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Excavator Water Pump is the core of the engine’s cooling system. Thus, a bad Excavator Water Pump can cause your engine to overheat and causes other failures. Therefore, you should never compromise on your Excavator Water Pump quality. XuGong KS is here to give you the top-quality Excavator Water Pump with OEM prescribed in connection to the mechanical seal and bearing quality.

Xugong KS offers an Excavator Water Pump for different excavator brands, such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat, Kawasaki, Nachi, Nabetesco, and so on. All these XuGong KS Excavator Water Pumps have automatic winding and assured more precise than other products. Just send us the exact OEM part number and your drawings, then we can customize them for you right away! With affordable prices and top quality, you can immediately buy the needed parts to repair your Excavator Water Pump.  Get a quote now!

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XuGong KS Excavator Water Pump Factory Overview

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XuGong KS is committed to continuous innovation and advanced production in the machinery industry. XuGong KS makes sure of no errors in quality control of the Excavator Water Pump. XuGong KS has the 100% for the complete set pump and goes in for advanced pump testing to examine the pump performance. Every particular part of your Excavator Water Pump is carefully designed, polished, and cleaned to meet the precise requirements you need.


There are over 1000 Excavator Water Pump suppliers available in the market. Xugong KS Excavator Water Pump is the best for you. For your high efficiency and most reliable Excavator Water Pump, XuGong is your number one option.  For over 12-years of industry expertise, Xugong KS is the best for your Excavator Water Pump replacement. Order your Excavator Water Pump and its spare parts here now at Xugong KS. We got you covered!


Excavator Water Pump – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Excavator water pumps are vital excavator cooling system components for your excavator’s engine. It is a key component of the excavator’s engine cooling system. Without it, your excavator engine will blow, as it will not be able to cool properly.


It’s true that:

Excavator engines use diesel. Cooling is an important concept for these types of engines. You need to understand all about your excavator water pump. This guide is going to enlighten you on:

  • What an excavator water pump is as well as its functions in an excavator
  • How to repair and/or replace your excavator water pump
  • How to take care of your excavator’s water pump

Keep following this guide for more tips and information.


1. What is An Excavator Water Pump?

An excavator water pump is an essential component of the excavator’s cooling system. Your excavator cannot function as it should without it. The engine will ultimately cease functioning completely without the excavator water pump.

Figure 1 - Excavator Water Pump

2. How Does An Excavator Water Pump Function?

Your excavator uses a centrifugal water pump to push the coolant. It pushes the coolant through the excavator’s cooling system so that it can cool the engine.

Figure 2 - Excavator Pump Working Principle

Here’s the deal:


Your excavator water pump has a limited lifespan. You, therefore, have to take care of it to ensure it serves you for long. You’ll further save a lot of money that could otherwise be directed to repairs and replacement of parts. Keep reading this guide to find out how to take care of your excavator water pump.


3. What is the Optimal Water Level for An Excavator Water Pump?

Your excavator cooling system uses coolant to cool the engine. The cooling system should have the recommended amount of coolant level for the excavator water pump to push the coolant through the system.

You can find the recommended amount in your excavator’s service and operational manual. If your excavator coolant level decreases, consider checking for leaks in the cooling system. A temporary way to handle this issue is to top off coolant to the cooling system.

Do not mix coolants that have different chemistries. It will only contaminate your coolant, which has some significant negative effects on the water pump

KS cannot place further emphasis on the importance of having the correct amount of coolant in your excavator’s cooling system. It’ll help prevent premature engine failure, as diesel engines heat up quickly, and this heat needs to be managed.


4. Where is the Excavator Water Pump Found?

Your excavator water pump is located in the engine’s compartment, near the radiator and the excavator’s cooling fan.


5. What Are the Common Problems with Excavator Water Pumps?

Your excavator’s water pump will ultimately wear out over time. It’ll require either repairs or replacements, depending on the level of damage.

Check out some of the most reported excavator water pump problems that you may face over time when using your excavator:

  • Weep Hole Leakages: you may observe a weep hole leakage on your excavators’ water pump. If your excavator water pump is new, you may observe this type of leakage is normal and takes only about 10 minutes as the mechanical seal sets itself.


