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Being the most reliable excavator exhaust supplier in China, XuGong KS offers you:

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  • OEM Quality Excavator Exhausts
  • Wide-Range of Excavator Exhausts
  • Real-Time Excavator Exhaust Parts
  • Quick Response to Customer Queries
  • Standard Packaging to Ensure the Safe Delivery of Products

XuGong KS Excavator Exhaust Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Exhaust

Excavator SK200-8 SK200-8 silencer exhaust

This excavator silencer exhaust is made of steel. Guaranteed high quality and durable. Compatible with Kobelco. The package includes 1x set of excavator silencer exhaust SK200-8.

Hot Sale Excavator Parts 5I-7935 Use For E311-312 Excavator Exhaust Silence

This excavator silence exhaust with model number 5I-7935 is made of high-quality materials and is guaranteed 100% new. The package includes 1x set of excavator silence exhaust 5I-7935.

SK210 Kobelco Exhaust

This Kobelco Engine Exacator Exhaust is made of high-quality materials ensuring good products. This is compatible with a binding machine, compactor, crawler tractor, drill press and etc.

excavator kobelco SK220LC-5 engine Exhaust

This Kobelco SK220LC-5 Excavator Exhaust is made of meticulously processed materials to ensure the reliability of work and durability of the product. The package includes 1x set of Kobelco SK220LC-5 Excavator Exhaust.

excavator engine silencer EX120-5 4333182 446845 exhaus

This Excavator Engine Silencer Exhaust EX120-5 is a top-quality product with standard specifications made of high-quality materials. It is also has a competitive price for the customers to consider.

Excavator Engine Exhaust SH60-A1 Exhaust Silencer

Excavator Engine Silencer Exhaust SH60-A1 is a type of engine exhaust made of aluminum. The product has undergone processes ensuring its quality for the customers.

Excavator Intake Exhaust Manifold Digger Engine For KOBOTA155

Excavator Intake Exhaust Manifold Digger Engine For KOBOTA155 is known to have the best quality engine exhaust. It gives reliable service and is the best choice for long-lasting use.

4612858 Manifold Exhaust For Hitachi Excavator EX1200 EX1200-5C EX1200-5D

This Excavator Manifold Exhaust absorbs sounds because of its fiberglass filament. It is made of Steel DC01/Steel 409L/Aluminized Steel. And has high frequency in noise elimination.

E320C 320C 320CL 320CLN Digger Exhaust Silencer For Caterpillar

Caterpillar Digger Exhaust Silencer is made of high-quality materials to ensure the durability and longevity of the product. This has undergone various processes to quality ensure the product.

Is XuGong KS a good choice for your Excavator Exhaust?

With no doubt, sure it is!

Finding a good supplier for your Excavator Exhaust is a very tiring thing. The company’s reputation, your design, specifications of the product, and so on are just some of the things that you need to consider.

In XuGong KS, we provide you an excavator exhaust that is guaranteed to have high quality, extensive in terms of its range, good quality service in terms of customer queries, and very affordable product prices.

Our parts are made from quality products, so we guarantee you perfect Excavator Exhaust! Let us know if you want a quote!

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Xugong KS Excavator Exhaust Manufacturing Process

KS-excavator-exhaust-design (2)
Material Design
XuGong KS guarantees to give you quality products that will satisfy your needs. We make sure to know the details of what you want! And it includes the assessment of materials for your excavator exhausts.
KS-excavator-exhaust-material checking
Material Checking
Checking of materials before the actual process is a must to make sure the materials are quality. XuGong KS only make sure to use materials that are good quality in order to give you satisfying products.
Metal Sheet Folding
The process of XuGong KS where in applying one or bends to a sheet of metal by securing the sheet at a certain point and applying enough pressure to fold the metal. This is one of the early processes of creating excavator exhaust.
XuGong KS undergoes welding process with a quality and master welder to make sure that your excavator exhaust is well-built and will last longer. We guarantee our customers good quality products!
XuGong KS aims to provide quality assembled products for delivery. The assembly process of excavator exhaust is an arrangement of the pieces of the product. We make sure to give you the best excavator exhaust of your choice!
Product testing is the process to know if the excavator exhaust are well produced. It is part of the product development of XuGong KS to make sure we give you a high quality and proficient working excavator exhaust.
Final Testing
This is one of the last manufacturing processes of the excavator exhaust. After testing the said excavator exhaust, it undergoes the final test to determine whether or not the product has passed the quality assurance.
Excavator exhaust are designed as a heavy-duty material. XuGong KS provides you an excavator exhaust that is well-packaged following the standards of good and safe packaging.

