There are the following kinds of teeth on the excavator swivel bucket. A single tooth is a ball tooth, and a multi-tooth is a pin tooth; a high wedge is a simple wedge; a low wedge is a single-sided wedge, and the round tooth is around tooth.


The teeth are made of high-density steel plates, which prevents the bucket from being jammed. Thus, avoiding life-threatening accidents. The teeth can be used to loosen the soil, making the buckets easier to operate. With the help of teeth, you can dig the materials varying from low to high hardness. It provides you with efficient operation and reduces the downtime of your excavator.


5. What is the working principle of the excavator swivel bucket?


The working principle of the excavator swivel bucket is mainly based on the hydraulics of your machinery. The hydraulic pump plays its role in this part. Using the cylinder and piston arrangement excavator hydraulic pump forces the fluid and adds pressure into it.


This fluid then passes through the hydraulic lines and reaches the hydraulic cylinder. Through the control valve, it transfers its pressure to the piston of the cylinder. The piston then empowers the motion and rotation of the swivel bucket. You can move your bucket at any angle you want.


You can also rotate your excavator bucket at any angle you desire. You can control the motion of the swivel bucket through a lever directly from your excavator cabin.


6. What are the materials used in making an excavator swivel bucket?


A variety of different materials are used in the making of excavator swivel buckets. It typically includes steel that has been iron-tempered and then hydraulically tested to ensure it is strong enough for use in such a high-powered part of the machine. Aluminum, titanium, and other types of metal may be blended to create the perfect product for the weight and durability desired.


Various coatings of paint or oil can be applied. These materials offer resistance towards abrasion, corrosion, and impact of materials having a variety of hardness. The coating of paint prevents moisture and high-temperature conditions and prevents wear and tear.


7. What is the role of the blade on the excavator swivel bucket?


The blade on an excavator’s bucket is Chrome, Molybdenum, and Vanadium (CMV) steel. It is designed to keep sharp to cut through complex materials such as metal panels and reinforced concrete. These blades vary in size from 10 inches up to 40 inches. The number of blades and their size differ depending on the size of the equipment.

The blade is an essential part of the excavator bucket because it can be solid or hollow attached to both sides of buckets. The edges are used for scraping, lifting, and digging in rocky ground. The application you can achieve with your excavator swivel blade depends on the material used in making the blade and the impact of various materials it can bear.


8. What is the role of swivel on excavator swivel buckets?


A swivel is a rotating joint consisting of two or more elements that permit swiveling and enhance an excavator bucket’s performance. These joints consist of a single-acting lock mechanism designed to enable different positions. Swivel receives its power from excavator hydraulics through an actuating cylinder. Through this power, you can excavate any material from any direction or angle.


An excavator swivel bucket is a piece of necessary equipment for excavating objects. Otherwise, the digging performance will be affected by the poor stability of buckets. The construction allows for a wide range of movement. Control levers will enable the user to rotate the bucket side to side, a practical option in tight spots when turning is not possible.


9. What is the role of seals on the excavator swivel bucket mechanism?


The seal is a significant part of the excavator swivel bucket, and it can have a positive or negative effect on the life of the bucket. The selection of seals should be based on the site conditions and the quality requirements. The following materials are commonly used as a seal: rubber, PTFE, polyurethane, PVC, NR/SBR block copolymer.

The seal is a device for preventing leakage, and it is a mechanical device that controls the fluid from leaking from a pipe, conduit, or container. Even in a very long duration or cause mechanical damage in connection with fluctuation in pressure and temperature, seals will operate normally. The interface between the seal and cylinder is essential, but changes in temperature, pressure, paving materials, and other factors may cause gaps in different parts of the interface.


10. What is the role of lip shroud on excavator swivel bucket?


A lip shroud is a protective device installed on the bucket to prevent the bucket from contacting the object being loaded into it. It is installed on the outer edge of the bucket, just under an attachment that suspends from the bottom of the bucket. This way acts as a safety feature to protect the machine and worker from injury caused by contact with a hard surface.

The shroud works together with a corresponding lip coupler used with quick hydraulic couplers so that one machine can be used to perform a range of tasks. The allowable angle varies with different applications. It usually should not exceed 45 degrees. The body is generally made of high-strength alloy steel, which can effectively withstand the high-temperature rise due to friction with the soil.