Figure 3 - Weep Hole Leakage


The most common cause for weep hole leakages is contaminated coolants. Your coolant may be contaminated if it has the following signs:

  • Your excavator engine’s operating temperature gets hotter than usual.
  • There may be a grinding noise coming from your excavator’s cooling system.
  • Your excavator cooling system may start rusting.
  • An odor (hot maple syrup) may start coming from the engine area.
  • Rust and Corrosion: Rust and corrosion may appear on the surface of your excavator water pump. It could be because the water pump’s impeller fins are completely corroded, rendering the pump useless as it is unable to pump coolant correctly.

Figure 4 - Rust and Corrosion


The most common cause for rusting and corrosion is using contaminated coolants.

  • Deposit Buildup: Your excavator water pump may have buildups from deposits, sludge, etc. which clogs your water pump. Clogging has serious consequences, as your pump will not be able to pump coolant properly.

Figure 5 - Deposit Buildup

  • Cavitation: Cavitation is a clear sign that your excavator water pump has an unwanted inlet. You’ll know that your excavator has cavitation when the coolant has bubbles. This unwanted inlet damages your water pump’s internal components due to pressure imbalance.

Figure 6 - Cavitation

  • Damaged bearings and shafts: When your excavator water pump’s internal components are not properly aligned or when there is an unwanted inlet, your excavator water pump will fail.

Figure 7 - Damaged Bearings

Misaligned internal components are mostly caused by a misaligned or significantly worn-out belt. Your belt may be overly tight, which may cause bending and misalignment.

Figure 8 - Damaged Excavator Water Pump Shaft

6. How Can I Properly Diagnose My Excavator Water Pump?

Your excavator engine cooling relies heavily on the correct diagnosis of your excavator water pump. You need to correctly diagnose the problem your excavator has so that you can repair it correctly.

Here are some of the best diagnoses you can make when you realize your excavator water pump has the earlier mentioned common issues:

  • Weep Hole Leakage: Weep hole leakages are mostly caused by using contaminated coolants. You can solve this issue by completely and thoroughly cleaning your excavator’s cooling system before installing a new water pump. It would also be best if you’d use your excavator manufacturer’s recommended coolant.

Your favorite mechanic can also advise you on which coolant to use, depending on your location and environmental conditions.


Kindly note that running your excavator on a dry water pump, even for a few seconds, will damage the water pump’s mechanical seal.

  • Rust and Corrosion: Rust and corrosion on the surfaces of your water pump is undisputed evidence of contaminated coolant in your excavator’s cooling system. Another probable reason for this issue is a damaged pressure cap that allows air inside the cooling system, catalyzing the rusting process.

You’ll need to install a new high-quality excavator water pump. Ensure you flush and clean thoroughly your excavator’s cooling system before installing your new excavator water pump.

  • Cavitation: Cavitation will require you to replace your entire excavator water pump. After properly cleaning your excavator’s cooling system and then installing your new water pump, fill the excavator’s cooling system with the recommended type and amount of coolant.
  • Damaged Internal Components: Damaged internal components cause a lot of wear to the water pump. You’ll need to buy and install a new high-quality excavator pump. Ensure that the belt’s tension is correctly set, as it will affect the effectiveness and lifespan of your excavator’s water pump.
  • Noisy Water Pump: When your excavator water pump produces a lot of noise, your impeller or bearings are most likely damaged. You’ll need to replace these components to prevent further damage.

KS will gladly supply you with high-quality excavator water pumps. These water pumps are manufactured in-house, under strict OEM standards. They are fully interchangeable with the original price, and we will sell them to you at a pocket-friendly price.

Reach out to us right now to place your order and successfully receive your package.


7. How Should I Repair My Excavator Water Pump?

Repairing your excavator water pump is an essential part of caring for it. Repairs are, by far, cheaper than the complete replacement of the excavator water pump.

To repair it, you’ll need to examine the excavator water pump, diagnose it correctly and replace any component that may be affecting your excavator.

Figure 9 - Excavator Water Pump Repair

You can use the diagnosis you’ve read from this guide to repair your excavator water pump. You should, however, get replacement parts from a reputable professional company. Also, all repairs must be done by a certified expert.

It will help you prevent any unnecessary damages as well as preventing the annulment of your excavator’s warranty cover.


8. How Should I Replace My Excavator Water Pump?

Replacing your excavator water pump is more expensive than replacing them. You’ll first need to order a new water pump from a reputable professional company.


