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Raw Materials Inspection
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Xugong KS is your number one supplier of excavator long booms for many reasons. Our modern design of excavator long booms are made especially for marble and granite excavation sites. But our excavator long booms also apply for many our excavation sites such as forestry.

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Excavator Long Boom – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Excavator long boom FAQ Guide. This guide is made to provide you with answers to the frequently asked questions about excavator long boom.

A long boom allows you to reach more places in less time. Excavator Long Boom is a boom that is longer than the standard length.

This FAQ Guide includes information about excavator long boom, cost failures associated, maintenance requirements, dimensions, lifting capacity and much more.

1.    What is an excavator long boom?

A long excavator boom is a boom-mounted on large excavators (machines) and is used to transport heavy items or material.

It is attached to one end of the excavator’s arm and the excavator’s other end.

Figure 1. Excavator Long Boom

It can be used to scoop up dirt, gravel, soil or any type of debris from one location and transport it to another location for deeper excavation.


This extra length helps extend the reach of an excavator and allows for greater digging depth, increased digging capabilities and adds stability for lifting heavy loads.

Having this extra length makes it easier to complete various jobs no matter what season or weather comes your way.

2.    How does excavator long boom work?

The long excavator boom works on the principle of hydraulics, employing a boom cylinder.

Excavator boom cylinder powers your long excavator boom and makes it extend or retract depending on the type of application.

The Excavator boom cylinder consists of a piston, connecting rod and control valves.

The pressurized hydraulic fluid powers the piston and facilitate the reciprocator motion of the boom cylinder piston.

The connecting rod attached to the piston moves to and fro. This to and from motion enables your long excavator boom to extend and retract.

The long excavator boom moves around with the help of power it receives by moving an excavator cabin around its own axis on the slewing ring.


3.    How much important is the bucket attached to the excavator long boom?

The bucket is very important for excavators. It is used in various areas to remove the materials. The bucket can be used for digging, loading and many more things.

Figure 2. Bucket Attached to the Excavator Long Boom

The Excavator bucket must be strong enough to endure the heavy load it will have to lift and be light to allow better handling and a greater digging depth.

This combination could make the difference between a good or a bad excavator, so you have to pay special attention when choosing attachable equipment.

The bucket size is also crucial for most applications.

Excavator buckets and attachments can cost a lot of money. Be sure you’re buying the right one for the type of work you’ll be doing.


4.    Which material is used in the manufacturing of the excavator long boom?

There are several materials used in the manufacturing of long excavator boom. The material used varies depending on the type of application.

The widely used materials include cast iron, forged steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

The long excavator boom is prepared using heat treatment and welding techniques combination.

The prepared component is molded into the desired shape by employing the forging technique.

The materials like stainless steel and forged steel have very high wear and tear resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

These materials are also embedded with high durability and strength, making them withstand rough and tough jobs.

Excavator long boom prepared with these materials lasts longer and help in effective machine operation.


5.    What attachments can be affixed to the excavator long boom?

Many types of attachments can be affixed to the long excavator boom.

These attachments include excavator boom cylinder, excavator arm or stick, excavator arm cylinder, excavator bucket, and excavator bucket cylinder.

Figure 3. Excavator Long Boom Attachments

In addition, by varying your bucket size, you can dig further into the ground in larger areas. Smaller buckets allow for greater stability when drilling.

Adding a counterweight to the back of the boom further assists instability and prevents it from topping over backwards.

Excavators must pass different tests before being able to handle the attachment.

In some cases, if it is a smaller excavator, the machine may not handle the size or weight of a long boom attachment without damaging itself due to its size.


6.    What are the types of excavator long boom?

There are different types of long reach boom. These types are listed below:

Two-Piece Long Reach Boom:

A two-piece boom is better than a mono boom for most situations because it has more lifting power. It can be up to 50% lighter and more compact for many tasks.

Two-piece long reach excavator boom assemblies give you the flexibility to adjust the length of the boom to reduce its working height.

This is a great feature for construction, utility, and landscaping operations.

Two-Piece Offset Long Reach Boom:

A two-piece offset boom allows you to choose whether the boom rotates clockwise or counterclockwise.

If you have a tight alley without enough clearance, you can perform an over-swing on the boom to get it to dig into the track that’s next to the structure.


7.    What are the uses of the excavator long boom?

There are several uses of a long excavator boom. Some of the applications are listed below:

  • Depending on the excavator long boom and attachments, it can accomplish various tasks such as shoveling dirt and digging trenches for underground wiring/piping.
  • Long boom is used for trenching for water pipes, preparing land for foundation work, clearing away snow by pushing out huge drifts that have been ploughed in roadways and so on.
  • Excavator long boom is used where short crash proves to be un operational.
  • The long excavator boom makes it easier to lift large loads and make intricate digging and dumping movements.
  • The long boom makes the equipment more efficient when transporting the larger machines dirt or sand over a larger area.

8.    Are the excavator arm and long excavator boom the same thing?

No, they are different, but both parts of the excavator.

The Excavator boom is longer as compared to the excavator’s arm.