11. What is the role of the side plate on the excavator swivel bucket?


A side plate is an integral part of each excavator’s bucket. The side plate helps to keep the bucket from flexing or cracking. It has a piece of Sheetmetal attached to it called a rim for stiffening. The side plate is a horizontal flap and is often seen as a baffle or guard. It prevents soil and debris from falling to the back of the bucket.

Side plates are essential protection devices designed to absorb the impact energy generated by the rotating bucket on the side of the exposed pile. Side plates are installed on both sides of the excavator swivel bucket. They are made of hard-wearing materials, such as carbon steel.


12. What is the role of hinges on the excavator swivel bucket?


Hinges are essential accessories for excavator swivel buckets; they enable the bucket to be directly connected with the excavators’ arm through a coupler, make the bucket work as a single unit that is always ready for use. They ensure that the hydraulic cylinder and the bucket have a strong connection.


The hinges allow the bucket to tilt and move in several different directions. Besides providing function, they also offer convenience and stability to the machine. Depending on the brand and model of the bucket, there could be anywhere from two to six hinges around the bucket body for movement and flexibility. They play an essential part in the usefulness of this equipment.


13. What is the role of adapter on excavator swivel bucket?


The excavator swivel bucket adapter has a crucial role in your excavator swivel bucket. The adapter is made up of hard materials, including high carbon steel or alloy steel. The central role of the adapter is to hold the teeth of your excavator swivel bucket in place. It makes use of pins to keep the teeth in place.


The materials it comes across during excavations have varying amounts of hardness; thus, the adapter makes bucket teeth have reduced vibrations. This will elongate the bucket life and enable it to excavate hard materials. It would help if you ensured that the excavator swivel bucket adaptor has a suitable fix to prevent any accidents on site.


14. What is the role of pins on excavator swivel buckets?


Blade pins are used primarily for wear and tear, which occurs when the bucket is in contact with the ground. As you know, during digging (or any operation), the excavator and its attachments come into contact with the ground frequently, and therefore wear and tear occur. The blade pins help to control this impact between bucket and ground through these pins.


Blade pins transmit weight from frame section directly to frame half-ring to ensure maximum efficiency. The blade pins on the excavator swivel bucket are for attaching or detaching blades. These pins are made up of alloy steel; thus, it increases the efficiency of your excavator swivel bucket. If the pins are in good condition, the efficiency is high; if the pins are damaged, they will cause damage to other parts of the work.


15. What are the advantages of an excavator swivel bucket?


There are several advantages associated with your excavator swivel bucket. Some of the main benefits are as follows: The advantages of excavator swivel buckets are outstanding coupling performance, improving efficiency, and saving labor costs. The particular injection molding process ensures high filling precision, high strength, and wear-resistant.


Excavator Swivel Bucket can make it easier to move around in small spaces. This is because the excavator bucket can dig close to surfaces without causing damage to anything or anyone nearby. Excavation is also made much easier by the bucket’s ability to turn 360 degrees.


It is widely used in mining, quarrying, highway construction, and building site, especially in the roadbed preparation of mining materials such as sand and gravel. It has good adaptability to the uneven terrain so that it can improve the productivity of construction significantly.


16. What is the life associated with your excavator swivel bucket?


The life cycle of your excavator swivel bucket depends on many factors, including the use of the machine, material used, blade condition, attachment usage, swing setup, etc. The service time of your excavator swivel bucket depends upon the application. It will vary with soil type, the aggressiveness of use, and operating conditions.


In general, the life of an excavator swivel bucket lies in the range of 3 to 5 years. With the combination of the right equipment and quality OEM parts, you can extend the life of your bucket. As a machine, its performance is directly linked to the condition of its components. The shape of an element is directly related to abuse and OEM maintenance.


17. What are the applications of excavator swivel buckets?


The primary application for excavator swivel buckets is earthwork for both mining and civil engineering.

Swivel buckets are also finding broad acceptance in

  • Bridge construction,
  • Bridge repair,
  • Harbor reclamation,
  • Airport runway work,
  • Dam construction,
  • Dredging,
  • Excavation in opencast mines,
  • Pile driving,
  • General construction work and tunneling

Different models exist for your excavator swivel bucket. Each model has a subjection towards another type of application. Make sure to choose your excavator swivel bucket just according to your needs and applications. Doing this will increase the efficiency of your operations.


