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PC120 PC200 PC220 PC240 PC300 Excavator Boom Bushing Cylinder Arm Link Bushing 20Y-70-32410

Genuine Excavator Boom Bushing Cylinder Arm Link Bushing 20Y-70-32410. Great Mechanical Performance

PC650lC-3 Excavator Boom Bushing Cylinder Bushing 707-46-13010

Top-QualityExcavator Boom Bushing Cylinder Bushing 707-46-13010 Only At XuGong KS

SOMY PC220-7 PC220-8 Excavator Copper Boom Bushing 206-70-71272

Custom OEM Construction Machinery Excavator Copper Boom Bushing  Part No. 206-70-71272. Ready For Delivery

Steel Bearing Bushing Excavator Boom Bucket Pin Bushings

Most Durable Steel Bearing Bushing Excavator Boom Bucket Pin Bushings. Perfect Dimension For Best Use

281403001 Excavator Boom Bushing Bearing

Suitable Excavator Boom Bushing Part No. 281403001. Certified 100% Original. Standard Packing For Safety Arrival

EX350 Excavator Boom Bushing Arm Bucket

Excellent EX350 Excavator Boom Bushing Arm Bucket. Advantage Quality. In Stocks For Delivery

PC300 Excavator Boom Bushing 207-70-33160 Buet Bushing Pin

Authentic PC300 Excavator Boom Bushing. Fit For 207-70-3316. Available For Wholesale

PC300 PC200 JCB Excavator Boom bushings Bucket Shaft Pins

Brand New Excavator Boom Bushings Bucket Shaft Pins. Durable and 100% Original

E320 330 Excavator Boom Bushing

Authentic E320 330 Excavator Boom Bushing. Perfect Fit. Proven Excellent Performance. Ready For Immediate Shipping

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In fact, XuGong KS Excavator Boom Bushings has the heavy loads competence. For these to work fine, these Excavator Boom Bushings have no waste product by oil or grease. Through heat treatment, these Excavator Boom Bushings have proved wear resistance in any type of machinery. Only here at XuGog KS, you can find reliable and durable Excavator Boom Bushings. Improved your fuel efficiency and cost maintenance with our Excavator Boom Bushings.


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Other Excavator Parts that XuGong KS Supplied

20Y-934-2150 PC210-7 PC210-8 Excavator Bucket Cutting Edge (1)
20Y-934-2150 PC210-7 PC210-8 Excavator Bucket Cutting Edge
Authentic 20Y-934-2150 PC210-7 PC210-8 Excavator Bucket Cutting Edge. Affordable Price. Standard Packing. Ready To Ship
33C0116 Excavator Swivel Joint Assy Hydraulic Swing Center 6ZWII20C1FLG-0001C
33C0116 Excavator Swivel Joint Assy Hydraulic Swing Center 6ZWII20C1FLG-0001C
Genuine Aftermarket Excavator Swivel Joint Assy Hydraulic Swing Center. Great Mechanical Performance
KOMATSU, KOBELCO, HITACHI Excavator Track Undercarriage
KOMATSU, KOBELCO, HITACHI Excavator Track Undercarriage
Authentic KOMATSU, KOBELCO, HITACHI Excavator Track Undercarriage. OEM Certified. Lowest Price. Safety Arrival. Quality Performance
Machinery Parts Track Excavator Track Master Pin
Machinery Parts Track Excavator Track Master Pin
Sizes To Choose From. Fast Delivery .Excellent Performance. Ready To Ship. Plenty In Stocks For Fast Delivery

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To save your time and be efficient in your work, we are sure you have the best performance XuGong KS Excavator Boom Bushings. Not only your time be saved with our Excavator Boom Bushings, but also your cost for low maintenance fee. We can get out of the most of your Excavator Boom Bushings to confidently match your requirements. XuGong KS also ensures machine test video before delivery and aftersales technical support. So there’s ain’t to worry about your Excavator Boom Bushings here at XuGong KS.


We will always cater to you with the best service and give you the best-built quality XuGong KS Excavator Boom Bushings. Our Excavator Boom Bushings come with standard wooden packs to arrive safely on you.  We can replace your XuGong KS Excavator Boom Bushing within a 180 days period. For your assistance, we can also help you optimize your best choice of Excavator Boom Bushings. Should you have any inquiries? Contact now on the number one leading manufacturer in the market.



Excavator Boom Bushings – The Definitive FAQ Guide


The Excavator boom bushings FAQ Guide is a comprehensive guide full of helpful information on excavator boom bushings. This guide contains information on materials used in making excavator boom bushings, specifications, excavator boom bushings failure, installation procedure, manufacturing process, reasons for the loss, and much more.


