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  • Noise reduced technology
  • Powerful Hydraulic System
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XuGong KS Hydraulic Rocker Breaker Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Hydraulic Rock Breaker

Hydraulic Rock Breaker for ML525

An indestructible hydraulic breaker for mini hydraulic excavator. Good quality at an affordable price.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker for CAT

Wholesale hydraulic rock breaker for your needed hydraulic rock breaker rebuilds.

Mini Hydraulic Rock Breaker

Small yet shock-absorbing and high-performance hydraulic rock breaker. Bestselling at an affordable price.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker with Noise-Reduction Technology

This hydraulic rock breaker creates less noise than your normal hydraulic rock breaker. Silent but powerful. Available at Xugong KS.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker for 20T Excavator

This hydraulic rock breaker has power-to-weight ratio for your 20 ton excavator. Heavy duty and high-pressure hydraulic rock breaker at Xugong KS.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker for Doosan/CAT

High-quality hydraulic rock breakers for your Doosan or CAT excavators. Wholesale price with guaranteed warranty at Xugong KS.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker for CAT/VOLVO

Perfect for operators with CAT or VOLVO excavators. Get it now while it is on sale. 24/7 professional customer service available at Xugong KS.

CAT H115S Hydraulic Rock Breaker

This hydraulic rock breaker has vibration controls to absorb shock and recoil. Perfect in breaking big rocks and thick concrete.

Wholesale Hydraulic Rock Breaker

Wholesale hydraulic rock breaker for your needed hydraulic rock breaker rebuilds.  Fast and secure shipping at Xugong KS.

Why Work with XuGong KS as Your Hydraulic Rock Breaker Suppliers?

At Xugong KS, we specialize in manufacturing and supplying hydraulic rock breakers.

Many local and international dealers would say it is hard to sell hydraulic rock breakers. Hydraulic rock breakers are usually beyond repair due to excessive wear, cracks and so on.

But at Xugong KS, our high-quality precision work can give you and company your money’s worth. Invest your money on our hydraulic rock breakers at Xugong KS. Call us now!

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Xugong KS Hydraulic Rock Breaker Manufacturers

Raw materials inspection hydraulic rock breaker
Raw Materials Inspection
This step is crucial to safeguard our hydraulic rock breaker for any later issues. Xugong KS deserves only top quality materials.
assembly Hydraulic Rock Breaker
Hydraulic Rock Breakers are installed according to OEM specifications. Xugong KS has the most efficient assembly for hydraulic rock breaker.
Testing Hydraulic rock breaker
Xugong KS hydraulic rock breaker goes through countless analysis and inspection to check equipment performance and identify defect if any.
Packing Hydraulic Rock Breaker
Safe arrival of our products is one of our top priorities here at Xugong KS. Wooden crates and tough ropes are our ways to secure your hydraulic rock breaker.

XuGong KS Hydraulic Rock Breaker Manufacturers Overview

Xugong KS Hydraulic Rock Breaker Advantages


Xugong KS is recognized and known for its OEM, genuine and world-class hydraulic rock breakers. We have a complete machine shop facility with state-of-the-art technology for building these hydraulic rock breakers.

We have more than ten years of experience in making these durable hydraulic rock breakers. We take pride in providing parts, aftersales, and inspection analysis for your hydraulic rock breakers.

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Xugong KS Hydraulic Rock Breaker Features

We manufacture hydraulic rock breakers to replacement of famous brands like Hyundai, Volvo, and Komatsu. Our hydraulic rock breakers have a shock-absorbing design to increase your operator’s comfort and productivity.

Plus, our hydraulic rock breaker has noise reduction technology to protect your ears from unwanted discomfort or damage.

So many hydraulic rock breakers to choose from. Send us an inquiry now!

Xugong KS Finest Customer Service for Hydraulic Rock Breaker

Hydraulic rock breakers are not meant to be clean and last long. Hydraulic rock breakers occasionally need replacing or rebuilding.

