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Excavator Fan – The Complete FAQ Guide


An excavator fan blade is a vital component of your excavator. Without the excavator fan, your excavator engine will be under a lot of heat and stress. This stress may end up causing extensive severe damages to other major components of your excavator’s engine.

Now, it’s true that there are many excavators’ makes and models in the market. It’s also true that there are many manufacturers and suppliers of different excavator aftermarket parts. It’s hard to know where to get a high-quality excavator fan blade as well as other excavator parts that will serve you for long.


This guide is intended to help you:

  • Understand what an excavator fan blade is and how it works
  • How to repair, replace, and maintain your excavator fan blade
  • The benefits of acquiring an excavator’s fan blade from a reputable professional company


Keep reading this guide to find out more.


1.  What is An Excavator Fan?

It’s true that:


Your excavator engine is equipped with a diesel engine. This engine is your excavator’s powerhouse. When the engine works, it converts diesel to mechanical energy. This conversion is known as internal combustion.


Figure 1 - Excavator Engine


Internal combustion generates a lot of heat, meaning your excavator’s engine will need a cooling system to aid it to remain at its optimal working condition. That’s where your excavator’s cooling system becomes useful.


Check this out:


Your excavator’s cooling system is made up of different components, for example, the fan blade, the radiator, etc. Our sole focus will be the excavator’s axial fan. Your excavator fan is powered by either electric motors or hydraulic powered fans.


Figure 2 - Excavator Fan

It then spins at a high speed with the help of strong belts.


2.  How Does An Excavator Fan Work?

Your excavator fan’s primary purpose is to cool the engine. It spins at high speeds as it is powered by the excavator’s crankshaft or electric motor. As it spins, it blows cool air into the excavator radiator’s fins.


Figure 3 - Excavator Radiator


The heat at the excavator fins being produced by the engine as it works is then taken away by the cool air being blown by the fan.


This mechanism helps your engine work optimally without being overly stressed. You must ensure your excavator fan works. When your engine overheats, it could damage vital internal components and force the engine to stop completely.


3.  How Are Excavator Fans Made?

To understand how excavator fans are made, you first have to know that there are three main types of excavator fan blades based on the materials used to make them.


Check this out:


Over the years, excavators used metallic fans. You’ll still find some excavators with these metallic fans today, despite their downsides.


Figure 4 - Metallic Excavator Fan


Now, different fan designs are aimed at enhancing airflow to the radiator’s fins. However, these designs also have their weaknesses. You’ll find most excavators today using either nylon or plastic fan blades.


They are cheaper to manufacture, and easier to maintain. You can have custom fan blades made for you using either plastic or nylon material. You can even have custom blade counts, depending on your requirements.


4.  Where Can I Buy the Best Excavator Fan?

There are hundreds of manufacturing and supplying companies in the world today. They also offer some of the best deals on excavator fans. However, not all these companies will provide you with quality parts.


Here’s what you need to do:


You need to look for a reputable professional company that can manufacture and supply you with high-quality excavator fans.


Here’s the deal:


KS has been manufacturing, repairing, and supplying different excavator parts for over 10 years now. We make our parts out of high-quality virgin material.


All of our parts are made in-house. It assists us in ensuring high-quality part production while adhering to strict OEM manufacturing standards. We stock over 10,000 excavator drive parts and are ready to ship whenever you place an order.



There is no minimum order quantity (MOQ). You can order individual parts or in bulk.

We will ship them to your desired location because we have established cordial working relationships with top logistics companies such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, and others.


And here’s the best part:


All of the parts you ordered are covered by a 90-day warranty. Please contact us right away to place your order. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a real solution that meets both of your needs.


5.  In Which Direction Should My Excavator Fan Rotate?

Your excavator’s fan should spin in a way that pulls in air, more so if the excavator’s radiator is mounted on its side. The fan must move the air in the same direction in which your excavator is moving.


Figure 5 - Excavator Fan Spin Direction


Most excavator’s fan blades spin in a clockwise direction as they are designed to pull in cool air to the excavator’s radiator.


6.  How Can I Troubleshoot Low Rotating Fan Speed?

Troubleshooting your excavator’s low rotating fan speed is the solution to preventing your excavator engine from overheating. Here’s how you can troubleshoot your excavator’s low fan speed:


  • You’ll need to check for blockages within the radiator fins and other cooler cores.
  • Then, you can also disconnect the fan pump’s connector controller – this technique should increase your excavator’s fan speed.
  • Consider checking your excavator ECM fan maps which actively control your fan’s speed. You can try to stop the ECM from executing a default code which will automatically increase your fan’s rotating speed.


If you are still in doubt of what to do, you can reach out to us today for more information on how you can increase your excavator’s fan speed. Our experienced service reps will be ready to help you out with what you need.



