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Xugong KS Provides You with High Performance Excavator Chainsaw in the Market.

  • High Tensile Strength Steel
  • 360 Degree Continuous Rotation
  • Aftermarket and Genuine from Top Brands
  • Safe and Secure Shipping with Quality Warranty
  • OEM and ISO Certified

XuGong KS Excavator Chainsaw Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Chainsaw

Hydraulic Excavator Chainsaw

Durable and powerful Xugong excavator chainsaw.  Secured and timely delivery.

Durable and high performance from Xugong KS excavator chainsaw manufacturer.

Durable and high performance from Xugong KS manufacturer.

Excavator Chainsaw EX2600R

Sharp and long wear life mini excavator chainsaw. OEM and ISO Certified.

Bestselling Excavator Chainsaw

High strength blade excavator chainsaw. OEM and ISO certified.

Excavator Chainsaw ADS-05RS

Powerful and wear resistant Xugong KS excavator chainsaw.

Excavator Chainsaw SW345

Excavator chainsaw for harsh environments. Safe and timely delivery.

Excavator Chainsaw KINGER

Amazing and high quality excavator chainsaw for your construction site.

Excavator Chainsaw X-Series

Huge diameter and easy installation. OEM and ISO Certified.

Excavator Chainsaw DXH752

Heavy-duty excavator chainsaw. OEM and ISO certified.

Why Should You Get Xugong KS Excavator Chainsaws?

Xugong KS excavator chainsaws are designed for excavators and any kind of machinery. Our excavator chainsaw is perfect in forest thinning and energy wood harvesting as well as for wood loading and sorting.

Its compact structure allows it to be used in urban felling or cutting branches and cutting trees in complete safety. Xugong KS excavator chainsaw is designed and built based on OEM and ISO specifications.

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XuGong KS Excavator Chainsaw Manufacturer Overview

The Sharpest Excavator Chainsaw from Xugong KS

Xugong KS excavator chainsaw has a high-strength blade made of high-quality steel. Our excavator chainsaw can increase safety and speed up the handling of wood in your operation.

Xugong KS excavator chainsaw supplies the largest range of excavator chainsaw products in China. Man-on-the-ground risks are reduced, especially in dangerous projects such as storm clean-up with tree limbs under tension.

Xugong KS excavator chainsaw is the ultimate vibration-free chainsaw with effortless fingertip control, all from the safety and comfort of the operator’s cabin.

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Durable and Versatile Xugong KS Excavator Chainsaw  

Durable, versatile, and lightweight, the Xugong KS excavator chainsaw is suitable to mini to large excavators. Our excavator chainsaw models utilize our excavators’ flexibility while maximizing performance with a cutting rate of 3-6 inches per second.

Bolt-on design allows for quick head rotation from horizontal to vertical positions. Xugong KS excavator chainsaw has a strong blade with carbide teeth.

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Accommodating Xugong KS Excavator Chainsaw Support

At Xugong KS excavator chainsaw manufacturer, we only serve our customers with the best of care. If you any concerns or inquiries, our expert team in excavator chainsaws can provide you with the best solutions for your excavator chainsaws.

You are just a click away from getting the highest quality of excavator chainsaw in the market. Order from Xugong KS manufacturer now.


Fast and Timely Delivery for Xugong KS Excavator Chainsaw

At Xugong KS excavator chainsaw distributor, we pack our excavator chainsaw in wooden crates. We can deliver your excavator chainsaws via are or sea. No need to worry about your excavator chainsaw purchase as we guarantee you quality warranty for your excavator chainsaw.

Xugong KS excavator chainsaw can be shipped through popular couriers like TNT, FedEx, and many more. Xugong KS distributes and exports to more than 50 countries such as America, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, and so on. We can guarantee you we can distribute your excavator chainsaws.

Buy from Xugong KS excavator chainsaw manufacturer now! The best here in China to your construction doorstep!


Excavator Chainsaw – The Complete FAQ Guide


Have you ever imagined an excavator carrying a chainsaw? Excavator chainsaws are available today in the market. They are primarily used to clear bushes, cut trees, etc. It all depends on the type of work you’d like to complete.


