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  • ISO9001
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  • SGS
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Superior Performance Excavator Muffler Supplier in China

The highest noise elimination of muffler is only the XuGong KS Excavator Muffler. These XuGong KS Excavator Mufflers are analyzed and structured to eliminate the exhaust engine noise of your excavator. To keep your engine in good condition, XuGong KS keeps it functioning smoothly for as long as possible. Our design and selection of materials are quality assured and guarantees exquisite performance.

XuGong KS Excavator Muffler is greatly designed to aid in canceling out noise and stress while your engine worked on.  This Excavator Muffler is also designed with steel and coated with aluminum to care for protection against heat and chemicals released by the engine of your excavator. XuGong KS Excavator Muffler is created in simple but precise form. So, this is the perfect fit  Excavator Muffler for your excavator engine. Click on the inquiry to get a quote.

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XuGong KS Excavator Muffler Factory Overview

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At Xugong KS, we can ensure your choices of KS Excavator Muffler. XuGong KS is your one and only stop solution for your Excavator Muffler needs. We can help lower your maintenance cost with our budget-friendly XuGong KS Excavator Muffler. You are confidently in safe hands with our expert and professional XuGong KS team.  We are s proud of our high-grade Excavator Muffler over many years of our production. This is the core mission of XuGong KS, to mark history in the expertise of supplying Excavator Muffler.

XuGong KS also offers customization of your Excavator Muffler.  Just coordinate to us your parts no. and it will be quoted to you immediately. We understand that time is pivotal. So, you are assured that this XuGong KS Excavator Muffler is 100% in-store and ready for fast and secure delivery. What are you worrying and waiting for? Get the advantage with the convenience of using XuGong KS Excavator Muffler. Request your XuGong KS Excavator Muffler now. For 2-3 days only, you will fit it in already to your excavator. Send us an inquiry now!


Excavator Muffler – The Complete FAQ Guide

Excavator mufflers are, without doubt, one of the most vital components that your excavator engine requires to work properly. This means that without the muffler, your excavator engine may not function as efficiently as it usually does. It is part of the excavator’s exhaust system.


Your excavator muffler will ultimately wear out, just like all other excavator components. They rarely break down. However, when they do, it’ll be extremely difficult to operate your excavator. Apart from being inefficient, it’ll also pose a health risk to your body as toxic fumes from the excavator’s diesel engine will be present in the air.


Furthermore, it is hazardous to the environment. You’ll therefore need to understand what you want to get the ideal muffler for your excavator. That’s what this guide is all about. Here’s what you are going to learn from this guide:

  • What an excavator muffler is and the role it plays
  • How to maintain, diagnose, and replace your excavator muffler
  • Where to get the best excavator muffler that will serve you for long


Let’s dig right into it!

1.   What Is An Excavator Muffler?

All internal combustion engines on the face of the earth have mufflers. Mufflers are vital components of internal combustion engines, including your excavator’s as it uses diesel fuel to run.Figure 1 - Excavator Muffler

Excavator mufflers are found just before the exhaust pipe’s outlet. An excavator muffler looks like a big drum, and it has different functions, as you will see in this guide shortly.


2.   How Does An Excavator Muffler Work?

The primary task of your excavator muffler is to dissipate loud sounds that come from your excavator engine. An excavator engine uses diesel, which means that it is an internal combustion engine.


It has pistons and valves. Every time the exhaust valves open, a small explosion of burnt diesel will be released into the excavator’s exhaust system. This release of gases is what creates these loud sounds.


Here’s how your excavator muffler reduces noise:

If you open up a damaged excavator muffler, you’ll find chambers, tubes, and baffles. These components reflect the noise coming from your engine as it burns diesel. The muffler’s internal structure is designed to ensure that the extreme sound waves cancel out each other.

Figure 2 - Internal Components of An Excavator MufflerIt, therefore, makes your life as an operator easy by working in a relatively noise-free environment.


It is important to ensure that your excavator muffler is in good shape. If it is damaged, your excavator engine will be extremely noisy. Also, damaged excavator mufflers may soot your excavator engine.


Check this out:

To some extent, your excavator muffler also affects the general performance of your excavator engine. Mufflers create something called back-pressure by restricting exhaust flow, thereby slowing down your engine. When it slows down the engine, the muffler makes the engine efficient in terms of fuel management.