Here’s how you can replace your excavator water pump:

  • First, you’ll need to ascertain that your excavator engine is cool, before starting the replacement process. It’ll help prevent self-injury as the engine can burn you pretty badly.
  • Then, you’ll need to remove the excavator’s belt drive and any other component that may get in your way as you try to access the water pump. In most excavator models, you may be required to remove the fan. It’s vital to use your excavator’s service and operator’s manual for this process.
  • Proceed to remove your excavator’s water pump hoses. A lot of coolants may pour out at this stage. Loosen all the bolts properly to prevent the breaking of bolts in their cavities.
  • Inspect keenly your excavator’s thermostat, coolant hoses, and pressure caps.
  • Clean the excavator’s cooling system properly. It will help prevent contaminating the new coolant that you’ll soon add to the cooling system.
  • You can then proceed to install the new water pump. The water pump should fit smoothly. Do not hit it so that it may fit correctly. Follow other installation instructions keenly, as instructed by the manufacturer.
  • You’ll then proceed to tighten the bolts.
  • Attach the excavator’s water pump hoses. They should be in good shape.
  • Refill the coolant into your excavator’s cooling system. It is vital to refill the recommended coolant quantity and quality.
  • Attach the belt drive to your water pump. Ensure that its tension is correctly set. It’ll help prevent premature excavator water pump failure. It’ll also prevent rapid belt drive wear.
  • Visually inspect the area to ascertain that there is no leakage in the cooling system. There may be some seepage for about 10 minutes, as the mechanical seal sets itself properly. There may be some further leaks that should not alarm you – the engine will soon get hot when you start it.

9. How Much Does An Excavator Water Pump Cost?

It’s true that:

Today’s market is full of different excavator makes and models. Each make has its own excavator water pump design, and perhaps additional components. It is therefore difficult to clearly state the exact price of your excavator water pump.

You can, however, reach out to us for queries on the pricing of your excavator’s water pump. We’ll provide a free quote on the same that will depend on your requirements and estimated budget.


10 . Where Can I Get the Best Excavator Water Pump?

KS manufactures and supplies world-class excavator water pumps. These excavator water pumps are manufactured under strict OEM standards to maintain the high-quality status of our parts.

We manufacture excavator components for the world’s leading excavator brands like CAT, DOOSAN, KOBELCO, HINI, ISUZU, VOLVO, etc.

The best part about acquiring excavator water pumps as well as other excavator components is that they are 100% interchangeable with the original ones. We’ll supply you with excavator water pumps at incredibly wonderful prices.

When you reach out to us with your requirements and estimated budget, our highly-trained and experienced service reps will help you out by providing you with a free quote. Once we agree, you will then complete your payment so that we can ship over your order.

We accept payment using different platforms to make your life easier. You can pay us using Paypal, Western Union, AliPay, L.C, T.T, etc.

Our packaging team ensures that your package arrives free from any physical damages by packaging your part in a rigid carton. We’ve also established a close working relationship with the world’s leading logistics companies like DHL, TNT, FedEx, among others.

We’ll deliver your ordered part to your desired destination globally.

We guarantee you a 90-day warranty cover for your newly acquired aftermarket excavator parts.


11. How Should I Care for My Excavator Water Pump?

Caring for your excavator water pump is definitely not as hard as replacing one. Caring for it reduces damage risks as well as excavator downtime. Downtime means your excavator’s productivity reduces, and so do your profits.


Here are some top tips that you should use to care for your excavator water pump:

  • You need to visually inspect the excavator water pump and the cooling system at large to ensure that it is physically okay, and it does not have any rusts or leakages.
  • You’ll need to examine the pump at a deeper level by checking its seals, bearings, impeller, valves, etc. In other words, consider checking the internal components.
  • Continue checking the excavator water pump hoses for any damages.

It is important to contact a professional to help you out whenever you notice any anomaly with the excavator water pump. It’s also important to use the recommended coolant quality and quantity.

Do not make the mistake of mixing two coolants that have different chemistries as this action immediately contaminates your coolant. Also, check for cavitations and pressure caps to prevent accelerated rusting of the cooling components as well as the contamination of your coolant.

You can always reach out to us for more information on your excavator water pump, and any other excavator part as well. We’ll be happy to hear from you, and glad to help you out with any excavator-related issue that you may have.


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