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  • Cartridge Type and With Hydraulic Control
  • Closely Integrated Production and Testing Layout
  • Oil Supplied By Three Pumps
  • Superior Controllability
  • Compact, Highly Accurate, Fast, and Reliable

XuGong KS Excavator Control Valve Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Control Valve

This Excavator Control Valve is fit for models EC360 and EC360B with part number VOE14557520. Good for crawler excavator. Guaranteed High Quality. The package includes 1x set of the control valves.

This Excavator Control Valve is fit for models EC240 and EC210 and is made of steel. Undergone thorough process, high-quality and affordable product. The package includes 1x set of the control valves.

Excavator PC78-5 Distribution valve hydraulic main control valve 7232613101

This Excavator Control Valve is fit for models PC78-5, PC60-7, and PC78US-6  and is made of steel with high-quality material and a low emission engine. The package includes 1x set of the control valves.

This Excavator Control Valve is fit for models R455-7, R385-9, R505-7, R500-7 and is made of steel. High-quality, long-life, and unbeatable steel product. Package includes 1x set of the control valves.

This Excavator Control Valve is fit for model pc200-6 and is made of steel. At an astonishing price, we provide you a quality produced product.  The package includes 1x set of the control valves.

This Excavator Hydraulic Control Valve is fit for model PC200-8 and is made of steel. With proportional control of the product, gives you efficient service. The package includes 1x set of the control valves.

Quality tool, this Excavator Control Valve is fit for model PC45R-8 and is made of steel. Showing great attention to detail, produced precisely, the package includes 1x set of the control valves.

This Excavator Control Valve is fit for model SH120-3 and is made of steel. Am excavator control valve with reliable quality at a cheap price. The package includes 1x set of the control valves.

ZL Series Hydraulic Multiple Directional Integral Excavator Control Valve is compatible with all brands of the excavator. Durable product and high quality. The package includes 1x set of control valves.

Best Excavator Control Valve Dealer to Help Your Business Soar in China

XuGong KS excavator control valve is a well built and dependable supplier in China. We make the excavation work more efficient!  We, in XuGong KS, produces excavator control valve for the alternative of top excavator brands such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat, Doosan, Volvo, and so on.

Excavator Control Valves are necessary for the operation of excavators. They help in the movement of excavators to go forward and back. XuGong KS ensures to provide you the best excavator control valve fit for your needs. XuGong KS also accepts customized orders by drawing based on your need! So what are you waiting for? Get a quote now!

Xugong KS Excavator Control Valve Manufacturing Process

Material Design
XuGong KS guarantees to give you quality products that will satisfy your needs. We make sure to know the details of what you want! And it includes the material design of the excavator valve which you give us during your order!
Casting processes involve the use of molten material, usually metal. This molten material is poured into a mold cavity. XuGong KS guarantees you to give the exact material of excavator control valve that you want!
Cutting the materials into the required lengths and widths to secure the satisfaction of the customers in terms of their order. XuGong KS makes sure that all your request are granted on your excavator control valve.
XuGong KS wants you to be happy with your orders. To provide you quality products, we conduct forging on the excavator control valves during manufacturing process to shape the metals using localized compressive forces.
Sand Blasting
Sandblasting removes paint, rust, and residue from oxidation from materials quickly and efficiently. It removs scratches or casting marks. XuGong KS gives you our 100% manufacturing effort!
Heat Treatment
At XuGong KS, the excavator control valve ensure excellent tensile strength, these excavator control valves are made of steels that have been heat-treated to get the needed tensile strength.
XuGong KS makes sure to provide quality assembled products for distribution. The assembly process is an arrangement of machines, equipment, and workers. We make sure to give you the best product!
Pressure Test
The excavator control valves undergoes actual pressure testing for leakage. This is a must process for XuGong KS since we want to give you a product of excavator control valve that would long last and will stand the test of time!

XuGong KS Excavator Control Valve Supplier Overview

Where to Find the Perfect Excavation Control Valve Distributor?


Finding a trusted excavation control valve distributor is a delicate process! It must be perfect with the specifications of your choice.

XuGong KS provides quality services with its excavator control valve product that fits your needs. We assure you of very good excavator control valves since our manufacturing process follows the OEM standard and thorough quality assurance checking.