Without an excavator muffler, you wouldn’t be able to withstand the noise nor the strong gases that the engine produces.


3.   How Is An Excavator Muffler Made?

All excavator mufflers carry out the same task – to reduce engine noise. However, different manufacturers have unique manufacturing designs, which can significantly affect their service life.


Check this out:

KS manufactures excavator mufflers for leading excavator brands across the world. We manufacture mufflers for CAT, Hitachi, Komatsu, Volvo, Doosan, Liebherr among others. We manufacture them strictly according to OEM standards. We manufacture them from scratch.


Our engineering team comes up with a good internal and external muffler design using new, cutting-edge computer programs that are incredibly accurate. We use unique designs for each excavator’s make and model.


We then move on to the cutting area, where we use a laser cutter to accurately cut a high-quality steel sheet. After cutting the components, they are then assembled by an expert who understands the workings of all excavator’s exhaust systems.


The muffler is then cleaned and then painted. The paint helps prevent corrosion brought by rust. We’ll always package your ordered excavator muffler with all the peripheral parts so that you are not forced to reuse any component from your old, damaged muffler.


4.   What Are the Components of An Excavator Muffler?

Your excavator muffler is made up of internal and external components. The external part is simply a rigid drum made of steel that is used to cover the internal components.


The internal components include chambers, tubes, and baffles. The muffler’s internal structure is designed to ensure that the extreme sound waves cancel out each other. These components reflect the noise coming from your engine as it burns diesel.


5.   How Should I Check for Faults on My Excavator Muffler?

Your excavator muffler is one of the easiest excavator components that you can check for faults. It only requires you to be keen.


Check out how you can know if your excavator muffler is faulty:


  • The first thing is your excavator engine becomes extremely loud. As you’ve read earlier in this guide, the primary task of your excavator muffler is to reduce engine noise. Whenever your engine or exhaust noise becomes too loud, there is a great probability that your excavator muffler is damaged.


  • The second thing to look out for is fuel consumption. Remember, your excavator muffler significantly affects the performance of the excavator’s engine by creating something called backpressure by restricting exhaust flow, thereby slowing down your engine.


Without a muffler, your excavator engine will burn fuel faster, which will make the engine inefficient.


  • You’ll also need to look out for the strong smell of excavator engine fumes. If you observe this issue, you’ll need to have the excavator’s entire exhaust system checked out, as there could be a leak that is hazardous to your health and also to the environment.


  • If your excavator engine is choking, your excavator muffler is most likely blocked. Diesel engines do not burn the fuel completely, therefore producing soot. A clogged excavator muffler will cause excessive exhaust backpressure, which is not good for your engine.


You’ll find out that your excavator engine may fail to start because of this issue. In some extreme cases, the excavator muffler may blow because of pressure.


The above three signs are the most commonly observed issues. However, there may be other signs that signify if your excavator is faulty. You can always contact us here if you are in doubt of your excavator muffler as well as the entire exhaust system.


6.   When Should I Replace My Excavator Muffler?

Here’s the truth:

Your excavator muffler will eventually cease working, and it will require an urgent replacement.


You can replace your excavator muffler whenever you establish that it is damaged. Any excavator engine anomaly relating to the exhaust system should notify you of a probable muffler issue.


If you experience any of the above issues that have been highlighted earlier in this guide, you’ll need to replace your excavator muffler.


You can also consult your favorite certified mechanic. The mechanic will help you understand your excavator better, as well as recommend what to repair and/or replace depending on your excavator’s situation.


7.   How Should I Repair My Excavator Muffler?

Here’s the deal:

Excavator mufflers can only accommodate minor fixes, such as stopping a small leakage.

Figure 3 - Excavator Muffler Repair

However, major issues such as blockages, extremely loud excavator engines or exhaust noises, or even strong gas smells, will force you to replace your excavator muffler. If you must repair your excavator muffler, then you’ll be forced to rebuild it.


Rebuilding consumes a lot of time. It is also not a guarantee that the muffler will work as it used to before.


Bottom line:

Excavator mufflers are almost unrepairable. They are mostly replaced.


8.   How Are Excavator Mufflers Replaced?

Replacing any excavator component requires you to remove the old damaged part and replace it with a new high-quality part.


Now, replacing your excavator muffler is not a difficult task, especially if you know what you are doing. Here’s how you can go about the process:


First, you can decide to clean your excavator engine and exhaust area to avoid dirtying yourself.