Either you are a newbie or a professional, this guide will help you get detailed insights about excavator boom bushings.


1. What do you mean by excavator boom bushings?


Excavator boom bushings are the bushings that connect the excavator boom and angle frame. They transmit the power generated by the hydraulic cylinder to the telescoping arm and enable the boom to extend to a certain length and retract.

When excavator moves, they also absorb the vibration generated by crane boom. Excavator boom bushings include three kinds of bushings: upper bushings, middle bushings, and lower bushings.


The size of this part determines the tightness of the rotation and free movement of the boom. Excavator parts are usually named after their functions; therefore, excavator boom bushing is a part that provides similar functions to that of a bushing.


2. How do excavator boom bushings work?


Excavator boom bushings are a crucial component of the excavator machine. They provide the means for mounting the excavator boom, and they also support the weight of the attachment that will be mounted to the end of the crash.


Foremost among these is to allow the boom to be pivoted around a central point while at the same time enabling the attachment that is mounted onto it to extend or retract


Without this type of bushing, attaching a bucket, dozer blade, or a different kind of excavator attachment would be almost impossible.


Excavators use boom bushing to accommodate the shifting of the boom during digging, dumping dirt, or picking up and transporting objects.


3. What materials are used in making an excavator boom



Various materials are often used in making an excavator boom bushing, depending on its use and application. Excavator boom bushings are made of wear-resistant alloy steel, cast iron, or bronze (with rustproof treatment), with good resistance to wear that can meet the requirements for both heavy-duty and commercial applications.


The correct construction of the excavator boom bushing depends on the product. The inner ring is generally made from cast iron, while some bushings are made from cast steel.


The material used in the outer ring will depend on the application and other factors such as quality and life expectancy. The outer ring is sometimes constructed with two types of metal for added strength; one steel plate or strip acts as a lock plate to hold the bushing in place and prevent wear.


4. Is noise associated with excavator boom bushings?


Yes, noise is generated. The amount depends on the type of metal or rubber used to manufacture the bushing and the material into which the excavator is digging. Excavator boom bushing is the component of the excavator that can connect to the boom.


It faces many problems during its working years. For example, unscrewed, broken, hole worn out, and a little shake. These problems result in noise when you use the excavator


To reduce boom bushings noise, it is necessary to replace the old wear bushings with new ones or to lubricate your excavator boom bushings periodically. If the approach angle of an excavator boom is not quite right, this will result in an excess amount of noise.


5. What is the cost associated with excavator boom bushings?


The cost associated with excavator boom bushings varies and depends on several factors. These factors include material used in manufacturing your excavator boom bushing, material quantity, material shape, and finishing, manufacturing process, warranty, and life associated with your excavator boom bushings.


The cost associated also varies depending on the sizes of your excavator boom bushings. An excavator boom bushing cost lies in the range of $12 to $15 per piece. The price of an excavator boom pin bushing lies in the range of $180 to $20 per piece.


As the material characteristics embedded in your excavator boom bushing goes on, increasing the cost or price associated with it also increases.


6. What type of oil goes into the excavator boom bushings?


Oil is the lifeblood of your excavators’ bushings. Low-quality oil will cause undue wear and tear on your bushings. When selecting your oil, make sure it is API grade SG or above.


While different excavators use different oil for their boom bushings, it is typically recommended to use the lightweight synthetic blend.


It is quick to drain off and does not pool as much as straight mineral oil. You have seen issues where refined petroleum will pool in the boom bushing tube, and air will get trapped, causing excessive wear. With synthetic blends, this is not as common.


7. What is the life associated with excavator boom bushings?


The life of excavator boom bushings refers to the average life of excavator boom bushing. There are various parameters for measuring excavator bushing’s energy. These factors include frequency of usage, followed maintenance requirements, working environment conditions, load carrying capabilities, abrasive materials exposed, etc.


When the excavator boom bushings usually have cracks or wear or have other defects over time, it will affect the performance ability of the excavator and cause great danger.


In general, the life associated with excavator boom bushings lies in 3 to 5 years. But this life can be increased if you follow the proper maintenance requirements.


8. What are the problems associated with excavator boom bushings?


Due to the elasticity and friction between the bushing and machine body, vibration and noise can be generated, affecting everyday work and making the overall operating performance poor.


Dull teeth break off easily when the excavator is overloaded. These problems are due to the gap between the body and bushing rather than no gap, thus resulting in the slippage of the bushing ring.


Typical causes of elongated holes, Spherical wear debris falls into the long gap. The extended wear particle adheres sufficiently to the bushing to form a metal-metal contact.


Boom bushings can expand or collapse, preventing the boom from fully extending or contracting. They are also among the most prone to damage because they experience high strains due to the repeated earth pressure.