You should always go for an excavator fan that is effective, efficient, and has minimal noise emission.


7.  How Should I Select the Best Excavator Fan Blade for My Excavator?

Buying the right fan for your excavator could be the difference between enjoying the benefits of your excavator or constantly replacing blown engine components. Choosing the right fan goes beyond selecting the type of fan you’d want to use.


You’ll also need to select the number of blades your excavator fan should have. The best way to select a good excavator fan is to use the one specified by your excavator’s manufacturer. Different excavators have different working parameters, therefore, you’ll need to be specific to your excavator’s make and model.


Also, select a high-quality excavator fan that will work effectively and efficiently as well as offer you a long service life.


Reach out to us today for a durable, effective, and efficient excavator fan. Our fans are manufactured in-house from virgin material. We can also manufacture custom fans for you, depending on your requirements.


8.  How Are Excavator Fans Installed?


When installing your excavator’s fan, you need to be careful as you will come across the installation process is not entirely environmentally friendly. You’ll also need to get rid of old used fluids from the excavator properly.


  • You’ll first need to install the fan shroud onto the excavator’s radiator and properly secure them using the right bolts.
  • Then, you’ll need to put into position both the excavator’s fan shroud and the radiator. You’ll need to be cautious as this equipment combined weighs approximately 22 kgs.
  • Once they are in place, install bolts and secure them accordingly.
  • You’ll then move on to fix different hoses as they were before removing your excavator’s fan.
  • You’ll finalize the installation process by fixing the air cleaner, fan guard, hydraulic oil cooler, engine enclosure, fuel transfer pump, and finally, the counterweight.


Remember to read your owner’s manual. If you do not have a manual, you can contact us today. The manual helps you understand what is required of you.


9.  How Are Excavator Fans Repaired?


You can repair your excavator fans by first troubleshooting the issue. You can follow the troubleshooting process outlined earlier in this guide. You need to understand which type of fan your excavator uses, the environment it works from, etc.


In other words:

You’ll need to know your excavator’s working condition and current original parts for you to repair your excavator fan. Since your excavator fans are important elements of your diesel engine, we recommend allowing a certified expert to help you diagnose your fan.

Now, your excavator may face lots of problems for it to require repairing. For example, it might be spinning too slowly causing accumulation of high temperatures. You can consider checking for blockages within the radiator fins and other cooler cores.

You can also disconnect the fan pump’s connector controller – this technique should increase your excavator’s fan speed. Finally, you can stop the ECM from executing a default code which will automatically increase your fan’s rotating speed.

Your excavator fan could also be completely worn out. Consider replacing it as soon as possible before your vital engine components start getting blown because of extreme heat.


10. How Can I Replace My Excavator Fan with A New One?

Replacing your excavator fan with a new one requires you to acquire a new fan, remove the old one and replace it with the new one.


Now, acquiring a new excavator fan is not hard. You only need to know where to buy it. KS can supply you with a high-quality aftermarket excavator fan by following these four simple steps:


  • You will first need to contact us with your requirements and estimated budget.
  • Then, we’ll respond as soon as possible with a free quote that meets both your requirements and budget.
  • Once we’ve settled on the budget, we’ll let you test our parts so that you can be satisfied with the quality of the aftermarket fan.
  • Once payment is complete, we’ll ship your fan to any destination that you want as we have established close working relationships with leading logistics companies.


You can remove your excavator fan from your excavator using tips that have been outlined earlier in this guide.

You’ll also need to employ the services of a certified excavator mechanic to remove and install a new excavator fan. You need to do so to prevent the annulment of your aftermarket warranty cover.


11. How Much Do Excavator Fans Cost?

There are many excavators’ makes and models in the market today. All these makes and models have different excavator fans. There are also different excavator fans in the market today. You can find metallic, plastic, or even nylon excavator fans.

Hundreds of aftermarket excavator manufacturing enterprises sell parts at different prices.

Here’s the deal:

It’s hard to definitively provide an exact value for your excavator fans because of these dynamics. As such, you can only contact a professional company with a good reputation to help you out.

KS will supply you with aftermarket excavator fans at a pocket-friendly price that meets both your budget and your requirements.


12. How Can I Best Maintain My Excavator Fan?

Excavator fans are one of the easiest excavator components to maintain. They are low-maintenance parts that require little attention.

The best way to maintain your excavator fan is to access it when the excavator is turned off. Apart from that, you shouldn’t throw objects at your excavator’s fan as it spins. It can break and hit someone causing severe injuries.

Also, all repairs should be done by a certified expert to prevent further damage of parts and annulment of warranty covers. Once your excavator fans wear out, you’ll need to replace them as soon as possible to prevent any other extensive damage.

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