Our advanced hydraulic rock breaker only receives the care of our best aftersales service team at Xugong KS. We still cater to you even after your hydraulic rock breaker purchase.

Xugong KS customer service support is here to monitor and provide you with assistance for your hydraulic rock breaker needs.  Just contact us through our 24/7 customer service, and Xugong KS will wholesale you the most suitable hydraulic rock breakers.

Xugong KS can provide you with the most accommodating and helpful support you have been asking for. We are just a click away from giving you the best products and solutions for your hydraulic rock breaker.

Professional Delivery and Distribution at Xugong KS

If you send us an inquiry and order our hydraulic rock breaker now, we can pack and ship it immediately. No need to ask us about your order’s safety, your hydraulic rock breakers are individually packed in wooden crates.

Xugong KS supplier is partnered with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FEDEX, and more.

Plus, Xugong KS distributes and exports to more than 50 countries like American, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, and so on. We guarantee you we can supply your hydraulic rock breaker.

Order high-quality and powerful hydraulic rock breaker from Xugong KS! The best here in China to your construction doorstep!



Hydraulic Rock Breaker– The Definitive FAQ Guide


This Hydraulic rock breaker FAQ Guide is loaded with information on the hydraulic rock breaker. It has everything you need to decide on the hydraulic rock breaker for sale.


The Hydraulic rock breaker FAQ Guide is intended to serve as a comprehensive hydraulic breaker information source for students, professionals, and enthusiasts who want to gain knowledge on this subject. This guide contains information on hydraulic rock breakers, chisels, lock pins, tie rods, side plates, pistons, and much more.


1.What is a hydraulic rock breaker?


A hydraulic rock breaker is a potent tool that comes attached to an excavator. A hydraulic rock breaker is a demolition tool that uses hydraulic power to break up and remove large masonry rock. It is designed to drive a chisel through the pre-drilled hole and bust the rock into pieces. The chisel is then bushed back out of the rock for another drilling cycle.


Hydraulic power for this type of work is provided by an engine-driven pump that supplies continuous high-pressure hydraulic fluid through hydraulic hoses. The high-pressure fluid runs through the hoses to the hydraulic cylinders, harnessing the force needed to bust through rugged rock.


2.How much does Hydraulic rock breaker costs?


Various factors play a significant role in deciding the cost of hydraulic rock breakers. These factors include the strength of the hydraulic rock breaker, the material with which the hydraulic rock breaker is made, the weight of the hydraulic rock breaker, specifications, and the life associated.


The cost of a hydraulic rock breaker with a 100 mm chisel with an impact rate of 650 b.p.m lies in the range of $500 to $5000 per piece. The wedge-type chisel hydraulic rock breaker with an oil flow of 170 l/ min varies from $5000 to $5400 per piece. The price associated with your hydraulic rock breaker increases as the associated specifications increases.


3.What is the role of the piston in the Hydraulic rock breaker?


A piston is an essential component of a hydraulic rock breaker that increases the force applied to the rock. The piston is a cylindrical rod, usually made of cast iron running along the center. Hydraulic fluid flows through a steel tube to the hydraulic rock breaker, including a cylinder with a piston inside. When the breaker is activated, hydraulic fluid is forced into the cylinder and pushes on the piston.


The piston pulls on the chisel that crushes the rock. When lowered into place, a rubber seal prevents hydraulic fluid from escaping. The piston continues to and fro motion in a repeated cycle which helps make the demolition process easy.


4.What is the role of the chisel in the Hydraulic rock breaker?


The chisel is one of the main components of the hydraulic rock breaker. These are used to split rocks into smaller pieces, creating a passage for excavation equipment or people to move through. The shafts and chisels that make up a hydraulic rock breaker are made from titanium alloys, steel, and tungsten molybdenum combinations, which help them resist bending or cracking under intense pressure.


It is used to break up the rock using a powerful hydraulic piston driving a chisel placed on the rock. The piston drives the chisel under constant pressure and breaks the rock loose from its supporting bedrock. The strength of the chisel plays an essential role in the demolition of the hard materials.