XuGong KS Excavator Exhaust Manufacturer Overview

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XuGong KS gives high quality, best materials, real-time parts, extensive range, and a lot of choices for your crawler excavator parts. At XuGong KS, you can find hundreds of new, OEM excavator exhaust as your choices!

Aside from that, we also manufacture different excavator parts that fit in all of the brands such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat, Doosan, Volvo, and etc.

We at XuGong KS, provide you the most high-quality, reliable, and durable excavator exhaust hat you need.

In case of any need for replacement or alternative of any of your top brands, XuGong KS is ready to save your needs! Experience the convenience of using the excavator exhaust by Xugong KS! Drop your orders now!

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Excavator Exhaust – The Complete FAQ Guide

Your excavator’s exhaust system is undoubtedly one of the most essential components your excavator should have. In fact, without an excavator exhaust, your excavator engine will not perform as optimally as it should. The engine will produce a lot of noise as it burns fuel.


It will further release toxic fumes which are detrimental to both your health and the environment. Having read on how important your excavator exhaust system is, it would be best if you’d understand it better.


Here’s what you are going to learn from this guide:

  • First, you’ll get to fully understand what an excavator exhaust system is, its components, and how it functions.
  • Then, you’ll get to know how to select the ideal excavator exhaust for your specific excavator. You’ll also get to understand how to install, maintain and replace the entire exhaust system safely.
  • Finally, you’ll get to know where to get high-quality aftermarket excavator exhausts as well as other aftermarket excavator parts from the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier.


Keep reading this guide to find out more:

1. What Is the Exhaust System in An Excavator?

Your excavator has an exhaust system that helps the excavator’s engine expel waste gas from the engine. As you’ve read earlier on in this guide, your excavator runs on a diesel engine – an internal combustion engine.


Figure 1 – Excavator Exhaust

2. What Are the Components of An Excavator Exhaust?

Your excavator exhaust has different components that can be broken down into four categories. Check them out:


  • Aftertreatment devices – these devices are found in the excavator’s exhaust system and are used to significantly reduce pollutant emissions. These after-treatment devices include catalytic converters, particulate filters, etc.
  • Muffler – the muffler is a key component of the excavator’s exhaust system as it helps you focus better by reducing engine noise. The muffler has chambers, tubes, and baffles that significantly reduce engine noise. Its internal structure helps ensure that sound waves from the engine cancel each other.
  • Decoupling components – they connect your excavator’s exhaust system with the excavator’s manifold.
  • Exhaust piping


3. How Does An Excavator Exhaust Work?

Your excavator exhaust has three primary tasks, as you’ll find out shortly. Remember, your excavator works systematically. When the engine gets ignited, it burns diesel and air as it is an internal combustion engine.


When diesel and air are burnt, the engine will need to expel waste gases from its system so that the internal combustion process can become a success. That’s where your excavator exhaust system comes into the equation.


Figure 2 – Excavator Exhaust Working



Your excavator exhaust works by doing the following:

  • It prevents the release of toxic gases from the excavator’s engine to the excavator’s operator in the cab which is detrimental to human and animal health. It also prevents environmental degradation.
  • The muffler reduces noise as its internal structure comprises chambers, tubes, and baffles.
  • It enhances the general performance of your excavator. The exhaust system, specifically the muffler, creates the backpressure necessary for spinning the turbo. In other words, it restricts exhaust flow subsequently slowing down your excavator engine. Without a muffler, your excavator engine will burn fuel at a faster rate, causing inefficiency.


It is, therefore, essential to have a good excavator exhaust system that works well.

4. Why Is It Important to Have A Good Excavator Exhaust System?

It is vital to have a good excavator exhaust system because it will generally benefit your excavator’s operations. Here’s how:


An excavator with a good excavator exhaust system has a better performance compared to an excavator with a crappy exhaust system. The exhaust system creates back pressure, which slows down the engine making the excavator more efficient in terms of fuel management.


The second reason why a good excavator exhaust system is good for you is you’ll not get to work in an extremely noisy environment. The muffler silences the sound waves produced by the excavator’s engine as it burns diesel.


Also, a good excavator exhaust system keeps you safe as you operate the excavator. The engine produces toxic fumes which are dangerous to your health and the environment.