Check this out: A perfect bush clearing or tree cutting process using an excavator chainsaw requires you to have the best chainsaw that can withstand polite assaults during cutting. Selecting the ideal excavator chainsaw can be an intimidating process.


This guide is going to help you clearly understand the following concepts:

  • What an excavator chainsaw is and how it works
  • How to select, install, maintain, repair, and replace your excavator chainsaw
  • Where to get the best aftermarket excavator chainsaws in the market today.


Continue reading this guide to find out more.

1. What Is An Excavator Chainsaw?


An excavator chainsaw is simply a chainsaw that is mounted on an excavator in place of an excavator digger bucket. The chainsaw uses hydraulic fluid to run.

Figure 1 – Excavator Chainsaw


The primary purpose of attaching a hydraulic chainsaw to an excavator is to ensure that work gets done effectively, efficiently and also increases operator safety. You can use your excavator chainsaw to trim long fences or cut heavy trees that would otherwise be impractical to complete manually.


These chainsaws are mostly used by vegetation maintaining companies, utility workers, or even tree cutting and bush clearing workers. There are different types of excavator chainsaws, as you’ll soon find out by reading this guide.


2. How Do Excavators Carry Chainsaws?


Excavator chainsaws are mounted on the excavator in place of an excavator digger bucket. They have the specially designed attachment that enables them to work effectively and efficiently.

Figure 2 – Excavator Chainsaw Attachment


This attachment also allows them to even hold heavy logs while cutting them precisely. The attachment is tightly bolted onto the excavator’s stick and hydraulic pipes are fixed onto the attachment which in turn runs the chainsaw. The type of attachment depends on the type of excavator chainsaw that you require. It’ll also depend on your excavator type.


Here’s the deal:

There are three types of excavators:

  • Mini excavators – you can use them to clear small or light bushes or even cut down small trees. You should not overwork your mini excavator chainsaws as they’ll wear out prematurely.
  • Standard excavators – this type of excavator can complete more sizable amounts of bush clearing and/or tree cutting tasks compared to mini excavators. They can handle heavier/bigger excavator chainsaws compared to mini excavators.
  • Heavy-duty excavators – these excavators are the ultimate bush clearing and/or tree cutting excavators. They can easily handle heavy chainsaws, meaning that they can cut huge amounts of logs, trees, etc. quickly.


Bottom line: You need to choose the appropriate excavator chainsaw for your excavator. For example, it would be impractical to fit a heavy excavator chainsaw on a mini excavator, or a small excavator chainsaw on a heavy-duty excavator. The choice of excavator chainsaw that you choose to use affects the performance of the excavator when clearing bushes or cutting trees.


3. How Do Excavator Chainsaws Work?


Excavator chainsaws work by using hydraulic power. The attachment that heps they get mounted on the excavator has hydraulic hoses that connect the excavator’s hydraulic system to the chainsaw’s hydraulic system as well.

Figure 3 – Excavator Chainsaw Working


You can then easily control the number of revolutions per minute on your excavator chainsaw. Many operators use the chainsaw’s weight to easily cut through bushes, trees, logs, etc. You’ll, therefore, need to select the ideal excavator chainsaw attachment that matches your requirements.


Check this out: It would be extremely difficult to use a log chopping hydraulic chainsaw on a vegetation fence as the grapple will not be able to grasp the fence as it does on the logs.


4. Why Are Excavator Chainsaws Important?


Excavator chainsaws are important as they are powerful and can complete heavy tasks quickly and efficiently. They also enhance the safety of the operator as he or she works inside the excavator cab.

Figure 4 - Excavator Chainsaw Importance

Figure 4 – Excavator Chainsaw Importance


5. What Is An Excavator Chainsaw Attachment?


An excavator chainsaw attachment is a component that allows you to attach the excavator chainsaw onto the excavator’s stick by tightly bolting it in place of the excavator digger bucket. The attachment also has hydraulic hoses that allow the chainsaw to run on hydraulic commandeering from the excavator’s cab.