5.What is the role of the control valve in the Hydraulic rock breaker?


The valves in the hydraulic rock breaker control the flow of oil or fluid that powers it. A valve regulates the volume and rate that oil or juice moves through a piece of equipment. This process allows power to be applied to the hydraulic rock breaker’s jack part (the chisel on which the rock is broken).


The rate at which this happens is regulated by how open or closed the valves are. The control valve can be used to adjust the pressure, speed, and direction of the Hydraulic rock breaker. Many kinds of control valves depend on their utilization and application. The hydraulic rock breaker cannot work without the control valve, and it is an essential component in this machine.


6.What is the role of lock pins in hydraulic rock breakers?


The lock pins fix different parts of the breaker, including drive plate, runner shoe, housing, etc. When the machine is working, its main work is to bear the pressure and torque from the piston to keep them firmly connected with the other parts tightly. An important feature of hydraulic rock breakers is that they must adapt to different materials like steel and concrete under many different conditions of the windy or static environment and temperature for a long time.



One of the primary purposes of the lock pins inside the hydraulic rock breaker is to keep the rock breaker parts separated so they can’t work. This unique feature benefits two critical areas of a hydraulic rock breaker – its wear resistance and longer service life.


7.What is the role of tie rods in hydraulic rock breakers?


The tie rods are of great significance to the function and performance of hydraulic rock breakers. The tie rods lend to the rigidity and strength of the arm, thereby ensuring that it can perform its rock-breaking work efficiently. The tie rods in the hydraulic rock breaker play an essential role in its structure.


The tie rods are located on each side of the hydraulic cylinder, and it is connected to the cylinder. Generally, the tie rods are used for the movement of the hydraulic rock breaker within the tunnel. It connects with different devices such as movement control valves and hoses to form a functional assembly that smoothly operates the hydraulic rock breaker.


8.What is the role of the bushing in Hydraulic rock breakers?


The bushing is an essential component of a hydraulic rock breaker placed between the piston and ram and used for sealing and bearing. The bushing plays a vital role in hydraulic rock breakers. It seals the passage between the ram and piston.


Moreover, it provides a rich surface for fluid properties such as pressure or performance of the machine. The hydraulic bushing prevents the dirty, wet construction debris from entering the machine. The bushing is generally shaped like an inverted cup with the top of hard metal. This inverted cup shape aims to keep the debris in and not let it fall into the machine.


9.What is the role of distributor valves in hydraulic rock breakers?


The distributor valve in the hydraulic rock breaker is quite essential. It can be called the nerve of the integrated machine, playing a complex process of control and directing function in the device. In a strict sense, it controls the switching and stops or reverses the forward/backward movement of hoses in operation. It is also responsible for adjusting the speed and stopping pressure.


So, it would help if you used it correctly because its changes will make a significant difference to your using result. The distributor valve works as a second valve in hydraulic circuits, and the role is to improve the performance of the devices by bringing more fluid to them. Here are the main functions of distributor valve in rock breaker: make sure pressure range, decrease pressure loss and improve flow range.


10. Is noise associated with a hydraulic rock breaker?


The noise is the vibration generated by activities or machinery. Hydraulic rock breakers, excavators, and even machines in general also generate noise when you work or use them. The piston rod impacts the chisel because a chisel is made of steel, so it produces some sound.


The noise of hydraulic rock breakers depends on the oil’s type, flow and pressure, and rotation speed. If no mechanical vibrations and bearings run smoothly, the hydraulic rock breaker produces noise only due to rock breakage. However, noise resulted from high frequency can affect the workers’ health or hearing ability and ultimately result in hearing loss.


11.What is the role of the side plate in Hydraulic rock breakers?


The side plates should be treated as an essential part of the hydraulic rock breaker because its primary role is to protect the cylinder by covering it all around. The most critical factor of calculating the side plate size is factor load, which is calculated with the total applied load on both sides divided by the total surface area.