5. What Causes Damages to Excavator Exhausts?

The Excavator exhaust system will eventually get damaged over time. In some cases, the muffler may even blow off, covering your engine with soot.


Here’s the deal:


Your excavator exhausts get damaged when you fail to clean them. Excavators work in extreme environmental conditions, meaning that contaminants can land anywhere on the excavator. As such, your excavator exhaust will get corroded by these contaminants, specifically rust, weakening major components such as the muffler.


The second reason why your excavator exhaust system gets damaged is when you decide to use diesel that is not pure. Also, a damaged fuel injector will damage your exhaust system, specifically the catalytic converter.


The final major reason why your excavator exhaust gets damaged is that you do not maintain your excavator engine well. You need to ensure that your excavator engine is in good shape at all times. Remember, your excavator is a system – all components rely on each other to function properly.


Figure 3 – Well Maintained Excavator

6. How Should I Select the Ideal Excavator Exhaust for My Excavator?

All excavator components, including exhaust systems, have unique part numbers for different excavator brands. These part numbers aid you get the perfect excavator exhaust system for your excavator.


Figure 4 – Excavator Exhaust System Selection


Now, it may be hard to find your excavator exhaust part number, especially if its surface is corroded with rust. You’ll need to reach out to a professional aftermarket excavator exhaust manufacturing company with your excavator’s specific make and model.


You must get the ideal excavator exhaust system because it will significantly affect the health of your excavator engine, as well as its performance. It is also vital to acquire these exhaust systems from a reputable aftermarket manufacturing company.

7. Why Is My Excavator Exhaust Too Loud?

An extremely loud excavator exhaust may indicate a blockage in your exhaust system. You may also experience some vibration which indicates that your excavator exhaust system’s clamp is loose. Rattling noises could also mean that your excavator exhaust is blown.


Whenever you experience an anomaly in your excavator exhaust system, it is best to inform your favorite mechanic.

8. Is It Safe to Operate My Excavator with An Exhaust Leak?

Here’s the truth:


Operating your excavator with an exhaust leak is dangerous. It is best to halt all excavator operations if you notice any anomaly in your excavator’s exhaust system.


Operating your excavator with a leak in the exhaust system is detrimental to health and the environment. The toxic fumes, for example, carbon monoxide, may reach your excavator cab as you operate it and in extreme cases, this gas can kill you.


Figure 5 – Excavator Exhaust with a Leak


You can tell if your excavator exhaust leaks – the excavator’s fuel efficiency will decline. It is, therefore, important to know how well your excavator performs.


Also, if you operate your excavator and start having chest pains, headaches, dizziness, or even confusion, kindly exit the excavator hastily as you can become a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning.


According to Chemistry, carbon monoxide has a higher affinity to your red blood cells compared to oxygen – by exiting the excavator, you’ll cut the supply of carbon monoxide and resume taking in oxygen.

9. Is It Expensive to Fix An Excavator with An Exhaust Leak?

Fixing an excavator’s exhaust leak is not entirely cheap. It depends on the level of damage.


Here’s why:


Fixing your excavator’s exhaust leak can be an intimidating process, especially if the leak is hidden. It would be best if you’d reach out to your favorite certified mechanic for this process to be a success.


The mechanic will fix any leak that your excavator exhaust system may have. If the excavator’s exhaust has lots of leaking points or requires a lot of fixes, leading experts recommend acquiring new exhaust systems.


Here’s the deal:


Repairing excavator exhaust systems is not a guarantee that the excavator will continue running as it used to when it was new.

10. How Can I Know If My Excavator Exhaust Is Damaged?

You can tell if your excavator exhaust is damaged if does the following:


  • The excavator’s exhaust becomes too noisy.
  • Your excavator’s fuel efficiency is not as optimal as it was earlier when the excavator was new.
  • The smell of strong fumes.
  • Your excavator may pop the check engine light which should tell you that there is something wrong.
  • You may also stop feeling well, you may experience chest pains, dizziness, confusion, headaches, etc. which is a sign of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Figure 6 – Damaged Excavator Exhaust


Above If you experience any of them in your excavator, kindly halt all excavator operations and repair or replace your excavator’s exhaust system.

11. Is It Safe to Operate My Excavator with A Blown Exhaust?

No. It is not safe to operate your excavator with a blown exhaust system. It is also not legal to do so. The excavator may run, but it will significantly affect the performance of your excavator engine.