Different types of chainsaw attachments match the specific type of job you’d wish to complete using your excavator chainsaw. You can have a tree saw attachment or a log grapple that holds a log firmly and then lets your excavator saw cut through it accurately.


6. What Are the Different Types of Excavator Chainsaws?


There are two primary types of excavator chainsaws:

  • Tree saw – this type can be used to cut down trees, prune their branches, etc. It can also be used to trim vegetation fences.

Figure 5 – Excavator Tree Cutter


  • Log grapple – Holds logs in place so that they can be cut by the chainsaw rotating at high speeds.

Figure 6 – Excavator Log Grapple


7. How Can I Diagnose A Faulty Excavator Chainsaw?


Your excavator chainsaw is bound to get damaged over time. You may have to repair it or even replace the whole chainsaw, depending on the level of damage.


Check this out: The first way to know that your excavator chainsaw is faulty is by checking its general performance. If your excavator chainsaw starts cutting logs or pruning vegetation slower than usual, it could be due to insufficient fluid flow or even low relief valve setting.


The problem might also be that the chain is dull or the backpressure is extremely high. You can remedy this situation by ensuring that the fluid flow is properly adjusted to the optimum level. You can also sharpen and/or replace your dull excavator chain as per your manufacturer’s recommendation.


Consider setting the backpressure to the optimal level – it might also remedy the situation. The second issue that you may face is that your excavator’s chainsaw bar may turn color. The reason behind this is that the excavator chainsaw has an insufficient amount of oiler flow. You can remedy this issue by manually oiling the chainsaw as you cut extremely hard logs. You can also opt to adjust the chainsaw’s oiler as recommended by the chainsaw’s manufacturer.


The third issue is that your excavator chainsaw may fail to turn completely. The reason behind this could be that the excavator power unit is not functioning. It could also be blocked hoses or couplers or even a mechanical failure.


You’ll need to remedy this issue by checking your power unit for proper flow. You can also try to remove the blockages that block your excavator coupler or hoses. As for the mechanical failure, consider disassembling the whole chainsaw for inspection. Replace any damaged components.


The fourth issue is that your excavator chainsaw runs backward. You’ll need to correct this issue because the chainsaw is designed to run forwards to reduce wear. The reason behind this issue is simply the pressure and return are reversed.


You can remedy this issue by ensuring that direction flow is proper. The fifth common issue is that your excavator chainsaw leaks around the sprocket. The reason behind any leakage is a failed seal. Consider replacing the motor shaft seal and ensure that the oil present is not a result of excess oiler flow.


The final issue that you may face when using your excavator chainsaw is that there could be oil leakage between the valve handle assembly and the rear gear housing. The primary reason behind this oil leakage is a failed motor face seal. You can remedy the issue by replacing this seal.


Here’s the deal: If you experience any other anomaly apart from these, consider referring to your chainsaw manual. You can also reach out to your favorite mechanic to help you out with the issue.


8. How Should I Properly Maintain My Excavator Chainsaw?


Maintaining your excavator chainsaw is not a difficult task.

Figure 7 – Well-maintained Excavator Chainsaw


Here’s how you can maintain your excavator chainsaw:

  • Always ensure that the excavator chainsaw is clean. You’ll, therefore, need to clean the chainsaw after every use. You can clean the chain by soaking it for thirty minutes in a water-ammonia mix and then using a soft brush to get rid of any wood debris on it.


Rinse the chain thoroughly using clean water. Proceed to check for any clogging or blockages. Remember also to clean the air filter – you can do so by using soapy water.


Cleaning ensures that the excavator chainsaw remains as effective and efficient as it should.


  • Ensure that your chainsaw blades are sharp. A dull chainsaw will not give you the quick clean cut that you desire. You’ll therefore need to sharpen the blades as per the chainsaw’s manufacturer’s recommendation.