9. What characteristics are embedded in excavator boom bushings oil?


Excavator bushing oil is the most commonly used petroleum product in the excavator industry. Excavator boom bushings oil also called machine cycle oil (MC), is a light-colored mineral oil used in excavators. Being a hydrocarbon oil, it is fast to hydrate and thin; this makes it cheaper and more effective than synthetic oils.


Excavator boom bushing oil is a lubricant used to cope with the abrasion in the internal barrel caused by the rotation and the external abrasion caused by the debris in the bucket. Excavator Boom Bushings oil has excellent anti-wear, wear-resistance, corrosion-resistant, and smooth working performance.


It is created using a specialized lubricant combined with other components to produce a hydraulic oil that reduces heat and increases the lifespan of the machine’s components.


10. What are the maintenance requirements of the excavator boom bushings?


The maintenance requirements of the excavator boom bushings are: keep away from water, with cleaning and greasing regularly. It is recommended that these bushings be replaced after a certain period, about every three years or so, depending on how it is being used.


Under normal working conditions, most excavators’ bushings should have an overhaul at 500 or 600 hours. Daily checking and tightening of your excavator bushing ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency of your excavator.


Frequent inspection of excavator boom bushings to avoid any vibrations associated will increase the security associated. Excavator boom bushings are embedded with seals that should be checked and replaced if there are any signs of excessive wear or degradation.


11. What are the specifications of the excavator boom bushings?


There are several specifications associated with your excavator boom bushings. Some of these specifications are listed in the table below:

Sr. No. Product Model Number Specifications Weight (Kg)
1 Excavator Boom Bushings PC 60 50 × 348 5.3
2 Excavator Boom Bushings PC 200 80 × 530 26
3 Excavator Boom Bushings PC 300 / 360 90 × 585 29
4 Excavator Boom Bushings PC 360 100 ×627 38


These Specifications vary from model to model, and it is recommended that you choose the required size of the bushing that is compatible with your excavator model. The cost also increases as the specifications of your excavator boom bushings goes on increasing.


12. How do excavator boom bushings increase the efficiency of excavator boom?


Excavator boom bushings help increase the functionality of the excavator. They allow the excavator boom to move freely, reducing swing and lifting forces, thus increasing the machine’s efficiency.


The bushings also reduce play in the platform resulting in minor damage to surrounding elements when digging or loading bulky materials. The primary purpose of bushing is to withstand the high load and wear from extended boom operation.


Excavator boom bushings are rod-like components that provide cushioning between an excavator’s boom and the supporting structure. It is highly durable and long-lasting, thus making it a must-have for any excavator on the job site.


13. How to choose excavator boom bushing?


Price is an essential factor when we buy a hydraulic excavator shock absorber, but many factors have to be considered at the same time when we choose excavator bushings. If you buy the boom bushing, it should be appropriate for your machine. The suitable size of excavator boom bushing makes your working efficiency and productivity increased.


Your excavator boom bushing specifications must be compatible with the excavator on which it is needed to be installed. It would be best to choose excavator bushing according to the material on which excavator boom bushing needed to be used, working capacity, and demand. The hydraulic system of your excavator plays a significant role in the selection of your excavator boom bushings.


14. How to install an excavator boom bushing?


First, you have to take out the excavator boom.  Excavator booms are connected to the hydraulic cylinder’s arm by connecting rods and driving pins, but removing the driving pins is not tricky. The first thing you have to do is remove the tooth tool on the excavator and then push the pins out.


Excavator bushings need to be replaced when they suffer from severe wear or deform due to aging. Mount the isolations and test your excavator boom bushing installation to make sure it is running optimally.


Installing excavator boom bushing will help minimize vibration, reduce the stress on the hydraulic cylinders, and extend the life of these parts. It is necessary to establish the correct size of excavator bushings when replacing the worn or damaged bushing.


15. What is the location of excavator boom bushings on the excavator?


Excavator boom bushings are the components that are attached to the boom of an excavator. The location of excavator boom bushings on the excavator is mainly dependent on its different models. Excavator boom bushings are located at the bottom side of the boom to connect the excavator arm and its body.


They are used to isolate the hydraulic cylinder from cantilevering movement, protect the cylinder from overload, etc. It’s also located on top of the boom; most of the time, it is placed between the cylinder rod and bearing. The excavator boom bushing is used for hydraulic transfer pressure, which helps to make sure optimum operation.


16. Why import excavator boom bushings from China?


The reason behind importing excavator boom bushings from china is the material quality and reliability. Chinese excavator boom bushings manufacturers also offer boom bushings at a lower cost. You can order from Chinese suppliers in whatever specifications you need or are compatible with your excavator model.