At XuGong KS, you can find hundreds of new, OEM excavator control valves as your options. A large line-up of in-stock excavator control valves waiting for you to click and order.

XuGong KS offers more than just an excavator control valve! Being your most trusted and reliable excavator control valve dealer in China, we are also a wholesaler of a lot more products such as excavator engine parts, final drives, pumps and we can even help you with your repair needs!  

XuGong KS Provides You the Most Reliable and Long-lasting Excavator Control Valve. So what are you waiting for? In case of any need for replacement or alternative of any of your top brands, XuGong KS is ready to save your needs!

Experience the convenience of using the excavation control valves provided by Xugong KS! Always ready to serve your needs!


Excavator Control Valve – The Complete FAQ Guide


Have you ever wondered how your excavator’s hydraulic system works? Well, the hydraulic system in your excavator has different components that work systematically. One of these components is the control valve which plays a pivotal role in the hydraulic system.


Over time, your excavator control valve will start leaking, or in a worse case, it may fail. You’ll need to know when the control valve is not okay, and make a correct judgment of either rebuilding or replacing it. That’s what this guide is all about. You are going to learn the following from this guide:


  • What an excavator control valve is, different types of control valves, how it functions, and why it is important
  • How to install a new high-quality aftermarket excavator control valve. The guide will also teach you how to properly maintain, repair, and/or replace your excavator control valve.
  • Where to get the best excavator control valve that will serve you for long with minimal downtimes meant for repairs.


Keep reading this guide to find out more.


1. What Is An Excavator Control Valve?


As you’ve read earlier in this guide’s introduction, your excavator control valve is a vital hydraulic component. It plays a pivotal role in controlling the excavator’s hydraulic oil flow in your excavator.

Figure 1 – Excavator Control Valve


Your excavator relies primarily on hydraulic power to function well. The control valve decides which component gets the most amount of hydraulic fluid depending on the intensity of work at hand.


2. What Do Control Valves Do in Excavators?


Control valves in excavators are used to control hydraulic flow in your excavator. Its primary task is to regulate both the direction and flow of hydraulic fluids in your excavator.


3. How Do Control Valves in Excavators Work?


The excavator’s control valve controls the flow and direction of hydraulic fluids using its general structure. It has poppets, ports as well as different pressure settings. Your excavator engine pumps hydraulic fluid under high pressure to the hydraulic system in general. The control valve receives hydraulic fluid under high pressure from the excavator’s main hydraulic pump.


The control valve is responsible for directing this hydraulic fluid to different components of the excavator that require hydraulic pressure.


Figure 2 – Excavator Control Valve Working Principle


Now, you can control the control valve by using an operating lever. You can find a control valve with a single-acting or double-acting lever. They actuate the valve’s position(s) in order with the direction of flow.


Check this out: Your excavator control valve can have these three types of levers:

  • Manually Operated Control Valve
  • Single Acting Hydraulic Operated Control Valve
  • Mechanical Operated Control Valve

Your excavator control valve has a sleek design that maximizes the hydraulic system’s efficiency as it has self-lubricating bushings. These bushings can comfortably cut off or even fine-tune hydraulic fluid flow easily.


4. Where Are Excavator Control Valves Found in Excavators?


Control valves are found in the excavator’s hydraulic system in general. Remember, the control valve controls the flow and amount of hydraulic fluid leaving the main hydraulic pump to different parts of the excavator that require hydraulic pressure to run. You can pinpoint the exact location of your excavator control valve by using your excavator’s operational manual.


5. What Are the Components of An Excavator Control Valve?


Your excavator’s main control valve has the following components that work systematically:

  • Adjusting screw
  • Spring
  • Cylinder
  • Piston
  • O-ring (piston)
  • Upper Packing
  • Bonnet
  • Spacer
  • Bonnet flange
  • Seat ring
  • Seat retainer
  • Actuator stem O-ring
  • Actuator stem bushing
  • Stem Bellows
  • Stroke plate
  • Lower packing
  • Plug
  • End Flange

Figure 3 – Excavator Control Valve Structure

6. How Can I Select the Ideal Excavator Control Valve for My Excavator?


All excavator parts have unique part numbers, regardless of your excavator’s make or model. You can select the ideal aftermarket excavator control valve using its part number.