In extreme cases, the excavator turbo could get damaged.

12. What Causes Damages to Excavator Exhaust Systems?

Your excavator exhaust system will eventually fail due to natural damages as you continually use your excavator. However, some factors such as external corrosion caused by contaminants like rust and other chemicals may accelerate the damage process.


Failing to maintain your excavator engine can also cause exhaust issues. For example, if your excavator has damaged fuel injectors, your catalytic converter will get damaged.


Improper installation of your excavator exhaust system will also cause issues in the long run. It is therefore important to have a certified expert do it for you.

13. How Should I Take Care of My Excavator Exhaust?

Taking care of your excavator exhaust is important, as it makes your excavator more productive. Check this out:


You can take care of your excavator exhaust by ensuring that its surface is clean. Cleaning your excavator exhaust system prevents corrosion which weakens your excavator exhaust outer surface.


Figure 7 – Well Maintained Excavator Exhaust


Also, ensuring that your excavator engine is in good condition, as well as fueling your excavator with clean diesel will help in preventing premature damage to your excavator’s exhaust system.


Should you notice any anomaly in your excavator’s exhaust system, please reach out to a certified professional to help you out.

14. Is It Safe to Repair My Excavator Exhaust?

It depends on the degree of damage. You can repair your excavator exhaust if it requires minor fixes such as repairing small leaks.


We, however, recommend complete replacements for major issues. These major issues include blocked, blown, or even exhaust systems that have been repaired multiple times. The issue with repairing major issues in an excavator exhaust system is that it may force you to rebuild the whole exhaust system.


The rebuilding process is time-consuming, expensive, and it is not a guarantee that it will perform as optimally as it should.


Consider also checking for underlying issues. Sometimes, a damaged excavator exhaust is a sign of an underlying problem.

15. How Should I Replace My Blown Excavator Exhaust?

Replacing your excavator-blown exhaust is a pretty straightforward process. It, however, requires you to clean your excavator engine bay first, as well as the exhaust area. Doing so helps you prevent dirtying yourself with soot.


Then, loosen all the bolts that hold the excavator exhaust in place including the clips and mounts. After removing the bolts, proceed to remove the excavator exhaust.


The excavator exhaust system starts from the engine’s outlet. The waste gases are transported by an exhaust pipe to the muffler and then to the muffler’s outlet.


You’ll need to replace all these components.


Figure 8 – Excavator Exhaust  System Installation


Your excavator’s operational and service manuals contain the necessary instructions to help you install your new excavator exhaust system. The installation process requires you to align all these components correctly and then bolt them up tightly to prevent play.


16. Where Can I Find the Best Excavator Exhausts?

KS is the leading excavator aftermarket parts general dealer in the world. We offer you the best deals for aftermarket excavator exhausts. Here’s what makes us the best:


We’ve been in the excavator aftermarket parts manufacturing and selling business for over a decade now.


We manufacture our excavator exhausts from scratch using raw, high-quality steel. We manufacture these exhaust systems in-house while strictly adhering to OEM practices. These excavator exhausts’ designs help it to work just like the original ones.


In other words, our excavator exhausts are completely interchangeable with the original ones, regardless of your excavator’s make and model.


In our many years of doing business, we’ve managed to secure close working relationships with leading logistics companies. This means that we will deliver your ordered excavator exhaust system on time and free from physical damages.


Here’s the deal:


We’ll need to first complete your payment before we ship over your aftermarket excavator exhaust system. You can complete paying us using the following platforms:

  • Paypal
  • Western Union
  • Alipay
  • T
  • L/C


The best part is that we let you reach out to us with your requirements as well as your estimated budget. We’ll then reach out to you with a free quote that tries to meet both your estimated budget and your requirements.


We’ll also offer you tips that will help you run and maintain your excavator better.

17. How Much Does An Excavator Exhaust Cost?

Excavator exhausts prices depend on your excavator type, make, and model. Now, since there are many excavators made and models in the market today, there is no way to definitively put a price tag on every excavator’s exhaust system.


You can always reach out to a reputable professional manufacturing company for the best excavator exhaust deals.


Check this out:


Buying aftermarket exhaust systems is ideal compared to buying them from the excavator’s manufacturing company. Your excavator’s manufacturing company is expensive compared to aftermarket companies and the performance as well as the lifespan of the exhaust system is roughly the same.

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