Figure 4 - Cleaning your excavator engineThen, proceed to loosen the bolts that hold the excavator muffler in place. Once the bolts are off, remove your damaged excavator muffler.

Figure 5 - Loosen Excavator Muffler Bolts

You’ll also need to remove any other component that forces the excavator muffler to stay in place when your excavator runs.

Figure 6 - Loosen Any Excavator Muffler Attachments

Proceed to install your new excavator muffler. Put it in position and then tighten the bolts that hold it in place.

Figure 7 - Install Your New Excavator Muffler

Test the new muffler by switching on your engine. Look out for abnormal excavator engine or exhaust noises, as well as strong gas smells.


It is important to let a certified mechanic do the installation for you. Remember, if you do not have the legal permits to repair your excavator, you could annul your warranty cover. Also, the certified mechanic will help you repair or replace any other component that is damaged.


9.   How Should I Care for My Excavator Muffler?

There are two primary ways that you can care for your excavator muffler. Check them out:


  • First, you need to keep your excavator engine healthy. A healthy engine will keep your excavator strong, and it will have minimal exhaust issues. Keeping your engine healthy means ensuring that it is clean and its service is done on time.

Figure 8 - Well Maintained Excavator Engine

  • The second way to care for your excavator muffler is to keep the muffler clean. As your excavator works tirelessly for you, contaminants may fall on top of the muffler’s surface, which may end up corroding the surface.

Figure 9 - Excavator Muffler with a Corroded Surface

A corroded surface becomes weak and it may blow due to the pressure the excavator engine exerts on the exhaust system.


  • Always inspect your excavator exhaust system every day before using your excavator. Doing this will save you a lot of money, as you’ll be able to identify issues that may negatively affect your excavator muffler.


Caring for your muffler is not a difficult task. It only requires you to sacrifice a little bit of your time and energy.


10. How Can I Select the Ideal Excavator Muffler for My Excavator?

When selecting an excavator muffler for your excavator, you need to put into consideration the following factors:


  • First, you’ll need to know the kind of excavator muffler that you need, based on your excavator manufacturer’s recommendation. Remember, your excavator works systematically, and all components need to match with each other for the best results.


All excavator brands have unique part numbers for every component. You can always get the ideal excavator muffler by using its part number to identify it.


  • Then, consider your excavator muffler manufacturer. The manufacturer should be given a significant amount of consideration as the manufacturing company determines how long your excavator muffler will serve you.


The manufacturing technique used to make your excavator muffler will greatly affect the lifespan of the muffler. Low-quality materials are bound to break down sooner than you expect.


Here’s the deal:

Selecting the ideal muffler for your excavator can be a difficult task, more so because of the rise of many manufacturing companies that use low-quality materials. You’ll need to contact a trustworthy manufacturing company with a reputable background to help you out.


11. Where Can I Find the Best Excavator Muffler?

Check this out:


KS offers you the best deals when buying aftermarket mufflers and other excavator aftermarket parts as well.


KS is the world’s leading excavator muffler manufacturer and supplier. We also supply other high-quality excavator parts. We manufacture our excavator mufflers from scratch under strict OEM practices.


The best part about buying our excavator mufflers is that they are fully interchangeable with the original muffler, yet, they are by far more affordable than your excavator manufacturer’s muffler.


Over the ten years that we’ve been in business, we’ve managed to manufacture excavator mufflers as well as other excavator parts for leading excavator brands such as CAT, KOMATSU, KOBELCO, DOOSAN, ISUZU, HINI, HITACHI, VOLVO, HYUNDAI, YANAR, among others.


We currently have over 10,000 excavator mufflers as well as other excavator components in stock at the moment. This means that we can deliver your desired muffler on time, as we have yet again, managed to establish close working relationships with leading logistics companies like DHL, FedEx, etc.


Our packaging team ensures that your excavator muffler is well packaged to prevent any physical damages that may occur during transportation. We also offer a 90-day warranty on all parts bought from us.


Now, to dispatch your ordered excavator parts, you’ll need to first clear your balance with us. Once we agree on the pricing, you can pay us via Paypal, Western Union, Alipay, L.C, and T.T


Here’s the best part:

We always let you reach out to us with your requirements as well as your budget. We’ll then respond to you with a free quote that tries to meet those two parameters – that’s what makes us affordable.


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