Figure 4 – Excavator Control Valve Selection Process


It is important to select the ideal excavator control valve for your excavator as it will undoubtedly affect the excavator’s performance. You can also contact a reliable excavator part manufacturing company to help you out with the selection process.


7. How Can I Tell If My Excavator Control Valve is Damaged?


You can tell if your excavator control valve is damaged by checking your excavator’s performance in general as well as visually inspecting it. Here’s how to tell if your excavator is operating on a damaged control valve:

  • The excavator has a slow engine response when fast traveling
  • The excavator emits a lot of black smoke and even frequently coks
  • Unusual vibrations, as well as loss of power as the system, cannot reach the optimum pressure
  • Abnormal amounts of hydraulic fluid leakages


The above four symptoms are the most common signs of a damaged excavator control valve. However, if you notice any other unusual signs, please contact your favorite excavator mechanic for proper diagnosis, repair, and/or replacement.


8. Why Is My Excavator Control Valve Leaky?


Excavator control valves can leak due to different reasons. There are two different types of excavator control valve leakage:

  • Fugitive emission – the valve leaks hydraulic fluid outside the hydraulic system to the environment, posing health and environmental hazards.
  • Internal leakage – this type of leakage is dangerous to the hydraulic system as hydraulic fluid leaks internally.

Figure 5 – Leaking Excavator Control Valve


The most common reasons for control valve leakages are:

  • The control valve’s internal components are significantly worn out.
  • The control valve’s actuator is not well set up.
  • Improper maintenance
  • Using low-quality materials, e.g. seals during maintenance


Your excavator control valve should not excessively leak hydraulic fluid. If it does, consider contacting your mechanic for repairs. You can further reach out to a professional aftermarket manufacturing company to find a perfect replacement for your faulty control valve.


9. How Are Control Valves for Excavators Repaired?


Control valves for excavators are repaired by rebuilding them. It is a complex process that requires great mental focus as well as precision. Leading experts recommend using high-quality internal parts during the rebuilding process.

Figure 6 – Excavator Control Valve Rebuild


Now, different control valves have varying repairing techniques. It would be best if you’d consult an expert to help you out. Remember, the control valve is a vital component in your excavator that must be handled with care. Improper rebuilding could damage other hydraulic system components.


10. How Should I Replace My Excavator Control Valve?


All excavator parts replacements must be done by a certified expert to prevent damage. They must also be done when the excavator is set on safe mode to prevent any injuries. Now, replacing your excavator control valve requires you to remove the old one and install a new one.

Figure 7 – Excavator Control Valve Replacement


You can complete that process by strictly adhering to the recommended procedures outlined in your excavator operational and service manuals. Remember, different excavator makes and models have different control valves – the manuals will issue instructions that are specific to your excavator make and model.


11. Where Can I Get the Best Excavator Control Valves?


XuGong KS – the leading excavator manufacturing and selling company across the world. We are a Chinese-based company with 11 years of experience in the aftermarket parts manufacturing business.


Over the years, we’ve managed to sell high-quality excavator aftermarket parts, including control valves. We manufacture excavator control valves for all leading excavator brands such as SANY, CAT, DOOSAN, HYUNDAI, VOLVO, JCB, DAEWOO, KOMATSU, HITACHI, LIEBHERR, JOHN DEREE, etc.


The main reason behind our success is our manufacturing strategy. XuGong KS manufactures all excavator parts including your aftermarket excavator control valves in-house under stringent OEM standards. The above technique helps us to keep an eye on the production of high-quality parts.


Apart from that, our packaging team also ensures that your new aftermarket excavator control valves are well packaged for overseas shipment. Over the years, we’ve established close professional relationships with the globe’s leading logistics companies. We can, therefore, guarantee that you’ll get your excavator control valves on time, without any physical damages. We’ve managed to ship different excavator aftermarket parts to over 70 nations worldwide.


XuGong KS always has ready aftermarket parts. We currently have 10,000 excavator control valves in stock, as well as other aftermarket parts like excavator engines, turbos, etc.


The best part about it all is that we let you contact us with your requirements as well as your estimated budget. We’ll then reach out to you with a free quote that attempts to meet the requirement as well as the budget. Once we settle on the price, we’ll need to complete your payment first so that we can dispatch your ordered excavator parts. You can pay us via Paypal, Western Union, T.T, L/C, and Alipay.

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