18. What is the role of the clamp-on excavator swivel bucket?


Clamp-on your excavator swivel bucket has great importance, and it is referred s a key element. A clamp-on excavator swivel bucket is a hydraulic component widely used in digging machines, such as Hydraulic Excavators, also called Mechanical excavators or Backhoe.


This Cam bucket is also named as Backhoe Blade or Backhoe Bucket. It has the function of lifting, transports, and pouring stuff. Based on the Cam bucket’s structural form, there are two Cam buckets: a simple Cam bucket and a Hydraulic Cam bucket.


It can make the operator more agile and more accessible for him to move. Meanwhile, it also makes the operation safer for him. Excavator Swivel Bucket is attached with the arm firmly, and hydraulic cylinders achieve rotation.


19. What are the maintenance requirements of your excavator swivel bucket?


Let’s see the maintenance requirement of your excavator swivel bucket. Before starting work, it is essential that the hydraulic cylinders are kept clean and lubricated and that all hydraulic hoses are inspected for leakage. The socket connection must also be inspected. If it looks damaged, do not use it until it has been thoroughly repaired.


If you find oil leaking on your swivel bucket, first find out which part is leaking oil, then find out the cause of this leakage and repair or replace it according to the principles. Swivel bucket maintenance consists of cleaning and perhaps replacing existing parts to ensure your bucket keeps working under the pressure of hard work. Inspect any parts if producing vibrations and noise, then practice tightening to an optimum amount of torque.


20. What is the cost associated with your excavator swivel bucket?


The cost of your excavator swivel bucket varies and depends on several variables. Some of the main variables include:

  • Design specifications of your excavator swivel bucket
  • The material used in the manufacturing of your excavator swivel bucket
  • The size of your excavator swivel bucket
  • Weight of your excavator swivel bucket
  • Characteristics of materials employed in manufacturing of your excavator swivel bucket
  • Resistance towards harsh environmental conditions and working capabilities

In general, the cost of an excavator swivel bucket having a warranty of 1 year lies in the range of $600 to $3000 per piece.

Some of the excavator buckets’ prices also lie in the range of $500 to $2000 per piece.


21. What type of oil to use in your excavator swivel bucket?


The type of oil to use in an excavator bucket depends primarily on the application. Hydraulic oils are available in mineral, synthetic, and synthetic blends. Each category offers specific benefits, with synthetic blend oil being the most versatile of the three types.


Correct lubrication is essential to prolonging the life of your bucket and ensuring it will work as smoothly as possible. The oil lubricates all of the moving parts within the bucket. Lubrication is vital when working outdoors in harsh conditions.


You should only use a hydraulic oil of the ISO VG32 rating, an “SAE 10” rating, or a hydraulic oil of a 5W rating at minimum. Don’t use diesel that contains molybdenum additives because these additives will cause sludge problems that can restrict flow and build up sludge.


Stay away from hydraulic fluids with more than 10% sulfur! Never use automatic transmission fluid as it breaks down under heat and load and can cause significant problems.


22. What is the role of gear house on your excavator swivel bucket?


Swivel buckets are one of the most crucial parts of an excavator. The gear house is a structural part of the bucket which sits on top of a ball bearing assembly. This allows the rotating portion of the bucket to have 360-degree rotation and gives it a steady base for attachment points for other components such as a dozer blade or a quick coupler.


Without the gear, you are unable to make the swiveling movement of your excavator swivel bucket. This will ultimately lose its primary function. These gears provide stability and strength to the excavator bucket under extreme working conditions. It would be best if you had a bucket that could withstand total or partial overload as well as minimal load capacities. You can achieve this with the help of gears.


23. What is the role of a hard lock on your excavator swivel bucket?


The complex lock is an important safety feature on your excavator swivel bucket. It stops the bucket from lowering down to the ground or rising all the way up in the air without you pressing a control button. This feature will also hold the bucket at a 45-degree angle if any hydraulic cylinders fail, and it will prevent you from accessing any of the controls for this function when it is in place. The central role of the hard lock is to hold the bucket in place when it’s not rotating. The locking force can be adjusted according to the hydraulic pressure and the working condition by changing the retaining bolt.



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