Figure 4. Excavator Long Boom vs Excavator Arm

The Excavator boom is attached to the excavator main body and is balanced by the counterweight attached behind the excavator cabin.

The Excavator arm is attached to one end of the excavator boom.

With the help of an excavator boom, the excavator arm can extend or retracts because the excavator arm cylinder is attached to the excavator boom and facilitates its motion.

Excavator boom is operated by excavator boom cylinder while its excavator arm cylinder uses excavator’s arm.

The excavator boom has a large weight and more material consumption as compare to the excavator’s arm.


9.    What is the cost of the excavator long boom?

The cost of a long excavator boom varies from model to model and brand.

The excavator cost depends on several factors, including material characteristics, material shape, length of excavator long boom, warranty associated.

The cost of a long excavator boom with a total weight of 20 to 36 tons lies in the range of $10,000 to $15,000 per piece.

The cost of a custom-made excavator long boom varies from $9000 to $20,000 per piece.

The cost of an excavator long telescopic boom lies in the range of $8000 to $10,000 per piece.

As the characteristics embedded in the material goes on, increasing the cost associated with your long excavator boom also goes increasing.


10.     What is the position of the long excavator boom in an excavator?

The position of the long excavator boom in an excavator is right beside the operator.

It is perpendicular to the scoop. It can be moved up or down and move clockwise or anticlockwise for digging and lifting.

Figure 5. Position of the Excavator Long Boom

The space between the bucket on the bottom and the operator cabin on top is called the swing space.

A long excavator boom effectively uses the swing space.

To stabilize the excavator’s movement and effective functioning of the excavator long boom counter weight on the main excavator body serves the purpose.

Most of the stability comes from the dead weight of the excavator main body.


11.  What are the common causes of excavator long boom failure?

There are several causes of excavator long boom failure. Some of the main reasons are listed below for your reference.

Figure 6. Excavator Long Boom Failure


  • Excavator long boom failure is often caused by excess forces put on the rod-end due to improper lifting or digging forces.
  • Excavator Long Boom Failure is a big problem that occurs when the boom hits the ground or objects in contact.
  • Excavator Boom failure can result from the improper set-up of the booms pivot point (jib), or the boom may be too long for the current bucket.
  • Stability is another factor for failure and incorrect positioning of the counterweight and other equipment.
  • The pinching of hydraulic hoses, lack of hose protection and operator mishandling contribute to frequent long boom failures.

12.  What is the handling method of excavator long boom failure?

To prevent the occurrence of excavator long boom failure, you need to operate the boom properly and regularly check and tighten the buckles.

It is important too.

  • The proper depth and use bigger counterweight when scooping soil or transporting cargo.
  • Carefully select the swing movement of the long excavator boom within its recommended range.
  • Check for the instability, if any exist on your long excavator boom.
  • Using an overload device and the anti-overload device automatically increases the force of the cylinder, which will reduce the risk of overload failure.
  • Maintain the oil level in your excavator long boom cylinder up to the desired level.

13.  How to select the appropriate excavator long boom-type?

Excavator Long Boom-type selection depends on various parameters, and you can choose a boom according to its performance standard, lifting capacity and machine model.

Cost, physical conditions, and work geography are among the greatest contributors to determining whether or not you should invest in an attachment.

This explains the different boom-type according to other digging pit conditions.

Operators should bear in mind that the excavator’s model, which has a long boom, is unsuitable for the deep pit on mountain regions.

It is recommended that above 4 meters of digging pit depth, the operator must consider replacing the excavator or change long boom-type to reduce cost.

14.  Why do cracks occur in your excavator long boom?

Many factors can lead to cracks in an excavator’s boom, so it’s important to understand the basics of how your excavator boom functions.

Figure 7. Excavator Long Boom Cracks

Cracks occur when a pressure imbalance in the horizontal force generates between the boom and the boom cylinder.

This imbalance can be due to excessive offset, too much load on the boom or the bucket, or insufficient counterweight added inside the excavator cab.

The result is a crack along a weld line on either side of the boom cylinder.

Also, pay attention to the torsion tube bearing and torsion tube during operation.

When digging, adjust the speed according to the working conditions to ensure that the boom is straight and minimize winding.

15.  How to repair excavator long boom cracks?

The cracks on your excavator long boom can be repaired using different techniques.

The most popular techniques include laser welding or bolting, or riveting.

The portion of the long excavator boom that cracks on it is isolated, and a new part without cracks is installed and joined through bolts, riveting or bolting techniques.

If the cracks are not repaired on time, the cracks start to expand and make your whole excavator-long boom malfunction.

While repairing, it also depends that you must determine the expansion of cracks in your long excavator boom. If their development is too large, then it is recommended to replace your excavator boom.

This will help you save future associated costs.

16.     What are the measures to prevent corrosion of excavator long boom?

The excavation boom is a necessary attachment to an excavator because it allows operators to dig and pick up material.

Excavator long boom can be exposed to rain and chemicals in the environment, leading to corrosion of the steel surface.

You can employ the following measures to prevent corrosion of long excavator boom, including

  • Baking,
  • Coating,
  • Rust preventive paint,
  • Corrosion inhibitor painting.