A higher load requires a larger surface area, where a lower bag can withstand a smaller surface area, saving you unnecessary cost but providing essential protection. Side plates play an essential role in the construction of hydraulic rock breakers. The side plate and chisel are made from special forged steel or cast steel. Its shape is designed according to the type and size. Side plates have different diameters, thicknesses, number of holes.


12.What is the role of cap screws in Hydraulic rock breakers?


A cap screw, sometimes called a cap bolt, keeps the other pieces of the hydraulic rock breaker parts from coming loose. Due to the high pressure and impact, these cap screws need to be made of quality steel. It should have good abrasion resistance to withstand continuous rock contact. The best possible way is by hardening the cap screws with the heat-treatment process.


Depending on the application, two cap screws may be used to retain the piston rod in the bore of the Hydraulic rock breaker. The cap screws can also be used to transfer the hydraulic pressure from the cylinder to the bushing.


13.What is the role of the front head in hydraulic rock breakers?


The cylinder body in the hydraulic rock breaker is the host for cores of other parts. It is one kind of chassis. It contains a cylinder, piston, bushing, etc. And it has two functions. The first function is to form a push rod assembly by assembling the piston and rod; the second is to store all wearable parts such as cylinder head, rubber sealing ring, pressure receiving unit, etc.


The cylinder body is an essential part of a hydraulic rock breaker. Commonly, it is made of cast iron, which can also be caused by the casting method and the high-wear resistance steel casting method.


14.What is the role of grease port in hydraulic rock breakers?


The grease port is designed to prevent the pressure lubrication system from failure when working under a high-pressure environment. Since the most worn parts in a rock breaker are the piston and bushing, it’s essential to provide the piston and bushing with grease for protection to be used.


Breakers can work under a high-pressure area, so to reduce the risk of a hydraulic system breakdown caused by an air leak or liquid leak, adding a lubricating mechanism is necessary for high-pressure operation. Therefore, a grease port needs to be added to the breaker. If it were not for the grease port, there would be more wear and tear between these two parts, which may damage the machine itself.


15.What is the function of the relief valve in the Hydraulic rock breaker?


A relief valve permits the escape of accumulated pressure more significantly than the limit established by the system design. Hydraulic rock breaker requires a safety relief valve to help keep hydraulic fluid is controlled, safe operating limits. The oil tank is pressurized either directly or through an auxiliary power unit, and the fluid is routed throughout the excavator, where it operates valves, pumps, and other components.


The relief valve in the hydraulic rock breaker is the fundamental part of any plant reactor. This relief valve must have a rated holding pressure above 0 psi (vacuum) to maintain the equilibrium of pressure atmosphere in the hydraulic rock breaker.


16.How to select a Hydraulic rock breaker?


Explosive energy with no delay is what hydraulic rock breakers are known for. These demolition tools are capable of quick and efficient concrete breaking. When it comes to selecting the perfect model, there are a few aspects that you should think about. Hydraulic rock breakers come in portable or fixed models and hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric versions. To select the best one for your project, consider the force level required to bust through concrete, the number of parts involved in the breaking process, their durability, and the availability of replacement parts.


Features to consider when purchasing a hydraulic rock breaker include the type of rock you plan on breaking, your construction budget, the size of the breaker, and any additional features that would be beneficial.


17.What is the maintenance requirement of the Hydraulic rock breaker?


The type of maintenance for the hydraulic breaker is lubrication and inspection. Both the bushings and chisel need to be replaced once it is worn out. This is to ensure that the tool can perform optimally without any problem. The hydraulic oil needs to be replaced regularly.


The hydraulic rock breaker has the following maintenance requirements:

  • The main wear and damaged parts of the hydraulic rock breaker are hydraulic cylinders, rock block, mainframe, and swing frame;
  • To form a workable cycle and keep the operation time will be long, checking the oil in the hydraulic cylinder regularly is an important measure;
  • Check the wear and damage of movable parts at every assembly or disassembly. Replace them if they are seriously worn;
  • When using hydraulic rock breakers, check oil pressure with a gauge regularly;


18.What are the specifications of the Hydraulic rock breaker?