You can also order custom-made excavator boom bushings, which means that you can call them just depending on your needs and specifications. The thing you need to do is find one supplier that is affordable and reliable. Once you have placed an order, your excavator boom bushings will reach directly to your home address within a few days.


17. Is friction associated with excavator boom bushings?


Yes, friction is associated with excavator boom bushing. Friction is defined as a force that helps your excavator carry out its intended function. But in case if the friction force is exceeded beyond the required limit, it may result in overheat and wear across the excavator boom bushings.


If the friction is too low, then the parts will not have a firm grip, and your excavator will be unable to perform its intended function. Frequent lubrication is employed to result in an optimum amount of friction to carry out a successful operation. The amount of friction determines the life associated with your excavator boom bushings.


18. What is the difference between excavator boom bushings and pins?


Excavator pins are used to keep the hydraulic cylinders attached to the boom in the correct place. If the right pins are not used, the cylinders can move and arc, which will ruin the crash. Excavator boom bushings and pins differ by several factors. The size is different between the two products since bushing is made from bearing and pin from metal rod and both come with different diameters.

The bushing is installing to a greater depth on the excavator boom than a pin, usually up to 25mm. This is because the bushing sits in a hole whereas the pin is inserted in the hole. The job of a pin is to connect parts of a machine, while the position of a bushing is to support aspects of it.


19. How are the excavator boom bushings manufactured?


Excavator Boom Bushings are manufactured from the high-strength alloy steel or iron material, using the forging press and then machining process. The bushing is usually forged from a round rod of material, with a hole through it for the pin to pass through. It has a round area around the hole to allow for expansion when hot.


The flat surface of the excavator boom bushing is customarily ground to give a certain amount of clearance between it and the rotating tube surface. This allows for a certain amount of movement as the tube expands or contracts during heating or cooling, which will allow the pin inside to move freely.


20. What do you mean by the Hs code of excavator boom bushings?


If you are importing goods, you need to know what the HS code is. The length of the Hs Code varies from 6 to 10 digits. Code. Every product has a classification code. It’s a worldwide system, and it helps customs authorities in various countries know what you’re talking about.


If something’s imported to their country, they’ll know what to charge or tax it by checking its code. One of the ways that buyers can classify your product is based on its HS code. This code can be found on the invoice for the order. The HS code is used for calculating taxes and duties that may apply when importing and exporting products.


21. Can I get an excavator boom bushing on sale?


Yes, you can get your excavator boom bushings on sale. There are some manufacturers or suppliers around the globe. It would be best to find a supplier offering a sale or who provides sales around the year on several occasions.


The primary type of sales includes the mid-season sale, off-season sale, local sale, or sales at some special events at which excavator boom bushings are offered. The word sale exhibits that you will get your excavator boom bushing at a much lower price than usual.


While you are purchasing your excavator boom bushing, it is recommended to ensure that the quality and affordability are not affected.


22. Can I get my excavator boom bushings repaired?


Yes, you can get your excavator boom bushings repaired. The amount of repair depends on the extent of the damage. If the damage is too much, then it is impossible to get it repaired. If the warranty still exists, then you can get your damaged excavator boom bushings replaced for free.


If the warranty does not exist and the extent of damage is repairable, it is recommended to get it repaired by local professional technicians. This will help you save many costs and prevent you from replacing the faulty equipment with a new kit.


23. What is the source of the power of excavator boom bushings?


The source of the power of excavator boom bushings comes from the hydraulic system of your excavator. The excavator boom cylinder drives the excavator boom bushings. The pressurized hydraulic fluid enters into the cylinder from a control valve, and this oil pushes the piston due to pressure gained from the excavator hydraulic pump.


The piston moves to and from and imparts its motion to the connecting rod. This rod transfers the motion of the reciprocating piston to the excavator boom, resulting in extending or retraction of your excavator boom because of excavator boom bushings. Bushings are the primary source that then helps support the excavator boom movement.


24. What causes the failure of excavator boom bushings?


Excavator bushing failure is a significant problem worldwide for the construction industry. A common cause of excavator boom bushing failure is when the bushings are mounted too close to the outer edge of the boom. This excessive loading causes metal fatigue and can become a potential hazard to both equipment and personnel.


Bushing geometry and spacing should be calculated accurately according to manufacturer recommendations before installation. They become porous from overheated oil and usually have been overheated by the operator over and over again.


Failure usually will be catastrophic with significant damage and downtime. With proper maintenance, this bushing will last five times longer than any of the off-the-shelf bushings.


They will be exposed to the corrosivity of most of the external environment or corrosion a little acid in the accessory tools’ fluid can make their service life very short.

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