You can tell if your chainsaw’s blades are sharp enough based on the chainsaw’s performance when cutting logs, trees, fences, etc. If the chainsaw discharges sawdust as opposed to discharging saw chips, consider sharpening your chainsaw’s blades.


You should use your chainsaw blade manufacturer’s sharpening instructions for the best results.


  • Ensure that your chainsaw is lubricated. Lubrication prevents excessive friction between the guide bar and the chainsaw’s chain. Insufficient lubrication will make your excavator chainsaw run slower than usual due to friction. In severe incidents, the whole chainsaw may overheat.


You can tell if your excavator chainsaw has insufficient lubrication when oil does not spray on the surface when you rev the excavator chainsaw. You can check your excavator chainsaw’s manual to find out how to add more oil to the chainsaw.


  • Use your excavator chainsaw for its intended purpose. You’ll also need to replace any worn-out parts with high-quality aftermarket parts to ensure that the excavator chainsaw runs efficiently and performs optimally.


  • Ensure that the excavator chainsaw does not run backward, as it could cause premature wear on the excavator chainsaw’s chain. The chain is designed to move forwards. Also, use proper cutting techniques to avoid wearing out the excavator chainsaw’s chain prematurely.


  • Regular inspection may also help identify anomalies in your excavator chainsaw. Consider inspecting your excavator chainsaw before and after using it.


9. How Are Excavator Chainsaws Replaced?


Replacing your excavator chainsaw is a pretty straightforward activity. You’ll only need to remove the old damaged excavator chainsaw and fix a new aftermarket high-quality chainsaw.


Check this out: You should emphasize the chainsaw’s hydraulic connections because they determine whether your excavator chainsaw runs forwards or backward. The chainsaw should always run forwards for a clean and efficient cut.


You should also ensure that the chainsaw attachment is tightly bolted on your excavator’s stick. You wouldn’t want your excavator chainsaw to fall from the excavator’s stick at full rev as it could cause damage to your excavator’s body, or even severely injure someone.


Here’s the deal: Strictly adhere to your excavator chainsaw manufacturer’s guidelines when replacing the chainsaw on your excavator. You can find these guidelines clearly outlined in the excavator chainsaw’s manual.


It would be best if you’d let a certified mechanic do the installation for you. Doing so could help you identify other issues in your excavator, or even identify a fault in your newly acquired excavator chainsaw. On top of that, you get to retain your warranty cover.


10. How Do I Select the Best Chainsaw for My Excavator?


Selecting the ideal excavator chainsaw for your excavator requires you to clearly understand your requirements as well as your excavator’s capacity to complete certain tasks. As you read earlier in this guide, you need to mount the ideal excavator chainsaw depending on your excavator type.


Check this out: You can select the ideal excavator chainsaw by contacting a reliable manufacturing company with your requirements. XuGong KS allows you to do so. You’ll then get to speak to our skilled and experienced service reps who’ll guide you on how to acquire the ideal excavator chainsaw for your specific excavator type.


We manufacture and sell aftermarket excavator chainsaws as well as their components like sprockets, face seals, etc. We’ve been in the business of manufacturing and selling excavator aftermarket parts for 11 years now.


Our success is based on the fact that we manufacture these parts from scratch using high-quality virgin materials. We’ll do the manufacturing process in-house under strict OEM practices to ensure that we deliver high-quality aftermarket excavator chainsaw parts.


Over the years, we’ve managed to sell our parts to clients all over the world. We’ve done that by establishing professional relationships with the world’s leading logistics companies. They help us transport different excavator parts safely, regardless of the shipment size.


It, therefore, means that you’ll receive your new aftermarket excavator chainsaw free from any physical damages. Here’s the best part: XuGong KS is the only excavator parts manufacturing company that allows you to reach out to us with your unique requirements as well as your estimated budget. We’ll then respond with a free quote that tries to meet both parameters.


Once we are in a consensus on the pricing, you’ll then need to clear the balance so that we can dispatch your new aftermarket excavator chainsaw. You can complete the payment using the following platforms: Paypal, Western Union, Alipay, T.T, and L/C.

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