The specifications associated with hydraulic rock breakers are several. Some of the significant specifications that have a leading role are listed in the table below:

Sr. No. Model Applicable Weight (ton) Chisel Diameter (mm) Impact Rate (bpm) Oil Flow Pressure (l/ min)
1 SB20 3 45 550 60
2 SB30 5 53 550 60
3 SB40 7 68 550 60
4 SB43 9 73 550 60
5 SB45 14 85 500 80
6 SB50 18 100 450 90
7 SB70 26 135 350 110
8 SB81 30 140 350 150
9 SB81A 30 140 300 150
10 SB121 36 155 200 250
11 SB131 45 165 280 260
12 SB151 55 175 200 260


19.What is the role of the accumulator in the Hydraulic rock breaker?


The accumulator’s role in the rock breaker is to provide an ample supply of hydraulic fluid to withstand the load which the hydraulic rock breaker. The accumulator in the Hydraulic rock breaker reduces pressure fluctuations and prevents overloading the hydraulic system. The accumulator consists of an inner chamber and a spring. The spring pushes against the hydraulic fluid so that it is always maintained in a compressed state.


This prevents drastic pressure changes when you turn on and off the breaker. When you apply more force to push the hydraulic piston further into the chisel, you push harder on the fluid in the accumulator. As a result, the hydraulic fluid flows into this high-pressure area and provides you with an opportunity to hit with a more significant impact.


20.What is the benefit of a hydraulic rock breaker?


The hydraulic rock breaker will allow you to complete jobs much faster. The performance and power of this tool are excellent for demolition purposes. The breaker is a hydraulically powered and counterbalanced rock breaker that provides the strength, rigidity, and clearance needed to tackle the toughest excavator jobs.


It allows you to break up large areas where it would be impossible to use a backhoe drill. This hydraulic rock breaker reduces the extra labor cost, which takes a lot of time to excavate a smaller area.


21.What is the role of the nitrogen chamber hydraulic rock breaker?


Hydraulic rock breaker employs nitrogen or argon chambers to protect the hydraulic fluid from gases generated inside the tool. These gases could cause frothing of the oil in the reservoir and result in a loss of performance. The nitrogen chamber hydraulic rock breaker’s objective is to enable the driver or operator to break out rocks with much less time, effort, and energy.


The nitrogen chamber hydraulic rock breaker also allows the driver or operator to do so with less effort by higher performance. The nitrogen chamber hydraulic rock breaker also helps increase the performance that you need from your excavation techniques.


22.What does a pneumatic, hydraulic rock breaker mean?


Pneumatic rock breakers are designed to take on and crush hard materials. They can be found on construction sites and in demolition projects. The rock breaker is an essential part of the power rock chisel and is powered by air that is often compressed. Air compressors are used to transfer air power to the rocks, stones, or hard materials, which will break in no time. This creates air pressure which shatters rocks into smaller pieces.


23.Why does the Hydraulic rock breaker fail?


The hydraulic rock breaker has a lot of problems. The hydraulic system is too weak, causing it to break down and fail often. The tool bushing tends to loosen up over time, causing the piston to grind against the housing. The chisel often gets jammed in the housing, causing it to bend and be filed back into shape. Another common problem is that the pressure valve fails, which does not allow any pressure to come from the valve. This causes more time and energy than expected, and the user tends not to readjust the oil, which results in leaks from the valve’s screw-on cap.


24.What is the role of a seal kit in a Hydraulic rock breaker?


The Hydraulic rock breaker seals kit is a piece of equipment attached to the Hydraulic rock breaker designed for an area where debris flows into a chamber that prevents unwanted particles from entering the hydraulic rock breaker system. It protects the hydraulic piston from damage during the long-lasting utilization of services at a construction site.


And with this handy Seal Kit, you can be sure that it won’t let you down when you need it most. Maintain your piston consistently with the help of this kit, and keep your rock-breaking power ready whenever and wherever work calls. The seal kit also prevents leakage of any fluid from your hydraulic rock breaker.

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