Painting your excavator long boom increases its lifetime and provides extra strength while lifting heavy materials.

A thick layer of paint coating prevents your long excavator boom from harsh weather conditions, chemicals, dirt, debris, sand, etc.

17.  How to replace excavator long boom pins?

Excavator Long Boom pins are an attachment that connects a boom to the main machine.

With this attachment, it becomes possible for the excavator to extend its reach or width at any time, i.e. when digging or moving soil from one location to another.

To replace the worn-out excavator boom pins, you need to have the right tool kit and then isolate the damaged pins and replace them with new ones.

You can also do this by employing the help of your professional technician of the long excavator boom.

Excavator long boom pins replaced with new ones, which can make the excavator works smoothly.


18.  How can you replace excavator long boom bushes?

There are many ways of replacing excavator long boom bushes to avoid repairing the machine.

The primary purpose of excavator long boom bushes is to provide shock absorbency and support for the boom.

Experts or professionals can easily replace excavator Long Boom.

To replace Excavator Long Boom bushes by yourself, you need good Excavator Attachments knowledge and the right tools.

The thing you need to do is isolate excavator boom bushing attachments and then install the new one. After that, enclose all branches.

If you get replaced by an expert, the cost of replacing Excavator Long Boom bushes will vary upon the location of your machine, availability of parts, machine model and current market prices.


19.  What are the dimensions of the excavator long boom?

There are different dimensions associated with your long excavator boom. These dimensions are listed in the table below for your reference:

Sr. No. Parameter Dimensions (mm)
1 Overall length 12810
2 Overall width 4210
3 Overall height (top of boom) 4300
4 Overall height (top of cab) 3290
5 Ground clearance 1365
6 Tail swing radius 3800
7 Track length on ground 4600
8 Track length 5690
9 Shoe width 600
10 Width of crawler 3900


The dimensions of the excavator long boom vary from model to model and brand.

The specifications also vary depending on your needs, machine and model.


20.  How much force does the excavator long boom exert?

The excavator long boom exerts a force of approximately 3500 newtons.

This means that if the excavator pushes against an object of 15 tons, then the long boom itself generates an additional force equal to 1.5 tons.

The amount of force exerted by a long excavator boom varies and entirely depends on the hydraulics of your excavator.

The excavator long boom is capable of exerting incredible force. In general, the higher the boom’s working height, the higher the boom’s potential to exert pressure on objects that are directly in front of it.

This amount of force will help you evaluate the counterweight you need to install on your excavator cab.


21.  What are the modifications of the excavator long boom?

The boom can also have several modifications depending on the capacity that the operator requires.

The most popular attachments include back fillers and slew feet.

Long booms are configured to work differently from standard cracks, so in addition to attachments.

It is necessary to add counterweights that will increase stability and ensure proper functionality while operating the machine.

The long-reach excavator boom with a rigid attachment is an excavator attachment that allows the arm to be extended farther away from the machine’s body than a standard-reach boom.

This is accomplished by adding additional boom sections that are connected with couplings.


22.  How much can the excavator long boom lift?

The long excavator boom lifts a maximum of around 36 tons, depending on the efficiency of the hydraulics and whether there is an extra counterweight fitted or not.

Remember that the weight of the excavator needs to be taken into account when calculating this as well.

The shorter boom will not be as effective as the long boom.

Since your machine has a longer boom, it can lift more weight.

How much it can lift depends on several different factors: the angle of the dig, the tipping load moment of the boom, what type of weight we are measuring (concrete, sand or soil).


23.  Why is your excavator long boom slow?

The speed at which your excavator moves depends on the operating conditions.

Excavators are not like a car; they don’t accelerate instantly when you step on the gas pedal.

It takes a while for them to reach their maximum speed.

To run the hydraulic circuit efficiently, some minimum oil pressure levels, flow and temperature are required.

The maximum speed will depend on many factors such as ambient temperature, wind, boom configuration, boom length and boom construction, wedge angle and wedge quality.

If the operating conditions are below these minimums, then more time will be needed to build up the oil pressure and hence your excavator long boom experiences slower speeds.


24.  Is a long excavator boom available for sale?

Yes, it is possible that you can find one for you on sale.

There are thousands of excavator long boom suppliers around the globe, which provides frequent excavator long boom sales.

The thing you need to do is to remain in touch with some top-quality excavator long boom supplier to get an idea about sale time or date.

You can read the reviews of previous customers experiences in favor of these suppliers or manufacturers.

This process also helps you in finding a more reliable or affordable excavator long boom supplier.

The sale helps you save extra cost that is not done while purchasing long excavator boom on normal days or off purchase.


25.  How can you solve the problem of a slow excavator long boom?

Our short boom attachment is the answer. A closer balance point than our long boom allows for increased stability.

The shorter boom can handle the same weights as our long boom at a significantly reduced cost.

The smaller counterweight position reduces off-balance moments making the machine more controllable.

A shorter boom makes it easier for your machine to make sharp turns, often required in excavation work, and stops the crack from hitting things above head height at speed.

If you want to work with long excavator booms, then the thing you need to is the boom has to be set up at the same radius for each operation. This will increase working speeds.


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